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I urgently need you to help me,write five sentences about why you think knowledge of English language registers will be important in accounting and finance.


Hello. I will appreciate it if you help to check the sentence. Does it sound normal English: "His ideas have found their application in practice"? Thank you very much for help.

Confused bat!!! English

My english teacher told me that there is a difference between NO and IDON'T NO he said that we should exaplain with refrences am confuse but they are the same


What are some problems with the following research study and how can I improve them? A researcher is interested in testing whether violent films make people more aggressive (the hypothesis). He asks his research assistants to wait outside the Friday night showing of Die ...

college chem

S-35 (t1/2 = 87.4 d) is used in cancer research. The biological half-life in the human body is 90 days. What is the effective half-life of S-35?

com 220

Develop visuals to strengthen the arguments in a research paper. What is the best website to help with develpoing visuals to strenthing my paper?

Communication and Gender Studies

What are some good specific gender communication research questions? Any ideas for topics I can write about?

human service

Do you write a rites of passages, the same way you would write a research paper? Do you know where I can find a sample paper?


Help / Research with my science fair project ? what type of music best stimulates plant growth,classical or pop music ?


Why might function notation be important? Explore the reasons for function notation and where can i find research about this


where can i find research info on terrestrial resource issues. and management and sutainment plan for the terrestrial resource.


Define the terms “valid” and “reliable” as they relate to statistics. Can a test be reliable and not valid or vise versa? Why or why not?


could someone help me find a nursing research article (an article about a specific study that nurses conducted) Thank-you

health care

Explain some ways to integrate the future trends of health care research and consumerism.

Integrated Marketing Communications

Research any firm local or foreign and present a report and critique of their marketing communications

Research and Statistics

What factors influence the size of the t-statistics( mean difference, variance, sample size) and which way?


I need help writing a résume and cover page. Here's the assignment:Write a letter to the address below. You are responding to an advertisement from the Willamette Company for a job opening as an office assistant. You did some research and learned that the person to whom the ...

Early child ed.

Will you please look at this question and look at what I've posted that my text states, to be sure my answer is correct. I want to be sure I understoood my text correctly. It has been recommended that limited-English speaking children attend preschools: A. after becoming ...

English- Ms. Sue

Identify the thesis statement in the article AIDS in Africa: Dying by the numbers. What strategies does the author use to formulate his argument? What makes the argument so compelling? Answer: Thesis: The pathetic and alarming need for education of HIV/AIDS in Africa is ...


If there is a reduction in output, how will that affect money demand? do some research, then take a shot. Hint: what are the factors that produce a demand for money?

Shakespeare help

On the same research paper I'm doing for the same poem "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day" I don't know what image that he demonstrates how summer is unpredictable.

world history ancient greece

i need to do an outline of how to organize things for my research report on the Ancient Olympics. How cna i divide up my report?

management major

can you help me to answer this question i reall could not make an answer. 1.what is industrial research?how does this area of management help the business organization in its product improvement?

Health Insurance 2

I'm doing a research paper on utilization management what is a good web site I can go to to find out everything there is about utilization management thank you


I am confused, I thought these were one in the same, but as I research they are saying that they are differnt approches. Can you help me...Is cognitive therapy the same as cognitive behaviorial intervention?

social science

hey im doing a research about the golden rice. so i wnt 2 ask the following questions. wat could the benefits be of introducing golden rice?


For my science project, it says to write a "Future Research" section to go on the board. Could you just explain to me what exactly goes in that section? I'm so confused!


Dr. Gillian explained that research has identified over 25,000 genes which are responsible for the genetic information which progresses from generation to generation. These genes are:

Research and Statistics

Explain how to accept and reject the null? How to identify the null and alternative hypothesis for t-tests in both statistical and experimental hypothesis?

Career Research and Decision Making

jermaine wants to find a career that involves a lot of physical activety and risks. For jermaine exciting work is?


1. Which of the following sources is least likely to have been edited for accuracy? (1 point) a city newspaper a personal Web site an encyclopedia article a published book 2. Which of the following is NOT true about bias? (1 point) Using both biased and non-biased resources in...

Earth Science

Can someone point me in the direction of information relating to: "Which earth spere is most affected by pollution?" I am leaning to atmosphere - due to global warming, but I would like to do more research. Thanks for the help.


research one or more exemplary programs in your state, school district, and/or community that help meet the needs of the selected group of at-risk students. I live in Florida. The group i chose is poverty.

statistics in health care

If a researcher were studying the effects of a teaching method on patient learning outcomes, how would the research question need to be worded to use a t-test to test for statistical differences?


Some students might be tempted to overuse statistics to make uo for length in their research essays if they have problems generating sufficient text. How can writers strive for balance when using statistics?


I have been trying to write a research paper, that poses questions as my focus. Rather then a general topic. Is there somewhere online; I can submit my paper for revision suggestions before i turn it in.

HIT 105 research project for penn foster

Does HIPAA affect the patients access to his/her medicalrecords? If so,describe the effect and procedure for obtaining access? Any additional websites for references would be appricated.


The company you work for is considering changing its applicant testing process. Your supervisor has asked you to research testing methods and make your recommendation. This proposal will be submitted to the Vice President for review and consideration.


Can someone help me find more information on George Beers who wrote on Russian Collectivisation? No webmaster contact available for the website I was on. I need to assess the sources reliability and I need the authors credidentials...

Eng. Comp III

I'm not sure what I am supposed to do here I am to write a Bibliographic essay on my sources for my final research essay - what does this entail? I don't want you to do my homework for me,just give me a couple of examples please, Thank You, Sara

information technology

While doing online research you enter this keyword search with a truncation character: man* Which of the following would not be a possible response to your search? (Points : 1) Mansion Men Mantle Manny

Help on social studies!

Hi! I was wondering if anyone could give me any websites to research on how forest, a resource, is collected and gathered. I try to look at some things, but nothing really captures what I need to type. Thank you! :) And, I really appreciate it!

public speaking

Organizing a speech means to: research the materials. presenting a speech in a logical manner. selecting words to use. adapt the speech to audience. i'm confused between A and B

principle of public speaking

Organizing a speech means to : a)research the materials b)presenting a speech in a logical manner c)selecting words to use d)adapt the speech to audience my answer is d:))

Education technology

GIMP is a program that can help you Document your resources for a research project Organize your images Edit images on your computer•• Upload images to your blog Is my answer right or wrong

Effective Essay Writing

I am writing an essay on Heathful Eating. Does anyone know any good sites to for me do use for research


what are the benefits of research done psychology?


What are stem cells? Stem cells, the basic building blocks of human development, are sometimes called “magic seeds.” That’s because they can regenerate human tissue of various kinds. The use of stem cells is controversial because the best source for the cells is human ...


at a bookfair there was an equal number of chinese books and english book. at the end of the day 84 chinese and 156 english books were sold. the ratio of english books to chinese books became 7:4.how many books were there altogether at beginning of the day


Can someone help me with these sentences, please? Thank you very much in advance. I use the Internet to conduct school research, use translation programmes, use an online homework agency, do online shopping, play games, chat with my friends, send private instant messages, log ...


Guys! I have 2 essays due this week, 1 tomorrow and another on Friday. The first essay is an expository piece. (The relationship between a mother and her child is quite different to the relationship between a child and its mother. Explain the difference, and the consequences ...


1. What is the English word for Gungjeon? 2. It is palace. 3. It is a palace. 4. It is 'palace'. 5. It is 'palace.' [Which answer is grammatical?] English - Reed Monday, November 20, 2017 at 1:25am It is"palace". ===================================== 6. It is "palace." 7. It ...

sleepwalking research

i'm doing this paper or sleepwalking. i can't seem to find anywhere some of the information. like is it possible for someone to sleepwalk everyday? like how often?

us history

would appreciate links to research: culture change to the US in the 20th Century, and major reform periods in the US in the 20th Century. Thank you very much.

psychology statistics

The three commonly used alpha levels are p=01, p=05, and p=10 a. Explain what each level means. b. Which one of the three is more frequently used in research?

bus research

If each of two independent file servers has a reliability of 93% and either alone can run the web site, then the overall web site availability is


Hello, I do have to find a research article on some aspect of human development. what would be some ideas? like brain development. thanks

human services

How is test-retest reliability used in the human services research? Can you help me find the web sites that may have the information to answer this question.


What are some arguments against extending human life? Please describe at least one objection and one objection from your research and experience.


What are some arguments against extending human life? Please describe at least one objection and one objection from your research and experience.

Career Research

When you state what your goal is, or how much you need to complete, this is which part of the SMART goal? S for Specific M for Measurable A for Attainable R for Realistic I think A for attainable.

ETh 125 cultural divesity

i got to write a 1000-1700 word research paper on the linguistic, political, social, economic ,religious and familial conventions and four hispanic groups living in th united states

Experimental Design

I'm doing research on reasons for the canceling of soap operas. I cant seem to find any information as to WHY they cancelled south of nowhere. Many sites say that it is just ending, but I need help finding what caused it to end. can someone help me on this topic?? thanks! liz

child psychology

Mishel's research shows that --------- is especially important in teaching children to delay gratification and resit temptation. A. the desire-theory of mind B.diverting attention C.perspective taking D.reinforcing I think its C, am I correct please help


Aresearcher is studying people of normal weight and obese individuals.She wants to know how the time of day affects hunger feelings in these two groups. when, during the experiment, the researcher looks at her watch, she has introduced what into the research study?

Healthcare Statistic

Create a null hypothesis for the following research questions: a. What are the differences between emergency room shifts on medication errors? b. On a clinical trial of a new drug, what will be the effects over a currently use drugs?

adult education

criticism of the information processing approach is that it.. a. doesn't form a comprehensive theory b. lacks scientific research c. focuses on creativity and imagination, while ignoring other mental processes. d. views children a blank slates

child psychology in general

in conducting experiments to test scientific theories,exception a.can be ignored if they are few in number b.tend to disprove or substantially weaken the theory and must be reported c.suggest that the research method was faulty my answer is b


My teacher told me to alphabetize my sources for ones such as the one below. What does he mean? "MLA Works Cited: Electronic Sources (Web Publications)." owl. english. purdue. edu. Purdue University. Web. 18 May 2014. owl. english. purdue. edu/owl/resource/747/08/>.

English expression

When students writes sentences with a pencil in a notebook, they use a plastic thin board under the paper. What is the suitable English term for that?


The city of Munich plans many interesting festivities. I am working on an english maintenance and #3 tells me to identify the nouns in the objective case in this sentence. Could you please help


Spanish, English and French models for civilization in the New World before 1600. Which one was successful during that time? I think that it was the English.

poetry for english

i need to write three more poems for english about child abuse using onomatopoeia, personification, voice, and alliteration


Many English translations of Genesis state that God "created" or "made" humankind. Explain several shades of Hebrew meaning not communicated in English.

English - Native speakers

Please paraphrase the phrase into a bit simpler English involving arrested development of engorged stages or of eggs.


Hi! Any ideas on an activity which could last for 45 minutes? The topic - Valentine's day Learners: 16 year old, 30 in the class, learning English as a foreign language for 7 years


How does studying the origins and development of the English language improve an individual’s clarity of thought and articulation in a modern society that prefers obedience conformity?


1. I am in the video media club. We learn how to make videos and upload them on the Internet. 2. I am in the print media yp club. We learn how to make documents and make books. 3. I am in the information communication yp club. We learn about computer and computer programs, and...


Three last questions to make sure everything is correct. Thank you. 1) Outline the main features of Shakespearian play (why not "a" Shak. play) of your choice. 2) The Tories descended from the Royalists. 3) Who did the Tories did descend from? What delayed the English ...


Hello. I would really appreciate some help. I need to translate the official name of a company into English. Please have a look and say whether the result sounds natural English: Public Joint Stock Company "Higher Educational Institution Delika Business University". (Delika is...


what should you study for a english benchmark?


what are English words that are difficult to spell?


english due tommorow. Need Help


As an English teacher where would i go in ENgland and Why??


What must I do to be a best leaner in English


what can i do to be a better learner in my english class


I am struggling in IB junior English. How can I survive?


I need help writing an english essay


English I part II GP Final – Exam 4


What does solid analysis mean in english?

english speech

English as a language of opportunity


When first looking at the raw data without controlling for case characteristics, RAND found that large race effects with the decision to seek the death penalty are more likely to occur when the defendants are white and when the victims are white. However, these disparities ...


1. They made a mistake. 2. They made two mistakes in composition. 3. They made few misatakes in writing. 4. They made some mistakes because they didn't know how to solve the problems. 5. Don't be afraid of making mistakes when you speak English. Be bold and speak English in a ...

Is this an argument? if so, what is the premise?

TVC is opposed to any research that involves the deliberate killing of one human to benefit another human. "An unborn human is not of less value than a Parkinson's victim who needs treatment


I need information on borderline personality effects associated with immigration. No matter how much I research I can't seem to find any helpful information. Can you please provide some information to help get me started?


An analysis of variance was used to evaluate the mean differences from a repeated-measures research study. The results were reported as F(3,24)=6.40. a. How many treatment conditions were compared in the study? b. How many individuals participated in the study?


Any topic (writer's choice) Research paper Science 3 pages / 825 words Discipline: Science Type of service: Writing from scratch Format or citation style: APA


What cultural aspects do the people of Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay share? What is the importance of the "Guarani" culture in Paraguay and Uruguay? Does anyone know a good website i could use..Thanks!


Why do you people help dumb down America? How did people do homework before the invention of the computer? It's called research!! Why not let the students use their freakin brains for a change?

Research Writing

Thesis Statement Although, the first admendment protects freedom of speech in many ways, the boundaries are so complex. Please Help is this a good thesis statement?


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