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  1. english words

    What english word can be made when you un scramble the letters "DOLURF"
  2. English

    1. They raise popular pets,e.g. cats and dogs. (How do you read "e.g." in English?)
  3. english

    Please answer this question mi hoo na and kal ho na ho translat in english
  4. english

    Hi I want to be an English teacher but I am not very confident in my writings. How can I improve that plz. Thanks
  5. English Grade 11

    In George Orwell’s “Politics and the English Language” what is the “B.B.C. Timidity”? Thank you.
  6. english

    help related to oral presentation in the promotion of spoken english as a trainer
  7. world history

    Who won the battle between the English and the Welsh ? the English right?
  8. english

    latin, greek, english, and balto-salvic are all____ languages.
  9. English

    Fill in the blank. English is an important language for international __________.
  10. english

    could i find the word ill health in english language ? or illness/ sickness
  11. English

    Q: What is the box where dustpans and brooms are kept in a classroom called in English?
  12. english

    english is a launge of opportunity,why bother to teacher indigious laugeng
  13. english

    English is the language of opportunity.why bother to teach indegenous languages
  14. english

    english is the language of an opportunity. Why bother to teach indigenous languages?
  15. english

    English is the language of opportunity.why bother to teach indigenous languages
  16. English

    I just learning more accuracy English important with communications.
  17. English

    Can somebody please suggest any essay topics that will help me for my English provincial?
  18. English

    Help!!!! I need a sample of English formal letter. immediate plzzzzz
  19. English

    English is the language of opportunity.Why bother to teach indigenous languages?
  20. English

    English is a language of opportunity why bother teaching indigenous languages?
  21. English

    English is the language of opportunity. why bother to teach indigenous languages?
  22. English

    English is the language of opportunity,Why bother to teach indigenous languages?
  23. English

    English is the language of opportunity.why bother to teach indigenous langguages?
  24. English

    English is the language of opportunity why bother to teach indigenous languages?
  25. English

    English is the language of opportunity why bother to teach indigenous languages?
  26. English

    English is a language of opportunity.Why bother to teach indigenous languages
  27. english

    english is the languege of opportunity.why brothers to teach indigenous langueges?
  28. English

    English is the language of opportunity. why bother teach indigenous languages?
  29. English 12 ..

    Is anybody Currently attending to ONLINE connections Academy and taking ENGLISH 12 ? .
  30. english

    write whether the words in parentheses show compound subject(CS), compound verb(CV),or independent clauses (IC). 1)Latisha (called me after school)IC ,and (asked for help with her project) IC. 2)(I met her at the library), IC and (we went over the assignment).IC 3) (most of ...
  31. Science

    Put the following in the correct order. Report results Determine if hypothesis is true Do background research Construct a hypothesis Collect data Analyze results and draw conclusions Design and implement an experiment State the problem / ask questions Correct Order State the ...
  32. english

    I need help unscambling the letters ooqtisum to make an english word that we get from spanish mosquito
  33. english

    Hi! I'm a French-speaking student and I don't understand what is "abatement work". Can you explain that to me in English, please? Thanks.
  34. English

    Can you please tell me how to express this idea in English don't talk about me as ancient I'm old
  35. english

    would you please tell me a few lines on the topic ' survival of english language'

    What are the major errors found in text book of JK BOSE "INTERACTIONS IN ENGLISH"of eight standard?
  37. english

    what are the five reasons why knowlegde of english language registers is important in accounting and finance?
  38. English

    I need a copy of Level 6 Shurley English capitalization and punctuation Rules. Plz help!
  39. english

    english assignment. topic is "common man's crusade" content should not be googled 
  40. english firt additional language

    english is the landscape of opportunity.Why brother to teach indegenous?
  41. English

    What is the English word for this device on which a smartphone can be put so that people can watch videos on the phone?
  42. english

    can u help me in my debate topic 'Knowing english ell is equal having a collage degree'
  43. English first paper

    Why are words written in italic even though they are formal English?
  44. English

    What are some interesting ideas for a topic sentence about what I want to achieve in an English class?
  45. English

    prepared speech:English is a language of opportunity, why bother teach indigenous languages
  46. English

    i need help by this topic english is the language of opportunity,why bother to teach indigeneous languages?
  47. English

    Im in advanced english this usually doesnt happen but im having a hard time starting it
  48. Business

    What is a good business topic to research? need help can you give me some example business topics
  49. psychology

    What makes psychology a science????? and What are independent and dependent variables in regards to scientific research in psychology?????
  50. English

    1. You are a farmer. 2. Thou art a farmer. (Is #2 the old English forms?) 3. You are farmers. 4. Ye art farmers. (Is #4 the old English forms?) 5. He is your son. 6. He is thy son. (Is #6 the old English form? Was 'is' used as a verb at that time?)
  51. English

    Can you help me check this paragraph? 1) An afternoon we were at my friend Paul’s house to do our homework. We usually do homework together, and we were surfing the net because we had to find information for a school research. 2) On the table there was a laptop computer and ...
  52. English

    "bacteria or germs" is a compound direct object after the gerund "controlling" which is the object of the preposition "of" Make sense? I hope you'll point out to your teacher that non-word that is serving as a direct object after the main verb "showed." =) He showed scientists...
  53. Economics

    I need to write a 300 word essay that argues for or against international trade. My class reading is vague. I was wondering if anyone could suggest some web sites to research.(Preferably unbiased)
  54. com220

    In the world of writing and research, Standard Style Manuals are always valuable reference tools. Even experienced Writers seem to never completely outgrow the need to consult them. Why might this be so?
  55. Paralegal Studies

    I am doing a research project for Business Law 2 from Penn Foster. has anyone done th perticular assignment? i cannot figure out the first part about corporations, non-profit, and limited liability companies?
  56. social studies

    The right to __________ is not one of the ethical guidelines for research specified by the APA. A. financial compensation B. informed consent C. privacy and confidentiality D. avoidance of deception I cannot find the answer to this question.
  57. Social Studies

    I've thought about this question for a long time and done some research but I still can't decide. Could someone please give me their opinions? "Was conflict over the Red River Settlement inevitable?" Thanks!
  58. government

    I am doing a research paper on senator Debbie Stabenow and I cant find some information. What are her years of experience, committee membership and party duties? also how is she viewed by different special interst groups? thanks!
  59. Social studies

    How has the US economy changed over the past 50 years? I know it used to be mainly farming and manufacturing but now we have expanded on this with medical research technology, and education but I need help expanding this answer
  60. Languge arts. (please help)

    How does climate change affect North Carolina? I need to make an informative essay on this but im not sure how to go about it. ive already done some research but none of it really helped..
  61. Calculus

    The percentage of research articles in a prominent journal written by researchers in the United States can be modeled by A(t) = 25 + (36/1 + 0.6(0.7)^−t'), where t is time in years (t = 0 represents 1983). Numerically estimate lim as t→+infinity A(t).
  62. English

    How many syllabic consonants are there in English? 1. m, n, l 2. m, n, r 3. m, n, l, r Which one is right? Would you let me know a good website where I can learn about that?
  63. english

    If i am writing an english comp 3rd person and she asked for the organization to be spatial - what exactly does that mean?
  64. English 8R - help!!!!!

    what's the definition for connotation is there a website that have a list of all 8th grade english vocab.
  65. English

    I need to come up with a new character for Disneyland for my english homework. Does anyone have any good ideas
  66. english

    Discuss Midnight Children as a landmark in the history of indian novel in English (45o words)?
  67. english

    Can your english teacher take 10 extra credit point off your grade for not doing the pledge of allegiance.
  68. english

    two things to keep in mind when you are deciding whether to use formal or informal english are the
  69. English

    It for speech i represent at school.english is the language of opportunity.why bother to teach indigenous languages?
  70. English

    How can I make prepared speech:English is the language of opportunity.Why bother to teach inigenous languages?
  71. English

    I'm looking for that word which describes that if everyone has something. then i should have it too I need it for an English assignment
  72. English

    I need help by the topic says english is the langauge of opportunity, why bother to teach indegenous language.
  73. English

    Do you know the website where we can get questions and answers in English about many kinds of subjects for elementary school students?
  74. Physics

    Research on the physics of living systems.Give two examples to show how physics
  75. english

    How to start with spoken english for students of Age 4 to8.
  76. english

    How do you set up a topic sentence when writing an english paper?
  77. ENGLISH.

  78. English

    Was Alexander Graham Bell American or English? (Question)
  79. english

    The first English novel was Gulliver's Travels... true..?
  80. english

    are there any objects that represent perseverence? and why? i need this for an english projcet
  81. English

    Help me write an essay on How I learned English by Gregory Djanikian.
  82. English

    Edit this sentence. Most students do not like English
  83. English

    What do the abbreviations "S" "F" "SCS" "SCV" "CD" and "CX" stand for in Shurley English.
  84. english

    could you pl explain how the perfect infinitive is effectively used in english
  85. English

    English is the language of opportunity.why bother to teach indigenous.
  86. english

    can you give me a good topic for my english presentation test
  87. marketing

    When conducting marketing research- how much of a factor do you believe these internal influences are? How would a marketing group go about researching this?
  88. Statistics

    What is an example of a research problem at your organization that would benefit from the use of either descriptive statistics or probability distribution statistics?
  89. Math

    80 boys took the examination in the three subjects: Chinese, English and Mathematics, and none of them failed in all three subjects. It was noted that 8 passed in English only and 10 passed in Mathematics only; 7 passed in Mathematics and Chinese but not in English, 40 passed ...
  90. Algebra

    Mitch has 3 tests to study for on Thursday night. He needs to spend twice as much time on Science as English. He also has to study Math and he can learn that in 1/2 the time it takes to study English. He has four hours to study. What is the maximum amount of time, to the ...
  91. Writing

    Can anyone help me come up with an engaging title for my research paper regarding mood swings during pregnancy? Baby Blues? Ups and Downs of Pregnancy Many Months -- Many Moods
  92. literature

    im writing a research paper on the easy company of wwii. well i have some info but my teacher said i have to make it controversial. any ideas on how i could do that. if so please get back to me
  93. reading/writing

    hi i am doing a research report on proving that the animals from the past were different and more dangerous then they are now.... i have to make an outline...how can i set it up?? any ideas on an outline...plz
  94. research writing

    Identify examples of bias fallacies and specific rhetorical devices in the speech How did the speaker address arguments and counterarguments Were the speakers arguments effective Explain?
  95. Spanish

    can't you do actual revision ; instead of just words. it would make it a whole lot easier, because what if we didn't need to revise on those particular words and needed RESEARCH?
  96. psychology (research method)

    I have to do an assignment on financial stress among college students. Where can I find questionnaires and journals on this topic? Are there any free journals that can be accessed online?
  97. Biology

    I need help making parenthetical citations within my research paper, crediting sources of information/and or quotation of sources in proper MLA format..can I get some links to help me? Thanks -MC
  98. criminal law

    choose a state and research the rules for admissibility of scientific evidence. Has it maintained Frye, adopted Daubert, or adapted its own rules? Discuss what you find.
  99. 8th grade science

    Hi! For a research project from my science class I'm having trouble trying to find an answer to the following problem. How does the Man-o-War care for their young? Thanks!
  100. HCA/240

    Hello, I hope you can help me. I have been trying to research on this Cytotoxic/Cytolytic? I finally found a definition but I am looking for an example of this? Do you have nay ideas that can help me? Thanks,
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