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  1. English

    How did The Canterbury Tales (by Geoffrey Chaucer) change the English language? I know it was very successful in Europe and promoted English as a national language, but anything else? Lucy ^.^
  2. Research Writing

    My topic is on Abortion and I am supposed to come up with a thesis statement. Create a thesis statement for your research paper. Abortion is one of the most controversial moral issues of our age. Although pro-choice and pro-life arguments centering on the morality of the issue...
  3. english

    I need to do a small research project on "Popular plays in London, in the 1800's". I looked on google, but they didn't really help me. Does anyone know any websites where I could find some info? If you do, it would REALLY help;) tHaNkS! http://www.victorianweb.org/mt/mtov.html...
  4. Lang, Arts

    1.Which of the following would always require a citation in a research paper? A.Thesis statement B.an anecdotal experience C.a quotation D.a humorous statement I think it is C...? 2. Which of the following shows the correct parenthetical citation for information from page 57 ...
  5. science... Help me urgent!!

    Please help me check if I did my homework right base on a picture of picking strawberry farm. 1. Activity Investigation Picture Scientific Method: I. Perceiving the Problem Are these people a worker in a farm? II. Research a. Wearing different style of clothes b. Different ...
  6. Finance

    1. Is a fixed-price contract a good way to achieve the government’s goal of curbing rising costs? Explain. 2. What problems do you foresee if any, for the government if they choose to adopt a fixed-price contract methodology for research and development? What benefits do you...
  7. Spanish Beg. 1 - HW Check/HELP!

    4. Que tiempo hace? English - What's the weather 5. Cual es la estacion English - ?????? 6. Cual el la fecha English - ????? Please help and is the first one if correct????
  8. English

    Need help fixing a run on sentence. I moved to the United States when I was young ut was easy to learn English, my parents were already here, they knew English already.
  9. Biology Research Paper

    'We are currently in an energy crisis. After food, fossil fuels are humanity's most important source of energy. These resources take millions of years to make. We are currently using the fuels that were made more than 300 million years ago, before the time of dinosaurs. Fossil...
  10. Research

    Where can I find info on the trend of consumers wanting fuel efficiency vehicles?
  11. COM220

    What's some suggestion of an controversial,supportable, and sound topic for a research paper?
  12. Research writing

    Can i get a Report about sports include introduction conclusion and summary?
  13. econonmics

    Research the labor market for any state to determine how nursing wages are calculated.
  14. biology with honors

    describe how biologists' research contributes to our understanding of the world.
  15. Research

    i need an example of how to conceptualize and operationalize a term, such as crime, violence, etc.

    Could somebody give me a example of concluding paragraph??
  17. history

    what is reppublicans view on stem- cell research describe it 3-5 sentences PLEASE help
  18. Accounting

    Can you explain what exactly is financial gain? I am doing a research paper and it must include this?
  19. Health (Anonymous)

    Could you be a little more specific as to which ones I missed so I can research them further. Thanks.
  20. college

    How do you find the answers to questions (research) using your computer? Provide an example.
  21. Sci !!!ASAP!!!

    What are the best belements to do a research on?? ( Atomic Number should be between 4-30)
  22. research

    What is the most controllable method of increasing the precision of or narrowing the confidence interval
  23. health

    i also need the names of the different fast food so i can research there ingrdients. thank you
  24. psychology

    I need a couple good examples are used in descriptive research in psyschology?
  25. Business ethics

    what are 7 ethical guidelinces (laws, acts or executive orders) I can research?
  26. Research paper(economics)

    How do you find how Ebay is doing economically, like an economic overview.
  27. Research paper(economics)

    how many Parks and Resorts does Disney have? It's for an economic projects. thank you
  28. RES/341

    Why should you use both primary and secondary data in research?
  29. literacy

    to determine the best place to begin your online research, you should first
  30. psychology

    hello, can you help me try to find research for sigmund freud unconscious mind thank you
  31. research

    Explain why actuarial prediction of sex offense recidivism is considered important.
  32. research

    where can I find information on actuarial prediction of sex offense recidivism and why it is important.
  33. Language arts

    Which ending suggests the most reliable website for research? A.c-o- m B.e-d-u C.n-e-t D.b-i-z Is the answer B? Thanks.
  34. TLE

    what are independent, dependent and itervening variable in baking a cke for research proposal
  35. life orientation

    Research any human rights violation or discrimination in your community an suggest
  36. Psychology

    Which research method is BEST at explaining behavior (as opposed to simply describing it)?
  37. Business Administration

    To what extent does national economic success depend on Research and Development (R&D)?
  38. business

    objective and subjective tests which include written and research papers are called
  39. Science

    What makes “real-life” empirical research different from this ideal model
  40. american government

    What would be a good title for a research paper on the U.S. political parties?
  41. to mrs. sue english essay

    I suggest you focus on the purposes of colleges and universities. You can research this topic. Essentially, though, I think you'll find that their purposes are three-fold: to educate students in the classical sense of being well-rounded educated citizens with a knowledge of ...
  42. English Lit

    I have to research Sophocles and then eliminate what is wrong- and I'm stuck on a few of these statements about him: Thanks for checking 1.I think he won more first place prizes for his plays than any other playwright in history, correct? 2.I think he was a priest, correct? 3....
  43. Scientific Question

    Please help me check if I did my homework right base on a picture of picking strawberry farm. 1. Activity Investigation Picture Scientific Method: I. Perceiving the Problem Are these people a worker in a farm? II. Research a. Wearing different style of clothes b. Different ...
  44. science

    Explain the concepts of phyletic gradualism and punctuated equilibrium. What predictions about the fossil record does punctuated equilibrium make? In this model, what are the processes that produce rapid evolution? Which evolutionary factors are responsible for the periods of ...
  45. physics

    We have to do a lab in physics where we research and write on real life applications of momentum, the guidelines we have are Research Assignment: Application of Momentum in Real-Life Situations Task: Choose any real-life situation where the concept of momentum is involved and ...
  46. English and Grammar

    I choose to do research on Avoidant personality disorder or APD because a friend of is suffering from APD and I’m having trouble how to approach him. My friend’s name is Jim. He told me that he started to feel the symptoms when he was in his teen age years. Jim told me ...
  47. English

    1. He scored 98 % in/on the English test. 2. He scored 98 points in/on the English exam. (Which expression is correct? Do we have to use 'in' or 'on'?)
  48. ecomerce business

    You want to bring up concerns about security with your brother. Joseph asks you, "If the Internet is inherently not secure, then why are so many business, government, and military transactions being processed online?" Your brother feels that the security risks for his food ...
  49. socials

    I need a creative way to present info about bill 101 and my teacher doesn't want the standard. no posters, newspapers, no journals. it has to be creative and original. any ideas? make a short book about it. include pictures and your research. Make your book ot of constrution ...
  50. Research Paper

    Hi all. It seems that I've run into a problem while starting to write a research paper for my drugs and behavior class. You see we were given an outline to follow and we had to choose any drug related topic. So I'm doing mine on cocaine and the problem I'm having is that I ...
  51. English Lit-Check please-thank you

    We're reading "The World is Too Much with Us by Wordsworth. We have some questions to interpret-I understand about Wordsworth and his relationship and philosophy concerning nature but I'm just not sure after further research the answer to these two questions. 1. In the context...
  52. English

    I went back and checked my answers Select the most effective sentence. Baxter worried about his English exam when he thought about it. Baxter felt a pang of existential anxiety when he comtemplated his English exam. When Baxter thought of his English test, he freaked out. ...
  53. Algebra

    A student spends more than 2 hours on his math and English homework. if Matt takes about twice as long as English what is the maximum time that the student can spend on English A. 1/3 B.1/2 C.1 D.2/3 I think its b please help!!
  54. to ms.sue-science project part 1

    so is the project basically asking to write down details abd information i learned about solar cars and to write down the websites? please read this and describe to me: Please select one of the four solar-energy-based topics listed below to research. Based on your research you...
  55. Business Research and writing

    I do not understand the purpose or difference between journals and professional papers.
  56. Nursing

    Identify a research study in the area that has marked cultural, ethical, or legal connotations.
  57. Com220

    What type of statistics,graphs, and(or) illustrations can i used in a research paper on Gun Control?
  58. persusaive research paper

  59. please answer asap

    for my project i have to do research on a mathematician born in the 2nd centuary ... any help???
  60. science

    which research method should be used to gather data on the pathological liars and their spouses
  61. social studies

    Describe 1 advantage & 1 disadvantage of using historical documents in sociological research?
  62. psychology

    How research methods are used to determine causes and solutions to psychological or work problems
  63. business

    Do a group leader in a laboratory has more legitmate power than the director of research and development?
  64. Writing

    Please give me ideas for the topics of a 3000 words research/thesis essay
  65. hit 105 research project

    by the way the information I got from HHS.GOV THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.
  66. History

    What are some good, recent books on the Crusades that are well-suited for use in a research paper?
  67. history

    I'm trying to research desecreation and Jim Crow Laws. Does anyone know any good sites??? thanks -aShLeY
  68. research writing

    what strategies does the author use to formulate his argument in the article a nation apart
  69. research writing as a process

    how does a thesis function it points out the inadequacies of the opposing views
  70. statistics

    In a research study with an effect size of .20, the populations of individuals have an overlap of about:
  71. Com 220

    what types of introduction and what type of conclusion do you plan to write for your research paper
  72. Composition

    Which topic do you think would be easier to research for an argument essay? Deforestation or Recycling?
  73. History

    I need a autobiographical research paper that analyzes the influences of race as it relates to your community
  74. pyschology

    dentify and describe the basic components of descriptive and experimental research used in psychology
  75. psychology

    Analyze at lease two research methods used for uncovering basic emotions.
  76. adult developement

    After combing through the research on twin studies, one could conclude that
  77. Group Behavior in Organizations

    Why is it said that research about groups is not always valid and relevant?
  78. economics

    Does anybody know what factors I can research that result in economic stratification? I can't find much from google, don't know what to look up.
  79. Biology

    Identify two ways that scientists address bias in their research. How should I answer?
  80. Computer Class: History research

    What made Sir Francis Drake a famous explorer?
  81. Geography

    Conduct research to examine the sphere of influence of an organisation that render a service in hospital?
  82. aberdeen

    To avoid plagiarism in your written research paper, you must provide a citation for which of the following?
  83. presential esential

    Explain why academic and professional research must use credible sources.
  84. medicall billing and coding

    I need research to do a paper on POA INDICATORES. with penn foster
  85. Science

    Which of the following statements best summarizes the Seafood Print research discussed in your text?
  86. Research Project: Anatomy & Physiology 1

    What would be diagnostic finding imaging and histology for ALS?
  87. Engl 122

    Question 2.2. Synthesizing research is important work for all of the following reasons
  88. Exam week 4

    The relativist would agree with which statement about stem cell research?
  89. law

    What is a key personnel in the courtroom? I have tried research, yet I am just stuck.
  90. psychology

    According to the APA, the ethics of informed consent requires that research participants must:
  91. Sociology

    Understanding what is required to test theories? a- reason b- imagination c- validity research my answer is d
  92. Science

    Select the factor that most affects the environment. weather*** land oceans research
  93. research

    What are the effects that management styles of CEOs in private sector have on a employees Turnover?
  94. Ed tech 1 question kinda understand =/

    Do research on an area of a technology that interest you. *****IDEAS PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ***
  95. psychology

    I'm needing a research topic for proposal that has minimum risk to participates and can be experimented. please help
  96. sociology

    identify and describe the methods employed in four types of sociological research design
  97. ethics

    I need help getting started on this question: In the healthcare field, different groups of healthcare professionals adhere to their own codes of ethics. Using any resources available to you, research two different codes of ethics for any two groups of healthcare professionals...
  98. statistics

    The p value is the: a. probability with which a test statistic would occur if the research hypothesis were true. b. probability with which a test statistic would occur if the null hypothesis were true. c. cutoff probability at which a test statistic is considered extreme. d. ...
  99. Science

    I recently got a project to do on a country other than the U.S. my teacher sucks at explaining things, so in literal terms the instructions say "reasearch a country other than the US, draw two maps: 1, a map that has all borders and rivers and 2, a Biome map. Your research ...
  100. writing

    memorandum help. help to make this better readable for the viewer. Purpose Alternative fuels are becoming an important area of research. There are two main reasons researchers are looking for a new and reliable fuel source. The first is to combat the reliance of the U.S on ...
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