English: "another evening at the club" Please help

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  1. Home Economics/Science

    Hi i just needed a little help with my Home Eco homework,could u help me please. here are the questions: what is the social,economical,ittellectual,cultural,protective,security functions of a family. please tell in paragraphs for each section. thanks!!! Please post your ...
  2. English

    Can you please check the word choice and let me know which expressions sound better? (The parts in parentheses) Thank you! 3)I couldn’t believe people could eat the meat of animals such as crocodiles or zebras. (I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw people eating the meat of...
  3. english

    i don't know how tomake this sentence advanced.. can you please help me!!! thanks. in my essay i was talking about a poem, and how the boat mentioned in it could symbolize the tranportaion of the dead to heaven. in this following line im trying to say, that because of this ...
  4. English

    Can you please check these sentences for me? Thank you. I'm unsure about using phrasal verbs in a context. 1) She is thinking of dropping out of school. She doesn't know if she'll be able to deal with her problem by herself. 2)She doesn't like talking through her school ...
  5. English Comp.

    I'm hoping this is a better thesis statement, please let me know. "Although most Schools of Pharmacy have added cultural competency training to their curriculum, not all have added the Service learning experience, which should be a requirement for all schools which would ...
  6. 7th grade math check

    Ok I was wondering if you could check these 3 problems please. I am suppose to set these equations equal but I am not sure if did them right. I think I accidently solved these systems as substitutions. The answers are suppose to be in coordinate pairs. 1) x - y = 11 -3x + y...

  8. English

    Can you tell me if these sentences are possible? 1) We have a 15-minute break at 10.20. After the break we have a double period of Italian./ We have double Italian. 2) You use a duster to wipe a blackboard /an eraser to wipe a whiteboard. 3)What mark did you get /receive in ...
  9. english

    When speaking correctly should good or well be used? example: I am well. or I am good. I think it is well. It is well Thanks because my old English teacher said well but my new one said good. It depends on how you're using the word -- as an adjective or as an adverb. "I am ...
  10. history/english

    For my english class we have to write an essay on why were against global peace. The main topic that I'm doing it on global peace causes over population and that i'm against global peace in everything that i write. What are some strong reasons on how global peace would affect ...
  11. English

    Please help me understand these questions so that I can do the rest, thanks! 1)The following infinitive and past participle verb forms found in Dutch. Root Infinitive past participle" Wandel wandelen, gewandeld, "walk" 2)Consider the following nouns in Zulu and proceed to look...
  12. English

    Can you please see if everything is correct? Thank you. 1) She said she couldn't stand science fiction or documentary films. 2) Peter asked her if she was going to leave for London that weekend. They asked us if we were Italian. 3) Jane asked me if I could help her do her ...
  13. english

    Rewrite this sentence into the active voice by filling in the blank: ORIGINAL: The agency conducted an investigation into the matter. REVISED: The agency __________ the matter. ORIGINAL: Attempts by economists at defining full employment have met with failure. REVISED: ...
  14. English

    Pronoun case for who and whom 23a. Jon Bon Jovi, who is a well-known singer and actor, also owns an arena football team. 23b. Jon Bon Jovi, whom is a well-known singer and actor, also owns an arena Please what is the correct answer? I chose (A).
  15. English

    Flamenco can be further divided into four more categories; Flamenco singers, Flamenco dancers, Flamenco guitarists and Flamenco Bands. Should there be something else in place of the semi-colon? What I mean is, is there something better I can put there. I`m not quite sure when ...

    1. What was the New South philosophy? (1 point) a philosophy that the southern economy should become more industrialized the idea that African Americans should own more businesses*** the notion that traditional farming techniques should be maintained a concept that allowed ...
  17. English (Robert Frost)

    Can someone please make a literal meaning for each line in Robert Frost's Poem 'Out, Out'? (For lines 27-34 only) and techniques used? So. The hand was gone already. The doctor put him in the dark of ether. He lay and puffed his lips out with his breath. And then - the watcher...
  18. English

    Examples of how Marianne represents sensability in Sense & Sensibilty by Jane Austen PLEASE HELP. Im writing an essay of how Elinor represents sense and how Marianne represents sensability. i have Elinor down now i just need help with Marianne. I already have how she openly ...
  19. English

    Can you please tell me what this means?I don't understand it at all. Thank you for your help. I hate this type of literature. Modernism is that if everything is based on perception, then history is false; therefore the society emerges from that history is also false. The ...
  20. English

    Can you please check these sentences for me? Thank you very much in advance. 1)The meeting was held in spite of the rain. 2)In spite of the fact that/although it was raining, the concert wasn't postponed. 3) The meeting was put off because of/due to/owing to/on account of the ...
  21. english lit

    Please help me what this quotes mean then I have to write WHAT I think about it. i already get eight of them but idont get rest of them. 1) Or I will become engulfed with all I did or I did not do, with what should have been and what cannot be helped 2) You do not guess how ...
  22. english LIT

    HELP Please help me what this quotes mean then I have to write WHAT I think about it. i already get eight of them but idont get rest of them. 1) Or I will become engulfed with all I did or I did not do, with what should have been and what cannot be helped 2) You do not guess ...
  23. English

    Once a lion was enjoy a nap in his den.A mouse came out in its hole in the den.It start frisking about.In so doing it leap upon the lion's face.The lion's sleep disturbs.He wake up furious.He caught the mouse and had been killed it, but the mouse entreated "Your Majesty,I ...
  24. English

    Can anyone here tell me any of the stories you used to tell your kids of your past lifes? I need to write one for English, and my mom doesn't want to tell me one. I just need examples.. or maybe you guys can give me a story I can use? ^.^ Just a story you would tell your ...
  25. Explain-English

    Contrary to some public and media discourse that multiculturalism is divisive and perpetuates enclavism and separate identities, this article describes a variety of multicultural common spaces wherein Canadians of all backgrounds interact and together contribute to an evolving...
  26. Please HELP!!!!! I need to finish this by 12:30!!!

    PLease Help!!My teacher is coming to pick this up at 12:30!!! Then don't waste your time pleading. Are you cheating on a test or something?
  27. HUM 130

    Please help me! I ned info. on this ? please I need to explain the desire for liberation from earthly existnce in Hinduism?
  28. Math

    Hello! Please help me out here. How do you find the circumference of something when you of 13in as your radius? Please answer this question.
  29. calculus

    from the equation: x^4 - i = 0 x^4 = i how do you get: The solutions are the fourth roots of i = cos(pi/2) + isin(pi/2) I don't understand how you get pi/2? please full and detailed explanation please.
  30. science need info please

    Where can I find some informations on three different types of ocean water Please ,
  31. Algebra I

    Could someone please help with these problems? 4x squared-5x + 3 if is a.3 b. 0.3 Please show me the work invovled on getting the answer, my teacher requests it. Thank you.
  32. math

    Please help me. Thank you! I need help freshing my memory. How do you calculate the slope of a horizontal and a verticle line? I remember how to do a diagonal but that's it. Please and thank you.
  33. Precalculus(URGENT)

    determoine whether the equation defines y as a function of x y= the square root of(-3x-6) please please show work
  34. Chemistry

    How do the qualities of acids and bases help us in the natural world? Please help-I posted this yesterday and I really don't get it-can someone direct me,please? Thank you
  35. math

    I have 2 problems that I need solved. Can someone please help me? t+36t=0 second problem T^2-7t+12=0 Can you show me the steps please?
  36. Literature

    Please summerize and help me to understand M.H.Abrams-Structure and Style in the Greater Romantic Lyric? mail me please,thank you for your concern.
  37. Algebra one help please?

    Find the missing coeffectient in the equation of the line. -4x+by=10 that passes through (2,3) Could someone explain please.. Thanks.
  38. Biology . Ahh , help me with this question please

    summarize how unicellular organisms may have given rise to the first animals ? Please , & thank you(:
  39. science

    determine the weight of an object if its mass is 68kg and the pull of gravity is 9.8 m/s^2. someone please help me an show the work please
  40. Algebra

    Please help-What is the equation of the ellipse with foci (0,6), (0,-6) and co-vertices (2,0),(-2,0) Please explain the steps because I have 5 to do for homework-Thank you-I'm really stuck on this
  41. statistics

    Using the data set below please calculate the 2;8;6;9;5 Range What would be the percentile rank of the number 6? Help please!
  42. statistics

    population with a mean of 53.1 and standard deviation of 4.43 Calculate z score for xbar 49.8 from a sample of size 11 Someone please please help me!
  43. Languagge

    I need websites badly please help. For the following: cultural recourses in america and social and economic factors Please help me
  44. social studies PLEASE HELP!!1

    How do i describe the growth of the Spanish population in New mexico? From about 1650 to 1700. please help!! Thank you!!
  45. Algebra; PLEASE HELP. D:

    I don't understand anything about writing and graphing exponential decay functions../: Explain please, with an example.
  46. 8th grade math

    y=1/4x-1 1/2y=x-2 2x+3y=3 3y=5-2x 4x-y=3 4x=y=1 I don't understand this can someone please help me! This is Systems of Equations please work out the problem and explain it how to do it.
  47. Chemistry Help Please

    i do not understand how to solve this problem, please help 10.0mL 0.5M sulfuric acid can neutralize what volume of 0.5M ammonium hydroxide?
  48. Math

    Evaluate the integral from 0 to 4 of (x+1)/(16+x^2) dx the answers are log(sqrt2) + pi/16 Could you please take me through how to get to that answer please, thank you very much!
  49. medical transcription

    Please help to perfect my grammar, lot of confusion and trouble, please help me. Now usage of "complains of" and "complaints of"
  50. civics

    Q: which industries in the pacific region most affect the nation. can someone please take their time and please help me with this question? Thank you!!!
  51. Science 8R - Ms. Sue Please Help!!!!

    Homework - Draw a cartoon that represent a solid, liquid, and a gas. I'm struggling with this assignment, please help me!!!!
  52. college algebra--need help please!!

    find the domain of the composite function fog. f(x)= 2/x-3; g(x)= 7/x please show all work.
  53. calculus

    find the bound on the real zeros of the polynomial function f(x)=x^4+x^3-4x-6 cna you please show me how you got the answer please
  54. Analytic geometry

    What is the distance of the line x+6y-7=0 from the origin? Please help, is my answer -7sqrt37/37 correct? If not, please help me whats the right solution
  55. mathURGENT!!!!!!

    the lines satisfying the equations x+2y=3 and 3y+ax=2 are perpendicular to each other. find the value of 'a'. please answer and explain how you got, please!!
  56. Science Help - Please

    Can you please tell me if this is a balanced equation for Zinc and acetic acid... Zn(s) + 2CH3COOH(aq)-->Zn(aq)(CH3COO)2 + H2(g) I would appreciate any help
  57. please help social studies thank you

    Explain the effects of World War II, on both the United States and on Georgia. (5 points) please help
  58. Math - Please help!

    How does increasing the size of an object affect it's volume to surface area ratio? I don't understand please explain it?
  59. Vocabulary

    Criticism A. Analysis B. Summary C. Critique D. Argument A is wrong. Is it C? Please help me Ms.Sue cause your always correct. Am begging for help Please.
  60. math

    Which ratios form a proportion? (A)3/15,12/55 (B)8/24,12/35 (C)5/18,25/90*^* (D)4/11,16/25 If I'm wrong please help me and correct me, don't yell at me for not knowing the right answer. please help asap
  61. Math

    Can someone please help me find my maximum height. I have my distance which is 80ft and my angle of elevation is 70ft. PLEASE HELP ME!!
  62. Please Help

    What would be a person target heart rate be if they are 14 years old? I know it starts like 220-14=206 but then what... Please help
  63. s.s

    where were most native americans in north america located when europeans arrived? there are no choices so just help me with this someone please help please!!!!!
  64. chemistry

    How many g of NaOH is needed to make 300.0 mL of a 20 % (w/v) solution? please please show all work I'm very lost
  65. English

    Could you please check these sentences? Thank you very much. 1)Lady Macbeth doesn't display stereotyped female behaviour and poses. 2) Actually, she is not the complement to her husband but rather the driving force of the play. 3) She is even more ambitious than her husband. ...
  66. geography

    Can you check my answers please? 1. What sea is found directly south of China? The South China Sea 2. What continent is next to the smallest in land area? Europe 3. What are the names of the original thirteen states? New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, ...
  67. English

    English - rfvv, Monday, March 16, 2015 at 11:17pm 1. I am good at playing the piano. 2. I am good at the piano. 3. I am good at playing basketball. 4. I am good at basketball. ================= Are they all grammatical?
  68. English 9R

    connect your poem to something in the world, i.e. a song, film, current event, etc. Play the song or just mention the connection to the class. Have the students guess why this relates to your poem. My group and I read "The Eagle" by Alfred Lord Tennyson I'm having a hard time ...
  69. Math

    A cookie jar contains 3 chocolate-chip, 2 peanut butter, 1 lemon, 1 almond, and 5 raisin cookies. a) In how many ways can you select some cookies, if you must include at least one chocolate-chip cookie. Please please please.. reply back asap.. i am totally confused with ...
  70. English

    Please check it for me ;) "The text is about a lonely boy - Mark - son of murderer. As far as Mark's father is concerned he was drank before accident. Once upon a time when he was drunk he decided to back home by car. He should have come back by foot. Unfortunately Mark's ...
  71. math please HELP!!!

    please help!! what is 6 times the sum of 13 and a number? 6(13+ N)
  72. Math 3 PLease Help

    *Please solve the rational expression. x^2/x-4 - 7/x-4=0
  73. ms.sue please answer the trigonomitry question

  74. Health-Please Help!!

    Hi!! What is Night Eating Syndrome? Please Help!! Thank You!!
  75. Algebra

    Help please....Please Simplify (-3a^-5 b^6)^4 (a^7b^0)^3 any ideas? thanks in advance!
  76. Science

    What is the life cycle of the pohutukawa? Please please help.
  77. Algebra 1A

    Help Please! multiply 5/7(-35)= 0 is this correct? if not will you show me please? thanks
  78. Math

    PLEASE HELP!!!NEED TO SOLVE: 5-(3)<10(-3)= 3<2x+1<9= 13<3x+5<29= 12<-4y+8<16= 5>x+2>-7= 5<2-x<7= PLEASE HELP DUE A.S.A.P. THANK YOU.
  79. Algebra Help please

    12(74y - (6+5Y - 8Z) = Please show work
  80. CALCULUS:)

    Please help me... and show steps please :) integral from 0 to 1 of (e^x+1)/(e^x +x) dx
  81. Word meaning please

    what is Hemophilia? please explain thanks
  82. Math

    2y/3+27+3y/4=-24 Please help me solve and show your work please and thank you
  83. Math

    3k/4-28-2k/3=37 Please help me solve and show your work please and thank you
  84. Math

    1/2(6x-4)=4x-9 Please help me solve this and show your work please and thank you
  85. Math

    k/5+3/20<3/10 Please help me solve this and show your work please and thank you
  86. Math; PLEASE HELP

    Solve for x. Provide an explanation, please. -X^2+36=0
  87. Math

    Please use systemic division. (x^4-6x^2+3x-1) / (x-2) please help thank you
  88. Math

    What is the integral of dx/(x^3-9x)? Please post steps too please!
  89. science... PLEASE HELP!

    Please describe a constant in an experiment.
  90. math

    2x+8=3x+2 Can you please help me solve this one problem please
  91. please help

    i posted at 12:00 about math... please help for my son.
  92. Math, HELP PLEASE!

    is the sequence 2,3,5,8,12 geometric? please explain why
  93. math

    Please help me to answer.this with solution i need your help please! Thanks! 1) 5/18+2/9= 2) 3 (12/17)= 3) (2/7)÷(5/8)= 4) 3/7-5/9= 5) 12÷2/3= 6) 7/15÷2/3= 7) 3/5-10= 8) 4/15+7/9= 9) 12/21(-3)= 10) (2/5)(5/18)=
  94. Math

    PLEASE HELP PLEASE Does the series diverge or converge? How do you know? 3+6+12+24+...
  95. statment!

    “ he was little or nothing but life.” what does this statement mean? Rob (or is it Ben?) -- Please note the following: Please remember these things: 1. This is a homework help website; please put your subject (math, science, English, or ??) in the subject line to make it ...
  96. English

    After a long and exhausting night,the tired mother sat still feeding her ravenous baby until the child dozed off and fell asleep. Which of the following pairs of words ate redundant in the sentence above. A.exhausting,tired B.dozed off, fell asleep C.sat, still D.feeling, ...
  97. English

    I also need help with my English synthesis and transformation, 1) I was absent from school yesterday, so I did not meet the new principal. If I had_________________________________. 2) You must not tell the secret. Many want to know the secret. No ...
  98. mat115

    Please help with this math problem. The math question asks, "Identify the numerator and denominator of the fraction 3/8. Please let me know if I am correct? numerator is the 3 and te denominator is the 8. Is this a trick question? My professor want me to show my work, so this ...
  99. english

    i have an assignment and i have already finished it. which is on writing a film review and there are 5 paragraphs to it so i already wrote the 4 paras but in the last paragraph it says you have to write two sub points and 2 descriptive evidences on how this connects to the ...
  100. math(check answers please)

    Can you please help me with writing fraction as decimal because im clueless with it! ------------------------- write the fraction as a decimal.28/15 A. 1.6 B. 1.86 C. 2.86 D. 28.15 ------------------------- Write an equivalent expression for 4g+2 using distributive property. A...
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