English: "another evening at the club" Please help

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  1. English

    i have to make creative story abt me having mental illness. i really having trouble with this. i not know what mental problem to write about and how write it. i please really need help. in class we also watch movie A Beautiful Mind and this guy see delusions and have ...
  2. Math

    2(a)Consider the arithmetic progression with terms A3=-2 and A12=23. Find the sum of A1+......+A40 (can do) (b)In 1800 the population of England was 8 million. The economist Malthus (1766-1834) produced a hypothesis, suggesting:-that the population of england would increase, ...
  3. series

    2(a)Consider the arithmetic progression with terms A3=-2 and A12=23. Find the sum of A1+......+A40 (can do) (b)In 1800 the population of England was 8 million. The economist Malthus (1766-1834) produced a hypothesis, suggesting:-that the population of england would increase, ...
  4. Series

    2(a)Consider the arithmetic progression with terms A3=-2 and A12=23. Find the sum of A1+......+A40 (can do) (b)In 1800 the population of England was 8 million. The economist Malthus (1766-1834) produced a hypothesis, suggesting:-that the population of england would increase, ...
  5. English

    I'm sorry but after asking for help and looking up several websites on how to write a really good thesis statement, I don't think I can make one. So I am asking can you please help me by writing it. I tried but I came up with three terrible ones. In “When Grizzlies Walked ...
  6. English: Showing Possession

    In my English composition, I wrote the phrase "... my sister and I's favorite CD ..." According to my word processor's spell check there should not be an 's after I. Can 's be used after I? If not how would I show possession in the above phrase?
  7. Math

    Hey is this right i am doing decimals please i need help and i am losing my mind lol help me please n is this right 3/5 = 8/10 = 0.8 , 2/5 = 7/10 = 0.7 , 1/5 = 6/10 = 0.6 , 4/5 = 9/10 = 0.9 , 2/10 = 5/5 =0.7 and uh hey if this is not right then can u please help me please ...
  8. English Literature

    What is ironic about the rioters' wish to kill Death? A.Death is the one who seeks people to kill. B.The rioters should be concerned about each other's greed. C.The rioters believe they can be successful. D. Death and the rioters are thieves. I think the answer is either A or ...
  9. English IV

    Help Please! Choose the function of the italicized infinitive phrase shown below. (stars indicate italicized infinitive phrase) Meridith is *to be restored as captain.* Answer Options: Function of infinitive: Adjective, Adverb, or Noun. (I chose adverb & got it wrong)
  10. math ergent please please...

    10.a)Solve the inequality x^3-5x^2+2x+8<0 by i) using intervals ii) considering all cases I did this but my teacher said that when i solved this: x^3-5x^2+2x+8<0 (x+1)(x^2-6x+8) (x+1)(x-4)(x-2)<0 She told me to show all the steps, but i don't know how to show more. so...
  11. Business Communications - English 101

    Last one.... please check grammar/punctuation. Thanks!!!! You need to know some important information regarding medication you’re currently taking. After we reviewed our records, we find that approval for coverage of your medication, Nexium 40MG, is about to expire on August...
  12. english

    Please help me with the correct grammar, punctuation, and capitalization on the following paragraph. You will not notice any appreciable change in the pain level for about a week; however, you should be able to anticipate some relief during the second week that you are home. ...
  13. English

    Could you check these sentences, please? Thank you. 1)The protagonist soon sees a light coming from the bottom of the wall that make(s) the figures seem spectral and unbearable, like demons looking at him from different directions. 2) He devoted his entire life to the seach ...
  14. English

    The character of "My Forbidden Face" by Latifa, describes a cartoon of the scientists perplexed by the germ they are studying, The Taliban, in order to a. emphasize her confusion with the spread of all the new rules b. imply that the leaders are sick with a virus that cannot ...
  15. Explain-English

    Prof. Gottfried says a reaction against multiculturalism and the dislocations it has introduced "is one possible reaction, but I don't think it's likely to occur. I think that there may be in the future more careful surveillance of suspicious-looking Muslims, but I suspect ...
  16. English

    In which of the following besides the irony in the short story "The Gift of the Magie" and "The necklace?" A.The protagonists value objects more than people. B.The ptotagonists want to escape their low social status. C.The protagonists struggle for something that proves to be ...
  17. English

    I have an essay about difficulties in life which is based on a book I read with my class. I am having trouble finding difficulties or adversities I have had in my life. Can you please give me some examples of difficulties that you, or anybody else could have had in life. Thank...
  18. English

    Could you please check these sentences, please? I'm not sure about the rephrase. 1)In the first stanza the poet remembers wondering aimlessly and alone in the countryside. All at once he was amazed by the sight of a crowd of daffodils dancing ad fluttering in the breeze. They ...
  19. English

    help please has to be turned in today don't really understand it. Chief Joseph Surrenders Compare Chief Joseph's speech with the "Gettysburg Address". Discuss the similarities and differences between them. (Consider the feelings of the speaker, as well as literary devices, etc...
  20. English

    A: May I take your order? B: Yes, please. I'll have two pretzels. A: Anything else? B: Three milks, please. How much is it all together? A: It's 9,500 won. Q1. Which one is correct based on the dialogue above? 1. How much is it all together? 2. How much are they all together...
  21. English

    1. He made me go there. 2. I was made to go there by him. 3. I was forced to go there by him. 4. He had me go there. 5. I was had to to there by him. 6. I was asked to go there by him. 7. He let me go there. 8. I was let to go there by him. 9. I was allowed to go there by him...
  22. English..reading direction

    The direction states.... For this proposed activity, my activity goals and my personal goals are ( these will not be one-in--the-same): I don't understand what is activity goal and what is personal goal. Please give an example
  23. English

    Identify the participial phrase in the sentence below. Picking up the pen, he signed his name on the guestbook. A. Picking up the pen B. he signed C. signed his name D. on the guestbook I think it is A or B. I can't decide which one it is. Please help. Thank You.

    Can you guys please help me with this i don;t understand it plzz how did the supreme court decision in Worcester V.Georgia and the Indian removal act lead to the removal and resettlement of native Americans groups? Can you explain it to me or give a link or something please??!
  25. french

    Dont copié formé thé book oh ya don't copié formé thé book cause you Oiil inde up being triste soi remembré not toi copié frome thé book oh ya! translation in english please!
  26. english to ms Sue

    in the future, how will thing critically influence the ways that you: read,write, process information. Critical thinking and writing somehow are linked to each other. The most important part is to read and come up with an argument before making any critical jugment. Also, it ...
  27. English

    1. Here is a fresh salad. 2. Here is fresh salad. (Are both grammatical? Which expression is frequently used? Notice the sue of 'article,' please.) 3. Here is a cold strawberry juice. 4. Here is cold strawberry juice. (Are both grammatical? Which expression is frequently used...
  28. English

    I urgently need you to check these sentences. Thank you. 1) As our students we'll probably have to learn science in English in their last year of high school, we would rather they used English as the lingua franca for their Comenius project. 2) I think either your school or ...
  29. English

    Could you please check the following sentences, please? 1) Our teachers haven't helped us at all to establish the objectives or the possible results of our project. 2) That's why I believe we should consider the possibility of including Finland in our partnership. 3) If their ...
  30. Letter to Teacher

    Dear Mrs. Gebbia, Hi! You may not know me but my name is Laruen Jean-Baptiste. I’m currently in the 7th grade & it will be an honor for me to join the school’s newspaper this year. I love writing a lot, it’s part of my life. When I join the school’s newspaper I have ...
  31. English

    Prepare for going out. Prepare going out. Prepare to go out. (Which one is correct? Are all correct?) Give me three garlics. Give me three pieces of garlics. (Which one is correct?) Did you Unplug the electric cord from the socket after cooking? Don't do that. You should keep ...
  32. English

    Can you please check these last questions, please? Thank you. 1) What major changes took place in England during the Industrial Revolution?/What changes did the industrial revolution bring to England? 2) What did the most important inventions concern? (They concerned machinery...
  33. English

    Okay my English teacher set up this assignment to relate a person (needs to be alive) to a character in the a man for all seasons by Bolt. I chose Richard rich, but I am failing to find someone.. any idea of who I can relate Richard rich to?
  34. English Grade 11

    In George Orwell’s “Politics and the English Language” which author is Orwell referring to as “seventeenth-century Shelley”. My best guess is Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (1797-1851) author of Frankenstein. Does that seem reasonable? Thank you.
  35. english

    Analyzing English sentence structures is important for an EFL teacher because A: these structures are not universal. B: second language learners usually search for these patterns. C: understanding these patterns helps a teacher elucidate them. D: All of the above Answer B
  36. HELP!

    Next year (sophomore year) I'm taking the following courses: Honors Algebra II/Trig Spanish III Health AP Biology Honors English AP World History Is AP Bio and world history hard? or no it's not just the exam. Please tell me because this is my first year taking AP.
  37. English

    1. This is a superlative sentence. e.g. Mr. Pitt is the heaviest of the three. 2. This is a comparative sentence. e.g. Emily is taller than Bob. 3. This sentence is in the past tense, so you should use the past form of 'go'. e.g. He (went) to the movies yeaterday. What is the ...
  38. ms.sue 3 grade english

  39. English

    Thank you. Where should I include commas? Can you check if I set them correctly, please? Explain to a friend of yours, who has never flown, what he/she should do before boarding a plane. 2) Talk about the place where you live using the following grid: . – What is your town ...
  40. English

    Hello! Has anyone read the story "The Necklace" by Guy de Maupassant? If you had, can you give me some examples of a pre-reading, while-reading and post reading activity which I could do with my students in the class? ( students - 18 year olds, learning english as a foreign ...
  41. Social studies

    The Macdonald-Cartier bridge that stretches the Ottawa River and connects Ontario to Quebec is named for two Canadian politicians, one ______ and one _______. A)English, German B)Inuktitut, French C)French, Cree D)English, French
  42. English

    Can someone please tell me the format of a COVER page in MLA. I'm looking in my 6th edition book and I find title page but not cover page. I beleive the title goes 1/3 page down, then may 10 lines or so your name, then at the bottom the class, teacher, and date, but I don't ...
  43. English

    I urgently need to know where I can get a sort of dictionary of terms on microbiology. 1) I need to translate technical terms from Italian into English used to describe the results of a microbiological analysis conducted on water. 2) In addition, I need to know the English ...
  44. English

    I'd like to know if the following sentences (+alternatives) in indirect speech are possible. Thank you very much in advance. 1) “Would you like to have lunch with me on Sunday?”, he said to me. He invited (and not: "requested, offered) me to have lunch with him.. 2)“...
  45. english

    PLEASE CORRECT PUNCTUATION ERRORS ONLY. THANK YOU! Re: Johnson vs. Ralston We have received medical information from Midvale Clinic, and copies of all the documents we received are enclosed. We received nothing from Dr. Best, and the only items we received from Dr. Greenville ...
  46. English, Critical Thinking

    PLEASE HELP. I have this essay due tomorrow. I need help with the following: I have to critique the following article and write an essay. But first I need help identifyine Fallacies and the Types of evidence present. Then state whether or not his arguement is compelling. Its ...
  47. English - help

    Which of the following is the antecedent of the pronoun "theirs" in the sentence below? Rivers stopped flowing along the banks so that they could hear Orpheus, whose music was more harmonious than "theirs". The story is Orpheus and Eurydice and the word we need the antecedent ...
  48. english

    which of the following sentences contains an implied metaphor? a. the small sailboat bobbed about like a cork on the huge ocean b. the wind looked down upon the tiny craft, laughed, and then attacked c. the battle between wind and boat raged on for an hour d. then the damaged ...
  49. English

    She also makes a very important remark that explains Samsara, “You have a good soul, but it’s like you waited your whole life for something”. <<<If we interpret this to the belief the Hindus follow; the cycle in which the soul of all living things trying to ...
  50. English/Lang. Arts

    Many Jewish people, like Anne’s family, hid to escape Nazi persecution during World War II. In what other way did people attempt to save themselves?A.They asked the Nazi party for protection. B.They fled to North and South America. C.They signed petitions to outlaw ...
  51. english help please!

    Which sentence contains a misplaced modifier? A.This cake that has the chocolate icing is the bakery's best-selling item. B.The landlord put the key back on the counter that he uses to unlock the front door. C.The trainer whose dog obeys so well typically enters her dog in ...
  52. english

    anyone know some controversial issues in the news papers lately?if so, please tell me.i really need it.=) thanks! Go to http://news.google.com Read through the stories. Find one that interests you. It might be a local, national, or international story. Matt
  53. English

    Is the following sentence grammatically correct, or do I need to make it into two sentences? Thanks. I think that explains a lot, don't you? Also, will you please check my grammar on these two items? I think he enjoyed the fact that his prank had a two for the price of one ...
  54. English - Native speakers

    Hello once again! Can you tell me the difference between Don't underestimate me! and Don't underrate me! Which one is more used in English and what's the difference between those two words? Is there any other similar word? My second question. Can we say both I'm Croatian and I...
  55. English

    I forgot to add a sentence at the beginning. I don't think the verb trust is correct. When Johnny moved to New York. Claire wondered how they could trust each other. By the way, can you recommend a site where I can find entry tests for students at a pre-intermediate/...
  56. Economics

    Hi, Please I researched so badly, I need help to find information about Cybernomics issues and solutions. Please can you help me. Give me a site I can go to that will have information concerning Cybernomics. Please Thank You.
  57. math

    1) Write a translation rule that maps point D(7, –3) onto point D'(2, 5). Note: PLEASE ANSWER, NEAT & CORRECT PLEASE AND THANK YOU!! =) :-) AND EXPLAIN IT GOOD STEP BY STEP, PLEASE. :)
  58. Social Studies 9

    Can someone please help ! CAN someone please list the similarities between pioneers (American rev.) and Puritans & Jacobins (French rev.) NO links please :]
  59. english

    Can someone check my work for me, please. 1.Yesterday he was very busy since he had been fixing the TV from noon. 2. He left for the day before I arrived. He had been waiting for me almost a week. To regret, I couldn't come earlier. 3. When Anna entered the living room, ...
  60. English

    what the purpose of the olympic torch/flame? The purpose of the olympic torch/flame is to give everyone the strength to protect themselves from danger and help struggle for victory. Can someone please give me a better purpose than this. I tried to fit these words in my answer...
  61. english

    I need a sentence with a pronoun-adjective, noun, helping verb, conjunction, helping verb, main verb, preposition, pronoun-adjective and noun in that order. Please help. Thanks in advance.
  62. English

    I just had an English exam, and I don't think I do too well. Anyways, there was a few questions in it that I didn't quite understand in the prose questions (comprehensions or whatever they're called). After reading the passage, there was a question asking "What is voice of ...
  63. English

    Can someone help me find the mistakes in the following sentences? The sentences are short but I want to be sure about the correct use of the prepositions. Thanks 1. I went skiing with my dad to St Moritz (OR in St Moritz) 2. At Christmas (or On Christmas Day) I ate a lot of ...
  64. Please Check(Math)

    d+7/d^2+49= / (d+7) (d+7)*I got the bottom but I don't know what to put at the top...please help!!! Please HElp Me!!Sorry,I am trying to e patient... The d+7 on top cancels with one of the d+7 on the bottom and you are left with 1/(d+7)
  65. English

    Can you please check these sentences for me? Thank you. 1) Henry believes beauty to be not as superficial as thought. 2) He urges Dorian to enjoy his youth now that he can, while it won't last for ever. 3) He also urges him to give in to any kind of sensations forgetting moral...
  66. English

    08verF(27-31) I need a help.I give a examination 2days later. Identify the one underlined word or phrase that should be corrected. 1.By the time(A) we read the paper,the news are old(B),since we've already heard(C) on TV what's happening(D) in the world. 2.Because(A)they had ...
  67. English

    1. I expect to go abroad. 2. I hope to see you again. 3. I wish to go to egypt. 4. Don't you care to buy a pet? 5. He decided to reenter the burning building. 6. He chose to be a fire fighter. 7. I mean to do a business on the Internet.  8. Emily promised to go to Homeplus ...
  68. English-Essay Writing

    If someone could check this for me please. I'm writing an essay on To Kill a Mockingbird and have to have 3 conjunctives that follow the pattern-semi colon, conjunctive adverb, comma. I'm hoping I don't have to write the whole sentence so here goes: be killed; there, we are ...
  69. English

    i don't know if the following sentence i wrote makes sense and punctuated properlly. please correct me if im wrong. the sentence i wrote is based on the fact that when leaders get power, they try to win time but alwys fail. hers the sentence: Thus, we conceptualize that humans...
  70. English Honors 3

    In Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Jim and Huck both decide that their relationships with their friends and loved ones are more important than their freedom, lives, and in Huck's case, his soul. Question: Do you think modern heroes can make the same kinds of choices? Can you ...
  71. physics(please help! please)

    *please help ily*. a fishing pole, 2m long, is pivoted at 50cm from one end. the other end has a line with a 4 kg fish on it. what is the effort force required to land the fish?
  72. english 4

    Critical Reading Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.The excerpt from Midsummer, XXIII, primarily concerns A. race riots in England. B. the failure of Shakespeare’s drama in modern times. C. the passing of seasons in an...
  73. English

    Okay, this is the work I have done so far. I need to know whether I'm doing this correctly or not. Please tell me wheather they are correct or not. 1. Who is that man? 2. Who made the first moon landing? 3. Whom did the instructor invite to speak to the class? 4. Whom did you ...
  74. english

    read the following sentences and underline each word or phrase that signals a comparison or contast clue. circle comparison or contrast, depending on the clue. then write the meaning os each italicized word. 1.) We thought we were seeing the real painting, but it turned out to...
  75. work (physics)

    a 25 kg object is accelerating from rest to a distance of 6 m in 4 seconds across a level floor. The friction is 3.8 N - what is the total work........ i started off by trying to find fa but it seems to give me an absurd answer.. maybe if u could help me by telling me the ...
  76. English

    can you help point out any stylistic devices in this poem? He seemed to know the harbour, So leisurely he swam; His fin, Like a piece of sheet-iron, Three-cornered, And with knife-edge, Stirred not a bubble As it moved With its base-line on the water. His body was tubular And ...
  77. English

    Hello. Please help me with the phrases: 1) is it possible to use "proclaim" in the context: "the president proclaimed that he was ready to sign an agreement"? 2) is it possible to use "put into practice" with sanctions (the UN put sanctions into practice against Iran)? Thank you.
  78. English

    As it is too noisy, I can't hear you. ================== In this sentence, what does 'it' refer to?•English - Ms. Sue, Friday, December 25, 2015 at 5:45pm In this kind of construction, "it" represents an understood concept. Wherever the speaker may be is too noisy...
  79. English (EXTREMELY URGENT)

    Please help he answer this one question. Which detail best describes why the author discusses the history of rap music. To show the extreme poverty of certain regions To explore the tension amongst certain cultural groups To expose events that are rarely discussed To give the ...
  80. math

    Liam is the founder and president of the Justin Bieber Fan Club. As a fundraiser, the JBFC sells chocolate-flavored spaghetti sauce. The current price is $6.40 per jar and their average monthly sales are 250 jars. They are considering raising prices and have been surveying ...
  81. English 11A

    i need to write a story for English and i have to use seven comma rules along with my 20 vocabulary words. abomination blanched conjure contentious contiguous corroborate dally defamation enthrall evasive imperceptible inaudible inquisition licentious prodigious quavering ...
  82. English

    English help? Read these lines from Robert Browning’s “My Last Duchess.” “A heart – how shall I say? – too soon made glad,/Too easily impressed; she liked whate’er/She looked on, and her looks went everywhere.” How is the poem’s speaker describing its subject...
  83. English Essay

    Hi, this is my first paragraph to my essay on Hamlet. Please provide any feedback. Hamlet, a tragedy by Shakespeare, follows a downward spiral of the kingdom of Denmark. King Claudius plants a seed of corruption that initiates this spiral. Both simile and metaphor prove that ...
  84. english

    Choose an essay or a short story to read. Then answer the following questions in the space provided. 10.What is the title of the story essay? 11.Who wrote it? 12.Whom is the story about? (Identify the main characters [or, if an essay, the subject discussed].) 13.hat happens in...
  85. English - ms. sue

    ms. sue u be able help me with my english questions?
  86. english teachers?

    are there any english teachers on here at this time?
  87. English

    I have to add prepositional phrases to the following sentences. Please check to see if correct. 1.The carpenter repaired the roof. 2.The coach explained the play. 1.The carpenter repaired the roof in the house. 2.The coach down the street explained the play.
  88. English

    11. In which one of the following sentences is the simple subject also the complete subject? A. Crocodiles, quiet as logs, lurked on the riverbank. B. Detectives Homer Fry and Janine Small looked high and low for clues. C. Large and small dinosaurs stalked the grassy plains. D...
  89. English

    okay, the question I have to answer is: List the character you have "met" so far. What do you know about each character? I see there is emphasis on "met" Can anyone please explain the question more clearly? Is it asking me to list the main characters, all the characters or ...
  90. English

    Look at the pictures and mark an O on the picture in which you can do the activity. However, if you cannot do the activity in the picture, mark an X. And then say as follows. (Is the passage above grammatical? Check the sentences,please. Do we have to use 'an' before "O"? Do ...
  91. English

    1. He is pretending to try to hit a ball. 2. She is pretending to play the guitar. 3. She seems to pretend to play the guitar. 4. He has put his right fingers around his chin. 5. It seems that he tries to hit a ball. (Are they grammatical? Check them please. Thank you.)
  92. Vocabs

    1. The extra money being raised by the band booster club has been (earmarked, maneuvered) to fund future trips. maneuvered 2. The Labrador retriever received a medal from the fire department for its( valiant, compact) act of saving a drowning man. valiant 3. Whenever I go out ...
  93. math

    Students in an English class need a mean of at least 90 points on four tests to earn an A. One student has scored 87,92,85. Write and solve an inequality to find what score the student needs on the next test to earn an A. 020714 I think that's it xDDD -pokes name- but you ...
  94. English

    There are seven books. A series of eight movies based on the novels has been made by Warner Bros. They started making the movies in 2001. The first one was released on November 16th 2001. The second to the fifth were released respectively on 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2007. (Would ...
  95. English - check my answer, please. Last one :)

    "Dr. Smith had argued that the cure for insomnia could be found in the seeds of apples, and although it was not true, he had made money giving lectures." This statement: *** includes a shift in tense. is a sentence fragment. includes an inappropriate use of a comma. includes a...
  96. English

    Can you please check these ideas on stress and young people, please? Thank you vey much for helping me finding an excellent site on science!! 1) The two things teenagers are most stressed about are how to make new friends and how to improve their school performances. 2) Their ...
  97. english/III

    Analyze the sentence to select the adverb clause, subordinating conjunction, and the word(s) modified in the appropriate boxes below. Please get to bed early since you have a test tomorrow Adverb clause: Word(s) modified: Subordinating conjunction:
  98. English

    1. Two-thirds of the books are novels. 2. One-third of the water is sweet. 3. Most of some pencils are short. 4. Most of some water is salty. 5. Half of every apple is rotten. 6. Half of each apple is rotten. -------------------------------------- Are they gramatical? Check ...
  99. English

    Choose the word that best completes the sentences. One of the girls left _____ tennis shoes in the gym a. her b. hers c. their d. them I think its it A but it could also be c the best player to watch is ______ a. she b. her c. him d. me this one confuses me because it could be...
  100. math

    250 people on a plane; 120 speak english;150 speak spanish; 30 speak neither. what probability speak English and Spanish ?
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