English: "another evening at the club" Please help

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  1. English

    Maya Angelou - I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings What Maya Angelou means by the title of her autobiography.? Please Help if you can
  2. english

    What is the difference between present perfect and present perfect continuous tense? Can I get some examples please?
  3. spanish

    choose the correct word to complete each sentence, or choose a phrase that would logically go with the statement. A.Hace color B.Voy a la bibloteca C.Vo al club de jovenes D.Voy al comedor E. Es la cabina F. Voy al cine G. Voy a la piscina H. Es la galeria de fotos I. Van al ...
  4. Math

    To allow for more dancers the country club can increase the dimensions of the dance floor in 5 foot increments in either direction ; however the committee would like to maintain a square shape. Let n represent the number of 5'increases to the length pf each side of the dance ...
  5. college alg HELP!

    I cannot figure a way to do this problem: An investment of $98,000 was made by a business club. The investment was split into three parts and lasted for one year. The first part of the investment earned 8% interest, the second 6%, and third 9%. The total interest from the ...
  6. socials

    can u please explain the methaphor "slow dawns are caught in great wooden bowls" please explain with detail please please need fast
  7. writing skills

    11. Which of the following is correct in regard to the use of formal English? A. In formal business correspondence, it's best keep the language impersonal. [B. Formal English is used more frequently in speaking than in writing.] C. In formal English, we use words to say ...
  8. English

    Give four characteristics of standard English.

  10. English

    How did boy come into modern English

    How English 002 help me in achieving the T.I.P Graduate Attributes?

    can someone read my english essay and correct it for me?
  13. English

    Speech about english is the languages of opportunity
  14. English

    Why do nag and nagina want to do away with the english family?
  15. algebra

    Renee belongs to a bowling club. She scores 50, 52, 55, and 59 on her first four games. She hopes to continue improving according to this pattern. Part A: What are the next four terms in Renee’s sequence? Part B: Write an recursive function rule for the sequence? Part C: ...
  16. algebra 2

    Renee belongs to a bowling club. She scores 50, 52, 55, and 59 on her first four games. She hopes to continue improving according to this pattern. Part A: What are the next four terms in Renee’s sequence? Part B: Write an recursive function rule for the sequence? Part C: ...
  17. English

    Questionnaire a. Interest in English class b. Interest according to each skill c. The most difficult part among 4 skills d. Interest in the most important part among 4 skills e. Studying English after school f. Understanding in the classroom g. Study materials (all) h. The use...
  18. college

    I will like to know are these correct sentences. Their are three kids in the room. We have been married for 20 years, and are relationship is as strong as ever. I’m having trouble with my car. Can you give me some advise? The diplomats are doing what they can to restore ...
  19. Math

    At Smith's club the pay-per-visit fee is $5 per day. would Smith save money paying per visit? Assume that a month has 4.3 weeks. what percentage of his monthly $90 fee would he spend if he paid on a per-visit basis? 2. IF Smith goes to the gym three times per week, what ...
  20. Algebra

    A fitness club offers two membership options. The first option has an initial fee of $50 and then charges $30 per month. The second option has no initial fee but charges $40 per month. After how many months, x, will the first option be a better value than the second?
  21. English - Native speakers

    Hello! Which expression do you use the most in English? Don't take amiss to me or something similar? I am looking for a verb but I can't seem to find it in English. Is there also an expression like to take harm on someone? I hope you get the idea which verb or expression I am ...
  22. English- vocab

    can you please help me figure out a word that means something that happens for no reason and we don't know the reason why it happens. i don't think its mystery, I'm not sure.
  23. english

    Okay I figured out my question that I posted before. But can you please explain to me what this means? Style is not applied to writing. It is the writing. I don't understand what that means. Thank You
  24. english

    please write a paragraph to show you comprehend what analogies and idoms are. use at least one analogy and one idom in the paragraph
  25. english Please check answer

    10. In a research proposal, your sources should not have the potential to answer research questions. A.) true *B.) false Thank You
  26. English

    There isn't (any,no) newspaper in that little town. I think any There wasn't (anybody,nobody)in the house. I think anybody Please don't ask him (any,no)questions. I think any I haven't solved(any,none) of my problems. I think any
  27. english

    i'll like to make a story of ten words about news please . the following words are.. " newsroom ,headline ,newscast , deliver ,dateline ,coverage , update ,copy ,edition ,and commentary .. thank you
  28. english

    Are there any songs that have lyrics with a similar voice/diction to the poet Gary Soto? (More specifically, his diction in the poem "Oranges.") I kind of need an answer by tomorrow morning! Please help!
  29. english

    Can you please explain to me what this means. Thank you As the characters evolve, Erdrich reveals her major theme--the diminishing hold the distant past has on successive generations as each generation creates and feeds on its own past.
  30. English

    just correct please if grammar or spelling mistake Fifteen year old, Kate Hates Zeke Dexter who was murderer of her mother. She wants to take revenge from him. She misses her mother and sometimes
  31. english/ poem

    in part two of the "highwayman" , why is the fact that the highwayman didn't come stressed three times? From whose point of view are we seeing it? Why is the word "marching" repeated? can you help me answer this question please?
  32. English

    Can you please tell me if I can include these questions (as they are) in a reading comprehension? Was the hotel in Mexico City as they expected it to be? How long was the flight delayed the day they left? What did the travel agency offer them a compensation? These were my last...
  33. English

    i need help on othello i canèt figure out how does Iago dishonor Cassion in Act 2 Scene 3. this is my guess: he gets him drunk and then get him into a fight thus disturbing Othello with Desdemona please help and thank you
  34. English

    A: Hello, may I speak to Andy? B: Sorry, he's out. ______, please? A: This is Harry Simpson. 1. Who calls 2. Who's calling 3. Who is this (Which expressions can be put in the blank? Is #1 correct? Can we use some other expressions? I think #2 and #3 are OK.)
  35. English

    i have to write a character sketch essay on the protagonist OR antagonist for the book Royally Jacked & i picked Valerie Winslow && i need a thesis Statement for it ? And its due in a day ! and i need help Please Help Me . ~ Thank You .
  36. English

    Can someone please tell me what, if any, figure of speech is used here? "Anyone who calls a spade a spade should be compelled to use one." Simile Metaphor Personification Analogy Hyperbole None of these
  37. english

    How teachers of secondary school students can engage and capture their students in spite of all temptations in life. what i think teacher can do is to make some jokes in between class. i don't know what else to write please help.
  38. English

    Be quiet. Listen to me. Emily, calm down. You are so noisy. Stand up and go to the back. You should remain at the back for the rest of the class. Got it? (Would you check the sentences? Correct errors, please.)
  39. English 3

    I need help writing a good strong thesis statement for my research paper. Im doing my paper over the different conspiracy theories people have on the "sandy hook" school shooting...please help me
  40. English- Mrs. Sue

    So I have my thesis statement down but now I just need examples about speaking up and why you need to address things in this world today. Can you please help. Thanks soooo much:))
  41. English

    Please check this! The diction of "at the tourist centre in boston" can best be described as.. A. Emotionally charged B. Colloquial and relying on slang C. Informal and simple D. Mostly figurative I don't think it's C or D? My best guess is A.
  42. English

    Which of the following conflicts in Poor Fish is the most importance -individual vs. self, individual vs. another, individuals. society vs. nature support your answer using example from the story please help this is and essay and I'm confused thank you.
  43. English

    What do these texts suggest to you about ways in which individuals pursue or compromise their happiness? Can I please get a thesis? Like a general one without including the texts. I'm having trouble figuring it out.
  44. french french from Anonymous to SraJMcGin

    could u please give me some french transition words along with their english meaning. like for example, for instance, moreover, but, nontheless, however etc Thanks
  45. English

    Has anyone read the poem the "Passenger Pigeon" by Paul Fleischman? This poem is a concrete poem and I need to answer the question because of the way the words are laid out, what do they picture? Please help thanks
  46. English

    Hello. Will you please help me with a grammar question: is it possible to use "before" with a future perfect verb, for example: "He will have prepared the report before December 20 (before Friday)"? Thank you.
  47. Algebra

    1. you and a friend balls for like a salad and a small drink. between the two of you, you have $8.00. A salad costs $2.49 and a small drink is $0.99. Can either of you have a second salad or a drink? assume there is no sales tax. A.yes,one Salad B.yes,one of each*** C.yes,one ...
  48. English

    Questionnaire a. Interest in English class b. Interest according to each skill c. The most difficult part among 4 skills d. Interest in the most important part among 4 skills e. Studying English after school f. Understanding in the classroom g. Study materials (all) h. The use...
  49. English

    Questionnaire a. Interest in English class b. Interest according to each skill c. The most difficult part among 4 skills d. Interest in the most important part among 4 skills e. Studying English after school f. Understanding in the classroom g. Study materials (all) h. The use...
  50. tax

    During 2011 Shakira paid following expenses: prescription medicines $525 doctors and dentists $1050 vitamins and ibuprofen $ 275 health club membership fee $ 450 what is the total amount of medical expenses (before application of adjusted gross income limitation) that would ...
  51. English

    What is the dating relationship short term effects and long term effects if you can find them?? please help
  52. English

    Can you please tell me which of the two is better? a polka-dotted T-shirt or a polka-dot T-shirt?
  53. English

    Can you please tell me if it is correct? Write five things you have to do when at home and five you don't have to do.
  54. English

    I need help. Please and thank you. 4. What does a strong verb add to a sentence? 5. What does a quality adjective add to a sentence?
  55. English

    What was Thomas Jefferson's stance on the Declaration of Independence? What is a pro and con of the Declaration of Independence Please Help Me
  56. English

    please correct the following sentence I will send the photos, as and when I receive or I will send the photos, as and when I received.
  57. ENGLISH Types of business writing

    Assume that you’ve worked for the last five years as an administrative assistant for the Human Resources Department of Broadworth General Hospital. The Director of Human Resources, Miriam Hopkins, has charged you with organizing a two-hour training seminar to be attended by ...

    explaining internal conflict; Many of the characters in collection 1 must overcome internal foes as well as external monsters. using the chart below as a guide, choose two characters from the following list and explain each characters internal conflicts. Then describe how each...
  59. english

    What is the longest word is/are the longest word(s)in the english history? What does it mean?Who ever answer this question don't give me a site.Give the answer. Thankyou, Sandy please help me in my english question.It is very urgent...
  60. physics please please please please please

    a block of mass 2.50 kg rests on a ramp. if the coefficient of static friction between the block and ramp is 0.350, what maximum angle can the ramp make with the horizontal before the block starts to slip down?
  61. english grammar

    please help me if my letter is correct in the grammar. kindly help me to make a good letter. march,21,2011 subject:sales commission to: THE MANAGER DEAR SIR, I am writing to you due to next month will be my annul vacation and,I would like to ask a favorale request regarding my...
  62. math

    in a school of 100 students, 59 are taking math, 51 are in english, 35 are in history, 24 are in both math and english, 19 are in both english and history, 13 in both math and history, and 11 in all three courses. how many students are taking: a) none of the classes? b) only ...
  63. 7th grade math Ms. Sue please last questions

    19. Julia is allowed to watch no more than 5 hours of television a week. So far this week, she has watched 1.5 hours. Write and solve an inequality to show how many hours of television Julia can still watch this week. 20. You are a member of your local movie theater’s club. ...
  64. English

    Can you please check these sentences on phrasal verbs, please? Thank you very much in advance. (I don't know if their use is correct). 1) The plane will lift off at 9.00 o'clock. 2) They will head off at six a.m. tomorrow. 3) He cleared off without saying goodbye. 4) He ...
  65. English

    Could you please check these two sentences, please? 1) Dorian wishes he would stay young forever whereas the portrait would grow old in his place. 2) According to Wordsworth, man and nature are (were) two different but inseparable parts of the same universe, a total scheme ...
  66. English

    Talk about the things you don't have to do on Sunday. I don't have to study hard. I don't have to see teachers at school. I don't have to see my homeroom teacher. I don't have to walk to school. I don't have to clean my classroom. I don't have to mop the floor. I don't have to...
  67. Math

    Could someone please help me out with the data homework? All I need is someone to check my answers. If any are incorrect could you please explain what I did wrong. 1. A student must answer 7 of 10 questions on an exam. How many different sets of questions can be answered if a...
  68. discrete math

    "a club with 20 members must choose a three-person committee and a five-person committee. how many ways can the two committees be chosen if the committees can overlap? how many ways can the two committees be chosen if the committees cannot overlap?".
  69. English- Debating

    We have a debate about "That if we buy New Zealand made, we've got it made". we are negating this topic but don't know what to talk about. please help !! thanks
  70. english

    I am horrible at writing and I need to write a thesis statement and show how I plan to support my thesis with compelling arguments and counter arguments. please help
  71. English

    With plural nouns sometimes you add an S, sometimes and es, sometimes ies, sometimes man, men. Is there a rule for this? do you know a link where I can learn more about this? Any help please.
  72. English

    i need help finding some propaganda used today i need an example of each of the following propaganda: glittering generalities transfer bandwagon please help and thank you
  73. english

    I need help with this prose speech introduction. I have this story called The Deadly Sister which my speech is over but I can't figure out an introduction for it. Please help
  74. English - Debate writing

    I have a homework on debate on the motion 'The youth should be blamed for indiscipline in the society ' .Please help of to raise points for the motion .
  75. Health Sciences

    i need interesting topics for a presentation for (English for Medical Sciences) !! topics like diseases or anything .. please reply ASAP
  76. english

    i am writing an essay on texting conversation i also need to write about texting could you write some bullet points for the plan please
  77. English

    What are two cause and effect relationships of Robert e lees letter to his son . I have finished annotating the letter but really couldn't see the cause and effect in it please help me
  78. english help please!!

    Which of the following is an example of a sentence fragment? Let’s play a video game. Do you have this one? Since you don’t have it. We can play something else. is it c pls help
  79. French

    I need to put some grammatical questions on my blog, but I cannot come up with anything. The farthest I've come up with is "Why is there genders in French?" Thank-you for your time. Can you please it english.
  80. English

    The sentence below requires a citation. The United States of America has 50 states. True False I say True. Please check my answer.
  81. English-(PLEASE CHECK)

    How have things changed for African Americans and women since the 1959 first performance of A Raisin in the Sun? My Answer- They are more respected and there is less discrimination against them. Should I add anything else?
  82. english

    hi can someone please pleas help me. All I need is a thesis for this question that I am writing an essay for. Analyze the impact of the Atlantic trade routes established in the mid 1600's on economic development in the British North American Colonies.
  83. English

    I don't know exactly what Im trying to prove anymore with this thesis Various approaches to prevent steroids in sports have not been successful because athletes are now using hard-to-detect growth hormones to enhance performance. help please.
  84. English

    Can you please check this for grammar. Edsel and Eleanor Ford commissioned Albert Kahn to build their home and William R. Valentiner, director of the DIA to help lay the basic foundations for the paintings, furniture, and objects that completed each of the rooms.
  85. English

    Please correct the sentence below, adding punctuation and changing words as needed. We found the play was quite intriguing though it was difficult to follow and the audience became engaged with the action onstage and with the actors in general.
  86. english

    Hi my homework says pick a specific moment in James Baldwins "Go tell it on the mountain" where race becomes an obstacle in a characters attempt to search for identity. Can you please provide me with an example? I read the book I just don't know what to choose. thanks
  87. English

    At the school talent show, Tom is doing voices of the formal President. Don is presenting a pansori, a kind of folk play. David and Tony are singing Oh! Susanna to a piano. (Would you check the passage? Correct errors, please.)
  88. Grade 11 english

    I have to compsre revenge in Wuthering Heights by Emily bronte and the contemporary issue of politics. I am doing a powerpoint presentation and it should be 5 minutes long. So what do you suggest my slides be and howmany. Please help me I really don't know how to compare them ...
  89. English

    I am going to go to Children's Grand Park this weekend. I want to ride a roller coaster and a merry-go-round there. I also want to take as many pictures as possible. I think it'll be a lot of fun. --------------- Would you check this passage and correct any errors, please?
  90. English - help

    Identify the infinitive phrase used as a noun. 1. The girls love to swim at Julie's house. 2. Susan is trying hard to forget. 3. My group was the last to finish. 4. Jane's goal to win is extreme. I think it is A...please help me decide...thank you
  91. English

    In "My Brother's Keeper," what does Ted want Jamie to do for him a. give him an alibi in court b. forge some documents *** c. borrow money from Uncle Harry d. go out with his old girlfriend *** - My Answer If you have read this story PLEASE help ThankYou
  92. English

    I would like someone could check my short story. Thanks One fall in the mid-1980s, Karla took some time off and got a ticket to visit relatives in Cuzco. She was fresh out of school and had begun working as an office clerk. On her return trip, she noticed a couple across the ...
  93. English

    1. She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes. 2. She'll be coming around the mountain when she comes. ------------------------ In the song, 'round' is used in #1. In British English, 'round is used with action verbs. However, what about in American English. It seems ...
  94. Reading

    Is these answers correct? devoid infuriate jeopardize smug implore intimidate sibling sneer introvert vivacious 1-2. The people I love best can __me the most. No one can make me as angry as my parents and__s can. I guess close relationships are conducive to strong feelings, ...
  95. math

    Felicia paid $125 to join tennis club. paid $5 every time she used the court write an equation that describes Felicia's total cost for playing tennis as a function of the number of times she plays. let c =the total cost and let n = the number of times she plays. Describe the ...
  96. History of English Schooling

    What were English Infant, Primary, and Secondary schools like in the early 1900s? This info is needed URGENTLY!
  97. english

    You say in english The French drinks a lot of wine. The Swiss makes good choloclate. Is there a national adjective without "the"??
  98. Social Studies 9

    I NEED THIS BY TOMORROW!!!!!! What were the taxes introduced during the 17th century england (aka English Civil War)- list 4 facts about it . and WHAT were the taxes introduced during the french revolution also list 4 facts about it . and how are they similar; 4 facts also. ...
  99. English

    6.)Which of the following sentences contains a verb that is correctly formed in the perfect tense? a.)Susan is spoken at our club before. b.)Desmond has love swimming in the ocean. c.)Desmond has love swimming in the ocean. d.)Jake have painted his room three times. 7.)How do ...
  100. math

    The Toro Ski club is planning a ski trip for the upcoming long weekend. They have 40 skiers signed up to go, and the ski resort is charging $120 per person. The resort manager offers to lower the rate per person by $2 for each additional skier up to a maximum number m. (So if ...
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