English: "another evening at the club" Please help

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  1. english

    What does don't let me hit the ground means? it's part of the verse in the song i chose to present in school please just give me an idea on what those words mean
  2. english

    please clarify : write the correct verb form : 1.girl _______ (speak) cleverly . 2.our course_________(complete) by the month of March 2016 thank you
  3. english help please!!

    What does a novel often have more of than a short story? Characters and events Alternate endings Twists and surprises Authors and readers is it a pls help
  4. English

    The poem small passing by I grid de kok is free verse so has no structure, but I am not sure what sound device is used to creat rhythm and form? Please help
  5. English

    Can someone please give me the summary of the following story's? Before the gun went off The poisoner who wore glasses I would really appreciate help :)
  6. English literature

    From the poem the slave's dream please give one example for each of the following poetic techniques:simile,metaphor,alliteration,personification and onomatopoeia
  7. chemistry 116

    Suppose someone had an excessive Friday evening drinking party and then did the ultra-dumb thing of driving home while drunk. Luckily, the person got pulled over by the police before they can injure anyone else. The police took a blood alcohol reading of 1.80 % (expressed as a...
  8. english

    The Call of the Wild is a story about a dog named Buck. Buck is a pampered dog who lives with a wealthy family in southern California. During the Gold Rush, Buck is captured, sold, and eventually shipped to Alaska to work as a sled dog. Along the way, Buck is mistreated by a ...

    The Call of the Wild is a story about a dog named Buck. Buck is a pampered dog who lives with a wealthy family in southern California. During the Gold Rush, Buck is captured, sold, and eventually shipped to Alaska to work as a sled dog. Along the way, Buck is mistreated by a ...
  10. English

    Underline the noun clause in each sentence.Identify it as Do Direct Object,S for Subject,PN for Predicate Nominative,or OP for Obect of Preposition. 1.I do not know where she works after school. i need to know what lets you know which one is which. The normal order of words/...
  11. english

    Please do know how to rewrite this sentence It is not reasonable and it is not all right that gay individuals need to live in panic Also my introduction needs to be more argumentative How many people would be affected if gay marriage was legalized? Yes! Of course, obsoletely ...
  12. Types of buisness writing

    Email Revised TO: Deb.Walker@ CC: Jeremy.Dittmer; m_hopkins@ SUBJECT: Sexual harassment and unlawful discrimination in the workplace seminar Dear Deb: I would like to confirm our arrangements as we previously discussed on our seminar about sexual harassment and unlawful ...
  13. English

    Writeacher, could you please check if the sentences are correct? Thank you. (I included my doubts in parentheses) Integration into ongoing activities 1) Involvement of the classes of the participating students 2) Closer examination (or in-depth analysis) of propaedeutical ...
  14. Social Studies

    How do you start a community? Please explain your question. Are you asking about how to start a town of people? Or a community of crayfish? Or a special interest community, such as a club or a church? We'll be glad to help you if you clarify your question. We are asking about ...
  15. English

    Writeacher, could you please check the very last things. It's really late here and I need to go to bed. Thank you. 1) Unfortunately, we have just sent in our Comenius proposal for a science project on biodiversity in water with both a German and a French school. 2) However, ...
  16. english

    rearrange thes letters into one word Imbillie, you did not give us the letters... please repost.
  17. English-(PLEASE CHECK)

    Who is right about Willy Harris? My Answer- Ruth But is Mama also right?
  18. English: Ms. Sue

    Hi Ms. Sue, Where can I find information determining which sources are reliable for example a web site. Please let me know..
  19. English

    Please can someone help me define: - climax of a story - conflict of a story what is the difference between those two? thank you.

    could you please translate in english to make sure you can read it correctly thank you so much GOD BLESS YOU
  21. english

    what makes the short story lamb to the slaughter a good story? could you please help me describe this in more detail
  22. English IV

    need to create a narrative poem in the anglo-saxon styke if beowulf. I need an example please:)
  23. English

    need to create a narrative poem in the anglo-saxon style in beowulf. I need an example please:)
  24. To Ms. Sue

    Ms. Sue could you please take a moment to look at my previous english post, thank you very much in return.
  25. To Writeacher

    Writeacher, can you please have a moment to look at my previous English post. Thank you very much in advance:-)
  26. English

    what is the difference between SEQUENTIAL POEMS and NARRATIVE POEMS ..please could you give explanation and not a website link thanks :)
  27. english

    can you tell me your views on how people treat animals for example keeping animals as pets please help im stuck
  28. English

    I need to know what just means in the following Sentance . Do you think this is just Please help even my mom is blank Tx
  29. French11

    can someone please explain to me in english how to form the passe simple, conditionnel anterieur and the futur anterieur?
  30. english

    the book asks for the vowels circle the vowel spellings Does this mean the vowels? coin = oi please = eae
  31. English

    Could you help me find the "simple subject" and "simple predicate" in the following sentence please? "It is going to rain tomorrow." Thank you!
  32. English

    How do I write a analysis paper? What would be some good topics. Please help me I really need some help.
  33. english

    could you please tell me the distinction between small girl and smaller girl 2.aunt and aunty/auntie
  34. English

    A brief, concise introduction can be effective. 1.True 2.False I think its true, please recheck my answer.
  35. English

    A brief, concise introduction can be effective. True False I pick true, please recheck my answer.
  36. english please

    Based on the characterization of the Wife of Bath, what do you think was Chaucer’s view of women and women’s roles?
  37. math

    You are designing a web page for you school's biology club. You want to include photos of the members on the page, which has a width of 640 pixels. You've decided that the left and right magins should be 24 pixels each and the space between each picture should be 16 pixels. ...
  38. English expression

    1. Can you greet the person you meet for the first time in English? 2. What is the relationship between the people who greet each other? 3. Can you introduce your friend and answer the question in English? 4. Who and who are being introduced? -------------------------------- ...
  39. statistics

    In Los Angeles there are three network television stations, each with it own evening news program from 6:00 to 6:30 PM. According to a report in this morning’s local newspaper, a random sample of 150 viewers last night revealed 53 watched the news on KNBC (channel 2), 64 ...
  40. Urgent maths homework help

    At a boarding school, in the evening, 9 students always take walks in groups of 3. How can the groups be arranged so that each person walks in a group with every other person exactly once in 4 days? I would like to know whether there is a trick to these type of questions. My ...
  41. English

    1)Please advise us on the status of our application. 2)Please advise the status of our application. Which sentence is correct?
  42. Math

    The Spanish Club is selling churros as a fundraiser. If its goal is to raise at least $150, how many churros must it sell at $1.25 each to meet that goal? Write and solve an inequality. a. 1.25c=>150; c=>120 b. 1.25c=>150; c=>100 c. 150c=>1.25; c=>120 d. 150c...
  43. Math

    Three cards are drawn from a deck of 52 playing cards and not replaced. Find the probability of the following: a). Getting three jacks b). Getting an ace, a king, and a spade in that order. c). Getting a club, a spade and a heart in that order. d). Getting three clubs. HELP! a...
  44. english

    Most students do not like english class. They think its a waste of there time and energy. Ain’t nobody likes to right papers and take tests anyway? Me and you dont. My friend Johnny now him know alot about this grammar stuff. I always am asking he to help me, with my English...
  45. economics

    3. Suppose that the total monthly demand for golf services is given by Q = 20 – P The marginal cost to the firm of each golfer is $1. If this demand function is based on the individual demands of 10 golfers, what is the optimal two part pricing strategy for this golf club? ...

    Let' s try it the right way this time. A person begins walking at noon one day from point A and travels at a constant velocity along a straight line path to point B a distance D away, arriving at 7 pm that evening. The very next day, the traveler leaves B at exactly noon, ...
  47. English/French/German

    The CONDITIONEL "je donnerais" means "I would give" ("ich würde gebn" in German) right??? What does the SUBJONCTIF translate to in English (or German)? Actually, if I look at the conjugation of "donner" in the SUBJONCTIF it looks like a combination of present and imperfect: ...
  48. English

    What is a verb form ending with -ing called? 1. gerund infinitive possessive passive Question 2 A verb form that begins with to is called what? gerund infinitive possessive passive Question 3 Which sentence is in the correct form? She began to sing the song. They denied to ...
  49. English

    Please check: 1. If a river is represents your thoughts is that an analogy or conventional symbol. I think it is an "analogy" but if it is a conventional symbol please explain why. 2.If in a story. in a brief intro, we learn about two friends and it sets us up for the rest of ...
  50. quote- english discussion

    Can somebody please help me out with related texts or anything related to the battle of the sexes. Like movies, books, articles, music etc. -How women were treated and male dominance. - What women's roles were and why. - Why women weren't allowed in business. Um, basically ...
  51. English

    assignment states that it should be in apa format, cannot get in touch with anyone to have that clairified. Can someone please explain that format?
  52. English

    Hi, can someone please paraphrase the poem "Because I Could Not Stop For Death," by Emily Dickinson line by line? I really don't understand it! Thank you

    could someone please tell me what that means : The entire poem does much to undermine the title of the poem and this is why I find it interesting.

    PLease hive me a good metaphor for life. I need 2 though I hve one as an example which is Life is a highway
  55. English

    Is fletcher christian an enlightenment hero? i need to write a paper about this and I have a clue what to write. Please Help!!
  56. English

    What is the difference in academic papers and memos? How does it affect the tone and structure of the two papers? Im stuggling with this assignment. Please help.
  57. English

    Can you please tell me which of the following two prepositions is best? 1) Beowulf gave a blow to the beast or at the beast ( with his sword)? Thank you
  58. English

    Could you please check this sentence? Is "of hearing" wrong? Thank you. 1) The language contains references to the senses of sight and sound (or of hearing?)
  59. English Literature

    Can i please get the analysis of the poem "Horses" by Edwin Muir? This should not, however, be confused with another of his poems "The Horses". Thank you.
  60. English Please help

    8. Neither of the glasses _________ full of juice. were weren't *was wasn't 9. In the living room _________ many interesting pieces of art. is isn't *are aren't Thank You
  61. English

    Discuss the society in Brave New World as a utopia. What should i make my thesis be??? Please help im so lost. It is a utopia
  62. English

    Can you please tell me if I use this word correctly? Gallantry: The hero was ready for the gallantry that came with saving the woman.
  63. english

    please correct : 1. what no of son you are to your parents ? 2. how manyeth son you are ? 3. what no of president is abdul kalam in list of order / presidents.
  64. english MS.sue help please

    In a short story, the problem that moves the action of the story forward is known as the them conflict *** protagonist am i right
  65. English

    A topic sentence should be very long. 1. True 2. False Please recheck my answer. I say True
  66. English

    You closed your eyes when you made the wish. Is that a sentence or a clause fragment? I think sentence... not sure though. Please help, thanks
  67. English

    Hello can someone help me come up with the central theme for sonnet 15 and 27 by Shakespeare and lastly sonnet 27 by Elizabeth Barrett... please and thanks!
  68. English

    Can someone help me come up with the a central theme for sonnet 15? PLEASE and also help me find a modern version of sonnet 16 by Elizabeth B.
  69. english

    For english, I should need a special report which talks about president obama: one year later (I precise I'm French).Since several days, I read NYTimes but i didn't find yet.That's why I would like knowing if it exists and where i can have got it.I don't know:othersnewspapers,...
  70. English

    I left out the following two questions. Thank you. 1) Introduce the English Renaissance focusing your attention on their view of nature, of man and their conception of the universal order. What was the literature of the period characterized by? 2)What was Elizabeth I's court ...
  71. Algebra

    Decide whether you would use a permutation, a combination, or neither. Next, write the solution using permutation notation or combination notation, if possible, and, finally, answer the question. A club with 31 members is to select five officers (president, vice president, ...
  72. Math

    Sandy is buying t-shirts for her school's club. Company A charges 5.80 per shirt with no set up fee. Company B charges 5.75 per shirt plus a $35 set up fee
  73. SMU

    A sample of 25 concession stand purchases at the October 22 matinee of Bride of Chucky showed a mean purchase of $5.29 with a standard deviation of $3.02. For the October 26 evening showing of the same movie, for a sample of 25 purchases the mean was $5.12 with a standard ...
  74. English

    Can you check these sentences for me, please? Thank you very much. 1)He proposes he should pay for the racer himself. 2)She spent pleasing days in Sicily. 3) She has very pleasing manners. 4) What age do you have to be to drive a car in Spain? 5) Tell your English penfriend...
  75. English Grammar

    I had to get refund,and I received more money than I paid on account of the change of currency. ======================================== Would you take a look at the sentence? If there are any errors, correct them please.
  76. English

    Please check my answer thank you:) Does the following sentence demostrate correct subject-verb agreement. Robert's friend Steve, as well as his wife, are going to the fair. In said yes
  77. English

    Please check my answer Does the following sentence contain three prepositions ? James crept down the stairs, through the hall, and into the kitchen I said yes
  78. english

    please explain the use of Using regular and irregular Verbs in this sentence below: Some athletes have taken drug tests to prove they are not on steroids.
  79. english

    PLEASE SHOW ME THE PROPER PLACES TO PUT THE COMMAS IN THIS SENTENCE: Athens a city in Greece named after Athena the Greek goddess of war and wisdom
  80. english

    please paraphase this so i don't plagerize. Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler has annexed Austria and sections of Poland, Czechoslovakia, and France, creating what he called "Greater Germany".
  81. english

    what lifestyle changes were required by ordinary americans or teenagers during world war 2? please help me to find info about this topic for my short research report.
  82. english

    can you please give me an example of an phrase or image that describes and emotional overtone and the message found in the following narrative: from the autobiography: the declaration of independence by thomas Jefferson
  83. 6th Grade: English Language Arts

    Can you give me a way to remember ALL of the parts of speech. Can you tell me what they are and mean? Tommorrow is my Finals. Please Answer. xoxo, O.S.
  84. English

    Has anybody read the Lightning Theif? If so, can you please tell me your favorite character and why? All I ask for is ONE sentence, because I plan on writing an essay and I am stuck in coming up with a bold statement.
  85. english

    could anyone please clarify my query : why there is no passive formation for the following sentences though they have transitive verbs which take an object ? 1. she goes to school 2. she crosses the bridge
  86. English III

    Clear communication in a government memorandum would most likely be hindered by slang idioms jargon dialect i really don't get this question please explain thanks.
  87. English

    I neeeeeeeeeeed help soooo bad! please help me. These questions have to do with the movie "Split Horn" Significant quotations? Visual Juxtaposition? Cultural Conflicts? Aspects of Heritage?
  88. English

    Hello. Will you please tell me if inversion is possible in the following context: "Many people came to Mary's party yesterday. There aslo was (?) Peter, Jack's cousin." Thank you so much for your help!
  89. english

    6. Which one of the following fragments is a prepositional phrase? A. During the darkest night B. Going to Cleveland C. Listening to her heart D. Completed her assignment I'm stuck between A & B please help me?
  90. english

    i need to write an essay on 'the day your neighbour asked you to look after her young baby while she went to market.' please give me some ideas.....
  91. english

    Please show me this, on a A4 sheet paper paste a cutout of a picture of earth and write 8 adjectives in capital letter inside rectangular block( any coloue ink)
  92. History/English

    Please help me understand this Explain the transformation of jurgis character throughout the jungle. How did his morals, actions and attitude change as he experienced events during his life?
  93. English: Please help

    which of the following author's writings are not influenced by transcendentalism? A. Ralph Waldo Emerson B. Walt Whitman C. Henry David Thoreau D. Cotton Mather My guess is B. Thank You.
  94. English

    what social and political developments predicted in 1984 by George Orwell seem to have come true i our present society? Please include any examples, thank you!
  95. English

    What are some benefits of: Social media helps strengthen relationships among teens. be sure to explain and if you can please add a counter claim. and prove it wrong
  96. English

    I'm doing a compare paper on Julius Caesar and Abraham Lincoln. Will anyone PLEASE give me 9-10 thing comparing them. I need some really good ones, that I may have not thought of. Thank you!
  97. English

    the poem have 14 lines, 3 quantrains and a couplet but the meter and rhythm in every line is different. what kind of poetry style is that? please answer me. im really confused. thank you. :)
  98. English

    How do euphemisms, cliché’s, proverbs and ready phrases influence the way you write and speak? Don't provide me an answer rather put me on the right track of thinking. Please and Thank you!
  99. english

    In the poem "I will pronounce your name" the speaker uses sensory details to appeal to all of the following senses except: A. hearing B. sight C. smell D. touch Please help thank you!
  100. Honors English

    Can somebody please let me know or show me a website that clarifies what the elements of the Restoration comedy are? Also how food consumption relates to the play "The Importance of Being Earnest"?
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