English: "another evening at the club" Please help

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  1. physics

    A golfer, standing on a fairway, hits a shot to a green that is elevated 5.80 m above the point where she is standing. If the ball leaves her club with a velocity of 46.3 m/s at an angle of 36.0° above the ground, find the time that the ball is in the air before it hits the ...
  2. Reading

    Read each sentence. On the lines provided,write simple if it has one independent clause. Write compound if it has two or more independent clauses. Write compound if it has two or more independent clauses. 1. I wanted to go to the concert,but my parents wouldn't let me. 2. Mrs....
  3. English

    Looking over past questions posted. Looks like English students are studying the same thing. Glad to say chompchomp helped me a lot,but I have one I keep pondering on. Jimmy crossed the deep stream by carefully stepping on stones without moss, but he fell twice. I want to say ...
  4. English

    I am an English learner and I have a hard time in understanding the below sentences. "It's a dead issue. These days you can hardly get people to read about a live issue. People are issued out." dead issue= people stop talking about it? And what does "issue out" mean? Can ...
  5. Quick English

    Which of these make more sense/sound better? Please remove all information with regards to my account from your servers. Please remove all information related to my account from your servers. Thank you.
  6. English

    Posted by rfvv on Saturday, May 22, 2010 at 2:09am. 1. How about goind economics camp? 2. How much did you spend? I bought a $50 shirt and a $5 socks. (Would you check the expressions? Please correct incorrect expressions?) English - SraJMcGin, Saturday, May 22, 2010 at 2:11am...
  7. English- A little help please

    I am doing my plot summary on the Book Royally Jacked and I really want to know the significance of this title towards the book. I can't seem to explain it well. Royally stands for the royal family in this book whom Valerie and her dad are staying with. I just can't seem to ...
  8. English

    Hi for my english class, we have to make an invention using cheap material that is useful, original, and provides a solution to a problem. We actually have to show the class like a prototype of it and I have no idea what to do! Mines on tuesday and I'm so stressed over it. (My...
  9. English

    What was Myles Horton's view on what makes a good education? What do you think it was? Please post your answer, and we'll be glad to critique it for you.
  10. English

    Can anyone help me with analogies? Please post specific questions and include what YOU think the answer is. Then someone here will give you feedback. Thanks. =)
  11. PLEASE HELP! this is for tomorrow!!! English hw

    My hw says this: what is the question and answer flow for an exclamatory sentence? also... article adjective can be called?
  12. Please help in english

    I need an answer to what article adjective can be called? and also what's an adverb that comes right before the verb?
  13. English..HELP PLEASE

    how are the stories, The Great Rat Hunt by Laurence Yep and Flying by Reeve Lindbergh similar and different?
  14. english

    Please explain regular and irregular verb in this sentence below: . John has become a rather good actor
  15. english

    I'm having trouble finding quotes from Romeo and Juliet that relate to the themes of Hierarchy and Injustice/Prejudice.. please help :(
  16. English

    Please revise this sentance: That we the Australian people are becoming to excessively like the United States of America Thanks Minerva
  17. English

    We endorsed the settlement on condition with no dispute arised thereafter. Please check the above sentence if it is correct in grammar.
  18. English

    How does Kenneth Koch's poem, "One train may Hide another" relate to the novel " Siddhartha" by Hermann Hesse. Please help me.
  19. English

    Can someone please write an epigram for me?!?! 2-4 lines witty last line simple (I have to translate it into Latin)
  20. francais

    How do you say in english -i am so sorry for every stupid thing ive done please don't hate me i still care about you.
  21. english

    What does it mean when someone says "Ads talk to...our subonscious fears and desires." ?? Give an example of an ad that does this..Please help :)
  22. english

    Please join these two sentences with if clause and also give reasons. She went late. She would not get a ticket. If she---------------------
  23. english

    Discuss the importance of superstition and supernaturals in Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar". please help, i need to make a thesis statement
  24. english

    please give idea of how compare and contrast figurative language and themes in the poems "mother to son" and "courage".
  25. english

    my teacher told me to find a bio of bugsy malone ganster i look all over and nothing can u help me please
  26. english

    people with stronger friendship networks feel like there is someone they could turn to what does that quote means please help meee
  27. english

    What do you think are the similarities between Cathy Freeman, Deriba Merga and Oprah Winfrey? Please explain to me in details..
  28. english

    I found 2 foil character in ROMEO AND JULIET can need one more please with (act and scene and line)thank for your help.
  29. English 1301

    I have a 1 paragraph exemplification paper that I would greatly appreciate having proof read. Can anyone help...please?
  30. English

    need help with ????? PLEASE What is the role of education in successful financial planing???/ don't no what my teacher means and it needs to be in five sentences???????????????/
  31. english

    is shy is another word for lack of self-confidence are they the same or different cause i think im getting mix up here please help and thank you
  32. English

    im reading othello and i don't understand the meaning of this quote but i will wear my heart upon my sleeve for daws to peck at: i am not what i am please help and thank you
  33. English

    can someone help me re-phrase this sentence for me Shyness can ruin your life. i canèt figure out how to re-word this better. please and thank you
  34. English

    What Connects the works from Stephen Crane to Kate Chopin? This is the only question giving me a hard time. Help please
  35. English

    Hello. Will you please help me with the phrase? Is it possible to say: The Allies gained a historic win over Nazi Germany. Thank you.
  36. English

    Hi I am student of 7th class My teacher gave me homework (write a paragrap on When i met a Ghost) please helpme
  37. english

    i need help with an essay, it is comparing and contrasting true love vs. infatuation in Romeo and Juliet (please comment quickly)
  38. English

    I need a sentence about what my future holds using 1 infinipive 2 independent clause and a prepositional phrase please help
  39. english

    I'm writing about Adam and Eve from the bible, and my teacher wants me to say how it relates to hebrew culture. How does it, please help I don't know where to start. thanks
  40. english

    I have a Question about The Merchant of Venice By william shakspear. What are Some promises made in the stor??? Please help!
  41. English

    I have starr test in the morning can somebody please explain what the difference between literary and expository writing
  42. English

    Please correct the errors, im not sure on this one. The scouts or their mascot must do their best to clean up the mess at the campgrounds.
  43. English

    Please I need an answer to this question: who is the antagonist in Groom Service short story. How does the author convey his/her character.
  44. english

    please correct this sentence if there is any mistake. He told him that rain is not yet abated.If it comes down I will come to your house.
  45. English-Urgent please!

    What phrase structure rule creates coordinate structures? I am confused here. Is it prepositional phrases?
  46. english

  47. english please help!!

    In the book "The Alchemist" -by paulo coelho, how did Santiago's character change? And also what about the Englishman & Fatima.
  48. english

    how to write in the conclusion at the end of the medicinal plants project?please give me an examples with details.It's very urgent.
  49. English

    How do writers correctly punctuate sentences containing the documentation? Where would the quotations and parenthesis go? Please answer both
  50. english

    can you please continue this sentence.. "Love is like a cinema" i needed this to write a good theme for my project in literature..
  51. English

    I need to describe the use of sound in Othello the play. Could someone give me an example from Act II for me to analyze please?
  52. history

    Please help me with this essay? Has the importance of Oliver Cromwell in the English Civil Wars been exaggerated? i just don't know where to start thanks x
  53. English

    "When you touch another person's life, the gift keeps on multiplying." Please help me interpret this quote because I don't understand it very much.
  54. English

    Identify the preposition. In spite of its popularity, the Pony Express lasted only 18 months. I'm stuck on this one:/ Please help.
  55. Shurley English

    Please help classify each word in the sentence. Before dinner, Terry and I played a quick game of cards.
  56. english

    I consider that cosmetic surgery is a personal option but in some cases it becomes a bad addiction because expand this please
  57. english help please!!

    What do you provide in the body of your essay? supporting evidence concluding thoughts central ideas thesis details is it a
  58. English (No links please)

    Who is Dolphus Raymond in Harper Lee's Nobel Prize winning book "To Kill A Mockingbird"?
  59. English

    Can someone please clarify what this means; a summary Analysis of your weekly monthly and semester time demands. Maybe and example of this
  60. english

    8 - 10 paragraphs on The Odyssey part 1. PLEASE, I WONT TAKE THIS FOR GRANTED. god bless. i tried but i cant read it very well
  61. Early Child Ed.

    Would you check these questions and my answers,please? 1. Stories such as "The Three Little Pigs,""The Billy Goats Gruff," or Dr. Seuss books,promote children's cognitive and linguistic skills through the _____________ strategy. A. repetition B. eventcasts C. referential ...
  62. psychology

    ASa scientist, Carl is concerned with intensityof lights in the modern human evviroment. In his research project,Group A consists of volunteers who have agreed to sleep each night for a week with a 150 watt light bulb hanging over their bed. Group B will sleep in total ...
  63. statistics

    (1) The director of a health club conducted a survey and found that 23% of members used only the pool for workouts. Based on this information, what is the probability that for a random sample of 10 members, 4 used only the pool for workouts? Round your answer to four decimal ...
  64. English

    Could you please check these last two sentences, please? Thank you for your help. 1. Britain entered the First World War in 1914 by declaring war on Germany after the German invasion of Belgium. Peace was made at Versailles in 1919. Many British war poets expressed their ...
  65. English composition

    1. We can print out the script so that we may study English sentences. 2. We can find a lot of useful writings in the English textbooks. 3. Speaking to oneself is a good way to improve speaking abilities. ================================= Thank you for your help. I'dlike to ...
  66. English

    Can you please check if the following statements on the English language are possible? Thank you very much. 1) As for its origin, English is a Germanic language of the Indo-European family. 2)The history of the English language can be traced back (dates back to, goes back) to ...
  67. English

    Can you please tell me if I made any mistakes in the following sentences? Thank you very much for your help. Thank you for your corrections. Can you please check the grammar in the following letter, please? 1) Do you think you can help me find a school in your area which could...
  68. English

    Hello. I will be extremely grateful for help. 1)Do you think it's possible to say "If I got it right, you received a letter from Mona" (meaning "if I understood correctly")? 2)Is it correct to say "All this happened in summer" or is it "this all"?3)Please help me with the ...
  69. English

    Could you please check these two sentences, please? 1) Water chute and spring board don't have the same meaning, but I think I can use them both with "dive into the water". 2) Superman was both a superhero endowed with superpowers and a shy and insecure newspaper reporter. He ...
  70. English

    I followed your advice and I looked for synonyms in the collections you suggested to me. I still have a few doubts. (the questions marks). 1) Since his murder, his sister Donatella has assumed control (taken over) as the head of design and she has mantained (kept up) the ...
  71. math

    Decide whether you would use a permutation, a combination, or neither. Next, write the solution using permutation notation or combination notation, if possible, and, finally, answer the question. A club with 34 members is to select five officers (president, vice president, ...
  72. English

    What is the grammatical sentence structure in English?What is adverb,adjective,preposition and etc's structure in English?
  73. english

    in English class, we have been studying The Odessy. In the portion of Scylla and Charybdis, we have been recognizing strong body, strong intellect, episodes, etc... the one thing I need that I cannot uncover is whether or not there is a patrynomic reference in the section ...
  74. math!

    1) A lottery is set up in which players pick six numbers from the set 1, 2, 3, ... , 39, 40. How many different ways are there to play this lottery? (In this game the order in which the numbers are picked does NOT matter.) 2) A club of 15 students will form a subcommittee ...
  75. english

    which one is correct Please send an invitation to Bob and she or Please send an invitation to Bob and her.
  76. English

    A lot of students find English Language a difficult language to learn. Can you think of the reasons or causes of their difficulties in understanding English and can you also write the results or effects of these difficulties on their educational and professional growth? Write ...
  77. history

    democracy did not develop in latin america because the region was? Please check your book. This kind of open-ended question can only be answered by consulting the author of the phrase. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is a good site about democracy iin ...
  78. English

    I just want to be sure that I got the tenses right in the following summary. As you told me, I used the simple present. I just wanted to know if the sentences in the past are correct.Thank you. 1) Once the narrator boarded (?) a ship bound for the Archipelago Islands. 2) One ...
  79. physics

    If the relative humidity is 66.8% in the middle of a spring day in auckland when the temperature is 15 degrees celsius, What will the relative humidity be in the evening when the temperature falls to 10 degrees celius (Assume the partial pressure of water in atmosphere remain ...
  80. *health* one question pls help asap!!!!!

    5. Barrett works with a local gardening club to improve gardens in his community. Which dimension of health drove his decision? A. environmental B. spiritual C. social D. emotional i dunno whether its A or C!!! it would be A if its pointing to the environment (flower) case, ...
  81. English

    Please help me figure out what I got on my exams, am kind of worried!Please tell me if I am passing! Thank you! I got 113of 250 on my first exam. 113/250*100=.204304 is this right? Second exam: 120/250*100=.2304 is this right? Thank you!
  82. MATH

    The chess club had 14 members at the beginning of the year and the membership increased by 50% by the end of the year? a: how many members were there at the end of the year? b: By the end of the next year there were only 14 members. What percent decrease was this?
  83. English

    Ms Sue, can you please check these two sentences, I need to include in an email? Thank you. 1) Sorry, for disturbing you. We have received email (emails) from four of your students, namely ..... 2) Could you please let me have your list of students before tomorrow's meeting, ...
  84. english essay

    hi. Can someoene please help me with an essay. I have to write an essay comparing John Mayer's song belief and the Crucible by Arthur miller. I know the crucible but I just don't understand the meaning behind belief. can someone please help me find a website about the meaning ...
  85. maori english

    hey everybody. is there a difference between maori and maori english?i am totally confused now.I am supposed to write an important paper about maori english(phonology grammar etc.)and i am wondering if i have maybe mixed up those two and i am almoust finished with my paper! i ...
  86. English

    I wonder if your science experts can be help find material (general information, word lists) in English which is needed to talk about biodiversity in water and waterways and microbiological analysis of water. This would be for biologists who are familiar with the subject but ...
  87. English

    Hello. Please help me with a few language problems. 1) Do you think it's possible to say: "What book is your favourite? What music is your favourite?" (The dictionary says "favourite" is used after nouns only (What is your favourite book?), but I guess I heard the sentences ...
  88. English

    1. One of the most common ways to agree in English is to say "Yes" then go on to add another reason why you agree with "and…" 2. One of the most common ways to agree in English is to say "Yes," then go on to add another reason why you agree with "and…" 3. One of the most ...
  89. Math

    Working off an 21% margin, with markups based on cost, the Food Co-op Club boasts that they have 5,800 members and a 240% increase in sales. The markup is 48% based on cost. What would be their percent markup if selling price were the base? (Round your answer to the nearest ...
  90. Science

    Your Science Club is tutoring some younger students in astronomy. You hear one student describe how people on Earth can never see “the dark side of the Moon.” You know that is an inaccurate statement. What reasons would you give to explain to the student that “far side ...

    A little old fool but doesn't bath. Who can it be? This doesn't make any sense at all. Please double-check. ?? open-ended introductins
  92. english

    what is a widow's walk? I am trying to explain this metaphor's meaning in the book, but I don't understand this term. Can any one help please???? THX A LOT!!!
  93. English

    Please check my answer thanks:) This is an example of paraphasing Sue studied Dr Jone's article and restated it in her own words. I said yes
  94. english

    more riddles help me im lost please .... duo, magnificent,unicycle,god,and a couple freezing, discover the missing object
  95. english to ms. sue

    why and how could you apply critical thinking when evaluationg each of the following: articles advertising media conversations. Please give me your thought.
  96. English

    Why and how could you apply critical thinking when evaluating each of the following: 1) articles 2) Media 3) Advertising 4) conversations. Please help, I'm lost for words to use.
  97. English

    2.Some writers argue that planning messages wastes time, because they inevitably change their plans as they go along. Please explain.
  98. macroeconomics

    I've to write a homework in english about the neoclassical model using a figure and explaining voluntary and involuntary unemployment. please help
  99. 12th grade english

    i cant figure out how to put cordon in a sentence if the definition is *a cord or braid worn as a decoration* please help!
  100. English

    Is there any quote on Daisy expressing her being self obbsesiven in the great gatsby? If yes please state it below i cant find any in the book
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