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Associate each item in the table with at least one field of science and one area of technology/engineering. Choose from the terms given at the bottom. Automobile aspirin shirt computer pesticide satellite robot atomic bomb vaccination can of soup polyester wrapper skyscraper ...

Math (Statistics)
Five college engineering students are choosing specialized fileds of engineering to study. Each student is allowed to select 1 field. The available fields are Electrical Engineering (EE), Mechanical Engineering (ME), and Computer Engineering (CE). If the second student does ...

1. One potential problem with genetic engineering? 2. I can genetic engineering never solve all of mans problems? 3. What are two biblical principles that must be considered when making decisions about human genetic engineering? Very much appreciated!

In a class of 100 students, 30 are computer science majors, 49 are mechaincal engineering majors, 13 are civil engineers and the rest are general engineering majors. Assume students only have one major. If a student is chosen at random what is the probability they are: a civil...

How has hydraulic engineering altered local and regional environments?

Building and construction A. Architecture B. Engineering C. Nursing D. Statistics

What are few things that people want to know about electrical engineering??

‘’The responsibility towards public health of the engineering profession in the choice between nuclear and solar power’’

college statistics
the math SAT scores for all students who applied to the school of engineering are normally distributed with M=629 and standard deviation of 60. the school of engineering has decided to accept those students whose scores fall in the top 15%. what is th minimum score an appliant...

World History
How were the Byzantine's Engineering geniuses? Take two or three of their engineering feats and discuss how these marvels led to the empire's overall success.

How is bacteria used in genetic engineering?

biomedical engineering
my major for college is biomedical engineering and i was looking athe salaries and they were around 50K to 80K. and i was wondering if there is a highest level you can get to by doing biomedical engineering where the salary increases to 100 thousands dollars or more. For ...

Average entry level salaries for college graduates with mechanical engineering degrees and electrical engineering degrees are believed to be approximately the same. A recruiting office thinks that the average mechanical engineering salary is actually lower than the average ...

At McLeod University, thirty percent of the students are in Engineering. Forty percent of Engineering students study Probabilistic Systems, and sixty percent of the students studying Probabilistic Systems are in Engineering. What percentage of students at McLeod are either in ...

"Brave New World"
I am writing an essay after reading the first 3 chapters of "Brave New World" about how genetic engineering produced the society. What are the motives behind genetic engineering according to Huxley? Has genetic engineering "Improved" lives of the peopel in "Brave New World"?

I need help with homework in Fire Engineering. What flame height would result from a 3 megawatt fire located in the corner of a compartment? This help will be appreciated. Thanks.

How to get into Nasa after doing aerospace engineering from India? Could you please tell me best universities for aerospace engineering other than IIT's?

Why people need to be engineering

I need help with my Fire Engineering homework. What is the heat release rate of a flame measuring five feet in height assuming the flame is in the center of a room?

food engineeirng
i intend to take the course of food engineering.may i noe tat is food engineering more suitable to bio or physics students?

at a certain college, there were 700 science majors,100 engineering majors and 500 business majors. if one student was selected at random, the probability that they are an engineering major is?

At a certain college, there were 400 science majors, 100 engineering majors, and 600 business majors. If one student was selected at random, the probbility that they are an engineering major is

world history
Explain the importance of Roman technology and engineering? Cover two separate kinds of Roman technology and engineering.

Science (soon if so)
Over the years technology has gotten a) smaller**** b) heavier c) less complicated d) more expensive What is nanotechnology? a) Nanotechnology is engineering new elements by changing their atoms***** b)Nanotechnology is a way to lengthen radio waves and improve cell phone ...

5. There are two groups of subjects one of which contains 5 science subjects and 3 engineering subjects and the other consists of 3 science and 5 engineering subjects. An unbiased die is cast. If the number 3 or number 5 turns up, a subject is selected at random from the first...

Chemistry and engineering topics how chemistry relates to engineering for my 10 page research paper

Describe genetic engineering on a cellular level. In other words, what exactly takes place during genetic engineering that inserts a trait into an organism that did not have that trait before? Give an example.

Describe genetic engineering on a cellular level. In other words, what exactly takes place during genetic engineering that inserts a trait into an organism that did not have that trait before? Give an example

about Engineering
Electronic and Communication Engineering is mainly Mathematical analysis, implemented in practical circuits. You have to understand higher forms of math, and think in those terms. You have to understand the imperfect models used for systems analysis. You have to understand the...

what is civil engineering?

what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of genetic engineering? Genetic engineering allows thought to go into the design of genetic makeup, which is much faster than random mutation. Disadvantages? One has to try to explain it to the educationally disadvantaged.

tissue engineering
in tissue engineering, why are fibrous fabrics or polymers important? I know that some have slow degradation and some polymers can be controlled in certain conditions, but I want more detail.

Could someone please show how this is done or explain how to do it. thank you The pie chart below shows how the annual budget for a certain company is divided by department. If the amount budgeted for Editorial and Engineering combined is , what is the total annual budget? ...

I need help with a Fire Science Engineering homework. A fuel has heat of combustion equal to 30 kj/g. How much energy is released when 5 kilograms are oxidized? Assuming the fuel is reacted in 10 minutes, what is the average heat release rate for the fire? This will be greatly...

I need help in my homework concerning Fire Science Engineering. Acetone is released into the diked area surrounding its storage tank. The dike measures 40 feet long by 30 feet wide. What heat is the Heat Release Rate should it catch on fire? This help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Sound engineering
A Question of engineering about Sound. How to calculate in step by step? Thank you. The octave bands¡¦ Sound pressure levels in dB re 20 £g Pa are: Hz 57 129 220 420 1K 2K 4K 8K dB 85 95 90 80 88 70 68 72 What is the overall A-weighted sound pressure level?

algebra 2(check)
1)Choose the correct description of the system of equations:2x+3y=10 and 4x+6y=20. I got consistent/dependent 2)The first equation of the system is multiplied by 2. By what number would you multiply the second equation to eliminate the x variable by adding? 6x-5y=21 4x+7y=15 I...

english (theses writing)
hello! :) I am a freshman college student and I am looking for a thesis topic about civil engineering.Can you give me a topic on my thesis about civil engineering? thanks :)

Another “grand challenge” for engineering is managing the nitrogen cycle. Use the nature of the chemical bond in diatomic nitrogen to explain why any management is needed for this biogeochemical cycle. With so much nitrogen available in the atmosphere, why are engineering ...

Science And Technology Engineering Mathematics
Do you know some site where can I look for Science And Technology Engineering Mathematics books?

science and technology engineering mathematics
Do you have sites that can help me understand science and technology engineering mathematics?

science DrBob222NEED BY TOMMOROW MORNING AT 9:30!!
I need a website where you can find out about women in the field of engineering THANX :) Hope these are of some help. (Broken Link Removed) THANX U ROCK...

A cardboard tube has a failure stress of 4,960,000 N/m^2 and an axial stress of 75 N/cm^2, find the factor of safety of the tube. Is the answer 66133.33

Genetic engineering and Gene splicing
what's the difference between genetic engineering and gene splicing?

Engineering Foundations 2
engineering foundations 2 calculations and converstions question. How do I round off the following number to three significant figures? Or can you give me an example of how to round off number 3. 4555N Would I round off this to be 4555N to be 4555.00N 3. 4555N

Engineering/ Algebra
A balsa wood glider wing has the following properties during flight: Thickness = 0.3175 cm I = 0.0733 cm^4 Moment = 4.2 N-cm Find the bending stress in the wing. Express your answer in N/m^2. Is the answer 9.09 N/m^2 or 18.19 N/m^2

In many engineering uses, the value of �g�, the acceleration due to gravity, is taken as a constant. However, g is actually dependent upon the distance from the center of the Earth. A more accurate expression for g is: g=g0(Re/Re+A)^2 Here, g0 is the acceleration...

I am studying Fire Science Engineering. I have a question concerning my homework. The question is A compartment measures 3 meters by 5 meters and is 2.8 meters high. A fire raises the temperature from 20 degrees C to 1000 degrees C. If the starting pressure was one atmosphere...

Identify the word that has an error in capitalization. Destini plans to study engineering at Stanford university. A.) engineering B.) Stanford C.) university**************************** D.) no error Did you know that the largest lake in North America is Lake Superior? A.) ...

A balsa wood glider wing has the following properties during flight: Thickness= 0.3175 cm I= 0.0733 cm^4 Moment= 4.2 N-cm Find the bending stress in the wing. Express your answer in N/m^2. Is the answer either 9.096 N/m^2 or 18.192 N/m^2

Which major should Derrick pick based on the starting salary? Business: Mean: $39,000 Median: $30,000 Range: $20,000 Engineering: Mean: $35,000 Median: $34,000 Range: $12,000 Could someone explain why it would be a certain major? I don't know: I thought engineering since the ...

Genetic engineering is the manipulation of genes using cloning and transformation to change the gene structure. Genetic engineering has many positive outcomes. For example, A) gene therapy might cure one defect while creating another. B) genetic modification of foods can ...

electric engineering - bobpursley
Hi bob: I have a follow up question fo my previous post under heading electrical engineering If you could help me that would be great! :-) see the other post which briefly explains the drawings here:

1 Ann, a college freshman, has chosen engineering as her major because her father told her that a degree in engineering would lead to better-paying jobs upon graduation. She is most likely at which of Marcia's identity statuses? A foreclosure B moratorium C diffusion D ...

Environmental Control Engineering
A development in a town was designed to accomodate 10,000 people, in 2,000, 5 units building, each person in this settlement uses an average of 5 gallons of water per day for washing purposes. As an engineering technician you are required to design a waste water treatment ...

A cardboard tube is loaded with a 15.3 N axial load. The tube has an outside diameter of 2.5 cm and a wall thickness of .035 cm. Find the axial stress in the cardboard tube. Is the answer 75 N/cm^2? If so can you show me your way of getting to this answer.

what is the SI form A)MN/ks^2 B)kN/ms

What do you thing of an exercise on reporting verbs like the one that follows? I'm postin you just some examples. Put the following into the indirect speech using a suitable reporting verb. 1) "You took my money", he told Emma. 2) "I think you should do engineering", his tutor...

math - please help me
65 chemical engineering students are from urban/suburban backgrounds. (Success is defined as a C or better in the course.) 52 of the 65 students succeeded. Another 55 students were from rural backgrounds; 30 of these students succeeded. A Is there good evidence that the ...

wat is the SI form? a)Mg/mN B)MN/(kg*ms)

mechnical engineering
what is rankine cycle?

12th grade
what is genetic engineering?

How fast can a Farrari FXX go?

an overview of MyISAM and InnoDB

convert 65 slug/ft^2 to appropriate SI units

how has genetic engineering helped people

What is the reason when you may receive only 2G insted of 3G.

which problem occur in distillation tower?

computer engineering
what is optical fiber cable?

Determine the resultant force and its inclination with ox

Why is drawing important to Technology and Engineering?

engineering economics analysis
where can i attach a file ?

Phase diagram for soil Mechanics?

what do you mean by impact and Shock loading

haw calculat the deflated trisection

important of ict in electrical studies

Engineering Mathematics-I
Find the area bounded by y=2x^2 and y^2=4x

Engineering Systems
How the jack exerts a force?

what is a reactance modulator in GSM.Not more than 2 pages.

what is the technology used in genetic engineering called?

science help
what is the technology used in genetic engineering called?

science help
what is the technology used in genetic engineering called?

importance of ict in electrical electronic engineering

importance of ict in electrical electronic engineering

Does winmax interfare with each other if they comes in contact?

ap biology
how has genetic engineering modified darwins theories?!?

In how many districts ways can the letters in ENGINEERING be arranged?

Anybody knows the quiz3 of coursera "control of mobile robots"?

Engineering Maths
please help solve this differential equation: x^3+(y+1)^2 dy/dx=0

Civil engineering
Prove varignons theorem , with ex pls

engineering HELP
you've bought a new truck and want to show off your ag engineering skills by painting the bore, stroke, piston displacement, clearance volume, and compression ratio for the engine on the hood. All you know about the truck is that has a 4 cyl 250 cubic in engine. An internet ...

what are some non practical uses of alternating current

please help me with my engineering homework
what are the advantages of having an optical biopsy?

Production and operations management
What are the advantages and disadvantages of reverse engineering

Is genetic engineering the answer to ending global hunger?

Society @ Environment Engineering
Capitalism believe in___________from the government

Engineering Maths
Pleas help solve the ffg. differential equation: dy/dx-(1+1/x)y=y^2

How are restriction enzymes important tools in genetic engineering?

An engineering company believes it has developed a faster way to complete the assembly of an industrial machine. The present process takes an average of 6.5 hours to complete and the times it takes to complete the process are approximately normally distributed. If the mean ...

linear optimization
During a summer session a student enrolls in two courses, psychology for four hours and engineering for three hours. The student wants to use the available time to amass the largest number of grade points (numerical grade multiplied by the number of hours). Students who have ...

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