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  1. english

    how has technology played a role in the swine flu.............................PLEASE answer PLEASE AND THANK YOU
  2. english

    simple subject of 1st sentence ( cup ) and 2nd sentence ( crinkle )
  3. english

    what is the complete subject and complete predicate. The large capitol of Mexico is her home.
  4. english

    What is the part of speech for the word sincerity in this sentence. The sincerity of his answer convinced me.
  5. yeast breads

    what creates the gas in breads like pizza & english muffins?
  6. English

    When your writing any type of research paper are you writing in past or present tense?
  7. latin

    Magister officiorum haec alteri puero dabat. Latin to English.
  8. English

    Can any tell me how to plan support my thesis with compelling arguments and counter arguments?
  9. English

    What is the difference between wardrobe and closet? Is a closet always inside a wall?
  10. english

    What are the differences and similarities between Modernism to Postmodernism. I get confused between these two.
  11. english

    in the sentence "The people quickly identify the trouble." which word is the verb? Is it identify? Thank you!
  12. englisd-french

    do you know any site that give months , weeks and season ENGLISH TO FRENCH
  13. english

    write a review of a performance. the performance can be either a theater production or a film
  14. english

    what are 3 ways that language construct social reality.? i want an answer, not a website. if u don't know it, don't answer
  15. english

    what is the theme of Mercutio's speech in romeo and juliet? what does romeo fear and what causes them? thank you
  16. english

    What is the part of speech for "scheduled" in this sentence? The baby is scheduled for delivery today.
  17. English

    Is this a pun? You ate all of my candy! No, I only ate more than half of it.
  18. english

    The lights went out and we can't find the candles. What part of speech is can't and find?
  19. English

    In your opinion, does the Fairness Doctrine violate freedom of the press or freedom of speech? Why or Why not?
  20. english

    the sentence--marsha speak excellent german should german be capitlized
  21. English II

    When someone says he blockade me with a chair. What is the word blockade movement compared to?
  22. English

    Select the correct pronoun: "Go find ___ and say what you have to say." A)him B)he
  23. English

    What does the green light symbolize in the Great Gatsby when Gatsby vanishes in chapter 1?
  24. English

    What is the difference of the words? How do you pronounce "can' and "can't"? 1. I can do it. 2. I can't do it. (How do we distinguish the difference? Would you like to explain it?)
  25. English

    Im giving a speech on why running is good for you. What are some creative titles for my speech?
  26. english

    when you talk about wearing robe(as in clothing), do we need an s at the end of robe
  27. english

    We wre exceedingly pleased that Rex come home.. Is exceedingly an adjective?
  28. english

    Examples of hubris in the book? please and who is the most hubristic throughout the book
  29. English

    A: Oh, this is to Germany. How will you send it?+ B: By registered mail. (What is the meaning of 'this is to Germany'? What is the role of 'to' in this sentence?)
  30. English Quick?

    Why is theme important? Is there a theme in every piece of literary writing?
  31. english

    From Texas comes the Star Ruby grapefruit. woule the subject be Texas?
  32. English

    I need ideas for writing a story with the themes/writing style of Hemmingway
  33. English

    The acrobats performed an amazing BALANCING act. Is balancing an adjective in this sentence?
  34. English

    In the sentence, "He loves to watch television.", what part of speech is the word loves?
  35. english

    i do not a understand what a exemplum is. Could someone please help me and give an example to also help me understand. thanks
  36. English

    When I type President Bill Clinton in a sentence does president need to be capitalized?
  37. English

    Is there a difference between a root word and a base word, or are they the same thing?
  38. english

    credit card paragraph using five adverbs and five adjectives
  39. English

    1. Andy has lived for 40 years. 2. The animal has existed for 7 years. (Are the sentences grammatical?)
  40. English

    1. We talked until late. (What is the part of speech of 'late'? Is it an adverb or a noun?)
  41. English

    1. One maple and three elms (stand, stands) in the yard. stands
  42. English

    does lady macbeth knows macbeth ambition before he killed king duncan?
  43. English

    Add it How are these words alike? add more. made,play,train...
  44. english

    My question is about sasquatches. I just want to know if they are real. Is there someone who can answer this question??
  45. spanish

    how to make a sentence in spanish and english in these words.La hija/tener hambre
  46. English

    What does the word "curfew" mean in this sentence: "A game well played, but curfew is past!"
  47. english

    David is the 7th president of the club. How can I ask a question from this sentence,the answer of which is 7th?
  48. English

    Is conformity as much a problem in the twenty first century as it was in the nineteenth century....
  49. english

    What is the subject of the following sentence? Please help me figure this out! a. Please b. help c. me d. You (implied)
  50. english

    John gave Samuel his hockey stick. In this sentence, Samuel is the ____.
  51. english

    Each child will want one of those. is one a pronoun or adj? I think it is a adjective
  52. English

    Can you identify key qualities of drama and poetry which emphasize their performative qualities.
  53. English

    in the sentence the man in the back row brought his friends with him what are the parts of the sentence
  54. English/Punctuation/Grammar

    "This will not be endured!" he roared. a:correct b:incorrect ---- My answer is "a" Is this correct?
  55. English

    is bullying is the main theme for The Skin I'm In ??? if it not the only one then r they any other theme for it
  56. english

    Looking for the simple subject. How much does it cost to fly to Spain? Is the subject it?
  57. english

    In your Ántonia how does Jim's view of the two groups differ from the townspeople's view?
  58. English

    In the following sentence, what kind of phrase is " to the library"? "I will be going to the library soon."
  59. english

    He is a champion cyclist because he rides miles everyday. is this complex or coumpound-complex
  60. Shurley English

    How would you label sting in "Ouch, that bee sting hurts."
  61. english

    could you please tell me how to make use of will be in language use eg i will be there she will be a unique woman
  62. english

    its hard to pretend that im ok when im not. deep inside my heart i know that i deserve it as much as they deserve it.
  63. English

    what be better word for (and how they see things) any stronger word i use to replace this?
  64. french

    Is the Plus-que-parfait tense the same as perfect tense in English?
  65. English

    Can you say "Had they had an option, they would have picnicked somewhere else"?
  66. english

    1. We can join the meeting. 2. We can take part in the meeting. (Are both the same in meaning?)
  67. English (Writing)

    My CMs look like facts to me. How do I convert the facts to opinions?
  68. English

    I need a newspaper article (not an online article) that is relevant to teenager life

    In the book Iliad, was Achilles afraid to die in the Trojan war?
  70. Word study slash english

    What are some words with the ay slash igh sound
  71. English

    Seals balance balls on their noses on command. Is command the object of the prep. on
  72. English Capitalized

    aunt consuelo is consuelo melendez,doctor of dental surgery.
  73. English

    What would be an example of using one analogy and one idiom in a paragraph.
  74. english

    does (any of the students want) to sign up for knitting class this fall is the right way do any of the students want
  75. english

    Sam and John are building a new house in Florida. is it house or home?
  76. English

    1.If she were or was Please explain the rules. 2. When do you use can not and cannot or everyone and every one? Rules?
  77. English

    1.If she were or was Please explain the rules. 2. When do you use can not and cannot or everyone and every one? Rules?
  78. English Composition

    I know that mood and tone are different, but is mood considered an element of literature?
  79. English

    I have to write essay but need help.essay topic how to get rid of facebook?
  80. Poetry, Part 2

    One difference between English sonnet and the Italian sonnet is its
  81. English

    To “elide” text is to ___________ text. A. plagiarize B. misspell C. omit D. verify is it C
  82. english

    can you tell me parts of speech for yesterday in : i went to new york yesterday
  83. English 12

    "Dressing up for the Carnival" by Carol Shields Comment on the title of the story. What is "the carnival"?
  84. English

    Barack Hussein Obama II (How do we read II here? the second, second, two?)
  85. English

    I really need to get a working charger for my phone. Is working a verb or participle?
  86. English

    What is mystery in this sentence? The disappearance of the colony is a great mystery. Is it a predicate noun
  87. English

    trust: to believe someone that they are honest and sincere (is the definition of 'trust' grammatical?)

    What are the PROS and CONS in the story of The Boston Photographs by Ephron short story??
  89. English

    1. Is there something wrong with her? 2. Is there anything wrong with her? (Are both grammatical? What is the difference between them?)
  90. English-abstract word

    What are some abstract words for beauty products/makeup?
  91. English

    Where can I search poverty in my community and its poverty statics for their respective areas? For instance, MN. Thank you.
  92. English Question

    If I post a definition from a dictionary and say which dictionary it is from, would that be plagiarizing?
  93. English Ms Sue

    Ms Sue I am stuck between these 2 topics: Social anxiety or overpopulation?
  94. English/Mythology

    What is ironic about the death of Jason and Theseus from Greek mythology
  95. business&technical english

    language is used to make comparisons in business communication
  96. business&technical english

    --------- language is used to make comparisons in business communication
  97. English 2

    1)In anthem what are the implications of his creation? (Chapter 5) 2) why does he wish to know what he looks like? (Chapter 5)
  98. English

    Of the two reports, hers is: A. worser. B. worse. C. worst. D. more worser. B
  99. english

    make 30 prepotional phrases undrline the prepotion and incircle the object of the prepotional
  100. ENGLISH

    What can he do? or What he does? or what he can do? What can she do? or what she does? or what he can do Please tell me the most correct grammar option. correct options: what he does / what he can do?
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