1. English

    Pls explain y noun,verb,adjective,adverb are called major parts of speech
  2. English(Poem)

    Why does the world seem so unfair, Screaming can't even make a repair, I don't even have any friends, I can't even comprehend, Is it any good?
  3. english

    how to write in the conclusion at the end of the medicinal plants project?please give me an examples with details.It's very urgent.
  4. English II

    On a proud round cloud in a white high night. A. alliteration B. consonance C. assonance D. limerick
  5. English

    Can someone give me some good character traits about Friar Lawrence from Romeo and Juliet? I know he was trustworthy and friendly/
  6. English

    Is there any quote in the great gatsby which expresses daisy's self obbsession and her self pride? Please help me, i tried looking the book but couldent find it
  7. english

    in the sentence She invented the book wagon in the early 1900's. what is the prepositional phrase and word it modifies?
  8. english

    visions shadow by simon ortiz what are the concerns for the environment, love of nature, or the symbol of the eagle.
  9. English

    Essay about social media like mxit Face-book and Twitter have changed human relationships
  10. English translation please

    I believe it might be "abrazame fuerte Ay,ay ay ay ay,hoochie-coo,toda la noche" That's the way my song sight spelled it out.
  11. English

    People who attract a lot of friends are neither negative nor needy. Do I need to change this sentenance so that both parts are parallel?
  12. history

    Please help me with this essay? Has the importance of Oliver Cromwell in the English Civil Wars been exaggerated? i just don't know where to start thanks x
  13. English

    Choose the word that best completes the sentence. One of the girls left _____ tennis shoes in the gym. a. her*** b. hers c. their d. them
  14. english

    Im not sure on how to do my introduction on an essay for a school magazine giving your views on how people treat animals? can someone please help me thanks alot
  15. English

    How many adjectives are in this sentence? That glossy, red apple rolled out of the grocery bag and across the smooth table.
  16. English

    Does my thesis sound ok? Intelligence is a word that describes the ability of an individual to perform desired tasks well.
  17. English composition II

    __________ are internal documents, sent within a business. A. Letters B. Resumes C. Memos D. Complaint calls
  18. English

    What are some similarities and differences between the poems "i sing of Olaf glad and big" and "Night, Death, Mississippi"?
  19. english grammar

    6. In which of the following sentences is a semicolon used correctly.? I chose A.,joe watered the garden;however,the plants did not grow.
  20. randomness health

    random much but is it possible at all for a human to produce asexually. like EVVER with a sperm? please not in science language: just english :P thanks

    If you _______ to visit your grandmother, you should go now; visiting hours will be ending soon. A. assert B. retort C. contend D. intend
  22. English

    In the myth "When Grizzlies Walked Up Right" explain how the bears lived in relation to each other before and after the introduction of the female into their clan. Please help me
  23. English

    After the play ____, several critics made scathing comments about it. a) succeeded b) opened c) closed d) bombed D???
  24. English

    A book or magazine in its original form is a/an ________ source. A. media B. print C. electronic D. oral I think it's B.
  25. English

    He played a special music to/for me. He sang a song to/for me. He brought a rice cake to/for me. (Do we have to use 'to' or 'for' here? Are both prepositions correct?)
  26. english

    1. In all the years since, I've never met a person who was such a (blight) on the teaching profession. 2. He seemed to (qualm)situations just to make us misarable
  27. English 101

    The streets were not only too steep but also were too narrow for anything other than pedestrian traffic. Niraj, I do not see anything wrong with that sentence. What is your question?
  28. Gr, 12 English

    I want to find a helpful character guide for a Canadian play called "Leaving Home". It is so tough to look for.
  29. english hs aeneid question

    can someone tell me the reason why Aphrodite and Hera were feuding? was it because they didn't want Aeneas to make to Italy?
  30. english

    i need to write an essay on 'the day your neighbour asked you to look after her young baby while she went to market.' please give me some ideas.....
  31. English

    What Connects the works from Stephen Crane to Kate Chopin? This is the only question giving me a hard time. Help please
  32. English

    Write a 350-word debate paper in which you discuss the benefits and drawbacks associated with group debates.
  33. english/science

    Can you help me to paraphrase this? After Chaim Weizmann's death, Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel. He declined.
  34. english

    I'm having trouble finding quotes from Romeo and Juliet that relate to the themes of Hierarchy and Injustice/Prejudice.. please help :(
  35. english

    what are the proper nouns for this sentence He was also concerned about poverty in America, some of his paintings illustrate his varied intrests
  36. english

    i have to do an essay in class linking 3 texts AWAY, SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET and A TRACK WINDING BACK i have no idea how to do this
  37. English

    What are the predicate adjectives in this sentence? The charmer must remain calm as the cobra flares its hood menacingly.
  38. English

    How can I find a ppt slide to explain the significance of No Child Left Behind 2001 in curriculum development??
  39. English

    The ____ was a conflagration, causing several buildings great damage. a) flood b) snow c) fire d) smoke C???
  40. English

    writing a Paper on Social Issues in America, but i need one with a lot of information witch on is the most interesting least controversial
  41. English

    What is the word part for this sentence. The folly of youth stands in stark contrast to the wisdom of age.
  42. english

    how does rebellion and conformity play a role with mr. rotchester in "jane eyre" and jack in "the importance of being earnest"
  43. 4th grade English

    What would be the common noun or nouns in the following sentence: Mrs. Rawlings swims almost every day.
  44. english*

    if i state that Canada is a federation composed of ten provinces and three territories. do i have to cite this or is this a common knowledge:S..
  45. English

    why jake dislike how his father smile at his attempt and failure in physical activies? That be because he feel embarrassed?
  46. english grammar

    Homophones Fill in the blank with homohpones The __of the school are very strict There are many ___in the garden
  47. english

    how doyou find out abut prefixes it is so anoyying when i have to think twice and try to rember what my techer says at school in class and well can any one help me here thanks a million
  48. English

    fill in the blank Which one of these careers ____ to six-figure salary? a. lead b. are leading c. leads d. have led c <--
  49. english

    give two examples in the giant's house for character, theme, plot, style, point of view
  50. english

    What grammatical structure is the italicized portion of the sentence? My most valuable coin, one from Spain, is worth more than $100.00.
  51. English

    What is the function of the gerund in this sentence Representing the junior class was her job as a memeber of the Student Senate
  52. English

    Help Me!! ____no centeral goverment at the time, there would have been no peace inth land. a)There had been b)Should there be c)Had there been Wich will be correct answer?
  53. english

    “I always wear my lucky hat when the Atlanta Braves play; thanks to me, they won the World Series!” This is an example of (Points : 1)
  54. English

    I have a paper due tomorrow and I need to include my personal interview, how would I do this in APA format? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  55. English

    Read the definition. Need Help the result produced from an event Which term is defined? A.cause B.exposition C.effect D.elaboration
  56. english

    Metamorphosis, by Franz Kafka If Gregor had a chance to relive his life, what should he do differently? Anyone who knows this novel very well could you maybe give me a few things to say?
  57. english

    A person who is meticulous is likely to make swift decisions live a very chaotic life have a very clean house
  58. English

    What's "the Awakening" by Kate chopin point of view and the effect of any significant shifts in the narrative voice ?
  59. English

    Hello. I'll be very grateful for some help again. Do you think it's OK to use "resolve" in the present perfect continuous tense, for example: "they have been resolving the problem for several weeks"? Thank you very much for all your answers.
  60. English

    What are the two main reasons for “a wave of discontent directed at those who have represented [the people] over the decades” as discussed in the article?
  61. English

    Poetry is the journal of a sea animal living on land, wanting to fly the air. i not understand what he mean
  62. English

    How is Hamlet a tragic hero? Explain. My first point is that he was sucked into his own darkness when he was trying to kill Claudius. I need some points...help ):
  63. English question

    Can someone tell me a little about Sir Thomas Moore? The guy from England? I have to write a report on him pretty soon. Thanks! Allyson
  64. English 11 AP

    Can "as if" be used in a simile similarly to the singular "as" or "like"? For example: "As if physical activity were a carrot to dangle as a reward or yank away as a punishment."
  65. English

    Apostrophe's Possessive Nouns In the middle class, a family's income was produced by both the husband and wife.
  66. English writing

    Can a thesis statement have the word BECAUSE? For example, Cats make better housepets because they are friendly, clean, and trained.

    dear sir i would like to know abstract noun for certain common nouns eg agent ,thief,pilgrim,glutton.
  68. English

    Could you please check this sentence? As I haven't heard from you, I'll email the module, you sent to me this morning, to my secretary's office myself(without making ANY CHANGES AT ALL)
  69. english

    Is this good thesis? How can I make it better? This book is not only mysterious, but it also can relate to readers through emotions, such as jealousy and hatred. Thank you
  70. English

    According to some economists, neither high unemployment nor large deficits will keep the economy from rebounding. How to make this a parallel sentence?
  71. english, compound sentences

    The team may have lost the game / they gained an invaluable lesson in the importance of character. a), yet b), and c), for d), so
  72. english

    how does rebellion and conformity play a role with mr. rotchester in "jane eyre" and jack in "the importance of being earnest" thank you
  73. English

    When the government issued the Susan B. Anthony, dollar coin on July 2,1979 it met with some disapproval.
  74. 9th grade english

    need help dissecting five sentences for parts of speech and sentence 1) Following too closely behind a car can be dangerous
  75. english

    How might readers react if the topic sentences in an essay did not coincide with the supporting points, and why would their reaction be justified?
  76. English

    How is dichotomy expressed in Han's Christian Andersen's the nightingale? Is it the difference in what is natural vs. man made?
  77. english

    In the Importance of Being Ernest- Why are women in Act 1 shown to have the upper hand? (Explore more than what simply happens on stage.)
  78. English

    When we make a speech, which expressions do we have to use? 1. First, Second, Third, Fourth,(Last,) In short, 2. Firstly, Secondly, Thirdly, Fourthly,(Lastly,) To sum up,
  79. english

    in the book A Separate Peace... What does it symbolize when Finny opens the carnival by burning a copy of The Iliad?
  80. English

    We had a chart from A-Z for Anthem by Ayn Rand. For each letter much be at least rhetorical device or a mood or tone. I need help with letters K, Q, W, V, X, Y, Z
  81. english

    Identify the complete adjective clause and the word it modifies. Many Californians who own homes live on hillsides.
  82. English

    In Ch.5 of To Kill a Mockingbird:When Miss Maudie baked a cake, what would she make for Scout,Jem, and Dill?
  83. english

    make a paragraph using these words rose plant, knock, sad,flower shop,happy.
  84. English

    The words hum and ham are examples of which sound device? A. onomatopoeia B. consonance C. assonance D. alliteration A?
  85. MATH

    . Let p, q, and r be the following statements: p: Jamie is on the train. q: Sylvia is at the park. r: Nigel is in the car. Translate the following statement into English: (p ~q) r
  86. english

    I'm writing about Adam and Eve from the bible, and my teacher wants me to say how it relates to hebrew culture. How does it, please help I don't know where to start. thanks
  87. english

    What type of clause or phrase is italicized in the sentence below? The play, a three-act farce, amused everyone. please help fast!!
  88. English

    Hello. Please help me to choose the article in the following context: "Yesterday parliament voted for a / the new speaker" (meaning: elected a new person). Thank you very much.
  89. english

    is this sentence correct? She teaches me not to turn a blind eye on the helpless patients, be it humans or animals, whenever I see them.
  90. english

    I need help.I have to write a prepared speech on the topic-traditional african marriages is an advantage to men only not women
  91. english

    write a report. how plastic are harmful to environment.suggest some ways to keep public places clean.
  92. English

    Purpose of the Olympic medals is to point out the achievements of the athletes and their countries. Any other info would be appreciated. Also, please tell me if this is correct, thanks
  93. english grammar

    please help me if my letter is correct in the grammar. kindly help me to make a good letter. march,21,2011 subject:sales commission to: THE MANAGER DEAR SIR, I am writing to you due to next month will be my annul vacation and,I would like to ask a favorale request regarding my...
  94. Phrases and Subordinate Clauses

    Basically, I'm confused on this. The sentence is below: The old English word handbook, for example, has slightly different meaning from the french derived manual, a close synonym. I have to find the verbal, appositive, prepositional and absolute phrase (if any) in the sentence...
  95. English

    People use pockets when they eat Brussels waffles. ---------- Is this sentence grammatical? Is the use of 'pockets' here grammatical? English - Writeacher, Saturday, June 28, 2014 at 10:38am Do you mean they put the food (in this case, waffles) in the pockets of their clothing...
  96. English

    Posted by rfvv on Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 3:37pm. In a poem called "Me", I saw the following expression. Are they correct? 1. I think that I will never see, .... Someone who has my color hair. (What about 'my hair color'?) 2. So many kinds of folks I see, but only I can ...
  97. English

    If there are two independent clauses in a sentance, but one of the already has a comma, then should there be a semicolon before the conjunction? I just got a paper back from my english teacher and this sentance is one he corected: "Though some people believe that the death ...
  98. English

    1. The man left a strong impression on me. 2. The man left a strong impression for me. 3. The man left me a strong impression. ======================= Are they all grammatical and do they have the same meaning? What is the difference between #1 and #2?•English - Reed, Monday...
  99. English

    Posted by rfvv on Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 5:39pm. 1. Seoul is the city. My family used to live in Seoul. 2. Seoul is the city where my family used to live. 3. Seoul where my family used to live is the city. ------------------------------------ #1 can be changed into #2 by...
  100. English

    Thankk you very much. I still have some more sentences for you to check. 1) What part will Mickey and his friends play in a sci-fi film? They will be extras. 2) Will they get paid? Will they have to take a day off school? 3) What is Mickey going to do? Why is the director ...
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