1. english

    what is the subject,verb,and complement in the following sentence...has the planning committee announced the date of the school carnival?
  2. English

    What does this sentence translate into: For those men are most apt to be obsequious and conciliating abroad, who are under the discipline of shrews at home.
  3. English

    Please tell me the meaning of the sentence below: "Everyone but 4 people voted for Menu I." Remember tha we hve two menus to choose from. Thanks.
  4. English

    When you are doing a bibliography and your book shows 15 different cities it was published can you list just the 1st city....can't find the answer. Thanks
  5. english

    did i use the comma rule correctly? The oil from Eucalyptus trees which are native, to Australia is known for its medicinal properties.
  6. english

    make a paragraph using these words rose plant, knock, sad,flower shop,happy.
  7. English/help

    Yesterday I posted three analogies, two I needed to know of they were correct, the other I was lost on, can someone take a look I have to go soon. Is the first one a comparison of Sandra and her fear to that of the kitten?
  8. English

    Do you agree or disagree with the statement children should begin studying a foreign languages as soon as they start school
  9. English

    Do you agree or disagree with the following statement children should begin stadying a foreign languages as soon as they start school.Why? Why not?
  10. English

    Do commas go in parentheses as in the sentence "asking my friends to go to the restaurant (and bring food home), I called Jenna."
  11. English

    3. “Aunt Dessie unfolded out of the car like a carpenter’s ruler” is an example of personification. symbol. simile. metaphor. I think its C.
  12. English

    I need help locating a British painting from the Victorian Era to write an analysis on and connect with the literature of the time.
  13. English

    If the source says some residents must relocate for a position and I wrote the pediatrician may have to move to find a job. Is that plagiarism
  14. english 101

    choose the best word? If they----that the weather was going to be so bad, they wouldn’t have gone to the beach. Were knowing/had known/known/knew my answer is known
  15. English

    Hello. I will be grateful if you help me with the article: "EU finance ministers have finished a/the(?)discussion about the possibility of providing more loans to Greece." Thank you very much for help.
  16. English

    Discuss Dickens' use of symbol in GREAT EXPECTATIONS- symbolic names, settings, characters, actions, etc.
  17. English

    Pls explain y noun,verb,adjective,adverb are called major parts of speech
  18. English - oral

    How to structure a 1 minute speech. I have to write it on an achievement i had. My one is a sports 1st place ribbon. PLEASE HELP!!!!
  19. english

    a good thesis statement on why teachers should have the authority to remove disruptive students from their classes permanently.
  20. English

    How can i compare life of pi with wall e in a hero's journey and what 3 point are most important to write a essay. Any help is needed thank u :)
  21. English

    i need a sample lesson plan for what makes us grow with 15 childrens objectives, material,learning activites
  22. English I

    May I have an example of a thesis statemtn, please? statement* http://www.indiana.edu/~wts/pamphlets/thesis_statement.shtml
  23. english

    a friend has a new baby and has invited you to her house . write a letter accepting the invitation . ask for two questions that you need before the vist .
  24. british literature

    inverted word order, unclearpronouns,and variable spellings are characteristics of what type of english?
  25. japanese

    What do the following sentences mean translated to English? Kore no han wa watashi no desu To no soto ni obaki ga imasu
  26. English

    Complete a Soapstone chart of the Crisis December 23, 1776 by Thomas paine with textual evidence.
  27. english

    the subject and verb should agree even when other words come between them. For example: “The students, as well as their teacher, are excited about the upcoming trip to Italy.”
  28. english

    please explain the use of Using regular and irregular Verbs in this sentence below: Some athletes have taken drug tests to prove they are not on steroids.
  29. English

    2.Some writers argue that planning messages wastes time, because they inevitably change their plans as they go along. Please explain.
  30. english

    hello:)i have to give my class a writng exercise which has to involve all children.they all have to work on writing out one and the same text?any ideas?
  31. English

    Is there any quote in the great gatsby which expresses daisy's self obbsession and her self pride? Please help me, i tried looking the book but couldent find it
  32. English.

    can someone help me? What is this article about. Please help me summarize it so i can understand. Here is the title : Canadian military involvement in Afghanistan formally ends
  33. english

    describe how the us justice system effects children who are people of color versus white kids.
  34. English

    Essay about social media like mxit Face-book and Twitter have changed human relationships
  35. Simple English

    Can you please rephrase this into words that are easier to understand? How might the scope of his criticism have been limited by his choice of forum? Thanks :)
  36. english

    1.Neither Dan nor Bob likes onions on his sandwich. Identify incorrect pronoun and write correct one. 1.his--their
  37. Math literacy,lo,geograph,life sciences,tourism,english,isizulu

    Which career path i can follow
  38. English

    Write the analogy. Repose is to quiescent as______. 1. disdain is to scornful 2. disgust is to repugnant answer: 2
  39. English

    According to some economists, neither high unemployment nor large deficits will keep the economy from rebounding. How to make this a parallel sentence?
  40. English

    Speak aloud each of the following words. Which has stress on its syllable ? A.Obtain B.follow- my answer C.detest D.Renew
  41. English

    The main purpose of a transition is to: A. conclude a thought. B. indicate doubt. C. add emphasis. D. link ideas. D
  42. English (HELP)

    What can you guess about the author's point of view that would cause Columbus to say he hopes to find "gold or spices in abundance"?
  43. Comprehensive English

    Writeacher please check my last post, you never replied.. it kind of left me wondering.. you said you would give me some ideas.
  44. english

    Metamorphosis, by Franz Kafka If Gregor had a chance to relive his life, what should he do differently? Anyone who knows this novel very well could you maybe give me a few things to say?
  45. English

    How can I find a ppt slide to explain the significance of No Child Left Behind 2001 in curriculum development??
  46. English

    In Ch.5 of To Kill a Mockingbird:When Miss Maudie baked a cake, what would she make for Scout,Jem, and Dill?
  47. English

    She couldn't concentrate on her study because it was too noisy. She asked Kathy not to make noise. --------------------------- What does 'it' refer to in the first sentence?
  48. English

    What kind of clause would (when painters looked at rapidly moving horses.) would it be a adverb,adjective, or noun?
  49. English

    Write a 350-word debate paper in which you discuss the benefits and drawbacks associated with group debates.
  50. 3 grade english

    write three sentences describing life in the desert. use the past tense of at least two irregular verbs.
  51. history

    Please help me with this essay? Has the importance of Oliver Cromwell in the English Civil Wars been exaggerated? i just don't know where to start thanks x
  52. English

    The Odyssey By Homer -- Book 11 What lesson does Odysseus learn about himself? How has it strengthened his resolve to return to Ithaka?
  53. English

    11. Upon the death of Spitz in The Call of the Wild, Francois and Perrault decide that the new sled-team leader should be
  54. English

    Rewrite each sentence below, replacing all clichés with more creative or straightforward expressions. The tried and true methods quite often can't be beat.
  55. English

    Can anyone tell me where in King Lear does GLoucester find out that Edmund made up the lies about Edgar? Would be greatly appriciated.
  56. english

    compound words -which is correct thirty one -self-evident -QUICKLY-RUNNING -OR SPUR OF THE MOMENT-DECISION
  57. english

    Scuttles across the sand, the crab disappeared into the surf. correct way to write the derivative scuttle as sscuttles
  58. english

    is there anything wrong with this sentence: they value free-thinking behavior, expressing oneself freely and individualism where one should act according to themselves
  59. English/Music

    What lyrics would you reference to indicate author Simon & Garfinkel's bias in the song the sounds of silence
  60. english

    help i need to know if this sentence is parallel Neither the searing pain in my toe nor the blinding rain in my face will keep me from finishing the race.
  61. english project

    please I need help.atleast give me few adjectives,verbs,nouns so that I can use in this given topic ie. what must we as a individual do to keep our enviornment clean
  62. English

    Please I need an answer to this question: who is the antagonist in Groom Service short story. How does the author convey his/her character.
  63. 3 grade english

    write a sentence about a desert animal. use the past tense of an irregular verb.underline it.
  64. english

    What grammatical structure is the italicized portion of the sentence? My most valuable coin, one from Spain, is worth more than $100.00.
  65. English

    Is this a good thesis statement? Europe's forests affect economic activity and the housing industry.
  66. english, compound sentences

    The team may have lost the game / they gained an invaluable lesson in the importance of character. a), yet b), and c), for d), so
  67. English

    What character trait is seen in "Richard Cory" when it says "But still he fluttered pulses when he said, "Good-morning," and he glittered when he walked."
  68. english essay

    i need help with figuring out the satirization of Huck Finn. such as with the word choice/ dialect he uses and the irony in the book.
  69. english

    Haha, that is classic. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. Name 3 consequative days with out using Sunday, Tuesday or Thusday?
  70. English 2

    I have to write a fiction anecdote that relates some kind of wisdom; an experience that teaches someone a lesson. Can I please get some ideas for this? Thanks -MC
  71. english

    from civil peace by chinua achebe ehy do the theives help the lwegbus shout for the poice? that's is ironic about what they say and do?
  72. english

    Does the word times need an apostrophe after the e? Often time’s harmful words were accompanied by acts of violence towards Jews as well.
  73. English

    What is the impact of the anaphora used in the list of grievances? (i.e the repetition of "he has". The text is call "In congress, July 4,1776" .
  74. English

    Which of the following is a denotation of the word inexpensive? a.) budget b.) discounted c.) low priced d.) worthless I was going to choose b. then I thought it might be d.
  75. English

    Second guessing myself again, Cigarette advertising has been banned from television, it does, however, appear in printed material. Has to be a comma splice sentence to me am I right?
  76. English

    1. He will ask you what you like. 2. I doubt what he will do. 3. Tell me what you want. 4. I don't remember what he said. 5. I know what his job is. 6. He told me what I liked. (Are the sentences all correct? 'What' in each sentence is an interrogative pronoun, right?
  77. English

    Explain,in your own words, why the following sentence is a thesis statement, a story, or a topic. Computers allow students to learn better.
  78. english literature

    plss help what is the point of the story of the moro epic parang sabir plssss answer thank you
  79. College English

    How can I compare "Mother Night" by Vonnegut and "Song of Solomon" by Morrison in terms of Postmodernism?
  80. English

    1. Which kind of adjective is used most frequently in ordinary speech or writing? A. Demonstrative B. Article C. Proper D. Common B?
  81. English/Language Arts

    In Tom Godwin's Cold Equations (short story), what writing style does he use?
  82. English

    PLEASE HELP! I am stuck on writing A descriptive essay 500-750 world, My Topic An elderly person
  83. English

    Today, Dad ate two eggs and bacon for breakfast. Label each word, part of speech.
  84. english

    i need help with this it says write any naming word or noun over that is not correct then it gives me things like three peach a cookies four camp im confused on what to do and how to do it
  85. rearabilwe

    i am doing Economics,life science, maths lit, agriculture,english,lo and Setswana i want to know what careers are possible with this subjects

    Paraphrase the sentance,"to cut a long story short,one day i decided to be a man about my feelings."
  87. English

    In the book "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck, describe the atmosphere that is created by the imagery in the first two paragraphs of the novel.
  88. English

    For a monologue would I include what a person is feeling like: a sentence of what they are thinking and then next to it (overcome with exictment) __sentence____________ (unsure)?
  89. Spanish

    Where can I find the English translation for Mexican songs? (e.g. Los Laureles, Jalisco) Muchisimas gracias!
  90. English

    Is there racism in Hemingway's Indian Camp? How is it portrayed? It's for an essay I'm writing. I'm unsure of how the different ethnicities are playing themselves out. Thanks
  91. English

    Robin Hood would steal from the rich and give to the poor. (What tense is the sentence in, past or present?)
  92. English

    Does this count as an Emotional Words advertisement? Nike The Ultimate Quick Fix The Shoes Word If you do
  93. English 12

    David Suzuki uses examples that include his daughters. Why do you think he does this? Support your answer by incorporating a quotation into your response.
  94. English

    I know this sounds dumb, but what do you call people who are rich but they act normal, don't try to show off at all, and is very kind.
  95. English

    Why don’t the narrator and the other man want to hold Edward for ransom? Is their motivation internal or external? in " Why, You Reckon?"
  96. English

    When we make a speech, which expressions do we have to use? 1. First, Second, Third, Fourth,(Last,) In short, 2. Firstly, Secondly, Thirdly, Fourthly,(Lastly,) To sum up,
  97. English 1301

    I need to write a short paragraph or two n the most memorable/influentail person in us history from 1492-1865
  98. English

    Hi, I have to write a poem in the style of Arthur Rimbaud's "Delirium II: Alchemy of the Word". Is there any websites that can help me with this? Any Tips? Thanks
  99. elementery

    HI, MY dughter is studying 3rd grade.how to prepare Tsat test in math,english.can u tell me any links
  100. English grade 7

    Both words seem to fit: Though there has of late been a good deal of (countenance, agitation) for tax reform, nothing much has come of it so far.
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