1. Gr.12 ENGLISH

    what are some major themes in the short story "The Storyteller" by H.H Munro(also known by pen name Saki) pleaseee help thanx :)
  2. Grade 10 English

    We need to read the story The Stone Carvers I need help with finding important quote s in chapter 1 to 2
  3. english

    I like some of the ideals of the Republican Party, but with the clowns they have running for president, it is going to be another four years of Obama. what fallcy is this?
  4. English

    When do you use "will" to make an offer or request? 1) Will you have a sandwich? Will you do me a favour? 2) Will you want me to (is not possible) 3) I need other examples. 4) Will you have your children picked up from school(is not possible)
  5. English grammar

    "Thank you for your kind support in fundraising at last year's festival." Is this grammatically correct? or is there a better way to phrase this?
  6. history help plz

    Although it put many farmers out of work, the _____ made English farming more productive.
  7. English

    I need ideas to write an introduction about Positive Discipline for Childern in the Descriptive Pattern of development? Thanks
  8. english(The Lord of Flies

    What view of man is Golding presenting in the statement “the rules are the only thing we got?”
  9. english

    according to the story of the devil and tom walker by washinton irving what are the social and cultural influences
  10. english 10

    Explain how The Federalist Papers would have been more or less successful if newspapers had been printed monthly (rather than daily or weekly).
  11. English

    Is this sentence correctly punctuated? 2. We will need to think carefully about what we take with us - (tents, sleeping bags and torches are essential)
  12. English

    which poetic device does this quote use “Why no one on our side had even thought of firing a gun, because when you came right down to it, we didn’t like guns and did not believe in them”
  13. English-Commas.

    This sentence is so confusing. For the life of me I couldn't find the thermos. Is it incorrect or correct?
  14. english

    how do i change this to active voice: The diagrams were left in the classroom for them to study the vocabulary throughout the week.
  15. english

    I need to abbreviate in a sentence so does this look good. Martha is a member of Parents for Responsible Teens (PRT).
  16. english writing

    Is this a could sentence with good punctuation in use of it. Behind my house is a tall, blue spruce tree.
  17. English

    I need a character outlive for Sundara from a book called "Children of the River" by Linda Crew.
  18. English

    is there any literary technique or device in: So Margaret gained the acknowledgement of her right to follow her own ideas of duty.

  20. English

    According to Safire, all the following words are usual examples of onomatopoeia except: A. hiss B. babble C. buzz D. chaos D?
  21. English

    Could you help me to order these sentences, 1. Wha do you do couldallow us to couese in work time is. 2. To new might you skill a want about learning think.
  22. english

    The elderly patient's deep venous thrombosis was treatee with Coumadin. what is simple subject
  23. English

    Can you please suggest a site where I can find information on Roosevelt and the New Deal to be used in a class of EFL speakers? Thank you very much!
  24. english

    huh??? If the form(s) of documentation you listed in the previous problem is (are) missing, why will an assignment be plagiarized?

    which of the following sentences contains an action verb A This apple tastes funny B It seemed OK at first C I spit it out in the trash D It might be rotten
  26. english

    in the future, how will thing critically influence the ways that you: read write process information. Please help.
  27. english

    Does this sound alright with a modifier in the sentence. Standing on a ladder,I was just able to reach the high window.
  28. English

    Is this a fragment or a run-on? Since I no longer maintain an office downtown for working on this kind of project.
  29. english

    Punctuating Sentences The goose bit the mailman on the leg. Your sentence is punctuated correctly.
  30. English

    Invent something that would make doing homework easier. Explain it 5+ sentences. Copy into paragraph format.
  31. english

    In at least one hundred words, explain how Lessing’s childhood experiences may have influenced her storytelling in "Through the Tunnel."
  32. English TKAM

    In the novel, "To Kill A Mockingbird," when did the courtroom scene take place? (time during the novel) Like what month and year
  33. english

    significance of the Hamlet quote, "I see a cherub that sees them. But come for England. Farewell, dear mother.
  34. english

    what is the meaning of the phrases frightened the life out,got down on hands and knees and stuck his nose in the air
  35. english

    Why don’t the narrator and the other man want to hold Edward for ransom? Is their motivation internal or external?
  36. English

    what is the focus of the novel of the great gatsby, whats the writers styles, and his views and tone toward the subject (even if it is himself)
  37. english

    I have to comment this assonance in line 6 the name of the poem is And all is seared with trade;bleared,smeared with oil
  38. English

    I am writing a paper on a farewell to Arms can someone help me find sources on characterization or realism that are found within the novel?
  39. english

    What is the verb (linking or action) in "Long ago, farmers milked cows by hand"
  40. english

    i am writing a compare/contrast essay on love vs. infatuation and need a thesis statement. any thoughts?
  41. english

    Can someone help me fix this sentence? This sleep was my first time that I ever had a long, good nap of October month.
  42. english

    pronoun agreement? By the final curtain, ninety percent of the audience had voted with their feet.
  43. english

    i am writing a compare/contrast essay on love vs. infatuation and need a thesis statement. any thoughts?
  44. English

    The sea is shallow, and we can not notice a major shift in a tidal change. ------------ Would you check this sentence? Thank you.
  45. english

    What is the refrain in Sir Patrick Spens, the Wife of Ushers Well, and the Bonny Earl of Murray?
  46. English

    Golding says, 'A great many things have been said about how it came to be written and I don't know whether any of them are true or not.' Why might a writer be so uncertain about his or her own book?
  47. English

    The bow and "two" keep the balance of the boat. =================== Wha tis the function or the role of the quotation marks for "two"?
  48. english

    what is the symbolism and theme in the story Royally Crushed by Niki Burnham? I need it for an essay and I'm having trouble with it.
  49. english

    I need to identify the adjective and adverb clause in this sentence. Humans aren't the only ones who have family trees?
  50. English

    i've got to do research on these questions..grade 9 What does a learner do? What does a communicator do? What does a problem-solver do? What does a community member do?
  51. English

    In this sentence Most of my time at the party were/was spent playing two games. Should we pick was since the pronoun is singular
  52. english

    adding the suffix -ous to the word danger forms a/an verb adjective** adverb
  53. english

    Is it ethical or unethical to Deemphasizing negative test results in a report on your product idea?
  54. Grade 10 English

    Based on the movie, The Red Violin what are 3 ways it differs from most Hollywood blockbusters?
  55. English

    Identify the complete adjective clause and the word it modifies. I elected to take astronomy, which is not a required course.
  56. English

    I am making another poem, and I want to include old age home in there, but what's another name for that. I'm referring to the place where old people are sent off to by their kids.
  57. English

    Explain why the setting depicted in the V for Vendetta trailer is a dystopia. Use specific examples in your explanation.
  58. English

    Is this sentence written properly? "Think about it," Link began, "Didn't you realize how much trash there was as the water came?"
  59. English

    Is this sentence in past progressive tense? The freshman math classes were already behind schedule by three weeks.
  60. English Literture

    Please help. What mistakes do Romeo and Juliet make that leads to their ultimate downfall?? I am struggling. Please help.
  61. english

    I would love a website where I could put in my own sentence and have all the parts of speech identified!!! Can you help me with this? I have too many sentences to post here for help.
  62. english

    which of these word groups are punctuated correctly, it rained every day of our vacation nevertheless we had a wonderful time
  63. English

    11. Absurdism is the attempt to show the absurdity of the human condition. • true<--- my anwser • false
  64. English

    how can i rephrase this so that both parts are parallel Lots of my friends think that Prince's music is old, but I think it's not only excellent but also an innovation.
  65. English

    Hello. Will you please check the sentence for me? "The two sides have conducted negotiations and reached a compromise." Is it grammatically correct? Thank you very much for help.
  66. English 11

    which of the following vocabulary words has a positive connotation? ( 1 point ) dissolute exemplary anathema wanton
  67. English

    Bill didn't wear gloves as he made a snowman. => His hands got very cold. ------------------------------ In the first sentence, what does 'as' mean? Does 'as' mean 'when' or 'because'?
  68. english

    should there be commas around however in this sentence. He ahd planned to take the last flight out to Chicago.It was cancelled,"however", because of bad weather.
  69. english

    i think the swubway slogan "Eat fresh" is a type of glittering generalities but i don't know why. can someone explain to me why. please and thank you
  70. English

    What is the purpose of a response-to-literature essay? A) to entertain B) to persuade C) to analyze D) to compare and contrast
  71. English

    In the book "The Lord of the Flies", how does Jack account for the death of Simon? I haven't been able to find this anywhere. Thanks.
  72. English

    What phenomenon or archaeological mystery of the Hispanic world interests you most and why ? Im kinda lost on this question
  73. english lang

    what word families do the following belong to woman ox goose mouse child foot thank you
  74. algebra

    Write an algebraic equation for the English statement "Add 5 to the sum of 2 times x and the result is 21."
  75. English Ms. Sue

    How does peace not alter the this statement war as a social disease versus non-conformity?
  76. English

    Hello. I'll be grateful if you say whether the following is correct: "Presidential candidates in Russia are currently preparing (making)their election programs." Thank you very much for help.
  77. english

    I need a title for a narrative about my fear of snakes and the time one got loose in our classroom. Any witty ideas?
  78. english

    How dies George figure that he, Lennie and Candy could perhaps buy the dream place?(four points).
  79. english

    write a sentence about a desert animal. use the past tense of an irregular verb. underline it.
  80. English

    Write an interesting story based upon the title the tiger who came to visit me in about 150to 200words
  81. Maths lit, economics, lifesciences, agriculture, lifeorientation, sepedi, english

    What career would I do nd which course will I do at University?
  82. English

    I need help on how to do a fact file it is in for tommrow (Monday) Abd uts sunday what should i so i need advice quick!!
  83. english

    i need help on the story knife by sarah ellis we hve to make a timeline i dunno what 2 put?
  84. English

    does this sentence make sense? Because rivers are becoming extremely polluted, many plants and animals are dying.
  85. english

    How dies George figure that he, Lennie and Candy could perhaps buy the dream place?(four points)
  86. ENGLISH - Please Help!!

    Hi, What are 3 pieces of evidence to back up the argument that there is no way Myrtle Wilson will leave Tom Buchanan? Thanks!
  87. English

    in the sentence "Tarao loaded the groceries into the cart." Is the clause adjectival, adverbial, or noun?
  88. english

    Using plurals and possessives. How can you write a sentence about storing financial information effectively and efficiently.
  89. english

    I need help with finding some poetry devices in the poem: Wordsmith by Susan young. I already have some, but would love a second opinion.
  90. statistics

    Scores on an english test are normally distributed with a mean of 33.6 and a standard deviation of 8.3. Find the 41st percentile?
  91. English

    Traditional africam marriege is an advantage to man only not than female?plz smbody help with a paragraph
  92. english

    decribe the setting of dr jekyll and mr hyde. how does it effect the characters? give two quotes from the book
  93. English

    what can I say about the theme of illness, disease and disablement in the play 'the white devil' by John Webster?
  94. english

    What nursery rhyme character was a "wise galoshes wearing feline" answer has 12 letters.
  95. English

    In to kill a mocking bird Atticus says that mrs.dubose had alot of courage what does this meän?!
  96. english

    I need help determining the key differences between the four types of writing (summary, analysis, synthesis and evaluation).
  97. English

    1. He looks like he is in another world. 2. He looks like he has a lot of money. 3. He looks like he knows everything. 4. He looks like he is from America. 5. He looks like he is more than 20 years old. ---------------------- Are the sentence all correct? In these sentences, ...
  98. business english

    It is the case that good communicators advance more quickly in the company. What would be best revision of this sentence?
  99. English

    How do you plan to support your thesis with compelling arguments and counterarguments? For Homelessness and violence against women
  100. English

    Why deemphasizing negative test results in a report on your product idea is unethical practice?
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