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  1. English

    I'm confused what is Philosophy of human nature? Please need some examples.Would appreciated very much. thank you, Edgar
  2. English

    Which of the following is a denotation of the word inexpensive? a.) budget b.) discounted c.) low priced d.) worthless I was going to choose b. then I thought it might be d.
  3. com200

    The term ________________ describes a wide range of common and nonstandard English, including jargon, colloquialisms, idioms, and slang.
  4. Elementary statistics

    Scores on an English test are normally distributed with a mean of 78% and a standard deviation of 4.5%. Find the value of the first quartile.
  5. english

    The team ..... is wearing the red jerseys the one I came to see. which of the following .pronouns correctly completes the sentences a)who b)whom c)that d)which
  6. English 4

    "Long was the season: Twelve-winters' time torture suffered The friend of the Scyldings, every affliction, Endless agony; "
  7. English

    fill in the blank Which one of these careers ____ to six-figure salary? a. lead b. are leading c. leads d. have led c <--
  8. English

    1. What's up, Ben? You look upset. - I lost first place. (Is this answer suitable? Do we have some other natural expressions?)
  9. English

    In Call of the Wild, whom does Buck replace as leader of the sled dogs? a. Sol-leks b. Dave c. Spitz*** d. Dolly
  10. English

    "Dat Buck for sure learn queek as anyt'ing" is an example of what? a. dialect*** b. exposition c. point of view d. theme
  11. English

    Do you agree or disagree with the following statement children should begin stadying a foreign languages as soon as they start school.Why? Why not?
  12. English

    How can I rephrase this so it's not a run-on? but some are likely to object on the grounds that Putin is simply asking Americans to not attack Syria for genuine reasons
  13. english

    Through my degree in Biology I became experienced with statistical analysis as well as writing literature reviews. Are there any grammar errors in that sentence?
  14. Mathematics,Geography,Physical Sciences,EGD,English,IsiZulu and Life Orientation

    Which job opportunies are available due to this subjects
  15. maths history goagraphy naural science lo ca english affrikaans ems

    must i not do phiscal sicence when i am doing those subjects at school
  16. English

    According to Safire, all the following words are usual examples of onomatopoeia except: A. hiss B. babble C. buzz D. chaos D?
  17. English

    1.) In the Odyssey, Part 2 Odysseus went to Circe, from _____ he was promised his freedom. a.) Who b.) Whom c.) Whose b? None of them sound right.
  18. English

    In "The Wager, by: Anton Chekhov" the climax comes when the jurist who is confined, begins to ask for musical instruments and tobacco. True or False
  19. English Grammar

    Change to Affirmative 1.No man in the street came forward to help her. 2.None of them were bad. 3.Nobody was present in the family function.
  20. social studies

    Which geographical region in colonial North America was best known for its focus on agriculture and society based on English aristocracy?
  21. maths lit,business,history,english,life orientatio

    Traditional african marriage is an advantage to men only not women
  22. English (HELP)

    What can you guess about the author's point of view that would cause Columbus to say he hopes to find "gold or spices in abundance"?
  23. English

    Which of the following literary elements identifies the perspective from which a story is told? A. point of view B. character C. plot D. setting I know it's not C. and D. I think it's B.
  24. Socials

    I have to answer what is the primary goal of the summones of parliament document in England, and based on what it had that give anxiety to English.
  25. English

    What type of literary device? " At that instant he took a pistol out of his pocket and held the ice cold block at my head"
  26. English

    In the Odyssey, which personality trait does Odysseus reveal when he ventures into the Cyclops's cave? a. humility b. diligence c. recklessness*** d. ungratefulness
  27. English

    "Yet thrusting perpetually under siege. Your armed struggles for profit" What does these stanzas from On the Pulse of Morning mean? Please help me
  28. English

    “I Have a Dream” by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is an example of what writing style? A. Persuasive B. Descriptive C. Narrative D. Expository Not B. and D. I think C.
  29. english help please!!

    An independent clause can make sense on its own be a fragment serve as a comma splice be a run-on sentence is it a pls help
  30. english help please!!

    Which of the following is an example of a sentence fragment? He wrote a book. It is short. Many people like it. Mostly the ending. is it d pls help
  31. English 4

    In Sonnet 106, the speaker claims that earlier praise has prefigured, or _____, his love. A. molded**** B. created C. destroyed D. suggested
  32. English

    How are children viewed in the society in which the Hadleys live? As completely helpless as mentally unstable as spiritually rewarding as generally obedient
  33. english

    You are evaluating this when you are looking for a clear, compelling message. A. Use of quotes B. Structure C. Length of speech D. Speaker commitment to subject
  34. English

    What purpose for reading do the stage directions suggest to readers? 1.to learn about a subject 2.to be inspired 3. To be entertained 4.to gain understanding
  35. English

    Speech about traditional healers should be allowed to practice and prescribe medicines in hospitals and clinics and I agree with this topic.
  36. English

    Thank you for your help. I'm very grateful for your adice. Please help me with one more question. Does it sound natural to say "he is a unique, blessed person"? Thank you.
  37. English

    Which words are examples of vowel minimal pairs ? A) tree-beat B) cat-cut C)vase-jazz D)doll-role
  38. English

    Choose the word that best completes the sentence. One of the girls left _____ tennis shoes in the gym. a. her*** b. hers c. their d. them
  39. English

    When Tarzan returned to civilization, people worried about his sometimes ___________ behavior. feral pedantic culpable fervent
  40. English

    Did Lucy really say I refuse to ride with Tom? Should there be quotation marks before I and after the question mark?
  41. English

    It is important to evaluate information for... A. Purpose B.Authority C. Currency D.Accuracy E. All of the above I pick E. Please recheck my answer.
  42. Reading/English

    Reread "The Night the Bed Fell" and "The Stolen Day." In a paragraph or two, compare and contrast the stories. Please help me.
  43. English

    After grace, I helped myself to a slice of cake which melted in my mouth because it was so moist. Is my sentence correct? Or should it be help without the ed?
  44. English

    1. Can you keep it a secret to go shopping with me? 2. The money left it possible to help poor people. (Are both grammatical? Does each sentence need any correction?)
  45. english

    I need help in writing a detailed paragraph contrasting these two stories "Gumption" and "To build a fire" and how their structures influence meaning.
  46. English

    How do the themes like the will to live, the importance of storytelling, and the nature of religious belief help drive the plot forward? I don't really know how to answer this.
  47. english

    I can't seem to find the relative clause in this sentence, can someone help me? Thanks. "Fables that were written by Aesop usually feature speaking animals."
  48. English

    As Principal speaker in your school debate competition, write your arguments for against the motion television is doing more harm than good
  49. Grammar

    What's the main rule of subject-verb agreement? I need a simple explanation for this because I have an English final exam tomorrow. Thanks.
  50. English

    Essay about social media like mxit Face-book and Twitter have changed human relationships
  51. english

    Parenthetical expressions include information that may be helpful but is not essential to the meaning of a sentence. They are de-emphasized by: A. dashes. B. parentheses. C. commas. D. brackets. A...
  52. english

    Is this thesis good? This book is not only a mystery novel, but also appeals to readers through the depictions of jealousy and hatred. Thank you.
  53. English Ms Sue Help

    One would expect people living in a utopian society to be A.wealthy. B.difficult.---- C.idealistic D.Impossible Is B Correct
  54. english

    In at least one hundred words, explain how Lessing’s childhood experiences may have influenced her storytelling in "Through the Tunnel."
  55. English

    In The Seafarer, who or what is said to issue threats of illness, age, and an enemy's sword? a- God b- the sea c- the devil d- fate my answer is d
  56. English

    Identify the adverb in this sentence. The brightly colored suit he wore made him stand out in the crowd. Please help Ms.Sue!!!
  57. English

    Grendel's ancestors were banished to the slime because A. Were monsters B. We're descendants of Cain C. Opposed the lords will D. Had disturbed hrothgars brother
  58. English

    Where should the comma go in the following sentence. Maria is going to take extra courses at the university in math her favorite subject.
  59. English

    In at least one hundred words, describe point of view in Gandhi's The Story of My Experiments with Truth, and how this affects the narrative.
  60. english

    In saki's story "The interlopers" what word would Not be appropriate to describe either of the two men A) Interloper B) poacher C) coward
  61. English

    In To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, has the character Tom Robinson shown any acts of self sacrifice for the sake of others?
  62. English

    Which contraction could correctly be substituted for the underlined words? Joel is not able to make it to the wedding reception next Saturday. ain't wasn't isn't weren't C?
  63. English

    Journalists are almost always protected from having to _____ the identity of their sources of information. modify reveal translate source B?
  64. English

    Journalists are almost always protected from having to _____ the identity of their sources of information. reveal modify source translate A?
  65. English

    In the Odyssey what personality trait does Odysseus reveal when he devises a plan to listen to the Sirens' song and yet escape destruction
  66. English

    how can I rephrase this sentence to avoid plagarism. The hydroboration reaction has hecome an important tool in the repertoire of the synthetic organic chemi~
  67. English

    I have two questions for english that I honestly don't know… I put what I think it is but I think its completely wrong… 1. Which of the following is a possible setting for works of American literary realism? Check all that apply. a. American West* b. post-Civil War South c...
  68. English

    We have to analyze an analogy for our English class. I remember a very interesting demonstration I saw several years ago--the person took two glasses, one being large, the other small. He poured water into the large one about halfway, and then transferred this into the smaller...
  69. English

    When you learn shorthand, you can focus on what you have to write down. So, concentration will be enhanced. Your listening ablility will be increased. You can do work more effectively. When you listen to lectures, you can summarize what the speakers say. So you can be a good ...
  70. English

    posted by rfvv Monday, November 28, 2016 at 3:29pm. Posted by rfvv on Friday, November 4, 2016 at 11:17pm. Oh Lordy, how my heart grows weary, far from the old folks at home. --------------------------------- This is a sentence in the song "Swanee River. Q1: " What is the ...
  71. English

    I'm pleased you can help me this week, too, Writeacher. Just a few things. 1) I've just had a parent-teacher meeting today. Some of my new students, whose grammar is very, very low and study very little complained about their bad marks in English. They are in their last year ...
  72. English

    Hello. I have several grammar questions and will really appreciate some help. 1)Is the following word order possible in standard English: "I'll tell about it to all my friends in the team" or is it "I'll tell all my friends in the team about it." 2)the same question: "share ...
  73. ENGLISH 1

  74. English

    Need help one more time :) I am teaching English as a foreign language(8th graders) I have a large text (A4 page) about Einstein.This text is divided into 7 paragraphs(Each paragraph deals with another aspect of Einstein's life - his childhood, life in Germany etc.)I have 29 ...
  75. English

    Can you please check if the following questions I need to prepare for tomorrow? Thank you very much in advance. Which of the first two questions is better expressed? 1) Briefly outline the features of the 18th-century novels. Focus then on Defoe’s novels and examine their ...
  76. English

    Sitting in groups, listening to the explanation of your friend, let's play the "Finding Your Seat' game. For example, there are 6 students at the table. If the leader says,"Tom is between Bill and Sam.", they should change their seats. If Tom is sitting on another chair, he ...

    Half the apples_________ on the floor, but some of them ________ on the table. are, are is is is are, are is We could neet the man who _________ all loans if the manager _________ here. approves, was approve, were approve, was approves, were Half the apples_________ on the ...
  78. language arts

    What's a simple subject,complete subject and predicate, simple predicate Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is a grammar site you might like: http://www.chompchomp.com/menu.htm Click on Terms and then find the topic you need help with. http://owl.english....
  79. English

    posted by rfvv yesterday at 3:54pm. 1. I wish for you that, with every year, you achieve all of your dreams. [Is it grammatical? Do we have to delete 'for'?] 2. You’re supposed to let go of the past and start off new. [Do we have to put 'the ' before 'new'?] • English...
  80. Survey of Math

    A math class contains 7 females (three of whom speak French and the rest speak only English),and 12 males (two of whom speak French and the rest speak only English). a) A student in the class is chosen at random. If you're told the student is female, what is the probability ...
  81. 9th Grade Classes

    I was reading my school district program of studies and I found this section in for high school coures. - English 9H - Integrated Algebra A - Earth Science - Global History and Geography I or H - French Beg. 1 - Orchestra (a days)/ Health (b days) - Studio Art I - African ...
  82. English

    1. The store is far away from here. 2. The store is far off from here. 3. The store is a long way away from here. 4. The store is a long way off from here. --------------- Are they all grammatical? Far is used in a negative sentence and in a question. A long way is used in a ...
  83. English Captilization

    I just want to know if i got all of these quiz questions right for captilization. Thanks 1. Which answer best fits into the blank? Drive _____ on I-270 to get to Grove City. A.South B.south C. the south I think it is B. 2. Which answer best fits into the blank? I am a member ...
  84. English

    Thanks for your helping.But I do not understand some problem which is about identify the word or phrase that should be corrected.I will give an english examination after two days.So I need a help.I have written a question which is I couldn't identify good answer. Identify and ...
  85. English

    I left out the following sentences. Thank you for your help. It's urgent 1) I must always bring all my books and exercise books to school (class?) I must do (my) homework every day. 2) How can I get to the school (or to school?) from here? Do you know how I can get to the ...
  86. critique my reflection paper

    first of all, im an ESL English student so bear with my mistakes I have been an English 101 student for about 3 weeks now, and over the course of my stay I have learned a lot more that I thought possible. I learned to write, to express myself, how to think for myself, and how ...
  87. English

    Posted by rfvv on Saturday, December 19, 2015 at 12:10am. 1. I didn't eat apples or pears. 2. I didn't eat apples and pears. ================ #1 mean "I didn't eat apples. I didn't eat eat pears, either." Am I right? Then, what about #2? What does #2 mean in the following ...
  88. Transcription

    I'm on the fence about apostrophe or not in the following sentence. The possessive is not coming immediately before a noun or gerund; however, the English does belong to the gentleman. I realize a noun can show ownership to a noun that may have an adjective in front of the ...
  89. English

    In modern English, the comparative/superlative for the word "bad" is indicated as worse/worst. A number of years ago, it was worse/worse. When did this change? It has not changed. See below: http://www.jiskha.com/display.cgi?id=1165241783.1165245841 =) Thank you for using the ...
  90. English

    With reference to an earlier question:- The liquid is to be scooped at a quarter of the depth of the container it is in. Hence the first sentence is correct? Or is there a better way of phrasing? The liquid should be scooped at a quarter depth of the container? Posted by ann ...
  91. English

    Can you check if the various exercises are all possible? Thank you, Writeacher. Here is exercise 1. •1) The new German teacher (arrive) _______on Tuesday, for his first lesson. 2) On Saturday night we (meet) _______our friends in the square at 3 o’clock and then we (go)...
  92. calling ms. Sue ( another assignment )

    T_T ok so here's another assignment that should be pass tomorrow. please critique and i need help on how can i close this paragraph. "This English 101AYR course is coming to an end. What are your opinions about the hybrid (50% in-class - 50% online) course? What do you think ...
  93. English

    What does the quote bellow in your own words mean: “And thus the whirligig of time brings in his revenges.” Go back to several of the previous answers...
  94. english!

    what does "literature of uncertainty" mean? Can you please give us the context for this phrase. Was it related to a particular subject? We need more information to begin to help you.
  95. English

    Explain,in your own words, why the following sentence is a thesis statement, a story, or a topic. Computers allow students to learn better.
  96. English

    I've got to do seven newspaper articles for the book A Tale of Two Cities. Any ideas for what I should do them on? They all have to be different in content.
  97. english

    I need a title for a narrative about my fear of snakes and the time one got loose in our classroom. Any witty ideas?
  98. English paper

    i need to come up with a symbol for the them of "When you put effort into reaching your goals, you can succeed." but i cant think of any! pleas help! its due 2morrow!
  99. English

    Im reading the story"white tigers" in the book warrior women and i don't know what this quote means" When i get hungary enough, then the killing and falling are dancing too."
  100. english

    that the alarm,traditionally sounded to avert danger,became the apparent cause of the avalanche is an example of: a)exaggeration b)irony c)personification d)satire e)simile
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