In about (500 words)write a composition ending with "when i woke up i realised that it was only a dream"
  2. English

    Is this sentence grammatical? The ship is caught in a violent storm, then by mist and snow. Thank you
  3. English

    Which of the following are characteristics of allegory? A. Immitation B. Humor C. Didacticism D. Spiral Plot C. Music
  4. english

    explain the impact terrorism and cyber crime interpret the fourth amendment?
  5. English

    How does Dos Passos show bias in the book Manhattan Transfer? (examples) Thank You
  6. English

    What would be a good quote to describe me encouraging someone to become a better singer? How about giving advice and preventing something?
  7. english

    When Marcos walked into the room, we turned on the lights and yelled "Happy birthday!"
  8. English-Need help quick

    Question 2. About how many editors work at a newspaper? (Points : 1) A. one B. dozens C. hundreds D. five
  9. english

    What is the complete subject in this sentence? Several large shrubs hid the house from view.
  10. English

    Identify the direct or indirect object in the sentence The Cow jumped over the moon
  11. english

    ms.sue can you give me a couple of ideas probably cause i never really spent quality time with my family
  12. English

    1. The idiom get inside the authors head means to 2. Base word of accusation
  13. ENglish

    When it started to snow, everyone headed for the ski hill. Help. Need to know which part of this sentence is independant. thanks
  14. english

    In the story Call of the Wild.Why did "Black" Burton punch John Thorton?
  15. college english

    what is a good attention getter sentence on carpal tunnel syndrome?
  16. english

    melba acciedently sent two party invitations to DOROTHY. A)possesive B)objective c)nominative i think its b.
  17. English

    Anyone know of any good website were I can practice things such as verb, noun, adverb, adjective, etc?
  18. English

    I need ideas that I could use to compare Hoagland's City Rat and Hemingway's Indian Camp?
  19. English

    Can someone please write an epigram for me?!?! 2-4 lines witty last line simple (I have to translate it into Latin)
  20. English

    In what stage of grief do people hold on to pets or objects that was their loved one who died? Thanks
  21. english

    Anyone have any suggestions for two poems in Sappho (translated by mary barnard) that they found interesting and why??
  22. english

    Identify the nouns and verbs in this sentence please. The Lord is my strength and my salvation; in him I will trust.
  23. English

    the poem "At the Lunch Counter" is by Alden Nowlan. I am having difficulty understanding it. any help would be great.
  24. english

    Pinocchio's lies cause his nose to grow, but when he ___ it returns to its usual size.
  25. Spanish - beginner

    How do I say: He always smells like garlic. Is it: Siempre huele como ajo. /sorry for my english
  26. English

    I have three arguments in my introduction and I need a transitition to my first paragraph which is my first argument. I'm not too sure how to write a transistion sentance.
  27. English

    On the mantle _____is___ my children's softball trophies that they won when they ____were____ younger. a) is/was b) is/were c) are/was d) are/were A????
  28. English

    Explain to what extent religion does or does not belong as part of government policy. Three reasons
  29. English

    In the book, "A glory over everything", What kind of help does the white woman refer to when she tells Harriet, “If you ever need any help—”?
  30. College english

    The phrase that signals a contrast context is A. Such as. B.on the other hand C.for instance D.to illustrate I think it is D
  31. English

    I need a source card for Edgar Allen Poe on the poem Annabel Lee
  32. english 30

    "foremother" by lillian bouzane what is the significance of the poems title and how does it help develope the theme
  33. english

    i need help, i am writing a paper on gay marriage. I need to write a compound-complex sentence on it too. help!
  34. english(easy!) my mind cant decide :(

    what is the setting for Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarf?
  35. english 30-1

    explain how a thankless expereince is a satire. support with direct reference to the essay.
  36. English Book

    Does anyone know where I can read The Perfect Picture by James Thom online? for free of course.
  37. English

    Which of the following nouns from the selection is a proper noun? ground vegetable friend georgia
  38. english

    what are some examples of when upper class education is mentioned or used the the jane eyre book? thank you!
  39. english

    Do you think that paying attention to your audience, purpose, and content improves the influence of your writing? Why or why not?
  40. English

    Does this sentence have correct punctuation? "The ball hit me on the head!" exlaimed Airick.
  41. English

    Include a colon and an explanation. The town reminded me of my childhood vacations: both were on the beach. Is this right?
  42. english

    How do I write a research proposal in third person point of view and future tense?
  43. English

    In the following sentence is there a direct object or a predicate adjective? Sometimes I feel nervous before a game.
  44. English

    Never belong, never guess, never confess is an example of: a. repetition b. parallelism c. rhyme scheme d. assonance I think it's B but I'm not sure.
  45. english

    in tjaden this is a voracity, in Muller it is a foresight. what type of rhetorical device does this sentence contain?
  46. english

    in the following set which rhymes with the word "awoke". broke provoke soak pack. please help me
  47. English

    Is this a simile or a metaphor The rain felt like small kisses on Rosemary's face,
  48. English

    What does this mean "beyond hope of help from any source" when describing the Ewells in To Kill A Mockingbird? It's not a quote from the book.
  49. English

    Do you think that the nostra aetate is important for this era dose this document affect your life
  50. English

    What would some of great thesis statement examples about Usher Syndrome? I have one, but I would like to see more. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  51. english

    When you write in second person, you’re acting the part of a/an A. critic. B. observer. C. participant. D. advocate.
  52. english

    A good critic can manage to not be affected by his own bias and experience... true rite?
  53. english

    what is the direct characterization of passerby often heard her voice raised in arguments with her husband
  54. english

    What are the adverbs in the sentence. Long trips aboard these ships seemed highly improbable then.
  55. English

    What is the direct and indirect object in the sentence. Ana gave me a two pesos today.
  56. English correction -- for rfvv

  57. 4th grade English

    Gorillas are shy Most of them never fight. How would you combine this sentence using a conjunction. Would it be but or so?
  58. english

    What is a scholarly article and how can i find one about the importance of religion in the 1600's, or around the time of Shakespeare.
  59. english

    fill in the blanks a)The careless boy-------a cup an hour ago(broke)
  60. English

    What would be some great thesis statement examples about Usher Syndrome? I have one, but I would like to see more. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  61. English

    Do you think that the nostra aetate is important for this era dose this document affect your life
  62. English

    1. What's up, Ben? You look upset. - I lost first place. (Is this answer suitable? Do we have some other natural expressions?)
  63. English

    What's the relative clause in this sentence His questions revealed an intelligence that was beyond his young years
  64. honors english

    In the Crucible what epithet did Giles Corey avoid by remaining silent?
  65. English

    Is the infinitive "to use" used as an adjective in this sentence: "In your opinion, what is the easiest word-processing program (to use)?
  66. English

    the poem "At the Lunch Counter" is by Alden Nowlan. I am having difficulty understanding it. any help would be great.
  67. english

    What are the images asssociated with the types of characterization in the short story"The sniper''? pls help me.
  68. English

    Is the infinitive "to use" used as an adjective in this sentence: "in your opinion, what is the easiest word-processing program (to use)?
  69. english

    can you please explain poem the night is calm and cloudless by henry wadsworth longfellow
  70. english

    are the following word common nouns book, paper, author, Hemingway, manuscript
  71. english

    Identify the type of clause used in this sentence. Some people who can carry a tune are very shy.
  72. english

    What does the author achieve by mixing exact and approximate numbers in "A Contribution to Statistics?"
  73. English Writing parts of speech

    Why are all the school bus yellow? A) schools B) busses
  74. English

    Having trouble finding two different published analysis of Huckleberry Finn. Could you guide me in the right direction
  75. english

    could anyone proof read my essay? could i send it to someone? If i post it here people might steal it. please i really need someone to proofread it.
  76. English

    What is the main verb in this sentence...This dog food is made for larger dogs?
  77. english

    he the attention of a mathematician {frame a wh-type question to get the underlined part as answer}
  78. English

    Which of the following pronoun completes the sentence correctly? Each of the boys began to clean _____desk. a. his b. him c. their***
  79. English

    I am writing a comparative essay and I am creating my introductory paragraph. Should I start it with my thesis?
  80. English

    What's the correct capitalizations for, the henderson family moved to chicago from the east coast.
  81. English

    What are two ache and effects relationships in Robert e. Lee's letter to his son. Why are they important
  82. English

    Write an essay on how i got admmision into Abia state polythecnic not less than 350 words
  83. English

    1. Pets welcomed 2. American and Indian food served =============== Can the expression be used as titles?
  84. 10th Grade English

    what is the central human tradgedy of the Iliad? what is its most important theme?
  85. english

    "All the world is a stage, but the play is badly cast." its a simile write? or is that a metaphor??
  86. 3rd grade shurley english

    what does s, f,scs, scv mean when indentifying(labeling) sentences thanks
  87. english

    need to change sentences from passive to present maria was congratulated on her beautiful swing.
  88. english

    Guys your source was good can you give another Web to search about Natalie Du toit
  89. English

    What is some of Edgar Allan Poe's work that is classified in the American Romanticism genre.
  90. english

    which form of verb tense is the underlined phrase in the following sentence? You should have invited them to the party.
  91. english 111

    the gardner put in pinch of grass seed wherever he pulled out a weed
  92. English 11

    I need to write an argumentive essay about "American Godthic" (picture). Any ideas what I should argue?
  93. Career

    With level 3 in English first additional language do I qualify to study Journalism at universities.
  94. English

    I have a reaserch paper to do on someone famous from the 1920's, and I can't really find a good one. Can someone give me some suggesstions.
  95. English

    Thank you Ms.Sue. Do you think a dove, a fingerprint and a barcode would represent this bumper sticker well? any suggestions?
  96. English

    I need help finding contradiction statements in the story to build a fire by jack london
  97. english

    According to scholars, what is one way the advent of talking pictures changed the behavior of movie audiences
  98. English

    Idententify the sentence parts - Whose car did the parking attendant tow yesterday?
  99. English

    After watching roy Hargrove play the trumpet, marcia decided that she wanted to be one
  100. English!!

    Hi!! Should there be a comma before the word, "as" in the sentence below?: Everyone is waiting quietly as Mr. Frank walks to the door. Thank you for your help!!
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