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  1. English paper 3

    Write a dialogue in wich you convince your teacher that you are too sick to participate in sports for thed day
  2. english

    1. Which of the style guides is most focused on professionals who are writing articles for publication? A.) MLA B.) APA *C.)Chicago Thanks.
  3. english

    Which word or phrase is an appositive in the sentence? When Sandy met John—a scientist and critic—she fell in love with him.
  4. early childhood

    What problems might non-English speaking preschoolers encounter in their attempts to play with others?
  5. english

    I really need 6 thick (hard) questions for Act 4 scene 1-3 "King Lear" by Shakespeare PLEASE THANK YOU
  6. English

    Discuss the society in Brave New World as a utopia. What should i make my thesis be??? Please help im so lost.
  7. english

    Some ancient and medieval works have several qualities present in novels. true or false.
  8. English

    Is the statement true or false that the crime rete has no effect on childhood obesity. give a reason for your answer
  9. English IV

    Score: "I always lie" is an example of which of these literary devices? A)paradigm B)paradox C)metaphor D)personification E)none of these
  10. english

    I think that rainy days are just awful, is this suitable to form the basis of a single persuasive paragraph.
  11. english

    “I always wear my lucky hat when the Atlanta Braves play; thanks to me, they won the World Series!” This is an example of (Points : 1)
  12. english

    give two examples in the giant's house for character, theme, plot, style, point of view
  13. English

    Rearrange into meaningful sentence: The river/see/could/from/and/the field/one ripe corn/the height/of
  14. English

    I need to write 2 paragraphs about my favorite movie giving 4 reasons why, but don't have one. Please Help..!!
  15. English

    Is a comma required after "or" in the following sentence? We greet people by saying aloha (italicized) or "love."
  16. English

    I'm trying to write an extended metaphor about myself but I'm stuck. So far I have I am a seed small..
  17. English

    Speak aloud each of the following words. Which has stress on its syllable ? A.Obtain B.follow- my answer C.detest D.Renew
  18. English

    Why did Jim often stay on the raft in Huckleberry Finn? Was it because people would catch him as a runaway slave?
  19. English

    Robin Hood would steal from the rich and give to the poor. (What tense is the sentence in, past or present?)
  20. English

    Which of the following best defines diction? A. simile B. symbolism C. word choice D. dialogue Im sure its probably D?
  21. English

    The knight's shield serves as weapon AND protectant during battle. a. adjective b. verb c. conjunction d. interjection C
  22. english

    Which of the following best exemplifies Updike's own life experience as it is reflected in his short story "Son"?
  23. English

    The stolen necklace is insured for five million dollars. (What is the meaning of the role of 'for' in this sentence? What else can we use instead of 'for' ?)
  24. English

    It is too late to cancel my order. (What does 'it' refer to in the sentence? Is 'it' a false subject or the impersonal pronoun referring to 'the time'?)
  25. english comp

    After watching Roy Hargrove play the trumpet, Marcia decided that she wanted to be one.
  26. English

    After the bully struck him, Jules wanted to......... by throwing a rock, but he had.......s about doing anything so dangerous.
  27. english - myths

    The traits of a hero are determined by A. cultural values. B. their experiences. <-- this is my answer C. the plot of the story. D. their mentors.
  28. 7th grade English

    Use the correct pronoun in parentheses. The book ( it, itself) is a collector's item. Please help. Thanks.
  29. English

    what does it mean by "How does each question that begins "Will you join the battle" directly address the audience to whom Johnson is speaking?"
  30. English

    nondecomposability? How many morphemes are in that word. I have five-non,de,ability,com,ity what about the pos?
  31. English

    However, the game is called soccer in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. --------------------------------- In the sentence, how do you read 'U.S.' generally? 1. you. es. 2. United States
  32. English

    I need to write a comparative essay abput Ralph Waldo and Thoreau. I was wondering if i could have help with a thesis.
  33. english

    Choose the plural noun that's spelled correctly? A. Fathers-in-law B. Phenomenons C. Pianoes D. Editor in chiefs
  34. English

    When starting your search for peer reviewed scholarly sources, which of the following types of databases is your best choice?
  35. English

    when a(n) _______ stands for an idea or emotion, it is called a symbol. A. setting B. dialogue C. description D. Object I think it is D. Thank You.
  36. English literature

    Thoreau writes, "When our lives cease to be inward and private, conversation degenerates" to become
  37. English

    Is this a run-on sentence? "It continued to rain until the river overflowed many people had to be evacuated from their homes.
  38. English

    Brenda went to that popular, crowded cafe simply to see her friends. Is it a noun adv or an adj
  39. english

    need help with writing a five-sentence paragraph using chronological order on signing on to my homepage is simple
  40. English

    Are the following sentences correct? He said it was them who took it., It couldn't have been them., Elena and she tied for first place.
  41. English

    True or False: Never discuss an argument's implications. Comment only on the paper's explicit content.
  42. english

    Paraphase - to cut a long story short, one day I decided to be a man about my feelings
  43. english

    In Ernest Hemingway An author's attitude toward a piece of work? Answers are,tone, voice, style thanks
  44. English

    Using hyphens Between acts the theater was completely dark, but the orchestra continued to play any-way.
  45. English

    What reasons relating to 1984 means the the reality tv show World's stricktest Parents should be banned.
  46. English

    What order would you be using if you were an AABB pattern? answers are. Chronological Spatial Compare -and-Contrast Developmental Thanks
  47. English

    If I wanted to describe the setting of a basketball court after a game, what are some things I might say?
  48. essay help/english

    Social work in Adaption: Ethical Dilemmas and demographics (Wages,hours and job outlook etc.) thank you!
  49. English

    The main purpose of a transition is to: A. conclude a thought. B. indicate doubt. C. add emphasis. D. link ideas. D
  50. English

    I need to change the word heavy into light only changing one letter at a time
  51. business&technical english

    -------- means looking at a written message critically to see if revising the content will improve it.
  52. English 10B

    Which of the following conclusions about the speaker is best supported by the ideas and information in "From Emperor to Citizen?"
  53. English

    Read the definition. Need Help the result produced from an event Which term is defined? A.cause B.exposition C.effect D.elaboration
  54. English

    This piece focuses on the increase use of smartphones of youths in South Korea. Should I reword that phrase?
  55. English

    i need 500 words story including (grotesque ,baggy ,interrupt ,noble and afford) Please help by 18/05/14
  56. English Lit

    Help I have no clue!!! A novel is an example of what type of source? Secondary, biased, tertiary, primary
  57. english

    which of the following elements is not part of setting? A. a characters nickname B. the weather C. The time period D. the local MY GUESS IS A.
  58. English

    She waited patiently for her turn on line at the New Age bookstore. adjective adverb noun verb
  59. english

    Many cultures have stories about trickster animals that fool human beings. These are usually hilarious.
  60. english grammar

    Homophones Fill in the blank with homohpones The __of the school are very strict There are many ___in the garden
  61. English

    He seemed embarrassed at first, but he overcame it quickly and held her fingers with his left hand. ------------------- In this sentence what does 'it' refer to?
  62. English

    What is an attention grabbing introduction for the narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass ? Something that would draw the reader in.
  63. English 11

    I need to write an argumentive essay about "American Godthic" (picture). Any ideas what I should argue?
  64. english

    Identify the type of pronoun error in the sentence. If anyone accepts his challenge he will be sorry. reference case agreement
  65. english

    2. In “Tonight I Can Write,” the poet personifies each of the following except (1 point) the sky. the heart. the soul. the voice
  66. english 10

    is this the correct punctuation My friend jumped off the diving board and shouted "look out below!"
  67. English 1

    Which of the following is a characteristic of the young narrator in the memoir "A Cub Pilot" A: frantic B: pious C: discouraged D: incompetent
  68. English

    What is the relationship between literature and place in these narratives "from A Journey Through Texas" and "form of Plymouth plantation"
  69. English

    Has anybody read "A Sound of Thunder" by Ray Bradbury? I have, but I just want some confirmation on a couple of sentences.
  70. english

    Is this sentence correct. While at home, I regretted the expensive purchase,I vowed to return one of the sweaters.
  71. English

    what is the adverb clause in the sentence: Dad takes Ryan to the zoo every Wednesday, unless it is raining
  72. English/language arts

    What is the complete subject in the sentence That orange deposit on the outside surface is called rust.
  73. english

    what is the symbolism and theme in the story Royally Crushed by Niki Burnham? I need it for an essay and I'm having trouble with it.
  74. communication "english"

    when using an assertive technique is it mainly governed by a feedback on behaviour or personality or neither one of them
  75. communication "english"

    Does all the assertive aggressive and passive behaviors have a feedback which depends on behavior only?
  76. English

    They insist that Bacon really wrote the play. I am saying this is a complete sentence with no dependent clause,. Am I right?
  77. English

    How can you describe a school dinner hall? I want to include senses, metaphors and personification. Any help will be very much appreciated Thank you
  78. English

    What personification and metaphors can I use to describe a lunch dinner hall? Any help would be very much appreciated Thank you
  79. English

    3. You should use a _______ conjunction to introduce an adverbial clause. A. subordinating B. coordinating C. correlative D. plural A?
  80. English

    What personification and metaphors can I use to describe a lunch dinner hall?  Any help would be very much appreciated Thank you
  81. english

    a humbly request (from or by)rita in this sentence i use from or by plz tell me quick i have test in tution ???????
  82. English

    What might be some character traits of Montresor in The Cask of Amontillado? I can't come up with anything except cruel.
  83. English

    What might be some character traits of Montresor in The Cask of Amontillado? I can't come up with anything except cruel.
  84. english

    How dies George figure that he, Lennie and Candy could perhaps buy the dream place?(four points)
  85. english

    How dies George figure that he, Lennie and Candy could perhaps buy the dream place?(four points).
  86. English II

    Can "I left Baltimore with a young heart overborne with sadness, and a soul full of apprehension", be used as antithesis?
  87. English

    Which Greek root means “relating to color”? Not sure which one it is. chrys chron chord chrom
  88. English

    Can anyone write a real issue and list who would be on the pro/con side of it. (Preferably 4 or more please) Thanks.
  89. English

    Get an education, or you are doomed to flip greasy burgers for the rest of your life! Which propaganda technique is used in this sentence?
  90. English

    *Dickinson looking timidly too fearful to look up at this man questioning her about her seclusion* Please reword this for me.
  91. Math (factors and products)

    for what integral value(s) of K can the trinomial x^2 + kx +12 be factored? my English is limited, I not sure what the question is asking, can everyone help me? Thank You!
  92. English

    in which hobby would you most likely know about the word pollen? A.Fencing B.knitting C.gardening D.bowling
  93. english (check my answer)

    What is a key characteristic of a refrain in a poem? a. imagery b. alliteration c. repetition d. rhyme I think it's c?
  94. English

    I'm sorry to ask this again but I still don't know what to put as examples of hope and hopelessness from Act One in A Raisin in The Sun
  95. English

    Sorry to ask this question again but what are some examples of realism in A Raisin the Sun in Acts two and three
  96. English Help Please

    Anne accuses Peter of being insufferable,or A. unfriendly B. depressing C. unbearable D. hurtful Is the answer C?
  97. english

    I need help on finding 3 positive points on: why EBT cards should not be banned at fast food restaurants.
  98. English

    poor soul they face is much abused with tears is what kind of figurative language my answer is metaphor
  99. xitsonga english geography maths literacy consumer studies and tourism

    which career i should follow with this subjects
  100. english

    The friendly _____ looking puppy pawed on the window to attract the attention of the people walking by on the sidewalk. [L.11-12.2.a] A. : B. & C. , D. – C
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