1. english

    Metaphors 1. Love is a lemon-either bitter or sweet this is the only one i couldn't find an answer to please help me thank you.
  2. English

    5. The capitalized verb agrees with the subject: Three of my friends LIKE this band. __True _x_False
  3. english

    I need 12 vivid verbs for the following words: lake, river, ocean, swimming pool.
  4. English

    What are the nouns in the sentence Reggie bought a computer today at the store for$700.
  5. English-Need help quick

    Question 2. About how many editors work at a newspaper? (Points : 1) A. one B. dozens C. hundreds D. five
  6. English

    It also affects the way in which one family relates to another, to the neighborhood, and to the community What correction should be made to this sentence?
  7. English

    We should either visit the art museum or attend a concert this weekend. Is this a parallel sentence?
  8. English

    Standard time was adopted (in the United States) (in 1884.) prepositional phrases
  9. english

    i need the answer to this riddle: I am used for contracts I can be a manuscrpt or cursive. I am part of a friendly letter. Who am i?
  10. English

    to settle an argument.. is it correct to hyphenate She will be placed into a short-leg walking cast? I say yes! Thank you !
  11. hstory

    ?what was signed in 1215,required the king to follow the same laws as other english people?
  12. english/grammar/manners

    Do you think us students should have to use yes or yes ma'am when answering teachers/ What do ya'pp prefer? And if so is there a comma between the words yes and ma'am/
  13. English

    hELLO! can anybody give me some ideas? i have to write an essay on: Parents should have every right to controll their children's TV viewing.
  14. english

    a special plane stood waiting for the president find the italicized word
  15. English

    Narrative Essay When I finally got home I saw a mysterious stranger sitting on my porch

    In about (500 words)write a composition ending with "when i woke up i realised that it was only a dream"
  17. English

    What is the simple subject of the following sentence: A large number of swimmers competed in the race.
  18. English

    Which of the following are characteristics of allegory? A. Immitation B. Humor C. Didacticism D. Spiral Plot C. Music
  19. English; Help..

    I'm attempting to write a persuasive essay about a book that I think should get on shelf.. Can anyone giving me ideas?
  20. english

    how to write a formal letter to a editor about declining population of animals in hills.
  21. languages

    Ms. Sue you can give me some website where I can translate documents from English to Spanish. I'll be very grateful for you help
  22. English

    What are some literary devices (simile, metaphor, flashback, etc.) that are used in the song, "A whole new world" from Aladdin?
  23. english/literacy

    i need to write a funny speech about banning something but i don't know what topic to choose please help me!
  24. english

    in the chapter of the story of keesh what was method of those pepole to coun t age of there children?
  25. English

    Is it ethical to use company time to solicited signatures for a petition concerning social issue?
  26. english

    explain the impact terrorism and cyber crime interpret the fourth amendment?
  27. English

    Describe the strategies you have developed to avoid confusing the use of adverbs and adjectives in the future.
  28. Biology

    Describe the various shapes of bacteria HELLPP I NEED ANSWER QUICK ENGLISH BAD
  29. English 9 college prep

    I need to write 3 sentences using the words "persistence" "supplication" and "incredulous" Please help!!
  30. english

    so i should write it this way: they value free-thinking behavior, expressing themselves freely and individualism where they should act according to themselves
  31. english

    I have to do a literary research paper. I would like to do it on the story on Cinderella or Snow White and the 7 dwarfs. Is that possible? Can you help?
  32. English help

    I'm writing an expository essay about a "perfect mate" how should I write my thesis statement?
  33. English 12

    Which of the following sentences does not have a subordinate adverb clause. AFTER I PUT MY COMPLAINT ON PAPER, I FEEL MUCH BETTER.
  34. English

    Include a colon and an explanation. The town reminded me of my childhood vacations: both were on the beach. Is this right?
  35. English

    We were pleasantly surprised to see that she completed the difficult task we had given her with neatness and (irk, dispatch)
  36. English

    what poem does " That there our veins might through Thy Person bleed/To quench those flames, that else would on us feed" come from?
  37. english literature

    discuss maurya's character in ''riders to the sea''as a mother and a priest....thanks ! :)
  38. English

    sentence pattern- Traditional gas-powered cars are harmful to the environment?
  39. English

    They hope to.......a contract and sign it before the end of the week what is the phrasal verb in the blanck?
  40. english language

    fill in the blank with right preposition Rishabh saw ____________ Rakesh's ruse.
  41. english

    8 - 10 paragraphs on The Odyssey part 1. PLEASE, I WONT TAKE THIS FOR GRANTED. god bless. i tried but i cant read it very well
  42. English

    How would you describe waiting at a school bus stop in third person? Also trying to use metaphors and personification.
  43. English

    In the story The Necklace written by Guy de Maupassant what are the examples of similes and metaphors?
  44. english

    Does this sentence make sense? They will be my new patients whom I never had a chance to care for since I volunteered at hospital.
  45. english

    can someone help me need ideas for science fiction story and the rationale behind it, The Martian Chronicles 1950
  46. english

    why "deemphasizing negative test results in a report on your product idea" ia ethicial
  47. English

    Write an informal personal letter to a friend down his invitation for a birthday party.
  48. communication "english"

    Does all the assertive aggressive and passive behaviors have a feedback which depends on behavior only?
  49. computers

    How can you write a sorting algorithm for three intergers in simple english terms before it is translated into C?

    In the essay A Modest Proposal What recurring image do you find in the text? What impact does it have on you?)
  51. English

    Identify the lingustic, political,social,economic, religious for the Mexican Americans?
  52. English

    1. special:not ordinary or usual 2. ________: to have pleasure in something ===================== What is the suitable word for the blank?
  53. English

    I am writing an essay about whether the Catcher of the Rye by JD Salinger should be banned from schools or not. What is your opinion and why? Thanks.
  54. english

    need help with writing a five-sentence paragraph using chronological order on signing on to my homepage is simple
  55. English

    My brother and I lie down to see how many of us could fit inside a blue whale. Underline the predicate
  56. english

    design is to labyrinth as create is to 1.case 2.news 3.picture 4.music 5.puzzle
  57. English

    At the fair, not only can I eat tasty food, but I can also see awesome fireworks. Parallel Structure?....
  58. english

    ms.sue can you give me a couple of ideas probably cause i never really spent quality time with my family
  59. AP English

    I have to write a thesis statement on the meaning of the title of Pride and Prejudice. Any suggestions?
  60. English

    For anyone who has read the Kite Runner, why did Amir not contact Hassan sooner when he got the letter?
  61. 4th grade English

    Would the word an be capital or lower case in an Apple a Day
  62. english

    a humbly request (from or by)rita in this sentence i use from or by plz tell me quick i have test in tution ???????
  63. English

    Identify two important influences on Langston Hughes. How did these things affect his work?
  64. English

    What components make up a compendious meganovel and how is this related to being a "Great American Book?" Thanks
  65. english

    What are some constructive ways that people can communicate their determination to take action or reach a goal?
  66. english

    i have do do a persuasive essay on a book that i think should be in the high school curriculum but i cant think of one to do plz help im desperate
  67. English 10 Honors

    I need help figuring out what the theme of the poem Family "Heirlooms" by James Tate
  68. English 11

    What are three dominant rhetorical devices in the essay "Where the World Began" by Margaret Laurence?
  69. English

    Supposing that if A is equal to 1, b=2,etc. all the way to z equaling 26, what word or words starting with a B and a C total 100?
  70. english

    What is the subject and verb: Until I have my first cup of coffee in the morning,I am so lethargic I can barely move.
  71. english help urgent

    write an original example of the following literary elements personifiacation metaphor simile
  72. English Expressions

    A: How much do I owe you? B: It's 200 dollars. A: Too priecy. ------------------- Are the short dialogue grammatical?
  73. english

    What is the predict in the sentence The naval aviators were physically abused in horrible ways.
  74. english

    How do you diagram this sentence: Driving to the mall, Ann stopped on the way to visit her girlfriend.
  75. English

    Traditional healers should be allowed to practice and prescribe medicine in hospitals and clinics
  76. English

    How does Dos Passos show bias in the book Manhattan Transfer? (examples) Thank You
  77. english

    ok Ineed help I don't know when to use paragraphs ???? help me before I die bescause we've lots of stories to write help help help help help
  78. 5th grade

    how dud sqyabti, the interpreter for massasoit and the pilgrims. learn english
  79. english

    in the poem the tortoise in eternity,what does the poet refer to writing patterned horn?
  80. 4th grade English

    Could someone tell me the possessive form of these words? foxes, monkeys, and pony
  81. english

    why traditional healers should be allowed to practise and prescibe their medicine in hospitals and clinics?
  82. english

    Do people sometimes communicate their determination in the ways of anger, frighten, annoy, or confuse others? How?
  83. english

    The team ..... is wearing the red jerseys the one I came to see. which of the following .pronouns correctly completes the sentences a)who b)whom c)that d)which
  84. english

    How to write an essay topic is based on the 2010 fifa world cup in s.a
  85. English

    Write a description of a trip or complicated journey which you or someone in your family recently made.
  86. english

    My husband said if I would just stop overreacting and be a better mother, everything would be all right. Can you use this same passage to used as a rehetorical device? (a down player)
  87. english

    Pronouns used as subjects or subject complements are in the nominative case. True or False
  88. English Literature

    In Macbeth there are 3 main themes: Gender, The Supernatural, and Ambition. What are 5 examples of each?
  89. english

    I am taking logic 103 and I am having problem with the week four quiz. I am kind of confuse and need help. Help!
  90. AP English Language and Comp

    Whose sin is blacker- Chillingworth's or Dimmesdale's? Why? (The Scarlet Letter)
  91. english

    true or false: william shakespeare followed the elizabethan structure of a four act play
  92. english

    What is it called in a movie when the camera is focused just on one person, to make it look dramatic and emotional?
  93. English

    Identify the adjective clause in the following sentence. The book that is on the floor belongs to Johnny.
  94. English

    Hi, I was wondering for The Scarlet Letter in chapter 8 how has Hester changed since ch 1. I'm trying to do a character analysis...
  95. English

    Traditional healers should be allowed to practise and prescribe medicine in hospitals and clinics
  96. english

    how can i compare with with the Poem brothers by andrew and nettles with Of Mice and men similarties between them
  97. English

    THe tall trees block the blue sky? Sentence run on or fragment?
  98. English

    I just wrote an essay about how annoying it is when people like to type online "l!k3 tH!$", and I need some ideas on what to title it?
  99. English

    If they or someone nearby had only known the simple rules of water safety. How to make a question of this passage?
  100. english

    simple subject of this sentence Alex Tanner added a spoonful of vanilla
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