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  1. english

    need help on italicized portion of the sentence? 1.The weather remaining turbulent, we will postpone our canoe trip.
  2. English

    Poetry is the journal of a sea animal living on land, wanting to fly the air. i not understand what he mean
  3. english

    According to the Introduction, who encouraged Mary Shelley to expand Frankenstein into a full-length novel
  4. English

    in shadowy valleys and rocky ravine where tiny rills meet with rushing streams need it description
  5. English 12

    What is the noun function for the following sentence? Water skiing, sailing, and swimming are my favorite summer sports.
  6. English

    Put your parenthetical citation at the ______ of the information which needs crediting in your essay. a)end b)middle c)beginning
  7. english

    whats another way to say: Creativity is developed through dedication and constant exploration towards a task
  8. English

    Does this have paraelle structure Neither pesticides nor hormones are used in the production of organic foods.
  9. english

    jeanne became a baton twiler thinking it would make her more acceptable to the caucasian students
  10. english

    There are never enough discipline on the playground: someone always is getting hurt. Subject verb agreement.
  11. english

    Choose the sentence in which the verb has a direct object. A. George was furious. B. I walked away. C. They won the game. D. She is insecure.
  12. english

    the coordinating conjunctions that can be used to combine two complete sentences with a comma are for and nor because yet so is this true.
  13. english

    did i use the comma rule correctly? The oil from Eucalyptus trees which are native, to Australia is known for its medicinal properties.
  14. English

    A book or magazine in its original form is a/an ________ source. A. media B. print C. electronic D. oral I think it's B.
  15. english

    What strategy does Edwards use to make the application of his conclusions seem very personal and relevant to his audience?
  16. English

    is there any literary technique or device in: So Margaret gained the acknowledgement of her right to follow her own ideas of duty.
  17. English

    Also, we thought wrongly that (she, her) sitting in for him would decrease our work load. Is the correct answer ( her )
  18. English

    Sarah trained hard for the competition, but she did (not) win any of the trophies. (not is a(n) my answer)adjective adverb preposition noun
  19. english

    Is the following a sentence fragment or an independent statement? Explain how you know. “Knowing only that I was asked to show up at noon
  20. English

    What are the nouns and verbs in the sentence. Life is full of choices, so I must learn to make good ones.
  21. Please

    The War of the Roses placed the __________ on the English throne. Lancasterists Tudors Sheffields Bosworths Normans
  22. english 4

    The two waiters exchanged a look whose meaning was clear to me. what type of clause or phase is used?
  23. elementery

    HI, MY dughter is studying 3rd grade.how to prepare Tsat test in math,english.can u tell me any links
  24. english

    What word best describes the Realist's and Modernist's perspective on the world? A. Objective B. Passionate C. Subjective D. Unemotional
  25. english

    I am taking logic 103 and I am having problem with the week four quiz. I am kind of confuse and need help. Help!
  26. English

    How does the poem(Ode on a Grecian Urn) express both the positive and negative sides of the search for beauty?
  27. english

    The speaker in the poem from Auden’s “The Ten Songs” is trying to flee from? police. Hitler. memories. floods.
  28. English

    The speaker in the poem from Auden’s “The Ten Songs” is trying to flee from? police. Hitler. memories. floods.
  29. English IV

    Is it true or false? A sentence is a group of words expressing a complete though and each will begin with a capital letter.
  30. English 4

    Name five of the political or economic events in the seventeenth or eighteenth centuries that influenced social unrest.
  31. English

    None of us could possible overlook the ___ error the waiter made in adding up our check gross?
  32. english(quotes)

    The identity you stand up for can enslave you and close you to the rest of the world. -Murathan Mungan What does this quote mean?
  33. english(The Lord of Flies

    What view of man is Golding presenting in the statement “the rules are the only thing we got?”
  34. English

    In Romeo and Juliet, what is ironic about Lord Capulet's praise of Friar Lawrence in Act 4 Scene 2?
  35. English

    Need help correcting this sentence there is at least 6 errors. out no loitering screamed grubble the greedy shopkeeper.
  36. english

    Is the following sentence correct Lsy your clothes out at night, and you will have a head start in the morning.
  37. English

    In relation to A Shocking Accident, what word best describes Jeromes attitude about his fathers memory?

    Is this sentence a parallel, if so how can you write it mor simpler? Fire can be friendly or a foe, depending on the situation.
  39. English

    Edgar Allen Poe. What have you learned about the poet that contributes to the type of poetry he writes?
  40. English

    How do you write the compound predicate of: People studied coins, saw jewels, or examined ancient tools.?
  41. English I Speech

    Can anyone tell me 3 reasons why fracking is either good or bad and 3 supporting details? Please, thank you It's urgent
  42. English

    Is this a statement of opinion? In the Doorbell Rang, the author shows the way division works. I think it is am I right?
  43. english

    how do you write a persuasive essay about youny adult women and teen girls quitting abortion.
  44. English

    In the following sentence is there a direct object or a predicate adjective? Sometimes I feel nervous before a game.
  45. English

    Write an essay on how i got admmision into Abia state polythecnic not less than 350 words
  46. english

    The antonyms of ignore,optimistic,humility,indolent,boring,attack,normal,innocuous,preserve,commence
  47. english

    What are the nouns and verbs in this sentence? Life is full of choices, so I must learn to make good ones.
  48. ENGLISH - Please Help!!

    Hi, What are 3 pieces of evidence to back up the argument that there is no way Myrtle Wilson will leave Tom Buchanan? Thanks!
  49. English; Help..

    I'm attempting to write a persuasive essay about a book that I think should get on shelf.. Can anyone giving me ideas?
  50. English

    Hello. I'll appreciate some help. Do you think the following structure sounds OK: "It is said in the statement that..."? Thank you very much for your help.
  51. english

    identify the object of the preposition in the following sentence:the young boy put his shoes under the bed
  52. English Language Arts

    Julius Ceasar: Why does Marullus believe that the citizens should not rejoice in Cesar's conquest?
  53. english

    Write a paragraph naming three possible agendas and one example of each that you might find in the media.
  54. English

    Today, Dad ate two eggs and bacon for breakfast. Label each word, part of speech.
  55. english

    Identify the nouns and verbs; Life is full of choices, so I must learn to make good ones.
  56. English

    Write a 350-word debate paper in which you discuss the benefits and drawbacks associated with group debates.
  57. English

    At the fair, not only can I eat tasty food, but I can also see awesome fireworks. Parallel Structure?....
  58. English paper 3

    Write a dialogue in wich you convince your teacher that you are too sick to participate in sports for thed day
  59. english

    1. Which of the style guides is most focused on professionals who are writing articles for publication? A.) MLA B.) APA *C.)Chicago Thanks.
  60. english

    Which word or phrase is an appositive in the sentence? When Sandy met John—a scientist and critic—she fell in love with him.
  61. early childhood

    What problems might non-English speaking preschoolers encounter in their attempts to play with others?
  62. english

    I really need 6 thick (hard) questions for Act 4 scene 1-3 "King Lear" by Shakespeare PLEASE THANK YOU
  63. English

    Discuss the society in Brave New World as a utopia. What should i make my thesis be??? Please help im so lost.
  64. english

    Some ancient and medieval works have several qualities present in novels. true or false.
  65. English

    Is the statement true or false that the crime rete has no effect on childhood obesity. give a reason for your answer
  66. English IV

    Score: "I always lie" is an example of which of these literary devices? A)paradigm B)paradox C)metaphor D)personification E)none of these
  67. english

    I think that rainy days are just awful, is this suitable to form the basis of a single persuasive paragraph.
  68. english

    “I always wear my lucky hat when the Atlanta Braves play; thanks to me, they won the World Series!” This is an example of (Points : 1)
  69. english

    give two examples in the giant's house for character, theme, plot, style, point of view
  70. English

    Rearrange into meaningful sentence: The river/see/could/from/and/the field/one ripe corn/the height/of
  71. English

    I need to write 2 paragraphs about my favorite movie giving 4 reasons why, but don't have one. Please Help..!!
  72. English

    Is a comma required after "or" in the following sentence? We greet people by saying aloha (italicized) or "love."
  73. English

    I'm trying to write an extended metaphor about myself but I'm stuck. So far I have I am a seed small..
  74. English

    Speak aloud each of the following words. Which has stress on its syllable ? A.Obtain B.follow- my answer C.detest D.Renew
  75. English

    Why did Jim often stay on the raft in Huckleberry Finn? Was it because people would catch him as a runaway slave?
  76. English

    Robin Hood would steal from the rich and give to the poor. (What tense is the sentence in, past or present?)
  77. English

    Which of the following best defines diction? A. simile B. symbolism C. word choice D. dialogue Im sure its probably D?
  78. English

    The knight's shield serves as weapon AND protectant during battle. a. adjective b. verb c. conjunction d. interjection C
  79. english

    Which of the following best exemplifies Updike's own life experience as it is reflected in his short story "Son"?
  80. English

    The stolen necklace is insured for five million dollars. (What is the meaning of the role of 'for' in this sentence? What else can we use instead of 'for' ?)
  81. English

    It is too late to cancel my order. (What does 'it' refer to in the sentence? Is 'it' a false subject or the impersonal pronoun referring to 'the time'?)
  82. english comp

    After watching Roy Hargrove play the trumpet, Marcia decided that she wanted to be one.
  83. English

    After the bully struck him, Jules wanted to......... by throwing a rock, but he had.......s about doing anything so dangerous.
  84. english - myths

    The traits of a hero are determined by A. cultural values. B. their experiences. <-- this is my answer C. the plot of the story. D. their mentors.
  85. 7th grade English

    Use the correct pronoun in parentheses. The book ( it, itself) is a collector's item. Please help. Thanks.
  86. English

    what does it mean by "How does each question that begins "Will you join the battle" directly address the audience to whom Johnson is speaking?"
  87. English

    nondecomposability? How many morphemes are in that word. I have five-non,de,ability,com,ity what about the pos?
  88. English

    However, the game is called soccer in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. --------------------------------- In the sentence, how do you read 'U.S.' generally? 1. you. es. 2. United States
  89. English

    I need to write a comparative essay abput Ralph Waldo and Thoreau. I was wondering if i could have help with a thesis.
  90. english

    Choose the plural noun that's spelled correctly? A. Fathers-in-law B. Phenomenons C. Pianoes D. Editor in chiefs
  91. English

    When starting your search for peer reviewed scholarly sources, which of the following types of databases is your best choice?
  92. English

    when a(n) _______ stands for an idea or emotion, it is called a symbol. A. setting B. dialogue C. description D. Object I think it is D. Thank You.
  93. English literature

    Thoreau writes, "When our lives cease to be inward and private, conversation degenerates" to become
  94. English

    Is this a run-on sentence? "It continued to rain until the river overflowed many people had to be evacuated from their homes.
  95. English

    Brenda went to that popular, crowded cafe simply to see her friends. Is it a noun adv or an adj
  96. english

    need help with writing a five-sentence paragraph using chronological order on signing on to my homepage is simple
  97. English

    Are the following sentences correct? He said it was them who took it., It couldn't have been them., Elena and she tied for first place.
  98. English

    True or False: Never discuss an argument's implications. Comment only on the paper's explicit content.
  99. english

    Paraphase - to cut a long story short, one day I decided to be a man about my feelings
  100. english

    In Ernest Hemingway An author's attitude toward a piece of work? Answers are,tone, voice, style thanks
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