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  1. Comm Tech

    1.)Marla remembers her tuesday class schedule by using the acronym Mest . Which of the following might be her class schedule? A.)Math,Social Studies, English,Technology B.)Math,English, Social Studies,Science, Technology C.)Math,English,Social Studies,Technology D.)Math,Social...
  2. English

    Posted by rfvv on Thursday, October 7, 2010 at 12:07am. 1. You are a girl aged between 13 and 19 years old. (Which one is missing between 'girl' and 'aged'? is #1 from #2?) 2. You are a girl who is aged between 13 and 19 years old. English - MattsRiceBowl, Thursday, October 7...
  3. Fused Sentence

    How do I re-write this sentence using the fused sentence format? See below The creature sat upright and tugged at the shackles binding his ankles, Frankenstein uttered a piercing scream. Check this site for ideas about how to rewrite that sentence. Then post your rewritten ...
  4. English Standard

    How do you explain the techniques in Area of Study: Physical journey type questions? I don't really understand what you are asking, but I entered area of study: physical journey in Google's search box, and here are some of the results: Bored of Studies2004, essay on my area of...
  5. english

    Help with junior thesis idea? ok so i have to write a junior thesis paper (8pgs) by next week and im not really sure what to write about. Its english class obviously and my teacher wants something related to that. lately we have been reading stories about woman and their roles...
  6. English

    Posted by rfvv on Wednesday, October 5, 2016 at 9:36pm. When we send letters, we write 'zip code' on the envelope. What is the meaning of 'zip'? Why is 'zip' used here? •English - Ms. Sue, Wednesday, October 5, 2016 at 9:40pm The word "zip" is an acronym for Zone Improvement...
  7. English

    Posted by rfvv on Thursday, November 25, 2010 at 3:23am. 1. You can't go there alone. 2. You are not able to go there alone. 3. You are not allowed to go there alone. (What does #1 mean? Does #1 mean #2 or #3?) English - Writeacher, Thursday, November 25, 2010 at 7:04am 1 and ...
  8. English

    Here is my last paragraph for you to check. I left out the most important part, which we need to vary, bearing in mind that English must be the lingua franca. Do you think we should include "helping the pupils overcome their inhibitions" among the linguistic objectives? I will...
  9. English/Government

    I had my English teacher correct my paper for government, and she marked a few things I wasn't sure of. Like she said "more so" was one word, and I know it's two. Well, anyway, she said this is a run-on sentence, and maybe I just can't see it, but it doesn't look like one to ...

    Thank you for taking the time to respond. I am in the 5th grade. However word problems are a problem. On my homework sheet it says, Strategies Used.... Visual Thinking... My soloution First I... Then I... Next I... After that I... Finally I... My answer is... I think my answer...
  11. English

    Hello. I'm very grateful for all your help and attention. I've already asked a similar question but there are so many tenses in English that sometimes it's difficult to see the difference. Please help me to choose the correct structures (maybe all of them are OK? If yes, ...
  12. English

    I tried to check the you forms. Thank you for your corrections. Other minor adjustments can be made to improve people's situation at work. 2) First, a person should communicate his point of view with clarity. 3)Second, he should do his best to maintain a balanced lifestyle by ...
  13. English

    Writacher, I urgently need you to check these sentences. Thank you very much. 1.The new teacher arrives on Tuesday for his first lesson. 2.We are meeting our friends in the square at 3 o’clock and then we are going to the disco together. 3.Tomorrow it will be rainy. 4.He’...
  14. English

    Posted by rfvv on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 at 5:35pm. Posted by rfvv on Monday, March 5, 2012 at 7:39pm. Try hard to succeed. (What is the part of speech of 'to succeed'? Is 'to succeed' the object of the verb 'try'? Or is 'to succeed' the adverbial phrase which modifies 'try...
  15. English

    I've added a few more things to a sentence. I'd like you to check it. I included another doubt. 1) In particular, we may be interested in two different types of two-week courses: one for students, whose level usually ranges from low intermediate to upper intermediate; and one ...
  16. English 7 - "Dear Reader" Letter Check

    Can you check my letter. It's a project for English. We are making our writing portfolios. I'm almost done I just have to do this. Dear Reader, This year I done some great improvement as a writer. I add great vocabulary in my pieces. When I'm reading, it improve my writing. I ...
  17. English

    English posted by rfvv Friday, October 20, 2017 at 8:58pm. The frog brew and brew. "Pop!" At last he died because ______________ 1. he blew himself up too much. 2. he tried to make his belly bigger and bigger. 3. because he wanted to get bigger than the ox. 4. he puffed ...
  18. English

    A: I'm looking for a jacket. B: What size do you want? A: Small. 1) B: What color would you like? A: Red. 2) -------------------- 1) I want small. I want a small. I want a small size. I want a small-size jacket. I want a small-sized jacket. (Can we use all these expressions?) ...
  19. Algebra

    1. you and a friend balls for like a salad and a small drink. between the two of you, you have $8.00. A salad costs $2.49 and a small drink is $0.99. Can either of you have a second salad or a drink? assume there is no sales tax. A.yes,one Salad B.yes,one of each*** C.yes,one ...
  20. english

    how can this sentence be corrected "The ball was hit by the boy." The sentence was not incorrect in the first place, but it was in passive voice, and both bobby and Kayse have turned it around and put it in active voice. It's always MUCH better to write in active than passive ...
  21. English

    Posted by rfvv on Thursday, November 17, 2016 at 1:03pm. 1. The road is closed for construction. (What is the active voice sentence of #1?) 2. The city has closed the road for construction. 3. The city closes the road for construction. •English - Writeacher, Wednesday, ...
  22. math

    What is the ratio of English and Science majors to Math and History majors, when you know that there are 400 students majoring in English and 150 students majoring in Science and 200 students majoring in Math and 300 students majoring in History?
  23. English

    I urgently need you to check this part on English history I wrote. Thank you very much for helping me. 1)In 1660 Parliament invited Charles II (1660-1685) to return to his kingdom from exile in France and the republic was over. 2) The restoration of the monarchy was greeted ...
  24. English

    Posted by rfvv on Sunday, October 10, 2010 at 9:17pm. 1. What does a candy striper do at the hospital? (Does the hospital mean a specific hospital where she is working or any hospital(in generic use)? English - Ms. Sue, Sunday, October 10, 2010 at 9:27pm "The hospital" means a...
  25. English/grammar

    Can someone proofread my English paragraph for grammar? I'd really appreciate it. Give me advice/tips on how to make it better Shortly after her moving to the Wisconsin, Molly began attending Second Baptist Church, where during service one day, she said she was approached by a...
  26. English

    Read the sentenced Add quotation marks where needed We went to the movies last night, Brianna said. "We went to the movies last night," Brianna said. Just wait, Gail said, and I will get it for you. "Just wait," Gail said,"and I will get it for you." I need help with my ...
  27. English

    Has anybody read the Canturbury Tales?
  28. English

    How do you write a proper essay?
  29. English

    May I see my essay now?
  30. english

    Help on unscramble these letters : afsedrniru
  31. English

    Does Anyone know a poem that expreses an obsession?
  32. English

    Could you help me with some antonyms for attainment? Thank you.
  33. english 3

    what attitude does everyine have
  34. English

    What was the main problem in the Crucible?
  35. English grammar

    What is the subject in a sentence?
  36. english

    I need a process essay
  37. English

    what can an article adjective be called?
  38. english

    what are five parts of a sentence?
  39. english

    what are all predicate parts ?
  40. english

    what is another way to say "at the expense of"?
  41. English 4

    I need a summary of the Iliad.
  42. English

    How is himself a relative pronoun?
  43. english

    How do I know if a syllable is stressed or unstressed?
  44. English

    What is the theme of the Medusa myth?
  45. english

    what is the synonym for the word show?
  46. english

    How were the Britons and Gauls related?
  47. english

    ales is the greek god of what
  48. English

    What is a homonym ? Please explian thanks :)
  49. English

    When you volunteer, is that an act of chivalry?
  50. english

    does anyone know what the book" the fugitive" is about?
  51. English Expressions

    What is the meaning of 'I am who I am."? (From the Bible)
  52. english

    I know what imagery is I don't know how to express it is this essay
  53. english

    hardship on returning soldiers
  54. english

    who contributes the most to society and why?
  55. english

    who contributes the most to society and why?
  56. english

    What does the term arbitrary mean?
  57. english

    why is music the unversial langugage
  58. english

    how can a person study effectively.
  59. english

    what is a synonym for the word allusion?
  60. English

    what is the name of bulb producer
  61. english

    I need help writing a DBQ
  62. English

    Who killed Naruto Uzamaki?

  64. english

    What does nature is not benign mean?
  65. english

    is it underfunded or under funded?
  66. English

    What are basic literary elements?
  67. english

    what are human relation skills?
  68. English

    What are basic literary elements?
  69. english

    what are the 3 points of view....i still don't get which is which!
  70. English 8

    What is a structural analysis of a word?
  71. english

    is tonight a noun or verb?
  72. english

    What are the 4 nucleotides found in DNA?
  73. English

    How do you write a acrostic poem?
  74. English

    What are the factors that define teaching?
  75. English

    later and then are what part of speech
  76. english

    Pleae unscramble vrafos
  77. english

    what shows phillip prejudice?
  78. english

    What are the subject and object pronons?
  79. english

    room/house what is the analogy?
  80. english

    I need help unscrambling osneesi
  81. English

    ¿is Antibes a historycal city?
  82. English

    how are technological tools important
  83. english

    What are the two kinds of dictionaries?
  84. english

    what is example of affirati ve /positive
  85. english

    my child does not remember the study
  86. english lit

    what are the 10 persuaded techniques
  87. english

    Is positive or negative an opinion?
  88. spanish

    What does encantado mean English?
  89. English

    How do you remeber the parts of speech!!
  90. english

    please help us unscramble sbsolapekpo
  91. English 92

    analogy for the word hypothermic
  92. english

    how do i say thank you when you answer my questions???
  93. english

    what is intrinsic and extrinsic motivation ?
  94. english

    what is the implied meaning of a word
  95. english

    what do you learn when you study economics
  96. english

    wut's a goon to a goblin??
  97. english

    what is the 5 step writing process? thank you
  98. english

    What does handicapping in sports mean?
  99. english

    what is the purpose of handicapping in sports???
  100. english

    what does optimistic and pessimistic mean?
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