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  1. English

    My mother feels (bad, badly) about what happened. I think that it is bad.
  2. english

    What is simple predicates and complete predicates of A king had a strange dream
  3. English

    Use a ___ to separate items in a series when the items contain commas.
  4. English Odyssey

    What is a song lyric that relates to Cicones in Homers The Odyssey and how does it relate to it ?
  5. List of Rights

    Metis list of rights-1869 These were the older rights. And I don't understand many of them, please simplify for me. That treaties be concluded and ratified between the Dominion Government and the several tribes of Indians in the Territory to ensure peace on the frontier. That ...
  6. miss sue

    i go to college and it take 40 to 45 gallon every monthto go to college, some time cost of the gallon varies 2.96 to 3.61 /gallon . what would be my weakly cost to drive college. please answer . i come up with 21 dolor.Am i right or miss some thing . Math - Ms. Sue, Thursday, ...
  7. english

    complete subject and simple subject of this sentence. They can be funny or serious.
  8. English- poetry

    What is the definition of volta? How does the volta change the mood of a poem?
  9. english

    Is the word ivented a linking verb ,Action or an auxilary verb?
  10. English

    Discuss the reversal of the positions of Macbeth and lady Macbeth from what they were in Acts 1 and 2.
  11. English

    What's a proper word for "(expletive)". For example, She stole my pencil, that (expletive)!
  12. English-citing sources

    I am writing an essay and I have to cite my sources but I don't know how. Can anyone help?
  13. English

    In explanatory writing what are spatial words. (vs. time order words)?
  14. english

    which is correct? a couple billions of dollar or a couple billion of dollars
  15. english

    21. …. are friendly and welcoming. (A) The Chinese (B) Chinesemen (C) The Chinamen (D) The Chinesemen i think A
  16. English

    1. I will go abroad. 2. I am going to go abroad. What is the difference between #1 and #2? Are both the same?
  17. English

    Can you give me a sentence that the simple subject also is the complete subject in it
  18. English expression

    1. He is average height. 2. He is medium height. Are both grammatical?
  19. English expression

    What is thieir pet? It's a dog. She's a dog. ------ Which answer is correct?
  20. English Expressions

    What is the difference between civil servant and public servant?
  21. english

    can someone help me write a bibliography for my report? what is the format for writing a bibliography?
  22. English

    In the sentence: After school, we ran to the playground. is After a preposition?
  23. English

    What do you believe differentiates academic writing from other types of writing?
  24. english-character sketch

    how are character sketches supposed to go? i think i am doing this wrong
  25. english

    sentence for prerogative sentence for provincial please make one up . =)
  26. English

    I've always wondered when to use who and when to use whom. Do any writing teachers know? Thanks!
  27. Junior English

    Can someone tell me what subjective truth and objective Truth is?
  28. english-hemingway

    What is the significance of the river in "A Way You'll Never Be" by Ernest Hemingway? THANKS!
  29. english

    is began a linking verb in this sentence Maya began to laugh.
  30. English

    is began a linking verb in this sentence Maya began to laugh.
  31. english

    latin roots half awake half sleep 13 letters
  32. English Defn

    Does work work refer to the type of paid employment? Yes or no?
  33. English

    The Great Gatsby-Why doesn't Daisy stop the car for Myrtle? I don't know why she didn't stop. Thanks
  34. english 3

    Why does nick think Gatsby is gorgeos in the novel The Great Gatsby?
  35. english

    i have to write a speach on euthanasia and how i agree with it but i have no clue on what to do for it
  36. English

    1. How heavy is he? 2. He is 48 kg. 3. He weighs 48 kg. (Is the question correct? Can we answer the question like #2 and #3?)
  37. english

    is the simple predicate of this learn? Chinese is a difficult language to learn?
  38. English

    * Sat, June 3, 2012 How do you read 2012 in the expression above?
  39. english

    What is the simple subject and the simple predicate in the question, Where did you get that ice cream?
  40. English

    Literature: Explain how the historical context of a work can impact that work?
  41. English

    What are some examples of the roles of men vs. the roles of women in advertising?
  42. English

    My teacher says to take booknotes on To Kill a Mockingbird but I don't know what booknotes are?
  43. english

    In the following sentence, what is the verb and what tense is the verb? What will you do after graduation?
  44. english from great 1

    make little words from word pomegranate 15 words
  45. english

    write a review of a performance . the performance can be either a production or a film
  46. english

    does the Fairness Doctrine violate freedom of the press or freedom of speech? Why or Why not?
  47. English

    Question: Why did "Barbie doll" have such a name? Who is Barbie?
  48. english

    what is a 6 letter adverb for not proudly that starts with h and ends with ly and the 3erd letter is m
  49. English

    What is a reflection of a drawing? Do I write what the people in the drawing are feeling or thinking?
  50. English

    eg. In 2010, he will run out of food. (How do you pronounce '2010' in the sentence?)
  51. english

    Can anyone explain to me exactly why the phrase "Let me explain you something" is grammatically incorrect?
  52. english

    I doing a research paper on "obesity" where can I find credible resource for my paper.
  53. english

    What is the falling action and the rising action and the catastrophe of romeo and juliet?
  54. English

    Is Don in? (telephone) - He is not in at the moment. (What other expressions can we use instead of 'at the moment'?)
  55. English

    1. I'd better get going. (What is the meaning of 'get going'? What other expressions can we use?)
  56. English

    Is BECAME a linling verb in this sentence? Everyone became impatient.
  57. spanish

    how would we say this spanish word in english? dona Josefina?
  58. English

    1. Let's not rush it. 2. Let's not rush it too much. (What is the meaning of these sentences? What does "it" refer to here?)
  59. English

    (How do you read '2015' in the following sentence?) I will go over to the Philippines in 2015.
  60. english

    What are the imagery's in THomas Paine The crisis and what is important about these imagery.
  61. English

    1. Can I bring food there? 2. Can I take food there? (Which one is correct? Are both OK?)
  62. English

    Why is it important to discuss the author of a book and the background of the author to students?
  63. eighth grade english parts of speech

    what part of speech is the word in
  64. english grade 1

    how to teach interrogative and relative pronoun to grade 1 students
  65. english

    name a breakfast food that begins with the letter k also the letter a
  66. English

    That's the price of life. (When do we use this expression? What does 'price' mean in this sentence?)
  67. english

    The mortals are the pygmalion and Aphrodite in the myth of pygmalion is that right? help me please.
  68. English

    1. He is my boss. (What is the meaning of 'boss'? My senior in a department or the president of a company?)
  69. english

    Is "A choking gall and a preserving sweet." a gerund of gerund pharse.
  70. english

    i've to write paragraph on birthdays.main idea is birthdays are fun.
  71. English

    It was impossible for him to come. What part of speech is "impossible" in the previous sentence?
  72. english

    i like playing playing volleyball with my friends. is this a good sentence?
  73. english

    why are string puppets harder to make &use than finger puppets?
  74. English

    * Diego (How do you pronounce the name above? Is it a male given name?)
  75. English

    In the novel Push by Sapphire, how does the narration change as the novel progresses?
  76. english

    when and where did Euclid write the proof of the pythagorean theorem. why did the proof was written.
  77. English

    1. I (past, passed) the library on my way to the grocery store. 1. past
  78. english

    what advice does lady macbeth give to macbeth in act2 scene 2
  79. English

    Please help me to jumble this word: UIDNVSEH and it should b a loving word.
  80. English

    I know that 'you' and 'I' are pronouns but are words like 'you're' and 'I'm still classed as perosnal pronouns? thanks
  81. English

    please give me a word that can be associated with the word "pirates" that starts with ex- . thank you.
  82. history

    why does the budget change from year to year? simple english plz
  83. english

    do you know a good sight for practice 0n complete subject and complete predicate
  84. English

    How does online classes and traditional classes contain the same material?
  85. english

    what do you call a story about real things or real people?
  86. english

    how to rewrite this sentence Hibertnation helps an animal with an animal's survival
  87. English

    In the sentence, Shenika looks tired,what part of speech is tired?
  88. English

    Am doing a project about Autism, what are the Cogngntive and pscohosocial of Autism and where can I find them? Thanks!
  89. English Complements

    The sea appearred calm in the morning. Identify the complements?
  90. english

    chick: a young woman A. direct definition B. indirect definition a
  91. English

    I have an e-pal. (In this sentence, what does 'e' refer to? 'Pal' means 'friend.')
  92. English

    Where is Beyonce from? There is an apostrophe on the last letter 'e' in "beyonce.' in a text book? Whay is that?
  93. English

    Seven letter word fifth letter e and seventh letters s
  94. English

    This clue does not sway Romeo from his original purpose. What does he do? ( From Romeo and Juliet)
  95. English 002

    Why complete senteces can help us in our writing at our jobs?
  96. english

    how do you start the first paragraph of a five paragraph article summary?
  97. English

    The boss relies on (we, us) workers. Think it is us because us is the object of the prep. but then what is workers.
  98. english

    in sentence, what part of speech is diplomacy? Diplomacy is the best article.
  99. English

    what is correct to use in a sentence pair of orphans or pair of orphan?
  100. english journal topic

    i need help for some journal topics. thank you so much for your help
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