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Language Art (Please Check)

there _____ a ver long debate on the issue. Which of the following names the sentences subject and a verb that agrees with that subject? A.there;is B.there;was C.debate;was D.debate;were


1. We are going to start/begin the class debate contest. 2. The school debate contest will be held soon. 3. Let's begin the school debate contest. ---------------------- Can a student use all the directions when he begins the debate as an MC? Do we have to use 'contest'? What ...


My debate is in three days time PLEASE HELP!!! I have adopted the split: Society and Individual. My side on the debate is: negetive. The topic is: That womans and mens sport should have equal airtime on television. My first point is: Economy. What should my second point be?


I am new at debate and i need help on the new CX debate cause i have a 6 weeks grade and the teacher wont help me so i need help writing an affermative CX case on RESOLVED: the united states federal government should substantually increase alternative energy incentives to the ...


one boy is more trouble than a dozen girls!!! I need to write a debate on this. Can anyone give me some ideas? ann


how to write a debate? I mean does it have a special form? is it like a letter? what kind of language do you use when writting a debate?


I am to write a debate on the topic"Girls are better than boys."Please support the motion and and give me some points to back it up.

American History

At the time of the ratification of the Constitution, there was a debate over the need for a standing army. Where can I find information about this debate? What were the two sides? Who was on each side?


Can someone give me some tips on how to do well in a debate and possibly win? I have an opening and closing statement, arguments for my topic, and arguments against the other topics. We are talking about the best alternative to using petroleum. My choice was public ...

English - Debate writing

I have a homework on debate on the motion 'The youth should be blamed for indiscipline in the society ' .Please help of to raise points for the motion .


there are 1,320 ways for three students to win first,second,third place during a debate match. how many students are there on the debate team? explain your reasoning


We are having a debate in Science class. We are each given two questions to debate each other. 1. The Climate is mainly influenced the by the sun? 2. The earth has been warmer in the past?

English - Debate writting

PLS I NEED POINTS TO WRITE THIS DEBATE. Write against the motion ' The use of mobile phones by second cycle institution boarding students is essential '.

Environmental Science

Debate the claim that famines are caused more by human actions (or inactions) than by environmental forces. What scientific evidence would you need to have to settle this question? What hypotheses could you test to help resolve the debate?

Debate English

In a debate, after the opposing team poses a question, can our team just stand up and answer or do we have to wait until someone tells us that we are allowed to answer?


In the merchant of venice act 3 scene 5, Antonio quips that the devil can cite scripture for his own purpose (I, iii, l.95). How does the scriptural debate between Launcelot and Jessica serve each character’s purpose? This debate has the potential to explode the harmony of ...


5 students are trying out for the debate team. There are 3 available spots for the team.How many combinations of teams can the debate team make My answer is 15 am i right? If not please tell me your answer and how you got it


A school debate team has 4 girls and 6 boys. A total of 4 of the team members will be chosen to participate in the district debate. What is the probability that 2 girls and 2 boys will be selected? A.3/7 B.4/10 C.1/14 D.1/210


How would you present a uniqueness, link,or impact in a policy debate? Someone told me that during the cross examination period. You are supposed to ask a question and once receive the answer you are given permission to add the link but, i forgot how the question was stated. ...


We will be having our debate. Our proposition is entitled, "Resolved, that Capital Punishment be restored." Particularly, here in the Philippines. I am the third speaker in the affirmative side, what would be my contentions to make Capital Punishment be practicable? Please help.

social studies

6. What did the actions of the Border Ruffians demonstrate about the slavery debate? Select all that apply. (2 points) that opposing sides would resort to violence that abolitionists would triumph by using the press that settlers would follow the laws that compromises would ...


does anyone know anything about bieng a lawyer? yes i am one the debate team does that count in a u live in new york? becuz there is a debate between different schools in columbia universty. im on the debate team too..but dat doesnt mean anything..what do u no bout ...

DEBATE+ Many opinions needed+thanks

I am writing a debate for school and it is about this statement: “The initial cause of WW1 was the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary.” My stance is that it was a trigger but in order for my to write a debate I need peoples opinions that agree ...

Heath - Debate

I need help to fill up my debate points. Debate - Young people should not be able to have sex before marriage. TeamVeiw - Against. So we disagree and think that they should be able to. Do you think people should be able to have sex before marriage? Why? Thanks for any help, ...


Welcome to the English debate. I'd like all of you to take part in this debate. The MC will preside over the debate. I'd like you, the speakers, to come to the front with desks and chairs and be seated on your chairs facing your classmates. On the right, three desks and chairs...

us history debate

Hi. I am doing a debate on wheter united states imperialism in the late 1800s to early 1900s was justified. I am on the side that states that imperialism was justified. I need help coming up with points to put in my rebuttal. i already have my opening statemnt done but I don't...


The offices of president, vice president, seceretary, and treasurer for a club will be filled from a pool of 12 candidates. Five of them are members of the debate team. What is the probability that all the offices are filled by memebers of the debate team?


the debate over the powers of the presidency is essentially a debate a. about article III of the constitution b. between supporters of a strong presidency and supporters of a weak presidency c. about the system of checks and balances d. about the electoral college system b

mittens vs gloves debate

why are mittens better than gloves? I have to do a debate.

Counting and Probability

One member of the debate team is going to be chosen President. Each member is equally likely to be chosen. The probability that a boy is chosen is 2/3 the probability that a girl is chosen. Girls make up what fraction of the debate team?


Yesterday I posted about how I have to debate about Athens and Sparta about their women and children. I looked it up but it isn't helpful because all the information shows that Sparta women are treated better. How am I suppose to debate about the Athens if the women aren't ...

Lang Arts Debate..PLZ HELP!!!

ok there seems to be a lil confusion. the question was not fer my own personal...needs i quess. We r doing a debate in lang arts about wether a dam should be built or not. my character is marta kanu so i need info about how dams would affect whitewater rafting, canoeing, ect. ...

9th grade

the debate club needs $240.00 to attend a debate tournament. the club decides to sell iced tea and lemonade at baseball games. iced tea will be sold for $.50 per cup and lemonade will be sold for $.80 per cup. write the equation to find how many cups of each beverag must be ...


What was the significance of the Mexican-American War? ( choose all that apply.) (2 points) A. Land ceded as a result of the war helped complete U.S. continental expansion B. Mexicans were often sold as slaves accelerating the slavery debate. *** C. New Territories added as a ...


I am trying to find peer reviewed articles about a movie, "The Bad Seed" made in 1956 from a play that was written by William Edward March Campbell. I must analyize it along with the nature vs nuture debate for my Abnormal psyc class. I am trying to annotate the movie and ...

History- Vietnam war

I have a debate coming up, and I got the worst side and topic possible. I need to debate that the Vietnam War was not an example of Imperialism. I've learned the definition of Imperialism, and I have also gone through the arduous task of learning the history of the Vietnam war...

american government

2. which of the following reflects a difference between debate on the House and the Senate floors? A. debate in the senate has very few restraints B. the minority party in the senate manages debate on the floor. C. representatives in the house may filibuster a bill D. senators...


Hello, I have to create a debate for my English class. I am debating a difficult topic, and I was hoping I could get some good ideas on where to start. My topic is that I have to prove that love is not nessicary for survival. Does anyone have any good ideas of how I could ...

argumentation and debate

What is meant by "rhetorical competence"?


who won the debate between lincoln and douglas


Are claims about moral issues subjective, objective or a matter of debate? Subjective and a matter of debate (but no one will really win the debate!) mor·al (môr'əl, mŏr'-) adj. Of or concerned with the judgment of the goodness or badness of human action and ...


why would a capitalist society, in general, cause war?


boys shoulld not help at the kitchen speaking for the motion


Debate for the motion boys should not be help in the kichen


Should Gorbachev be blamed for the current economic woes of Russia? I need lots of opinions becuase I am writing a debate thanks! Here are a number of sites with opinions on that question.

world history

why is the ability to debate still important todat


Why do people debate on fossil fuels? Is it based on how its used? Thanks


How to write a debate for the motion boys should not help in the kitchen


What does my teacher mean by doing a profile of the Lincoln-Douglas debate of 1858?


What was the debate between North and South over counting slave populations?


Debate the motion that the media has too much power in our society...

us history

i need a congressional debate question and 4 quick and easy answers to go with it

U.S History

explain the debate involved in gibbons v. ogden and the final decision.


what is -3 x -3 x -3 x -3? My mom and I were having a debate and I think it's 81, but she thinks it -81. Which one of us is right?

english language

Write debate for the motion " boys should not help in the kitchen"


How did the debate over slavery affect Kansas during the 1850s?

English composition

Write a debate titled "boys should not help in the kitchen"

US government

How is debate handled in the Senate? How is debate handled in the House? someone please answer it. anything you know about it. PLEASE!! Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "US senate house debate rules" to get these possible sources: ...


you are a speaker in a school debate write for or gainst,boys should not help in the kitchen

English composition

Write a debate on the against the motion men should help at the kitchen

Lit Class

what is the allusion in the passage watching a debate would be boring." Kristin said. "I really don't think that's how I want to spend my Saturday morning. "Oh no Mary argued. I've heard some debated where words flew like verbal donnybrooks and were breathtaking as the last ...


what are some good examples of Debate & Diplomacy: Successes, Failures, Consequences. in the past?


Could you consider Khrushchev argument in the “Kitchen Debate” to be advocating for greater equality for women? Why or why not?

health and social care

can you tell me about the nature vs nurture debate please thankyou


Write a debate on the topic;Boys should not help in the kitchen.Speak for or against the motion.


you are a speaker in a school debate on the topic "Boys must not help in the kitchen" stand for the motion


you are a speaker in a debate on the topic "are girls to accept any proposal from boys". stand for the motion

AED 200

The assignment is: Final project is to write an Educational Debate Persuasive Paper on a current educational debate. I chose "Does Prepping for High-Stakes Tests Interfere with Teaching?" Read the "yes" and "no" opinions in the related chapter in the textbook. The paper will ...


How did the Federalists and the Antifederalists try to convince people to take their side in the debate over the Constitution?


The teacher plans to assign 8 students to 8 desks for a debate. How many different seating arrangements are possible?


i am trying to do a debate on "should special needs students be exempt from graduation test: I don't know where and how to start it? any ideas?>

advanced history

I need a website that will tell me everything about The Independence Debate:Consequences for the Colonies?

English Landguage

Debate writing on the topic boys should not help in the kichen. Speark against the motion.


How has globalization benefited farmers in lesser developed regions? I can only find evidence that it hurt them. This is for a debate.


I am to write a short essay on the pros of making marijuana legal and than I need to debate the issue. Can you help with websites


Write a 350-word debate paper in which you discuss the benefits and drawbacks associated with group debates.

American National Government

Several controversial Supreme Court cases have come out of GITMO. One fundamental question that has been debated, but not clearly resolved, is to what extent the war on terror justifies the President's indefinite detention of "enemy combatants" without the possibility of the ...


I have to come up with some debate/discussion questions for a HR class. The topic is surrounding incentive programs. Any suggestions?

english (debate)

hey im in the negative side.the topic is no homeworks on weekends and im the 3rd speaker it really sucks so can you guys help me


What hypotheses could you test to help resolve the debate that famines are caused more by human actions (or inactions) than by environmental forces?


I'm supposed to prove that if america stopped getting involved in the affairs of the world the result would NOT be chaos. PLEASE HELP WITH ANY IDEAS ON HOW TO DO SO! It is not possible to prove a hypothetical. Can you prove that if Tinkerbelle stopped flying, Mothers would ...


According to the nature vs. nurture debate, how might each affect the overall classroom performance of a student? Be as specific with your examples as possible.

Ms. Sue

Create an outline on Should Special Needs Students Be Exempt from Graduation Tests? it is an Educational Debate Persuasive Paper


what the United States may have looked like had the Anti-Federalists “won” their points in the ratification debate and the writing of the Constitution

aed 200

an outline of your educational debate persuasive paper on are uniforms a good way to improve student discipline and motivation


Roughly how many former memberes of Congress and staffers serving as lobbyists were involved in the health care reform debate in 2009


As Principal speaker in your school debate competition, write your arguments for against the motion television is doing more harm than good

education-need help plz

what can be some main points on a persuasive debate on Should Special Needs Students Be Exempt from Graduation Tests?


I need help in finding good online sources for my essay. The topic and question is; why do community college students drop out?


Debate the pros and cons of prayer, Bible reading, and religious observations in public schools. Should current laws change regarding these activities? Why or why not

word question

Settle a debate between two friends? Is sciencey a word? Thanks!


Does a school grade truly reflect the quality of education of that school?

U.S History

explain the debate in McCulloch v. Maryland and the final decision in the case. why was the decision significant?


You are chosen to debate the motion " boys should not help in the kitchen" write fir the motion.


can u help me in my debate topic 'Knowing english ell is equal having a collage degree'

Algebra 1

The debate team needs $240.00 to attend a debate tournament. The club decides to sell cups of iced tea and lemonade at baseball games. Iced tea will be sold for $.50 per cup and lemonade will be sold for $.80 per cup. A. Write an equation to find how many cups of each beverage...


How did the missouri compromise attempt to settle the debate over the future of slavery in the growing american republic? I have to write an essay and I just want to get an idea.

Us History

i need help writing a five paragraph persuasive essay on this The Debate Over Big Business in the 19th century on whose side was better argued?


I'm needing opinions right now. This is probably one of the stupidest topics (in my opinion) that we've discussed on our debate team, but the argument sparked between the teacher and I. We were talking about people bringing pills to school, and there was one case somewhere in ...


because of their dependence on government sources, the news media are unable to set the agenda of debate. true or false


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