Critical Thinking/Math

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  1. Physics

    A car is traveling at 50km/h. The driver sees a child run out into the road 5m ahead. She applies the breaks and the car stops in 5s. The driver's thinking time is 1.5s. a. Will the car stop in time? b. If the driver's thinking time is increased to 2.5s, will the car stop in ...
  2. Calc 3

    If a function of one variable is continuous on an interval and has only one critical number, then a local maximum has to be an absolute maximum. But this is not true for functions of two variables. Show that the function f(x,y)= 3xe^y − x^3 − e^(3y )has exactly one...
  3. writing

    How would you encourage a reluctant peer reviewer? What is your thinking on this? The question has been asked over the past few weeks several times, with good answers. I, and others, will be happy to critique your thinking. Please go to the site listed below. Read it carefully...
  4. biology

    I have some questions that relate to table 2.1 which lists the chemical elements that occur naturally in the human body. Similar percentages of these elements are found in most living organisms. a. In what abiotic (non-life) chemical forms are these elements often found in ...
  5. Critical Thinking

    Over time, non-specialists are usually able to assimilate radically new scientific ideas, even though these ideas may seem strange when they are initially introduced. Such was the case with Newtonian physics; when Newton proposed his ideas regarding motion and gravitation in ...
  6. philosophy

    I am suppose to write a paper on ethical dilemma.I was thinking about writing about a woman who works in retail sales and a customer gives her to much change. I was thinking that would be an ethical dilemma. I was wondering what anybody thinks. I really don't know where to ...
  7. Hot Stuff

    Please hot stuff could you stop answering because you are not helping me. You are annoying me. Missy, you are not showing any thinking, just homework questions. We are not going to give you answers. Show your best thinking on them, and we will gladly critique your work. Did ...
  8. written analysis

    In weeks 1 and 2, via your introduction to the critical thinking process, you are briefly introduced to some of the most powerful and complex questions humans have ever asked: What is truth? What is knowledge? How do you know what you know? In this assignment, you will start ...
  9. English

    Is logic and thinking the same thing. Like could i say His logic and thinking became completely different.
  10. quantitative analysis

    consider a manufacture whose total cost of producing x items is given by c(x) = 10000 + 5x+1/9x^2 a) what is the average cost function of A(x) = c(x)/x? b)how many items should the manufacturer produce in order to minimize average cost? c)what is the smallest average cost? d) ...
  11. english

    what are the pros and cons of joining "netville 2" a computer company that came to your neighbourhood. We will be happy to critique your thinking on this. thanks im having trouble thinking of cons. The only thing i have for cons are: hidden fees and isolation and i have to ...
  12. critical thinking

    3. Definitions sometimes involve both denotative and connotative meanings. For example, the word talk might be defined with this denotative definition: “the verbal exchange of communication.” The associated meanings, or connotations, of talk might be negative if this word ...
  13. Calculus

    For the function below, determine the intervals of concavity: f(x)=xlnx I tried doing it but the second derivative would always be f''(x)=1/x, so it would be concave up at x>0 and concave down at x<0, which is wrong. Also, for the function below, determine the intervals ...
  14. Question

    I'm just VERY curious and I had been thinking about this questions for few weeks. What degree do I get for art and writing????? Please do not judge!!! I had been thinking about this questions for a few weeks.
  15. Information Technology

    what are the benefits from using thinking skills you succeed in your educational and personal life i guess!!! I would love to hear and critique what you think of for this answer ;) Matt What happens if you DON'T use thinking skills? That is, if all you do is react to whatever ...
  16. Math

    I need help please. Find the critical z values. Assume that the normal distribution applies. Right-Tailed test; x=0.03. z=?
  17. math

    Find the critical numbers of each given function. (a) f(x)=3rt(x^(2)-x (b) g(x)=2sinx+2cos^(2)x, 0 <=x<=2pie For Further Reading
  18. Critical thinking

    How can readers distinguish between prejudicial and non-prejudicial use of rhetorical devices? As we've said before, this question has been asked and answered a bunch of times over the past few months. The key in understanding is in making sure you are clear on the meanings of...
  19. Current Events

    Hey! Kayz, so regarding the stance 'that the US should remove political, social and economic support from dictatorships'. So far I'm thinking of adapting the sanctions on South Africa during apartheid for this. I'm also thinking of looking at current dictatorships and why bad...
  20. Reading

    can you help me thank you: 2.Detecting bias is one of the major keys to effective critical thinking and reading. True or False, I believe True 3.Deductively valid arguments can guarantee their conclusions. True or False, I believe it is false 4.A fallacy is an unreliable and ...
  21. critical thinking

    What is the difference between a clause and a phrase? A. A clause has a subject and a verb, but a phrase doesn't. B. A phrase has a subject and a verb, but a clause doesn't. C. A phrase always contains a preposition. D. A clause always contains a preposition. my answer is b.
  22. calculus

    I've done the first question but I cannot get any farther. I'm so stuck. Please explain or just help me to figure out the next steps. A printed poster is to have a total area of 837 square inches with top and bottom margins of 7 inches and side margins of 6 inches. What should...
  23. calculus

    One litre of water at 0 degrees Celsius will have a different volume at higher temperatures. For a temperature 0 ≤ T ≤ 30 (in Celsius) this volume (in litres) is well approximated by the function V = −aT 3 + bT 2 − cT + 1 using the coefficients a = 9.8 × 10−8, b = 3...
  24. medical

    Have 74 questions can't answer 2...pls help. Despite hospital workers' best efforts to clean all equipment, some patients get infected from this source. Which mode of transmisson is this...I'm thinking Fomite...but I don't just want to guess. Is it FOMITE, CONTACE, AIRBORNE, ...
  25. Early childhood

    I need to see an written example of a summary report on a child for preschool that covers the seven domain. 1.Personal and social development 2. Language and Literacy 3. Mathematical Thinking. 4. Scientific Thinking. 5. Social Studies. 6. the Arts. 7.Physical development, ...
  26. psychology

    Take one of the Emotional Intelligence tests at the sites listed below. Reflect on your results and explore ways that you might develop an enhanced emotional IQ. The sites below have informal self-administered surveys that introduce the concept of EI in an interesting and ...
  27. math

    Find the critical value for the hypothesis test, given the following. (Give your answer correct to two decimal places.) Ha: ó1 > ó2, with n1 = 8, n2 = 10, and á = 0.025 F = 2.24 is what I got.
  28. Psychology

    Which of the following statements best describes proactive interference? A. Having majored in French history in the 1960's, Ken finds it difficult to grasp new discoveries about Marie Antoinette B. While learning Italian, Lucy realizes she is losing her ability to speak ...
  29. 5th grade

    Kathy gave her friends clues about a number she was thinking of.She told them when her number is doubled and added to 10,the result is 58. What is the number Kathy is thinking of?
  30. culture

    “They say you Americans can do anything. So why can’t you make your own cocaine and let our children come home from the coca plantations in the Chapare?” (quoted in Weatherford). Can you answer this question? What do you think would be the costs and benefits of ...
  31. Statistics

    2 samples were collected to determine whether there was a difference between two weight loss methods targeting men. The average weight loss method is provided for the 2 samples along with the respective standard deviations. Is the second method - with an average weight loss of...
  32. Math

    Supplier on-time delivery performance is critical to enabling the buyer’s organization to meet its customer service commitments. Therefore, monitoring supplier delivery times is critical. Based on a great deal of historical data, a manufacturer of personal computers fi...
  33. stastistics(psychology)

    A study was conducted to identify the predictors for symptomatic distress in EMS workers. Five predictor variables were used in a regression model and fitted to a data collected on n = 147 EMS workers and yielded F* = 34.47. In testing the usefulness of this model, the null ...
  34. math check

    Find the critical value for the hypothesis test, given the following. (Give your answer correct to two decimal places.) Ha: ó1 > ó2, with n1 = 8, n2 = 10, and á = 0.025 F = 2.24 is what I got .
  35. math check

    Find the critical value for the hypothesis test, given the following. (Give your answer correct to two decimal places.) Ha: ó1 > ó2, with n1 = 8, n2 = 10, and á = 0.025 F = 2.6 .
  36. Math Course

    I was thinking about math courses for next year, and I do not know what I'm going to take. What is the differences between Alg 3 and Advanced math? And also, and does Trig involve? And I'm too scared of calculus to take it.
  37. statistics

    Needing help to get this answer right. _c___ 3. What is the relationship between the alpha level, the size of the critical region, and the risk of a Type I error? a. As the alpha level increases, the size of the critical region increases and the risk of a Type I error ...
  38. Critical thinking

    In your environment, what everyday items are treated aesthetically? For instance, a roll of plain white toilet paper is simply functional, but one decorated with floral patterns is more aesthetic. Consider your impressions of a hotel when the toilet paper end is folded by ...
  39. statistics

    A medical board claim that the mean number of hours worked per week by surgical faculty who teach at an academic institution is more than 60 hours. A random sample of 7 surgical facility has a mean hours worked per week of 70 hours and a standard deviation of 12.5 hours. At a=...
  40. Psychology

    1. Activation-synthesis dream theory purports that dreams result from the brain's effort to make sense of: a. the days activities and experiences b. problems the person has not yet resolved c. our external world d. spontaneously firing neurons during REM sleep I chose D 2. If ...
  41. english - critical thinking

    For some philosophers, writing is an unfortunate necessity, a means of communication that is at best irrelevant to the philosophical thought it expresses and at worst a barrier to that thought. The words in which the philosophical investigator writes up his or her results, ...
  42. Physics

    Can two equipotentials ever cross one another? Explain via analogy to a topographical map Can two equipotentials be tangent to one another? What is the analogous situation in the case of a topographical map? What is your thinking on this? I will be happy to critique your ...
  43. Calc I

    y = (x^2 -4)/(x^2 - x -12) dy/dx of numerator I got 2x dy/dx of denomenator I got 2x - 1 dy/dx of y I got (x^2 - 16x -4)/((x-4)^2(x+3)^2) setting numerator to zero and solving got 8 +/- sqrt(65) with the critical value being the + setting denomenator to zero and solving got 4 ...
  44. math

    Lisa is thinking about two positive integers. The larger integer is seven less than twice the smaller integer. The larger integer is also three more than the smaller integer. What is the larger of the two integers that Lisa is thinking about? ~So the problem just throws me off...
  45. Math

    I am thinking about going back to college and taking online math classes. I am eligible to take either financial mathmatics or contemporary math. But I am not really sure what the difference is between them. Is there one that is more easy than the other?
  46. Creative Arts Question

    Quiet, expressive activities and manipulative experiences are both vital to which? 1. convergent thinking 2. appropriately defined sex roles 3. creative processing 4. risk taking and social development Wouldn't the correct answer be appropriately defined sex roles? This is ...
  47. calc I

    f(x)=x^3-6x+1 find the critical points, where the function is increasing or decreasing and explain the shape of the graph using the derivative and algebra. i found the derivative to be 3x^2-6. So the critical points are -1.4 and 1.4. The derivative is decreasing until (0,6) ...
  48. calculus

    1. (30 points) Consider a manufacturer whose total cost of producing x items is given by c(x)=10000+5x+1/9x^2. a. What is the average cost function A(x)= c(x)/x? b. How many items should the manufacturer produce in order to minimize average cost? c. What is the smallest ...
  49. Critical Analysis Essay

    In regards to Citizen Kane, with the critical analysis question being "Discuss the idea(s) developed by the director(s) regarding the significance of an individual’s perspective" and my answer being "In Citizen Kane, Orson Welles develops the idea that a person’s ...
  50. statistics

    Perform hypothesis testing on one variable’s data. (Choose either the intrinsic or extrinsic column.) Perform a t-test by formulating a null and an alternative statement, choosing an acceptable significance value, determining the appropriate critical value, selecting the ...
  51. MAth

    Find the critical numbers, increasing intervals, x-values where f has an inflection point, and where the graph is concave down from the equation f(x)=2x^4-3x^3-10x^2+20
  52. macroecon

    what is the difference between thinking of a person as being employed versus thinking of a person's labor as being employed?
  53. macroeconomics

    what is the difference between thinking of a person as being employed versus thinking of person's labor as being employed?
  54. Life orientation

    Your friend who was the top learner in your group in grade 9 is no longer interested in his/her studies.You investigated that he/she is not only selling drugs but also drinking heavily during weekends 1.To help your friend you need to put your constructive thinking skills into...
  55. Calculus (urgent!!)

    Consider the function f(x)=12x^5+60x^4−100x^3+4. For this function there are four important intervals: (−INF,A], [A,B] ,[B,C] , and [C,INF) where A, B, and C are the critical numbers. Find A, B, and C. At each critical number A, B, and C does f(x) have a local min...
  56. Calculus

    Consider a manufacturer whose total cost of producing x items is given by c(x)=10000+5x+1/9x^2. a. What is the average cost function A(x)= c(x)/x? b. How many items should the manufacturer produce in order to minimize average cost? c. What is the smallest average cost? d. Find...
  57. History

    Hi, I need some help with this question: It is 1789 .....You are an educated member of the bourgeoise....You listen to the thinking of the philosophes and the physiocrats in the salon and you read what they say in the daily news...... WHAT DO YOU THINK IS THE IDEAL STATE? ...
  58. Math

    Solve. x+12/x+4 = x/x+8 A) x=-4 B) x=8 C) x=6 D) x=-6 thinking that it's B.. help?(:
  59. MAth

    Is 3x+8y=5 a function? I am thinking yes
  60. Math

    Solve. 10/3x + 4/3 = 7 + x/2x A) x = 1/3 B) x = 17/5x C) x = 1/5 D) x = 1/6 thinking it's A.. help?(:
  61. Math

    If P(B)=1/5 compute P(not B)? So I am thinking it may be P(not B)=0.2? Is this right?
  62. Calculus

    Sketch the graph of the function that has the following properties. f is continuous on (-infinity, infinity). points: (-1,2), (0, 0), (-1,0) f'(x)>0 at (-infinity, -1) f'(-1)=0 f'(x)<0 at (-1, 1) f'(1)=0 f'(x)>0 on (1, infinity) f"(x)<0 on (-infinity, 0) f"(0)=0 f...
  63. Critical thinking

    In the following sentence, which words are used as adjectives? The golden rays of the bright sun reflected off the clear waters of the calm lake. A. The, of, in, clear, and calm B. The, golden, the, bright, the, clear, the, and calm C. Golden, rays, clear, and waters D. The, ...
  64. nutrition and wellness

    HACCP are guidelines and regulations for food safety standards. True False As a matter of fact, the government has implemented a system for commercial food preparation, and the word “critical” is part of that system: it is called “Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point...
  65. Math

    Esme is thinking of two integers. One integer is 4 times the other, and their sum is 18 more than 3 times the smaller I integer. What is the smaller integer esme is thinking of?
  66. statistics

    To test H0:µ =80 versus H1:µ < 80, a simple random sample of size n = 22 is obtained from the population that is known to be normally distributed. (a) If = 76.9 and s = 8.5, compute the test statistic. (b) If the researcher decides to test the hypothesis at the α = 0...
  67. critical thinking

    what kind of fallacy is this statementLetter to the editor: “Andrea Keene’s selective morality is once again showing through in her July 15 letter. This time she expresses her abhorrence of abortion. But how we see only what we choose to see! I wonder if any of the anti-...
  68. estimate

    Estimate the number of breaths taken during 70 years, the average life span of a person. Estimate the number of times your heart beats in an average day. And your thinking is...? We will be happy to critique your thinking or work.
  69. math

    Look the equation below. If x=4, what is the value of y? y=(x-1)+13 Explain your thinking.
  70. College Critical Reading

    If someone could please let me know if these multiple choice questions are right? I believe they are but I want to make sure! Thanks for the help in advance! 1. Critical readers watch television by deciding that their primary purpose for choosing shows is based on? a.) which ...
  71. pre algebra

    Ryan is thinking of a number. When he multiplies this number by 6 and then subtracts 15 from the answer, he ends up with his original number. What number is Ryan thinking of?
  72. Infusion

    Giving 500 mg of medication in 50 ml to infuse over 30 minutes using a 10 drops/ml set would result in administration of __ drops/ min A.16.6 B.23 C.34.5 D.41.6 wouldn't you want 500 drops in 30 min? You are not showing any thinking. I am not going to do your thinking for you.
  73. college physics

    A cylindrical stone column of diameter 2R = 1.47 m and height H = 4.46 m is transported in standing position by a dolly. When the dolly accelerates or decelerates slowly enough, the column stands upright, but when the dolly’s acceleration magnitude exceed a critical value ac...
  74. english- critical thinking.

    Property owned by black residents in Washington DC, 1830-1860 Which of the following, if true, would best explain the material presented in the table? A) The total value of property owned by Black residents in Washington during the 1830-1860 period was similar to that in other...
  75. critical thinking

    In 1976 a powerful earthquake hit the city of Tangshan, China. Scientists had failed to predict the earthquake. If people had paid attention to the unusual animal behavior that preceded the earthquake, however, they would have known it was coming. Animals can often sense an ...
  76. critical thinking

    In 1976 a powerful earthquake hit the city of Tangshan, China. Scientists had failed to predict the earthquake. If people had paid attention to the unusual animal behavior that preceded the earthquake, however, they would have known it was coming. Animals can often sense an ...
  77. critical thinking

    In 1976 a powerful earthquake hit the city of Tangshan, China. Scientists had failed to predict the earthquake. If people had paid attention to the unusual animal behavior that preceded the earthquake, however, they would have known it was coming. Animals can often sense an ...
  78. Critical thinking

    I have finished my assignment I just need someone to read it over and check my logic, please and thank you! 1. Read the following argument and answer the question that follows: 1. According to the 2010/11 Statistics Canada census aboriginal Canadians constituted 4.3% of the ...
  79. philosophy

    How do assumptions relate to the process of critical thinking? You need to do some reading. Please have a look here:
  80. Math

    When you're finding the sign of f' and f'' to find a local maximum/minimum, concavity and inflection point where do you substitute the tangent/critical points? In which function? f(x), f'(x) or f''(x)?
  81. Additional mathematic

    Thinking maps are visual learning tools. Each map is based on fundamental thinking process, such as a quantity, sequencing, classifying, comparing and contrasting, and can be used together as a set of tools for showing relationships. Create at least one i-Think map to show ...
  82. calculus

    Let g be a function that is defined for all x, x ≠ 2, such that g(3) = 4 and the derivative of g is g′(x)=(x^2–16)/(x−2), with x ≠ 2. Find all values of x where the graph of g has a critical value. For each critical value, state whether the graph of g has a local ...
  83. Math

    8*2sq+7*(4+1)= ? Can someone explain to me what to after the parenthesis? I mean in the PEMDAS of operations says that I should multiply. Multiply what and when? By the way the actual problem is a example I got out of my book. Right at this momen there is no one problem I am ...
  84. physics

    A cardiologist uses an ultrasound scanner with an operating frequency of 3.5 MHz that can detect Doppler frequency shifts as small as 0.1 kHz. What is the smallest flow velocity detectable with this device? Two frequencies are given so I know I have to convert the units but im...
  85. Critical Thinking

    In 1976 a powerful earthquake hit the city of Tangshan, China. Scientists had failed to predict the earthquake. If people had paid attention to the unusual animal behavior that preceded the earthquake, however, they would have known it was coming. Animals can often sense an ...
  86. Math

    If x+2y=4 and xy=-8, what is the value of x^2+4y^2. I have been thinking about this and can't make heads or tails of it.
  87. math

    what is the answer to 5z-1=?, 8s+4= etc. im thinking it is 5x3 (z=3)-1 equals 14. am I right?
  88. Economics

    Purpose:critical thinking and problem solving. 1. A description of the market form in which milk producers operate. 2.A detailed explanation,with graphs,of how the price of milk would have been determined in the absence of government involvement in the market. 3.A detailed ...
  89. chemistry

    the Ka for acetic acid, HC2H3O2, is 1.8x10-5 at 25 deg. Celsius. In a .10 M solution of potassium acetate, which of the following are true? I. [HC2H3O2] = [OH-] II. [H+] = [OH-] III. [C2H3O2-] < .10 M a. I only b. II only c. III only d. I and II e. I, II and III What is ...
  90. Science Fair Project

    I need help thinking of a topic for an highschool science fair project the actual topic not a link please i really need help thinking of one Testing the water in your school for lead. DOES SODA LOSE IT;S CARBONATION FASTER AT LOW OR HIGH TEMPERATURE
  91. Math: Differential Equations

    I've been stuck on this math hw problem for a while, I was thinking of taking the integral of the equation, but I've been messing up too much that I'm not sure anymore. Q: Is it possible to solve y'=x/(x^(2)-1) for y(1) = 0? Thank you!
  92. 7th grade math

    How does functions in math relate to what you put into it is what you get out of it? Can you explain for me? i'm thinking it doesn't really? one example if you can like in sports or goverment? Don't know.
  93. critical thinking

    I have 4 out of 50 questions left...I cannot figure out the last two rhetorical questions, or the last two fallacy questions. What type of rhetorical device are these? 1. Very little research has been done using properly matched groups with a control group, the gold standard ...
  94. Algebra help

    Solve Rational Inequalities x^2-x-2/x^2+5x+6<0 I cant figure this out. Please help First try to factor whenever you can to determine critical solutions: (x - 2)(x + 1) / (x + 3)(x + 2) < 0 Critical solutions: x = 2 x = -1 x = -3 x = -2 Test 5 intervals using a number ...
  95. Math

    find the extrema of f(x)=x^(2/5), -3<=x<1. I find zero critical points, but the answer says there is a maxima and minima at 0 and -3.
  96. Math Analysis

    what are the two critical points for r=4cos( 4(theta)) and its symmetries. As well as for r=2+2sin(theta)?
  97. math

    Find the critical numbers for f=5+10x-x^{2} in the interval [-3,3].Also find the minimum and maximum.
  98. critical thinking/logic

    use the direct and the counterexample methods to show that these arguments are invalid? For the counterexample method, display the form used. 1. There could be lightening without thunder. So, there could be thunder without lightening. 2. Nothing its better than liberty. Prison...
  99. psychology

    Mario gets out of bed in the morning,and without thinking about it,walks to the kitchen to start coffee,The action of walking to the kitchen was carried out by: A the central nervous system B motor nerves C sensory nerves D autonomic nervous system I think correct answer is D(...
  100. critical thinking

    Can some please help with these questions. I just want to make sure I am on the right path. 1. Our frame of reference. a. definitely makes us objective and open-minded b. stops us from having obstacles in our approach to reading, c. limits how we view the world , and ...
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