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  1. MATH 115

    1. find the rate 635ft./5 seconds= 2. complete the statement 82cm = mm 3. complete the statement 15g = kg 4. sabrina has the following math quiz scores 19, 24, 25, 17, 13, 18. find her mean score, to the nearest tenth if necessary. 5. eleven applications for a certain position...
  2. English

    I have completed this test and I missed 4 questions. My answers are submitted in blue, can you tell me which questions are wrong. 1.Having studied small engine repair in night school, fixing the lawn mower was easy. dangling modifier 2. When I asked for a submarine, the ...
  3. English

    1. He goes to an academy to study math and English. [Is 'an academy' in generic use? Or Does 'an' mean 'one'?] 2. He goes to academies to study math and English. [Is the word 'academies' in generic use?] 3. He goes to the academy to study math and English. [Does 'the academy' ...
  4. Chemistry Questions!!

    I was sick for 2 days, and that's really not good in any chemistry class, let alone mine, which is an advanced one. I don't know what I was thinking when I tried to be smart, but I really need help. It's pretty basic, I think, so anyone..? Also, I really have tried these......
  5. math

    I have a question in my math class in college. Here is the question, but I just need help on HOW to answer it. My text isn't clear at all. A box contains 2 black balls and 3 gold balls. 2 balls are randomly drawn in succession. a.if there is no replacement, what is the ...
  6. Math

    Are these correct? I need to bring my grades up for math. Please help! 1. Identify the decimal and simplified fractional form of 60% A)0.6 and 4/5 B)0.6 and 3/5 *** C)0.06 and 3/5 D)0.06 and 6/10 2. A baseball team wins 45% of its games. What fraction of games does it win? A)8...
  7. Math

    Can you help me understand this math problem...I could figure it out the long way but I think there is a formula that I can use that I'm not remembering: I have 18 different colors of marbles. I'm going to arrange them in sets of three. I want to do this 6 times with out any ...
  8. PLEASE HELP! Math

    I really need help with this one question on my math pretests and I have no idea what to do! The question is: Mandy begins bicycling west at 30 miles per hour at 11:00 am. If Liz leaves from the same point 20 minutes later bicycling west at 36 miles per hour, when will she ...
  9. Math, Algebra

    So I've tried for two days to figure out this problem. I tried to ask my friend to help me but she just won't. My parents don't know anything about math, they said so themselves. The first day I tried I cried I got so frustrated. The second day I just gave up. Today is my last...
  10. English

    I don't understand E.L. Doctorow's essay "Why We Are Infidels". Please help me understand it, because I have to compare and contrast this essay with Salman Rushdie's "Imagine There's No Heaven." Thanks for the help! Here it is, in...
  11. math

    Posted by Ted on Wednesday, January 30, 2013 at 5:05pm. susan has $450. she uses 30% of her money to but a dress and 20% of the remainder to buy a pair of shoes. how much money does she have left? i got $225.00 left. am i right math - Ms. Sue, Wednesday, January 30, 2013 at 5:...
  12. Critical Thinking

    Read the article “Controlling Irrational Fears After 9/11” 1) Identify at least two arguments in the article. 2) Outline the premises and conclusions of each argument you find. Answer the following questions for each argument, making sure to explain how you arrived at your...
  13. Math

    I am not exactly sure of what I'm supposed to do in the following question: Describe and correct the error, given the functions f(x)=3x - 5 and g(x)=1/3 - 4/3. The first equation is as follows: g(-3)= 1/3 - 4/3 (3) =1/3 - 4 = -3 2/3 The second equation is: f(1)= 1/3 - 4/3(1) =...
  14. Math

    My son is having a math test tomorrow I am unable to tell properly. Thank u so much for u r help ~Be able to identify and draw the following: triangles, rectangles, squares, trapezoids, pentagons, hexagons, and cubes. ~Tell how many sides and angles the shapes have. ~Explain ...
  15. math ,correction

    Problem#1 Directions: Find the distance between each pair of points. (-3,0) and (4,0) My answer: d = 7 Problem #2 Directions:Use the Pythagorean theorem to determine the length of each line segment. Where appropriate, round to the nearest hundredth. Points (1,-1)(3,2) My ...
  16. help asap gov't

    We have held that a liberty interest protected under the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment will be deemed fundamental if it is "implicit in the concept of ordered liberty." Palko v. Connecticut... In construing the phrase "liberty" incorporated in the Due Process ...
  17. US History

    i really need help with this study guide 30.) Franklin D. Roosevelt became president during the Great Depression and established the New Deal in attempts to help the country recover. The New Deal was made up of several programs that are often times nicknames the alphabet soup ...
  18. Math Homework

    Hello! I need help with these math questions, thanks! :) 1.) Solve the system by substitution. 5x + 2y = -17 x = 3y 2.) Solve the system by substitution. x/3 + y = 4/3 -x + 2y = 11 3.) Solve the system by elimination. 2x - 3y = 0 2x + 6y = 3 4.) Solve the system by elimination...
  19. math lit, geography, life science,business studies

    hey there! what career can do with math lit, geography, life science and business studies?
  20. math

    If everyone had the same body proportions, your weight in pounds would vary directly with the cube of your height in feet. Assume the average height and weight of a female in your math class is 5'5" and 150 pounds. Use this information to write a variation equation then use it...
  21. math

    It's been several years since I have had to do math and I am posed with this ? and don't recall how to find the answers. There is a fixed overhead of $1 per bolt. They make a run of 10,000 bolts at a total marginal cost of $70k. They sell them all, and lose $20k. What is the ...
  22. math

    Help. I have not done math in a long time. I need help making the equation. I will be able to complete the equation if I only knew how to write out the equation. At a depth of x feet under water, the pressure in pounds per square inch is .43x + 14.7. What is the pressure in ...
  23. Creating High-Quality Centers

    Which of the following teachers is using the computer most effectively? A. "I use the computer to manipulate figures and place the actual hands-on manipulatives nearby." B. "I use the computer so that children can manipulate geometric figures." C. "I believe that my preschool ...
  24. ECON!

    Happiness Is ... Being Old, Male and Republican Americans grow happier as they age, surveys find. And a new Pew Research Center survey shows the tendency is holding up as the economy tanks. Happiness is a complex thing. Past studies have found that happiness is partly ...
  25. Math

    On Joe Martin's graduation from college, Joe's uncle promised him a gift of $12000 in cash or $900 every quarter for the next 4 years after graduation. If money could be invested at 8% compounded quarterly, which offer is better for Joe? I have done this problem but I keep ...
  26. Math/Euler's Method

    Consider a cooling cup of coffee whose initial temperature is 205°. The room temperature is held at 70°. Suppose k = 1/16. Let y be the temperature, and y' its time derivative. ----------------------------------- I have the differential equation: y' = (-1/16)(y-70) Initial ...
  27. Math

    i have to do math riddles and their hard so can you help me out with this one please "six students lined up for a free throw competition. The fourth person won the event. Place the students in order and identify the winner. Paulin went before Ayla and rowen. Ayla shot right ...
  28. Math

    20. The time t required to drive a certain distance varies inversely with the speed, r. If it takes 2 hours to drive the distance at 67 miles per hour, how long will it take to drive the same distance at 55 miles per hour? a. about 1.64 hours b. about 134.00 hours c. about 2....
  29. Business Law- Ethics

    I'm not sure how to go about doing this. I feel like it's an easy question but im thinking to far into it. I want to say that Davis would be the first person to be let off & Carter would be the last person to be let off. I'm not sure what order the rest would be in though. I ...

    Thank you for answering the question before bobpursley, I understand how you did the deriv of inside, outside, but how do I now do the second derivative since you have the extra -18x^2 in the numerator?? Thank you very much! (I suppose I have to brush up on my derivatives) ...
  31. math fair projects

    what are some good math fair projects Here are some broad ideas, I don't know your grade level. Use the Google search engine to find out details. Golden Mean Fiboccani numbers Discovery of Calculus The history of PI Archimedes Square yeah those are pretty good. a nice broad ...
  32. writeacher

    because in the previous message about the pemdas it is parenthesis,exponents,multiplication,division,addition,subtraction therefore how that little part that looks like this 12 divided by 2*2 it would be multiplication first then SORRY THEN DIVISION SO THAT MEANS OVERALL IT IS...
  33. math logic correction !!

    What comes next in the sequence? st, nd, rd, th, __, __. Sorry about typos in previous question. th, th These are the two-letter endings to "ordinal" numbers, starting with the "first". See Thanks for your example, but I still don...
  34. math-steve

    When Mr. Lucky starts betting, he has 3 dollars. On any bet, he wins with probability 1/3 and loses with probability 2/3. If he wins a bet, the total amount of money he has triples. If he loses a bet, he loses 2/3 of the total amount of money he has. Mr. Lucky’s objective is...
  35. math(check answers)

    please check my math ANSWERS 1.which pair of ratio form a proportion? choose all that apply. A. 1/6, 4/20 B. 7/9, 28/36(I PICK THIS) C. 14/18, 21/27 D. 30/80, 8/18 2.which pair of ratios does not form a proportion? A. 3/5, 24/40 B. 30/10, 15/3(I PICK THIS) C. 9/14, 3/4 D. 7/12...
  36. Math w/reply

    Hey there, just need help with these two. I need someone to help explain them to me/break them down. 1. gr 1/100=_____mg Answer: 0.6 2. 0.3mg= gr_____ Answer: 1/200 3. gr iii /ss= ______mg Answer: 210 Thank you in advance! *** REPLY: I did not get these answers. These are the ...
  37. Math

    In a group of 40 students, all students study maths, 28 study biology and math, 20 students study geography and maths and x students study all three subjects. a. Draw a venn diagram to represent the information above, showing in terms of x, the number of students in each ...
  38. Math (Transition)

    I need some help in math here is the problem if anyone can help me please reply When the fuel tanks of an airline are 3/8 full, they contain at least 6300 gallons. How much fuel can the airliner hold when the tanks are full? Since 3/8 equals 6300, you need to see how many ...
  39. math (transition)

    i need some help in math here is the problem if anyone can help me please reply When the fuel tanks of an airline are 3/8 full, they contain at least 6300 gallons. How much fuel can the airliner hold when the tanks are full? Since 3/8 equals 6300, you need to see how many ...
  40. math

    A golf ball is to be hit 300 yards straight to make a hole in one. Having only played miniature golf, your first swing makes the ball skew 50 yards N 30 W. Trying to get back on track, the second shot goes 80 yards N 35 E. Now you are very upset with this game and you swing ...
  41. Math

    1. There are 18 boys and 12 girls in a math class.what is the ratio of girls to total students? A.18:30 B.(12:30) C.30:12 D.30:18 2.which of the following ratios are equivalent to 6:9? Choose all that apply. A.3:2 B.18/27 C.(30:45) D.(24/32) 3.what is the unit price for one CD...
  42. math-old

    A bag got mix up 6 pairs of shoes – 2 red, 2 blue, and 2 purple. Picking randomly, how many shoes must I pick before for sure that there is one matching pair in red or blue? Ms Sue answered 4. Request for explanation please. math - Ms. Sue, Tuesday, January 29, 2013 at 10:...
  43. poetry(list poems)

    I am having trouble making a list poem, I am supposed to do it on one of my favorite things. My favorite things are horses. Can anyone help me plzzz?!?!?!?!?!?!?! List Poems A list poem is a poem in which every line is one item in a list. For instance, students could write a ...
  44. math

    A researchr assistant made 160mg of a radioactive, and found that there was only 20mg left after 45hours. a) What is the half-life of this substance? b) Write a function to represent the amount of substance left after x hours c) If the researcher kew he needed 100mg of the ...
  45. Math

    Hello i am doing assignment in my math 20-2 class. The question is: data collected of cars passing on the road revealed that the average speed was 90 km/h with a standard deviation of 5 km/h and the data which is normally distributed a policeman is assigned to set photo radar ...
  46. Math!Please Help.!

    Hi.-It's Margie and I have a Math Lab to do but I don't get this.If you can, please help.: Use the Pythagorean Theorem to find the diagonal of the new room. length=22 width=25 area=350 Is the area supposed to be 550 instead of 350? Area of a rectangle is length times width, ...
  47. math

    i have math homework and it says i have to find 1 pair of rectangle that are simular and find the scale factor but i cant find the scale factorthe k rectangle is 4 cubes base by 3cubes height and n rectangle is 12 cubes base and 1 cube height but i cant find the scal factor ...
  48. math

    The Zalinsky family can drive the 220 miles to their cabin in 4 hours at 55 miles per hour. Son Jeff claims that they could save half an hour if they drove 65 miles per hour, the speed limit. How long will it take the family if they drive 65 miles per hour? My solution is 3 ...
  49. Quick math help

    My math exam is coming up Friday and I need help!! Can you please guide me throgh the processes on the three questions? Thank you so much greatly apreciate it!! Write the standard form of the equation of each line given the slipe and y-intercept. 1. Slope= -1/5, y-intercept=0 ...
  50. math-followup

    A bag got mix up 6 pairs of shoes – 2 red, 2 blue, and 2 purple. Picking randomly in the dark, how many shoes must I pick before for sure that there is one matching pair in red or blue? Ms Sue answered 4. Request for explanation please. math - Ms. Sue, Tuesday, January 29, ...
  51. math

  52. math

  53. Math

    [52 + 10] 62 62
  54. math

    what is u, w, and z? what are you asking?
  55. math

    x= 6/4
  56. math

    Thanks. I will.
  57. math

    5+5=10 yes
  58. math

    what is 80% of 5? 4 4
  59. math

    2+2= 4
  60. math

    7k^2-6k+3=3 7k^2-6k+3=3 7k^2 - 6k = 0 7k^2 = 6k 7k = 6 k = 6/7
  61. Help in math

  62. MATH

    5+2 5 + 2 = 7
  63. math

    6*(5+4) 6 x 9 = ?
  64. math

    1 1 /3 X 1.80 1 1/3 = 4/3 4/3 x 1.8 = (4 x 1.8)/3 = 7.2/3 = 2.4
  65. math

    2n-3 for n=9
  66. Math

    2_ 5_ = 17
  67. MATH

  68. MATH

  69. math

  70. math

    -12-(-17)/ -23-(-23)
  71. math

    (-12) -(-17) / (-23)) - (-23)
  72. math

    How do you do this? w=[k(B+b)]/3
  73. Math

    4x-y =5
  74. math

    3a - 8 (2a + 5b) - (a - 7b)
  75. math

    a(x+c)= b(x-c)
  76. MATH

    d^2+8 8-d ------ - ------ d^3-d d^3-d
  77. MATH

    2m + 1 --- --- 6m-3 3-6m
  78. math

    (7x^5)(8x) (-2.4m^3)(3.5m^-3)
  79. Math

    5 3/4 - (-8 1/2) = ?
  80. math

    -2x + 4(2x - 9)
  81. math

    1.if 7y=2x=5,then x= ?
  82. math

    If 7y-2x-5,then x=?
  83. Math

    What is a²+6a-72+0 ?
  84. math

    If 7y-2x-5,then x=?
  85. Math

    4/5 of 10=
  86. Math

    / X = 21
  87. math

    11/12-[1/3 1/4]=
  88. math

    If h= 3 and k =4, then hk+4/2 -2=
  89. math

    If n=2 and x=1/2, then n(4-x)=
  90. math

  91. math

    y=7x-6 When y=0 x=?
  92. math

  93. math

  94. math

    if y=6 3x-y=10 what is x
  95. math

  96. math

  97. math

  98. math

    2m+12=3m-31 3(5j+2) = 2(3j-6)
  99. Math

    9k+6<39 -
  100. math

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