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  1. geometery

    4. Quadrilateral MATH has been dissected into squares. The area of the red square is 64 square units and the area of the blue square is 81 square units. Determine the dimensions and the area of quadrilateral MATH.
  2. geometry

    Quadrilateral Math has been dissected into squares. The area of the red square is 64 square units and the area of the blue square is 81 square units. Determine the dimensions and the area of Quadrilateral Math?
  3. Math

    The ratio of boys to girls in a math class is 5 to 3. When 3 girls and 1 boy join the class, the ratio becomes 4:3. What is the least possible number of students in the class after the new students join?
  4. math

    Julian spent 45 minutes doing his math homework. He spent 35 minutes doing his science homework. Afterward, he did his reading homework. He ended up studying for 2 hours and 15 minutes altogether. How long did it take him to do his reading homework?
  5. Math

    A farmer has 100.00 and he has to buy 100 budgies blue ones cost 10.00 green ones cost 3.00 and yellow cost .50 he has to buy at least 2 yellow and he can only spend axactly 100.00. This is a fifth grade math problem. I am a grandma trying to help my 10 year old grandson. I ...
  6. Math

    LOL I can't figure this out. It should be easy it's been years since I've been in school and my son has no idea. The product of two numbers is 63. Their sum is 16. What are the numbers? Thanks for the help! Let's factor 63. 1 x 63; 3 x 21; 7 x 9. Which of those pairs of ...
  7. Speeches

    I have to write/ present a speech to become treasurer for my 7th grade class... things i know: I am in accerated math I am responsible I was a representative in Student Council last year I am not certain how accelerated math is helpful in the position of Treasurer. ...
  8. Math

    Solve the following problem taken from Treviso Arithmetic, a math textbook published in 1478 by an unknown Italian author: A man finds a purse with an unknown number of ducats in it. After he spends 1/4, 1/5 and 1/6 of the amount, 9 ducats remain. It is required to find out ...
  9. Math

    The function D(h)=7e^-0.4(h) can be used to determine the milligrams D of a certain drug in a patient's bloodstream h hours after the drug has been given. How many milligrams will be present after 9 hours. Round three decimal places. so 7e^(-0.4 x 9) = .191 To get this answer ...
  10. math

    The function D(h)=7e^-0.4(h) can be used to determine the milligrams D of a certain drug in a patient's bloodstream h hours after the drug has been given. How many milligrams will be present after 9 hours. Round three decimal places. so 7e^(-0.4 x 9) = .191 To get this answer ...
  11. Math

    In a golf math Jesse scored 5 over par Neil scored 3 under par, Felipo scored 2 over par and Dawson scored an even par. Order the players from least to greatest score I don't know how to answer this one because I don't know what par is in golf? Is it a certain number?
  12. gifted ELA

    Hello, I go to C.A and this is a review before my last test. I think I know the answers but just looking for someone to double check! Please help :-) 1. What effect does Father’s return have on the Sakane family? A Yuki finds it hard to adjust to having both parents tell her...
  13. Math

    Why can't the slope of a line be expressed as a decimal or a fraction? The slope of a line should be expressed as a fraction. The formula is Rise over Run. Rise is how much further up u go and run is how much further across do u go. Does that answer your quetion? My math ...
  14. math

    find the percent increase in the population between 1950-2000. 965,000,000 in 1950 2251,000,000 in 2000 I tink it is 2251 / 965 = 2.33 = 233% Is ths right or did I do my math wrong
  15. English

    I have to write my cure for an "ill" that plague teenagers. This one poem provides a good example of what I'm trying to do. I t is calles Scrawny's surfire ance cure. The plague in it was zits, and the cure it suggested was First apply a cloth dipped in hot water. The heat ...
  16. math

    Read the following scenario, and formulate the response you might give the parent; share your response, and explain your reasoning: A new math teacher at your school is questioning your use of manipulatives in the classroom. They think using manipulatives is too simplistic and...
  17. singapore math

    My 3rd grade son get this math problem. It states that John thinks of a 3-digit number. What is his number? Use the clues below to find John's number. Every digit is different. The sum of all thedigits is 19. The difference between the hundreds digit and the ones digit is 6. ...
  18. Math (integrals) (Substitution)

    I am given an integral to solve with given substitution values. I got an answer, but I'm not quite sure if it's correct as an online integral calculator gave a different answer. ∫ x sqrt(4-x) dx Given that u = 4-x . In this case, x = 4 - u du = -dx Now.. =- ∫ (4-u)sqrt(u) ...
  19. Math

    Post a New QuestionCurrent Questions Homework Help: Math Posted by Mikil on Wednesday, September 23, 2015 at 6:50pm. Write a linear equation in slope intercept form for each of the following: A line perpendicular to y=x+2 that passes through the origin. A line perpendicular to...
  20. 4 th grade Math

    Of the first graders who were asked, 1/6 like math best, 2/3 like reading best, and 12 like science best. How many first graders were asked their favorite subject? Into how many equal parts should the picture be divided?
  21. Math

    Darryl bought a surfboard from Wave Bye-Bye that was on sale for $140. The original price was $280. What fraction off was the discount? Wouldn't it have been 50% off if 140 is half of 280? unless it's a trick question... Mabey I guess I will put that. Thank you for your help. ...
  22. math

    the least common multiple of 3, 6,9 i say 18 Sheila practiced hours Monday, hours Tuesday, and hours Wednesday. What is the total number of hours that she practiced? A) hours B) hours C) hours D) 6 hours Complete the statement, using the symbol < or >. 0.6 A) > B) <...
  23. bobpursly,.math

    Ok, assume it equals zero. 2x + 3y -6=0 subtract 3y from each side. add six to each side. divide both sides by two. its how its in the book i'm suppost to solve for x. but how? How do I solve for the following: Directions solve each literal equation for the individual variable...
  24. math

    I have a math problem. A Mars year is 1.88 Earth years. If you are 13 years old in Earth years, about how would you be in Mars in Mars years? Thanks
  25. Math

    7 10 of your friends prefer to take a math test on Friday. 7 20 prefer Friday and Wednesday. What fraction of those who prefer Friday also prefer Wednesday?
  26. Chemistry

    #3 a)What is the pH when 1.25L of a 0.200 M solution of the strong electrolyte NaH2PO4 is mixed with 1.00 L of a .150M solution of the strong electrolyte Na2HPO4? b)What is the pH if the volume of the solution in problem #3a is doubled? c) What is the pH if 200mL of .100 M ...
  27. english

    i need an outline for what i should take notes on while i read a book because when i finish reading i need to write a book analysis. thanks in advance Keeping a reading log or reading journal is the best way to remember what you read and what you were thinking about when you ...
  28. To Dylan - re English essay

    To repeat your assignment: "In a five-paragraph essay, discuss which author was more successful in creating a good piece of literature. Use examples from both books to explain your thinking." And the rubric... The Student demonstrates an understanding of both books The student...
  29. Critical Thinking

    Identify any examples of bias presented by the author. If none exist, explain how you determined this. Until his death in 2003, Paul Simon was a professor at Southern Illinois University, where he taught classes in political science, history, and journalism, and served as ...
  30. Math

    Here is the graph for the question: Year|Average Gas Price 2005|$2.25 2006|$2.25 2007|$3.05 2008|$2.78 2009|$2.25 2010|$2.52 2011|$3.40 2012|$3.51 2013|$3.40 2014|$2.96 2015|$2.34 What equation models the data? What are the domain and range of the equation? Do you think your ...
  31. 4th grade math

    how do i convert these problem. thank you _____fl oz=4 gal _____fl oz=3 pt 3 mi=____ ft CAN SUMONE PLEZ HELP BE4 MY BEDTIME!!! You can look them up in here. Find out how many ounces (oz) in a pint, quart, gallon. Do the math. There ...
  32. English-Ms. Sue

    Ms. Sue I made my summary better. But I inserted too many words. I only need a 500 word summary. Could you please help me make it shorter. Thank you so much:-) This is what the teacher wants: Plot Activity: Write a 250-500 word summary of your novel. Include where and when the...
  33. math

    There are 25 books in a bookcase. The books in the bookcase are all math, science, and history books. Seven of the books are math books. There are 4 fewer science books than history books. How many science books are in the bookcase?
  34. Math

    I really need a math dictionary... I need the following definitions Please: point line intersecting lines parallel lines vertical lines horizontal lines acute angle obtuse angle right angle square rectangle trapezoid rhombus pentagon hexagon octagon triangle circle chord ...
  35. math

    need help on this one...i hate these kind of math Kickapoo Camp has 3 activities periods with the choices shown. How man different schedules are possible?? Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 leatherwork archery swimming wood carving field games canoeing basketry ...
  36. Math (7th grade)

    I have a math question that I do not really understand how to answer is there someone who can walk me through it? In Pinecrest middle school there are 58 6th graders 76 7th graders, and 38 8th graders. The counsel is made up of 35 students who are chosen to represent all three...
  37. Math

    What is meant by the terms vertical and horizontal asymptotes Here is a nice graph with vertical and horizontal asymptotes. THe dotted lines are the asymptotes.
  38. business management and leadership

    Assignment Detail MGT240-1003A-01 Business Management and Leadership Assignment Name: Unit 3 Individual Project Deliverable Length: 2-3 pages Details: Turning a failing organization around is one of the most interesting activities in management. When organizations see ...
  39. jasmine20

    I just wanted to say I have seen you getting better in math as time goes on. You take the ideas presented to you and do a really good job of figuring out how to apply them. Noticed your hard work and thought I'd give you a kudos. I notice other hard workers too. But I tend to ...

    Posted by Kim on Tuesday, October 31, 2006 at 8:11pm. I am COMPLETELY LOST for this one...dnt even know where to start MOLES 1) Lithium Hydroxide reacts with Carbon Dioxide to form solid Lithium Carbonate and Water. How many grams of carbon dioxide can be absorbed by each 1 ...
  41. Math

    how to explain to my child this math problem : davia draws a shape with 5 sides .Two sides are each 5 inches long . Two other sides are 4 inches long.The perimeter of the shape is 27 inches . What is the length of the fifth side?
  42. Math

    Of the coins in Tricia's bank, 5/7 are quarters. If Tricia has 95 quarters in her bank, how many coins does she have in all. Is this correct? 5/7*x = 95 (7/5)(5/7)*x = 95 x= 95*7/5 95x7 = 665 665/5=133 x=133 Thanks from a Grandma helping w/4th grade math
  43. science(chem)

    Situation: KMnO4 solution left in buret for awhile...would it be okay to go and titrate with the same solution left in the buret later? And if solution is discarded and refilled later wouldn't the solution go and react with the light thus contaminating the new solution? And ...
  44. 9th grade math

    Hey i need help on my math hw i just don't get it lol please help me! Here the questions Which of the following equations has a graph that is parallel to the graph of 4x-2y=7? A:-2y = 4x+2 B:7-4x=2y C:4x+2y=2 D:-4x-2y=-7 E:2y=4x+7 Determine if the two lines 7x+5y=35 and y= -7 ...
  45. math, inequalties

  46. Math

    After a Math test, each of the twenty-five students in the class got a peek at the teacher's grade sheet. Each student noticed five A's. No student saw all the grades and no student saw his or her own grade. What is the minimum number of students who scored A on the test? 6?
  47. math (PLZ HELP ASAP)

    The students asked their math teacher to tell them her age. She didn’t want to tell them, but she replied, “If you take two years from my present age the result will be three times my son’s age, and seven years ago my age was twice what his will be in two years.” How ...
  48. math***help plz***

    please help me with math. A car travels 132 miles using 4 gallons of gas.At that rate,how far can the car travel using 7 gallons of gas? A.231 miles B.264 miles C.134 miles D.1,260 miles
  49. MATH

    why is a bell the most obiedient thing in the world? why is a bell the most obiedient thing in the world? I doubt if that is true. Anyway, what does your question have to do with math?
  50. math

    Finding rate in math.... Rate=distance/time So if the distance is a circumference which in this case is 10 pie, and the time is 10 seconds. You multiply 10 and the circumference but is the 10 seconds TEN or 1/6
  51. statistics

    Find the indicated binomial probabilities. Round to the nearest 3 decimal places. In a local college, 20% of the math majors are women. Ten math majors are chosen at random. 1) What is the probability that exactly 2 are women? 2) What is the probability that 2 or less women ...
  52. Statistics

    A number of grade school students were asked about their perceived math ability and the results are in the table below. Below Average = BA Average = A Above Average = AV BA A AV Girls 61 54 21 Boys 43 61 42 Test at the 0.01 level if there is a difference between girls and boys...
  53. Critical Thinking

    Capital Punishment Does Not Make Nation Safer Identify and name any rhetorical devices used by the author. If none exist, explain how you determined this. Until his death in 2003, Paul Simon was a professor at Southern Illinois University, where he taught classes in political ...
  54. math

    36 students took a final test in math.the average score of those who passed was 78, while the average score of those who failed was 60.the average of all the scores was 71. how many of the students passed?
  55. math

    the length of a rectangle is 1 cm less than twice its width. the area is 28 cm squared. find the dimensions of the rectangle. Just translate the English into "math" "the length of a rectangle is 1 cm less than twice its width" l=2w-1 "the area is 28" w(2w-1) = 28 solve as a ...
  56. Math-sorry I have a lot of math this morning

    You work for a dress makers and your boss sends you to the fabric store to buy yellow fabric. She tells you to buy the best deal. What is the best deal on fabric A)5 yards for $20.00 B) 10 yards for $30.00 C) 20 yards for $55.00 D) 35 yards for $90.00*** I'm not really sure....
  57. Math

    You want to create an open rectangular box from a rectangular box. from a square piece of cardboard 20 inches by 20 inches. You will cut a 3 inch square from each corner. Draw a diagram and find the length of the box. Can someone help me with this diagram thing. I can't ...
  58. Math for Steve or someone good at math

    1. Find the percent of change when the price of a radio changes from $40.00 to $44.00. a. 12% b. 10% c. 36.4% d. 40% 2. Find the percent of change when the price of an oven changes from $450 to $396. a. 15% b. 14% c. 13% d. 12% 3. The top player’s scoring average changes ...
  59. math

    My 3rd grader brought home a math worksheet and I'm not sure about the answers, so I wanted another opinion. Estimate each sun or difference by rounding. 23 + 71 so, do you answer the prblem and then write the rounded numbers to the right or do you just round the answer? I ...
  60. The lord of the flies-English

    Hey guys. could you please help me out with this? From chapter 12: 1)What does Ralph say to the twins when they refuse to help him? 2)How does the author describe Ralphs flight accross the island? 3)Why does Ralph say that he is in charge of the island? If you could help me ...
  61. Math

    Gray bought two plots of land for a total of 120000 on the first plot she made a profit of 15% on the second plot she made 10% profit her total profit 5500, how much did she pay for each piece of land? (And please show the full procedure of the math even the rough work as well...
  62. Math Help

    In three math tests, you have scored 91,95 and 88 points. You are about to take your next test. Suppose you want to have an average score of at least 90 points after all four tests. Explain a method you could use to find the score you must receive in order to average at least ...
  63. Math

    Hey i need help on my math hw i just don't get it lol please help me! Here the questions Which of the following equations has a graph that is parallel to the graph of 4x-2y=7? A:-2y = 4x+2 B:7-4x=2y C:4x+2y=2 D:-4x-2y=-7 E:2y=4x+7 Determine if the two lines 7x+5y=35 and y= -7 ...
  64. math

    I'm having problem understanding this answer. Product A is a 12-ounce bottle of generic popcorn oil that sells for $1.39, Product B is a 24-ounce popcorn oil bottle that costs $2.79, which is the better buy? Is this math problem right or no, 12/1.39=8.633 24/ 2.79=8.602, that...
  65. math

    on my worksheet "books never written" AND i have to do multiplication by 2 digit factor and i need help solving the names of the authors please don't tell me This makes no sense to me. also, you need a middle school worksheet that says MIDDLE SCHOOL MATH WITH PIZZAZZ! BOOK A ...
  66. Business Math

    Sorry - but I accidentally deleted your post. Homework Help: Business Math Posted by Karla on Monday, March 10, 2014 at 8:27pm. The Soft Step Floor Company purchases carpeting for $5.12 per square yard and marks it up 55% based on the selling price. What is the selling price ...
  67. Math

    Hi, if anyone can help me with this problem I would greatly appreciate it. I understood all my other math problems except for this one. So if anyone could help walk me through the steps so I know for next time how to solve problems like this I would appreciate it :D. 1.Write ...
  68. French

    So I have this paragraph and it is a fill in the blank worksheet but there is no word bank to choose French words from so I"m having trouble major! Here's the paragraph: Michel n'est pas triste : son sourire montre qu'il est content. Sophie aime beaucoup#1----robes. Elle#2----...
  69. transitional math

    Im stuck on questions can anyone help me ? A)Which situation can be modeled by tossing a coin 3 times choosing which one of sixteen teams will win a tournament? B)picking one of six math teacher, C)decide which English teacher of eight will win a trip to London D)selecting a ...
  70. Math help??

    Find the missing length of the right triangle if a = 7 and b = 24. Read the followng and see if it hepls to solve this. If you still don't get it repost your answer. a sqaured+b squared=c squared 7 squared+24 squared= c squared ...
  71. Math

    Hi, would someone mind just checking the answer I got for this formula and tell me if I'm on the right track or not. Question... x+y=21 3x=4y Answer I got... x=84 y= -63 I didn't get that. Check your math. I found 7y=63 but not y = 63. You can always check your answer. Is 4X...
  72. Math

    Hey I'm working on a math assignment and I'm trying to work out the total amount of rainfall that fell in a certain area. Would this formula be correct? Total rainfall = rainfall mm x duration of storm minutes x area covered And with my rainfall mm I change it out so instead ...
  73. Math

    I need help on this math problem. The width of a certain painting is 5cm less than twice the length. The length of the diagonal distance across the painting is 107cm. Find the length and width. Round your answer to 2 decimal places. Can you check is my substitute is correct? ...
  74. Business Law

    Finders Weepers, Losers Keepers The News Journal, July 20, 2000. In 1943, During World War II, a Navy TBD-1 Devastator crashed eight miles of the coast of Florida. The entire crew survived and there is no indication that any efforts were made to locate the plane by the Navy. ...
  75. Math

    In aclass of 100 students the average mark in math paper is 60.the average mark for the top 30 students is 80.find the average mark for the remainning 70 students.
  76. abit of everythingURGENTDUETOMORROW

    malevolent is to kind as miserly is to infant is to child as teenager is to flower is to biology as acid is to delineate is to outline as evaluate is to mildew is to plant as dugong is to ostler is to horse as______is to ____ sheep____ first public performance of a play ...
  77. english-essay

    Can someone correct this essay please?Thanks:) This kind of book does not allow you to take just one part of it and discuss it. The whole book was really interesting. I just could not stop reading it. What i find the most fascinating is this feeling i had all the time. But ...
  78. math , question

    Can someone give me an example of how might anyone apply radical expressions and their applications to the daily life of themselves. Well square root of 25 is 5 now A^2 + B^2 = C^2 We need to see if a box is square. So we measure down one side 3' the the other 4'. Now we take ...

    Okay I've been working on this for 10 hours straight and cannot get it. This is a math problem from my teacher who just loves to add these frustrating math questions at the end of the worksheet. It says: If you add the age of a man to the age of his wife you get a combined age...
  80. 6th grade math

    a farmer is rewarded for saving the king. he can either get 1000 gold bars up front or payment over time for 100 days which begins at 2 gold bars the first day, 4 the second, 8 the third, 16 the fourth, and so on. which one should he choose and why. Show how you got the answer...
  81. math grids

    please can someone help me with this math grid here is a grid with squares. you must place the numbers 1 through 8 in the squares, without consecutive numbers being placed next to each other in a row, a cloumn, or the number 3 cannot be placed next to the number ...
  82. Math

    I have a question.. I have a 90.7% in math right now and I need to bring it up to a 93%. The only thing left is the final exam, which is worth 10% of your grade. Does anyone know a formula or a method that will allow me to calculate what I need on the final exam to bump me up ...
  83. Math

    So this is a math quiz I took a few months ago and they said I can redo it, but I have to explain why the correct answer is correct... And idk. Which equation represents 15 more than r is 61? The answer is r + 15 = 61 but idk why? What is the value of 4^2 -2 (3 x 5 + 1) The ...
  84. MATH

    My Math work instructions is place the numbers from least to greatest. 7 squared, 2, 8/2 squared = 2, seven squared, and 8/2 squared. 10 squared, pi, 3.5 = pi, 3.16, 3.5. 220 squared, -10, 100 squared, 11.5 = -10, 220 squared, 100 squared, 11.5. 8 squared, -3.75, 3, 9/4 = -3....
  85. math

    there are 80 students in math club. For every 5 girls, there are 3 boys. How many girls & boys in club.
  86. math

    The probability that Mary will do her math homework is 0.6, that she will go to a movie 0.7 and that she will do neither is .2. What is the probability that she will go to a movie and do her homework?
  87. Math

    The combined math and verbal scores for students taking a national standardized examination for college admission, is normally distributed with a mean of 620 and a standard deviation of 220. If a college requires a student to be in the top 10 % of students taking this test, ...
  88. Math (PLEASE HELP)

    Can someone please help me do the following problems? I don't care for the answers, I just wanna know how to do this stuff. I am always forgetting how to do certain things in math. 1)ABCD is a rhombus with diagonals intersecting at E. If m<ABC= 4m<BAD, find m<EBC. 2)...
  89. math

    Your math test has 38 questions and is worth 200. points. The test consist of multiple choice questions worth 4 points each and open ended questions worth 20 points each. How many of each type of question are there?
  90. math

    im having a hard time understanding how to add and subtract integers Study these sites to see if they help you. If you post a couple of problems with your answers, we'll be glad to ...
  91. Math

    Alan scored a total of 14 points for answering all the 15 questions on a math quiz. For every correctly answered question, Alan got 2 points. For every wrong answer, he lost 2 points. How many questions did he answer correctly?
  92. Math...Algebra :S

    Hi, okay um. I'm trying to get his math question (Algebra :o) and i'm not quite sure what i'm doing---but everything i do, i get the wrong answer. The Question is 2m+n M= 2/5 and n= 1/2 (Fractions) Everytime i do the question, i get 9/10 as a answer...but i check the textbook ...
  93. English

    It is very rude of you to behave like that. It is very wise of you to answer the question. It is very stupid of you not to solve the math problems. It is smart of you to solve the math problems. It is careless of you to hit the jar while driving. It is considerate of you to ...
  94. Math

    Please help with this math word problem: Jamal has a 5X7 picture that he took on his summer vaction and he wants to use a photo copier to enlarge it to an 8X10 picture. To enlarge Jamal has to specify a percent between 50% and 200% on the copier. Explain 2 different ways Jamal...
  95. Writeacher

    Writeacher, Do you specialize in any particular subject? I've seen you answer to math, english, physics, etc. I'm just curious. I don't believe I've answered to any physics questions -- poor student to depend on me for that!! Mostly I respond to English questions (grammar, ...
  96. Math

    Im trying to help my daughter with some math homework and Im stuck can you help me please this is the problem Jeremy has been home sick with the flu for the last 7 days. While absent from school, he got 31 get well cards from friends. there were 5 more cards from girls than ...
  97. 5th grade math word problem

    Santa was making up a batch of dolls but could not remember exactly how many of each kind he needed. He knew that he needed 57 in total that 27 had to have blue eyes and 29 had to have fair hair. Also some had to have both features and 3 dolls were needed having blue eyes and ...
  98. Math ?

    I started a new math class today and I'm stuck on a problem from my worksheet. I need help with these questions. If the measure of an exterior angle drawn at vertex M of triangle LMN is x, then mangleL + mangleN is what? What is the area of a circle with the circumference of ...
  99. science

    calculate the following(show steps): volume of a fish tank that is 15cm by 30cm by 10cm?
  100. Math

    Could someone please check my math questions? My answers are under the questions... 32. Six times a number less than ten is eight. Find the number. a. 1/3 b. 3 c. -1/3 d. -3 My Answer ~ b 33. Jane works at the public library after school. She makes $7.00 per hour. She cannot ...
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