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  1. college English

    Discuss the manner in which the theories expressed by John Winthrop are in some degree evident in American government and culture today. Can someone tell if my answer is right. In Prospero's America, Walter W. Woodward looks at the exchange of catalytic society to America by ...
  2. Math

    I need help with this math problem... If joe eats 4/5 of a pizza and Hannah eats 1/3 of a pizza, how many times more did joe eat than Hannah?
  3. ELA

    What effect does Father’s return have on the Sakane family? A Yuki finds it hard to adjust to having both parents tell her what to do B Yuki’s mother continues to worry about the safety of her family C Ken is relieved that his father will take over as head of the family D ...
  4. math

    how do you convert 12.55 to percent? i get 1,255% is that correct? or should it be 125.5%? If the 12.55 is a decimal, then .1255 is the percent. Per Cent means "per 100". the math problem asked me to find the percent increase of the population in africa from 1950 to 2000. the ...
  5. math

    what would be the equation for this math problem so i can figure it out In a basketball game, the Squirrels scored a total of 103 points and made 3 times as many field goals ( 2 points each) as free throws (1 point each). They also made eleven three point baskets. How many ...
  6. math

    every row and column contains the same numbers and the same math signs, but they are arranged in a different order each time. can you find the correct order to arrive at the finals totals shown. only using 4 8 3 5 and * + - to make 31 15 20 21 9 17 11 27 ...but you only can ...
  7. math math :(

    A couple finances a house valued at $125,000. They make a $20,000 down payment and finance the remainder for 30 years at 6.8%. Taxes on the property are estimated to be $621 per year. Insurance on the property is projected to cost $685 per year. The monthly PITI payment is:
  8. Math(Please respond)

    .50 - x / x = 3.20e-1 I need to solve for x. I was going to do .50 X 3.20e-1 and then take the square root but this is not correct. I am not sure what to do. Thank you for your help. Math(Please help) - Reiny, Tuesday, April 17, 2012 at 3:18pm You probably meant (.50 - x)/x = ...
  9. MATH

    JESSI bought two plots of land for a total of 120000 on the first plot she made a profit of 15%. on the second plot she lost 10% .her total profit was 5500, how much did she pay for each piece of land? ( please show the whole procedure of this math even the rough works) Thank ...
  10. MATH

    rying to verify the volume of a rectanguler prism h=10 inches w=2 and the formula to find the volume is l.w.h not a math genius just trying to make sure i am calculating this correctly to find the lengh we had to divide the width of the prism so 2 inches divided by 4 =0.5 ...
  11. math

    can someone correct this for me. If the company shipped a total of 550 items last month, how many were shipped using second-day airfreight? (If second day freight is 40%,Next day frieght is 15%,and Truck is 45%) My answer: 550 items shipped – 40% second day airfreight = 220 ...
  12. math

    In your opinion, how is the order operation used to solve equation. exponets, groups, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction. This allowes you to get the same result every time..... I hope this helps :) I searched Google under the key words "math operation order" to ...
  13. Math Another math question???

    I also need help with this question because I'm really not getting this question at this time. A paint manufacturer suggests using 1 gallon of paint for every 400 sqaure feet of wall. At this rate, how many gallons of paint woulb be required for room that has 1400 square feet ...
  14. math

    So far this year Nick has scored a 75, 81, 88 and 92 on four of his math tests. Each test is worth a maximum of 100 points. To earn a B this year, Nick needs a test average of 80 or better. Write the inequality that represents this scenario. Let t equal Nick's grade on the ...
  15. algebra (Check answers :)

    1.Which of the following situations best describes a student engaged in active learning. A. A student uses only one of the resources provided by the teacher B. A student skips parts of lessons that he or she finds difficult C. A student records questions to ask the teacher ...
  16. 7th Grade Math

    I got a math test coming up on Friday, and i need help on reviewing what i have learned. There's many questions and problems in it. I did this test on the first day of summer school, and since it's been two weeks already, i should've study, and i did. I just need help on one ...
  17. Math- Need Help..

    I'm having trouble with a question from one of my math assignments and it's driving me crazy. Its: -2/5x - 9 < 9/10 (two-fifths and nine-tenths) I tried doing it a few times, it might be easier than it looks and I just don't understand. If someone can help, that would be ...
  18. Math

    Two students are playing a math game. The object of the game is to make the least possible number by arranging the given digits inside value bars on a card. In the first round, each player will use the digits 3, 5 and 7 to fill in the card. One student arranges the numbers on ...
  19. math

    16 persons need 56 kg of rice in 1 week. How much rice will be needed by 24 persons in four weeks? ^please anyone over here ryt now may you help me to arrive to the final answer^ 24×(56/16)× 4 math - kelvin today at 2:22pm i had the this idea but i shocked when i saw the ...
  20. math

    In my math book i got a question that said 1/7 times 1/7. I got answer of 2 if my answer is not right can you show me how to do the problem.If my answer is correct still show me how to do the problem
  21. algebra

    A textbook store sold a combined total of 205history and math textbooks in a week. The number of history textbooks sold was 87more than the number of math textbooks sold. How many textbooks of each type were sold?
  22. entrepreneurship

    You just received an email from your high school friend, Bill Hudson. You went to college, and then business school, while Bill stayed in your home town. Despite the differences in your paths, you are still very good friends. Bill is considering a life-changing opportunity and...
  23. Math-Probability

    This is another one I need help with. On a TV game show, the contestant is asked to select a door an then is rewarded with the prize behind the door selected. If the doors can be selected with equal probability, what is the expected value of the selection if the doors have ...
  24. MAth Im stuck on question can anyone help me ?

    Im stuck on this question can anyone help me ? I thought it was b but that's wrong Which situation can be modeled by tossing a coin 3 times A)choosing which one of sixteen teams will win a tournament? B)picking one of six math teacher, C)decide which English teacher of eight ...
  25. math

    35 divided by [9 plus (9-7) minus 4] plus 10 times 3..can someone please explain how to do this problem math - Evan, Tuesday, May 11, 2010 at 8:37pm think of "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally" P is for paranthesis first E is for exponents M and D are for multiply and divide, ...
  26. math

    35 divided by [9 plus (9-7) minus 4] plus 10 times 3..can someone please explain how to do this problem math - Evan, Tuesday, May 11, 2010 at 8:37pm think of "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally" P is for paranthesis first E is for exponents M and D are for multiply and divide, ...
  27. math

    6x sq.-5x-1=0 use the equation of the squre if u want to solve it. use the quadratic formula Please read: Or how can i do fractons and i need some advised First, if you have a ...
  28. Math

    what is an example of a math expression? Can you solve for a variable in an expression? Explain. Can you solve for a variable in an equation?
  29. Marh

    If 1/3 of the math team are 7th graders and 1/4 of the math team are boys, how many are 7th grade boys? 1/4 of 1/3 = 1/12
  30. math

    Lesson 14: Equations and Inequalities Unit Test CE 2015 Math 7 A Unit 4: Equations and Inequalities
  31. English

    1. They elected the girl captain of the team. 1-2. They elected the girl the captain of the team. (Which one is correct? Do we have to use 'the'?) 2. Is the opposite of 'guilty' 'innocent'? What about 'unguilty' or 'inguilty'? 3. Is 'barber' sometimes called 'hairdresser'? *He...
  32. Chemistry

    I saw that article on Google - that is actually how I got the idea to sublimate the naphthalene. But thank you for the suggestion! It makes me feel much more confident to know that I am on the right track! Thank you! We have a lab where we have to separate five components. The...
  33. math!! HELP PLEASE

    please help!!! 19. Mr. Green teaches band, choir, and math. This year, he has 57 students that take at least one of his classes. He teaches band to 25 students. There are 48 students who take either band or choir or both. There are 9 students who take both math and choir with ...
  34. Finance

    Your 401 (k) Account at East Coast Yachts You have been at your job for East Coat Yachts for a week now and have decided you need to sign up for the company’s 401(k) plan. Even after your decision with Sarah Brown, the Bledsoe Financial Services Representative, you are still...
  35. bio

    so the question is : List three different factors which influence the rate of enzyme activity and specifically explain each factor’s influence on enzyme activity. My answer: Since enzymes are proteins, they are very sensitive to environmental conditions. The very nature of ...
  36. math

    suppose a license plate for a car has 4 letters followed by 1 number and 3 more letters. The letters and numbers are chosen randomly. a. how many license plates are possible? b. compare the probability that a license plate spells math4you with the probability that the first 4 ...
  37. 6th grade math

    Yes I am not smarter than a 6th grader. How do I show the math and in the simplest form for the following: A sixth grade class has 100 sheets of lightweight paper. They use 3/4 of the paper for a collection of class poems. What is the total thickness of the paper they use?
  38. Math

    OK a pattern has 1 small square 1 3/4 on all sides middle has 5 1/4 on all sides large has 8 3/4 on all sides. I did'ent know how to do this now she wants to make the pattern 2 1/2 times bigger and show what will be the new lengths of the sides of the squares. Can somebody ...
  39. Math 222

    222 - Steve, Wednesday, October 22, 2014 at 12:02am I assume you want to factor the expressions? a^4b + a^2b^3 = a^2b(a^2+b^2) z^2 + 18z + 45 = (z+3)(z+15) •Math 222 - Monica, Wednesday, October 22, 2014 at 12:10am Thank you Steve and can you please explain how you got both ...
  40. Math

    Do you have any 3rd grade math practice worksheets that I can use with my students? One of my students has a predicament of not doing his homework. Please implement your time and implementing a few practice worksheets for my students. Sincerely, Mrs. Raja 3rd grade teacher
  41. Math

    On an automobile assembly line, every third car is green. Every fourth car is a convertible. a) How many cars are out of the first 100 will be convertibles? b) Which number of car is First Green convertibles? Grade 7 Math Please answer, ASAP.
  42. math

    I don't get this I've been absent for 3 weeks On a math quiz Mary score 3 points for each of the 12 multiple-choice question she answered correctly and five points for each of the eight free response question she answered correctly. What was the total number of points Mary ...
  43. college

    Controlling Irrational Fears After 9/11* We present this selection as an example of a fairly well-reasoned argumentative essay. There is more here than arguments—there’s some window dressing and you’ll probably find some slanters here and there as well. You should go ...
  44. Math

    There are 24 students in Mrs.Smith's 1st block class. 1/4 of the class passed the math test with an A. 12 students in the class passed the math test with a B. What percent of the students in the class passed the test? ****** This is how I slove the problem, but I stuck in the ...
  45. Math

    I have more math problems that I will to figure out. 2) 3.1 divided by 4 and 6.4 divided by 9 Estimate 3.1 which would be 3 Estimate 6.4 which would be 6 3 divided by 4 and 6 divided by 9 This one I am totally confused about. The only other way I can think is 32 divided by 4=8...
  46. Algebra

    I am going to take an Accuplacer math placement test later this week. It is to determine what math course I need to take in college. The school would like me to place in statistics.This will be my second time taking the test. The first time I placed in algebra. Does anyone ...
  47. math

    1/6 students like math, 2/3 like reading and 12 like science. How many students were asked.
  48. math

    Lois got 27 problems right on a math test. If this is 90% of the test, how many problems were on the test?
  49. intermediate algebra

    inequalities –1 ≤ x – 3 ≤ 5 –2x – 5 < –2 or x – 3 < –10 Be careful of how a negative x-term is handled in the solving process. Show all math work arriving at the solutions. •Show the solution sets written algebraically and as a union or intersection ...
  50. Math

    Hello everyone. I have a math problem that I need a bit of help with please. Ava wants to ride the Rip Ride Rocket roller coaster at Universal Studios. She knows that she has to be at least 40 inches tall. If h represents the height of the children that CANNOT ride the coaster...
  51. Science/Biology

    Please check my answers: 1. Which of the following correctly states the relationship between monkeys and humans? A. Humans and monkeys evolved from apes. B. Humans evolved from monkeys. C. Humans and monkeys evolved from the same ancestor, which is now extinct. D. Humans ...
  52. 3rd grade

    This is my sons math problem I am not good at math please can you help me and show the work for the calculations " ALI MADE A MODEL FOR 624 USING 6 HUNDREDS, 2 TENS, AND 4 ONES. WHAT IF ALI HAD NOT HAD ANY TENS? HOW COULD SHE HAVE MODELED 624 WITHOUT USING TENS?...
  53. math

    I have a couple of math questions that i cant seem to get to work out. can someone help me please.? 1.) (x/x+6)-(6/x-6)=(x^2+36)/(x^2-36) 2.) (r-2)-(2-r)=0 3.) add (8/ty^2)+(9/t^2y) 4.)add (7/w)+(8/w^2) 5.)add ((r+10)/r)+(r/(r+10)) 6.) divide ((z^2-1)/16z+16) / ((z-1)/4) 7.) ...
  54. MATH

    you have a pair of newborn hamsters. each pair that is at least one month old produces a new pair every month. at this rate, you will have 178 hamsters at the end of what month? (The math relay officials said the 10th month but I think that it should be the 8th)
  55. Math

    Ms Boyd leads tha national math club at the middle school where she teaches. At the first club meetting of the school year ,60% of the students in attendance were boys.If there was one fewer girl then boy in attendance, how maby students attended the first club meeting
  56. Math: Mean, Median, Mode, Range & Finding the devi

    What is deviation? And what is the definition of frequency distribution & how would I solve a problem in 8th grade math with this problem...My child is asking about this problem she has in an 8th grade book. Given the following numbers 2,2,3,6,1,9,4,2,5,7,6,8,6, What is the ...
  57. psychology

    I chose the answer that I believe to be correct. I need help from an expert to indicate if the answers that I chose are right or wrong answers and indicate the correct letter or answer needed. Question 1 1. Counselors use Bronfenbrenners model most explicitly in their work ...
  58. MATH

  59. Math

    For this math problem I am selling 30 pies for $25 each at the farmers market. I spent $500. $200 on the booth and $300 on all of the pies, each pie costing $10 to make. I earned $750 total, making a $250 profit. c. In Task 1 you determined how much you will charge for each ...
  60. College English

    John Winthrop “A Model of Christian Charity" Discuss the manner in which the theories expressed by Winthrop are in some degree evident in American government and culture today. CAN SOMEONE TELL ME IF I ANSWER IT RIGHT? In Prospero's America, Walter W. Woodward looks at the ...
  61. spell

    Ok Here is more of my essay. :) There is an underlying problem that is promoting racism. It is the fact that a lot of people believe, and try to make themselves believe, that racism no longer exists. Many people today live their lives oblivious to what is happening in the ...
  62. Math

    Find the area of the triangle with the base 1 2/5 yards and height 5/9 yards. The area of the triangle equals half of the product base and height. The area is ____yd^2 (Type whole number or a simplified fraction) I came up with 35/108 did I do the math correctly, and if not ...
  63. Math

    Using mental math, what is 180,00 divided 60,000 ? I can do this mentally. You need to try; otherwise, it doesn't mean anything to you for me to do it. Did you intend to write 180,000? Did you intend to write 180,000?
  64. Math PLEASE HELP

    1.Which pair of ratios can form a true proportion? A 7/4, 21/12 (I picked this) B 6/3, 5/6 C 7/10, 6/7 D 3/5 7/12 2. Solve the proportion g/56=2/8 A g=14 B g=16 (I picked this) C g=13 D g=50 Solve the following Proportion 2/9=y/27 A y=6 (I picked this) B y=18 C y=27 D y=36 ...
  65. math

    Describe a simple process for using rates and unit prices that might help someone who is having difficulty understanding these concepts. Include either an example from the text or one of your own to explain the solution process. I searched Google under the key words "rates '...
  66. MATH HELP!!

    Ashley and Nick worked on a math project together. Ashley finished 1/6 of the project and Nick finished 2/8 of the project. How much more of the project is left? A: 3/4 B: 7/12 C: 5/6 D: 7/24 My answer: I think it's 7/12 but i'm not sure.
  67. English

    My answers are *** 10.   The author of “My Brother’s Keeper” emphasizes Jamie’s conflict by  (1 point) A. describing the car accident in detail. B. detailing Jamie’s physical appearance and good grades. C. flashing back to earlier events with his brother Ted.*** ...
  68. math

    two students are playing a math game . the object of the game is to make the least possible number by arranging the given digits inside absolute value bars on a card . in the first round , each player will use the digits 3,5,and7 to fill in the card. One student arranges the ...
  69. Math Functions

    Hello. Could you please help with my math homework...? An online bookseller gives the following information for their shipping information: "The shipping and handing charge per order is $4, plus $1.50 per book." Let x = the number of books that someone orders. Let S(x) = the ...
  70. Math check my answers

    1. Evaluate. 8d - 10 for d = 4 A.32 B.22*** C.26 D.46 2. write an algebraic expression for the sum of 3 coins and c coins. A.c + 3*** B.c/3 C.3c D.c-3 3. Find the solution of the equation from the given numbers. x - 2 =16: 14, 18, 21, or 12 A.12 B.14 C.18*** D.21 4.use mental ...
  71. American History *URGENT*

    so i have some multiple choice questions that i am confused on. *PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ* i know it's alot, but it would really help me out so much! this is due in the morning! I had a total of 122 questions, but got stuck on a few. on the first one I was able to narrow ...
  72. Math

    I need someone to check my homework answers. I don't really know this stuff but i'm trying to do better in math this year. I didn't understand how to do some either. 1. √12 I got 2√3 2. √9a^3 I got 3a 3. √8 * √2 I got 4 4.3√50 I got 15√...
  73. math

    Need help with math problem. Tom has an unpaid balance of $2,115.75 on his credit card statement at the beginning of June. He made a payment of $85.00 during the month. If the interest rate on Phil's credit card was 11% per month on the unpaid balance, find the finance charge ...
  74. Algebra

    Mr. Green teaches band, choir, and math. This year, he has 57 students that take at least one of his classes. He teaches band to 25 students. There are 48 students who take either band or choir or both. There are 9 students who take both math and choir with Mr. Green. Use the ...
  75. math test

    ok this past week i was sick 4 2 days and i need 2 finish this math test by today!!!! and i didn't get 2 learn anything like u know, not practive soo plz anwser these questions: 1.what is a concave polygon 2.what are concentric cicles? 3. what does this mean: a polygon that is...
  76. Statistics

    Your mathematics instructor claims that, over the years, 88% of his students have said that math is their favorite subject. In this year's class, however, only 21 out of 32 students named math as their favorite class. The teacher decides to conduct a test of the hypothesis H0...
  77. Math

    Math - Cindy, Tuesday, April 29, 2014 at 8:44pm At Bobs diner, it costs $8.00 to purchase two hamburgers and one order of fries. The "family pack" costs 30.00 and comes with six hamburgers and six orders of fries. If the prices are constant,how much does one hamburger cost? ...
  78. Math

    Hi! Okay so I started to attempt this math problem; 3cot^2x-1=0. However, I'm a little stuck. My teacher wants me to find the Location on The Unit Circle, Period, and General Solution. Can someone check what I have and help me with the rest? 3cot^2x-1=0 cot^2x=1/3 tan^2x=3 ...
  79. Math/ ratios/ Fractions/ Singapore Math

    Holly and Ross had a total of $60. After holly spent 1/4 of her money and Ross spent $5, the ratio of Holly's money became 1:2. How much more money did Ross have at the beginning?
  80. Math

    For the equation y = -6x, what is the slope and y intercept? The formula is y = mx + B. I know that m = the slope and B = the y intercept. So in the equation y = -6x, what is the slope and y intercept? Is -6 the y intercept or the slope? Because if it's the slope, How am I ...
  81. Math

    For the equation y = -6x, what is the slope and y intercept? The formula is y = mx + B. I know that m = the slope and B = the y intercept. So in the equation y = -6x, what is the slope and y intercept? Is -6 the y intercept or the slope? Because if it's the slope, How am I ...
  82. TI N-spire

    ok so i kno this isnt a math prblem, but it a question that im sure many people would love an answer to. Is there any easier way to change the mode on the n-spire from degres to radians(or vice versa) without having to go into th document, graphs, and system settings and ...
  83. math 118

    On a math test a student where the mean is 50 and the standard deviation is 12, a student has a z-score of 0.83. What did the student score on the test?
  84. math

    Math question. Two part. A am rifle bullet accelerates from 0 to 1000 m/s ( about 2240 MPH) in 1/1000 second when fired. What is the avg acceleration of the bullet in m/s2? If this rate of acceleration could be somehow maintained, how long would it take for the bullet to reach...
  85. Math

    James has set up an ordinary annuity to save for his retirement in 19 years. If his monthly payments are $250 and the annuity has an annual interest rate of 7.5%, what will be the value of the annuity when he retires? I am studying for my math final and I do not remember how ...
  86. MATH

    Englewood averaged 17 problems right on the math decathlon. Avalon Park Elementary scored an average of 14 problems right. Which equation show the difference, (d) between the averaged points scored by the Engelwood and Avalon Park? a. d=17x14 b. d=17-14 c. d=17+14 d. d=14 ...
  87. math - 5th grade

    Hello: I am having difficulty witht the following math: Question #1 If the area of a circle is 27 sq. in. What is the radius? I am coming up with an answer of 13.5 sq. in. Is that correct? If not, can you show me step by step how to get the answer? Question #2 If the area of a...
  88. Math

    A math teacher wrote x^2+bx+c=0 on the board and asked students to find the two real roots. Alice miscopied one of the coefficients and found that 1 and 4 were the roots. Andy miscopied a different coefficient and found that -2 and 3 were the roots. Determine the roots to the ...
  89. Math

    How do you find the length of the base of a triangle? My math problem is: The area of a triangle is 33.6 inches. If the height is 4 inches what is the length of the base? thank you
  90. English

    1. I studied math for 10 years, but I'm still not good at it. 2. I have studied math for 10 years, but I'm still not good at it. ----------------- Which one is grammatical?
  91. math,economics,geography and life science

    what courses can i apply for with the following subjects Math Geography Economics Life science
  92. Science/English/Math

    I was selected to the Math Academy at my school. I have it every wednesday after school. They are going to prepare me for the NYS Math Exam!!! :) I got a 80 on my Science Quarterly Exam!!!! :) (i didn't know some of my friends and other people were saying good job laruen on ...
  93. Math

    Please help me I am terrible at math, and this is my last class before graduation.. 1. Find the value of X... x/6-x/8=1 2. Find the value of X...x/x-2-x+1/x=8/x^2-2x 3. Find the value of X...5/x+6+2/x^2+7x+6=3/X+1 4.Find the value of X...2/5=x-2/20 find the lowest common ...
  94. Math

    Hello, I'm trying to find the following sequence that relates to the number of ways that paving stones can be laid to make a 3-foot-wide path using 3-foot by 1-foot stones. This is a very complex problem, and I'd appreciate a little help to start me off in the right direction...
  95. ENG103

    Hello you guys did such a great job helping me with my essays in ENG100 but it has been so long, I am now in ENG103 and I need help with an argument definitional essay. I typed my intro, it needs work, I just need help with my thesis/argument. General Topic: The Myth of the ...
  96. math

    Marla has three secret code cards. The first shows a 37. The second card has the first box blanked out, and the second box is a 2. The two code cards together equal the third card,which is 59. What is the missing number?. This is the word problem for 2nd grade math
  97. math

    find the constant of proportionality and unit rate for the data in the table. Then write the equation to represent the relationship between time t and distance d Time Distance 2 hrs 90 miles 3 hrs 135 miles 5 hrs 225 miles 6 hrs 270 miles I don't understand how to do this kind...
  98. Math

    Sarah was trying to figure out her grades for her math course. She only knew the grade of 4 of the tests she had taken, however the class had taken 5 tests total. She scored a 94, 67, 83, and 93. If Sarah ended up with a grade of 90, what did she get on the 5th and final test...
  99. College Math - Probability

    Briefly summarize the experimental design for deciding whether a proposed treatment should go on for further study. Note where independence came into play. If you were more conservative and reject the treatment only if the probability that it is 30% effective is less than .05 ...
  100. Math

    In Wilbur's math class, his grade is based on the average score of six tests, each worth 100 points. Wilbur always worries about his grade. He knows that his average on the four first tests is 88.5. What is the lowest average he could get on his next two tests and still ...
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