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math test

Hi! I have a math test coming up tomorrow, and I need to prepare. but,i don't know how I should. . . any help would be great. she told us to: Be prepared to identify and explain functions, linear functions and proportional functions. Be prepared to use the new function ...

algebra 2

Ralph, Mario, Jack, Laura, and Maria are in the math club. The club advisor will assign students to 3-person teams at the next math team competition. How many different 3-person teams can be formed from these five students? I got this was my answer 5*4*3/(2*1) 60/...


My math teacher said to use the FOIL (First Outer Inner Last) property to simplify these quadratic equations I have made from looking at two parabolas. Here are my equations & how would you use the FOIL property on each of the equations and also can someone help me with ...


In a math contest of 10 problems, 5 points was given for each correct answer and 2 points was deducted for each incorrect answer. If Nancy did all 10 problems ad scored 29 points, how many correct answers did she have?


Several students were surveyed about their favorite class. 26 students chose art 19 English 21 math 16 music 32 science. What fraction of the of the students chose music as their favorite subject.


Several students were surveyed about their favorite class. 26 students chose art 19 English 21 math 16 music 32 science. What fraction of the of the students chose music as their favorite subject.


I need help on constructing a persuasive speech outline. Do you know a good website that will show me how to do this? Thanks. Persuasion and argument are almost the same thing. The principles for writing an argument (essay or speech) are the same.


If a chemistry student collected 825 mL of gas at 25 degrees C and 7.90*10^2torr, how many moles did she collect? PV=nRT Put P in atmospheres. torr/760 = atm. V is volume (in LITERS.) solve for n, the number of mols. R is a constant of 0.08206 L*atm/mol*K T is temperature in ...


A math contest consists of ten problems.Three points are given for each correct answer. One point is deducted for each incorrect answer. Andy answers all the problems and scores 18 points. How many correct answers does he have?

8th grade math

I am in 8th grade math as a sixth grader. I am stuck on one problem. It is this: You are making a necklace that is 9 inches long. You use 6 beads for each inch. what integer is the change in your supply of beads after making the necklace?


I have a question for math that I attempted to, I would like to make sure it was right by asking you guys. Here it is 45) Jerry was making lemonade from frozen concentrate. The directions say to empty one can of the concentrate into a one gallon container and add three cans of...


I am not great at math, but i am practicing slowly... Joanne’s odometer read 25,230 miles at the beginning of a trip and 27,215 miles at the end. If she used 35 gal of gas for the trip, what was her mileage (? mi/gal) now do I subtract 25, 230 from 27,215 and then divide 35?


Sarah was trying to figure out her grades for her math course. She only knew the grade of 4 tests she had taken, however the class had taken 5 tests total. She scored a 94, 67, 83 and 93. If Sarah ended up with a grade of 90, what did she get on the 5th and final test?


Barb and tammy shared a sub sandwich, but while Tammy was setting the table, Barb ate 2/5th of it. When Tammy came back, she ate 3/4 of what was left. How much of the sub did Tammy eat? Write a math equation.


9 students in a group found that their mean score was 86 for the first math test. On the next test, each student in the group scored 7 points higher than on the first text. What was their mean score for the two tests? Any help would be appreciated.


how do you think slavery influenced the evolution of both black and white america today? is there any websites that might help me with this question? As I was starting to answer your question, I had a conversation with BobPursley. He has summed this answer up better than I ...


wat is a corresponding angle.............. in the math 8th grade is really most of the test goin to be angles In triangles, it is the angle between two specified sides. It also refers to tha angles formed when one line cuts through two or more parallel lines, as in www....


Father: Information collected on elementary school children have indicated that for the most part, the more cavities children have, the better they are at math. Since I want my daughter to improve her math skills, I now make sure she eats candy with every meal. In adopting the...

to Katie A A

#1 - The school subject is MATH, not "help" -- I've never heard of a school subject called help. #2 - To quote one of our very good math and science tutors: “You will find here at Jiskha that long series of questions, posted with no evidence of effort or thought by the ...


On a quiz a student answered 16 questions correctly. This was 80% of the questions on the quiz. How many questions were on the quiz? 6th grade math.


Hi! I need help with the following math problem: A building has 4 columns, each of which is 15 ft high and has a circumference of 1 2/3 yards. 1. Find the lateral surface area of the 4 columns. 2. How much will it cost to paint the 4 columns if paint costs $1.10 a square yard...


Find the representation of the number 256 in the following bases: a. base six b. base twelve c. base two I get how to write the number of objects as a base(whatever), but I think this is asking me to start from the end number and work backwards. I really need help. I have two ...


Assume the average height and weight of a female in your math class is 5'5" and 140 pounds. Use this information to write a variation equation then use it to find the weight of the female below if they had the same body type as the average female. Round answer to the nearest ...


21. Ted Williams made deposits of $500 at the end of each year for eight years. The rate is 8% compounded annually. Using the tables in the Business Math Handbook that accompanies the course textbook, calculate the value of Ted's annuity at the end of eight years. A. $4,318.30...


I was curious about formaldehyde after reading somewhere online where this man went and drank a beer which was apparently contaminated by by formaldehyde. (He heard a story by some local that the water used was near a cemetery and thus the contaminated water) I have heard and ...


I am helping my 3rd grader with a her math and me and my boyfriend can not agree on the answer to this question..can anyone give the answer and tell how to solve it. THANK YOU! Darin counted 46 more cars than trucks in a parking lot. There were 29 trucks. Write an expression ...




All 231 students in the math club went on a field trip some students Road in bands which hold seven students each and some students Road and buses which hold 25 through and see how many of each type of vehicle did they use if there were 15 Vehicles total

math and physics

i just want to know form where i got on this formula the 4.9t² on this formula s=4.9t²+Vot+h because the book only say that a physics theory shows that when an object is thrown upward with an initial velocity Vo, its approximate height is given by that quadratic function i ...


the cost of 2 televisions and 3 dvd players cost 1421 dollars the cost of 1 dvd player is half the cost of of 1 television what is the cost of 1 television. How you could slove in simple math

Math repost for Jake

math - jake, Friday, December 7, 2007 at 2:06pm How many cats are in a small room if in each of the four corners a cat is sitting, and opposite each cat there sits 3 cats, and at each cat's tail a cat is sitting?

Math - Discrete math

1). Let G be the statement: " for all real numbers a and b, if a -|_a_| < 1/2 and b - |_b_| < 1/2 then |_a + b_| = |_a_| + |_b_|" (the symbol is for the FLOOR of a and b) A. is G true? prove it b. state wether the CONVERSE, CONTRAPOSITIVE AND NEGATION ARE TRUE and prove...


Lesson 12: Operations with Fractions Unit Test CE 2015 Math 7 A Unit 5: Operations with Fractions and Rational Numbers Assessment Assessment someone look it up and answer all the questions plz

Algebra 1

1.Which of the following situations best describes a student engaged in active learning. A. A student uses only one of the resources provided by the teacher*** B. A student skips parts of lessons that he or she finds difficult C. A student records questions to ask the teacher ...


1. There are a house , trees and a shining sun in the first picture. 2. There is an English textbook in Picture 2. Do you like English. English is fun, isn't it? 3. There are two boys. What are they doing? They are playing with a ball in the sea. 4. A math textbook is in the ...


Sarah was trying to figure out her grades for her math course. she only knew the grade of 4 of the tests she had taken, However the class had taken 5 tests total. She scored a 94, 67, 83, and 93. If Sarah ended up with a grade of 90, what did she get on the 5th and final test...


4th grade math homework. rounding sums and differences. paper say "round each number to its highest place. then estimate the sum or difference." example says 92 +28= then says round to 90 and 30 to make 120. further down numbers get larger 12646 + 9103= do i round to the tens ...


Dr needs 500 needles priced at 2.60 per hundred. She pays with 10 days, she receives a 2% disc; sales tax is 5.5%. What amount would you pay with discount? Is my math correct? 2.60x500=$1300.00 $1300.00x2%=$26.00 $1300.00-26.00=$1274.00w/disc My answer is $1274.00 since they ...


Can some check my personal narrative and give a grade from 1-5? Mario Garcia 10-10-11 Period.3 The Lost Dog I didn’t feel like helping my sister wash my dad’s car. After our dog left this morning we were both sad, we didn’t feel like doing anything but to just search for...


Math word problem: There are 25 students in Mrs. Roberts 3rd grade class. There are 9 more boys than girls in the class. How many boys and girls are in Mrs. Robert's class.


I've removed your last post because it was rude and insulting. I've also banned you from posting here. Jiskha tutors cannot teach you math from the beginning. Since you have neither teacher nor textbook, I urge you to use sites like the following to learn mathematics. http://...

10th grade Math B

Hi. This is my question: An art student wants to make a string collage by connecting six equally spaced points on the circumference of a circle to its center with string. What would be the radian measure of the angle between two adjacent pieces of string, in simplest form? ...


Please help with this math problem. The math question asks, "Identify the numerator and denominator of the fraction 3/8. Please let me know if I am correct? numerator is the 3 and te denominator is the 8. Is this a trick question? My professor want me to show my work, so this ...


Determine which function has the greater rate of change 1.The rates of change are equal. 2.The graph has a greater rate of change. 3.The table has a greater rate of change. 4.none of the above file:///C:/Users/SCHOOL/Pictures/math.JPG HELP ME UNDERSTAND THIS PLEASE??

Math- Math Analysis

In a rectangular piece of cardboard with a perimeter of 20ft, three parallel and equally spaces creases are made (so the piece is divided into four equal sections.) The cardboard is then folded to make a rectangular box with open square ends. a. Write a formula for the volume ...

science - chemistry

Hi everyone, I have been trying to solve these two questions but am having trouble doing so and was wondering if someone could help me out. (1) You wish to make a 0.200 mol/L PIPES buffer (PIPES: 1,4-Piperazine-N,N'-bis(2-ethane-sulfonic acid), C8H18N2O6S2, pKa = 6.80) at a pH...


How do I write this problem? to receive a grade B- in a math course, you must have a mean of 83 on five tests (4 tests + one final) all 100 pts maximum each. Your scores thus far are 85,79,82,and 81. How many points must you have on the final, to earn the B-? write down your ...


while waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store you add the prices up of your 3 items to make sure you have enough money.explain how to use mental math and the properties of addition to find the total costs of 3 items if the prices are $1.85, $2.74, $4.15. find the ...


I'm going over my 4th grader's homework. She has place value math problems. I'm having a problem with this question. In the number 3,024,456, the value of 4 in the hundreds place is _____ times ____ than the value of the other 4. My answer 100 times less than the value of the ...

fundamentals math

A standard math test was given to 6000 students. The scores were normally distributed with a mean of 420 and a standard deviation of 40. If george scored 340, how many students scored more than George? This is hrd because I tried using calculator but that's not the help i need...

Math: is it? is it not?

Is this math problem hard? - There are 12 brothers living in a mansion. Six brothers are sitting in a rectangular kind of table. Six other brothers stood around them. They all have ten huge backpacks. Each backpack has 8 large monkeys. For every large monkey, there are 3 small...


file:///C:/Users/SCHOOL/Pictures/math.JPG Determine which function has the greater rate of change 1.The rates of change are equal. 2.The graph has a greater rate of change. 3.The table has a greater rate of change.*** 4.none of the above Is this right?


1. Which number is the resolution of m + 90 = 150? a. 50 b. 60 (my answer) c. 140 d. 240 2. Which number is the solution of n/3 = -12? a. -36 b. -4 (my answer) c. 4 d 36 3. Use mental math to find the solution of 19b = 190. a. 10 b. 11 c. 171 (my answer) d. 208 4. Estimate the...


Thinking about the uses of radioactive isotopes, which statement is true? A. The iodine isotope, I-27, is used to diagnose thyroid disorders. B. Radiation may be detected because it ionizes the atoms it affects. C. It’s clearly understood that irradiating food kills bacteria...


1. We learned math and science. 2. We learnt math and science. (Which past do we use? Are both okay? Which one is commonly used?) 3. I went there every other week. 4. I went there every second week. 5. I went there every two weeks. (Are the three sentences the same?)


A researcher predicts that listening to music while solving math problems will make a particular brain area more active. To test this, a research participant has her brain scanned while listening to music and solving math problems, and the brain area of interest has a ...


Ethanol boils at a temp. of 78.29 degrees C. What amount of energy, in joules, is necessary to heat to boiling and then completely vaporize a 23 g sample of ethanol initially at 12 degrees C? I know that the molar enthalpy heat of vaporization is 35.56 kJ/mol and the specific ...


Suppose that we strike a bargain, and we agree that in this chapter, for every problem you do right, I will pay you $.86 and that for every problem you do wron, I will fine you $.47. After 28 problems, you have a nice sum of $9.45 in your pocket (and I am looking for a way out...


HELP! I have a math question the says this: In track practice, Jesse ran a mile in 7 minutes. His mile time was 2 1/2 minutes faster than Michael's time. Write and solve an equation to calculate Michael's mile time. I can't figure out what to do and it's due tomorrow! Please ...


Hello everyone. I have one hard math problem and I do not know how to solve it. would you help me to solve this problem? Thank you An 11[times]11[times]11 wooden cube is formed by gluing together 11[cubed] unit cubes. what is the gratest number of unit cubes that cam be seen ...


Gray bought two plots of land for a total of 120000 on the first plot she made a profit of 15% on the second plot she lost 10% .her total profit 5500, how much did she pay for each piece of land? (Please show the whole procedure of this math with the rough works) Thank you so ...

Unkown Filed of Math

yah well this is a filed of math i'm not sure what it's called alright well her we go how do I graph on a flat piece of paper in four dimensions. I can do it on the computer simply but I'm not sure how to do it on a flat piece of paper

Math 213 Elementary Math

20. Think of a number. Add 7. Double the result. Subtract 8. Double the result. Add 12. Divide by 4. Subtract 6. Your answer will be the original number. Explain how this trick works.


Im working on "Finding the Area and Circumference of a circle" I have a question. Is the circumference half of the area? I was looking at my brothers math book, this is what it shows. C=πr2≈ 2(3.14)(4)≈ 25.1 A=πr^2≈ 3.14(4^2)≈ 50.2 cm^2. Thanks.


Marie has scores of 65,72,80,74, and 85 on five math tests. The final will count as two tests in determining each students overall average. What score must Marie get on the final if she wants her overall average to Ben 80?


when only tom was absent 19 students in his class took a math test and their average score was 82%.when tom came back to school he took the test and got a 72% .what happened to the class average


find 2 prime numbers that if multiplied would generate a 400 digit number I'm not sure what you want. 400 is a three-digit number, and 4000 is a four-digit number. I don't think you want a "400 digit number." Assuming you want a number with a value over 400, this site will be ...

Math 7 - NYS Math Exam Review Help! (Q2)

9. Eric's mother wants to help him with his math homework. She puts 24 cookies in a cookie jar. Twelve (12) of the cookies are chocolate chip, 8 are oatmeal, and 4 are peanut butter. She then has Eric select a cookie from the jar without looking. Next, without replacing the ...


I have to take a test tomorrow on math to decide whether or not I can make it into the next grade same for tomorrow for reading. What should I do to study? I don't have a textbook to study cause it's at school. Should I look over my notes on everything I covered in math this ...

emergency due before midnight please!!!

Dangling Modifiers If your baby does not like cold apple juice, it should be heated. Your answer: 1. Dangling Modifiers When they are fresh, eating oranges can often keep away the cold virus. Your answer: 2. Predication Our plans for tomorrow should begin today. Your answer: 3...

math,correction plz

can someone correct my math...thanks... Perform the indicated multiplication. Then simplify each radical expression. Problem#4 radical(13) times radical (5) My answer: radical (15) Problem #28 radical (7) (2radical(3)+3radical(7)) MY answer: 2radical(21) + 21 No on first one. ...


1. CheckPoint: Interfaces and Communication Messages Understanding object-oriented methodologies is often difficult. You already understand that object-oriented analysis and design emulates the way human beings tend to think and conceptualize problems in the everyday world. ...


How do you multiply decimals If you look at the box up above that says jump, scroll down to the math section. If you select arithmetic you'll see a section on decimals there. That section has a subsection on multiplying them. when you multiply decimals you first have to line ...

being a math tutor

Right now in my geometry class, I have an A+, but friend is failing that class. I offered to be her math tutor, to possibly meet in the library after school 3 days a week. Does anybody have any ideas on how to make our study sessions more productive (I haven't started yet -- ...

Quick math help

Homework Help: Quick Math Help Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 4:06pm. 1. let an=4n find the sum of the first 5 terms. How would you do this? 2. a1=3; an+1=3an+18. Find a6 How would you do this? 3. You start you 30 year career at a salary of $50,000 and ...


A college offers nine different psychology courses,four different history course,thirteen different math course,and five different business courses. If a student is required to take one course in each of those four subjects,how many different ways are there for the student to ...


I need help with this math problem... If joe eats 4/5 of a pizza and Hannah eats 1/3 of a pizza, how many times more did joe eat than Hannah?


how do you convert 12.55 to percent? i get 1,255% is that correct? or should it be 125.5%? If the 12.55 is a decimal, then .1255 is the percent. Per Cent means "per 100". the math problem asked me to find the percent increase of the population in africa from 1950 to 2000. the ...


what would be the equation for this math problem so i can figure it out In a basketball game, the Squirrels scored a total of 103 points and made 3 times as many field goals ( 2 points each) as free throws (1 point each). They also made eleven three point baskets. How many ...


every row and column contains the same numbers and the same math signs, but they are arranged in a different order each time. can you find the correct order to arrive at the finals totals shown. only using 4 8 3 5 and * + - to make 31 15 20 21 9 17 11 27 ...but you only can ...

math math :(

A couple finances a house valued at $125,000. They make a $20,000 down payment and finance the remainder for 30 years at 6.8%. Taxes on the property are estimated to be $621 per year. Insurance on the property is projected to cost $685 per year. The monthly PITI payment is:

Math(Please respond)

.50 - x / x = 3.20e-1 I need to solve for x. I was going to do .50 X 3.20e-1 and then take the square root but this is not correct. I am not sure what to do. Thank you for your help. Math(Please help) - Reiny, Tuesday, April 17, 2012 at 3:18pm You probably meant (.50 - x)/x = ...


JESSI bought two plots of land for a total of 120000 on the first plot she made a profit of 15%. on the second plot she lost 10% .her total profit was 5500, how much did she pay for each piece of land? ( please show the whole procedure of this math even the rough works) Thank ...


rying to verify the volume of a rectanguler prism h=10 inches w=2 and the formula to find the volume is l.w.h not a math genius just trying to make sure i am calculating this correctly to find the lengh we had to divide the width of the prism so 2 inches divided by 4 =0.5 ...


can someone correct this for me. If the company shipped a total of 550 items last month, how many were shipped using second-day airfreight? (If second day freight is 40%,Next day frieght is 15%,and Truck is 45%) My answer: 550 items shipped – 40% second day airfreight = 220 ...


In your opinion, how is the order operation used to solve equation. exponets, groups, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction. This allowes you to get the same result every time..... I hope this helps :) I searched Google under the key words "math operation order" to ...

Visual Basic - Computer Science

I'm trying to right a program with Multidimensional Arrays. These are the instructions for the program: The Valley Boulevard (VB) Auto Center management is pleased with your progress in developing their system. They require you to develop a new feature for their system. Main ...


. [16 points] A coach uses a nw technique to train gymnasts. 7 gymnasts were randomly selected and their competition scores were recorded before and after the training. The results are shown below. Before After 9.7 9.9 9.4 9.7 9.6 9.2 9.6 9.4 9.6 9.7 9.7 10.0 9.4 9.2 Using a 0...

Math Another math question???

I also need help with this question because I'm really not getting this question at this time. A paint manufacturer suggests using 1 gallon of paint for every 400 sqaure feet of wall. At this rate, how many gallons of paint woulb be required for room that has 1400 square feet ...


So far this year Nick has scored a 75, 81, 88 and 92 on four of his math tests. Each test is worth a maximum of 100 points. To earn a B this year, Nick needs a test average of 80 or better. Write the inequality that represents this scenario. Let t equal Nick's grade on the ...

algebra (Check answers :)

1.Which of the following situations best describes a student engaged in active learning. A. A student uses only one of the resources provided by the teacher B. A student skips parts of lessons that he or she finds difficult C. A student records questions to ask the teacher ...

7th Grade Math

I got a math test coming up on Friday, and i need help on reviewing what i have learned. There's many questions and problems in it. I did this test on the first day of summer school, and since it's been two weeks already, i should've study, and i did. I just need help on one ...


Two students are playing a math game. The object of the game is to make the least possible number by arranging the given digits inside value bars on a card. In the first round, each player will use the digits 3, 5 and 7 to fill in the card. One student arranges the numbers on ...


16 persons need 56 kg of rice in 1 week. How much rice will be needed by 24 persons in four weeks? ^please anyone over here ryt now may you help me to arrive to the final answer^ 24×(56/16)× 4 math - kelvin today at 2:22pm i had the this idea but i shocked when i saw the ...


In my math book i got a question that said 1/7 times 1/7. I got answer of 2 if my answer is not right can you show me how to do the problem.If my answer is correct still show me how to do the problem


A textbook store sold a combined total of 205history and math textbooks in a week. The number of history textbooks sold was 87more than the number of math textbooks sold. How many textbooks of each type were sold?

Critical Thinking

Read the article “Controlling Irrational Fears After 9/11” below and do the below 5 items for practice 1) Identify at least two arguments in the article. 2) Outline the premises and conclusions of each argument you find. Answer the following questions for each argument, ...


when writing an essay on this, is it ok to fill in the blanks with my own ideas? You should probably state that there is no definitive conclusion from the poet, but that you believe ... etc., etc. Thinking for yourself is always a good option, as long as you can back your ...


This is another one I need help with. On a TV game show, the contestant is asked to select a door an then is rewarded with the prize behind the door selected. If the doors can be selected with equal probability, what is the expected value of the selection if the doors have ...

MAth Im stuck on question can anyone help me ?

Im stuck on this question can anyone help me ? I thought it was b but that's wrong Which situation can be modeled by tossing a coin 3 times A)choosing which one of sixteen teams will win a tournament? B)picking one of six math teacher, C)decide which English teacher of eight ...


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