Critical Thinking/Math

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  1. psychology

    What is the name of the type of thinking that humans do naturally? What is the weakness of this type of thinking?
  2. trig

    What is cos(11pi/3)? Explain your thinking. What is sin(13pi/4) ? Explain your thinking.
  3. Calculus

    Explain the global optimization process for a continuous function over a closed interval. Be sure to identify all steps involved and clearly explain how the derivative is utilized in this process. Would this be a good explanation? The process of global optimization refers to ...
  4. social studies

    The so-called "Critical Period" in American History can be viewed as historian John Fiske said; as "the most critical time in all American history... including the Civil War": or, may be viewed as a period of transition and some accomplishment. To what extent are these ...
  5. Critical thinking PLEASE HELP I'm STUCK

    "I<Clicker 2 is a useful tool in educational settings. Many universities have begun using I<Clicker 2 to capture student response information in the classroom, and 94% of users agree that the product is effective or extremely effective. If you are looking for an exciting...
  6. bob -sci.

    keeping osmosis in mind, would it be better to soak wilted flowers in distilled water or normal tap water? I was thinking tap but I`m not sure why I`m thinking that. Maybe because tap water has a higher solute concentration that than distilled. i`m not sure. could you explain ...
  7. child day care management

    Q; Bruno has been asked to list all of the use for a paper clip.This is an example of A;convergent thinking B;scaffolding C;conservation D;divergent thinking My answer is D but it might be B pls hellp me scaffold- support system that supports children as they move from one ...
  8. math-calc

    f(x)=(5x-4)e^2x How do you find the one critical number??
  9. math

    If f(x)=sinxcosx, what are the critical points? on the interval (o, 2pi)
  10. math

    What is the critical z used to form a 85% confidence interval?
  11. math

    let f(x)=x^3+3x^2-2x+4 What are the critical values? Where are the relative extrema, if they exist?
  12. math

    let f(x)=x^3+3x^2-2x+4 What are the critical values? Where are the relative extrema, if they exist?
  13. statistics

    Find the test statistic, P-value, and critical value. Round to 3 decimal places. Claim: The mean IQ score of statistics professors is greater than 118. Sample data: n = 50, x = 120. Assume that σ = 15 and the significance level is α = .05 test statistic = P-value = ...
  14. critical thinking

    Where would I find newspaper editorial that are fallacies. Where would be a good place to look for opinion magazine. On the Editorial Page of any newpaper you will find articles and letters that will contain fallacies. In addition, any opinion piece in Newsweek or Time or will...
  15. english

    Can anyone help tell me if these are correct? Subject-verb agreement A 1a. Did you know a famous animal-rights activist has criticized horseracing because of the dangers involved? 1b. Did you know a famous animal-rights activist have criticized horseracing because of the ...
  16. critical thinking (english)

    How can readers distinguish between prejudicial and non-prejudicial use of rhetorical devices? The reader can distinguish between nonprejudicial and prejudicial rhetorical devices by: 1. Analyzing the propaganda techniques used in the passage. 2. Studying other sources. 3. ...
  17. Science

    In an H-R Diagram, the path showing changes in a star's luminosity and surface temperature as a function of time is called its? What is your thinking on these? We are not going to do your work for you. We will be happy to critique your thinking. It's like she typed in her ...
  18. Math

    Esme is thinking of two integers. One integer is 4 times the other, and their sum is 18 more than 3 times the smaller I integer. What is the smaller integer esme is thinking of?
  19. English Literature-Critical Thinking

    Animals should serve as models for us. They are gentle, cooperative, and family-oriented creatures who fight mainly over territory and mates and rarely kill one another. Humans being engage in group warfare and slaughter one another by millions. In fact, we stop behaving like ...
  20. math

    Find rhe critical poinu of y=3(x-2)^ it max or min?
  21. critical thinking.

    which of the following is the best example of "negative evidence" for the claim," samsung makes excellent quality phones"? A. 50.6 of htc evo users prefer evo to samsung's android. B. the main competitors of samsung are htc,nokia and black barry. C. 4 out of 5 samsung ...
  22. philosophy-critical thinking

    Read statements (a) through (d) and identify any statement(s) that is irrelevant to the claim. (a) It is unfair to expect victims to bear the cost of someone else’s negligence. (b) Costs to victims arise as a result of the action of the drunk driver. (c) A policy of ...
  23. Please check my Calculus

    1. Find all points of inflection of the function f(x)=x^4+x^3 A. (0, 0) and (-½, -1/16) B. (-½, -1/16) C. (0, 0) D. (0, 0) and (-¾, -27/256) E. none of these I got A. I found the second derivative and solved for x and plugged in the values to find the points. 2. Given that ...
  24. English

    It is confusing me when it is at the end of the sentence... Amelia Earhart also flew nonstop across the Atlantic; the first woman to do so was (her, she). I am thinking try the sentence with one word at a time to see which makes sense.. so I am thinking she?

    Use implicit differentiation to show that a function defined implicitly by sin x + cos y = 2y has a critical point whenever cos x = 0. Then use the first derivative test to classify those critical numbers that lies in the interval (−2, 2) as relative maxima or minima. ...
  26. Preschool Creative Thinking and Arts Based Learnin

    Supporting "possibility thinking" means teachers are encouraging children to: a. first solve problems and follow directions, then "think outside the box." b. not merely solve problems but find them, then pose "what if" questions in their minds. c. play with ideas and explore ...
  27. speech english

    what will continue to make Othello worthy of critical study? through a critical evaluation and reflection of othello, analysing the construction, content and language of the text??? theres has to be readings suchs as poost modernist, modernist, femist or post colonial ...
  28. statistics

    What does the area corresponding to the critical value zcrt mean? There is a graph that has a normal bell shape curve that has a vertical arrow that intersects the x axis far from the y axis. then everything to the left of the the vertical arrow is colored in blue. The ...
  29. Physics

    A car is traveling at 50km/h. The driver sees a child run out into the road 5m ahead. She applies the breaks and the car stops in 5s. The driver's thinking time is 1.5s. a. Will the car stop in time? b. If the driver's thinking time is increased to 2.5s, will the car stop in ...
  30. Critical Reading- Ms.Sue

    Hello Again, I came across another questions I have... One way a critical reader can synthesize ideas on related issues from varies sources is to A.) analyze the sources for objectivity? B.) select the most popular writers in these sources? Or C.) decide if the issues are part...
  31. statistics

    Needing help to get this answer right. _c___ 3. What is the relationship between the alpha level, the size of the critical region, and the risk of a Type I error? a. As the alpha level increases, the size of the critical region increases and the risk of a Type I error ...
  32. math

    Find the values of a,b, and c if the parabola y=a(x^2)+bx+c is tangent to the line y=-2x+3 at (2,-1) and has a critical point when x=3
  33. Math Calculus

    Find critical points and extreme values on the interval [-1,5]: f(x)=|x^2-4x+3|

    The length of a bicycle pedal arm is 0.152 m, and a downward force of 146 N is applied to the pedal by the rider's foot. What is the magnitude of the torque about the pedal arm's pivot point when the arm makes the following angles with the vertical? (a) 30° (b) 90° (c) 180...
  35. 4th grade New

    Jason is thinking of a number. He adds 8, multiplies by 2, subtracts 4,and then divides by 2. The result is twenty-four. What number is Jason thinking of?
  36. einstein's equation

    Einstein's famous equation indicates that E=mc^2, where c is the speed of light and m is the object's mass. Given this, what is the SI unit for E? And your thinking is...? We will be happy to critique your thinking or work.
  37. critical thinking. Please help.

    Truth or False : for business writing,it is always best to present the most analytical, matter of fact writing in order to be convincing. most claims in business,and in persuasive writing generally tend to be contestable claims.this requires the author of the argument to do ...
  38. intro to psychology

    Critical thinking involves being able to: A. wonder, ask questions, define the question in clear terms, and accept the obvious. B. examine the evidence, analyze assumptions, and avoid emotional reasoning. C. examine the evidence, be curious and ask questions, but accept your ...
  39. Oranganization leadership MGT

    What are some internal human elements that may force an organization to change? Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Once you have posted what YOU think answers might be, someone here will be able to critique your thinking. =) Stress on employees is a ...
  40. Calculus

    Suppose f(x,y) = XY(1-10X-5Y). f(x,y) has 4 critical points. List them in increasing lexographic order. By that we mean that (x, y) comes before (z, w) if x<z or if x=z and y<w. Also, describe the type of critical point by typing MA if it is a local maximum, MI if it is ...
  41. overview of teaching techniques

    how should students be grouped to best encourage learning? (a)according to same abilities (b)according to same attitudes (c)according to same interests (d)according to a common task (my answer) which of the following types of questions are unfortunately most often asked by ...
  42. critical thinking

    9. We shouldn’t take a chance on this new candidate. She’s from Alamo Polytech, and the last person we hired from there was rotten. Trying to figure out the Premise and Conclusion. Premise: She's from Alamo Polytech, the last person we hired from there was rotten. ...
  43. calculus

    Please help!! *f(x)= x(x+6)^1/2 find two x intercepts. Then show that f'(x)=0 at some point between the 2 x intercepts. *Use mean value theorem for f(x)= x(x^2-3x+1) for interval [1,4] I FOUND DERIAVITIVE WHICH IS 3X^2-6X+1.THEN? *find all critical numbers find all intervals ...
  44. critical thinking

    How can reader's distinguish between prejudicial and non-prejudicial use of rhetorical devices? How can a person distinguish between the prejudical and nonprejudical use of rhetorical devices? A prejudicial use of rhetoric will often have little backing, or use faulty evidence...
  45. math

    t vakye us +3.28 and the critical value of t is +2.048 what does this mean? and would the null be rejected
  46. Biology

    Which of the following is true? A.Biased thinking promotes scientific ideas. B.Open-mindedness restricts scientific thinking. C. Creativity fosters scientific discovery. D. Skepticism inhibits scientific exploration. I think it is C...?
  47. LA

    for the critical review essay you are to choose two poems, short stories, essays, or novels. Whatever you choose they must have a similar theme. State the theme for both stories in your introductory paragraph. In the body paragraphs provide text based evidence to support your ...
  48. quantitative analysis

    consider a manufacture whose total cost of producing x items is given by c(x) = 10000 + 5x+1/9x^2 a) what is the average cost function of A(x) = c(x)/x? b)how many items should the manufacturer produce in order to minimize average cost? c)what is the smallest average cost? d) ...
  49. Critical Thinking Quiz phi 103

    Surveys show that people who use calorie information to decide which foods to eat consume on average 100 calories less than they would if they didn’t check calorie information before eating. Strangely though, people who use calorie information in this way weigh more on ...
  50. physics

    The height of a horse is sometimes given in units of "hands". Why was this a poor standard of length before it was redefined to refer to exactly 4 in.? And your thinking is...? I noticed my neighbor's hands, a small woman, are pretty little. We will be happy to critique your ...
  51. critical thinking (just explain the question plz)

    can u explain this question for me or rephrase it because i don't understand what it means by fact-based subject matter or value-based subject matter. Does your hypothesis test fact-based subject matter or value-based subject matter? Briefly explain.?
  52. Critical Thinking

    Identify the correct fallacy of relevance committed by the following arguments, explain how it is used in the example, and determine what is wrong with the reasoning. (ex. What should have been said or argued? 1) Convicted murder Johnny Palko has argued that he did not receive...

    Please post a substantive response to the following discussion questions by clicking on Reply: Aristotle developed a theory of persuasion by which there are three ways a speaker can persuade an audience. Ethos is the idea that an audience can be persuaded by a speaker's ...
  54. chemistry

    Can someone help me with this homework problem? Which of the following is the best explanation as to why lithium is the strongest reducing agent in the alkali metals? A) relatively high charge density of Li B) lowest ionization energy of the metals C) most positive standard ...
  55. CRITICAL THINKING please help me

    Consider the following argument. Is the argument inductive, deductive or concatenated? What can you tell me about the validity of the claim? What can you tell me about the cogency of the claim? Explain your reasoning using specific reference to the argument. "I<Clicker 2 is...
  56. Physics help

    The galaxies in the universe are all flying away from each other. The speeds of nearby galaxies are proportional to the distance the galaxy is away from us. This relation, v=Hd is known as Hubble's law and the constant H is known as Hubble's constant. The evolution of our ...
  57. critical thinking

    When using rhetorical devices, how can you restate your position twice, each time using a different rhetorical device. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. First of all you need to select the rhetorical devices that will work best for you. The following link as ...
  58. Calculus (pleas help!)

    Consider the function f(x)=12x^5+60x^4−100x^3+4. For this function there are four important intervals: (−INF,A], [A,B] ,[B,C] , and [C,INF) where A, B, and C are the critical numbers. Find A, B, and C. At each critical number A, B, and C does f(x) have a local min...
  59. critical thinking

    What is the difference between a clause and a phrase? A. A clause has a subject and a verb, but a phrase doesn't. B. A phrase has a subject and a verb, but a clause doesn't. C. A phrase always contains a preposition. D. A clause always contains a preposition. my answer is b.
  60. Math

    Centerville is the headquarters of Greedy Cablevision Inc. The cable company is about to expand service to two nearby towns, Springfield and Shelbyville. There needs to be cable connecting Centerville to both towns. Centerville is located at (10,0) in the xy-plane, Springfield...
  61. Critical thinking

    In the following sentence, which words are used as adjectives? The golden rays of the bright sun reflected off the clear waters of the calm lake. A. The, of, in, clear, and calm B. The, golden, the, bright, the, clear, the, and calm C. Golden, rays, clear, and waters D. The, ...
  62. 5th grade

    Kathy gave her friends clues about a number she was thinking of.She told them when her number is doubled and added to 10,the result is 58. What is the number Kathy is thinking of?
  63. critical thinking

    how can i go about answering the rest of the question. can you give me examples i can use? thank If being part of a group and seeking and obtaining status in that group lead to individual success, what’ s wrong with herd-instinct? Explain in detail, using your own examples. ...
  64. Science help!?

    . If a kestrel eats a mouse that eats grass, the kestrel is a (1 point)producer. second-level consumer. first-level consumer. decomposer. 2. Which of the following best explains why a species of lizard is able to live in the desert but not in tundra regions? (1 point)High ...
  65. Science math

    Can no one help me? I posted a question earlier I don't need answer I need to understand what I did wrong my thinking is that if I have a 2:1 ratio And my total is 99 that if I divide by 3 then I can get the amounts 33x2 is 66, then 33x1 is 33 so it would be 66:33. I used this...
  66. Physics

    You push down on a book of inertia m resting on a table with a force directed at an angle θ away from vertical. The coefficient of static friction between book and table is μs. If θ is not larger than some critical value, you cannot get the book to slide no ...
  67. psychology

    Bruce is furious when his midterm is returned with a C grade. He tells his sociology professor that he had read each of the assigned chapters three times, and if someone can do that and just be average, then there’s something wrong with the test! The professor is outraged by...
  68. Critical thinking

    I think this would be Relativist fallacy, am I right????? Letter to the editor: “Once again the Park Commission is considering closing North Park Drive for the sake of a few joggers and bicyclists. These so-called fitness enthusiasts would evidently have us give up to them ...
  69. Critical thinking

    what kind of fallacy is this statementLetter to the editor: “Andrea Keene’s selective morality is once again showing through in her July 15 letter. This time she expresses her abhorrence of abortion. But how we see only what we choose to see! I wonder if any of the anti-...
  70. Hot Stuff

    Please hot stuff could you stop answering because you are not helping me. You are annoying me. Missy, you are not showing any thinking, just homework questions. We are not going to give you answers. Show your best thinking on them, and we will gladly critique your work. Did ...
  71. calculus

    1. (30 points) Consider a manufacturer whose total cost of producing x items is given by c(x)=10000+5x+1/9x^2. a. What is the average cost function A(x)= c(x)/x? b. How many items should the manufacturer produce in order to minimize average cost? c. What is the smallest ...
  72. Calculus

    Consider a manufacturer whose total cost of producing x items is given by c(x)=10000+5x+1/9x^2. a. What is the average cost function A(x)= c(x)/x? b. How many items should the manufacturer produce in order to minimize average cost? c. What is the smallest average cost? d. Find...
  73. Diff Calculus

    Find the interval(s) where the function is increasing of decreasing. find the: a) critical value(s) b) critical point(s) c) max. value + max. point d) min.value and min. point e)point on inflection if there is: 1) y=x^4-3x^3+22x^2-24x+12 thanks:)

    A research center claims that 50% of people believe that drivers should be allowed to use cellular phones with hands free devices while driving. In a random sample of 150 U.S. adults 58% say that drivers should be allowed to use cellular phones with hands free devices while ...
  75. Chemistry

    I am having so much trouble understanding how to classify reactions as precipitation, acid base, or oxidation reduction. In one example in particular, it reads Iron II oxide reacts with oxygen and water to yield Iron III hydroxide. I wrote out the equation as: FeO(aq)+O2(g)+...
  76. math

    Find the critical numbers of each given function. (a) f(x)=3rt(x^(2)-x (b) g(x)=2sinx+2cos^(2)x, 0 <=x<=2pie For Further Reading
  77. Economics

    Which is an example of thinking at the margin? A. figuring out what you will give up and what you will gain by hiring a new worker B. thinking about whether or not to go on a vacation to a warm beach C. drawing plans to build an extra room on an old home D. deciding whether to...
  78. Please check my Calculus

    1. Which of the following describes the behavior of f(x)=x^3-x A. Relative maximum: x=0 B. Relative maximum: x=(1/sqrt(3)); Relative minimum: x=(-1/sqrt(3)) C. Relative maximum: x=(-1/sqrt(3)); Relative minimum: x=(1/sqrt(3)) D. Relative minimum: x=0 E. none of these I got C. ...
  79. calc I

    f(x)=x^3-6x+1 find the critical points, where the function is increasing or decreasing and explain the shape of the graph using the derivative and algebra. i found the derivative to be 3x^2-6. So the critical points are -1.4 and 1.4. The derivative is decreasing until (0,6) ...
  80. statistics

    You have an SRS of 15 observations from a Normally distributed population. What critical value would you use to obtain a 98% confidence interval for the mean μ of the population? I know the answer is 2.602...but I do not understand why Tell me if I'm wrong: n=15 therefore...
  81. Calc 3

    If a function of one variable is continuous on an interval and has only one critical number, then a local maximum has to be an absolute maximum. But this is not true for functions of two variables. Show that the function f(x,y)= 3xe^y − x^3 − e^(3y )has exactly one...
  82. Geometry

    Arpit is thinking of a 2-digit number where the tens digit is twice the ones digit. How many different numbers can Arpit be thinking of?
  83. plays

    I have got to write an essay in a "Psychological Critical Perspective" viewpoint, comparing two different plays "Odeipus Rex" and "Trifles". I will be comparing two different plays, characters, and settings. My problem is I do not understand how to go about doing this. Can you...
  84. calculus

    Consider the function f (x)=x1=5(x��4). This function has two critical numbers A < B Find A and B For each of the following intervals, tell whether f (x) is increasing (type in INC) or decreasing (type in DEC). (-inf;A]: [A;B]: [B;inf) The critical number A is...
  85. Math

    I need help please. Find the critical z values. Assume that the normal distribution applies. Right-Tailed test; x=0.03. z=?
  86. Early childhood

    I need to see an written example of a summary report on a child for preschool that covers the seven domain. 1.Personal and social development 2. Language and Literacy 3. Mathematical Thinking. 4. Scientific Thinking. 5. Social Studies. 6. the Arts. 7.Physical development, ...
  87. Algebra

    Suppose you want to enclose a rectangular garden plot against a house using fencing on three sides, as shown at the left. Assume you have 50 ft. of fencing material and want to create a garden with an area of 150 ft². A. Let w = the width. Write an expression for the length ...
  88. critical thinking

    Read the scenario. Using the information provided in the references and lesson, arrive with your best possible solution. You are a squad leader in Sapper platoon, Special Troop Battalion, 3rd Brigade, 10th Mountain Division. Your unit will deploy to Afghanistan to conduct ...
  89. critical thinking

    In February 1992, a representative of the Catholic Church in Puerto Rico gave a radio interview (broadcast on National Public Radio) in which he said that the Church was against the use of condoms. Even though the rate of AIDS infection in Puerto Rico is much higher than on ...
  90. Math

    Solve. x+12/x+4 = x/x+8 A) x=-4 B) x=8 C) x=6 D) x=-6 thinking that it's B.. help?(:
  91. Math

    Solve. 10/3x + 4/3 = 7 + x/2x A) x = 1/3 B) x = 17/5x C) x = 1/5 D) x = 1/6 thinking it's A.. help?(:
  92. MAth

    Is 3x+8y=5 a function? I am thinking yes
  93. critical thinking

    is this an example of an invalid argument All crows are black John is black Therefor, John is a crow. is this an example of a unsound argument All dogs are black Lassie is a dog Lassie is a cat Please tell me if this is right. You're right for both arguments. The premise for ...
  94. Calculus

    Sketch the graph of the function that has the following properties. f is continuous on (-infinity, infinity). points: (-1,2), (0, 0), (-1,0) f'(x)>0 at (-infinity, -1) f'(-1)=0 f'(x)<0 at (-1, 1) f'(1)=0 f'(x)>0 on (1, infinity) f"(x)<0 on (-infinity, 0) f"(0)=0 f...
  95. MAth

    Find the critical numbers, increasing intervals, x-values where f has an inflection point, and where the graph is concave down from the equation f(x)=2x^4-3x^3-10x^2+20
  96. critical thinking

    2) Which of the following, if true, would best explain the material presented in the table? A) The total value of property owned by Black residents in Washington during the 1830-1860 period was similar to that in other cities during this period. B) Rising standards of living ...
  97. critical thinking

    2) Which of the following, if true, would best explain the material presented in the table? A) The total value of property owned by Black residents in Washington during the 1830-1860 period was similar to that in other cities during this period. B) Rising standards of living ...
  98. Critical thinking

    ) Which of the following, if true, would best explain the material presented in the table? A) The total value of property owned by Black residents in Washington during the 1830-1860 period was similar to that in other cities during this period. B) Rising standards of living ...
  99. critical thinking

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2) Which of the following, if true, would best explain the material presented in the table? A) The total value of property owned by Black residents in Washington during the 1830-1860 period was ...
  100. Chem

    What molarity of a NH4NO3 solution has a pH of 5.220? Kb for NH3 is 1.8 x 10^-5. Choose one answer. a. 6.31x 10-6. b. 2.21 x 10-6 c. 5.56x 10-10. d. 0.065 I started by taking the inverse log of the PH to get (6.02*10^-6) then I was thinking its not the way I should start but ...
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