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help - is the father but becomes the mother and the fertilized eggs mature into well developed young in his pouch What is it? A seahorse Thanks drwls, I was thinking it was either the seahorse or the darwin frog? Should I go with the seahorse? Since the Darwin frog male ...


Could someone walk me through this problem? 6CO2 + 6H2O --> C6H12O6 + 6O2 partial pressure of CO2 is .26Torr, temp is 25 celsius, calculate volume of air to prouduce 10g glucose I keep getting confused with thinking: convert 10 g glucose to moles (which ...

Algebra 2

I know it's easy, but I totally just blanked out on how to divide rational expressions. We're supposed to write them in the form quotient + (remainder/Divisor) For example, (2h2+h-2)/(h2-1) Those are h squareds. I know you would take h2 into 2h2 and get 2, but then I'm ...

business finance

Her are the data on $1000 par value bonds issued by Microsoft, Ford, and Xerox at the end of 2008, Assume you are thinking about buying these bonds as of January 2009. Answer the following questions. a. Calculate the values of the bonds if your required rates of return are as ...


The impact of drug x on fertility rates in young women A.Potentially rendering young women unable to have children B.Potential birth defects if the women should become pregnant during the study C.Exposing young women to an untested drug D.There is no ethical dilemma I'm ...


Tomlinson, in Cultural Imperialism: a Critical Introduction, London: Pinter Publishers, 1991, suggests that certain dominant cultures threaten to overwhelm other more vulnerable ones. He argues that cultural imperialism gathers in a number of fairly discrete discourses of ...


A 20.00 mL sample of a .1000M unknown acid solution is titrated with .1000M NaOH. Given that the acid is diprotic and its pKa's are 1.90 and 6.70 a.) Estimate the pH after 10 mL of base are added b.) estimate the pH after 20 mL of base are added c.) estimate the pH after 30 mL...


I'm doing a paper about Usher Syndrome and am having a hard time thinking about a thesis statement. I already have my paper typed up but can't think what to write as my thesis statement. Any examples would help to get my mind going. The source online about thesis statement ...


Could you please check the following sentences, please? 1) He kept himself busy by keeping (?) record of how long he had been on the island.He made a mark for each day he had been on the island. 2) He decided to build himself a house in a cave. He found a cave halfway up the ...

College Critical Reading

Can someone please let me know if I am right on these True/ False questions. I like to make sure that I am understanding this information. Thanks in advance for your help ;-) 1. Journalism has professional values of striving for subjectivity, currency, efficiency, and economy...

Cultural Diversity

Is this an example of sequential billingualism or simultaneous billingualism? (I'm thinking it's an example of sequential billingualism.) Adrienne is four years old. Her mother is French,and her father is American. They both have spoken their native language to Adrienne since ...


Random assignment can be described as a research method: used to balance the independent and dependent variables. no longer used because of its unpredictability. increasing the likelihood that the experimental group and control group will be different. used to balance the ...

Patho - Hyperkalemia and Heart Attacks

Could someone please explain why an increase in potassium would cause a decrease in HR? I need someone to really dumb it down for me so I can fully understand. i was thinking that more Ka+ would increase the HR but in my lesson, it said it would slow down HR. I don't ...


i'm thinking of a number that has two tenths, twice as many hundredths as tenths, half as many hundreds as tenths, twice as many tens as hundreds and three times as many ones as hundredths. Can you Guess the number


How would I figure out the answer to this question? A critical angle of 24.4 degrees applies to: a) light travelling from air into diamond b) light travelling from diamond into air c) light travelling from water into diamond d) light travelling from diamond into water

PHI 208

Many philosophers insist that our most strongly held beliefs should be examined and critically evaluated. Using the required text and outside sources, explain what philosophers mean when they say that beliefs need justification? What is the importance of subjecting our beliefs...

7th Grade Language Arts URRGEENT!!!!

What was the first South American nation to receive independence? (1 point) Chile Argentina Paraguay Brazil ok this question IDK... however I think it's Chile OR Argentina though to be honest idk I've read the book 17 times (i counted) I looked it up in google (it didn't help ...


Find the derivative using the chain rule. f(x) = ((3x-7)/(6x+3))^4 f '(x) = let u= 3x-7 v= (6x+3)^-4 Then d(uv)= u dv + v du du= 3 dv= -4(6x+3)^-5 (6) so what's f'(x)? (thanks for your help) Goodness. f'(x) is d(uv) I will be happy to critique your work or thinking. in the ...


there are 3 rock types:(a)igneous,(b)sedimentary,(c)metamorphic.If rock (a)were to cut across both other rocks and (c) is the oldest rock, describe the new relationship between the rocks. are you doing 103 by any chance im stuck on this q as well and thought it might be asking...


Suppose that you are a policy maker concerned with correcting the effects of gases and particulates emitted by an local power plant. 1. What tools would you use? 2. What would be the benefits of the actions? 3. What would be the costs? 4. How would you decide what was the best...


Most schools and classrooms in the United States have ELL students. Now is the time for you to begin thinking and planning for what you will do to make sure ELL students in your classes are successful learners. Make your top ten list of steps to take to ensure ELL student ...

corporate finance

you are thinking of retiring. your retirement plan will pay you either $250,000 immediately on retirement or $350,000 five years after the date of your retirement. which alternative should you chose if the interest rate is a) 0% per year; b) 8% per year and c) 20% per year

Critical to life is the function of the cell membr

living organisms require energy to function and this includes each and every one of the trillions of cells that constitute the human body. Define in detail and use diagrams appropriate to show how cells extract, use and store energy including but to limited to discussion of ...


a Rollercoaster's auditors estimate that the average daily loss from those illegally riding without tickets is at lease (greater or equal) $295, but wants to determine the accuracy of this statistic. The company researcher takes a random sample of losses over 64 days and finds...


A 0.21 g of Sulfuris acid is dissolved completely in sufficient water to make 0.25 litre of final solution. Calculate the hydrogen ion concentration (in mol 1 -1) in this solution. Give your answer in scientific notation to an appropriate number of significant figures. ...

USA PoliScience

Select a two interest groups that are on opposite side of some issue or policy goal. I was thinking I should write about American Freedom Agenda- But does the question mean we have to find two groups against each other? Or one group on an issue.. and is my choice an interest ...

English - Infinitive phrases

Consider the two sentences: His mother wanted him to study more. She made him study more. In the first, we have an infinitive phrase acting as a direct object, with "him" as the subject of the infinitive. How about the second sentence? Is that also an infinitive phrase, with ...


On p. 84 of the text, in the Thinking Clearly section, the conduction action potentials and activation of neurotransmitters is related to a row of mousetraps on a wobbly shelf. Think of your own original analogy you can use to describe the conduction of action potentials and ...


Why do some people feel the wall for Peace in Paris is unsightly? The contemporary design was poorly constructed and is falling apart the contemporary design does not convey ideas of peace with enough clarity the contemporary design clashes with surrounding classical ...


You are thinking of buying a craft emporium. It is expected to generate cash flows of $30,000 per year in years 1 through 5, and $40,000 per year in years 6 through 10. If the appropriate discount rate is 8%, what amount are you willing to pay for the emporium

College Chemistry

A stock solution is prepared by adding 20mL of 0.2M Na3PO4 to enough water to make 80mL. What is the Na+ concentration of 20mL of the stock solution? I am thinking .012: a) .02 times .2 = .004 b).004 times 3 = .012 (for each Na in the molecule) Seems too simple

probs & stats

A teacher gives 200 students a study guide for a test and the average score was 90 with a standard deviation of 6. She did not give the other 200 students a study guide and their average score was 70 with a standard deviation of 8. Find the critical value to determine whether ...


Two cars lost in a blinding snowstorm are traveling across a large field, each thinking they are on the road, as shown in the figure on the left. They collide. If the distance x is 141 meters and the red car is travelling at 19.5 mph, how fast to the nearest hundredth of a mph...


Is these correct: Simple-Dolphins are very intelligent, social creatures. Compound- Dolphins are very intelligent and social creatures. Help on these on: Simple- Katy is thinking she might like to become a marine biologist one day.


Help:Please change show me anthing that I need to do, by placing the correct form at the it the bottom of the essay. Topic: What is your biggest regret in life? My Biggest Regret Everyone has had some regrets about something in life. Some of the regrets could have been about a...


Experience in investigating insurance claims shows that the average cost to process a claim is approximately normally distributed with a mean of 80 dollars. New cost-cutting measures were started and a sample of 25 claims was tested. The sample mean of the costs to process ...


A car boy in California purchased 6onces of silver for 3000 euro. what is the unit ratio of euro/ounce of silver? If the exchange rate is l:25 $=euro, what is the ratio equivalant to in $/pound of gold. Ratio= costeuro/ounce=3000/6 Ratio= costeuro/ounce*16ounces/lb *dollars/...


According to the speaker in "Mending Wall" by Robert Frost, why does the neighbor feel that good walls make good neighbors? A. They create a barrier from having to talk to one another often. B. They maintain privacy and prevent meddling. C. They physically display the distance...


One of the curators at the art museum is tilting a large cylinder backward. At what angle (theta) will the cylinder of height h and radius r will tumble? My thinking is that the length = height = h 2r = w It seems that this cylinder will tumble when the angle is large enough ...


human reason wedded to truth Is this a question? Are we supposed to somehow metaphysically know the question associated with this? Do you have any thinking on this matter? The "truth" is "human" and "reason" are very seldom associated much less "wedded". At best perhaps a "...


Describe a time when your moral values influenced the way you responded to an issue. What differences did you notice between your logical reasoning process and your moral reasoning process? What were the possible consequences or outcomes of your decision? When YOU have written...


the problem is to use the information given to figure our who will win the third round of tugofwar. round 1 on one side are four acrobats, each of equal strength. on the other side are five neighborhood grandmas, each of equal strength. the result is dead even. round2 on one ...


How is an inequality different from an equation? Give a real-world scenario in which you would write an inequality rather than an equation. (Below is my real-world scenario, please check!) George has some money in his wallet. He's thinking of buying pizza, and his wife told ...

CRT 205 Crticial thinking

. In three of the last four presidential races, the winner of the Iowa Republican primary has not captured the Republican nomination. Therefore, the winner of the next Iowa Republican primary will not capture the Republican nomination.

operations management

explain the methods one would use in evaluating location alternatves. illustrate your answer with suitable examples There are many criteria that come into play, but all have to be judged in the context of life cycle costs, project mission objectives, and other (environmental ...


Okay, I know this isn't techinically 'homework help', but I have to do a project about the Taming of the Shrew. It can be anything from a character analysis, to a study of hawk training, to a report on Elizabethan fashions. Anything that is, in any way, remotely related to the...

educating young children PART3

which one of the following guidelines is recommended when instructing children with learning differences? (a)begin with the childs preferred way of learning (b)use a task-analysis to break down complex tasks into their component parts (c)provide activities and problems ...


4. Which of the following sentences contains a comma splice? A.The kitten climbed the drapes, it couldn't figure out how to get down. B.The cruise ship docked on Oahu, then again on Maui. C.We need help with organization, structure, and spelling. D.Our friend, who travelled ...


How do I even write an equation for this problem all i need someone to show me how to get an equation so i can solve it. It is estimated that the Earth is losing 4000 species of plants and animals every year. If S represents the number of species living last year, how many ...

Substitution Method

Use the Substitution method to solve the system of equations. x + y = -4 x - y = 2 x + y = -4 x - y = 2 In the second equation, x= y+2 Putting that in the first.. (y+2) + y= -4 subtract two from each side, then divide each side by two to get y. Then, put that value of y into ...


please explaing reversing the digits. Find the product of 2 two digit numbers and reverse the digits and find the product. The products are the same. Does this happen with any pair of two-digit numbers? Eplain your thinking in solving this problem and include any mathematical ...


10. A teacher gives 200 students a study guide for a test and the average score was 90 with a standard deviation of 6. She did not give the other 200 students a study guide and their average score was 70 with a standard deviation of 8. Find the critical value to determine ...


10. A teacher gives 200 students a study guide for a test and the average score was 90 with a standard deviation of 6. She did not give the other 200 students a study guide and their average score was 70 with a standard deviation of 8. Find the critical value to determine ...


do students who learned English as well as another language simultaneously score worse on the SAT critical reading exam than the general population of test takers? the mean score di 501. A random sample of 100 test takers who learned English as another language simultaneously ...


the sentences Lee gave the ball to Lynne and Lynne received the ball from Lee have the same: A surface structure B syntax C surface and deep structures D deep structure I was thinking is A but I am not sure


the sentences Lee gave the ball to Lynne and Lynne received the ball from Lee have the same: A surface structure B syntax C surface and deep structures D deep structure I was thinking is A but I am not sure

business communication

Which of the following sentence(s) is written in the active voice? (Points: 5) Jennifer wrote the examination. The examination was written by Jennifer. The examination was written quickly by Jennifer. Jennifer has written the examination. im thinking A any other opinions please


Your company’s sales are 50,000 units. The unit variable cost is $12. Your markup percent on sales is 40% and your fixed costs are $100,000. 1. What is your profit / loss? $100,000 You are thinking of increasing your advertising by $200,000. Based on previous data, you know ...


at&t reacted to the popularity of the cellular phone by adding several cellular models to its lie of regular phones. the availability and popularity of cellular phones is most likely due to changes in which two environments? a. political and cultural b. technological and legal...

Chemistry G.12

(a) Which of the properties, crystal lattice energy and hydration energy, reduces the solubility of an ionic compound? (b) Which property, when increased, increases the solubility? I was thinking for (a) that it would be crystal lattice energy and for (b) hydration... Im not ...


The College Board reported the following mean scores for the three parts of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) (The World Almanac, 2009): Assume that the population standard deviation on each part of the test is = 100. a. What is the probability a sample of 90 test takers will...


If you start with 2.97 g of zest and obtain 459 mg of pure limonene, what is your percent recovery? I was thinking of dividing .459g by 2.97g and then multiplying by 100 to get the percent recovery. But then I realized that the zest and limonene aren't the same. So how would I...

Exceptional Children

Most early childhood professionals children’s agree that the terms inclusion and mainstreaming: A. Both refer to exceptional children’s participation in the general education curriculum. B. Mean the same thing. C. Are two different concepts. D. Both refer to programs that ...


How long would it take for 2.2 x 10^-4 mol H2 to effuse through the same orifice as the 2.2x 10^-4 mol N2? (It takes 105s for N2 to effuse) I was thinking of setting up the equation like: sqroot(28.014gN2/mol / 2.016g H2/mol) = 3.728 What should I do next? Also, when setting ...


A rectangle is bounded by the x-axis and the semicircle y=ã(25-x^2). Question is, what length and width should the rectangle have so that its area is a maximum, and what is the maxuimum area? Area= length*width = 2x*y= 2x*sqrt(25-x^2) Now, take that, differentiate it, set ...


I have to write a wisdom poem that conveys some sort of wisdom about any topic, such as love. It shouldn't have my interpretation, but it should give wisdom that would be relevant over many centuries. I need help thinking of topics and what wisdom I would give about them. Help??


I'm struggling with the following question: The opening of chloride selective channels by a neurotransmitter X will drive membrane potential toward the chloride equilibrium potential. Assume that early during cell development, Cl is pumped into the cell for a concentration [Cl...

Essay Title

Hi. I need help thinking of a title for the essay I am writing. The essay is about the Dominican Republic and Trujillo's regime. Specifically I am talking about how women who accept/deny female stereotypes accept/deny male domination. Can someone help me thing of a title. ...

cultural diversity

1. National Association for the Education of Young Children supports "third space" thinking as a desirable technique for use in: A. Stimulating children's right-brain processes. B. Enhance staff performance in the early childhood setting. C. Resolving conflicts, especially ...


I have 2 statistics problems that I've done and felt completely confident with them until I worked the problem a different way and got a different answer. I was wondering if you could tell me if I have the right answers or not. Thanks so much! A certain air plane has 2 ...


Is it possible to separate Bi, Cu and Ag from a mixture containing: c(BiO+)=0,08M c(Cu2+)=0,242M c(Ag)=0,106M c(HClO4)=1M Eo Bi = 0,32 V, Eo Cu = 0,337 V, Eo = 0,792 V _______________ Using Nernst equation (E=E°-0,0592/n -logQ) i see it's possible to separate Ag, but what ...


i have to write a research paper on Diet and Nutrition my thesis statement is, Diet and diabetes are very strongly connected to each other because out of the many aspects we can explore about diabetes diet is the major weapon against this chronic disease. (my teacher has ...


Okay, I was not thinking. I correlate my hypothesis with the materials I will be testing with. My PROBLEM I will leave the same-Does an increase in water temperature affect the velocity of ocean currents? Or will I have to change this also? New HYPOTHESIS? Increases in heat ...


Two cars lost in a blinding snow storm are traveling across a large field, each thinking they are on the road, as shown in the figure on the left. They collide. If the distance x is 169 meters and the red car is travelling at 15.8 mph, how fast to the nearest hundredth of a ...


How does the story of the pandavas in the mahabharata relate to aryan history? the story provides a sense of the battles between rival aryan tribes the story shows us the aryan concept of the ideal king the story reveals that the aryans believed that duty was very important ...

program eval

If I were doing an evaluation of an existing after-school program where involvement was voluntary, would I do a quasi-experimental design or experimental design? I'm thinking quasi-experimental as I would randomly select from those who are enrolled in the program.


Imagine the CFO of a company has asked you, the auditor, to review the internal controls for cash receipts and to evaluate its cash management of accounts. Prepare a one page letter to the CFO addressing the following questions: 1. Why are internal controls for cash important ...

english- need a creative title!

For my english class i had to right a paper on civil war slang and how this topic releated to the book The Red Badge of Courage. I finished my paper but have no idea of a creative title. Im not good at thinking up good titles :/ have any ideas?

Pre calc

Given that tanθ = 2 root 10 over 9 and cscθ < 0 , find the exact value of cos(θ − pie over 4) . I solved for the other side and got 11. After this idk what to do I was thinking using cos(a-b)=cos(a)cos(b)-sin(a)sin(b) but idk how to witht the pie/4 someone please help


Requesting help. (I must reckon, that X is a variable, and y is y-intercept) Q: Try to use the substitution method to solve the the linear system y=3x an y=3x-7. What do you notice? A) What happens when you graph it? B) Explain why there is no solution. And... Q: Try to use ...

phi208 Ethics and moral reasoning

What are some relativistic beliefs that you have or that you find in society? What are those ethical beliefs and how do people justify those beliefs? Using the articles from Mary Midgley and James Rachels, present a critique of those relativistic beliefs. What reasons do you ...

AP Chem

When a gas filled balloon is cooled, it shrinks in volume; this occurs no matter what gas is originally placed in the balloon. Why? I was thinking maybe because the number of collisions are less and so the slower moving particles aren't hitting the walls and stretching the ...

Complex numbers

For the transformation w=(z+i)/(z-i) show that as z moves along the real axis, w moves along a circle centre O and radius 1 I do not know where to start changing it to polar form will help w=magnitude @ (arctan 1/z - arctan -1/z) where magnitude is sqrt (z^2+1)/(z^2+1) or w= 1...


I have to write an essay on refugees and I was thinking about writing about identity. We read a text about refugees that get alienated in class and I also found a text about labelling refugees. Other than that I can't find anything on the internet so I don't have enough ...

Home School. PLEASE HELP ME!!

Once again i didn't get a book so im having trouble. I tried my best on the ones i answered..if i got any wrong please tell me and correct them for me please! Thanks so much :) 1. According to Jean Piaget, in what is all learning based? A. Sensorimotor learning (my answer) B. ...


bus holds 66 people. Starts out empty. Picks up 1 person at the 1st station. 2nd person at the 2nd station 3rd person at the 3rd station and so on. No one gets off. After how many stations will fill up the bus Show your work- explain your thinking?


A 0.56-kg mass is suspended from a string, forming a pendulum. The period of this pendulum is 3.6 s when the amplitude is 2.2 cm. The mass of the pendulum is now reduced to 0.27 kg. What is the period of oscillation now, when the amplitude is 2.5 cm? Give answer in seconds. I ...

Critical Thinking

As answered several times before -- Posted by Ms. Sue on Tuesday, June 20, 2006 at 9:47am. Check these sites to help you answer your question. (Broken Link Removed) ----------------------- Posted by Ms. Sue on Monday, July 10, 2006 at 6:...


This is our next assignemt due. I do not know where to begin looking. Any ideas? The analysis of financial statements is critical for determining the financial health of any organization. Financial statement analysis, however, demands a thorough understanding of accounting ...


what one is the Most Soluble compound 1) CuS, Ksp = 1.27 x10^-36 2) PbS, Ksp = 9.04 x 10^-29 3) AgCl,Ksp = 1.77 X 10^-10 4) AgI, Ksp = 8.51 x 10^17 5) Not enough information. My book states that AgCl is insoluble in water and so are MOST phosphates and Sufides, and I am ...


PSY240 Week Three DQ#2 On p. 84 of the text, in the Thinking Clearly section, the conduction action potentials and activation of neurotransmitters is related to a row of mousetraps on a wobbly shelf. Think of your own original analogy you can use to describe the conduction of ...


PSY240 Week Three DQ#2 On p. 84 of the text, in the Thinking Clearly section, the conduction action potentials and activation of neurotransmitters is related to a row of mousetraps on a wobbly shelf. Think of your own original analogy you can use to describe the conduction of ...


PSY240 Week Three DQ#2 On p. 84 of the text, in the Thinking Clearly section, the conduction action potentials and activation of neurotransmitters is related to a row of mousetraps on a wobbly shelf. Think of your own original analogy you can use to describe the conduction of ...


Which of the following cells lacks mitochondria? a. neutrophil b. platelets c. basophils d. erythrocytes I just need some assistance and assurance that my answer is reasonable. I'm thinking that the answer is d. erythrocyte because it is not a true cell. I know that the ...


AgCl <==> Ag^+ + Cl^- NaCl ==> Na^+ + Cl^- Ksp = (Ag^+)(Cl^-) = 1.8 x 10^-10 Let S = solubility of AgCl, then (Ag^+) = S (Cl^-) = S+0.01 Solve for S. Note: A similar problem to this post (0.1 M NaCl instead of 0.01 M NaCl) was on a couple of days ago; the one who ...


black smokers are found in the depths of the oceans. thinking that the coditions in these smokers might be conducive to the formation of organic compounds, two chemists in the germany found the following reaction could occur in similar conditions: 2CH3SH+CO-->CH3COSCH3+H2S ...


People are more close to each other. Why do contagious diseases spread more readily in denser populations? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum, BUT, what have YOU done on all these questions? Put on your thinking cap and come up with some logical answers. We'll ...

Algebra I

16y^{2}-40y+? I really need to figure out what the question mark is, but I am so confused. You are probably studying completing the square. Study the result of something like (5x-6)^2 the result is 25x^2 - 60x + 36 notice if you take the square roots of the first and last ...

english/life is sweet at kumensenu

this story can best be described as a. a look at the marriage of Meji and his wife b. a political statement about infacnt deaths c. a ghost story d. a sympathetic statement about one mohter's devotion the answer was pretty obvious to me as D, but then i started thinking why ...

Using Acetic Acid as an Oxidizing Agent

Hi, We did an experiment in lab and our professor asked us why we used acetic acid as our oxidizing agent NaOCl + CH3COOH --> HOCl + CH3COO- Na+ for the above reaction? I'm thinking it has to do with the fact that it is a relatively weak acid and can be reversed if needed? ...


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