Critical Thinking/Math

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  1. 9th grade

    * I have a project to do for William Shakespeare, Were i have to make some sort of amusement park and i need help thinking of what rides i should put in my amusement park but those rides have to relate to Shakespeare in someway. Plz Help!
  2. chemistry

    whats thwe correct name for the salt with the formula CaI2 A.calcium diodide B. calcium iodine C.calcium iodide D. dicalcium iodine I will be happy to critique your thinking on this. calcium diodide
  3. pre algebra 1

    Sasha finished mowing lawns at 4:15 PM. It took 1^3/4 h to mow the first lawn. The second and third lawns she mowed each took 1^1/5 h. She took one 45-min break. When did Sasha begin mowing the first lawn? A. 10.05 A.M. B. 11:05 A.M. C. 11:21 A.M. D. 12:21 P.M. thinking the ...
  4. statistics

    A sample distribution (closely approximating a normal distribution) of a critical part dimension has an average of 11.85 inches and a sample standard deviation of 1.33 inches. The lower specification limit is 11.41 inches. The upper specification limit is 12.83 inches. What ...
  5. Social

    To what extent should individuals play a role in serving their nation when the nation is self-interested? I think that they should play a role because they belong to the nation. Their voice matters, and even though the nation is still thinking about only themselves, they ...
  6. English

    I've completed all my body paragraphs and now I need to write my conclusion. However, I do not know how to start my conclusion. Several sights have said that I should start by restating the thesis but I think I'm missing a transistion sentance. I was thinking of saying ...
  7. social studies

    Present a cognent argument based on your critical analysis of the question posed, using appropriate psychological terminology: Imagine that you are a psychology student in a college introductory psychology class. Design an experiment using the follwowing terms related to ...
  8. Physics

    If a man has an average useful power output of 31 W, what is the minimum time, in s, it would take him to lift fifty 12.3 kg boxes a height of 2.3 m. i'm thinking i should find the work done then find power with p = work/time
  9. microeconomics

    7. For each of the following situations, decide whether the bundle Lakshani is thinking about consuming is optimal or not. If it is not optimal, how could Lakshani improve her overall level of utility? That is, determine which good she should spend more on and which good ...
  10. english

    * I have a project to do for William Shakespeare, Were i have to make some sort of amusement park and i need help thinking of what rides i should put in my amusement park but those rides have to relate to Shakespeare in someway. Plz Help!
  11. Shakespeare

    Okay, I know this isn't techinically 'homework help', but I have to do a project about the Taming of the Shrew. It can be anything from a character analysis, to a study of hawk training, to a report on Elizabethan fashions. Anything that is, in any way, remotely related to the...
  12. Math

    1. Write the expression as a function of an acute angle whose measure is less than 45. a. sin 80 b. sin (-100) To find the postive acute angle, usually you would subtract 360 from the given measure. Would you have to subtract 45 from the given measure. 2. Points A (1,0) and B...
  13. question

    You are a squad leader with the “Sapper” platoon, Special Troop Battalion, 3d Brigade, 10th Mountain Division. Your unit is deploying to Iraq to conduct operations in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. One of the critical tasks in preparation for your deployment includes ...
  14. Accounting

    If you are thinking about buying common stock in a company and the company has preferred stock outstanding, what do you want to know about that preferred stock? And where will you find that information?
  15. College Chemistry

    How many orbitals have the following quantum numbers: n=6, l=2, ml=-2?? a. 0, b. 5, c. 7, d. 10, e.6 Since only one can include n=6 in its equation would it make it just one orbital having those numbers? im also thinking that there might be other orbitals that have these ...
  16. Vectors/Scalars?

    is (u dot v)dot (a dot c) a scalar quantity or vector quantity? What's the difference? (I'm thinking scalar since it has no direction and it only has magnitude.)
  17. physics :thinking check please

    I think that: psi= A sin kx; is a solution to Schrodinger's time independent eqn for a particle confined: a) within an infinite pot well, and b) within the walls of a finite well;but psi= B exp(-kx) would only be a solution for outside the walls of a finite well. Am I close? ...
  18. English - Infinitive phrases

    Consider the two sentences: His mother wanted him to study more. She made him study more. In the first, we have an infinitive phrase acting as a direct object, with "him" as the subject of the infinitive. How about the second sentence? Is that also an infinitive phrase, with ...
  19. English

    Identify the incorrectly punctuated sentence. A: Reaching for the lightbulb. Greg fell off the stepladder. B: Thinking he might be hurt Robert ran in to help.*** C: Changing a lightbulb is not difficult. D: Holding the stepladder, Robert watched Greg try again.
  20. math

    2/3 of the students watched tv. Of those students 3/4 watched a reality show. Of the students that watched the show 1/4 of them recorded the show. What fraction of the students watched and recorded a reality tv show? not sure what to do, thinking we need to eliminate one of ...
  21. Calculus!!! please email me at 969e221 at g mail. com here is the question: Find the trapezoid of largest area that can be inscribed in the upper half of the ellipse x2/9 + y2/4 = 1 where the lower base of the trapezoid is on the x-axis and is 6 units long. I need to graph ...
  22. Industries/ Comapnies

    Hey I was wondering if you could help me compile a list of industries which the government plays a role (even if minimal) in terms of regulating competition as I will then need to choose one to write an essay on. So far I was thinking Ma Bell but I am not sure please HELP ME ...
  23. Math, Calculus

    Find the derivative of the function. y= xcosx - sinx What's the derivative? I get only one trig function. I will be happy to critique your work or thinking. Use the chain rule on the first term. Our class hasn't covered Chain Rule. Only product and quotient rule. Apparently ...
  24. Algebra 2

    I know it's easy, but I totally just blanked out on how to divide rational expressions. We're supposed to write them in the form quotient + (remainder/Divisor) For example, (2h2+h-2)/(h2-1) Those are h squareds. I know you would take h2 into 2h2 and get 2, but then I'm ...
  25. L.A. The Governess :)

    The literature is The Governess by Neil Simon. What do you learn from these stage directions in The Governess? [The faintest trace of a smile her lips] A. Julia is suddenly very happy. B. Julia knows something Mistress doesn't know. C. Julia has made an important decision. D. ...
  26. Social Studies

    which of the following did NOT restrict voting rights of the African Americans after 1867? 1: Poll Tax 2: Literacy test 3: grandfather clause 4: Sharecropping I chose #4 is this correct? I was thinking grandfather clause, but they seemed to restrict, because you could vote, ...
  27. geology

    there are 3 rock types:(a)igneous,(b)sedimentary,(c)metamorphic.If rock (a)were to cut across both other rocks and (c) is the oldest rock, describe the new relationship between the rocks. are you doing 103 by any chance im stuck on this q as well and thought it might be asking...
  28. Chemistry

    Is it possible to separate Bi, Cu and Ag from a mixture containing: c(BiO+)=0,08M c(Cu2+)=0,242M c(Ag)=0,106M c(HClO4)=1M Eo Bi = 0,32 V, Eo Cu = 0,337 V, Eo = 0,792 V _______________ Using Nernst equation (E=E°-0,0592/n -logQ) i see it's possible to separate Ag, but what ...
  29. English

    According to the speaker in "Mending Wall" by Robert Frost, why does the neighbor feel that good walls make good neighbors? A. They create a barrier from having to talk to one another often. B. They maintain privacy and prevent meddling. C. They physically display the distance...
  30. geometry

    A rectangular field is 64 m X 25 m. Shawn wants to fence a square field that has the same area as the rectangular field. How long are the sides of the square field? Please explain the thinking behind your solution strategy.
  31. Geometry

    Determine the vertices of rectangle ABCD, where AB = 2BC. a) rectangle ABCD A) (0,0) B) (8,2) C (_,_) D (_,_) So far I just found the midpoint of A and B and got (4,1) but i don't know what to do after that. THe slope is 1/4, so i was thinking of finding the point C with the ...
  32. Prenatal question

    In a newborn,as they growup, which do they learn to control last? fingers,hands,arms,or legs? I am thinking newborns as they grow up learn to control either the fingers or hands last. But not sure,please help.
  33. math please help!!

    For what values of x is the graph of y = 8e^−x^2 concave down? (Enter your answer using interval notation.) I started by finding the second derivative and factoring and ended up getting 16e^-x^2 (2x^2-1) and I know up till this part that I'm doing the right thing. But ...
  34. Critical Thinkhing

    How can you tell the difference between prejudicial and nonprejudical. prejudicial - "leading to premature judgment or unwarranted opinion ". Anything which leads influencing other toward one side of an argument is prejudicial. Statements of opinion are prejudicial. Statements...
  35. physics

    The planet Jupiter is more than 300 times as massive as the Earth But it so happens that a body would scarcely weigh three times as much on the surface of Jupiter as it would on the surface of Earth. Can you think of an explanation for why this is so? (Hint: Let the terms in ...
  36. physics

    The planet Jupiter is more than 300 times as massive as the Earth But it so happens that a body would scarcely weigh three times as much on the surface of Jupiter as it would on the surface of Earth. Can you think of an explanation for why this is so? (Hint: Let the terms in ...
  37. USA PoliScience

    Select a two interest groups that are on opposite side of some issue or policy goal. I was thinking I should write about American Freedom Agenda- But does the question mean we have to find two groups against each other? Or one group on an issue.. and is my choice an interest ...
  38. chemistry

    Use the molar mass of the following in order to calculate the number of moles from the given masses. Watch the significant figures a) 0.025 g of oxygen b)0.657 g og copper c) 0.7 g of chlorine I know how to calculate with finding the molar mass but not this way. thank you so ...
  39. physics

    hey guys i'm stuck on this one question and i need some help!! thanks, appreciate it..... one gallon of paint (volume=3.786 X 10^-3 m^3) covers an area of 25.0 m^2. what is the thickness of the paint on the wall?? could anybody please help guide me through this problem ...
  40. Psychology

    Random assignment can be described as a research method: used to balance the independent and dependent variables. no longer used because of its unpredictability. increasing the likelihood that the experimental group and control group will be different. used to balance the ...
  41. Literacy

    Which would have the greatest negative influence on child literacy? single parenting, minority ethnicity, minimal parental education, or low socioeconomic status I am thinking low socioeconomic status, but I am not real positive. Please give help.
  42. US History

    What gave Andrew Jackson the power to remove the Cherokee from their land? Georgia state laws Acts of Congress two Supreme Court decisions treaties signed by the Cherokee Im thinking two Supreme Court decisions?
  43. Chemistry

    Devise a scheme for separating Al(NO3)3, AgNO3, Ca(NO3)2, and KNO3 from each other. The hint provided is to use the Ksp tables. Also, how could you isolate KNO3 from the solution in this question? How about using the Ksp tables and giving us your thoughts? We don't want to do ...
  44. science

    what does shaking do that inceases the solubility of a solution? Shaking does not affect the solubility, but it will increase the rate that solids dissolve, and will also promote the formation of an emulsion if the ingredients are not soluble (e.g, vinegar and oil salad ...
  45. English

    In "The Canterbury Tales" Chaucer uses the pilgrimage primarily as a device to ___________. A.emphasize the characters' religious aspirations B.frame the stories told by individual characters C.describe the rigors of medieval life D.create a vivid and realistic setting B,C and...
  46. Sci

    Does my poem below have these things "explain why it is where it is on the periodic table, what element(s) it might combine with to make a compound/molecule, and finally, WHY it would interact with that other element" Here is the Poem Below: “What’s your element my name...
  47. English

    I'm doing a paper about Usher Syndrome and am having a hard time thinking about a thesis statement. I already have my paper typed up but can't think what to write as my thesis statement. Any examples would help to get my mind going. The source online about thesis statement ...
  48. Anatomy/Physiology

    Structurally, what is the difference between the dermis and epidermis? A. The epidermis is thicker. B. The dermis contains more types of tissue. C. The dermis is mostly of dead skin cells. D. The epidermis consists of mostly adipose cells. I'm thinking b or c.
  49. Project help please!!

    I have to come up with a product (such as soap, face cream, shampoo, cleaning spray, etc) and make a commercial for it. and I have to make up a name for it and the stuff that's found in it. I can't think of any products, I was thinking a shampoo commercial but I don't know ...
  50. german

    Think of a funny cartoon that you like. Choose a character or two from that cartoon and write 3-5 sentences telling what those characters did in the cartoon you watched. Use the simple past verb tense to write your sentences. ****I was thinking about doing 3-5 sentences on Tom...
  51. Exceptional Children

    Most early childhood professionals children’s agree that the terms inclusion and mainstreaming: A. Both refer to exceptional children’s participation in the general education curriculum. B. Mean the same thing. C. Are two different concepts. D. Both refer to programs that ...
  52. chemistry

    what one is the Most Soluble compound 1) CuS, Ksp = 1.27 x10^-36 2) PbS, Ksp = 9.04 x 10^-29 3) AgCl,Ksp = 1.77 X 10^-10 4) AgI, Ksp = 8.51 x 10^17 5) Not enough information. My book states that AgCl is insoluble in water and so are MOST phosphates and Sufides, and I am ...
  53. An Overview of Teaching Techniques

    I'm having trouble with this one. What type of teaching uses formal lectures? Student-centered Teacher-redirecting Teacher-centered Outdated styles. I'm thinking Teacher-centered I'm I right.
  54. Marketing

    I am writing a report for marketing and have to create a fictional business. My first business was a clothing store. I need an idea for another business. I was thinking maybe a candy store, or a water ice store. Are they considered retail ? Do you think those would be easy to ...
  55. corporate finance

    you are thinking of retiring. your retirement plan will pay you either $250,000 immediately on retirement or $350,000 five years after the date of your retirement. which alternative should you chose if the interest rate is a) 0% per year; b) 8% per year and c) 20% per year
  56. Marketing

    what is an example of a primary data source? A. Cost data B. A marketing information system C. Company files D. Website analysis I was thinking website analysis but, really not sure.
  57. Socialogy and cultural diversity

    Are Irish Americans considered a subordinate group in American History? I need to do a paper on a subordinate group and I was thinking of using Irish Americans.
  58. English

    Can a gerund come at the end of a phrase? Like When you reach the crossing, try to avoid stepping on the stones in the pathway. I am thinking crossing is a gerund in the phrase. Stepping used as a verb.
  59. Calculus Please Help4

    Consider the area between the graphs x+2y=9 and x+6=y^2. This area can be computed in two different ways using integrals First of all it can be computed as a sum of two integrals as integral f(x)dx from a,b + integral g(x)dx from b,c I got a=-6 b=3 c=19 but what does f(x)=? g(...
  60. AE

    Most schools and classrooms in the United States have ELL students. Now is the time for you to begin thinking and planning for what you will do to make sure ELL students in your classes are successful learners. Make your top ten list of steps to take to ensure ELL student ...
  61. Algebra 3-4

    The first stage of a rocket burns 28 s longer than the second stage. If the total burn time for both stages is 152 s, how long does each stage burn? Describe how you found your answer. I was originally thinking to divide 152 by 2 then add 28, but I realized that wouldn't work ...
  62. Science PLEASE HELP!

    What are some hypotheses that have been proposed for the mass extinctions throughout geologic time? Please refer to a specific time period and the organisms which became extinct. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was thinking: The ...
  63. Help Physics

    Two equal-mass stars maintain a constant distance apart of 6.0 1010 m and rotate about a point midway between them at a rate of one revolution every 12.0 yr. (a) Why don't the two stars crash into one another due to the gravitational force between them? (b) What must be the ...
  64. Abnormal Psychology

    Though similar in their concerns about eating and gaining weight, individuals with bulimia differ from individuals with anorexia in that they _______, while those with anorexia don’t/aren’t. A. binge and purge B. are within 10% of their normal weight C. use laxatives D. ...
  65. statistics

    In a chi-squared test of a contingency table, the value of the test statistic was =12.678, and the critical value at = 0.025 was 14.4494. Thus, (Points: 2) A) we fail to reject the null hypothesis at = 0.025 B) we reject the null hypothesis at = 0.025 C) we don’t have enough...
  66. physics

    centripetal acceleration= friction m*w^2 r = mu*mg changing 50 rpm to rad/sec mu=w^2 r/g=(50*2PI/60)^2 * .12 which is not your answer. Check my thinking. ok I thought centripetal force was equal to m ac were ac is the centripetal acceleration which is equal to v^2 divided by r...
  67. Psychology

    Which of these brain abnormalities is associated with Schizophrenia? Enlarged, fluid filled areas of the brain correlated with shrunken cerebral tissue Damage to the medulla Abnormally high activity in the frontal lobe Increase in brain waves that reflect synchronized neural ...
  68. Gen edu 499 quiz critical thinki

    The very large increase in allergies over the last thirty years is due to the great success of immunizations administered over this time period. Since immunizations have nearly eliminated life-threatening diseases such as polio, the human immune system increasingly targets ...
  69. Physics

    An airplane with a mass of 1.20x10^4 kg tows a glider with a mass of 0.60x10^4 kg. if the airplane propellers provide a net forward thrust of 3.60x10^4, what is the acceleration of the glider? I'm thinking that I should add the masses and then solve using the equation Fn=ma ...
  70. Algebra 2

    an ice cream store has 31 flavors of ice cream and 10 toppings. A regular sundae has one flavor of ice cream, one topping, and comes with or without whipped cream. How many different ice cream sundaes can be ordered? I'm thinking 310 but how do i figure it out
  71. Biology

    Systolic blood pressure is the pressure in veins. pressure in major arteries caused by the contraction of the left ventricle. pressure in major arteries when the heart is relaxing. difference in pressure that causes the pulse. hard im thinking its B
  72. Sci Plzz See This Post

    Does my poem below have these things "explain why it is where it is on the periodic table, what element(s) it might combine with to make a compound/molecule, and finally, WHY it would interact with that other element" Here is the Poem Below: “What’s your element my name...
  73. English Lit-Writeteacher please check if possible

    I really appreciate you helping me earlier today but I have another poem by Wordsworth-Tintern Abbey 1.According to these lines, compared to his youth, Wordsworth see himself now as: a.More responsible b.Less happy c.More aware of the world's problems d.More serious e.Less ...

    CHOSE THE APPROPRIATE EXAMPLE FOR THE FOLLOWING SITUATION: Cameron is trying to figure out how to win Courtney's affection. He remembers that his previous girlfriend used to love when he gave her a massage. Cameron is using the heuristic strategy of which of the following: 1....
  75. Chemistry

    Could someone walk me through this problem? 6CO2 + 6H2O --> C6H12O6 + 6O2 partial pressure of CO2 is .26Torr, temp is 25 celsius, calculate volume of air to prouduce 10g glucose I keep getting confused with thinking: convert 10 g glucose to moles (which ...
  76. religion

    Red(High) Yellow(Medium) Blue(Low) No Flag One of the things I have observed about religion is that it is subject to mass marketing. That is, religion, and I am thinking of no particular faith here, can sometimes be seen to sell itself to the public through the media. This is ...
  77. Statics

    You have a stainless steel hollow rod (E=193GPa,ν=0.29) that has an inner radius r of 1.2cm, a wall thickness t of 0.7mm, and a length L of 5cm. Calculate the critical loads, in kN, for local buckling and Euler bucking (Pcr,local and Pcr,Euler, respectively). Which would ...
  78. Stats

    Think of a situation like the thinking-suppression device example. Come up with a plausible scenario, with real-life data, using an observable that is binomial, and which you can measure in at least two di erent groups. For example: you might ask if somebody is a business or ...
  79. Chemistry

    Vinegar is a dilute solution of acetic acid. In the titration of 5.00 mL of vinegar, 39.75 mL of 0.137 M sodium hydroxide solution was required to neutralize the vinegar to a phenolphthalein end point. Calculate each of the following of the vinegar. (a) the molarity : I got 1....
  80. Chemistry

    In cool weather, the number of chirps per minute from crickets diminishes. How can this be explained in terms of rates of reaction? I'm thinking this is because reactions occur faster in warmer weather than in colder weather but i'm not sure if this effects the cricket's ...
  81. Writing skills

    When you are told time after time that there are no jobs. And it is time for some creative thinking and acting. (1) jobs, or it (2) jobs, it (3) jobs, if it I pick #3
  82. Statics

    You wish to test whether or not a coin is fair, so you toss it 400 times and obtain 220 heads. Test the null hypothesis that the coin is fair and balanced against the alternative that it is not fair and balanced. Use the 1% significance level. Be sure to identify the null and ...

    what id an example of bias in media A) a website that represents a controversial opinion as if it were fact***** B) A television news program that presents both sides of a particular issue C) A podcast expressing an authors opinion D) A blog about the history of the Civil War ...
  84. Chemistry

    A 20.00 mL sample of a .1000M unknown acid solution is titrated with .1000M NaOH. Given that the acid is diprotic and its pKa's are 1.90 and 6.70 a.) Estimate the pH after 10 mL of base are added b.) estimate the pH after 20 mL of base are added c.) estimate the pH after 30 mL...
  85. algebra1

    I will be happy to critique your thinking. can u use one of them and show me how to solve it and i'll do the rest? like i don't know how to do these and i need to know how. assume that Q varied directly as x and inversely as y. 1) if x is tripled and y is doubled, what happens...
  86. Math

    The College Board reported the following mean scores for the three parts of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) (The World Almanac, 2009): Assume that the population standard deviation on each part of the test is = 100. a. What is the probability a sample of 90 test takers will...
  87. English

    I included the last sentences. I find it difficult to rephrase the author's description of the characters' personality. I'll include it in my next post. 1) He remarks that among (of?) all his daughters, Lizzy is his favourite because she is cleverer and livelier. Mrs Bennet is...
  88. English

    Which is correct? This is a sample: it was made up in three seconds. This is a sample: It was made up in three seconds. Also, how many spaces should go between the colon and the next word? I was thinking two, since the clause after the colon is independent, but I'm not sure. ...
  89. Statistics and Probability

    A research manager at Coca-Cola claims that the true proportion, p, of cola drinkers that prefer Coca-Cola over Pepsi is greater than 0.50. In a consumer taste test, 100 randomly selected people were given blind samples of Coca-Cola and Pepsi. 58 of these subjects preferred ...
  90. Physics

    If I have a diagram of Kepler's laws of planetary motion and it shows change in t1 larger than change in t2 and A1 larger than A2 and asks the question: which of the following is correct? 1.A3 = A3 2.change in t3 > change t3 3.if change t3 = change in t2, then the orbit is ...
  91. Chemistry

    "Find the total energy lost by the contents of a Styrofoam picnic cooler when a 3.60 kg block of ice placed inside the cooler completely melts (at 0 Celsius). The ice had an initial temperature of -10.00 Celsius." (Answer is 1.27*10^3 kJ). I was thinking of using q=mct, but I ...
  92. Music

    In an essay, describe how a composer would incorporate rhythm, dynamics, melody, harmony and texture, and timbre into a composition to add interest and character. Remember to discuss what each of these elements does. I'm not sure exactly how to start this essay. Like, it needs...
  93. science

    Do experimental measurements give the true value of a physical quantity? explain. ~I say no it doesn't. But why that is is up to debate on my part. I think that it doesn't give the true value because there is always a source of error and also varying factors such as ...
  94. English

    1) Identify the three components/puzzle pieces that you believe are most critical to the formation of a worldview. Refer to the textbook Foundations of Christian Thought: Faith, Learning, and the Christian Worldview to help identify these components. (You can google the book) ...
  95. Geometry

    Which reason justifies that BD = BC + CD? a. Addition property b. Symmetric Property c. Segment Addition Postulate d. Ruler Postulate I't thinking its Addition Property but then again I'm probably completely wrong...
  96. science(chem)

    A few questions. 1. What is the difference btwn crystalization and precipitation? 2. What will happen if you choose a solvent whose boiling point is higher than the melting point of the compound to be crystalized? 3. Generally describe how to predict solubility. 1. just ...
  97. Case Management

    Intervention planning involves both treatment planning and service planning. Treatment planning involves planning for clinical or therapeutic services, while service planning involves the linking of clients to services for comprehensive assistance. Describe effective ...
  98. quantum mechanics

    Write the Hamiltonian operator for 2 electrons in a 1D box of length a. I know that the Hamitonian is a sum of the kinetic and potential energies. I was thinking that for 2 electrons in a 1D box it would be: -2((hbar^2)/2m_e)(d^2/dx^2)) + Coulomb interaction for 2 electrons I ...
  99. algebra

    Requesting help. (I must reckon, that X is a variable, and y is y-intercept) Q: Try to use the substitution method to solve the the linear system y=3x an y=3x-7. What do you notice? A) What happens when you graph it? B) Explain why there is no solution. And... Q: Try to use ...
  100. College Algebra Application

    Newton's Law of Cooling T(t)=T0+(T1-T0)e^-kt The police discover the body of a murder victim. Critical to solving the crime is determining when the murder was committed. The coroner arrives at the murder scene at 12:00pm. She immediately takes the temperature of the body and ...
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