Critical Thinking/Math

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  1. psychology

    there are many barriers to rationality in our thinking process. Uncle Roy,for example, pays attention only to evidence that supports his views and finds fault with all evidence to the contrary. Uncle Roys behavior demonstrates the cognitive error of
  2. How concepts develop

    When Lorna pours water from a short, wide beaker to a tall, thin beaker, she recognizes that the amount of liquid remains the same. She's demonstrating _______ thinking. A. nonconserving B. comparison C. conserving D. one-to-one correspondence my answer is b.
  3. concepts of development

    When Lorna pours water from a short, wide beaker to a tall, thin beaker, she recognizes that the amount of liquid remains the same. She's demonstrating _______ thinking. A. nonconserving B. comparison C. conserving D. one-to-one correspondence my answer is c.
  4. English

    15. In this sentence, what is the antecedent of the pronoun it? A. work B. house C. Carla D. her I answered B, because the house (noun) was replaced by the word it (pronoun, which is considered the antecedent of the pronoun. Is my thinking correct. 17. Which of the following ...
  5. Criticial thinking

    As part of the reorganization,company X created five new position within the company. However , after the reorganization was complete , company X had fewer employees that before the reorganization
  6. math

    find the sum of the measures of the intieior angles of each polygon. -hexagon -pentagon -quadrilateral -octagon -16-gon -27-gon The key is the sum of the measures. All of these figures have the same total number of degrees in their interior angles. What do you think that is? ...
  7. Political Science

    Based on Bryan Caplan's book, The Myth of the Rational Voter: Offer your own opinion, and critical analysis, to Caplan’s argument about “rational irrationality.” What are the implications about Caplan’s story for American democracy? Do you agree with his story? Do you ...
  8. Critical thinking

    I posted this question earlier but I still need help with this. I need to explain how this argument could be constructed as circular, the argument is [W]e may observe, that there is no species of reasoning more common, more useful, and even necessary to human life, than that ...
  9. To Carol -- science

    I've removed your post with the long, complex assignment that expects you to do research and thinking. If you have a specific question about this assignment, please post it along with your ideas about possible answers to it.
  10. Chem

    What is the Oxidation state of each on the atoms in a methoxy group, and does it have an overall charge? I keep of thinking the overall charge is -3 but then again it combines with carbon so it should just have one more electron so -1.
  11. Algebra I

    I am tying to determine whether the graph pairs below are parallel. x+12=y and y-x=-8. I have found the slope to x+12=y is 1. But I can't determine the slope for for y-x=-8. I am thinking maybe it is undefined, but I am not sure, since I am really new at this algebra. Any help...
  12. calculus

    Find dz/dy and dz/dx Let z = ∫e^(sin(t))dt from x to y a = x b = y I tried thinking about it like a chain rule but even then i'm a little unsure. I know dz/dt = e^(sin(t)). Can you please point me in the right direction if i'm supposed to use the chain rule.
  13. Chemistry

    Heyy, okay I have this chemistry assingmnet and its on kinetics, and I got every single one except this one question and I've been trying for over an hour. I know that I'm probably jus tmissing something but everything I've tried doesnt work. Any help is greatly apprecaited. ...
  14. statistic

    a restaurant that bills its house account monthly is concerned that the average monthly bill exceeds $200 per account. A random sample of twelve account is selected, resulting in a sample mean of $220 and a standard deviation of $12. Use a= 0.05. what is the critical value for...
  15. Critical thinking

    I'm having trouble rewriting the ambiguous sentences. I have answered them but i'm not sure that they are right. 2. Please close the door behind you. My answer: Please close the door that is behind you. 3. we heard that he informed you of what he said in his letter. My answer...
  16. statistics

    A researcher has collected statistics pretest scores for students representing 3 different age groups 18-30 31-45 45 and up 3 5 10 7 10 2 9 9 8 6 8 8 4 6 5 Do hypothesis test using ANOVA to find if significant difference. Use alpha .05. All hypothesis steps and find degrees of...
  17. English composition 1

    Read “Letter from Birmingham Jail” by Martin Luther King, Jr. 2. Write the introduction for an essay that critically analyzes “Letter from Birmingham Jail” for the presence of persuasive techniques. 3. Label the major parts of your introduction: a. Hook b. Title of ...
  18. chem

    Consider the equation A <-> in a 1L container. At 7.57C, the molar concentrations of A and B are 7.228M and 1.976 (respectively). Suddenly, 1.831 moles of A are added to the system. What is the change in deltaG of the system (Answer in kJ) At first, I thought I would use...
  19. Chemistry

    A critical reaction in the production of energy to do work or drive chemical reactions in biological systems is the hydrolysis of adenosine triphosphate, ATP, to adenosine diphosphate, ADP, as described by ATP(aq) +H2O (l) --->ADP(aq) +HPO4^2- for which ΔG°rxn = –30...
  20. Chemistry

    A critical reaction in the production of energy to do work or drive chemical reactions in biological systems is the hydrolysis of adenosine triphosphate, ATP, to adenosine diphosphate, ADP, as described by ATP(aq) +H2O (l) --->ADP(aq) +HPO4^2- for which ΔG°rxn = –30...
  21. chemistry

    What is the order that these four compounds would travel through a silica gel column during liquid chromatography? a) ethylene glycol, HOCH2CH2OH b) aqueous sodium chloride solution, NaCl (aq) c) propanol, CH3CH2CH2OH d) benzene, C6H6 (eluted first), ???, ???, ???, ??? (eluted...
  22. Grammar

    Affect or Effect 1. Television has a strong _____ on public opinion 2.My mood can _____ my thinking, too. 3.I see that you're trying to ___ apathy, but i know that you really do care. 4. Falling on my head had a bad ____ on my memory. 5. His years of smoking negatively ___ed ...
  23. Early Chilldhood Education

    Information provided by a parent on an enrollment form can be shared with unauthorized persons only if _______ gives written consent. A. the program director B. the parent C. a staff member D. an agent from the state licensing agency I'm thinking its B i just need to know if i...
  24. science asap

    1) How do decomposers increase the fertility of soil? A) By storing moisture in the soil. B) By breaking down and digesting the remains of dead organisms. C) By making spaces for air and water. D) By burrowing deep below topsoil. I am thinking is is either B or D, but I do not...
  25. Trading Posts

    About the Trading posts...HBC and NWC. Why were many posts of the rival companies placed next to each other? This is so confusing. I am thinking that it might be for business matters, but I would like the whole thing please. And no sites, since they do not help me.
  26. Science

    trying to lift an 8-N load that is attached to a fixed 2 pulley system. Hands move a distance of 1.6m while the load moves 0.8m, what is the force required to lift the load? I am thinking the the answer is 1.6 divided by 0.8 am i on the right track? what is the formula for ...
  27. Psychology

    Which of the following factors will not affect how a person does on an IQ test? Select one: a. How much sleep he/she had the night before b. None of the above c. What kind of mood that person is in d. Whether that person had anything to eat that day I am thinking c.
  28. Calculus Please check

    Please check my answers and let me know if I did something wrong. Thank you! Find the partial derivative of x, and the partial derivative of y, then the partial derivative of x (1,-1), and the partal derivative of y (1,-1). f(x,y) = x^4 y^2 -x here is what I got @f/@x = 3x^3 y...
  29. Statistics

    Using the numerical data for your team project, conduct a two sample, two-tailed hypothesis test for the mean, with a 0.05 level of significance. Find and interpret each step. H0: H1: Test statistic = Critical value = p-value = Reject the null hypothesis or do not reject the ...
  30. english (please answer soon)

    Hi, I have to compare Crossing Brooklyn Ferry by Walt Whitman to modern day time. The last couple of journal entries I've compared to well known songs and their lyrics. I'm thinking of comparing it to an important event or movie, but I'm not sure what to write about. Any ideas...
  31. ELA

    Which sentence contains a misplaced or dangling modifier? A) When will your family be going on vacation? B) Uncle Frasier's garden has both tomatoes and green peppers. C) The homecoming queen waved to the crowd riding in her convertible. D) Exhausted from the trip, the baby ...
  32. American Government

    A ______ might consider the compromises struck during the health care reform debate to be an example of lit interest groups each pursuing and achieving their separate sets of agendas? a) plural elitist b) fundamentalist c) conspiracy theorists d) Both A and C I was thinking it...
  33. English

    Which of the following sentences contains an infinitive phrase? A. Racing through the park, she paused only to drink. B. Reading by flashlight does not cause bad vision. C. Mom’s idea was to pack the night before our early flight. D. Remembering every opinion in the text was...
  34. algebra 1

    What is the area of a square with the dimension of 1+square root of 2? I'm thinking 3+2*square root of 2? *=times
  35. Business Statistics

    In a goodness-of-fit test, the null hypothesis states that the data came from a normally distributed population. The researcher estimated the population mean and population standard deviation from a sample of 500 observations. In addition, the researcher used 6 standardized ...
  36. algerbra 1

    5x+8+3x-x+5=6x-3 do I start like this 5x+3x-x or 5x+3x+8+5=6x-3 I would go: 5x+3x= 8x then: 8x-x+13=6x-3 and then: ...hold on, what do you think so far, like, am I way off what you are thinking or should I keep going? I don't know I am confused but then would it be 8x+13=16x+5...
  37. Need clarification thanks

    "...the social lives of men and women caught up in the vortex of global change" What does this statement suggest? What does it mean? I was thinking that it means that peoples' lives are affected by global change.... but i am not quite sure if i'm correct.
  38. Thomas Malthus

    In the assignment I'm doing, there's a question that asks for whether Thomas Malthus believed in evolution or not. I don't know what to say considering he never made any direct references to it. I know he was a Reverend so I'm thinking he believed in creationism but I don't ...
  39. writing

    Jack was told the overall content of his paper was weak. What does this mean? A. The tone of his paper was not original B. He had too many grammatical errors. C. The overall ideas in his essay were not fully developed. D. The flow of his essay was inconsistent. Im thinking D?
  40. chemistry

    – (b) Which are likely to have much lower critical micelle concentrations? (c) Which ... (e) You wish to use a solution of this surfactant in water to dissolve oil. Which region will be required to do this? (f) How much oil will dissolve in the surfactant-water solution if ...
  41. International Business

    For many global companies, China represents a very attractive market in terms of size and growth rate. Yet, it ranks lower in terms of economic freedom and higher in political risk than other country markets because it has a communist government. Despite these risks, ...
  42. Even or Odd Funciton

    is f(x) = 1/(x^3 - 5x) even, odd or neither? i am thinking neither but im not too sure. cz when i sub in (-x) i get 1/((-x)^3-5(-x)) then i don't really know what this means.
  43. production and operations management

    All of the following statements about ABC analysis are true except: A. Inventory may be categorized by measures other than dollar volume B. It categorizes on-hand inventory into 3 groups based on dollar volume C. It states that all items require the same degree of control D. ...
  44. analogies

    clement is to clemency as A. agitate is to agitation B. governor is to prisoner C. nice is to kind Note the meanings and the parts of speech in the first pair of words. Which other pair of words have the same pattern? Please tell us your thinking on this question and we'll be ...
  45. 12th grade

    the constitution was written in order to establish a stronger central government that that provided by the articles of confederation, however the whole point of th american revolution was to renounce an oppressive central authority. explain this apparent reversal in the ...
  46. business

    A telephone conversation may not be as acceptable a method for conveying information as a written document because a telephone may: a. be unavailable when you need to make the call. b. not be convenient for the receiver. c. not provide a confidential method of communication. d...
  47. Psychology

    While the blood flow that is used by the brain is redirected to the body, the brain does not get the necessary oxygen that it needs to think. Explain how this physiological process affects higher order thinking. Remember that the prefrontal lobe is most affected by the lack of...
  48. chemistry

    Does Alka-Seltzer dissolve faster in hot or cold water? background: give information about why this lab is important, what key principles are involved and explain them. i need 2 paragrpahs so i was thinking on writing a bit on what alka seltzer is but idk what else to put
  49. Hi (I know I asked the same thing)

    Which is a true statement? 6.52 < 6.5 -2.8 > -3.5 -11.1 > -10.7 -7.75 < -8.45 Okay, So I'm stuck. I'm thinking its D? The negatives are really confusing me, I forgot to add the negative sign to the answers last time. Do I look at it like it does not have any ...
  50. From Theory to practice

    . A very young child takes his sock off. The caregiver puts it back on. This process is repeated over and over. The child is engaging in _______ play.A. constructive B. rule-based C. functional D. dramatic Answer D but I'm thinking about C
  51. statistics

    Intrinsic - 5.5, 5.5, 5.2, 5.3, 4.7, 5.5, 5.2, 5.3, 4.7, 5.4, 6.2, 5.2, 5.3, 4.7, 5.4, 6.2, 5.2, 5.5, 5.2, 5.3, 4.7, 5.4, 6.2, 5.2, 5.6 Extrinsic6.8, 5.5, 4.6, 5.7,5.6, 5.5, 4.6, 5.7, 5.6, 5.6, 5.5, 4.6, 5.7, 5.6, 5.6, 5.5, 4.6, 5.5, 4.6, 5.7 5.6, 5.6, 5.5,4.6, 4.8 1. Perform ...
  52. physiology

    anaerobic respiration is triggered when the ratio of ________falls below a critical level. a.carbon dioxide supply to oxygen need b.oxygen supply to glucose need c.glucose supply to glucose need d.oxygen supply to oxygen need the electron transport chain is responsible for the...
  53. I am really in need of someone help! Please

    A researcher has collected statistics pretest scores for students representing 3 different age groups 18-30 31-45 45 and up 3 5 10 7 10 2 9 9 8 6 8 8 4 6 5 Do hypothesis test using ANOVA to find if significant difference. Use alpha .05. All hypothesis steps and find degrees of...
  54. social studies

    explain or give a reason why slaves should have less hours to work.. REMEMBER YOU ARE THINKING LIKE A PERSON FROM 1815. NOTE: Please do not say because they work to hard and need to work less.. Be specific with your writing. Thank you
  55. Calculus

    Two sides of a triangle have constant lengths a and b, and the angle between them is theta. What value of theta will maximize the area of the triangle? so far i have the formula and the derivative. A=.5absin(theta) A'=.5abcos(theta) then i set the derivative to zero in order ...
  56. statistics

    There are two independent groups of students one group took online courses the second group took conventional course face-face. Using the sample data determine if there is a significant difference between the 2 groups scores.Ho(mu1-mu2)=0 (no difference), H1(mu1-mu2)<>0...
  57. critical thinking

    1 Identify the principal issue presented by the source. 2 Identify any examples of bias presented by the author. If none exist, explain how you determined this. 3 Identify any areas that are vague or ambiguous. If none exist, explain how you determined this. 4 Do you find the ...
  58. English

    Please read the first paragraph of G.K. Chesterton's "The Philosophy of the Schoolroom" and answer the following question. "What modern people want to be made to understand is simply that all argument begins with an assumption; that is, with something that you do not doubt. ...
  59. mat

    Write the equation of the line passing throught each of the given pairs of points. Write your result in slope-intercept form. (2, 3) and (2 , 4) I will be happy to critique your thinking on this. Notice in the pair of points the x is constant, indicating a vertical line.
  60. Chemistry

    If 560.70 g of water (22degrees) is displaced, what volume of gas displaced it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am thinking about using PV=NRT, but do I assume the value of the pressure is 1. Also using 560.7 do i determine the amount of moles?
  61. Chemistry (URGENT)

    T=thickness, V=volume, A=area, m=mass D=density V=m/D Suppose T=V/A is a method used to find the thickness. How may this method be used in finding the size of molecules.? I really need help. Been thinking about it for awhile. Thanks in advance.
  62. Biology

    Our most potent weapon in the fight against viruses is: 1.Antibiotics and sulfa drugs 2.Vaccinations 3.Gene therapy 4.Sulfa drugs 5.Antibiotics I don't know if it is 2 or 5. I am thinking more 5 but then I think about 1 also. Someone please help.
  63. English

    Can you guys think of idea's for a bumper sticker based on ethics (Individual, Justice view, moral rights, utilitarian)? I need to create a paragraph based on this bumper sticker but I'm having trouble thinking of one.

    Which statement describes the thinking of the enlightenment? A. The power of reason is more important. B. Scientific ideas must fit religious beliefs. C. Only god knows how the world works. D. Faith is more important than science plz help
  65. Math

    My cousin Robert was pushed into a pool. The pool was 6 feet Wide and 10 feet deep. The pool had soft walls. How did my Cousin Robert Emerge from the pool? Ans__________ Hint- We do not know if it's filled with water or not. It is a round pool. It is a ground pool.It has no ...
  66. Psychology

    5. Why is confidentiality critical in counseling? (I chose D) A). Clients often share information that is incriminating. B). In order to build a trusting relationship, the client and the counselor need to share privileged information. C). Clients need to be protected from the ...
  67. Math

    a. Do some research and find a city that has experienced population growth. Determine its population on January 1st of a certain year. Write an exponential function to represent the city’s population, y, based on the number of years that pass, x after a period of exponential...
  68. history

    What set up regional courts for the U,S with 16 judges and other officials? You are posting a lot of questions. Try this: Post with it your thinking, we will be happy to critique. Marbury v. Madison Marbury v. Madison No Marbury vs Madison was the concept of Judicial review.
  69. Grammar

    After a few loose 2-0 Vicryl sutures were used, the fifth toe rotation flap was trimmed to fit the base of both the fourth and fifth previous digits. Question: not a run-on- not a comma splice not a complete sentence Answer: Thinking it is a fragment (missing a subject).
  70. dressmaking

    The tops of pants or a skirt is finished with facing when a)extra strength is required at the waistline b) its not possible to layer the fabric c) a stay tape cant be used in the seams d0yu don't want the waistband to be visible from the right side. My thinking for this is a) ...

    TWO SUFFIXES THAT INDICATE THE PRESENCE OF OXYGEN IN A POLYATOMIC ION ARE aA. -ite and -ide B. -ite and -ate C. -ate and -ide d -thio and -ate I will be happy to critique your thinking on this.
  72. music

    Which of the following works helped to redefine the symphony as a genre? A. Beethoven's Sixth Symphony B. Beethoven's Fifth Symphony C. Symphonie Fantastique D. Beethoven's Ninth Symphony Im thinking its B, right?
  73. Photography club

    I was thinking about how clubs get started in college in the first place. For example there is a club for different ethinicities. How do these become "clubs"? I would think someone would have to take an interest in specific things first of all. But is this enough for a club to...
  74. Geometry

    Troy is thinking of a shape. He says that it has four sides and that no sides have equal length. He also says that no sides are parallel. What is the best name for his shape?
  75. Physics

    A filament bulb and a resistor are connected in series to a battery. Which of the following will contribute to the load of the circuit? A. Bulb B. resistor C. Bulb and resistor D. none I'm thinking the resistor, but I'm unsure. Thanks
  76. Physics

    A filament bulb and a resistor are connected in series to a battery. Which of the following will contribute to the load of the circuit? A. Bulb B. resistor C. Bulb and resistor D. none I'm thinking the resistor, but I'm unsure. Thanks
  77. math

    I am thinking of a two-digit number in which the sum of the digits is 9 and the number is even. These clues alone do not create one answer. Add one more clue so that there is only one answer. Both digits are divisible by 2. The difference of the digits is 2. Both digits are ...
  78. calculus

    The volume of a solid is given by V=pi x^2(lnx)^2. what is the approximate change in the volume when x is increased from 2.718 to 3.000? dv= PI 2x(lnx)^2 dx + Pix^2 *2lnx * 1/x reduce that. For x, use 2.718 dx= 3-2.718 check my thinking.
  79. Chem II

    A 0.10 M HF solution is 8.4% ionized. Calculate the H^+ ion concentration. The "8.4% ionized" is throwing me. This is my line of thinking. For every mole HF disolved yeilds one mole of H^+. Since there is 0.10 M HF and the solution is 8.4% ionized = 0.84 M. Is this correct?
  80. Literature

    Which of these statements includes details about setting? A. A new student in school wants desperately to make friends. B. You can get satisfaction from trying, even if you do not succeed. C. The Great Depression had put half of the town out of work. D. Nobody has seen the ...
  81. chemistry

    At ph of 12 what charged groups would be present on glycine I said a NH2+ and coo- because a base accepts protons. Thank you I am not an organic chemist; however, I wonder, at a pH of 12, how there would be sufficient H^+ to form the NH2^+ ion? I can see the H^+ from the COOH ...
  82. com 125

    Job Search Management and you will need to map out a prospective job search and plan for an interview I hope not. I was rather enjoying retirement. Most of us have extensive experience on this, and we will be happy to critique your thinking. Who, where are folks hiring your ...
  83. 3rd homework

    think about how the word safe relates to dangerous. what words relate in the same way? safe: dangerous a) remove:add b) canyon:rim c) dangle:plank d) grip:jackhammer I am thinking "A" is the correct answer but unsure. Please advise. Thanks!
  84. Finance

    Your board of directors is thinking of taking out a loan of $500,000 for the corporporation. You have to pay $5,500 per month and $50,000 after 10 years. What annual Rate of Return would you hve to achieve on investments to make this a profitable venture?
  85. human resources

    Hi, What is the most critical factor in setting up a goal based performance appraisal system? A. Choosing the most crical incidents on which to base goals B. Emphasizing short term over long term goals C. Giving emplyees some freedom in their choice whether or not to reach set...
  86. statics

    If a court acquits every defendant, they will never commit a Type I error. A) True B) False 2. The probability of rejecting a true null hypothesis increases as the sample size increases. A) True B) False 3. For a given level of significance, the critical value of Student's t ...
  87. Psychology Statistics

    Submit your answers to the following questions using the ANOVA source table below. The table depicts a two-way ANOVA in which gender has two groups (male and female), marital status has three groups (married, single never married, divorced), and the means refer to happiness ...
  88. Math;Pre-Algebra

    My cousin Robert was pushed into a pool. The pool was 6 feet Wide and 10 feet deep. The pool had soft walls. How did my Cousin Robert Emerge from the pool? Ans__________ Hint- We do not know if it's filled with water or not. It is a round pool. It is a ground pool.It has no ...
  89. Bus Stat

    Statistics: Many track hurdlers believe that starting in the inside lane closest to the field has better chance of winning. closest to the field is lane 1, nxt is lane 2, etc until Lane 6. find the critical value x20 to test the claim that the possibilities of winnin are the ...
  90. maths

    find the roots of the equation X(square)+7x equal to 0.(b)write down the equation whose roots are -2 and 5. I will be happy to critique your thinking. Write the equation, and solve. In the second, hint: (x+2) is one factor.

    I have to write an editorial and I am thinking of using the word covetous for the title. is this an okay title? "Covetous Desire for Power" or can you suggest any other title i can use that relates to the need of having power
  92. Statistics

    in a medical examination, 300 people undergo a height measurement and was found out that the average height of all are 150cm. if the standard deviation is 19, find the number of people that fall under the given conditions: a)with the height less than 132cm. b)with height from ...
  93. 5th grade

    Please help need some ideas for my speech I want to do being trapped in a fairytale. I have some ideas but am looking for some funny ones. I am thinking of using snow white, cinderella,three little pigs and maybe hanzel and gretal. Thanks.
  94. Math

    if x is an even number, what is the quotient of the next greater even number divided by the next greater odd number? i have no idea where to even start with this problem. i would really appriciate some help. Thanks! What can make me studdy harder? hey tabby you put your ...
  95. calculus

    1) Integrate Cos^n(x) dx 2) Integrate e^(ax)Sinbx dx 3) Integrate (5xCos3x) dx I Will be happy to critique your thinking on these. 1) Derive a recursive relation. 2) Simplest by replacing sin(bx) by Exp[i b x] and taking imaginary part at the end. 3) First integrate sin(yx) ...
  96. science

    I am currently learning about respiratory system in anatomy and this question is not very clear to me: moves from blood to alveoli: _______ moves from alveoli to blood: ________ I am thinking it may be carbon dioxide and oxygen respectively, but I am not too sure. Please help!
  97. gnozahs

    I removed about ten questions you posted this morning. There was no indication of what you had done, what your thinking was, or what you wanted from us. We are not going to do homework for you. If you want hints on these calculus questions, say so, or ask what you want. Just ...
  98. statistics

    Your friend is thinking about buying shares of stock in a company. You have been tracking the closing prices of the stock shares for the past 90 trading days. Which type of graph for the data would be best to show your friend?
  99. Physics Help

    A projectile is fired at an upward angle of 60 degrees with a speed of 100m/s. It lands on a plateau 150m higher. What is the projectile's speed the moment before it strikes the plateau? I'm thinking to just use the kinematic equation Vf^2= Vi^2 + 2aΔy. Am I correct?
  100. pre-algebra

    Justin wants to use 376 ft of fencing to fence off the greatest possible rectangular area for a garden. What dimensions should he use? What will be the area of the garden? A. 89 x 99; 8811 ft B. 92 x 96; 8832 ft C. 94 x 94; 8836 ft D. 93 x 95; 8835 ft thinking the answer is d...
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