Critical Thinking/Math

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Cell Biology

1. Which molecule is the major contributor to the increase in mass observed in a full grown plant (i.e. tree) compared to a plant seed? I'm thinking it could be either of these three: D-glucose, C02, or H20.. help?


How many solutions will the following systems of equations have? x^2+y^2=10 x+y=4 a. infinite b. 0 c. 1 d. 2 I'm thinking A. but I just want to make sure. If you have an answer that is different could you possibly show me how you got it, it would really help me prepare for my ...

Geography (Ms.Sue ) Help

   The concept of the _______ of distance is illustrated by the fact that as cost increases with distance, interactions between people decrease.  A. friction B. relativity C. flexibility D. erosion I am thinking either A or D. But can't decide.


Hello. I have a history project and I really need help with thinking of a catchy phrase. It has to do with the first amendment and its also a public service announcement. If anyone has any ideas please help me out. Thank you very much.


Would glacial ethanoic acid have (l) or (aq) state symbol? I'm thinking liquid as it doesn't contain any water but would just like to confirm as struggling to find any equations involving it online? Thank you :)


How can the atomic orbital be described in the quantum mechanical wave model of the orbitals? A. A collection of balloons B. A circular ring C. A probability density thinking its a, since the model has a complex shape, but not sure... any help?


What type of drugs are artificially prepared in pharmaceutical laboratories? A. Scheduled drugs B. Controlled substances C. Synthetic drugs D. Mineral-Based steriods im thinking D what do you guys think?

Business Research Management

"What are the differences among the research approaches (and thinking styles) that guide the predominant kinds of studies done in operations research, marketing, finance, and/or organizational behavior?"


The light ray strikes the hypotenuse of the prism at an angle of incidence greater than the critical angle. Find the angle phi of the ray as it leaves the base of the prism. The incident ray is perpendicular to the left side of the prism. (The index of refraction of the prism ...


how can systems thinking improve public health efforts? which systems model is most effective and why?


i am thinking of a number i multiply it by 8 and subtract 163 i would get the same answer if i multiply by 3 and subtract 13


7. A drop of oil is placed on a glass block. The glass has an index of refraction of 1.55. When light shines from the glass into the droplet, total internal reflection occurs at a critical angle of 59.0(degrees).find the index of refraction of oil.(this method is capable of ...


scores on the SAT critical reading test in 2013 follow a normal distribution with a mean score of 496 and a standard deviation of 115. what proportion of scores are higher thzn 530? what proportin of scores are between 400 and 500? the highest 10% of scored are higher than a ...


You are thinking of adding one of two investments to an already well diversified portfolio. Security A with expected return of 12%, standard deviation of 20.9%, and beta of 0.8. Security B with expected return of 12%, standard deviation of 10.1%, and beta of 2. If you are a ...

critical thinkng

Three of the following statements about a verb are true. Which statement is false? A. A verb can express action. B. A verb can express a state of being. C. A verb takes the place of adjectives. D. A verb makes a statement about the subject of a sentence. my answer is c.


Hey can anyone help me solve these questions 1. Balance K2Cr2O7 +H2C2O42H2O --> K[Cr(CrC2O4)2(H2O)2]2H2O +CO2+ H2O 2. Calculate the theoretical yield of the reaction mentioned above 3.What is the theoretical percentage by weight of Cr in the reaction mentioned above 4. Why ...


for a hypothesis comparing two population means, what is the critical value for a one-tailed hypothesis test, using a 5percent level of significance level, with both sample sizes equal to 13? the standard deviations for the samples are 5 and 7. assume the population standard ...


What are some key financial ratios that would be useful in evaluating strategy for your organization and why? Wouldn't that depend on the organization? I will be happy to critique your thinking .


What is the simple subject of the following sentence? I am thinking it is "part," but it also seems like it could be "park." A large part of the park is under water.


Find a Counterexample to show that the conjecture is false. Conjecture: Any number that is divisible by 6 is also divisible by 12. A. 36 B. 30 C. 48 D. 60 Im thinking that the answer is B. 30, but i was just making sure.


so i should write it this way: they value free-thinking behavior, expressing themselves freely and individualism where they should act according to themselves

Year 12 Biology

What is a good and easy experiment I could do for my Year 12 biology assignment? I was thinking something with alcohol and the human body but I wouldn't know what my hypothesis would be. HELP!!


Is it even possible to include the word "not" in a conditional to make it true? I'm thinking of some false statement and putting "not" in but it still doesn't make it true.


The colon is a frequently used mark of punctuation that is used in a large variety of cases. True or False? I am thinking that would be true, but not sure.

Algrebra-Systems of Equations

Kasey is thinking of 2 munbers. The sum of the two numbers is -18. Their difference is 38. Write a system of equations that can be used to find the numbers.

Algrebra-Systems of Equations

Kasey is thinking of 2 munbers. The sum of the two numbers is -18. Their difference is 38. Write a system of equations that can be used to find the numbers.


In the Bohr model, which is the lowest energy state available for an electron? A. nth B. excited state C. first state D. ground state Im thinking the answer is c or d.


Arrange the following in order of increasing mass: 1. one F atom 2. 1x10^-20 mol of F 3. 1x10^-20g of F 4. one F2 molecule A. 1<2<3<4 B. 1<4<3<2 C. 3<1<2<4 D. 2<1<3<4 E. none of these I'm thinking C

Early Childhood Education

If you accept children into your day care program at any point that room becomes available, you're implementing a(n) _______ enrollment policy. A. open B. deferred C. unorganized D. restricted I'm thinking this one is A let me know please


Critical Values for the Correlation Coefficient n alpha = .05 alpha = .01 4 0.95 0.99 5 0.878 0.959 6 0.811 0.917 7 0.754 0.875 8 0.707 0.834 9 0.666 0.798 10 0.632 0.765 11 0.602 0.735 12 0.576 0.708 13 0.553 0.684 14 0.532 0.661 15 0.514 0.641 16 0.497 0.623 17 0.482 0.606 ...


Need help on the question below. Which of the following questions is best suited for an experiment? a. what conditions do peppers need to grow? b. do peppers grow taller with 10ml of daily watering or with 15ml of daily watering c. what conditions do plants need to grow? d. ...

challenging math problems! :]

1. a total of 120 numbers can be formed using all 5 digits 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. If these numbers are arranged in increasing order 12 345, 12 453, up to 54, 321, which one is the 75th number in this order? *can someone tell me how to do this problem???^) 2. Jane cycles to work ...


A machine is designed to fill jars with 16 ounces of coffee. A consumer suspects that the machine is not filling the jars completely. A sample of 8 jars has a mean of 15.6 ounces and a standard deviation of 0.3 ounce. Is there enough evidence to support the consumer's ...


Each element has a different set of energy levels. Use this fact to explain why the colour of the light emitted by an element in the gaseous state is characteristic of the element? I will be happy to critique your thinking on this.


Can you help reccomend a good theorist and theory to type an 8 page report to find journal articles as well. I was thinking possibly Freud psychoanaylis theory or maslow hoistic dynamy theory thanks


What time of the year is barley bucked, horseshoes played, and there are migrant workers? (this was in the 1930s) I am looking for the TIME OF YEAR, like the season. I was thinking fall.


If you observe a change in an object's speed or direction, you are observing a change in its ______________. s) frame of reference b) velocity c) position d) momentum I am thinking it is b) VELOCITY, but I am not sure.


Determine between which consecutive integers one or more real zeros of f(x)=3x^4+x^3-2x^2+4 are located? A. no real zeros B. 0 and 1 C. -2 and -3 D. -1 and 0 I was thinking it's either A or C? I need lots of help.


"What are the differences among the research approaches (and thinking styles) that guide the predominant kinds of studies done in operations research, marketing, finance, and/or organizational behavior?"


i need to make a poster or a leaflet about different attitudes to war. i was thinking about making poster but i`m not sure what to put on be greful for any help. thankyou


"What are the differences among the research approaches (and thinking styles) that guide the predominant kinds of studies done in operations research, marketing, finance, and/or organizational behavior?"

4th grade

colin is thinking of a group of numbers between 40,000 and 60,000 that rounds to 54,450 .Use an organised list to fing Collins numbers


Love is caring, and I always try to show I care. Caring is the gerund and is it used as a predicate noun? I was thinking it could also be a DO, but i'm not sure if it renames love?


Write the condensed structural formula of 2,2,4-trimethylpentane. I was thinking that this might be the answer: CH_3 C(CH_3)_2 CH_2 CH(CH_3) CH_3 the symbol "_#" represents subscripts but it's not... PLEASE HELP!!!


A radical skeptic might be willing to doubt which of the following? 3 + 5 = 8 Grass is green. Cheese is fattening All of the above I'm thinking (all of the above), but I'm not sure.


Abstract thinking and scientific reasoning generally do not begin to develop until: A. middle adulthood. B. young adulthood. C. adolescence. D. middle childhood. My answer is D.


Which pronoun correctly completes the sentence? Everyone in the girls’ choir has ___ own concert folder. A. she B. her C. their I'm thinking it is B, since it is the GIRLS' choir.


What type of scientific thinking did alfred wegener employ to develop his theory? A.Inductive reasoning B.Deductive reasoning C.Skeptical reasoning D.Subjective reasoning Is the answer A?


1.Bill and Warren are thinking about issuing 11 percent coupon bonds that will mature in 15 years. Market interest rates are 13 percent. What could they sell each of the bonds for?


Both of the girls insisted that they try to reach the end of the trail by themselves. I know they and themselves are pronouns. I know both can be used as a pronoun, but I am thinking no here. Am I right?


Choose the term that describes the sentence shown. I was thinking about meeting Susan for dinner and then we could go shopping. a. compound*** b. simple c. complex d. compound-complex


'Place the letter of th item in Column II on th line before its best match in Column I' Column I: 37. moderator 38. coolant 39. control rod 40. critical mass Column II: a. removes heat from reactor b. slows neutrons produced by fission c. limits number of free neutrons d. ...


You have a stainless steel hollow rod (E=193GPa,ν=0.29) that has an inner radius r of 1.2cm, a wall thickness t of 0.7mm, and a length L of 5cm. Calculate the critical loads, in kN, for local buckling and Euler bucking (Pcr,local and Pcr,Euler, respectively). Which would ...


Suppose we want to test the null hypothesis H0 : ì = 400 against H1 :ì < 400. The test statistic is calcuated as −1.23 and the two-tailed critical value is 1.96. The appopriate p–value will be (1) −0.0500 (2) 0.3907 (3) 0.1093 (4) 0.8907 (5) −0.1093


Q12: A light ray is travelling from a medium with a larger index of refraction to a medium with a smaller index of refraction. Describe what happens as the angle of incidence gets larger and larger. Include the concept of the critical angle in your discussion.


By "see" I meant that I had checked my answer on the internet to see if I was correct in thinking that multipying the charge of an electron, charge of a proton, and k would yield the electrical force between an electron and proton. My answer was 23.10 x 10^-9 which seemed ...


"Strong prices traditionally cause industries to expand, eventually bringing an end to high prices and the prosperity of firms." Does this statement makes sense? Explain in words and graphs. I will be happy to critique your thinking on this.


Blood typing is based on ______ on the surface of the red blood cells. A. antigens B. protein C. antibodies D. a Rubella titer i am thinking B again im not 100% just wanted to see if i was correct. please help


How can i paraphrase the following sentence? He describes the eight different ways of intelligence, each one having its own ¡§unique characteristics, tools, and processes that represent a different way of thinking, solving problems, and learning¡¨.

The Heart

What is the relationship between fitness level and recovery HR after sub-maximal exercise? I was thinking the more fit you are, the faster your HR will drop back to what it is when you're resting. If you're unfit, it'll take longer for that HR to go down to resting.

Chemistry Bonding

Scandium Sulfide. Would i be correct in thinking that the bonding associated with this compound is Ionic. I think this as the two ions involved are oppositely charged? If im wrong could you please tell me why. Thanks so Much in Advance.


The internal struggle of Macbeth's that forms a central conflict of this play is: A. his cowardliness and his wife's bravery B. his loyalty to Duncan and his ambition to be king. C. his hatred for Duncan and his desire to be kind. D. both A and B I'm thinking it's D but not sure?


Describe the new risk management processes at a nursing home in relation to state and federal mandates? I am thinking fire, tornado, hurricane disaster preparedness processes. Am I right? Which site can I get information?


I am not sure if I have the right answer or not to the following question. One mole of NO2 would be produced from how many moles of molecular nitrogen> According the equation N2 + 202 > 2NO2. I was thinking maybe 2. Does anyone know if I am right or wrong. Thanks


Please help! Is this the correct answer for the question? Please help! I picked C According to ______ therapists, changing the thinking patterns of anxious individuals can greatly lessen their fears. a. cognitive b. behavioral c. existential d. humanistic


We have to do an assignment where we pick a song and then change most of the words to go along with definitions. The chapter I was given is special senses. ( only eye & ear though ) I was thinking of doing a country song. But any ideas?

English ... thinking question!!

How does viewing human behavior as good or evil shape a(n) individual’s/ society’s view of the world? Can you give me some thoughts about this question ? I have no idea!!! please help! Thank you so much


I came up with "conventionality is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth" which one of the 4 ethics would it fit into best? - individualism - Justice view - moral rights - utilitarian i was thinking it was individualism but i'm not sure


Using a single formatting _____ helps to make reading researched information easier;it lets the reader know what to expect.  A. Citation  B. Text  C. Style  D. Website  My answer was b it was wrong so I'm thinking the answer is c


I would really appreciate help! Compare renewable and nonrenewable energy sources, and discus the effects of each on biodiversity. (I need about 6 sentences) (I have tried thinking about it and cannot seem to figure it out)


Hi! I'd love some clarification on this question Which of the following are NOT used to classify kingdoms of organisms? a. complexity of the organism b. invertebrate or vertebrate c. method of obtaining nutrition d. type of cell that makes up the organism I'm thinking B?


Which of the following indicates the exsistence of stron intermolecular forces of attraction in a liquid? a very low boiling point a very low vapor pressure a very low critical pressure a very low viscosity a very low heat of vaporization


The only part of the height equation that we have not discussed is the constant. You have probably noticed that the constant is always equal to the initial height of the ball (80 m in our previous exercises). Now, let’s have you develop a height equation. A ball is thrown ...


The kids can choose 3 sides at the cafeteria, including a. fries, b.carrots, c. macaroni, d. broccoli, e. beans. how many choices they have? and what are the probability that a child is going to pick macaroni, carrots and beans (together)? I was thinking on the first place the...


Consider the function f(x)=ln(x)/x^6. For this function there are two important intervals: (A,B] and [B,∞) where A and B are critical numbers or numbers where the function is undefined. Find A Find B For each of the following intervals, tell whether f(x) is increasing or...


A parabola has the equation y = 4(x-3)^2-7 Choose 2 true statements: A) The parabola has a minimum value B) The parabola has a maximum value C) The parabola does not cross the y-axis D) The parabola does not cross the x-axis E) The vertex of the parabola is at the point with ...

Heat Transfer

1.The physical significance of ....... is that it tells us how fast heat is propogated or it diffuses through a material during changes of temperature with time. 2. According to Krichoff's law in thermal equilibrium absorptivity is equal to ........ 3.In conduction heat ...


Can somebody help me because this makes no sense? (Roman Armor) is important (or critical or paramount) to a complete understanding of (Roman History) because it (shows us how Roman troops protected themselves). It relates to (Romans) in that it reveals (knowledge). Through ...


The mean of a population of raw scores is 33 1_X 5 122 . Use the criterion of .05 and the upper tail of the sampling distribution to test whether a sample with X 5 36.8 1N 5 302 represents this population. (a) What is the critical value? (b) Is the sample in the region of ...

Business statistics

You chose a simple random sample of 300 guests you develop a 95 percent confidence interval estimate you found the following 325 and 32 determine the standard error of the sampling distribution determine the critical value z from the standard normal table compute the ...


1) Integrate (e^x+x)^2(e^x+1) dx 2) Integrate xe^x2 dx Let u=(e^x+x) du=(e^x +1) dx I will be happy to critique your work or thinking. You are posting work for me to do, and I am not inclined to do that, it will not help you for me to do it. I think I gave you strong hints on ...

'the last spin'

if anyone's read the short story 'the last spin' by evan hunter, could they please give me some topics to write about in a journal entry? thanks. (specifically about 'we vs. they' thinking.)


If I'm graphing a PAE equation to determine the output gap and what type, say my Y is less than Y*. Am I correct in thinking the output gap will be a negative number, which would contractionary?


A Nation Apart Identify the thesis statement in the article A Nation Apart. What strategies does the author use to formulate his argument? What makes the arguments so viable and compelling?


If I were to use dichromate and add HCL and Ba(NO3)2 and NaOH , what should form? Im thinking the Ba(NO3)2 would still form a precipitate but im not too sure about everything else


If I were to use dichromate and add HCL and Ba(NO3)2 and NaOH , what should form? Im thinking the Ba(NO3)2 would still form a precipitate but im not too sure about everything else


I've read "The Pit and the Pendulum" three times and I still don't know the major and minor themes of the story. I was thinking about death and perserverance but what is the minor theme and what is the major?


Which, if any, of the values listed below for a correlation coefficient indicate a situation where more than half of the variation in one variable is associated with variation in the other variable? -.7 1 .3 .6 .9 I was thinking B


TRUE or False: atrial systole is responsible for "most" of venous return. wouldn't this be false? I was thinking it should say ventricular systole instead, but I'm not sure. Help?

Human Growth

Abstract thinking and scientific reasoning generally do not begin to develop until: A. middle adulthood B. young adulthood C. adolescence D. middle childhood I choose D


Is this sentence grammatically correct? "Many times, women are blinded and silenced by fear, the fear of being different and thinking differently, especially in a culture that oppresses women."

american goverment

7. Which is, by design, most removed from popular control? (1 point) state governor state house of representatives state senate state supreme court I M THINKING ITS D


I have a few more science questions. If a car increases its velocity from zero to 60 km/h in 10 s, its acceleration is ______ km/h/s a.6 b.10 c.60 d.600 Is it c? a 75kg person and a 200 kg crate are each parachuted to ear from a plane. Which is correct? a.the crate will reach ...


Average daily temp,y, is y=45-23cos(2pi(x-32)/365), where x is time in days, x=1, corresponds to Jan 1 and y is temp in degrees F. Determine the period of the function. Determine critical numbers, over one period. Determine relative extrema, what does relative extrema represents


"human beings in their thinking, feeling and acting are not free but are as casually bound as the stars in thier motions." -Albert Einstein ok i was wondering what this means...maybe that humans follow a certain path of the people before them? idk please help thanks

Early childhood education

Special educational services for young children with disabilities: a. Cannot be enforced through laws. b. depend on parent efforts. c. do not involve the Head Start Program. d. are rooted in federal legislation. I'm thinking D is the correct answer?

HACE question

Is it possible to regulate a game like football or hockey so that fewer concussions happen? Thinking about a sport you are familiar with, are there ways to play that would make it less dangerous? Give full answers please!!!


the assignment is to write a paragraph explaining the key differences between the four types of writing. I need clarification on whether the four types of writing should be summary,analysis,synthesis,evaluation or narrative, descriptive, comparative, expository. I know the ...


A ray of light which is incident in air on the surface of the glass block is deviated through 15 degree. The angle of incidwnce in air is 60 degree.What is the angle of refraction in glass?Also calculate the critical angle for glass air interface.


in the book "passing" by Nella Larsen, how is each character trapped? I was thinking about writing how they are in a way trapped within themselves, and have internal conflicts. Would that qualify as them being trapped?


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