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  1. Project Management

    What elements do you think are critical when conducting project meetings and why do you think they are important? How do project meetings help with managing inter-organizational relations? Be sure to address the concept of group think in your discussion.
  2. English1A- Critical Thinking and Writing

    Hi Miss Sue or anyone else. How is my introduction so for for my argumentative essay on Race and Culture? Society plays a big role on race and culture. Whether a person is black or white, Asian or Hispanic, there will always be that someone who will look at another person and ...
  3. history

    Evaluate the role played by Abraham Lincoln in the Civil War. To what extent does Lincoln "cause" the Civil War to start? In what way(s) is Lincoln being President critical to the Union's success? Why was Lincoln so heavily criticized? (And was the criticism fair?)
  4. Statistics

    In a particular chi-square goodness-of-fit test there are four categories and 200 observations. The significiance level is 0.05. How many degrees of freedom are there? What is the critical value of chi-square? compute the value of chi-square?
  5. law

    What do you think are the top three critical issues in contemporary law enforcement? What kind of controversy has each of these issues generated? Do you think the controversy is justified? Why?
  6. Physics

    A ray of light travelling from glass to air is incident at 50 degree from the glass air boundary. What is angle of deviation if the critical angle is 42 degree
  7. PM

    J. Wold. project manager of the Print Software, Inc., wants you to prepare a project network; compute the early, late, and slack activity times; determine the planned project duration; and identify the critical path. His assistant has collected the following information for ...
  8. 3rd grade-music

    The song "Minnie the Moocher" by Cab Halloway-retell what the story is about. Use details in song to support your thinking.
  9. health

    I have to make a 3D model of the urinary system for health class. I'm thinking clay might be best to use, but I'm not that artistic. Any other ideas??
  10. To Linda

    I've removed your post with your complex assignment that expects you to do some thinking and supply answers. Please repost when you tell us what you think the answers are for each question.
  11. Philosophy

  12. fractions

    Castor brought 6 3/4 cakes to share with 26 students. Did Castor bring enough for each student to have 1/4 of a cake? Explain your thinking and show your work
  13. Psychology

    Which item below is most strongly related to cognition and thinking? a) classical conditioning b)behavior modification c) operant conditioning d)obeservational learning
  14. health

    Thinking in terms of the administrator and third-party payer perspectives, answer the following: What do you feel are the biggest weaknesses of the health care plan, and why?
  15. Sociology

    Why is it difficult to obtain population level data? a) It is expensive b) It is time consuming c) It is hard to find everyone in the population d) All of the above I am thinking (c)
  16. Social Studies

    In the Mid-1800's, grasslands covered the Great Plains in the United States. would this be Location, Place Or Movement? I am thinking Location
  17. US History

    In what ways would a person's race affect his or her perspective on the war? What role did the media play in the development of popular thinking related to the war?
  18. Math

    need to describe 3 different problem solving approaches to this problem, one I think is algebra, but don't know how to solve, and i need to say how to solve each one in each different way, please help with this. aaron is thinking of a number, if its doubled, increased by 10, ...
  19. Statistics

    A population =100 and sd=25. A sample (n=150) has X=102. Using 2 tails of the sampling distribution and the .05 criterion. What is the critical value? Is the sample in the region of rejection? What does this indicate about the likelihood of this sample occurring in this ...
  20. critical thinking

    We may observe, that there is no species of reasoning more common, more useful, and even necessary to human life, than that which is derived from the testimony of men, and the reports of eye-witnesses and spectators. This species of reasoning, perhaps, one may deny to be ...
  21. Human Resources Management

    . An assessment technique that is graphic in nature and that uses examples of behavior representing particular levels of performance to anchor the scale is called a A) critical-incident technique. B) behavioral observation scale (BOS). C) weighted checklist. D) behaviorally ...
  22. Math

    There are two main classes of individuals who can affect the outcome of an experiment: Those who could influence the results Those who evaluate the results When all the individuals in either one of these classes are blinded, an experiment is said to be: A) Single blind (I'm ...
  23. english 4

    Critical Reading Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.The excerpt from Midsummer, XXIII, primarily concerns A. race riots in England. B. the failure of Shakespeare’s drama in modern times. C. the passing of seasons in an...
  24. Language Arts (The Giver)

    Which of the following messages does the author most likely want you to take away from the reading this novel?(1 point) - Personal choice is critical to society. - Rules are made to be broken. - There is no place for memories in modern society. -Success for all depends on ...
  25. math

    (1)I am thinking of a 5-digit odd number. (2)The sum of all its digits is 20. (3) The digits in the hundreds place and in the tens place are consecutive numbers. When you multiply the digits in the tens and hundreds places, you get the digits for the thousands and ten-...
  26. math

    I have a problem that i need help solving. I had to drop beginning and intermediate algebra because of low test grades. I was thinking of taking a couse below that to get a good foundation and base upon professor decision, now professor thinks i should take the same course ...
  27. absolute maximum

    absolute maximum of (x^2-4)/(x^2+4) the critical numbers i got was x=0,-2.59, and 3.09 the absolute minimum is f(0)=-1 what is the absolute maximum: is it both f(-4)=(f(4))=.6? or can there only be one
  28. Business

    I am a beginning web designer and I was wondering how I can build my portfolio. I was thinking about calling different places like car repair etc and if they don't have a site I'll do it for free. But how would I do that, what do I say?
  29. Marketing

    Explain in detail how you would use the new-product development process if you were thinking about offering some kind of summer service to residents in a beach resort town.
  30. music

    In a shift from earlier thinking, the social status of nineteenth-century composers became equivalent to that of A. lords and courtiers. B. tailors and hatters. C. woodworkers and carriage builders. D. painters and poets.
  31. English II B

    Need Help Please. A student is thinking about different forums for publishing an editorial. Which of the following would be appropriate? 1.a dramatic reading anthology 3.a poetry contest 4.a school newspaper
  32. English

    4. Which one of these sentences contains a prepositional phrase? A. Trolls live under bridges; elves do not. B. Where did you find the papers that I lost? C. You may think otherwise, but what I tell you is true. D. To be, or not to be: that is the question. I'm thinking A?
  33. Civics

    11.   One factor determining the number of representatives for a given congressional district is the distribution of _______ within the state.  A. jobs B. population C. wealth D. registered voters my sister and me are thinking to go with B.        
  34. Math

    3/4 of the seats in a school bus were occupied. after 3 students got off the bus, only 2/3 of the seats were occupied. The 3 students are equivalent to________of the bus seating capacity, then seating capacity of the bus=_____________. I will be happy to critique your thinking...
  35. Education

    Why is building student-teacher rapport critical to establishing and maintaining a productive classroom environment? How does communication with students impact successful implementation of classroom rules and procedures? What communication skills and methods will you use to ...
  36. Applied Decision Methods for Business

    . Construct a Gantt chart and project network for the following set of activities, compute the length of each path in the network, and indicate the critical path: Activity Activity Predecessor Time (months) 1 ___ 4 2 ___ 7 3 1 8 4 1 3 5 2 9 6 3 5 7 3 2 8 4,5,6 6 9 2 5
  37. 3rd Grade Math

    I thought the simple answer would be 150-70=80 too but, the problem states that she has 70 more nickles than dimes. So, I was thinking that the answer would be 40 dimes and 110 nickles-which adds up to 150 and 110 is 70 more than 40 but, I don't know how to explain this to my ...
  38. English

    I'm currently reading "Botany of Desire" and there are a couple questions that i'm unsure about. please help me because i'm very bad at critical reading. 1. why did Pollan find Chapman so significant to the history of the United States? 2. How does Bill Jone's interpretation ...
  39. Phil

    Identify the premise/s and the conclusion and label them. Complete the argument if necessary. 1.My bowl fell off of the counter and broke. If your bowl falls off of the counter, it will break. 2.You shouldn’t be so critical of War and Peace. You’ve never read it. 3.Fluffy ...
  40. Reading book/ The giver

    Which of the following messages does the author most likely want you to take away from the reading this novel?(1 point) - Personal choice is critical to society.*** - Rules are made to be broken. - There is no place for memories in modern society. -Success for all depends on ...
  41. Math

    I am thinking of a three-digit number. If you subtract 5 from it, the result is divisible by 5. If you subtract 6 from it, the result is divisible by 6 and if you subtract 7 from it, the result is divisible by 7. What is the smallest number that will satisy these conditions?
  42. math

    is 8square root 2 + 2square root 2 equal to 10square root 2? Sorry, I don't know how to type that on my computer. So 8 next to the square root symbol with 2 underneath it + 2 next to the square root symbol with 2 underneath it. I'm thinking those are like terms so you can just...
  43. Math

    Tenecia is thinking of a number with 8 place values. The digit in the thousands place is 5. The digits in the hundred thousands and hundreds place are both an odd number greater than 7. The digit in each other place value is one less than the digit in the thousands place. What...
  44. math

    tenecia is thinking of a number with 8 place values. the digit in the thousands place is 5. the digits in the hundred thousands are hundreds place are both an odd number greater than 7. the digit in each other place value is one less than the digit in the thousands place. what...
  45. Math

    Media service charges $20 for a phone and $30/month for its economy plan. The equation c=30t +20 describes the total cost,c, of operating Media Services phone for t months. The total cost for 4 months of service is $140? If a customer has only $90 available, how many months of...
  46. Math

    The graph of the cosine function is the same as the graph of the sine function but translated: a) 90 degrees to the right b) 90 degrees to the left c) 180 degrees to the right d) 180 degrees to the left I was thinking it could a) and b) but there can only be one answer. Could ...
  47. Math Word Problem

    Need a formula for this math problem. Help!? Relinda owns a tea shop and is creating a new mix of tea for her customers. She is using a standard black tea that sells for $7 per pound and a special orange flavor that sells for $11 per pound. She is planning to make a 40 pound ...
  48. Strategy

    Should both qualitative and quantitative measures be used to evaluate the effectiveness of your strategic plan? Why or why not? Wouldn't it depend on the plan? I will be happy to critique your thinking .
  49. Think A Gram

    Can anyone tell me where this is suppose to lead our thinking?? ... 2:47 pm .... UR Hand .... Hand ... That is all the info ... Any assistance would help de-frazzle this brain!! ... Thank you in advance ..... mom
  50. government

    the expressed powers of congress are a. implied in the constitution b. those that it assumes in times of crisis c. stated directly in the constitution d. given to it by the supreme court a or b, im thinking b
  51. literature

    My assignment is to find two stories from the 19th century. But the stories have to be written by 2 diferent authors. I was thinking of something dark or horror, but not poe.
  52. chemistry

    Is it true that more potassium bromide can dissolve in distilled water than in a solution of potassium chloride? Im thinking maybe the common ion effect is present here?
  53. 3rd grade

    "The Letter" by Mary Cassatt. Looking at facial expression and pose, what do you think letter is about? Include details from painting to support your thinking. Thank you.
  54. business

    What are the differences among the research approaches (and thinking styles) that guide the predominant kinds of studies done in operations research, marketing, finance, and/or organizational behavior?
  55. Western Civlization

    How did Luther's theological teachings redefine fundamental thinking about vital western concens? ( example:individual) I have a test tomorrow!
  56. Science

    Any ideas on experiments we can do for our Human Physiology experiment? We are thinking of effects of body position on HR and BP but we need some kind of creative twist. Any ideas? Thanks!
  57. research

    I need to conduct an assessment and develop a plan of action for treatment on a famous serial murder or murder. I was thinking of Charles Manson. I am not sure where to start
  58. English 10

    That cold autumn morning no eyes saw the sun, Which literary technique does this line use? metaphor imagery simile personification I was thinking imagery
  59. English (Dracula)

    I am making a Wanted Poster of Dracula and i don't know what statement to put about him below the picture of him. i was thinking like: Evil Count and Blood Thristy
  60. History

    Which of these values was central to the Transcendentalist writers? Connection with nature Connection with urban life Patriotism for the United States Charity for the poor (I'm thinking either A or C)
  61. graph

    can someone SHOW me how to solve these graphs?2x > -6 and x - 4 < 3 x + 5 > 2x + 1 and -4x < -8 -6 < x + 3 < 6 (Remember this is an "and" statement) -3x < -6 or x + 5 < -2 x - 2 > 2x + 1 or -10 > -2x - 2 Look at the third. -6 < x + 3 < 6 (...
  62. Statistics

    There were two independent groups who took a school course by different modes. The first sample of students took the course in the online and the second sample took the course in the conventional face to face mode. Using the sample data determine if there is significant ...
  63. Math

    Mrs. Karla thank you for your help. but I don't understand your answer. The question is again: Tenecia is thinking of a number with 8 place values. The digit in the thousands place is 5. The digits in the hundred thousands and hundreds place are both an odd number greater than...
  64. Film and Literature

    Apply at least one of the critical approaches introduced in this week's lecture (reader-response/viewer-response, psychoanalytic, or historical criticism), to "Memento Mori" and Memento. How might these approaches help us make sense of this story and its film adaptation?
  65. science

    a region of magnetic force is known as a _______________ magnetic field. You could also be thinking of magnetic pole.
  66. Philosophy - Logic

    I have a few logic questions that I am having difficult with and would be greatful for any insight... #1 I need to know if this is a real or apparent argument. A: I saw Bob with Mary last night. B: You saw Frank, Bob's identical twin, with Marsha last night. I'm thinking that ...
  67. Chemistry

    Core electrons shield what from the pull of the nucleus? A. Identical electrons B. Valence electrons C. Neutrons D. Protons I was thinking d or a.
  68. Algebra

    A rectangle with a perimeter of 172ft needs how many tiles that are ft squares !! I'm thinking 172 bc 1ft 1 by 1ft is still 1ft
  69. Language

    When you're told that there are no jobs. And it is time for some fast thinking. What would be the correct thing to put in? 1) jobs, it 2) jobs, and it
  70. Derivative Test

    Consider the function y = 3x5 – 25x3 + 60x + 1. Use the first or second derivative test to test the critical points. How many relative maxima did you find? I got 2 as the relative maxima, is this done correctly?
  71. hypothesis test

    I am confused on what statistic test I should perform. I think it should be the t-test, which I have provided below. If the t-test is correct, how do I decide if I need to reject the null hypothesis. I get really confused on these things. Null Hypothesis: The State of South ...
  72. Physics/Math

    A 1.50 kg snowball is fired from a cliff 12.5 m high with an initial velocity of 14.0 m/s, directed 41.0° above the horizontal. (a) Using energy techniques, rather than techniques of Chapter 4, find the speed of the snowball as it reaches the ground below the cliff. (b) What ...
  73. Calculus - PLEASE HELP!!

    For any real number x there is a unique integer n such that n≤x<n+1, and the greatest integer function is defined as ⌊x⌋=n. Where are the critical values of the greatest integer function? Which are local maxima and which are local minima?
  74. math

    vector a is 8 ft., vector b is 2 ft, and theta is at 41 degrees. find the resultant and the direction. I drew a diagram that shows a connecting with b (head to tail), and they make the 41 degrees. I use law of cosines and got about 6ft, which doesn't sound right to me. my work...
  75. Please check my Calculus

    1. Find all points of inflection: f(x)=1/12x^4-2x^2+15 A. (2, 0) B. (2, 0), (-2, 0) C. (0, 15) D. (2, 25/3), (-2, 25/3) E. none of these I got D. I found the second derivative and equaled it to 0 and solved for x. I plugged the x values in to get my points. 2. Find the ...
  76. english

    I need help thinking of an essay topic to do with responsibility? We have a list of sources to work with, as examples: Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, Hamlet, V For Vendetta, The Tell Tale Heart and several others.
  77. calculus

    This problem has two parts but I can only see this so far. I probably over thinking..what is this asking for? How do I answer it? To evaluate lim x→ infinity sqrt(x^2 + 4) *first consider that as x becomes infinitely large x^2+4 -> __?__
  78. education ece

    A. his printing ability and scholarship. A child’s oral vocabulary is closely related to: B. reading comprehension and ease in learning to read. C. creativity and motivation. D. attention span and distractibility. Im thinking it's A.
  79. Social Studies

    What was the main purpose of the settlers who established Jamestown? trap animals and sell furs find gold and silver farm tobacco collect sweetgrass for baskets Would it be B? I am thinking B,or C.
  80. Functions & Trig

    evaluate each function at the given value: f(n)=-n^6+31n^4+26n^3+20n^2+-33n-20 when n=6 I was thinking that I should do synthetic division, but I've tried it a few times and I can't get it to work out correctly. Please help!
  81. Functions & Trig

    evaluate each function at the given value: f(n)=-n^6+31n^4+26n^3+20n^2+-33n-20 when n=6 I was thinking that I should do synthetic division, but I've tried it a few times and I can't get it to work out correctly. Please help!
  82. gr10 science

    What is the critical angle in flint glass when light passes from flint glass into air? flint glass = 1.70 air = 1.0003
  83. Biology

    After graduation, you and 19 friends build a raft, sail to a deserted island, and start a new population, totally isolated from the world. Two of your friends carry(heterozygotes) the recessive allele c, which causes cystic fibrosis in homozygotes. Assuming that the frequency ...
  84. Critical Thinking

    Categorize each fallacy to its match fallacy which are Ad homimem/genetic, wishful thinking, "Argument" from popularity, Hasty Generalizing, "argument" from outrage, straw man, post hoc, red herring/smokescreen, group think, scare tactices, poisoning the well, apple polishing...
  85. math

    suppose you bought some 32 cent stamps and some 20 cent stamps. you spent $3.92 for 16 stamps. how many of each stamp did you buy? x = number of 32 cent stamps y = number of 20 cent stamps ================== x+y = 16 0.32x + 0.20y = 3.92 solve for x and y. Check my thinking. x...

    Thank you for taking the time to respond. I am in the 5th grade. However word problems are a problem. On my homework sheet it says, Strategies Used.... Visual Thinking... My soloution First I... Then I... Next I... After that I... Finally I... My answer is... I think my answer...
  87. Survey

    What first comes to mind when you see or hear the word blood? red, then death, then if i kept thinking, it wouldn't be a first thought sang -- as in the latin base
  88. chemistry

    what is the oxidation number for nitrogen in the following? NH3 NO2 1- N2 NO2Cl N2H4 We will be happy to critique your thinking or work. I don't even have a clue as to how to work it out.
  89. Biology

    Hi, I've just recently gotten a project that requires you to make a 3D model of the mitochondria. I'm thinking of making it out of clay, but can someone help me think of other ways to make it? thanks.
  90. Communication Theory

    What part of Charton Heston's speech to Harvard Law School students in 1999 would be considered an enthymeme? I am thinking it is somewhere in the beginning of the speech.
  91. Business Policy

    "What are the differences among the research approaches (and thinking styles) that guide the predominant kinds of studies done in operations research, marketing, finance, and/or organizational behavior?"
  92. health

    What healthful alternatives would you recommend to a teen who is thinking about using drugs to deal with stress? Explain the importance of alternatives to substance abuse. please & thank you :)
  93. Psychology

    Evaluations of a particular belief, person, object, or idea describe a person’s: (Points: 5) attitudes. motivation. predispositions. biases. was thinking D im not sure can someone help please?
  94. Physics

    a novice pilot sets a plane's controls, thinking the plane will fly at 2.5X10^2 km/h to the north. if the wind blows at 75 km/h toward the southeast, what is the planes's resultant velocity?
  95. Science help!

    adding magenta and yellow dyes makes what color? At first i thought it was red. but when I realized we are adding dye's not light im thinking its black.. but im not sure! please help!
  96. english

    Hi I have to compare Mending Wall by Robert Frost to modern day time. I was thinking about comparing it to a song or movie, but I'm not sure of any. Do you have any ideas?
  97. Physics

    What is the angle of refraction of a light ray that enters the surface of a calm lake from air at an angle of 45 degrees to the normal? The refractive index of water is 1.333. 32.04 45.00 59.99 33.76 I was thinking A or D
  98. Psy202

    After hearing about some possible causes of sneezing, a scientist decides that room fresheners are the most common cause. What is the term that describes the scientist thinking
  99. week 5 104 HIS world civilizations11

    Thinking back to the course text chapter on the Enlightenment, how might the rise of religious based independence movement challenge Enlightenment ideals?
  100. History/Government

    Why has there been a decline in freedom in the world over the last 10 years? Any thoughts? I was thinking along the lines of terrorism and the pressure for the world to gain a democratic state.
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