Critical Thinking/Math

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Project Mangament

It would seem that if you shorten the critical path, you need to spend MORE money (overtime, extra labor, express shipping, etc.), not less. So how could it save money and shorten the duration of a project?


a 5 kg concrete block accelerates down a 34 degree slope at 4.2m/s^2. Find the coefficient of friction between the block and the slope. The net force along the slope that produces the acceleration is F = M g sin 34 - u M g cos 34 = M a where u is the coefficient of friction. M...


A particle is moving on a straight line in such a way that its velocity v is given by v(t)=2t+1 for 0≤t≤5 where t is measured in seconds and v in meters per second. What is the total distance traveled (in meters) by the particle between times t=0 seconds and t=5 ...


The employment percentages for men versus women in a computer company last year were 80% and 40%, respectively. At the beginning of this year, they had 150 men and 60 women currently hired. The owner of the company wishes to check their hiring practices and ensure that the ...

Math on graphs

If 30 3rd graders owned birds, how many third graders were surveyed? Reptiles 5% Birds 5% Fish 10% Cats 35% Dogs 45% I did 5% of 30 = .05 x 30 = 1.5 30/1.5 = 20 third graders BUT I am thinking I am doing something wrong? Where did I go wrong? Should it be 30/.05 = 600 students...


Given the function: f(x) = x^2 + 1 / x^2 - 9 a)find y and x intercepts b) find the first derivative c) find any critical values d) find any local(relative) extrema e) find second derivative Please show me how u got this!!


Andy, age 16 lacks self-discipline fails to plan ahead and is quickly frustrated by challenging tasks. He is anxious and overly critical of others. Use the psychoanalytic, humanistic, and social-cognitive perspectives to give three contrasting explanations of Andy's behaviour.


Cerulean City is 20 miles from home. We have gone 15 miles. What fraction of the distance have we gone? We have gone ? of the distance. (My thinking: I'm not sure, but I have a thought that you are supposed to divide 20 divided by 5.)

Anatomy & Physiology

A problem with the _____ plexus may cause pain in the posterior part of the thigh. A) Sacral B) Lumbar C) Cervical D) Brachial I'm thinking A but not quite sure


The composer utilized the minor mode in Symphonie fantastique to represent A. joy and love. B. gloom and ferocity. C. solemnity and brilliance. D. earthiness. I'm thinking B .

general question

Prospective employers can legally select employees based on the applicant's? a.age c.disabilities d.gender I am thinking B is the correct choice?


When would a straight-line graph be applicable in a real life situation? I can not think of any? or could you apply this to the drinking age? You can purchase and drink beer once you are = or greater than 21 years old? Im I thinking on the right page? Straight line graphs are ...


John is thinking of a number in the hundred thousands the first digit is equal to the number of digits in the number. the number has twenty tens and twice as many thousands. the number of ones is an odd number that is less than five and greater than the digit in the hundreds ...

Critical Reading

A useful strategy for identifying and analyzing arguments consists of 1) underlining all signal words 2) locating the conclusion, and 3).. a. locate premises b. identify all bias words c. locate fallacies I think it is c?


A technician performs an experiment on a glass slap and finds that the critical angle for total internal reflection at the glass (refractive index n1) air (refractive index n2 = 1) interface is 43 +/- 2 deg. Find n1 and the associated error.

english - Ms. Sue

Ms. Sue, How can thinking critically influence the way that you read in the future.


what language is the song bonse aba in? im thinking zambian am i right?


Describe the signigficance of empact of education for scientific thinking and religious revolutions


antonio is thinking of four number from 1 through 9 with a sum of 18. find the number


I Think of a number. If i subtract 8 from it and multiply the difference by 3 the result is 21. What is the number i am thinking of?


In a card game using a normal deck of playing cards containing 52 cards, 13 cards are dealt to a player. a) how many different combinations of cards are possible in that players hands? b) how many different hands are possible that consist ofnine spades and four clubs. Then ...

Calculus: Determine the constants from function

The function h(x) = x^3 + bx^2 + d has a critical point at (2, -4). Determine the constants b and d and find the equation of h(x). IM SO CONFUSED :(


Because the subject of a composition is like a crystal with many facets, you should? A. offer a positive idea for every negative one. B. be very critical of your sources. C. pick one point of view and stay with it. C. offer your reader ideas from several sides. Answer is C.


Because the subject of a composition is like a crystal with many facets, you should A. offer a positive idea for every negative one. B. pick one point of view and stay with it. C. offer your reader ideas from several sides. D. be very critical of your sources I think it is B.


What is a reflection of a drawing? Do I write what the people in the drawing are feeling or thinking?


I am thinking of writing a paper on Israel. What countries are threatening Israel?


i'm thinking of two numbers, x and y. The sum of 4x and 1 is y. The sum of y and twice x is 13. Find x and y.


I'm thinking of a number. When I multiply it by 6 and subtract 30, the answer is 78 What is Noah's number?

business math

Mortgage lenders base the mortgage interest rate they offer you on your credit rating. This makes it financially critical to maintain a credit score of 700 or higher. How much more interest would you pay on a $195,000 home if you put 20% down and financed the remaining with a ...


A vessel of 6.84 L in volume contains 3.61 L of pure water at 25°C. A partial pressure of 3.67 atm of CO2 is quickly injected into the space above the water. Calculate the partial pressure of carbon dioxide remaining once the solution has become saturated with the gas. Henry'...


Is the solvation of borax in water an exothermic or endothermic process? i am thinking the it is that right?


Is the angle 11pi/12 on the unit circle the same as the angle -pi/12? I'm thinking it would be, but I'm not sure.


6x + 7 = 55 x = 8 Is this the correct answer to the following question? "I'm thinking of a number. If you multiply it by 6 and then add 7, you will get 55. What is my number?"


how is radiation different from convection and conduction? Radiation can travel through solids is what i'm thinking.

Social Studies

Victory at which Battle convinced the British to help the Americans? I'm thinking its the Battle of Saratoga

math , steve or damon pls

for questions 15 and 16, multiply. write in scientific notation (9x10^4)(8x10^6) 7.2x10^25 1.7x10^11 7.2x10^11 1.7x10^25 (1.7x10^-4)(5x10^-5) 8.5x10^-9 8.5x10^20 6.7x10^-9 6.7x10^20 for 15 I'm thinking it is c and 16 could be A pls check my work and explain what i did wrong


The speed of ocean waves depends on their wavelength λ (in meters) and the gravitational field strength g (in m/sˆ2) in this way: V=Kλˆp Gˆq Where K is a dimentionless constant. Find the value of the exponents p and q. Consider the dimensions. Left side, m/s...

creative play

Professional organizations for teachers have a set of standards for establishing high-quality classroom environments. These standards indicate that the classroom environment should support: A. children's honest expression and thinking, displays of children’s work, autonomy ...


total internal reflection between two materials is seen to occur if a critical angle of 60 degrees is exceeded. if the index of refraction of the material that the light is entering is 1.98,find the inndex of refraction of the material in which the light is originating.


height shoe size (if you wear men's shoes, add 2) 61 6.5 67 9 63 7 66 8 60 6 71 10 71 11 63 8 63 7 66 62 7 64 6.5 61 7 64 7.5 63 8 58 6.5 63 9 62 6 61 7 74 60 6.5 60 7.5 63 8 Mean 63.73913043 7.571428571 Standard Deviation 3.922167667 1.296974501 H sub 0: x̄ = 8 H sub a: ...

Human Growth

An Li reached puberty at age 12, and John Smith retired at age 65. An Li’s and John Smith’s experiences are examples of: A. normative events. B. non-normtive influences C. critical periods D. risk factors Is B the correct answer


solve the equation for x using the quadratic formula: 3x^2 + 8x + 1 = 0 Work: I tried factoring it, but I can't do it. (3x + ?)(x + ?) I'm thinking the ? = 1 but that won't work.


So I have a function of two variables f(x,y)=y^x. where is this function continuous? I'm thinking that the only restriction that applies is y>0


what type of reaction is this Li + H2O --> LiOH A. Combination B. Combustion C. Decomposition Im thinking combination but the H2 is confusing me


Our state is bordered by Kansas to the west. Should west be capitalized...I was thinking it was a direction and didn't.


I'm doing an essay on generalizations and I need 3 paragraphs on it. Also, I need help thinking on what generalization I should do and how I can support it.


the endpoints of the diameter of a circle are at (1,2) and (7, -6). what is the circumference of the circle, no the nearest tenth of a unit? 15.7 31.4 62.8 78.5 I was thinking B? i want to check.

positive thinking

what exactly does it mean to "think win-win"?


help...i can't think what to do a speech on. It is for tomorrow. I was thinking about doing it on essays - can anyone help?


1 km = ? cm. I was thinking 1,000,000. Could someone double check that?


What does the degree of a polynomial expression tell you about its related polynomial function? Explain your thinking. Give an example of a polynomial expression of degree three. Provide information regarding the graph and zeros of the related polynomial function.


a simple random sample of size n=5 is obtained from the population of drivers living in New York City, and the breaking reaction time of each driver is measured. The results are to be used for constructing a 95% confidence interval. What is the number of degrees of freedom ...


simplify the expression (4 square root of x)/(6-square root of x) I need help with this. I've worked it out to the point where i got (2 square root of x)/(3-square root of x), but I'm pretty sure that it can be simplified further. If what I'm thinking is right you have to ...


simplify the expression (4 square root of x)/(6-square root of x) I need help with this. I've worked it out to the point where i got (2 square root of x)/(3-square root of x), but I'm pretty sure that it can be simplified further. If what I'm thinking is right you have to ...

Math generic rectangles

Out of all problems this one I just don't know. I started it but I'm unsure .can someone help me please. Draw a generic rectangle to find each product. Then write a multiplication sentence with parenthesis for each one. 7 (1+11) So I am thinking the multiplication part is : ...

critical thinking

Categorize each fallacy statement by copying fallacy type from the list below into the Fallacy Type ext box adjacent the fallacy statement. Provide an explanation as to why you think it is that fallacy type in the Why it is this fallacy type text box adjacent the fallacy ...


A beam of light is incident from air on the surface of a liquid. If the angle of incidence is 25.0° and the angle of refraction is 14.0°, find the critical angle for the liquid when surrounded by air. im not sure how to start this problem.


What has been the economic policy of the United States throughout its history? Suzanne: We are NOT going to do your homework/tests for you. All of these are in your text. We will be happy to critique your thinking.


Was there something happening with women during the 1900s? i`m thinking like they were saying that they could do anything men could do. Some special event that took place?


is there anything wrong with this sentence: they value free-thinking behavior, expressing oneself freely and individualism where one should act according to themselves

Written Analysis

My bad..I just posted a help question. I stated it incorrectly. Analyze your own experience with faulty thinking in a minimum of three well developed paragraphs. Thank you

FACS - Reading Assignment Help!

THINKING CRITICALLY 6. Apply - Make a list of three (3) other activities, besides cooking, in which dovetailing would be helpful. I need help!


If I suggest that our eyes and ears are the product of the media, and they sell us to corporate customers, what would that mean relative to the thinking that the customer is always right?

applying fundamental concepts

An understanding of which of the following processes is needed to do patterning skills? A. Pictorial mapping B. Algebraic thinking C. Numeral recognition D. Seriation my answer is d.

Inorganic Chemistry

Which one is more stable, [PCl4]+ or [PCl6]- ? Why? I'm thinking it has something to do with the fact that the former is tetrahedral and the latter is octahedral, but I'm not sure. Does that affect stability?


What are 2-3 questions that a critical reader and thinker should be asking himself or herself about logical deductive and inductive reasoning when reading arguments? These questions should be questions that will help increase comprehension and recall.


Is RISD/Brown Dual Program is a good school? im thinking of not applying to yale and apply to that school

pre-algebra 1

he triangles are similar. Find the value of a. bout side of triangle is 16 and 20 and the other triangle is a and 8 A. 10 B. 6 C. 16 D. 12 Im thinking it 12


Every hour a clock chimes as many times as the hour. For example, the clock chimes 4 times at both 4:00 am and 4:00 pm. How many times does it chime from 4:00am through 11:00 pm of the same day including 4:00 am and 11:00 pm.? What is the proper way of doing this question ...

Macro Eco

The belief that monetary policy can be effective in changing aggregate demand and that the money supply is the critical monetary variable is associated with: Answer a Modern Keynesians. b Monetarists. c Supply-side economists. d New classical economists.


Critical Reading Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. What is Mr. Gradgrind’s opinion of horse riders? A. He does not approve of them. B. He is fascinated with them. C. He believes they have a dangerous job. D. He ...


Critical help please. Level 3 maths algebraic methods is really hard. Q) Two functions f and g are defined by f:x (arrow) x^2 + 3 g:x (arrow) 2x+1 Find a) the function fg b) solve the equation f(x)=12g^-1(x) I need to show my working out, please help someone


How do assumptions relate to the process of critical thinking? You need to do some reading. Please have a look here:

ethn: Need info please

please direct me to some to the websites where I can get information for the question beloow: Leaders of the civil rights and black power movement and their contributions to their respective causes. How did these social pioneers forge the way for this important ratification? ...

Math: Thinking Mathematically

A flagpole has the height of 16 yards It will be supported by three cables, each of which is attached to the flagpole at a point 4 yards below the top of the pole and attached to the ground at point that is 9 yards from the base of the pole, Find the total number of feet of ...

math 2 questions plz help asap

1) Mr. customs is correcting the class's math homework on customary units. which of the following measurements is reasonable? A. a pencil is 12 feet long B. the back porch is 12 inches wide C. the 3rd hole on the golf court is 123 miles long D. the distance from new York to ...

Critical Thinking 205

So I've been searching, checking the web on many different search engines, the college library. and have not found an example of a nonprejudicial rhetorical device. So it would be safe to say there is no such thing as a nonprejudicial rhetorical device? Rhetorical devices in ...

Math - Counting

Hi. The question is: A, B, C, and D are nodes on a computer network. There are two paths between A and C, two between B and D, three between A and B and four between C and D. Along how many routes can a message from A to D be sent? My thinking: I came up with two ways a ...


When a plane experiences a decrease in weight must there also be decrease in lift? I'm thinking the answer is yes in order to maintain equilibrium.


In my concluding paragraph of my essay I was thinking of doing this: In conclusion, it is evident that THESIS. I don't really know what to say after I've restated my thesis.

social studies

what 2 counties where influiential politicals have lived or currently living? i am thinking madison and orange counties


I keep thinking that 3 is the van't hoff factor for ammonium chloride, but I keep getting my answer wrong. Any ideas?

geography (Ms. Sue)

So, My Mom was right in telling me that I was wrong in thinking it was the International Dateline. She tried to explain it to me like you did. Thank You Ms. Sue.

English 4

Which of the following most distinguishes an epic from a mock epic? A. its subject matter B. its style C. its vocabulary D. its length I'm thinking its B.


Which word in the set below carries a neutral connotation? confounded puzzled muddled bamboozled I'm thinking its puzzled. Thanks for the help.


A lot of time thinking about how poorly she is doing. A) complete sentence B) fragment C) run-on This has got to be a doesn't discribe who and why


what does the quote help us understand, or explain "reading furnishes the mind only materials of knowledge it is thinking that makes what we read"


But I am getting more and more confused. -3-3x=-9????? and x/6=-24 but the there is a negative sign like x - - =-24 6 I know I am over thinking this,but I am confusing myself on these two???

world history

Which African independence movement is most similar to the movement in Kenya? I'm thinking the one in Haiti but I'm not sure


Which of the following is not a process of a stream load? A. Suspension B. Bed Load C. Materials in solution D. Divide Im thinking D but also C?


9.6*10 to the 7th power divided by 1.5 *10 negetive squared. i was working this problem out and i was thinking it would be 6.4*10 by the 5th power.


Im thinking of taking French for one of my electives for high school. If i ever need help would any one, be able to help me? Thank you.


which one occurs more often lunar eclipse or solar eclipse? this is just a question i'v been thinking of

Chemistry(Please check)

1) Where in the phase diagram of a compound do all phases exist together? a) at the sublimation point b) at the boiling point c) at the melting point d) at the critical point e) at the triple point I chose answer E, the triple point. Is this correct?

child development

-----------are considered critical at certain times during early growth and development and have growth-inducing influence on the brain's structure. A) Growth spurts B)Norms C)Essential experiences D)Nonessential experiences


solve : 5x-10y=-40 for y I was thinking it was 5x-10(-40)...then solve am I close?

Calc I

Yes I was trying to find the range y = (x^2 -4)/(x^2 - x -12) ok using 2(4 +/- sqrt(15) ) sorry I forgot the minus in the derivitive but ya that makes sense but however I need three critical values that only gives me graph it and you'll see there are three how do I find the ...


A group of scientists created 150 trials to measure whether electric shock treatment could cure paranoid delusions. Of these trials, 52 were successful. Find the margin of error E that corresponds to a 95% confidence level. The critical value for 95% confidence level is 1.96.


1) A group of scientists created 150 trials to measure whether electric shock treatment could cure paranoid delusions. Of these trials, 52 were successful. Find the margin of error E that corresponds to a 95% confidence level. The critical value for 95% confidence level is 1.96


A group of scientists created 150 trials to measure whether electric shock treatment could cure paranoid delusions. Of these trials, 52 were successful. Find the margin of error E that corresponds to a 95% confidence level. The critical value for 95% confidence level is 1.96.


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