Critical Thinking/Math

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Find the critical numbers of f, find the open intervals on which the function is increasing or decreasing and use the first derivative test to identify all relative extremes f(x) = 3 + cos^2 x 0<x<2pie


Find the asymptote, interval of monotonicity, critical points, the local extreme points, intervals of concavity and inflection point of the following functions. Sketch the graph of each. A) f(x)=x2ex B) f(x)=|x2 +x-2| C) f(x)= x2 -6x (x+1)2



Law enforcement

Which of the following is NOT considered a 'criminal proceeding' critical to the process? a.the trial b.a juvenile detention hearing c.sentence hearing d.questions asked of a probationer concerning their probation status

essay writing

Comprehensive Grammar CheckPoint Read the following sentences, and focus on the grammar area specified in the left column. Then, complete Appendix H by selecting the correct sentence (a or b) for each number and providing an explanation of why you made that choice. Subject-...

Math..number string

How many numbers are in the string 57, 59, 61, 63,...1233? My friend calculated 588. I am too concrete in my thinking and did it the hard way, listing all of the numbers on an Excel sheet and found that there were 619 numbers. Who is correct? And how is this calculated?


Kate is a salesperson in a retail store and earns $88 per week plus 11% of her weekly sales. If Kate made $154 one week,what were her sales that week? this is another word problem. I don't know the equation I was thinking 88 + .11 = 154x

Eth 125

Identify leaders of the Civil Rights and Black Power movements and their contributions to their respective causes. How did these social pioneers forge the way for this important ratification? What legislation was relevant during these critical times

critical reading

pls help me with this question. A powerful general fallacy category is jumping to conclusions which consists of a. using humor or ridicule b.closing an issue before all the evidence is in. c. arguing from ignorance. i think is a but am not sure.


Suppose the function f(x)=2x^3+ax^2+bx has a critical point at x=−1, for which f(−1)=−2. What is a, b?


Medicare and Medicaid financial issues put constraints on? physician services? critical care centers public health outpatients services phsician services

Critical Reading

It is true that every author has some bias? I would say true, but then I am not sure if this means in general or if you are able to tell in there writing true or false

Psychology/ Ms Sue

Please check my answers 1. During puberty, boys testosterone production increases up to 5 times the level in childhood? True 2. Babies of teenagers have a higher risk of birth complications? True 3. Most STIs are fatal if not treated properly? False 4. Analytic thinking and ...


Hello! For critical essays analyzing literature, is it better to analyze one text or can it done with more than one text? Thank you!


A)Find the critical points off on the given interval. B)Determine the absolute extreme values of f on the given interval. F(x)=xe^-x/2 on (0,5)


What is your thinking? I Will be happy to critique your thinking. Which of the following is a chemical property of paper? A. Color B. Ability to Burn C. Size D. Thickness WELL I THINK IT I THINK ABILITY TO BURN CAUSE IT SAYS CHEMICAL PROPERTIE Well I think it is color of ...


1. What is the name of the ray that is opposite of ray BA? Description of the ray. It's a straight line with the points A B C D all in a row. A) Ray BD B) Ray BA C) Ray CA D) Ray DA This doesn't make sense. I thought that CD would be opposite of BA. But I've done some thinking...


Give an example of how you would use this method to conduct a performance appraisal for an employee.Critical-incident appraisal method


If the critical angle for light at an interface between certain substances is 54.2 degrees, what is the polarizing angle at this same interface? I am confused!


What is the Psychological Critical Perspective? I have to write an essay about a play I read using this perspective and I am not sure how to go about it. Thank you for any help!


light moves from olivine (n= 1.670) into onyx. If the critical angle for olivine is 62.85 degrees , what is the index of refraction for onyx ?

Statistics Psychology

I do not understand how to find the critical values of the test statistics. I also need help understanding how to find the standard error as well. Thank you!

Calus calculus

a. Find the critical points of f on the given interval. b. Determine the absolute extreme values off on the given interval f(x)= x In(x/5); (0.1,5)


8. f(x)= - 2x^3 + 45x^2 -300x +9 There are 3 intervals (-inf,A], [A,B], [B, inf) where A and B are critical points. Find A and B? For each of the intervals is it decreasing or increasing??


Consider the function f(x)=4(x−3^2/3. For this function there are two important intervals: (−‡,A) and (A,‡) where A is a critical number. Find A


Consider the function f(x)=4(x-5)^(2/3). For this function, there are two important intervals: (-Inf, A) and (A, Inf) Where A is a critical number. Find A


Provide the Z score and the critical value. Raw score of 112, population mean 89, Std. of the population (22.8)


Need to find the predicate Adjective. 1. The valley in Johstown Pennsylvania was very deep. PA=deep 2. The hills around Johstown were high. PA=high 3. The lake above Johnstown seemed unusally full. PA=full 4. The concrete dam appeared weak. PA= weak 5. That day May 31, 1889 ...


Given the points (3,52488) and (-4,-393216), determine (a) the linear function , (b) the power function , for these two points. ( N.B. If you use your calculator immediately without thinking, it will say that there are no solutions, but there are solutions. Find an equivalent ...


Sketch the graph of f(x)=-x^4 + 4x^3 - 16x + 16: Find the critical points, concave up/down, inflection points, vertical asymptotes and horizontal asymptotes.

Critical Reading

Can someone please help me clear up this question I am stuck on? Similes and metaphors are obstacles to comprehension because they are false comparisons? True or False? I believe this is False, is that right? Thanks in advance for the help ;-)

operational management

Activity Time Predecessor(s) A 3 None B 4 A C 3 B D 5 B E 10 C, D F 3 E G 6 E H 5 G, F Please assist with finding the ES, EF, LS, LF and slack time for ALL activities. also, the critical path? and, the project completion time?


A study was conducted to investigate relationships between different types of standard test scores. On the Graduate Record Examination verbal test, 18 women had a mean of 538.82 and a standard deviation of 114.16, and 12 men had a mean of 525.23 and a standard deviation of 97....


1. 10=6e 0.5t 2. 100=25(1.5)t We will be happy to try to critique your work or thinking. I have no idea what your question is.


What is required to break covalent bonds in glucose? Im thinking of ATP and Enzymes but Im not sure.

eng comp 1

can someone give me an example of a compare and contrast essay just thinking what can i do it of

CRT 205

How does thinking critically influence the ways you read, write and process information?

Thinking Critically

How have wars traditionally influenced the general perception of being an American?


In deciding which has more entropy, would it be correct to say s<l<g<aq or s<l<aq<g I'm thinking the second one....


Which ordered pair is a solution to the system y<2x+2 and y>(line under)-x-1? A. (0,-2) B. (1,2) C. (-5,0) D. (0,-5) I'm thinking it's B.. but i need some help with this.

Economics/ Free Enterprise

What does thinking at the margin mean? Also what is the purpose of a decision grid?


Creative thinking tends to be: Divergent Convergent Functional fixedness Dependent on algorithms


How have insights from the field of psychology influenced the thinking of economists in recent years?


I need some assistance, here's the question. 4. What are the values of x and y? A. x=9/4,y=3/4 B. x=9/4,y=15/4 C. x=15/5,y=5/4 D. x=3/4,y=15/4 I'm thinking it's either A or B, but I don't know for sure. Can anyone help?


What is the equation expression for the difference of twice a number G and 10 is 24 ? I was thinking it was 2g * 10=24 but I'm sure it's highly wrong


Find the critical numbers of the function on the interval 0 ≤ θ < 2π. Small & large value f(θ) = 2cos(θ) + (sin(θ))^2

art history

please i need help my question is about the play of Sheridan (The Rivals ) i want critical analysis of act 3 scene 2 in the play and the soliloquy in this act ?


Ice has a critical angle of 49.8 degrees, explain or rectangular prism of clear ice can be used for the total internal reflection of light by 90 degrees



To Kate - math post

I have removed your latest post for two reasons: 1. Do not put any teachers' names in your subject or name. 2. You have not shown that you have done any thinking about this problem. If you repost, be sure to show what you have learned so far and state what your specific ...


If the critical z value for a hypothesis test equals 2.45, what value of the test statistic would provide the least chance of making a Type I error? 3.74 10,000 2.46 4.56

Brief Calculus

Increasing and Decreasing Functions. Let f(x) = 4x^3 - 9x^2 -30x +6 A. Find all critical numbers of f(x) B. Give the open intervals where f (x) is increasing and decreasing and clearly label each.

Calc III

Find the absolute maximum of the function f(x,y) = x^2 + 4y on the set of points (x,y) that satisfy x^2 + y^2 < or = to 25. I understand that you have to check the endpoints and find critical points, but I cannot solve this. Thank you.


Determine the critical value of t in the following circumstance: 1-alpha=0.99, n=10 t9 = 2.2498 t9 = 3.2498 t9 = 1.2498 t9 = 4.2498


For the function y=4-2x^2+1/6x^4 find the following: Domain x and y intercepts Vertical asymptotes Horizontal asymptotes Symmetry F'(x) Critical numbers Increasing f(x) Decreasing f(x) Extrema F"(x) Possible points of inflection Concave up Concave down Points of inflection I ...


Hi. The question I'm having problems with: Write the body of an iterative function to compute n!, where n! = n(n-1)(n-2)...1. Then, analyze this function where the work unit is the multiplication operation. I think I have the first part, but I'm confused on the second part. ...

Critical Thinking

I think i have some of the answers right but i need help, b/c although i keep reading over the chapter and highlighting the vocab word the definition is not clear to me. Can someone help please? 1 A(n) is a set of claims intended to support or prove a conclusion. 2 A(n) is a ...

Math- Anova

A researcher has collected statistics pretest scores for students representing 3 different age groups 18-30 31-45 45 and up 3 5 10 7 10 2 9 9 8 6 8 8 4 6 5 Do hypothesis test using ANOVA to find if significant difference. Use alpha .05. All hypothesis steps and find degrees of...

Math - True or False

True or False: 1. f(x) = -x^3 + x + 1 is an odd function 2. f(x) = x^3 -ax^2 + bx represents a cubic equation having no constant term ...(I'm thinking true?) 3. If f(x) = x/x+2 then f^-1 (x) = 2x/1-x ...(my guess is false?) 4. The equation x^3 - 12x + 16 = 0 has a double root ...


The belief that monetary policy can be effective in changing aggregate demand and that interest rates are the critical monetary variable is associated with (A)Modern Keynesians (B)New classical economists (C)Monetarists (D) All of the above


Explain why, in terms of job performance and efficiency, knowing medical billing terms is critical for working in the health care field. Respond in at least 150 words and provide specific examples.


α=0.05 for a two-tailed test. Assume that the data has a normal distribution and the number of observations is greater than fifty. Find the critical z value used to test a null hypothesis. Is the correct answer +/- 1.96?


The population (in millions) and the violent crime rate (per 1000) were recorded for 10 metropolitan areas. The data are shown in the following table. Do these data provide evidence to reject the null hypothesis that ƒÏ = 0 in favor of ƒÏ ‚ 0 at ƒ¿ = .05? (Give your ...


Your Swine manure pit is rectangular measuring 50' by 100' and is 4' deep. If you use a 1" diameter hose 2 hours each day at 8 ft per second velocity to remove the manure from your swine pins how many days worth of storage space do you have in your pit? In other words how ...


I was thinking that I have to multiply but that doesn't make sense. However, I am terrible at story problems. A child's dose of medicine is 1/6 of a pre-measured dose cup. If the bottle of a medicine is the size of 9 doses, how many children's doses are there in the bottle?


How do I solve this? A mixture of nuts has a ratio of 5 parts peanuts to 3 parts cashews. How many ounces of cashews are in a 24 oz mixture? I am thinking 9 oz., but how do you write a problem to solve this

3rd grade Math

Representations - Draw a number line. Make sure the following numbers are on your number line: 1,472; 1,560; 1,481. Are we over thinking this problem? Are they just looking for a number line with the above number listed from least to greatest?

english-please revise

Question: What was your experience with the Center for Writing Excellence (CWE) in the past? In addition to the CWE, what other writing tools are available for revising a research paper? How can you become your own editor and look at your writing with a critical eye? Answer: I...

Pre-calculus-check answers

Choose the statement that is true for the graph f(x) =x^3-12x. Answer: f(x) decreases for x >-2 2) Which type of critical point, if any, is present in the graph of f(x)=(x-4)^5+1 Answer: none

Critical Reading

An argument is a message that is being sent with the purpose of persuading us to accept certain information true or false. I would say true. Would that be right?Thank you!


This is about the book Oedipus the King. What are three distinct moments of suffering? How could these moments apply to Aristotle's theory: a critical component of tragedy is a scene of suffering.


Find the critical point(s) of the function. Then use the second derivative test to classify the nature of each point, if possible. Finally, determine the relative extrema of the function f(x,y)= 3x^2 - 3e^5y^2

Engineering Calculus

f(x)=((6x-3)/(x+6)) how do you find the intervals of decreasing and increasing...I found that there were no critical points yet I was also correct that the function increased (-I,-6) and (-6,I). I was wrong that there were no decreasing intervals though.

Economics and statistics

If the critical z value for a hypothesis test equals 2.45, what value of the test statistic would provide the least chance of making a Type I error? 3.74 10,000 2.46 4.56


A continous function y=f(x) crosses x-axis at points x=-3,0,2,5. Use mean value theorem to show that function has three critical points? I am stuck in this question kindly help


Your friend is thinking about buying shares of stock in a company. You have been tracking the closing prices of the stock shares for the past 90 trading days. Which type of graph for the data, histogram, Pareto or time-series, would be the best to show your friend? Why?

ETH 125

Can someone help me with this question Identify leaders of the Civil Rights and Black Power movements and their contributions to their respective causes. How did these social pioneers forge the way for this important ratification? What legislation was relevant during these ...

Canadian history

I am reading this article Disease, Wilderness Warfare, and Imperial Relations: The Battle for Quebec, 1759--1760 I need to do critical analysis I believe I know what author is trying to argue but a little more clarification would be great.

English1A-Critical Thinking and Writing

I need to write a 7 page essay and I need some ideas for my paper so I could think of a thesis. I wrote a paper earlier on Gender roles, I'm not sure who helped me, but it is similar to this except this one is a research paper. I need at least 7 sources. Argue and discuss ...


Two sides of a triangle have constant lengths a and b, and the angle between them is theta. What value of theta will maximize the area of the triangle? so far i have the formula and the derivative. A=.5absin(theta) A'=.5abcos(theta) then i set the derivative to zero in order ...


what the formula for magnesium oxide A. Mg20 B. Mg0 C. Mg02 D. Mg203 I will be happy to critique your thinking on this.


Is this a good topic for a reserach paper? How to change your thinking? If not could you give some advice in this direction, Thanks


Before you can use a file in your program you must _____ it. i was thinking encrypt, but i just cant figure it out


Do you think Eliminating Negative Thinking is a controversial, supportable and sound topic for a research paper?

CRT 205

In the future, How will thinking critically influence the ways that you: Read? Write? Process Information?


I am stuck trying to illustrate poverty in an Edgeworth box. How do I begin thinking about this problem?


Why did Shakespeare intent hamlet to have an oedipal complex? I am thinking because to make the character interesting? :S


Round 47,973 to the nearest 100 I keep thinking that it's 48,000, but I have no idea how to prove it


What is the magnification of a 4 cm tall object placed 40 cm from a concave mirror having a focal length of 10 cm? 0.33 -0.33 1.33 -1.33 I'm thinking B.

Calculus 2

Does Series n=1 to infinity 1/2n+1 converge or diverge? I'm thinking it converges, because p would be < 1 right? I'm a little confused.


In what way were Karl Marx and Charles Wright Mills alike in their thinking and understanding of society?


Fallacies are errors in: emotional appeal organizational structure logical thinking choice of details


I sighed as I went down the stairs, thinking what on earth does this woman want me to do now. How do i say this correctly?

critial thinking

Which of the following is an antonym of the word happy? A. Miserable B. Blissful C. Jovial D. Joyful my answer is a.


Which of the following bases is the weakest? 1)(CH3)2NH , Kb = 5.1 x 10–4 2)ClO–, Kb = 2.9 x 10–7 3)SO42–, Kb = 8.3 x 10–13 Im thinking the answer is 2, but im not100%


A poem that is told in an actual manner. A. Lyrics B. Ballad C. Sonnet D. Genre Thinking its B, am i correct


I think in the society we are in with free backup and $5 flash drives there is no reason people do not backup their critical data. What is your biggest concern about using backup at your house or the Cloud for backing up your files?’


I am thinking of whole numbers. when I add them, their sum is 123. When I subtract the three lesser number from greater number, their difference is 45? what are my numbers? i am having trouble going step by step with this. i added 61+62=123. i think this is wrong please help ...


(1)Robert is thinking of two numbers. Their greatest common factor is 6. Their least common multiple is 36. One of the numbers is 12. What is the other number Answer: 18 please help Ms.Sue I think the answer is right not sure how I got it please explain or help!!!

Chem II

2.5 mol NOCl(g) was placed in a 2.50 L reaction vessel at 400 degrees C. After equilibrium was established, it was found that 28% of the NOCl had dissociated according to the equation: 2NOCl(g)<-->2NO(g)+Cl2(g) Calculate the equilibrium constant, Kc, for the reaction. ...


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