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. I am thinking of a whole number. If I divide it by 13, then multiply the answer by 12, then subtract 20, and then add 89, I end up with 93. What was my original number?


kathyrn is thinking of four numbers from 1 through 9 with a sum of 18 find the numbers. this is the questions to the answer above.

backwards math

Valerie tells Robbie, "I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 50. If I divide the number by 4, then add 5, then subtract 6, I get 6.


ruben is thinking of a number x.if he multiplies the number by 5 and then subtracts 12 from the product, the answers he gets is equal to 3 times x. what is x?

critical thinking

Identify any examples of bias presented by the author. If none exist, explain how you determined this Identify and name any rhetorical devices used by the author. If none exist, explain how you determined this. Identify and name any fallacies used by the author. If none exist...


The price for 2 tickets with online service charges, large popcorn and 2 medium soft drinks at a sample of 6 theater chains: $36.15, $31.00, $35.05, $40.25, $33.75, $43.00 a) Construct a 95% confidence interval estimate for the population mean the price for 2 tickets with ...

Math 221

Math 221 - Ms. Sue, Sunday, July 13, 2014 at 2:24pm I've done several problems for you. Now it's your turn. How do you think this problem should be solved? Answer this Question I was thinking that I should multiply the numerators and denominators


Consider the function f(x) = -2 x^3 + 36 x^2 - 162 x + 2. There are two critical points, A and B where A < B: A = and B = f''(A)= f''(B)= Therefore f(x) has a relative at A (MAX or MIN) and a relative at B (MAX or MIN).

crithical thinking

Critical Analysis Forms Fill out one form for each source. Source 1 Title and Citation: 1 Identify the principal issue presented by the source. 2 Identify any examples of bias presented by the author. If none exist, explain how you determined this. 3 Identify any areas that ...

Critical thinking

What is the meaning of validity, truth, and soundness as they relate to the area of logical syllogisms? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "'logical syllogisms' validity truth soundness" to get these possible sources: http://answers....


Use calculus and algebraic methods to do a complete analysis (i.e., intervals of increase and decrease, intercepts, critical points, points of inflection, and intervals of concavity) for each of the following functions and then sketch a graph of the function. (19 marks) ƒ(x...


Trying find the critical numbers for X^3+X^2-8x But i cant remember how to simplfy the derivitive of 3X^2+2X-8 can someone help me?

U.S. HIstory

Why might the early years of American government be called the "Critical Period"???


Having trouble with critical analysis forms. This is a final assignment. Can someone help me.


A critical analysis and explanation of Thomas wyatt's poem`Blame not my lute`

Critical Reading

what is an invalid comparison for the analogy: Taking an online class is like?


Find all the critical numbers for the function f(x) = cube root of 9-x^2. help please?!


Locate all critical points ( both types ) of f(x)=sqrt(-58-4x^2+32x) Thanks

Diff EQ

Find all critical points of the given system and investigate the stability of each. dx/dt = y - 1 dy/dt = x^2 - y

life orientation

critical discuss human or environmental problem impacts on the community


Do many people believe what they do without giving those beliefs critical scrutiny?


What must the critical angle be if light transmits from diamond into water?

diamond accodamy

in providing critical radius of insulation ...... and ........ are having significant importance.


Find the critical numbers of the functions. f(0) = 2sec0 +tan0 on the interval [0,2pi]

English -critical thinking

Officials are considering placing the sturgeon on the endangered species list. If such an action is taken, ships, including those that carry goods and produce, will not be allowed to travel on the large rivers in our region that serve as breeding grounds for the fish. If ship ...


13.19 (a) Generate a correlation matrix for your predictors. Round the results to three decimal places. (b) Based on the correlation matrix, is collinearity a problem? What rules of thumb (if any) are you using? Correlation Matrix F O E A F Floor 1.000 Offices .823 1.000 ...


Hi im lost on my last question. k^-3 = 1/256 this is negative exponets "^-3" that is a negative exponent, I need to know the value of k? a)-64 b)-4 c)4 d)64 I was thinking 64, eh I don't understand this one. Thanks!


I multiplied my number by 102,then subtracted 228. I then divided by 6.Finally I added 51. My result was 200. What number was I thinking of ?


520 square yards approximate each side of the garden by the nearest tenth I was thinking I had to divide each side by 9

Math pattern

3, 125, 625, 125, 25, ??? I am thinking it is 10, 2?

Physics -- Electromagnetic

A 7.4 Ù ­ square loop, whose dimensions are 4:5 m x 4:5 m, is placed in a uniform 0.093 T magnetic field that is directed perpendicular to the plane of the loop The loop, which is hinged at each vertex, until the separation between points C and D is d = 2:5 m. The process ...


Distinguish between high-energy and low-energy You have to put this in context. We don't do homework for you, but will be happy to critique your thinking. You have to put this in context. We don't do homework for you, but will be happy to critique your thinking.

Math check

Find the critical value for the hypothesis test, given the following. (Give your answer correct to two decimal places.) Ha: ó1 > ó2, with n1 = 8, n2 = 10, and á = 0.025 F = 2.24 I did it this way and it comes up wrong 1-0.025=0.975/2=.4875 looked up on z chart and got 2....


I'm trying to double check my answers. These are the answers I believe to be correct. Please let me know if I am right or wrong. Thank you. . Networking has (Points : 1) a) Increased in importance b) Rely upon electronic communication c) Rely upon personal contacts d) All of ...


can someone show me how to factor this: i keep getting -6 and 5 but i want to factor: x^2+7x+6 x^2+7x+6 = (x+1)(x+6) This means the roots of x^2+7x+6 = 0 ar -1 and -6 duhhhhh...i was thinking completely wrong..thank you 75 75


Stretch your thinking. Use decimals and fractions in the same equation showing the commutative property. Repeat for the associative property


Valerie tells Robbie, "I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 50. If I divide the number by 4, then add 5, then subtract 6, I get 6. i tried 12,24,36,48,42 its non of those


(parent). My son's problem says "the product of a number and 17"...supposed to write as expression... I'm thinking it would be a 17x=y but he's adamant that because the word "and" is in the sentence that he needs to add something as well.... (no math books provided by school ...

critical thinking

I have 4 out of 50 questions left...I cannot figure out the last two rhetorical questions, or the last two fallacy questions. What type of rhetorical device are these? 1. Very little research has been done using properly matched groups with a control group, the gold standard ...


can anyone help me with providing an explanation for each of the correct answers Subject-verb agreement A 1a. Did you know a famous animal-rights activist has criticized horseracing because of the dangers involved? 1b. Did you know a famous animal-rights activist have ...


11.5 Consider an experiment with four groups with eighth values in each. For the following ANOVA summary table, fill in all the missing results. Source Degree of freedom Sum of Square Mean Square(Variance) F ...


Use the method specified to perform the hypothesis test for the population mean µ. The highest acceptable level of pesticide found in quail has been limited to 0.35 parts per million (ppm). A hunting organization measured the level of the pesticide found in quail harvested ...


Find the critical numbers of each given function. (a) f(x)=3rt(x^(2)-x (b) g(x)=2sinx+2cos^(2)x, 0 <=x<=2pie

Critical thining

How can a person distinguish between the prejudicial and nonprejudicial use of rhetorical devices?


Help me simplify this down some more so I can set it to zero and find my critical points. f(x) = x^3 (x+2)^6 f'(x) = x^3 * 6(x+2)^5 + 3x^2 * (x+2)^6

To Writeacher

Are you still on here. I just posted my "fixed" critical analysis essay. Thanks again!

political science

what are the major contributions to the application of critical theory to the study of international relations?


What kind of speaker notes would you put on a power-point for a critical nurse?


What does this critical lens quote mean? "Man is the only animal that blushes or has need to".


(a) Find the critical points of f(x) = x^(1/3)-x^(1/5) (b) Determine the maximum and minimum values of f on the interval [0; 2] and where they occur.

advocacy and mediation

what are the 10 most critical issues challenging human services agencies today?


Using the z table, find the critical value (or values) for an = 0.12 right-tailed test.


What are the critical coponents of a compesation strategy? Would these be the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards or something else.

Life Orientation

10-15 lines critical discuss 5 ways in which the human or environmental impacts on the community?


Find any critical numbers of the function. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list.) g(t) = 3t ln t

American Politics

why is New Hampshire such a critical state in the presidential selection process?


what is the critical value t that satisfies the condition that the t distribution with 8 degrees of freedom has probability .10 to the right of t?

philosphy/Critical Reasoning

any help with evaluating an article called nightmare in Green by jarret B. Wollstein

Human & Physiology

Discuss the critical and intricate roles the nervous system plays in homeostasis


Given f(x) = cubed root of x^2 (2x+5)^3, find the critical numbers after you identify the domain.


The function h(x) = x^3+bx+d has a critical point at (2,-4). Determine the constants b and d and find the equation of h(x). Show your work.


Would someone be willing to grade or check my rough draft of a critical review?

creative play

Use the following guidelines to foster inquiry- and problem-based learning. A. Plan activities with a common goal, set firm guidelines, and provide children with specific roles and responsibilities. B. Set firm guidelines, probe children’s thinking, and provide children with...


The highest acceptable level of pesticide found in quail has been limited to 0.35 parts per million (ppm). A hunting organization measured the level of the pesticide found in a random sample of 20 quail harvested from field trials. The sample produced a sample mean of .44. ...


I need help on finding the median, and I'm not quite getting it. Question : Find the median of 3,6,7,9,9,10 I am thinking 8 because 7+9= 16 ---- 2 So, I am diving 16 by 2 which is 8. It is one of my answer choices though. Thanks

English Help Please!!! Check!!

Concision Rewrite the sentences using concision techniques (replacing phrases with words, combining sentences, etc.) discussed in class to simply these wordy sentences. a)Your explanation concerning your comatose state during the required reporting period was not accepted by ...


Trace and explain in your own words the literary periods We will be happy to critique your work or thinking, but we do not do the work for you. Do you have a question about this assignment? We will be happy to critique your work or thinking, but we do not do the work for you. ...


1) What is the charge on the ion that Selenium forms in an ionic compound? I am not sure about this. 2) What noble gas is isoelectronic with this ion. I was thinking Krypton because it is a noble gas and it is the closest to Selenium but I am not sure. 3) What other ions are ...


Read the conversation at a peer review for Ben’s short story. “It seems your central character has a really cool power: being able to hear what others are thinking,” Tom said. “Actually, I think it was more of a jinx,” replied Ben. “Being able to hear what people ...


The sum of two numbers is s. If one of the numbers is n, the second number can be expressed as? I will be happy to critique your thinking or work. what are polygons with the same size

math, algebra

how can i rewrite the following inequality in the form y = mx + b f(x) > x you can't change an inequality into an equality. were you thinking something like f(x) > 1x + 0 ?? no this is how its written in my homework that's why i am confused .

human resources

what are the most critical steps to successful implementation of high performance work systems?

human resources

what are the most critical steps to successful implementation of high performance work systems?

critical sthinking

When you are building an argument for an issue that is significant to you , do you think it is more important to be valid or sound ? Why or why not ?

Critical Reading

Inductive arguments leave no room for doubt as to the truth of their conclusions. true or false


The first derivative of the function f is given by f'(x) = (cos^2x)/x - 1/5 How many critical values does f have on the open interval (0,10)?


But critical writing like argumentative essays have structure. (can you tell me what is wrong with this message?)


describe how a manager would use the critical-incident appraisal method for assessing an employee?


Find the value of a so that the function f(x) = xe^(ax) has critical point at x = 9 I found that the derivative is axe^(ax)+e^(ax) But I am not sure where to go from here?


discuss why critical diversity is an important concept to social justice, I need some ideas

Stuck in a Question

Which word is most similiar to admonishing? A. Uncertain B. Rising C. Critical D. Amazing My answer is A or C.

AP Calculus

For the function y=4-2x^2+1/6x^4 find the following: Domain x and y intercepts Vertical asymptotes Horizontal asymptotes Symmetry F'(x) Critical numbers Increasing f(x) Decreasing f(x) Extrema F"(x) Possible points of inflection Concave up Concave down Points of inflection I ...


2+2-2*2/2= wat is it and it not 2 if ur thinking show me wat is it


Let g be a function that is defined for all x, x ≠ 2, such that g(3) = 4 and the derivative of g is g′(x)=(x^2–16)/(x−2), with x ≠ 2. a.Find all values of x where the graph of g has a critical value. b.For each critical value, state whether the graph ...


The weight of a book on an inclined plane can be resolved into two vector components, one along the plane, the other perpendicular to it. At what incline angle are the components equal? I was kind of thinking 45 degress?????? At what incline angle is the parallel component ...


For questions 1-5, write the null and alternative hypothesis. 1. Does the water temperature have an effect on the number of people in the pool? 2. Does the weather have an effect on the number of people at the beach? 3. A fitness center is running a discounted membership fee. ...


A principal of $5000 was invested in a savings account for 4 years. If the interest earned for the period was $400, what was the interest rate? We will be happy to critique your work or thinking.


erin is thinking of a 3 digit uses the digits 1,7,and many numbers can you make that are even?how many can you make that are odd?explain. please answer as soon as possible!!!!!! :)


Stretch your thinking. Write a subtraction equation with a difference of 54.57 . Then draw a number line to show between which two whole numbers the difference lies.


the debit amount to payroll tax expense represents: A. the employers portion B. the employees portion C. Both D. None of the above. I choose A, but thinking D. Please Help. thanks


A person driving home late one evening on a dark, deserted road comes across a single-vehicle accident. Getting out of the car and viewing the damaged vehicle, it is clear that the lone occupant, the driver, is hurt and unconscious. Wishing to help the injured person, the "...


Thomas is thinking of a number, if he doubles his number and subtracts 27, he gets 407. Whats his number?


Ed is thinking of. number. If he adds four to his number, the result is less than 6. Write and solve an inequality about Ed's number

College English

I need help with undersatnding fallies. Example of a sentence to list fallicies: You're either a critical thinker or you're not.


As scientists tried to discover the nature of genes, what three critical gene functions had they identified?


As scientists tried to discover the nature of genes, what three critical gene functions had they identified?


Suppose a chi-squared test has a degree of freedom of 10 and the level of significance is set at 0.05. What is the critical value?

Calculus Grade 12 University

Determine the critical numbers and find the absolute maximum and minimum values of the function y = 8x^3 + x^4 for x e [-8,2]


If Dr. Robinson rejects the null hypothesis after observing a test statistic which exceeds the critical value at the .05, there is


What action should a leader in the Army take when a soldier leaves a thumb drive in the computer that has critical information?


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