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Three vectors, expressed in Cartesian coordinates. What is the angle of the resultant vector S, T, U measured from the positive x axis? x-comp y-comp S -3.5 +4.5 T 0 -6.5 U +5.5 -2.5 To find the resultant, i'm assuming I have to add the columns up. If that's the case I got x-...


what is the vert. comp. of vector with magnitude 88.5m/s and whose horiz. comp. is 75.4m/s? what is the direct. of this vector?


A man pushs a cart wt a force of 36N directd@ an angle 25dgree belw the horizontal. The horizntal comp oe the force is 32.6N.The vrticl comp of force is 15.6N.Fnd work dne on the cart as the prsn moves50m


how do i get a 45 year old inactive male who weighs 280lb and has a body comp of 55% lean mass and 45% fat mass.down to his goal! his goal is to alter his body comp to 80%-20% and lower his weight to 200lbs

Can I get some help on my math plz?

The intersection of roads S and T creates a 44.4 degree angle. What are the complementary and supplementary angles of this intersection? A. The comp. angle is 22.2 degrees and the supp. angle is 55.6 degrees. B. The comp. angle is 55.6 degrees and the supp. angle is 22.2 ...


in tech we are reasearching inventors chefs and designers i chose to research, Gordan Ramsey i have all ready found out most of my info which i need to collect but i am having trouble with, .who is his inspieation. and .why did he become a chef.

Computer programming

A university has 3000 students.These students are divided in four categories 1.B Tech 2.M Tech 3.Ms 4.Phd Draw a flowchart & algorithm to find percentage of the students in each category

Comp. Tech

Is Lycos an example of a search engine, Boolean operator, directory, or metasearch engine? Isn't Lycos a search engine? Yes, Lycos is a search engine. If you need help with other names and terms, be sure to visit this site: =)

Comp. Tech Question

I asked this question yesterday- but I got confused. You talk to your boss about working out of your home. You can access the company network from your home using VPN. Your boss is concerned about security. What do you tell him to assure him that VPN is secure? The data will ...


i don't understand how to do this question, its a phys 11: "A skier is acc. down a 30.0 degree hill at 3.80m/s^2" a) What is the horiz. comp. of the acc.? b) What is the vert. comp. of the acc.? c) Assuming she starts from rest and acc. uniformly down hill, how long will it ...

comp. tech

What is the primary difference between CD-R and CD-RW? A. CD-R disks can only be written on one time. B. CD-R disks are magnetic. C. CD-RW use optical storage technology. D. CD-RW can only record 100 gigabytes. Isn't the primary difference between CD-R and CD-RW is that the CD...


The density of sample measurements taken by a tech are: 0.810g/mL, 1.375g/mL, 2.046g/mL. The Actual density is 1.027g/mL. Are these measurements by the tech. precise accurate or neither or both Is the correct answer: Neither??? Thanks,

Comp. Tech Question--Please Help

A company wants you to create a network with a high degree of fault-tolerance. The company is apparently concerned about which? data connections between users. 2.the network not going down. mining by non-authorized users. Wouldn't they be concerned about the ...


This is a The Russell traction apparatus problem and I solved the weight to be 76N. The second part of the problem asks what the angle is if the traction force is 19.4N horizontally. My initial thought was to use half of the weight as the y-comp and 19.4 for as the x-comp to ...


Im doing a problem on The Russell traction apparatus and I solved the weight to be 76N. The second part of the problem asks what the angle is if the traction force is 19.4N horizontally. My initial thought was to use half of the weight as the y-comp and 19.4 for as the x-comp ...


you slide a 325N trunk up a 20 degree inclined plane w/ constant velocity by exerting a force of 211 N parallel to the inclined plane a) what is the comp. of the trunk's weight parallel to the plane? b) what is the sum of the Fa, friction and the parallel comp. of the trunk's ...


A spring has stiffness of 100Nmm, the initial compression of the spring is 15mm, and it is then compressed to 65mm. •1Nmm = 0.001Nm •100Nmm = 100 X 0.001 = 0.1Nm •Comp.1 = 15 mm = 0.015m •Comp.2 = 65 mm = 0.065m a) i-Find potential energy at 15mm. ii- Find potential ...

Computer Tech

I am doing a powerpoint/photoshop project in my computer tech class about a singer that has recently become famous in the world of music. The artist I am researching is Ariana Grande. When I was looking for her albums I found two: Daydreamin' and Yours Truly. Some websites say...


An LSU football defender is 6 m behind a Georgia Tech receiver who has the football and is d meters from making a touchdown. If the LSU player is running at 5 m/s and the receiver is running at 4 m/s, what is the furthest distance, d, that the Tech player can be from the goal ...


im not completely sure im right with this question a lawn spreader is pushed across a lawn by applying a force of 95N along the handle that makes an angle 60 degrees with the horizontal. a- what is the horiz. and vert. comp. of the force. b- when the handle is lowered to 30 ...


at the start of your school year as a veterinary tech, you receive a raise of $750. you expect to receive the same raise every year. your total yearly salary after your first raise is $18,000 per year write an equation that models your total salary (s) in terms of the number ...


The laboratory tech accidentally mixed NaHCO3 with BaCl2-2H2O instead of KCl when preparing unknown mixture for this experiment. How would this mistake affect the calculated percentage of NaHCO3 in the mixture? Justify answer with an explanation. Is it still possible to ...


A hi-tech bowling ball is constructed from concentric spheres, kind of like a perfectly round M&M peanut. The inner sphere, of material X, has a radius of 1 inch. The middle spherical shell of material Y has a thickness of 2 inches. The outer shell of material Z has a ...

Comp 155

What is an analysis essay?


Water had the lowest bp of 100C b/c it has no solute to block the movement which cause to have a lower bp when heated. Water with a solute of sugar has a slightly higher bp of 101C because it has a solute o block off some of the waters movement to the top. Water and salt had ...

Comp II

Where can I find persuasive essay topics

Freshman comp

Im going to do it on Resumes hows that ?


What is the plural possessive of brother-in-law?

English Comp.

Define "integrated quotation"

comp/155 week 4 assignment

need help

Comp 156

What are ways of writing when an essay?

English Comp

Parallelism can be defined as________.

Comp II

where can I find good topics for a definition essay

Comp 155

List the steps to buying a home.


Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of renting a home vs. buying.

Comp 155

identify the three key parts of a paragraph.

AP Lit and Comp

what is the difference between paradox, juxtaposition, and antithesis?

comp 220

in A Nation Apart • What makes the arguments viable and compelling?

comp 150

English, should be the official language of the united states

Comp 155

Explain the key differences between the types of essays.

college enlish comp 1

how to write a persasvie eassy on art is therapeutic

English Comp I

What would be a good thesis statement for a proposal essay


what is tech


compare a smart UPS to one that does not interface with a PC but otherwise has similar ratings


explain why using pronouns may help make your writing more effective?


I am having problems writing a essay and not really sure how to start.

eng comp 1

can someone give me an example of a compare and contrast essay just thinking what can i do it of


What strategies might a writer use to ensure pronouns are used effectively?

Comp 156

Identify the main purpose of a persuasive essay and the elements necessary for it to be effective.

Comp 156

How would overly biased writing negatively affect a persuasive essay?

English Comp

I need help on how to write a compare and contrast essay on the topic of pre-school

adv comp/foods

I have to review a restaurant. What criteria should i include in my paper?

AP English Language and Comp

Whose sin is blacker- Chillingworth's or Dimmesdale's? Why? (The Scarlet Letter)

tech 2

factor x^2+10x+9

home economics

what is tech rd


strongest cranes


what is colour field

Itt tech

Evaluate f(×)=5×+8 at f(-3)

English comp 1

I am writing about teen suicide but I am finding it difficult to write a claim statement. Can you helP?


what is the verb tense in this sentence? Education is contributing a good role of successful financial planning.

English Comp. 2

How do i write a rough on a paper my topic is many people appear obsessed with exercise ( diet).

Comp 156

Explain the time management strategies you will use when writing a successful academic paper.

Comp 156

What might you do to provide yourself with the best opportunity to succeed when writing your college papers?

Happy Pi Day

ITT Tech

Simplify -(-15x)-3x

Vet tech

. Academic Index is:


what is the purpose of filters in a database

ed tech

how do u paste a picture on here

English Comp

Do I need to capitalize: Initiated and implemented the Stress Echo program. I performed Echocardiogram at this site.

Comp 155

Define sentence variety and rhythm in your own words and explain how they interact in effective writing.

Comp 156

identify three essential steps that a writer might take to choose accurate sources.

english comp

After watching Roy Hargrove play the trumpet, Marcia decided that she wanted to be one.

Comp and communication

What are 200 words to explain the importance of purpose,audience,tone,and content in academic writing?

business and tech

What are some advantage of globalization?


Why is drawing important to Technology and Engineering?


Anyone good with Patient care Tech?

pharm tech

1. 5 cups = ______¬¬¬ tsp

English/ Lit and Comp

If you are citing two quotes from the same page in subsequent sentences do you cite after the last sentence?

Comp Lit.

Okay. One more question. >.< Now i need to use the word Antiphon in a sentence and i don't even know where to begin....


• Write a paragraph of at least 200 words identifying three challenges that might arise when writing a paper.

COMP/160 College

I need help with writting sentences using three comparatives and superlatives, about personal finance

Intro. to Comp.

Would you please go to page 2 and look under "intro. to comp." and check the questions and my answers? Please let me know what I have wrong. Thanks, Shannon you may have to go to page 3, drwls checked them, but I have doubts about his work. This?

itt-tech math

slope=-5,passing through(-4,-2)

Ag. Tech

What are some examples of genetic modification of peppers?

Ed Tech

What were the tube computers of 1946-1958 used for?

Ed Tech

How does technology impact 21st century skills?

Science tech

What do bridges and buildings have in common ?


What is the formula for field of view? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here are some sites that hopefully will help you: 1. (Broken Link Removed) 2. 3.

9thGrade Comp Lit

Does this sound right? The second band sounded so cacophonit? I need the sentence to include the word Cacophony.

Comp 155

Define repetition in writing and explain why it is important to avoid repeating words or phrases when you create an academic essay

Comp 156

Write a paragraph of at least 200 words identifying three challenges that might arise when writing a paper.

Comp 156

Write a second paragraph of at least 200 words explaining the strategies you will use to overcome those challenges.

Comp 156

Using the Internet, find two examples of what you consider biased writing about the effect of videogames on children?

tech math

if some one could solve this so i can see if i'am doing it right 8x+y+z=1 7x-2y+9z=-3 4x-6y+8z=-5 thanks


does the kin one phone require a social network

Tech math

In the function y = sin (2x + 75 ° ) find the value of y when x = 295 ° .

pharmacy tech

which of thr following drugs is classed as an h2 antagonist?


ignoring history hinder young hi-tech firms?


Name as many vehicles as you can think of, that are used for Agricultural purposes.


Does anyone know a tool that can equalize the pitch throughout an audio file?


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