Childcare Manegment /please chech answers

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Childcare Manegment /please chech answers

hello i need someone to check these for me? 6) alcohol,drugs,radiation,and pollutants that affect a child development are called a.teratogens b.toxic inhibitors c.tranferal agents. d.phenylanines 10) monstrates an inability to leap over a barrier, his teacher checks to see if ...

child day care manegment

i was wondering if you have the answers to Penn Foster's child day care management course? i need them to review my daughter's answers before submitting the tests.

cild care

Which one of the following statements about childcare centers is correct? A. Childcare centers can't get a license unless they apply to enroll in a QRIS system. B. Childcare centers are automatically enrolled in a QRIS system when they apply to be licensed. C. Childcare ...


solve the equation. chech for extraneous solutions. how do i do this. 1.x1/4=2 2.x2/3=16 3.x1/2=8


A main source of fat and saturated fatty acids in children's diets is A. meat B. candy C. whole milk D. french fries (My answer is D) The most important consideration when installing playground equipment is A. cost B. height C. finishing materials D. surface materials (My ...


Can you please chech these very last two sentences of the day? Thank you. I'm playing on my Nintendo DS these days. Where are you playing these days? Darwin eliminated the possibility of the creation also if this idea conflicted with the teachings of the Bible and the previous...


Please I need to help about Competency Goal #6 - commitment to professionalism. I want to know some examples of it.

business manegment

according to theory emoployees comparethe imputs and outputs of other employees doing similar jobs. unfavorable comparisons may lead to slacking offf on their work or asking a supervisor for either an explanation or a raise


Can you briefly chech these few sentences, please? Thank you very much. They are urgent. 1) Dorian's wish for eternal beauty and youth could be connected to Goethe's Faust. 2) The portrait returns beautiful as original (or as it originally was?) 3) I didn't drink because I ...

Elem. Ed.

Can someone please give me input on this question? Complete immunization is usually required of chldren: 1.who will be turning 2 years old. 2.before they can travel across state line. the time they enroll in childcare programs. This question is confusing because when ...

Pre-Cal(Please help)

Find two functions f and g such that (f X g)(x) = h(x). (There are many correct answers.) h(x) = 4 / (5x + 2)^2 = My answers were: f(x) = 4 / 5x, and g(x) = 5x + 2 Please explain. These answers were wrong and I do not know how to fix them!!

teachers aide

Please someone post the answers of Resources of Educating Young children with Diverse Abilities (PART-3) so i can fix my answer because it's my last exam and i don't want get low mark.please---i am so confused with few answers. Please post the answers!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!


A. cost B. height C. funishing materials D. surface materials (My answer is C) Please help


a company issues debentures of rs 100000 and realises rs 98000 after allowing 2% commision to broken . the debentures carry an intrest rate of 10%. the debentures are redeemable at the end of 10 th year.calculate cost of debentures before tax.


Please finish these questions so I can check my answers. All my answers are at the bottom. Adding and subtracting mixed numbers. Please finish these questions. The answer must be reduced to lowest terms! 1. 3 2/5 + 6 1/5= 2. 4 2/5 + 1/10= 3. 2 3/12 + 2 3/6= 4. 5 3/9 + 2 1/3= 5...

Social studies

Anyone Please help me cause i am out of ideas and i have no more ways to turn to help me get the answers to this test please i need this grade I have unsupportive parents and ms sue i appreciate everything u do but dont answer if u arent going to goive me answers if anyone ...


I have my answers at the bottom but please do these questions so I can check my answers. Check my answers as well. Subtract these fractions. !Reduce them! 1. 5/7 - 3/10= 2. 11/18 - 5/12= 3. 1/3 - 1/6= 4. 7/12 - 1/16= 5. 7/8 - 3/10= 6. 7/8 - 1/12= 7. 7/10 - 2/5= 8. 3/4 - 1/2= ...

Please help childcare

i need to find 5 books that support development of gender identity by portraying males and females in diverse roles. but it has to be from 2005 till 2010 I found 1 but i cant seem to find more?

Data manegment

From 7 candidates of which 4 are males and 3 are females,how many ways can the positions of president,vice-president and Treasurer be filled if the president must be female and the other two positions must be males.


translate to spanish our father's office -la oficina de nuetro padre 2-translate the possesine adjective in parentheses into spanish -su escuela(their) can you check my answer thank you


The business I choose to do my SWOT Analysis on is Infinite learning Childcare Center. The five resources I used to obtain my information on the business strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats, are parent surveys, the company’s handbook, employee’s, ODJFS web site...

Jeremy: read this

Please stop posting answers. Homework help is not for mooching answers, it is to learn how to get the answers. Thanks.


Find two functions f and g such that (f X g)(x) = h(x). (There are many correct answers.) h(x) = 4 / (5x + 2)^2 = My answers were: f(x) = 4 / 5x, and g(x) = 5x + 2 Please explain. These answers were wrong and I do not know how to fix them!!


Ms. Sue Thank you so much.


I have nearly completed my Child Day Care Management. They give me a project sheet Competency Goals I II II, etc. the first Goal is about to establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment. Please just I want a example, is like a essay? Thank you.

Elem. Ed.

Yesterday I asked this question and you told me the best answer is (C)at the time they enroll in childcare programs. The other answers make no sense. Complete immunization is usually required of children: A. who will be turning 2 years old. B. before they can travel across ...

algebra 2

i need answers to the pennfoster book matrices and determinants exam number :00703500. please make sure all the answers are correct. please and THANK YOU (:


I have to do a lesson plan on diversity for my class and im not sure what kind of lesson plan to do and i cant find any websites that help me can some please give me suggestions on diversity


thank you Ms.Sue by this information. Then my answer should be C.


i am posting a question and an answer please help? neuron development and elaboration, a. aural prompts from the family, school, and environment b. physical movement on the part of the child c. intake of foods rich in vitamins and minerals d. exposur to different temperature, ...

To Sam: Penn Foster answers

Please do not post any more answers. Jiskha is not a repository for any exam answers. In addition, we have no idea what the questions are. If you want to post a couple of your exam questions along with your answers, we'll be glad to check them for you.


how can i make a lesson plan about diversity??


exam 00383001 need help withj 5 questions


what taxes must be paid only by the employer?


the most fundamental principle behind learning is that children do what


how will a authoritarian and a authoritative solve a problem in they own way?


Writeacher: The correct word is Neuron not Beuron. My apologies.


Ms. Sue- Thank you very much I think I got the picture.


Caregivers shouldn't allow dress-up play with hats when

@ Lucina -- SS

I deleted your 32 questions because there were no answers. Please post no more than 5 of these questions, along with your answers. We'll be glad to check your answers for you.

history-Civil War

Upon retreating from Petersburg, were there any options open to Lee that might have prolonged the War? Please chech if my answer is correct... No, Lee retreated from Petersburg and attempted to link up with the remnants of Confed. Gen. Johnson's defeated army in order to ...


I deleted your 19 questions because you showed none of your work and posted no answers. If you'd like us to check a few of your answers, please repost no more than five questions along with your answers.


1. Find the slope of the graph of the linear function f with f(0)=4 and f(3)=13. I have no idea how to do this.. :( __________________________________ Evaluate the function when x=3, x=0, and x= -2. 2. f(x)=-1/2x+3 my answers: 1.5, 3, 1 3. h(x)=5.5x+4 my anwers: 20.4, 4, 7 4. ...

Calculus Please Help!

Not sure how to do this. Asked before but it was hard to type out the symbols in the equation, so I have a screenshot below. exactly Please help! s.yimg(.)com/hd/answers/i/36cad89caaff4061bf38ed04166cbd76_A.png?a=answers&mr=0&x=1412733166&s=e590dacc075a9e04963385d0d299d56a


how multicultural language effects society and peoples daily lives?


the formation of childrens core values is most strongly influenced by?


to say that all african-americans are fast runners is an example of


The main difference between emergency care and first aid is the

Early childcare

Parents start to socialize their children in earnest during

Math 8R - HW Qs. Check

Topic - Logic In the clues below, each variable represent a different digit ranging from 0-9. Determine what digit each variable represent g+g+g = d (3+3+3 = 9) j+e = j (2+0 = 2) g (to the 3rd power) = d (3, to the 2nd power = 9) b+9 = d (6+3 = 9) f-b = c (7-6 = 1) i+h = a ...


Could someone who goes to connexus academy Please please please give me the answers to Human Impact on the Environment Unit Test pretty please im stressed out and im backed up.please please help i will repay you! please!!!! and please may they be the CORRECT answer. Thank you ...


1.Temperatures in child care education settings should be set at in summer and in winter. A. 55 to 65, 65 to 85 B. 60 to 63, 70 60 73 C. 68 to 72, 65 to 75 D. 72 to 80, 70 to 78 My answer is C. 2. Which of the following is an obsticle to learning for a beginning mover A. ...


thank you Ms Sue,but I need to know how to make an essay about it. To maintain a commitment to professionalism.

childhood education

In what ways does the childcare centre provides quality care to their caregivers.

childare management

which one of the following statements about childcare centers is correct?


A preschool child in your class draws a square that's divided by lines. This shape is known as a


i need all the answers to pigskin geography week#10 i have looked everywhere and i cant find any of them!! please,i beg of you,please help me! Hailey: Search google on pigskin geography week#10 answers the NY Jets could sail to their game and take a short cut to thier ...

Algebra 1: 8th Grade

Simplify each expression. Write your answers using positive exponents. Check Answers Please: 1) 2^3*2^4 = 2^7 2)10^6/10^9 = 1/10^3 3)3^5*3^1 = 3^6 4)5^7*5^-4 = 5^3 5)9^3/9^-10 = 9^13 6) 4^11/4^8*4^-2 = 4^5 7) a^2*a^3 = a^5 8)b^-9/b^4 = 1/b^13 9)c^-5*c^-2 = 1/c^7 11)(5d^4)(8d^6...

college algebra--I really need help!!

solve the following exponential equation. exact answers only. 1-9x 2x 2 = e I hope that you understand this question. I don't and need some help please. Can you show all answers please.


Please help. I posted this question before but did not seem to get an answer/ A child who moved from throwing a ball using only an elbow movement to thriowing a ball using her elbow, wrist and shoulder is showing signs of developmentn a. intertask b. soatial c.. joint plate d...


What year did the Holocaust begin?when did it end and how? I've already answered that twice in the last day or so on this board. Please look back on all of your posts and their answers. If you don't want to read the answers you get on this board, fine. But please don't keep ...


I have decided preschooler level , but I don't know how to start it. "regarding diversity" I need examples. Thank you


Assume that each of the follwing functions gives the position of an object at time t. Find the velocities indicated by setting up and evaluating a limt algebraically. (a) s(t) = 3t^2, Find v(-1). (b) s(t) = 1/t , Find v(2). (c) s(t) = square root of t, Find v(1). The answers ...

Home Economics/Science

Hi i just needed a little help with my Home Eco homework,could u help me please. here are the questions: what is the social,economical,ittellectual,cultural,protective,security functions of a family. please tell in paragraphs for each section. thanks!!! Please post your ...


An arrow is shot straight up from the edge of a cliff with an initial velocity of 50 ft/s. Answer the following questions using English units. The acceleration due to gravity has a magnitude of 32.2 ft/s. A. Find the time to reach the highest point. (please use step by step ...


where can i find children songs from other countries that also tell me who wrote them and there copyright date??

early childcare

which one of the following states the principles by which each individual can measure and govern professional behavior?


First you should have your decayed molar pulled out at the dentist's. We have to spend a lot of money if you have a false molar implanted at the moment. So, wait. By saving money, later you can have a false molar implanted. Today I will go to the citizen center and then I will...


1. maureen a fiveyear old student at your day care center, often complains of headaches and says her eyes feel sleepy. you've noticed that her complaints usually occur shortly after she's been coloring, drawing or writing. which one of the followibg conditions may maureen have...

Dwight Kurt Schrute

Please refrain from posting answers here, that is not helping kids understand anything, besides, your answers are just often wrong. If you can't control your behavior, we will take appropriate action to protect our students who come here for help, not answers. Thanks.

math(check answers please)

PLEASE CHECK THESE ANSWERS compare the pair of numbers use <,>,= 3/4 _ 6/8 A.3/4=6/8(I PICKED THIS) B.3/4<6/8 C.3/4>6/8 Write the decimal as a fraction or mixed number in simplest form. 3.45 A.4 3/4 B.4 9/20 C.3 3/4 D.3 9/20(I PICKED THIS


In the UK, what is the recommended allowance for: 1) salt in a day 2) water in a day 3) fruit in a day 4) calories in a day men 5) calories in a day women 6) fat in men 7) fat in women my answers are: 1) 6g 2) 6 - 8 glasses 3) 5 4) 2550 5) 1940 6) 7) Please can you check my ...


Children develop to their potential when caregivers have A. realistic expectations. B. strong values. C. a philosophy. D. regulations. i got a


In which of the following ways do the Montessori organizations differ from the other accrediting groups you learned about in your study unit?

Math(Please help)

Find two functions f and g such that (f X g)(x) = h(x). ( There are many correct answers. My answers were f(x) = 4/5x and g(x) = 5x + 2 but this was wrong.


I need examples, how I can do, a lesson plan about regarding diversity that I would like to teach children. I should do a plan one long activity or several shorter ones for single lesson.And be specific about how you will assess what the children are able to do after the ...

@Sarah - gov

I deleted your many questions because you showed none of your answers. Please repost a few with your answers.

Please check answers/ childcare

hello i need someone to check these for me? 6) alcohol,drugs,radiation,and pollutants that affect a child development are called a.teratogens b.toxic inhibitors c.tranferal agents. d.phenylanines 10) monstrates an inability to leap over a barrier, his teacher checks to see if ...

Calculus (pleas help I really need to check this)

Assume that each of the follwing functions gives the position of an object at time t. Find the velocities indicated by setting up and evaluating a limt algebraically. (a) s(t) = 3t^2, Find v(-1). (b) s(t) = 1/t , Find v(2). (c) s(t) = square root of t, Find v(1). The answers ...


Children should not be served drinks in containers made of? A.Styrofoam. B.uninsulated paper. C.treated ceramic. D.stainless steel


14. Caregivers shouldn't allow dress-up play with hats when _______ is/are a problem. A. cradle cap B. dandruff C. lice D. psoriasis


Observational records that contain significant detailed information are usually in what form? A. Checklist B. Narrative C. Unobtrusive D. Outline i got d

@ Sarah - econ

I deleted your 43(!) questions. Since you didn't post your answers, I assume you wanted someone else to cheat and give you the answers. No way! If you try that again, you'll be banned from posting here! If you want to post three or four questions with your answers, we'll be ...


some child phychologists hace oncluded that is the stongest predictor of both scholastic and career achievement. A. physical illness B. respect for authoirity C. emotional well-being D. inherited intelligence (My answer C) 2. a chikld's ability to jum for distance is an ...

health safety and nutrition of young child

could u please give answers for exam 40553400. i,m not sure about my answers

To "lil sharon"

I've removed your post with your complex assignment that expects you to do some thinking and supply answers. Please repost when you tell us what you think the answers are for each question. Please also put the SCHOOL SUBJECT in the appropriate box. "College" is not a school ...


I was wondering does anybody have answers to the The Renaissance: 1485–1660: Unit Test please I'm failing please please please help me thank you :)

college math

Use sets to verify the following answers a. 4+5=9 B. 0+6=6 C. 10+2+12 I want to know if I'm doing this right. please check my answers. I'm confused on how to do this but I'm giving it a shot. A. a+b=c b. 0+2=a C. 5+5+2=12


i am posting these questions with my answers, please help 1.what type of hazard is a spider bite a. physical b. chemical c. biological d. ergonomic. my ans. is (b) 2. a child who has to struggle to climb into a chair is confronting a/an hazard. a. biological b. physical c. ...

Chemistry(Please check)

1) The Ka for acetic acid is 1.8e-5. What is the pH of a 3.18M solution of this acid? I did 1.8e-5 = x^2/3.18 x=sqrt 1.8e-5 X 3.18 = 7.56e-3 pH=-log(7.56e-3) = 2.12 The pH is 2.12 2) At 25 degrees celsius, the pH of a 1.75M NaCN solution (the Ka for HCN is 4.0e-10) is ? 4.0e-...


I NEED SOMEONE TO CHECK THESE PLEASE!!! IF B IS REPLACED WITH A NUMBER THAT SHOWS THE RELATIONSHIP INDICATED IN THE TABLE, ARE THESE ANSWERS CORRECT? Y = -X + B X Y 1 0 2 -1 8 -7 10 ? 20 ? 40 ? SO, y=-1+1=0....y=-2+1=-1.......y=-8+1=-7........y=-10+-3=-13...y=-20+1=19.....y=-...

Spanish for María

Are you sure you understood the answers to the two posts this morning? Please look at my answers and explanations and then post any questions you have. Sra

To Linda

I've removed your post with your complex assignment that expects you to do some thinking and supply answers. Please repost when you tell us what you think the answers are for each question.

math 7th grade connections

2. d+g/h for 2=35, g=19, and h=6 answers=9,2.7,7.3, and 8 3.the cost in dollars of a class party is 59+13n, where n is the number of people attending. what is the cost for 44 people. answers=$116,$587,$767,or $631 for people in connections that actually took the test and know ...


Children should not be served drinks in containers made of A Styrofoam. B uninsulated paper. C treated ceramic. D stainless steel. The answer correct is A .. Is it true?

Calculus - please check my work

differentiate each function a) y = cos^3x b) y = sin(x^3) c) y = sin^2 xcos3x my answers: a) y' = 3cos^2 x(-sinx) b) y' = cos(x^3)(3x^2) c) for this one, i don't know which one is correct. i got 2 different answers but i think they may be the same.. im not sure, i did it twice...


Outline the key considerations a parent should take into account when evaluating a childcare option.


which of the following is a suitablee toy for a toddler? A A riding toy B A walker C A trampoline D Powdered clay I agree with A


Would someone please check these answers? Simplify. 3/x-5+1/1-4/x-5 For this answer I got: x-2/x-9 Divide. x^2-49y^2/6x^2+42y/(x^2-7xy) For this answer I got: (x+7y)/6x(x^2+7y) Add. Express your answer in simplest for. x/6+3x/6 For this answer I got: 2x/3 Please check my ...

Math Statistic

A student randomly guessed the answers to a five question true/false test (there is a 50% chance of guessing correctly on each question). Find. 1. the probability that the student answers more than 1 question correctly 2. the expected number of correct answers 3.the standard ...


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