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social studies

How is silver harvested in Australia? Silver is not "harvested." It's "mined."


This isn't a school question, this is for my own understanding. I'm thinking about majoring in it. What is the difference between a respiratory care person and a respiratory therapist? I think they are the same. And could someone tell me what goes into the job of respiratory ...

Database Essentials

2 questions. what is the importance of databases in business world? what are the the different objects you find in a Microsoft Access database file?


Out of all the different civilizations, which one is the least known ? Since you're asking about the "least known" civilization, there aren't going to be many (if any) answers -- since people don't know about it! If you search Google for "little known civilizations" (including...

A.P. U.S. History

Who is Alfred Crosby? It seems there are more than one Alfred Crosbys. You'll need to read about them before deciding which one you need more ...

social studies

Who manages the natural resources of Australia? =)


I know how to insert error bars in the bar graph on Google spreadsheet, but for some reason I couldn't, due to the drop-drown of the series section consisting of only column 1 and not the other.How can i fix this problem?

basic word and excel

_______ data would be useful for creating a weekly status report for your manager that should reflect changes in real time. A. Field B. Integrated C. Linked D. Embedded

BIS 155 Data Analysis w/Spreadsheet

How would I begin to compile data into useable data in using Excel?

electriacl safety

What are some important elements that should be included in any good training program. Explain. I will be happy to critique your thinking on this. If this subject isn't thoroughly covered in your text or class notes, you may find some helpful information in these search ...

Intro to Undergraduate Studies

Does the sentences below need to be cited? Why or why not? Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft. Students who studied two hours a day did 25% better in the final exam.

excel 2007

I have to average students test scores but if they have taken all five tests, I need to drop the lowest score before averaging


"One of the ironies of World War I was that in a war 'to make the world safe for democracy,' the government attacked the civil liberties that make democracy possible." I don't know what you're supposed to do with that (quotation?), but the search results below have lots of ...

Social Studies

I have read the chapter concerning this subject several times in my text book and cannot find the answer for my study page. Please assist. Mercantilism encouraged economic polic makers to: A. Develop national monopolies over trade and resources B. Industralize the colonies C. ...

the great depression

Describe two causes and effects of the Great Depression. superficial prosperity would be a cause

corporate finance

Find the betas for Amazon (AMZN) and Dow Chemical (DOW) at Google Finance. Once there click on "Historical Prices" and select Weekly prices. Once there select the Date Range of 01/01/2008 to 12/31/2008 and then download to a spreadsheet. Do this for both stocks and then do the...


1.What are the different classification of food service operations? 2.What are the different types of food service system? =)

Intro to computers

You are an inexperienced Excel user and don’t know how to create your own formulas. You want to use one of the preconfigured formulas but it doesn’t appear in the Formulas tab ribbon. What can you do?


I'm trying to make the background of a picture transparent on Microsoft Word 2003. How would you do that (I still want to be able to see the image, just not the background). Thanks!

business calculus

Assume it costs Microsoft $4,700 to manufacture 7 Xbox 360s and $8,690 to manufacture 14. Obtain the corresponding linear cost function.

Magical Realism

I need help thinking of topics for a magical realism paper Read through some of the articles in here, and maybe something will trigger an idea of your...


Explain America's foreign policy following the spanish-american war? There are several websites in here that discuss this ...


What steps would you take in diagnosing an application that has been changed from its original state? How does this affect the level of support required to facilitate Microsoft® Access® users? I need this for my college paper. Thanks

World History

Hi, I am preparing a presentation on Argentina- 20th century history which covers the country economically, socially and politically. Are there any websites that may help me with the social history of Argentina during the 20th century? Thanks


what website is there that I can read the book: The Girls, by Amy Goldman Koss. I want to be able to read the entire book. The book is undoubtedly still under copyright, and because of this, you're very unlikely to find it online. Here is a collection of reviews and such: http...

International business

I need help with finding a potential market and product to get my export operations started. I need a 15to20 PowerPoint presentation with detailed speakers notes that analyze a potential international business opportunity. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. ...

Microsoft excell

A rectangular range of cells with headings to describe the cells' contents is referred to as a A. table. B. complex formula. C. bar chart. D. sparkline. My answer is a.


how do you draw a table do you mean how do you make a table or insert a table using microsoft word document?


when was the amazon rainforest world heritage listed? =)

english - media

what are four cinematic techniques used in the film Rocky? -Thanks so much I used Google to search for cinematic techniques rocky, and here are the results. I hope you can find your answer in here:


You wish to calculate the commission on sales. The commission is 6% on all sales that are at least 20% above cost.

Excel help please

How would I write a formula to multiply the number in cell z675 times the number in cell a1

com 130

Create a set of instructions explaining how to save a Microsoft® Word document on a computer running a Windows-based operating system to a computer disc.

IT 220

how do I go about creating a diagram (using Microsoft Word insert Diagram function or a similar method) inllustrating how your computer connects to the internet and to other components


Imagine you are an executive for BP, and you are preparing a presentation for the board of directors about the organization’s direction. Create a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, with speaker notes, in which you address

Greek poetry?

Did the greeks have poetry in the mythology days?? or was it just the romans. im trying to find another difference bewteen the romans and the greeks in thier glory days..... Both had poetry. The only main difference is the names and possible uses for their gods. The Greeks may...


[0; x] = [-0.71 0.71; -0.71 -0.71][0.015; 0] + [-0.71 0.71; -0.71 -0.71][cos(y) -sin(y); sin(y) cos(y)][0.035; 0] I need to solve this matrix for x and y using Excel. Can someone tell me how to do it please?

Excel computers

How would you write a formula to multiply the number in cell k4 times the standard deviation of the number in cell z2 through z10

microsoft word

I inserted the page number on the top right hand corner, but it is showing page 1 on every single page. What should I do.


How would you write a formula to divide the number in the cell v45 by the number in cell b78

Reading books

How many books a 5th grader should read in a week to excel reading level?

Keyboarding and Wording processing?

18. To start keying a new page of a document before the current page is filled, you can insert a page break by A. hitting the End key. B. pressing Enter until you insert a soft page break. C. pressing CTRL + Enter. D. changing the bottom margin. Would it help us if we knew the...


Changes in Excel default characteristics apply only to: A. The Current workbook B. The Current worksheet C. New Workbooks D. Old Workbooks The answer is C


how old is canada?and when was it born? north america is named after a man known as enjoy when aswering Scroll down to Naming of ...

about microsoft office word

I'm typing my research paper and I'm going to indent the left,right, top, and bottom by 1 inches. what am i going to do? i have another question, how will I double space it?


What are the top ten OSHA violations that United States industries get cited for? I went to and entered top ten osha violations, and these are the results:

CIS - Computers

I am trying to create an function for an excel spread sheet. I'm doing something wrong.. basically it needs to be a (the discounted x the quantity) X sales tax % + discounted price = the total cost... i'm very confused.


You will need to examine two of the nine sections of data: one section of qualitative data (choose either Gender or Position) one section of quantitative data (choose either Intrinsic or Extrinsic) Each section should include all data points listed in the column for the ...


Values in a function: A. must be spelled out in words, not numbers B. must be entered as whole numbers. c. Can be a cell or a range of cells D. Cannot have a negative value.


◦Develop a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that you could use as part of this training session. ◦Explain what each of the different responsibility centers is and what each is accountable for and why each center has its own budget.


What is the purpose of the chart of accounts? o Why are internal controls and audit trails important in a computerized accounting system? · This assignment can be completed using Microsoft Word or the online posting tool.

Computer science

As a member of the Information Security team at a small college, you have been made the project manager to install an access control system (ACS) in a dormitory. The ACS will automatically unlock the dormitory doors via an electronic proximity reader and integrate with an ...

Government Essay

My essay question is as follows: Describe the ways the government can effect the economy. Which is the way that provides the most impact on the economy? Why? Can anyone point me in the direction of websites/resources that can help me write this? Taxes on businesses; laws ...

Ms. Sue Business

I reposted to the other question but this is the exact directions: Analyze & summarize the origin and subsequent evolution of our team's collective personal and workplace values and how they compare with your chosen company (ours is Microsoft)

material retention

Will you please suggest a few sites or exercises for retention. I've been out of school 20 years. In the office, we use Excel. I am passing the problem quizes and exams but NEED help with vocabulary. I simply can not remember.


What are some similarities and differences between monopolies and oligopolies? How would you classify Microsoft©? How would you classify the power industry?

Microsoft Word 2013

What is the default file extension for a file saved in Word 365? A. .docext B. .doc365 C. .docx D. .doc My answer is C.


a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation describing the evolution of business. • Include information about the following points: o Feudalism o Mercantilism o Capitalism o Commerce o Property rights o The Industrial Revolution

research paper

How do you do the little number cite next to a qoute in a research paper in microsoft word?

Corporation Finance

If you put up $28,000 today in exchange for an 8.25%, 15-year annuity, what will the annual cash flow be? The answer I came up with was $30,310, does anyone know a formula or the steps to find the answer, I just trying using the pmt function in excel.

survey of economics

How would you compute changes in Microsoft’s volume of output from one year to the next? How would price changes affect your computations?

humanities...NEED BY TONIGHT!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what is some things about ancient egyptian art and culture THNX :) I went to Google and searched for ancient egypt art culture and here are the results:

intro to computers

Your company has 1,500 desktop computers running Windows 7. You want to upgrade them to Windows 8. Which type of Microsoft license would be best-suited in this situation?


If I email my teacher a powerpoint with my using the software Microsoft Powerpoint 2013, will they still be able to open the file from their computer even if they don't have that software?


The following is a list of 12 measurements: 50, 57, 85, 34, -28, 68, -17, -33, 81, -12, -70, -17 Send data to Excel Suppose that these 12 measurements are respectively labeled . (Thus, is labeled , is labeled , and so on.) Find .

Excel Help

To display items in a chart based on percentages, use a __________ chart. box pie cluster column Is the answer a box chart?

Computers in Business

I am in need of help with Microsoft Office Access 07. I am trying to set relationship tables and I have to enforce referential integrity on all 4 of my tables and cannot get it to work. What do I need to do? Thanks

Microsoft Word help

How do you set up the pages in Word to be horizontal rather than the automatic vertical setting? I want to create a vertical presentation. If there's no way to do that, I suppose I could use Power Point..

Computer science

If the last value of Period is less than the number of periods specified in the Parameters worksheet, increment the Period value by 1, otherwise blank the cell(i.e. ""). What does this mean in spreadsheer syntax for excel using the IF function


I'm trying to create a graph in excel and how come when i put this into my graph (21.8(151.1)^-1)100 I get undefined and all my calculators on my computer also give me undefined however my ti 83 gives me an answer around 19


Anyone know where there is a good table of conversions? I need the units of conversions for length, area, volume, and mass. I don't need a conversion calculator I just need the unit numbers. I'm trying to do it myself thank you I found many -- use what you need: http://www....


Investigate the economy of the Philippines and its neighbors (be sure to cite your sources). In what economic sectors is each country strong? Do the strengths of each country really complement one another, or do they compete directly with one another? As you consider investing...


solve for the value of x. C:\Users\Emily Shae\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Low\Content.IE5\3J5934JU\paint[1].jpg please help me.. i don't want the answer just how to solve

post World War II

Discuss the effets of World War II; historians and other scholars have commonly spoken of "postwar American society." How was society diffrent after the war that before? Were there changes all direct or indirect results of the war, or would many have occurred without it? http...

ENGLISH HELP!!! Correcting Grammar

What is the main verb in the following sentence? 1. This building, the largest on campus, houses most of the administration offices. a. building b. campus c. houses d. there is no main verb 2. My lady and I are taking a long walk through the park this evening. a. is a simple ...


What does this quote mean? Who does it refer to? and What kind of government does it refer to? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. You need to type the quote so we may see it! Otherwise we can't help you. "A government responsive to the deepest aspirations of ...


What are some of the health problems associated with undernutrition? Explain the cycle of malnutrition. Who does it impact? Lots of information in these ...


The President of the Company has asked you to replace the computers in every department. The researched information must be presented in this format: A memo to the president stating the need to replace the computers. An Excel spreadsheet comparing three different computers ...

MaTh AlgeBRA

Type or write the essay question into a Microsoft Word document or on a separate sheet of paper and submit your completed essay to your teacher. Let f(x) = 2x^2 + x - 3 and g(x) = x - 1. Perform the function operation and then find the domain. f(x)/g(x) Note: x^2 is x squared

MaTh AlgeBRA

Type or write the essay question into a Microsoft Word document or on a separate sheet of paper and submit your completed essay to your teacher. Let f(x) = 2x^2 + x - 3 and g(x) = x - 1. Perform the function operation and then find the domain. f(x)/g(x) Note: x^2 is x squared

International Business

Consider the following scenario: You work for a company that manufacturers skateboards. Until now your company has only sold their skateboards domestically, but now the CEO is interested in exporting the skateboards to Australia. The CEO asks you to design a Microsoft ...

local nature trail

Hi i ahve to create a local naturetrail on my area.It has to incorportae science, geography and histiry features.I ahve made out the questions and pictures but I am not very good with microsoft word and need someone to help put it together.Any ideas?? Putting it together has ...


a. What is the probability that a person selected at random from this HWAS data set will be between 30 and 39 years of age inclusive? Data set 38 43 28 33 36 51 37 41 45 26 49 47 33 45 50 25 46 36 24 25 58 55 47 35 34 29 20 52 30 37 24 26 29 31 21 31 33 33 42 22 27 25 29 31 42...

microsoft office aplication-computers

YOU HAVE JUST INSERTED A TABLE WITHIN POWERPOINT SLIDE.You will then place the text within the of the table: A)records b)cells c)legends d)placements IS B CORRECT ANSWER?THANK YOU:)

Strategic Global Mgmt

develop both an external factor analysis summary & internal factor analysis summary table for Volkswagon Group. Use Excel


What were dr.martin luther king jr's tactics during the civil rights movement? He espoused non-violent methods -- marches, sit-ins, boycotts...

microsoft 2013

19. Which of the following identifies the patterns used for each data series in a chart? A. Data point B. Data series C. The horizontal and vertical axes D. Legend

1 Geom. question

I don't want the answer I just need to know how to work the problem.. i cant figure it out. Please help! What are the values of a and b? C:\Users\Emily Shae\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Low\Content.IE5\DLWQEEA2\paint[2].jpg


Is tere any other survivors whom may have a really well written history of their view of the Holocaust? Look up Corrie Ten Boom -- she and her family hid Jewish people in The Netherlands.


Okay, we are doing this Math Excel thing...and it's asking me about the feild name i would use for something... what is the feild name? Is is the subject you put at the top of the row? Or is an option...please help me a.s.a.p someone!!


An Excel workbook can contain more than one worksheet. Give two examples of a spreadsheet application where it would be necessary to have more than one worksheet and explain your answer.

Microsoft word 201

9. Andrea needs to format the legend on her chart. She clicks on the chart to select it. Which of the following options appears only when a chart is selected? A. Insert B. Review C. Chart Tools D. Page Layout

Microsoft word

In Word, a red wavy underline indicates a/an A. possible grammatical error. B. AutoCorrect suggestion. C. hard page break. D. possible misspelled word. my answer is d.

Earlychilodhood education

Which one of the following is probably NOT one of the reasons that circle times fail? A. The space was large and open. B. The songs were repeated daily. C. The time period lasted too long. D. The teacher read a chapter book, hoping to encourage the children to excel.


Complete the following exercise. Fill in the Excel spreadsheet provided via the link below to provide your answers to parts a and b. Then paste the Excel data into a Word document on which you can also write the answer to part c. Income Statement Administrative Expenses $ 70,...


Graph the equation by completing the table and plotting the points. You may use Excel or another web-based graphing utility. a) y = 3x - x2 Use the values of x provided in the table to find the y values. Show your work.

american civil war

i need some help quick, please help!!! 1)what did cone-shape shells replaced in the civil war? 2)what were the states that threatened to sedede from the CONFEDERACY called? 3)what was the method by which Confederacy raised money from farmers during the civil war? 4)a person ...


Please prepare the homework problems in the form of a Word and/or Excel file. Try to use one file to submit your answers, if possible, and include the questions with your answers. You must show your calculations. 1. Your nursing home defines output as a patient day. Its ...


Suppose the stock of Microsoft increases in value by $5 per share. If all other Dow stock prices remain unchanged, how does this affect the DJIA? a) 37.80 points up b) 30.24 points up c) 22.68 points up

Software - Excel

Hi, Im doing my maths coursework andI need to type in a formula and press enter and then I need "FILL DOWN (CTRL D)". How do I do this? I don't want to get the same number from what Ive alreay typed in on the previous cell, I just want that formula to function in the rest of ...


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