Can you tell me if everything is correct?

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  1. Chem II Oxidation Reduction

    Sb+1 + HClO ------> Sb2O5 + Cl-1 I'm not doing something right. I think I have the charges correct, this is what I have so far . . . . 2Sb^+1 -----> Sb^+5 + 4e- 2(2e- + Cl^+1 ------> Cl^-1 then when I start subbing everything back and start trying to balance ...
  2. English

    I want some of you to come up here and talk about your/their worries to your classmates. The other students should give some tips on the problems/worries/matters. Then they/you should add the expression "Everything will be okay." After that the student who told his or her ...
  3. Math

    Thank you Ms. Sue. Sorry I didn't tell you we're just learning that pi=3 for now. It made everything complicated for you to check if my answers were correct. :P But what is this formula usually used for?Diameter=Circumference/π? Is it used to find the diameter of something?
  4. English

    1. I want to tell him to draw as many cartoons as possible. 2. I want to tell him to draw many cartoons. 3. I want to tell him to draw many comic books. 4. I want to tell him to spend a lot of time drawing pictures. 5. I want to tell him to read as many comic books as possible...
  5. Science/ Social Studies

    I need help with those two subjects. Please tell us specifically what you need help with, and we'll try to help. If you have a question, please post it along with what you think the answer may be. I need alot of help in those subjects because I got an N in it.I'm an smart ...
  6. English

    Tomorrow I'll give a speech in front of the class. I'm so nervous. 1. I could forget everything. 2. I may forget everything. 3. I might forget everything. 4. I can forget everything. ----------------- In this situation, which one is suitable? What is the difference between #1 ...
  7. Astronomy

    If dark energy were to significantly increase or decrease, what outcome could this have on the universe? My answer: If it increases everything would go farther away from us and if it would decrease galaxies and planets would come closer together and probably result in the "big...
  8. English

    1. You can write everything down. 2. You can write down everything. (Are both correct?) 2-2. You can write it down. (O) 2-3. You can write down it. (X) (When the object is a pronoun, we cannot write 'write down it', right? Then, what about #2? In #2, everything is a pronoun. ...
  9. math,help

    on one of last week homeworks i got this one wrong can someone explain to me what is the correct format. The demand supply equations for a certain item are given by: D= -5p+40 S=-p^2+30p-8 The correct answer was: $1.43 how do you get to this answer because i've tried it and it...
  10. Health

    Tell me about everything on male and female reproductive system you know.
  11. English

    I urgently need to check if everything is correct. I hope everything is OK. 1) Outline the main features of the Renaissance with particular reference to its concept of order. 2) Remind a friend of yours, who has never flown in an airplane, what he should do before boarding a ...
  12. english essay, please help me to correct.

    can you help to correct my answer and english grammar. thank you so much. question below: 1. How does money is importance in our society right now? answer: The importance of money in our society right is more than anything else because everything is needed of money. money is ...
  13. English

    I'm so nervous. 1. I could forget everything. 2. I might forget everything. 3. I can forget everything. 4. I may forget everything. ----------------------- Can we use all the statements? What is the difference among them? Which ones are commonly used? Is #1 the same as #2? Is...
  14. advanced history

    I need a website that will tell me everything about The Independence Debate:Consequences for the Colonies?
  15. math,help

    is this correct solve and graph the solution set 3(x-4) > 7x-9 my steps 3x-12 > 7x-9 3x-7x > -9+12 -4x > 3 (-4x)/(-4) > (3)/(-4) x< -(3)/(4) how do i graph it also well, everything to the left of -.75 is x. so then am i correct or completely wrong...
  16. 9th grade

    i have a test soon, and i don't know where my textbook is, can you tell me everything i need to know about organic compounds?
  17. English

    Can you please check if everything is OK, please? Thank you 1) At first, the three witches prophesy to Macbeth that he will be Thane of Cowdor and then king of Scotland. In the fourth act they tell Macbeth to beware of Macduff. 2) They also tell him that no man born of woman (...
  18. math

    On the first day he runs 1.5 km. Every day he runs 10% more than the day befor. a) Write down the distance he runs on the second day of training. ..... 1,5km +0,15 = 1,65 km b) Calculate the total distance He runs in the first seven days of training. When I counted my answer ...
  19. English

    Posted by rfvv on Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at 10:49pm. Posted by rfvv on Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at 10:00pm. 1. Tell me more about rice cake. 2. Tell me a lot about rice cake. (What is the part of speech of 'more'? A noun or an adverb? Are both the same?) English - ...
  20. English. Punctuation and Mechanics

    Identify the sentence with the correct punctuation. a) Do you have everything - such as extra clothes; for your trip? b) Do you have everything: such as extra clothes, for your trip? c) Do you have everything - such as extra clothes, for your trip? d) Do you have everything (...
  21. statistics

    can someone please tell me what the equation is to find the sum of looking online but everything is sohard to understand and all the symbols are confusing...?? thank you!
  22. English

    Posted by rfvv on Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at 10:00pm. 1. Tell me more about rice cake. 2. Tell me a lot about rice cake. (What is the part of speech of 'more'? A noun or an adverb? Are both the same?) English - Ms. Sue, Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at 10:06pm Both are ...
  23. To Wyatt re English 101

    I don't like leaving that entire test available online, so I'll post my response to you here: 1 - 31 are correct. Incorrect = 32 33 and 34 are correct, but they sure are clumsy, aren't they? 35 is odd -- your second sentence implies that baseball (what? the ball? the game?) ...
  24. Pre Cal

    what does it mean when it says describe the end behavior of f and whats that for f(x)=(x^2+x+3)/(x-1) and f(x)= 3*2^x, please explain everything, and if you use --> tell me what that means, cuz i have no clue
  25. Chemistry

    Tell me a website from where i can get full information regarding IUPAC nomenclature of organic chemistry. It's rules, inforamtion everything.

    What can he do? or What he does? or what he can do? What can she do? or what she does? or what he can do Please tell me the most correct grammar option. correct options: what he does / what he can do?
  27. algebra

    Can someone tell me if this is correct: Find the value of the polynomial -x^2-3x-1 when x=-4 -1(-4)^2+3(-4)-1 -1(8)+(12)-1 -8-12+1 -20+1 =19 Is this correct??
  28. Socials-Ms. Sue

    First Nations Assignment Fact Chart Plains: Food = Pemmican/Bison/Buffalo Shelter = Tipi Clothing = tunics, leggings, skirts, breechcloths, & moccasins Social Organization = Patrilineal, matrilineal/would that be matrilinral?, monagomy, semi sedentary? Government society = the...

    IN UR OWN WORDS WRITE no man can be the best at everything he tries,but he can try his hardest at everything
  30. Science(Energy)

    Which of the following is the best example of transforming electromagnetic energy into thermal energy? A. when trees absorb sunlight for photosynthesis B. when the interior of a car absorbs sunlight and warms up C. when a solar panel absorbs sunlight to make electricity D. ...
  31. English

    Can you writeacher tell me if the following statements are correct. I know they are not dictionary definition but I would like to know if they are possible in English. Thank you for your cooperation. 1) A third-person narrator tells the story in third person/using the third ...
  32. Pre-Algebra

    Is this correct? If I'm mistaken, please correct it for me, and show me how. Thanks. [Fractions, Decimals, and Percents.] 33 & 1/3 of $90 = $21.00 100% of 500 = $500 1% of 500 = $5.00 50% of 70 = $35.00 100% of 70 = $70.00 Thanks, you don't have to tell me all of then, just ...
  33. english

    Can you please tell me if this is correct grammar. --- The boys saw the fire trucks across the street. Also would this sentence be correct-- They did their homework everyday.
  34. Math

    18. Identify a sequence of transformations that maps triangle ABC onto triangle A′′B′′C′′ in the image below. (1 point) clockwise 90° rotation; enlargement counterclockwise 90° rotation; reduction counterclockwise 90° rotation; enlargement ....... clockwise 90...
  35. math

    18. Identify a sequence of transformations that maps triangle ABC onto triangle A′′B′′C′′ in the image below. (1 point) clockwise 90° rotation; enlargement counterclockwise 90° rotation; reduction counterclockwise 90° rotation; enlargement ....... clockwise 90...
  36. Math~Polynomials

    5)Find the degree of -5w-4w^2+7w+16(1point) -5 16 14*** 3 Ok I put stars next to my answer though I'm not sure if I'm correct.. or not so Steve could you tell me if my calculations are way off or if they are correct?....

    this is the way i am starting my intro. What else can I add to it. Best Practices Manual for Supervisors This manual will have everything you will need to help tell someone about the different responsibilities a supervisor has in his or her job description.
  38. English (Writing)

    I have finished my Argumentative essay and I want to get that reviewed. I will give a rubric to make sure everything is correct.
  39. Edtech

    what do you do about cyberbullying if the first adult you tell doesn't take you seriously A.Ignore it B.Tell the adult over and over again C.Tell the bully that you will tell his or her parents D.Tell another trusted adult
  40. english

    Which one of the following sentence contains a double negative? A.She did not like skating so she would not go to the party. B.James couldn't hardly stay awake after his surgery. C.No one could tell me that he wasn't afraid. D.Sherrill wouldn't tell me that I didn't win the ...
  41. Physics

    Find the unit vector parallel to the vector : C=12i+24j-8k. A.9/7i+5/7j+1/7k B.3/7i+6/7j-2/7k. I think B is correct. Please tell me correct option and method of finding.
  42. algebra

    Please let me know if this is correct: rewrite each equation as a function of x. -3x+4y=11 I got 4y=3x+11 y=3/4x+11/4 f(x)=3/4x+11/4 Please tell me if this correct. Thanks
  43. math,correction,plz

    Evaluate (15-5)/[((12)/(2*2))-2] my answer that i keep getting is 1 am i even correct or completely wrong The ans is 10 see i had that for the answer but when i revised the rule for order of operations. it says to divide first then multiply left to right and that's whats ...
  44. English (SCARLET LETTER)

    We are reading the story, THE SCARLET LETTER, in class and I am confused on this question. From my understanding, Dimmesdale gets on scaffold and imagine what would be to tell the truth about his sin but then all of the sudden Hester and Pearl walks by. But I don't think ...
  45. Science

    Hi I've read everything and searched everything and I can't find the answer to this question so... How is iodine-131 and iodine-126 similar and how is it different? Thank you this is stressin me out!
  46. Geometry B CA

    I put ^ next to the answer i put. can you tell me if im correct or not. and if not can you correct it for me and tell me what i did wrong? 1. The length of a rectangle is 6 1/2 inches and the width is 3 3/4 inches. What is the ratio, using whole numbers, of the length to the ...
  47. geometry asap

    I put ^ next to the answer i put. can you tell me if im correct or not. and if not can you correct it for me and tell me what i did wrong? 1. The length of a rectangle is 6 1/2 inches and the width is 3 3/4 inches. What is the ratio, using whole numbers, of the length to the ...
  48. Social Science

    Reading this article, Happiness is a thing called stable extraversion: a further examination of the relationship between the Oxford Happiness Inventory and Eysenck's dimensional model of personality and gender Determine what the independent and dependent variables are in this ...
  49. math

    A) How many of the three digit numbers can be made from all of the digits, 1,3 and 7, and used only one each,are prime? B) What about 2,3 and 4? Once I get to know what the answer to the first one is, I'll figure out the second one myself.And then if I tell you what I got for ...
  50. spanish HELP

    can you tell me please if these are correct Rosa le qustaria en la playa rosa le gustaria estar explorando rosa le gustaria ser para rosa la qustaria ir en la canoe rosa le gustaria estar navegando the problem i am having 1 & 2 is estar correct # 3 is ser correct 4 is ir ...
  51. math check again please

    I have a slope of -3/4 and the y-intercept at 8 the equation looks like: y= -3/4x + 8 can someone tell me if i'm correct when i'm graphing it. the two points that cross in the x axis and y are (0,8) and (10.5,0) am i correct? correct on the formula. correct on the intercepts. ...
  52. Quadratic Equations

    Find the distance a ball covered in a specific time if it was dropped from the top of a building that 324 meter high. Assume if the gravitational acceleration is 10 meters per second squared. I filled everything except the question marks in the table. [Seconds] 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 [...
  53. Math

    I need someone to please check my answer for me... add. -1.6 + (-2.3)= the answer I got was -3.9 is this correct? if not could you tell me why and how to get the correct answer..? thank you
  54. Algebra

    In a science competition with ten problems, a student gets 5 points for a correct answer and loses 2 points for an incorrect answer. If Alice answered every problem and her score was 29, how many correct answers did she have? i'm thinking you have to set up an equation but i'm...
  55. english

    Lucia works for a lawyer who depends on her for everything. Answering phones, planning business trips, proofreading documents, and scheduling appointments. Is this sentence grammatically correct
  56. English

    I was very tired, but it was great to be in Antarctica. Everyting was covered with snow. 1)It was so beautiful. --------------------------- What does 1) refer to in the last sentence? Antarctica, everything, or everything in Antarctica?
  57. Algebra

    I think I have the correct equation, but can someone please double check and tell me if I am correct. Scenario: Suppose that the width of a rectangle is 5 inches shorter than the length, and that the perimeter of the rectangle is 50. Question: Set up an equation for the ...
  58. English Expression

    Let me tell you my day. Let me tell you my daily schedule. Let me tell you my daily activities. If I want to tell others what I do from morning tll night, which expression should I use among the three? Do you have better expressions?
  59. Math

    2x(5*2-3) > x(3-5)-2(x-1) the answer I have got is x > 2/18. Can someone please tell me if this is the correct answer? 2x(10-3) > -2x - 2x + 2 20x - 6x > -4x + 2 18x > 2 x > 2/18 correct! sorry! simplify x > 1/9 Thanks i thought it was right b/c i tried to...
  60. French

    Did I say this right or is this grammatically correct? _______________________________________ English: However, everything was a dream. French: Cependant , tout était un rêve
  61. Math

    1. The two rectangles are similar. Which is the correct proportion for corresponding sides? the two rectangles are 4 by 12 and 8 by 24. thanks! A) 12/8=24/4 B) 8/4=24/12 C) 12/4=8/24 D) 4/12=24/8 Is the answer C? I'm not quite sure about it but that's what i'm gonna go with. ...
  62. English

    1. Tell me what you won. 2. Tell me what you won in the competition. 3. Tell me what you won in the race. 4. Tell me what you won in the English speech contest. ================== Are they all grammatical? Is 'what' an interrogative pronoun? Or is 'what' a relative pronoun?
  63. Social Studies

    Last question from my study guide that I am having problems with. The Scientific Revolution; A. Implied rapid changes involving large numbers of people B. Did not involve more than a few hundred human beings C. Progressed steadily from one correct thought to another D. Both A ...
  64. English

    Which sentence is correct: I wanted to tell you something before I head to town. or I wanted to tell you something before I headed to town. I think it is the first one, but I'm not sure.
  65. AP World

    I need to find some documents for an e.c. assignment..can u dudes tell me where i can find one? Its gotta be about whether the pilgrimage to America is good or can be biased and stuff..yeah..i have to actually make a DBQ..not write an essay, but make the questions and ...
  66. English

    Please correct following sentences. 1. You can tell him. you will meet him today. when--- My answer is When you will meet him today? tell me. 2. I was ill. I went to the doctor. I went------------- My answer is I went to the doctor because I was ill. 3. "Please don't be late ...
  67. math

    please tell me if this is correct: 1/4 + 4/5= 1 1/20 and 5/9+5/6= 1 7/18 thank you
  68. Please check my answers ASAP

    I did the work I just want to see if half of my questions are right then ill post my other half after this so please check and thanks very much. ----------------------------------------1.Horses 2.everything 3.Brother 4.shoesand socks 6.event 7.End and table 8.rita 1....
  69. Health

    Ms.Sue would you mind looking over the questions for Health at the bottom of page one.I know Brady answered but I just like to hear your okay correct on everything. :-)
  70. Managerial Economics/Math

    This is an MBA-level Managerial Economics Course. I'm working on some HW and just want to double-check my answers. 1. Jimbo's is a new company producing exploding cigars. Jimbo's company has the following demand curve for the cigars: P = 10 - 2Q Jimbo is currently charging $2 ...
  71. Social Studies 7 - Final Review Help!

    What is the what is the unalienable rights???? answer - is those rights that cannot be surrendered, sold or transferred to someone else am i correct??????? My ss teacher gave us a review packet for the final. We just have to do the definitions and fill in charts but she said ...
  72. Algebra uno check+ help?

    So, I've got these problems: To tell which form the equation is in. 1)2x+8y=-3 I think this one is standard form. 2)y=-5x+8 I think this is slope intercept form. 3)y+4=2(x-6) I think this is also slope intecept form. Could somebody tell me if my answers are correct, if not ...
  73. English: clauses

    we have to to identify the dependent clause in this sentance and then tell wether the clause is an adverb, adjective, or noun clause. "Who knows what the future will bring?" In this sentance i know where the dependent clause starts but other than that i'm confused. =) The ...
  74. English

    1. We have talked about the street foods in the four cities. Which street food do you like most among the street foods in the four cities? - I like fruit sticks the most because they are delicious and nutritious. (Is the question or the answer grammatical? In this case, do we ...
  75. Chemistry II

    Calculate the change in heat: 2 Na(s) + 2 H2O(l) > 2 NaOH(aq) + H2(g) So far this is what I have: 2 H20 --> 2 H2 + O2 2(285.83) kJ 2 Na + O2 + H2 --> 2 NaOH 2(-426.73) kJ 2 Na + 2 H2O --> 2 NaOH + H2 -281.8 kJ If this correct?? yes, correct, as best as I can tell.
  76. english ms. sue

    ms. sue i change up my story about switch on and off from reality i make it not about childhood but about wasting resources in reality and off reality i help the poor people. kind of like that, teacher want me to tell everything about my character starting of story give ...
  77. Science

    I desperatly need help, i need to know everything there is to know about the recovery of ALUMINIUM that is recovered from BAUXITE ORE, the process, the cost, everything. Please, if you have any knowledge or know of any GOOD webpages, please post them here. thanks:)
  78. physics

    Two point charges of -86.5 mC and 36.3 mC are held fixed on an x axis at the origin and x = 24.4 cm, respectively. What are the magnitude and direction of the total electrostatic force on a third charge of 18.8 mC placed at (a) x = 48.8 cm (b) x = 97.6 cm I've tried everything...
  79. algebra (excel)

    I am trying to create a forumla that will subtract two columns and in the third column tell me if the one column is greater than the other column by 10%. So far I have IF(AND(A:A-B:B>(10%)*(A:A)=TRUE),C2,"FALSE") which is giving me false for everything but I know that some ...
  80. physics

    By what factor will the rms speed of gas molecules increase if the temperature is increased from 0 degrees C to 100 degrees C? Cant figure out correct answer I've tried everything, please help!!!

    is this correct if not can you tell me whaT it is please!!! 32 3/5= 163/5
  82. Math

    4th and 7 terms of a G.P. are 1/18 and -1/ 486 respectively. Find the G.P. My solution: ar^3=1/18.... eq no1 ar^6=-1/486...eq no2 ar^6/ar^3 = -1/486÷1/18 r^3=-1/27 r=-1/3 Place this value in equation 1 ar^3=1/18 a*-1/3^3=1/18 a*-1/27=1/18 a=-7/6 Required GP: a=-7/6 ar=-7/6*1/...
  83. Math~Polynomials

    1)6g+8k-9g+2k(1point) 3g+10k -3g+10k*** 17gk 10k-3 2)-4x+6x^2+5x(1point) 7x^3*** 6x^2+9x 6x^2-9x 6x^2+x 3)a^2+5a-3a^2(1point) 5a+2a^2 -2a^2+5a*** -3a^2+6a 5a-3a^2 4)3x^2+8x+7x(1point) 3x^2+15x*** 18x^3 3x^2+1 3x^2-x 5)Find the degree of -5w-4w^2+7w+16(1point) -5 16 14*** 3 Plz...
  84. english

    She's meeting fred at 3 o'clock I think the name of the structure is. Future continuous Could you tell me if it's right. Also could you tell me if the form is correct. She's meeting Fred at 3 o'clock Subjet+ verb-ing +future continuous
  85. English

    Hello. I would be very grateful for your help. 1) Please help me with articles. I'm writing about a particular company. Should I use the definite article or no article in the following context: "(the ?) costs are likely to be higher than (the?) revenues". 2) "He said they ...
  86. English

    Is this a correct sentence Be careful whom you tell.
  87. English Quick ?

    Is my grammar correct in this sentence and should it be effect or affect? Thank you A year later, and I still haven't completely figured out how to deal with what I'm going through and not let it affect how I go about everything else.
  88. English

    I looked up the synonyms in the thesaurus. Can you please check if everything is correct? 1) The tempest is caused by Prospero. 2) Prospero confesses Miranda (or to Miranda?) that he was .... 3) I couldn't find a synonym for "set adrift" : Prospero was set adrift on a small ...
  89. 6th grade science

    we had this question on a test the measure of the amount of SPACE occupied by an object is its: weight mass area volume I put volume and it was marked wrong. The teacher said it was mass. I looked it up and still think I am correct, can you tell me which is correct? Thanks
  90. Math

    i am trying to transform a piece wise function, but my problem is that the lines are so irregular i cant tell if it is correct. i can't even tell the equation of the lines I'm attempting to transform. y= -2/3 x -6 if -9<=x<-6 y= 1/3 x if -6<=x<0 then the ...
  91. Algebra 1

    CAN YOU LOOK AT THIS ONE AND TELL ME IF IT IS CORRECT. Multiply.(-4t)^2(2t^2)^3=128t^8
  92. Maths

    I know but can you just tell me if this is correct: a = 1 b = 8 c= 5 x= -8 + square root 8^2 - (4x1x5) - -------------- 2
  93. algebra

    Can someone tell me if my answer is correct? Simplify: (5m^-6)^-4 I got 5m^24
  94. Math

    (8.86 + 1.0 * 10^-3) / (3.610 * 10^-3) Calculate the above formula, expressing the answer in scientific notation with the correct number of significant figures: 8.86 + 1.0 * 10^-3 = 8.86 + 0.0010 = 8.8610 = 8.86. 8.86/(3.610 * 10^-3) = 2454 2.454 * 10^3 Please confirm if I did...
  95. Language

    1. What is the term for the part of a story that sets up the story's ending? (1point) exposition conflict falling action (either this one) resolution (or this one) Please I need this to be correct. so please tell me how you found out that my answer was correct
  96. character education

    Which of the following characterizes an equitable solution to conflict? one side gets everything he or she wants nobody gets what he or she wants each person gets something; nobody gets everything C?
  97. spanish

    "¿Fueron Uds. a ver la nueva obra de teatro?" "No, no _____. Tuvimos que ir a una fiesta de disfaces." a. pudimos b. tuvimos c. hicimos d. fueron i THINK the question is saying: "Do you want to go see the new play?" "NO, ________. I'm going to be going to a costume party...
  98. grammar

    Indentify each sentence as simple, compound, complex, or compound-complex. Could you tell me if my answers are correct please? 1. In 1942, the United States Navy sank four Japanese aircraft carriers; moreover, the United States Army Air Force joined Britain in a bombing ...
  99. Discipline and Guidance

    Two children are fightining over the blue marker. According to constructivist discipline, what is the best approach for the caregiver in this situation? A. Take the blue marker from both children and tell them to clean up their work,since they cannot get along. B. Stand back ...
  100. math

    Please tell me if this is correct 90mm=900cm and 1400mm=14,000cm
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