Calculus (Answer Check)

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Quadratic Graphs Y=x^2-7 These are my values can you please check X=-4 so y=9 X= -3 so y=2 X=-2 so y = -3 X= -1 so y=-6 X=1 so y=-6 X=2 so y=-3


0.8(4+-a)=5.6a how to check this so the answers both equal out?

7th grade math

Can you check these problems? 1. 4x^2 + 3x - 4x +5 = 4x^2 - x + 5 2. m - n + m - n - n = 2m - 3n 3. (7x + 5 - 3y) - (-3x - 5 +4y) = 7x + 3x -3y + 4y + 0 = 10x - y = 0 4. m/8 - 9 = 5 m/8 = 5 + 9 m = 14/8 m = 7/4 = 1 3/4


Solve the equation. Check for extraneous roots. 4^2x-4^x-20=0

Earth Science

Please check down below.


Please check -42=4n+17n N=3.09 13+10c-4=-29 C=-3.8

Algebra 1

solve each system by substitution. check your answers 4y +3 = 3y +x and 2x +4y =18

Math please

Hi nobody helped me can you check on what I asked? Thank us


Solve x^n by abinitio method check ur ability nw?

Math please check my work

4x(3-y) - 2x + xy I got 64. Is that right?

Math Please check

-4x+3y=12 Solve for y I got: 12+4x/3 Is that right?

Circles Geometry

Can someone check if my answers are correct?

math (check answers)

Evaluate the expressions when x = 1/2 and y = -3. 1. -4xy -4 * .5 * -3 = 6 2. 6x - 3y 6(.5) - 3(-3) 3. -5y + 8x + 1 -5(-3) + 8(.5) + 1 = 20 4. -x^2 - y + 2 -0.5^2 - (-3) + 2 = 4.75 5. 2x + 4 (x + .5) + 7 2(.5) + 4 (-3 + .5) + 7 = -2 6. 2(4x - 1)^2 - 3 2(4(.5) - 1)^2 - 3 = -1


Solve the equations below. Check your solutions. 3x-5/2=4x+1/4


Solve the equations below. Check your solutions. 8/k=14/k+3


Solve the equations below. Check your solutions. 3x-5/2=4x+1/4


-2+3{6-(1-9]=? I got 14. I just need you to check if its right


What are the answers to unit 3 lesson 2 quick check


Can you help me with the final check:Relating to Parents chapter 17


How do u describe how to check an algebra question??? I need help ASAP


solve the inequality: -3(4-a)=6 1) -6 2) -2 3) 2 4) 6 I think #1 is correct. Can you check? Thanks


sums and differences of rational algebraic expression answer the following perform the indicated operation reduce answers to lowest term 2x/x^2-2x-15 - x-2/3x^2+9 another is t/2rs^2 - 2r/3rst + 3s/30r^2t another is 3x/2x-3 - 2x/2x+3 + 3/4x^2-9 please answer this i need it ...


I don't understand what the graph is suppose to show and what the integral equation is suppose to mean. How would I use the graph to answer the questions? f is the differentiable function whose graph is shown in the figure. The position at time t (sec) of a particle moving ...

math help

"Three cards are randomly selected from a standard 52-card deck. What is the probability of getting 3 hearts or 3 numbers less than 6 (count aces as 1)?" I think the answer is 0.0645, but I'm not sure if this is right. Could someone check this? "Half of a circle is inside a ...

us history

which answer best explains the contributions of women during the revolutionary war? a) women were in charge of the horses and artillery during the revolutionary war. b) women often poisoned British troops stationed in their towns during the revolutionary war. c) women served ...


A 160-lb man carries a 25-lb can of paint up a helical staircase that encircles a silo witha radius of 20 ft. If the silo is 90 ft high and the man makes exactly three complete revolutions, how much work is done by the man against gravity in climbing to the top? I looked at ...


Hi, I am getting very frustrated. I am doing an online homework for chemistry and it's telling me to round to the nearest WHOLE number. So the answer I got was -1435.650.... And I typed in -1436. and said I was wrong and so I tried it again and typed 1.4 x 10^3, wrong again. ...


A batter hits a fly ball which leaves the bat 0.90 m above the ground at an angle of 61° with an initial speed of 29 m/s heading toward centerfield. Ignore air resistance. (a) How far from home plate would the ball land if not caught? (b) The ball is caught by the ...


If you had a computer that could track the number of cereal boxes on the shelf of a market continuously over a 1-week period would you expect the graph of the number of boxes on the shelf versus time to be a continuous (unbroken) curve? Explain your reasoning. I think the ...

MATH I just need explanation very easy ( for you)

Why do I get different answer when I use the quadratic equation? In finding the zeros of a function. I used factoring and completing the squares and it gave me the same answer.. How am I going to defend that my answer using quadatic formula is also right ?

Can comeone check my answer for me. Many Thanks!

A set of data is normally distributed with a mean of 1000 and standard deviation of 100. · What would be the standard score for a score of 1100? · What percentage of scores is between 1000 and 1100? · What would be the percentile rank for a score of 1100? A. z(1100)= (1100-...


The air pressure in a tire is 150.000 kPa. The internal surface area of the tire is 1150.000 cm^2. Determine the total force applied by the air to the tire. (Round to 3 decimal places) Answer = kN 150.000 kPa x 1000 = 150000 Nm 1150.000 cm / 100 cm = 11.5 m Force = Pressure x ...

Calculusss ( pleassee someboddy heelp )

an airplane flying due east at 400 km/h pasess over an airport 12 minutes before a second plane flying south 30 degrees west at 500 km/h.if the airplanes are at the same altitude how fast will they by seprating when the seccong plane is over the airport.?When will they be the ...

Brief Calculus

Last one for today... As the financial consultant to a classic auto dealership, you estimate that the total value (in dollars) of its collection of 1959 Chevrolets and Fords is given by the formula v = 303,000 + 1,020t2 (t ¡Ý 5) where t is the number of years from now. You ...

Chemistry(Please check)

1) Which statement below is incorrect if any? a)when gas is at STP, the pressure of the gas is at 1.00 atm. b)when a gas is at STP, the temperature of the gas is 25 degrees celsius c)at STP the molar volume of a gas is 22.4L d)at STP the molar volume of all gases are the same ...

Honors Chemistry (check answers)

On a worksheet we got, we have to balance out chemical reaction equations then define what kind of reaction it is (synthesis, decomposition, single/double-replacement). Would someone be willing to check my answers, please? Thanks!! 1. c) BaO + H2O ==> ________ (synthesis...


A display case is in the shape of a rectangular box with a square base. Suppose the volume is 21 cubic ft and it costs $1 per square ft. to build the glass top and $0.50 per sq. ft. to build the sides and base. If x is the length of one side of the base, what value should x ...

Alg 2/trig

I have the answers to the question, but I have no on how to get the answers. State the quadrant in which theta lies. Cos X < 0 and Sin X > 0 (Answer is 2) Tan X < 0 and Sin X < 0 (Answer is 4) Cos X > 0 and Tan X > 0 (Answer is 1) Cot X < 0 and Sec X < ...


In a room that is 2.13 m high, a spring (unstrained length = 0.30 m) hangs from the ceiling. A board whose length is 1.58 m is attached to the free end of the spring. The board hangs straight down, so that its 1.58-m length is perpendicular to the floor. The weight of the ...

Spanish Check

Hello! Can someone please help me check my answers? I really appreciate it and thanks! Directions: Rewrite the following English sentences in correct Spanish form. The verb you will just is limpiar. 1.) I cleaned the house. 2.) Has Juan cleaned the house? 3.) They cleaned the ...

Language. Check answers

My last questions. Direction: Proofread for correct verb forms. If sentence is already correct write C 1. Luis Ortega has been describe as history's greatest rawhide braider. My answer: Luis Ortega have been describe as history's greatest rawhide braider. 2. For years, ...


Writing indirect proofs. Can someone please check for me. I am not sure If this is correct.Thanks much Given: triangle ABC angle B=120 degree Proof: Triangle A does not equal 60 degree Plan: Using an indirect proof, using the paragraph method My answer. Assume temporarily that...

Physics (please check)

A 6.0kg block is released from rest 80m above the ground. When it has fallen 60m its kinetic energy is: I got 1200J as my answer mgh=(6.0*9.81* 60m)=3531.6 PE + KE= (ME + KE) 3531.6 + KE= (6.0*9.81*80m) KE= 1177.2 is that right A 6.0 Kg block is thrown up from a point 20m ...


1. which is a rule that describes the translation of point from (-5, 4) to (-1, 2) A (x,y) --> (x - 4, y - 2) B (x,y) --> (x + 4, y - 2) (my answer) C (x,y) --> (x + 4, y + 2) D (x,y) --> (x - 4, y + 2) 2. the ordered pairs (2, -17) and (5, -35) are solutions to ...


I'M IN 6 GRADE PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW TO RENAME FRACTIONS TO DECIMALS AS EASY AS YOU CAN You divide the fraction by the the number at the top by the number at the bottom and get a decimal For example 5 --- = 6 doesn't go into the 5 so we add a 0 and a point and then we add a zero ...

Check This Statistics Homework

1.) Based on a survey of a few thousand people, a newspaper reporter wants to draw conclusions about how a country’s citizens in general feel about the war in Iraq. At this point, is the reporter mainly concerned with data production, displaying and summarizing data, ...

Calculus URGENT test tonight

Integral of: __1__ (sqrt(x)+1)^2 dx The answer is: 2ln abs(1+sqrt(x)) + 2(1+sqrt(X))^-1 +c I have no clue why that is! Please help. I used substitution and made u= sqrt(x)+1 but i don't know what happened along the way! Your first step was a good one. next, let u = sqrt x + 1 ...

need answer to check sons work

alica finished the race 3.75 seconds before kaye. donna finished the race 5.09 seconds after carmen. carmen finished the race 10 seconds before kaye. ardens finished 4.89 seconds after kaye. how many seconds earlier did carmen finish than anders


Well this is for the I know why the Caged bird discuss what Maya Angelou means by the title of her autobiography A bird in a cage is not free, but a captive. Canaries, for example, sing; why do you suppose that is? Because she is trapped she can’t do anything about just sing...


**= my answer 5. An accident chain always contains the A. problem. B. unsafe action. ** C. solution. D. witnesses. 6. (TRUE OR FALSE) By taking safety precautions, individuals can remove some of the opportunity for crimes to occur. A. true. B. false.** 8. (TRUE OR FALSE) All ...


Complete the following probability distribution table and then calculate the stated probabilities. Outcome a b c d e Probability 0.1 1Your answer is correct. 0.43 0.1 0.27 (a) P({a, c, e}). 2Your answer is correct. (b) P(E ∪ F), where E = {a, c, e} and F = {b, c, e}, P(E...

Calculus Question! ASAP!

Hello! I have this problem: x(dx)/sqrt(9-x^2) I was wondering why I can't use trig substitution and substitute sqrt(9-x^2) for sqrt(1-sec^2) and having: integral x = 3sin(theta) dx = 3cos(theta)d(theata) integral 3sin(theta)(3cos(theta))/3cos(theta) having the 3cos(theta) ...


I am finding the second derivative of (x^2)(y^3) = 1 2x(y^3) + (x^2)(y')(3y^2) = 0 And I simplified the answer to y'= (-2y)/(3x) so it would be... [(-2y')(3x)-(-2y)(3)]/(9x^2) and it's simplified to (-6xy'+6y)/(9x^2)= y'' I could plug in (-2y)/(3x) in place of y'. The correct ...

Algebra I - Answer check

2. a) 7^12/7^4 = 7^8 b)x^11/x^5 = x^6 c)12x^5/3x^2 = 4x^3 d)7x^6y^3/14x^3y = .5x^3y^2 5. a) (2x)^3(3x^2)^4 = 648x^11 b)(5x)^7/(5x)^4 = 25x^2 c)(2x)^5/-8x^3 = -4x^2 d)(4x^2y^5)(-3xy^3)^3 = -12xy^4 6. How long does it take light to travel from the Sun to Earth? Answer to the ...

adverb question

i have to fill in the blank: adverbs of time tell ___ something happens. I wrote: when adverbs of frequency tell ___ something happens. i wrote : how often or is it also when? can you check this? i have an ARTICLES EXCERCISE 1) ARTICLES ARE USE WITH: a adjectives only b nouns ...

Math - Absolute Value Inequalities

Please help me with the following: Which of the following expressions is equivalent to |x – 2| < 3? A. –3 > x – 2 < 3 B. –3 < x – 2 < 3 C. x – 2 < 3 and x – 2 < –3 D. x – 2 < 3 or x – 2 < –3 I know the answer isn't A because I ...


math . please help me to answer this i really don't know what is the answer I need the answer later i have 2 more hours to finish this. please help me Find the value of x if the geometric mean of 2x and 19x-2 is 7x-2

Math (Calculus) (Related Rates)

A boat pulls away from a dock at 2 m/s, but the operator has neglected to remove the tow rope used to pull the boat up to the dock. This rope runs thru a pulley which is attached to the dock at a point 1 m higher than the point at which the rope is attached to the boat. A) How...


What is the radius if the area of the circle is: 4x^2(PI) My answer 4x^2(pi)=(pi)(r)(2), 16x(pi)=(pi)(r)(2), 16x/pi=5x. 5(PI) My answer 5(pi)=(pi)(r)(2), sqare root of 5 is 2.23, which rounds to 3, 3(pi)=square root of 9. What is the area of the sector if the radius is 6 and ...


A goblin miner earns 1 cent the first day, 2 cents the second day, 4 cents the third day, 8 cents the fourth day. How much will the miner earn in 30 days? Ok--I know to double the answer each time until 30--which would be:5,368,709.12 Is there an equation to make this easier? ...


1)Find the 20th term of the arithmetic sequence in which a1=3 and d=7 a.143 b.136 c.140 d.133 an=a1+(n-1)d a20=3+(20-1)7 a20=3+(19)7 a20=3+133 answer=b 2)Write an equation for the nth term of the arithmetic sequence -3,3,9,15... an=a1+(n-1...


Find the prepositional phrase in each sentence 1. There was a town that did without television. Answer:without television 2. Most people in town stopped watching TV. Answer:in the town 3. They did not watch television for a whole week. Answer:for a whole week 4. During that ...

Algebra II

Find the exact solution to 6x^2+1= -8x by using the Quadratic Formula. Answer: -4 +/- sqrt 10 2)Which describes the number and type of roots of the equation x^2-625=0? Answer: 2 real roots 3)If g(x)=3x-8, find g[g(-4)] Answer: -20


I can't seem to solve this for x correctly...I got 128 over 55 as an answer which can't be correct. Please help me find the correct answer! Thanks! The equation is: .05x-.6(x+2)=.08 Please show the work as well as the answer. Thanks again.


do not know how to get answer on kathleen spent $30.50 on two shirts. One shirt cost $3.50 more than the other. How much did each shirt cost?How do you get the answer for X +X+3.50 = 30.50. Trying to explain how to get answer to a 5th grader.


do not know how to get answer on kathleen spent $30.50 on two shirts. One shirt cost $3.50 more than the other. How much did each shirt cost?How do you get the answer for X +X+3.50 = 30.50. Trying to explain how to get answer to a 5th grader.

Chemistry (Check)

Thanks but can you check another one for me The Valence electrons largely determine the blank of an element and are usually the only electrons used in blank. T have the first one as chemical properties, whats the second blank chemical properties would work for the first blank ...

Math - Statistics

Suppose that the mean number of customers who arrive at the check-out counters each minute is 4. Create a Poisson Distribution with u (lamda) = 4 for x = 0 to 20. Compare your results to the histogram. 20 random numbers are generated with a Poisson distribution for u (lamda...


Check and correct my answers please. Thank you. Trunks owns a junk yard. He can use one of two methods to destroy cars. The first method involves purchasing a hydraulic car smasher that costs $200/year to own and then spending $1 for every car smashed into oblivion. The second...


[Note: I did the first half of this question by myself and got it correct. But I got the second half wrong] Question: How much work does the electric field do in moving a proton from a point with a potential of +160 V to a point where it is -45 V ? Express your answer in ...


I Need help with this social studies! 1. when the roman government began to persecute christens under Nero, A.Christianity almost disappeared. B. Christians had to cremate their dead.***** C. Jews hid Christianity was outlawed 2. which roman emperor ended the persecution of ...


Driving down Bald Mountain in Wyoming, Bob dean finds that he descends 1600 feet in elevation by the time he is 2.5 miles (horizontally) away from the high point on the mountain road. Find the slope of his descent (Hint: 1 mile = 5280 feet) After converting the miles to feet I...

Chemistry -Dr. Bob

Reacting 1 L of H2(g) with 1 L C2H2(g) (both at STP) results in the formation of 1 L of C2H4(g) if the reaction is maintained at the same conditions (STP) and goes to completion. If this reaction produced 6.3 kJ of heat (absorbed by the surroundings), calculate: a) the PV work...


Reactionary : Progress:: a. misanthrope : people b. zealot : revolution c. virtuoso : perfection d. laggard : iniquity e. charlatan : diversity d? Decorum : Conventional:: a. innovation : variegated b. depravity : surreptitious c. subjugation : desultory d. hedonism : self-...




for the curve x^2+z^2+2gx+2hy=0 value of dy/dx at(0,0) is A. -g/h B. g/h C. h/g D. None Please help me. In the answer page it shows option A as answer. I don't know deeply of differentiation . Please could you help me by explain how the answer is A

thermodyn. please check work

What is the sign of heat(Q), Work(W), or Temperature for these following situations. Say if it's +,-, or 0. 1)You hit a nail with a hammer: +W, Q=0, T=0 2)You hold a nail over a Bunsen burner: Q=+Q, Temp:constant, W=0 3)You compress the air in a bicycle pump by pushing down on...


Have a question on Simple Verb Tenses. Need to reswrite each sentence, using the correct form of the verb in parentheses with s,ed,or will.. Thank for looking and helping me~~ 1. Long ago Plutarch___ stories of Greeks and Romans. (RELATE) Answer=related 2. Today we___a person'...


jen can run at 7.5 m/s and mary at 8.0 m/s. on a race track jen is given a 25 m head start, and the race eds in a tie. how long is the track? let x = distance run by jen. x + 25 = distance run by mary. time jen = d/r = x/7.5 time mary = d/r = (x+25)/8 Since they arrived at the...

Algebra 1 (Check Work)

3. Which of the following is the most appropriate unit to describe the time you can drive a car based on the amount of gas? A. Minutes per gallon, because the independent quantity is the gallons B. Minutes per gallon, because the independent quantity is the minutes C. Gallons ...


Find the derivative w/ respect to x: g(x) = ln(sec(x))


find anitderivative of 30sqroot(x+4) What is the derivative of (x+4)^(3/2) ?

pre- calculus

how do you find the root(s) of the equation x^2+3x-4=0


how can I calculate this deriivative: 1/(sin(x-sinx))?


Problem 49. Find the critical values f(x) = (4x^2 - 9) / x

Calculus 2

Find the length of the spiral r=a(Theta) on [0,Pi]


If 4x^(2)+5x+xy=4 and y(4)=-20, find y'(4) by implicit differentiation. I got y'=(-8x-5-y)/(x)


calculate the indefinte integral (x^2+2x+3)/(sqrt of x)


If A=125e^-kt and A=200 when t=3, find the value of k.


Find the coefficient of the x^2 term in the expansion of (3x - (2/x^2))^8


Find dx/dy by implicit differentiation x^2y+y^2x P.S: It's calculus

Calculus III

(24cos(8x))/(1+(sin^2(8x))) Integrated from (pi/16,-pi/16


Average Value of a Function f(x) =(1)/(X-3)^2 in the interval [0,2]


find the conjugate on z times w if z=[3,120] and w=[-1,-15]


find the (conjugate of z) times (w) if z=[3,120] and w=[-1,-15]


How would you sketch the graph of E(v)=aLv^3/v-u


For the piecewise function, find the values g(-8), 8(3), and g(8). g(x)={X+6,FOR X<=3 7-x, for x>3


Describe the end behavior of f(x)=2x^4-5x+1.


I need help finding the vertical asymptote of f(x)= 1-x -------- 2x^2-5x-3


Factor the given equation: p(x) = x^3 - 25x


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