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Math: Calculus - Vectors

A plane flies on a bearing of 120 degrees at a constant speed of 550 km/h. If the velocity of the wind is 50 km/h on a bearing 220 degrees, what is the velocity of the plane with respect to the ground? Textbook Answer: 543.5 km/h at a bearing of 125.2 degrees My answer: 543.6 ...


Boats A and B leave the same place at the same time. Boat A heads due North at 12 km/hr. Boat B heads due East at 18 km/hr. After 2.5 hours, how fast is the distance between the boats increasing? You are looking at a right-angled triangle, let S be the distance between them ...


i was just wondering if the limit of a funtion exists as it approches a value if both the right side limit and the left side limit both equal the same infinity ( postive inififnty for both sides, or negative infinty for both sides). i know that if one side is negative infinity...

Electrolytic Cells

Hey...can u check my two answers for a and b and can u help on the rest? 8. An electrolytic cell consisting of an aqueous solution of NaCl is set up. Answer the following. a. What is the strongest oxidizing agent present? My answer: Na; sodium b. What is the strongest reducing...


4 -letter "words" are formed using the letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G. How many such words are possible for each of the following conditions? (a) No condition is imposed. Your answer is : Preview (b) No letter can be repeated in a word. Your answer is : Preview (c) Each word must...

Math check

The number of ships to arrive at a harbor on any given day is a random variable represented by x. The probability distribution of x is as follows. (Give your answers correct to two decimal places.) x 10 11 12 13 14 P(x) 0.37 0.09 0.05 0.14 0.35 (a) Find the mean of the number ...

Calculus - Need help please

Given the following​ function, y=tan(pi-3x) 1)determine the interval for the principal cycle. (^ Type your answer in interval notation) 2)Then for the principal​ cycle, determine the equations of the vertical​ asymptotes 3)find the coordinates of the center&#...


hi! just needed help on an FRQ for ap calculus ab. let me know if you have any questions for me. I'm just really confused as far as what I am meant to do. If you could walk me through it that would be amazing. THANKS!! A population is modeled by a function P that satisfies the...


I need help understanding how to ask/answer questions using the word 'Que'. If the question is ?Que' estudias tu'? is the correct answer: 'Yo estudio ___' and then whatever you're studying or could I simply answer 'Estudio ____' Also, in these questions, does one add the ...


Need to correct the punctuation for each sentence. then right if it is declarative, interrogative, imperateive, or exclamatory. 1. What a strang name that is. Answer=dec 2. Some mushrooms are very poisonous! Answer=exclamatory 3. Don't eat that mushroom! Answer=exclamtory

Math, Algebra.

2. Sylvia has 6 1/2 boxes of chocolate to share at a family picnic. If she gives each person 1/3 of a box, how many people can receive chocolate? 13, 17, 19, or 21? I believe that the answer is 19. Take 6 1/2, divided by 1/3, and get 19 1/2. Since 19 is the closest answer, the...

Check my CALCULUS work, please! :)

Question 1. lim h->0(sqrt 49+h-7)/h = 14 1/14*** 0 7 -1/7 Question 2. lim x->infinity(12+x-3x^2)/(x^2-4)= -3*** -2 0 2 3 Question 3. lim x->infinity (5x^3+x^7)/(e^x)= infinity*** 0 -1 3 Question 4. Given that: x 6.8 6.9 6.99 7.01 7.1 7.2 g(x) 9.44 10.21 10.92 -11.08 -...

Spanish-Please check SraJMcGin

1.¿Comó te sentiste ayer? Me sentí muy bien ayer. 2. ¿Adonde fuiste ayer? Yo fui al cine. 3. ¿Adonde fue tu mama ayer? Mi mama fue a la tienda. 4. ¿Visitaste a tu familia la semana pasada? Sí, yo visité mi familia la semana pasada. 5. ¿Donde estudiaste ayer? Yo estudi...

6 th grade SS

Can you check my answer What do you think the political and economic future of Cyprus will be like? The future of Cyprus will be a future governed by a new and different governmental and political structure. Like focusing on the economy instead of the politicial problems on ...


1. If m∠1=37º , what is m∠4? a) 53º b) 43º c) 37º d) 27º 2. If m∠1=50º , what is m∠5? a) 50º b) 40º c) 35º d) 25º 3. If m∠4=25º , what is m∠8? a) 105º b) 75º c) 175º d) 25º 4. What is the sum of the interior angles of a ...

Algebra 1

Can you check this one for me. Evalute the polynomial for x=1. 2x^2-2x+4 When x=-1, 2x^2-2x+4=8

math help

can someone check and see if i did this right x+2y=8 x-x+2y=8-x 2y=8-x 2y/2=8/2-x y=4-x y=4-x/2 y=4-1/2x


can someone check my answers if f(x)=4x-3 find f(-1) f(-1)=4*(-1)-3=-4-3= -7


Factor - check by multiplying Is this right? x^2-6x = x^2(x-6)???


Factor: check by multiplying x^2-6x Is this correct? x^2(x-5)


synthetic division find f(-2) f(x)=2x^4+4x^3+2x^2+3x+8 -2 2 4 2 3 8 -4 0 -4 2 2 0 2 -1 10 f(2)=10 check f(x)=2(-2)^4+4(-2)^3+2(-2)^2+3(-2)+8 f(x)=10


please check. thanks. (8.3 x 10^-15) (7.7 x 10^4) = 6.391 x 10^-10 Is that right?

Algebra - check to see if correct

(a+7)/(a-4)+(9-5a)/(a-4) i got 6+40/a-4


Can you check back at my last post again? Thanks.


3/4(5/x-1/2)-5/3<1/3 3/20x-8-15<1/3 Check this for me where didi I go wrong

To Ms. Sue

please check my latest post, thanks


how do i find the product. Extimate to check or 0.5 x 28


Could you please check my work? 3/(x-7)=2/(2x+1) 3(2x+1)=2(x-7) 6x+3=2x+-14 x=-4.25 I appreciate it.


Solve the equation and check your solution. Thank You 3/v= v/2v+9


how do i write $3,337.55 on a check in words on?

math-please check

is the solution to 2x^2-4x+5... 1(+/-)((sqrt6)/2)i ??


explain how to check a solution of an equation.


Okay, I will check back later. Thank You Ms. Sue!!

math- check me

Solve the inequality for x. 16 <= 4x+4 I get x>=3 Is that right?

Algebra 2

How can you check if 3+i is a zero of the equation x^4-6x^3+6x^2+24x-40?


Can someone check my answers? 1. 3/c - 4/3c = 5/3c 2. -3t/t-4 - 2t+4/4-t = -2t-4/t-4 3. z/3z^2 + 4/7z = 19/21z 4. 5x/2x-6 + x+2/3-x = 4x-2/2x-6 or 2(2x-1)/2(x-3)


Divide and Check 4x^4y-8x^6y^2+12x^8y^6 _______________________ 4x^4y


how do you check a Pascal's triangle with a calculator.


Why should we check if your data is binomial?


Could you please check these other sentenes. Thank you.


Can u check these: 56% of 144 = 80.64 81% Of 63. = 51.03 43% of 92. = 39.56 3%. Of 200 = 6 17%. Of 360 = 61.2 22% of 84 = 18.48

precalcus will someone check my homework

f(3)=-3/8 and (f-2)=-12 MY SOLUTION F(-2)=ab^-2 = -12 F( 3)=ab^ 3 = -3/8 b^5 = 12 * 3/8 = 32 b=2 12 = a(2)^2 12 = 4a a =3 f(x)=3(2)^x


solve. check for extraneous roots.3^2x-4(3)^x+3=0


solve for 10/x^2-2x + 4/x = 5/x-2 3x/x+1 + 6/2x = 7/x 8(x-1)/x^2-4 = 4/x-2 check for any extraneous solutions! thanks!


exam number500600 to check on the answers what are they?

Alg1 / 2

solve the equation & check your solution


how can you check that the sum of 125+38+75 is 238


f(x)= x^2+3 ; g(x)=3x-1 Check These Please? 1.(fg)(-1) = 5 2. (f o g)(1) =10 How would you solve this? 1. (g o f)(x)

Algebra pls check

Is this right ? -2(w-30) =-6w -2w -60 = -6 w +2w =+2w -60 = -4w _____________ -4 = -4 15 = w

MS Sue

can you plz check my english answers


Solve the equation and check your solution 2/5+1/y-5=y-7/5y-25.


Can u please check my math answers


Solve and check each equation 1a. 12n=36 n=3 1b. n-5=8 n=13


i need help with chapter 10 and 11 sentence check 2

To Drbob222

Please check my post again




I need help on sentence check 2 chapter13


how can we check that 46/100 is equal to about 39/85?


Solve and check. ( 3 marks) (5)/(x-1)+(2)/(x+1)=-6 I need the help!


can you solve this? I need to check my work. 2(x-1)^2=50

Math Check

Is the following statement true: (x^4+6x^2+9)=x^2+3


x^-5 * x^7= x^5 can someone explain why and check if it is correct


CAN ANYONE CHECK THIS FOR ME PLEASE! NEED IT ASAP.. 5 < x -2 < 11 a. 5 < x < 11 b. 7 < x < 13 **** c. 7 < x < 11 d. 5 < x < 16

Math please check

p= -3; q=2 2q(p+q)+3pq I got -22


Can you check these? .04 is 1/8% of what number? 32 What percent of 1/8 is 3 1/2? 2800%


I need help for final check: chapter 16

Maths Algebra

Solve and check the result.3(5x-7)-2(9x-11)=4(8x-13)-17


Please check to see if this is correct? y-5 = -2 (x-3) y-5 = -2x + 6 y = -2x + 11

math please check

(19-3)*(11-2)+8 squared=209

business math

Of the 4800 students at Medium Suburban College (MSC), 50 play collegiate soccer, 60 play collegiate lacrosse, and 96 play collegiate football. Only 6 students play both collegiate soccer and lacrosse, 6 play collegiate soccer and football, and 16 play collegiate lacrosse and ...


Check my answers, please? I put an asterisk next to which ever ones are my answer. Thanks! Why do you think the Inuit have retained aspects of their early culture? *A.because they are used to that lifestyle B.because such adaptations allow them to survive in their environment ...


Two geological field teams are working in a remote area. A global positioning system (GPS) tracker at their base camp shows the location of the first team as 38 km away, 19deg north of west, and the second team as 28.7 km away, 35deg east of north. When the first team uses its...

Algebra 2 Answer Check

Simplify by rationalizing each denominator. 1. 2/√3 A: 2√3 / 3 2. -18/√6 A: -3√6 Add or subtract. 3. 4√3 - 9√3 A: -5√3 4. √8 - 15√2 A: -13√2 5. √45 + √20 A: 5√5 6. 2√48 + 2√12 A: 12√...

Calculus (please help!!!!)

Consider the parameterization of the unit circle given by x=cos(4t^2−t), y=sin(4t^2−t) for t in (−InF, INF). Describe in words and sketch how the circle is traced out, and use this to answer the following questions. (a) When is the parameterization tracing ...

Manuscript Speech

What should the outline of a manuscript speech look like. I am giving a speech on an article abotu technology and i need to write a manuscript speech on it Be sure to check out this answer by Ms. Sue from yesterday. =)

Science - Please Check

Suppose that the local temperature changes in favor of greater oxygen levels in the water. Write a short paragraph to describe how both the population of the small fish species and wading bird population would change in response to the new oxygen levels over the next six ...

Social Studies

PLEASE ANSWER! PLEASE ANSWER! PLEASE ANSWER! 1) Identify two problems resulting from urban sprawl in the western region of the United States. If these problems are not solved, what will the outcome likely be? 2) Why do you think the Canadian government is opposed to Quebec's ...

Math (please check my answer!!)

1. Tri SVX is congruent to Tri UTX. Reason: Given. 2. Line SV is parallel to line TU. Reason: Given 3. Line SV is congruent to line TU. Reason: CPCTC 4. VUTS is a parallelogram. Reason: If a pair of opposite sides of a quadrilateral are parallel and congruent then it is a ...


Suppose you are asked to find the area of a rectangle that is 2.1- wide by 5.6- long. Your calculator answer would be 11.76 . Now suppose you are asked to enter the answer to two significant figures. (Note that if you do not round your answer to two significant figures, your ...


Suppose you are asked to find the area of a rectangle that is 2.1- wide by 5.6- long. Your calculator answer would be 11.76 . Now suppose you are asked to enter the answer to two significant figures. (Note that if you do not round your answer to two significant figures, your ...


Could you please check my answer please...thank you Which of the following is the best evaluation of the artwork based on the criterion that the piece feature imaginary creatures or things. 1. The artwork is successful because it features a fully clothed raven-headed winged ...


Lorraine and Albert are discussing neurotransmitters, getting ready for an exam. Lorraine maintains that neuronal dendrites sort excitatory and inhibitory messages through a process of elimination dictated by reuptake activity. Albert, on the other hand, argues that inhibitory...

Spanish -Please check 7th grade

Please check my answers-I have to say where I just came from and what I have done using forms of venir and acabar de The post office Vengo del correo. Acabo de mandar una carta. The museum Vengo del museo de arte. Acabo de mirar el arte. The hospital Vengo del hospital. Acabo ...


1.What is the domain of this relation? domain range -3 3 -2 -6 -1 0,15 0 -6 1 -1 Answer- -3,-2,-1,0,1 2. Compare the quantity in Column A with the quantity in Column B Column A slope of y =3 Column B slope of x =3 Answer- The two quantities are equal 3. What is the equation of...


i did my question already but i was wondering if someone could double check my work. the question says to graph the following function on the grpah f(x)={|x|, -3 is equal to or less than x less than 2} {2x-8, x less than or equal to 2} i dont know if its possible to show a ...

PLZ Check My Math?

Sorry! Another rates/proportions question! "Myles mows lawns during the summer to earn money. Since he is trying to save money for a car, he tries not to spend very much of it. In fact, his goal is to save $5 for every $7 he makes. If Myles made $128 this week, how much can he...


The problem tells us to approximate the integral using the midpoint rule. n=5, sin(x)2 dx 0 to 1. I understand that the answer is .2(sin(.1)^2 + sin(.3)^...). When I use my calculator to get the decimal answer, I cannot get the same answer the book has. I don't know what I am ...


The tension on a wire is 2640 N. The wire is 2.6 m long and the fundamental frequency is 330 Hz. What is the mass of the wire? (Answer: 2.33g) Answer is provided above. Please show all work on how to get the answer. Thank you!


Can you please check these sentences on phrasal verbs? Thank you in advance. 1) Can I have two chops of lamb (or lamb chops?) and a roast chicken (or a chicken roast?)? 2)Our teacher will go over our mistakes during our afternoon’s revision course. 3)You’ll have to hand in...

Math (pre-celc 12)

A true false test has 15 questions. How many answer keys are possible of the answer to 6 of the questions is false and 9 are true? I think this is a permutation and not a combination because each answer key would be different depending on the order of which are true or false. ...

Grade 12 Chem - please check answer

The four possible unknown chemicals are: Cu(s), Ca(OH)2(s), KNO3(aq) and C6H12O6(aq). a) colorless solutions, high electrical conductivity, no change on litmus paper b)white crystals, no electrical conductivity, red to blue on litmus c) shiny brown wire, high electrical ...


A real estate office manages 50 apartments in a downtown building. When the rent is $900 per month, all the units are occupied. For every $25 increase in rent, one unit becomes vacant. On average, all units require $75 in maintenance and repairs each month. How much rent ...


I am doing the AP calculus review, these are the questions I have no Idea on how to do: 1. if 0<= k <=pi/2 and the area under the curve y-cosx from x=k to x=pi/2 is 0.2, then k= 2. let F(x) be an antiderivative of (ln x)^4/x If F(1)=0, then F(9)= 3. What is the equation ...


A machine earns the company revenue at a continuous rate of 62000 t + 43000 dollars per year during the first six months of operation, and at the continuous rate of $74000 per year after the first six months. The cost of the machine is $155000. The interest rate is 5.5% per ...


A rectangular piece of tin has an area of 1334 square inches. A square tab of 3 inches is cut from each corner, and the ends and sides are turned up to make an open box. If the volume of the box is 2760 cubic inches, what were the original dimensions of the rectangular piece ...

Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry

An enzyme works on two substrates, S1 and S2. Its Km for S1 is 100mM and its Km for S2 is 10mM. Based on this information, answer the following questions: 1. For a given [E] will it have a higher Vmax for S1 or S2? Explain your answer 2. Is S1 or S2 a better substrate for the ...


Studies conducted in England during the industrial revolution have shown that children born to poor families were, on average, shorter than those born to wealthier parents. The most likely explanation for this difference in height is a difference in A) nutrition b) family size...

Calculus Help Please!!! URGENT!!!!

Carbon-14 has a half-life of 5700 years. In a living organism, the ratio of radioactive carbon-14 to ordinary carbon remains fairly constant during the lifetime of the organism. After the organism’s death no new carbon is integrated into the organism’s remains, so the ...

behavior problems ( dogs)

Please check my answer thanks Your new client has a nine-month-old, neutered male Anatolian Shepherd Dog. She would like your help with a behavior problem. Each night, after she lets the dog out to eliminate, he refuses to come back in. She has ended up chasing him around the ...


What do you have to do afer school? 1. I have to go to my academy and study hard until 11 p.m.. 2. I have to go to an academy to study math, English and science. 3. I have to go to the academy to study 5 subjects. 4. I have to wash clothes in the washing machine. 5. I have to ...


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