Calculus (Answer Check)

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  1. Mrs.Sue

    Can u check my last question 16.
  2. Math

    Solve and check. ( 3 marks) 5/(x-1)+2/(x+1)=-6
  3. Math

    Solve and check. ( 3 marks) (5)/(x-1) + (2)/(x+1)=-6
  4. math

    Solve: Check your solution. 3y - 7 = -3y + - 19
  5. pre-algebra

    3x + 4=19 x=5 -32=24-2f f=16 Please check.Thank you.
  6. pre-algebra

    3m-4=14 m=6 11=2y-15 y=13 Please check Thank you.
  7. math

    Please check 5n-30=-20 N=2 5=h/4+9 H=16 -m/3-2=10 M=-36 M/8+5.6=9.85 M=34 36-4r=24 R=3 14==-16-10n N=3 -4x+7=-9 X=4 3y-6=20 Y=8 2/3 6n+16=36 N=3 1/3
  8. math

    Please check -37=3x+11-7x -48=11x X=2 2/7 -m/3-2=10 -m/3=6/-3 M=-2
  9. Math

    4s-(3-2s)-6=9 Please check my work: 4s-3+2s-6=9 6s-9=9 3s=18 s=3
  10. english

    can anyone check my work?please
  11. Math

    1 1/7 x 1 3/4= 8/7 x 7/4= 56/28 56/28=2 Please check on the above.
  12. Geometry

    2. If m 1= 53 what is m<4. 53 43 *** 37 27 3. If m 1= 55 what is m<5 55 40 *** 35 25 Please check my answers.
  13. English

    Hi can you check please if I did correct!
  14. Pre-Algegra

    5(x - 1) + -3x + 6 =9 check plz x = 4??
  15. Math

    Roots. Solve and check 1/4 -1/x+6= 1/x
  16. Math

    5/6x2/3= 10/18=5/9 Can you check this problem for me?
  17. math

    Plz check my work 8*8=64 9*9=81 7*8=56 7/21=3 8/32=32
  18. Math 114

    Solve and check x+y=12;y=3x x+y=12;y=3x x+3x=12 4x=12 4x/4=12/4 x=3 y=3x y=(3)(3) y=9
  19. Can anyone check this?

  20. Math (Check answers)

    what is the solution to m+(-10)=-33 a.m=-33 b.m=-23** c.m=23 d.m=33
  21. Reading/ L.A

    I am doing a Reading project about mysteries and we have to present it to the class for the students to figure out the ending. If you have any sites that would directly answer my question, that would be a great big help. It has to be short and i need the answer and problem for...
  22. English-Ms. Sue please

    hypothetical syllogisms can have two valid and two invalid structures. The two valid structures are affirming the antecedent or modus ponens and denying the consequent or modus tollens. The two invalid structures or fallacies are denying the antecedent and affirming the ...
  23. franctional interests

    Hello, I am having a difficult time breaking the following fractions down! what is the common denominator? 98/983 of a 1/2 % 187/983 0f a 1/2% 39/983 of 1/2 % 155/983 of 1/2% 34/983 of 1/2 % 64/983 of 1/2 % 25/983 of 1/2% 65/983 of 1/2% please send me an e-mail, please thank ...
  24. math

    can please someone check my answer Q.) 30% of the adult population was offline in terms of being able or willing to access the internet. New data relating to the year 2010 (sourced from The Office for National Statistics) indicated that this group numbered 9.2 million in 2010...
  25. Math- Inequalities

    1. 4y + 3 <= y + 6 Answer: y <= 1 2. -2y > 2 Answer: y > -1 3. (y/3) < -1 Answer: y < -3 4. 3y <= 2y + 3 Answer: y <= 3
  26. calculus

    The question I'm having problems with is If f(x)=3x^2+7x+2, find f'(4) , using the definition of derivative.f'(4) is the limit as x--> ________ of the expression __________________. The value of this limit is _________________. I've got the first part that f'(4) is the ...
  27. Physics please check repost

    Three moles of an ideal monatomic gas are at a temperature of 345 K. Then, 2531 J of heat are added to the gas, and 1101 J of work are done on it. What is the final temperature of the gas? delta U= 3/2nR(T final -T initial) (2531J - 1101J) = 3/2(3.0mol)(8.31)(T final - 345K) ...
  28. i need help,math

    okay i am completely lost after reviewing everything my mind is blank cans some one help me with the steps. Solve by completing the square x^2=5x+2 1st: You need to bring the 5x+2 to the other side so you have x^2-5x-2 2nd: Find the values to where when multiplied equal -2 and...
  29. calculus

    Differentiate y=lnx You ought to have this memorized. y'=1/x for y= ln x dy/dx = 1/x This is the most basic and fundamental of log derivatives. If you are studying Calculus, and the topic is logs, I fail to understand why you asked that question. IS there a website that can ...
  30. chemistry check

    A) Write a balanced chemical equation for the reaction between sulfuric acid and potassium hydroxide. I got H2SO4 + KOH ---> H2OH + KSO4 B) Write the ionic equation for the reaction. H2 + S2O4-2 + K + OH- ---> H2 + OH + K2SO4-2 C) Write the net ionic equation I'm not ...
  31. English

    1. The best way to confirm the accuracy of a source is to check it against another source. True****** False 2. An expository essay is research based and completely objective. True False****** 3. Developing research questions is done during the drafting stage of the writing ...
  32. AP US History

    What was Thomas Jefferson's party called against Hamilton's Federalist party? Check this site for your answer.
  33. math (check answer plz)

    2. A jar contains blue, red, yellow, and green marbles. P(blue)=1/4. What type of probability is illustrated and why? A. Experimental; the result is based on the number of possible outcomes. B. Experimental; the result is found by repeating an experiment. C. Theoretical; the ...
  34. Applied Calculus......

    Suppose a snowy-tree cricket chirps 180 times per minute if the temperature is 102 degrees, and chirps 120 times per minute when the temperature is 90 degrees. Construct a mathematical model that will predict the number of chirps per minute at a temperature in degrees ...
  35. Spanish7th grade-Please check

    Could you please check these two answers: 1.Fill in the blank with what would logically follow: primero,_______ I think it is segundo, correct? 2.Fill in blank with what would logically follow: tercero_________ I think it is cuarto, correct? 3. In a Mexican school, the school ...
  36. Science Check answer

    Key: ☺ = My Answer! 1. The thermal energy of an object is _____. its potential energy its average kinetic energy ☺ its potential energy minus its kinetic energy its kinetic energy plus its potential energy 2. A device that can be used both for cooling and heating ...
  37. chemistry

    I was way off on the other problem. But I see how you got the answer. Last one...thanks i'm learning more here thn class What is the sum of the coefficients (including “1”) of the following reaction? Sodium sulfate + calcium hydroxide ??? Write the equation (double ...
  38. Physics - Check my work please :)

    Check this please :D Which of the following three statements used to describe work are true: i)Work is done only if an object moves through a distance ii)Work is done only if energy is transferred from one form to another iii)Work is done only if a force is applied In which of...
  39. Algebra2 ( Check)

    Will you please check my work for me. 1)The equation of a parabola is shown. y=1/14X^2. What are the coordinates of the focus? (0,-3.5) <---- (0,-4) (0,7) 2)The equation x2 + (y + 3)2 = 36 models the boundary on a local map for which Darren can hear his friend Tom on his ...
  40. British & American Government Question

    In comparing the British and American systems of government,which statement is true: A. Britain's government was created by a single document that is very similar to the U.S. Constitution. B. The House of Lords is the most powerful branch of Britain's government. C. There is ...
  41. Calculus

    Company QRS generated a net profit between 1992 and 1997 at a rate approximated by 20 t + 264.5 million dollars per year, where t is the time in years since 1992. Find the value, in 1992, of QRS's net profit over the 5-year period from 1992 to 1997. Assume that the interest ...
  42. Chemistry(Please check)

    1) choose the correct statement about the postulates of kinetic theory of gases. a) a sample of a gas consists of a small number of large particles close together. b) the movement of gas molecules is predictable, not random. c) when gas molecules collide, they permanently ...
  43. Psychology

    3.If you adopt the _______ perspective, you'll reject an emphasis on what goes on in people's minds in favor of focusing on measurable behaviors that can be objectively measured. A. psychodynamic B. neuroscience C. cognitive D. behavioral 4.Agatha maintains that people are ...
  44. Mathematics!

    Yolanda and Yoko ran in a 100-yd dash. When Yolanda crossed the finish line, Yoko was ten yd behind her. The girls then repeated the race, with Yolanda starting 10 yd behing the starting line. If each girl ran at the same rate as before, who won the race? By how many yards? I ...
  45. math check

    Posted by TchrWill on Thursday, July 14, 2005 at 5:44pm. 2.)The sum of four consecutive odd integers is -336. Set up an equation AND solve for all of the integers. Two ways to approach this. -336/4 = -84 making the 4 consecutive odd numbers -81, -83, -85 and -87. Alternatively...
  46. chemistry

    if 37.9 liters of NO at .993atm and 146 degrees celcius are decomposed by the reaction 2NO-->N2+O2 how many grams of nitrogen will be formed... could you show mw step bu step how to do this ? thanks....i have finals tommorrow.... i need HHHHHHEEEEEEELLLLLLPPPPPPPP PV=nRT P=...
  47. US History

    Is anyone on here in AP US History? Ask your question, state your thinking on it. Yes is the answer to your question. What were the Lincoln-Douglass debates? Check this site for information bout these debates.
  48. calc

    Let f(x)= 4 and g(x)= ãx-2 : X2 - 4 f o g(11)=ANSWER: ãX-2/ 11-2 =ã9=3 4/32 -4 = 4/5 f o f(0)=ANSWER Determine the Domain of f o g=ANSWER:
  49. Math

    4(2x - 3) - 4x (answer all that apply) 4x – 12 *my answer* 3x – 4 *my answer* 3(2x – 6) 4(x – 5)
  50. math correctionplz

    can someone correct these also for me.. Which of the following is not a polynomial? a) 24 b) 4x^3+5x-1 c)2x-(1)/(x) d)3xy^2+xy MY answer is: A Simplify. write your answer with only positive exponents (y^5)/(y^10) Possible answers: a)y^2 b)(1)/(y^2) c)(1)/(y^5) d) y^5 My answer...
  51. English

    I give an examination tomorrow.So I need a help. Nearly crying,her little sister wanted to be left ( )herself. You will choose your answers blow. a.for b.with c.on I think that best answer is a.But It didn't match its answer.Its answer is d.But I don't think so.Why is d?
  52. coor. algebra

    Okayy so my class is doing conversions annnd.I need help ALOT. 130 meters per second into miles per hour . If you answer can you show me how you got the answer and how to know of the answer is right?
  53. SAT Math

    If x and y are positive integers, which of the following could be equal to 3x+ 4y? The answer is 10, but not sure on how to get the answer? Also, is there a short cut to get to the answer without taking a lot of time on the SAT to work this type of problem out? Thank you
  54. Math

    Hey there, just need help with these two. I need someone to help explain them to me/break them down. 1. gr 1/100=_____mg Answer: 0.6 2. 0.3mg= gr_____ Answer: 1/200 3. gr iii /ss= ______mg Answer: 210 Thank you in advance!
  55. Math

    What is 1 7/12 - 3/20 equal to? I tried to do this question but I couldn't quite get the answer. For the directions of the work, its says use the least common multiple as the denominator and when I came across this one, I couldn't quite get the answer. If anyone, who knows the...
  56. Calculus II

    Does anyone know of a very good website that can teach me to better understand the disk, washer, shell method to finding volume of irregular figures (solid of revolution)using of course, integration techniques (such as when to recognize integration with respect to y or X for ...
  57. Calculus Help

    Based on the following table of values for the function w(t), answer the questions below. t= 100 110 120 130 140 150 w(t)= 2.6 7.3 12.7 19 26.1 34.1 a) Which of the following best describes the derivative of w(t)? A. changes sign B. always positive C. always negative b) Which ...
  58. fianance

    can you check my answers if they are correct thank you 1.) A convertible bond is currently selling for $945. It is convertible into 15 shares of common which presently sell for $57 per share. What is the conversion premium? A. $90 B. $45 C. 57 shares D. 13 shares Answer c 2.) ...

    sqrt2/sqrt10 here is what I got: sqrt (2/10)= sqrt (1/5) sqrt 0.2 * I don't think that it is right but pleasee check it.Thanks Yes, that is one way you could do it, then simplify further by taking the square root of 0.2, but you are probably supposed to simplify like this: &#...
  60. Mathematics

    I have three questions... Okay think of a 1-9 multiplication table. 1. Are there more odd or even products? How can you determine the answer without counting? 2. Is this different from a 1-9 addition facts table? Explain. And for the last one don't use the table or anything ...
  61. Microeconomics

    The poverty rate would be substantially lower if the market value of in-kind transfers were added to family income. The largest in-kind transfer is Medicaid, the government health program for the poor. Let's say the program costs $7,000 per recipient family. (a) If the ...
  62. English

    1. When your answer is right, you will get 5 points. 2. When your answer is right, you will get 5 scores. 3. When your answer is right, you score will be 5 points. 4. When your answer is right, you score will be 5. [Which sentences are grammatical? Which one is similar to #1? ...
  63. science

    hello jishka reply to me immediately wasn't that i told you i think this isnot a good website if i don't get the answer What kind of answer do you want? We are here to help you, but don't expect an immediate answer. We are not on line all of the time. Please repost with ...
  64. Math just explain

    Why do I get different answer when I use the quadratic equation? In finding the zeros of a function. I used factoring and completing the squares and it gave me the same answer.. How am I going to defend that my answer using quadatic formula is also right ?
  65. U.S History - Pls check my answer!!!

    Document C Andrew Jackson’s Message to Congress, Dec 7, 1829 The condition and destiny of the Indian tribes within the limits of some of our states have become objects of much interest and importance. By persuasion and force they have been made to retire from river to river ...
  66. Spanish

    Hi there, I need to answer a few questions and I want to make sure I wrote them out correctly. Can you please check my answers? 1. if you were president, what would be your most important decision Si yo fuera presidente, me gustaría bajar los impuestos 2. Do you work hard? S...
  67. Chemistry - DrBob222 please check and help

    Can you check these? And I need help on one. Oxidation Number Method of Balancing Redox Reactions 1)Neutral Solution Sn^2+ + Fe^3+ ----> Fe^2+ + Sn^4+ Balanced equation Sn^2+ + 2Fe^3+ ----> 2Fe^2+ + Sn^4+ 2)Acidic Solution Fe^2+ + Cr2O7^2- ---> Cr^3+ + Fe^3+ Balanced ...
  68. Chemistry - DrBob222 please check and help

    Can you check these? And I need help on one. Oxidation Number Method of Balancing Redox Reactions 1)Neutral Solution Sn^2+ + Fe^3+ ----> Fe^2+ + Sn^4+ Balanced equation Sn^2+ + 2Fe^3+ ----> 2Fe^2+ + Sn^4+ 2)Acidic Solution Fe^2+ + Cr2O7^2- ---> Cr^3+ + Fe^3+ Balanced ...
  69. Algebra

    Can you tell me if my answers are correct for these problems? 1. 3i - 10 --------- 8i - 5 Answer 74 65i ---- + ----- 89 89 2. 11i^2 + 1 ----------- -12i - 8 Answer: 5 (2 - 3 i) ------------- 26 3. square root -25 * 8 square root -49 Answer: -280 4. square root -64 + 12 square ...
  70. English

    Listening to the explanations of the sports, let's play the quiz game. You should work in pairs. I will distribute sheets of paper. One should read the explanation of a sport. Then the other should guess what sport it is. Read all the explanations of the sports, and if your ...
  71. Calculus Bonus

    There is this bonus that I need so bad for my grade. I have tried several ways to answer this question and have tried several equations. Please Help Bouquets are priced on the basis of the numbers and types of flowers used. What is the price of the fourth bouquet? Bouquet 1 = ...
  72. calculus

    In electrical engineering, a continuous function like f(t)=sin(t), where t is in seconds, is referred to as an analog signal. To digitize the signal, we sample f(t) every ∆t seconds to form the sequence Sn= f(n∆t). For example, sampling f every 1/10 second produces the ...
  73. chem

    Consider the equation A <-> in a 1L container. At 7.57C, the molar concentrations of A and B are 7.228M and 1.976 (respectively). Suddenly, 1.831 moles of A are added to the system. What is the change in deltaG of the system (Answer in kJ) At first, I thought I would use...
  74. inequality expresion

    The cost of a long distant telephone call is $0.36 for first minutes and $0.21 each additional minutes or portion thereof. Write an inequality representing the number of minutes a person could talk with out exceeding $3.00 would this be written as 0.36+0.21(x-1)<$3.00 0.36...
  75. English

    Well, can you walk my dog? You can take her to the park. Answer 1. No problem, but I'm very busy today. Answer 2. Sure, I will, but I'm very busy today. Answer 3. Don't worry, but I'm very busy today. Answer 4. I think I can, but I'm very busy today. Answer 5. I'd like to, but...
  76. English

    When making multiple choice quiz for students about speaking. Do I need to use question marks in the answer choices. Example- Hello how are you. a)fine thank you and you b)good wasup c)I'm ok Answer (a) is the answer to the question but in itself is a question. I have searched...
  77. city project

    my is elderly people things to start a presentation goes like this ............. 'cities needs to provide services to all residents but espially to eldery people' because there population increases in future! city need 55 plus buildings to live and pavllion. they should make ...
  78. french

    Part 2 directions: complete with either es, s, ées, 1. Voilà les photos que j'ai --------. (prendre) Answer: prises 2. C;est toi qui les as --------? (prendre) Answer: prises 3. Bien sûr! Je t'assure que je ne les ai pas ---------.(acheter) Answer: achetes 4. Tu ne les as ...
  79. Chemistry

    Find the pH during the titration of 20.00 mL of 0.2380 M butanoic acid, CH3CH2CH2COOH (Ka = 1.54 10-5), with 0.2380 M NaOH solution after the following additions of titrant. (a) 0 mL Ive got the answer of 2.72 (b) 10.00 mL Ive got the answer of 4.81 I'm lost from here...Please...
  80. Physics-Please check if I did this correctly

    I posted this question this morning but I'm not sure of the response Damon provided. I did it once but then I updated it later in this at the bottom- please check booth of my answers. If you were in a rotor style ride and the riders accelerate until the speed of ride is ...
  81. Math (check please)

    Could you check these please? Firewood is usually sold by a measure known as a cord. A full cord may be a stack 8x4x4ft or a stack 8x8x2ft 10. what is the volume of a full cord? 8*4*4=(128ft) 11. A short cord or a face cord of wood is 8x4xThe lenght of the logs. What is the ...
  82. math: Calculus - Algebraic Vectors

    A light plane is travelling at 175 km/h on a bearing of N8°E in a 40 km/h wind from N80°E. Determine the plane's ground velocity using algebraic vectors. The answer for this question is: 167 km/h , N5°W ---------------- My Work: (a , b) = ( | r | * cosθ , | r | * sin&#...
  83. English - check my answer, please.

    "Everyone in our neighborhood mows their lawn on Saturday, and my street, as a result of that, is pretty." This construction: has one error, a pronoun with no appropriate antecedent. has two errors, a pronoun with no appropriate antecedent and a shift in tense. *** has one ...
  84. math

    Can you tell me how you would answer this question? My teacher says that one answer is correct but I think that my answer is correct. I want a second opinion. A soccer coach purchases 12 uniforms for 17.50 each. He buys 6 soccer balls for 8.58. How much did he spend in all? I ...
  85. Math

    Can you tell me how you would answer this question? My teacher says that one answer is correct but I think that my answer is correct. I want a second opinion. A soccer coach purchases 12 uniforms for 17.50 each. He buys 6 soccer balls for 8.58. How much did he spend in all? I ...
  86. Pre-Calculus

    Use the CALC features of the TI to answer the following. Show what you put into the calculator & what CALC feature you used. Round to the nearest tenths. The equation h = 20 cos (π/4 (t-3)) + 23 tells how high above the ground a ferris wheel car is at any given time. h is...
  87. calculus

    v(t)= Ce^(k(square root(t)) Suppose that the dealer, who is 25 years old, decides to sell the card at time , sometime in the next 40 years: 0< or equal to t < or equal to 40. At that time , he’ll invest the money he gets for the sale of the card in a bank account that ...
  88. Science

    Which of the following describes the path of blood between the heart and the lungs? 1)heart-capillaries-veins-arteries-heart 2)heart-arteries-veins-capillaries-heart 3)heart-arteries-capillaries-veins-heart 4)heart-veins-capillaries-arteries-heart I think #3. Can you check my ...
  89. American government

    how does the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the united states reflect the concept of natural rights? A. the pledge of allegiance includes the phrase "under god" B. the pledge of allegiance recognizes the united states as a republic C. the pledge of allegiance states that ...
  90. American government

    how does the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the united states reflect the concept of natural rights? A. the pledge of allegiance includes the phrase "under god" B. the pledge of allegiance recognizes the united states as a republic C. the pledge of allegiance states that ...
  91. English

    A. Zach enjoyed biking to his job at the Bistro Cafe'. the early morning ride gave some serenty to his hectic schedule. Opening the restaurant allowed him to get everything ready before the rest of the crew arrived. 1. In the above passage, an example of a concrete noun is? ...
  92. calculus

    I solved this problem, can someone check it to make sure I did it right. There are two parts to this intrepation and estimate of the value. Let C(t) be the total value of the US currency (coins and banknotes) in circulation at time, t. The table gives values of this function ...
  93. Calculus--complex numbers

    let z= a+bi be a complex number. it is given that the quotient (z-i)/(z-1) is purely imaginary. show that z lies on a circle and determine the centre and radius of this circle. OK, here's my working out...( i am using "X" as my times symbol) step1: (a+bi-i)/(a+bi-1)X[(a-1)-bi...
  94. English

    Can someone please help me answer these questions and check question 1 please? Thank you. 1) How can words or stories connect generations? Words can allow stories to go through and be passes from generation to generation. 2) How can interactions between generations create ...
  95. ENGLISH 11

    1. When Thomas Paine writes about reconciliation, he is referring to (1 point) {A.}the southern Colonies staying peacefully connected to the northern Colonies. B.the Colonies staying peacefully connected with Great Britain. C.the Colonists staying peacefully connected to ...
  96. Calculus Please Help

    A continuous function f, defined for all x, has the following properties: 1. f is increasing 2. f is concave down 3. f(13)=3 4. f'(13)=1/4 Sketch a possible graph for f, and use it to answer the following questions about f. A. For each of the following intervals, what is the ...
  97. Calculus Please Help

    A continuous function f, defined for all x, has the following properties: 1. f is increasing 2. f is concave down 3. f(13)=3 4. f'(13)=1/4 Sketch a possible graph for f, and use it to answer the following questions about f. A. For each of the following intervals, what is the ...
  98. English

    Can you please check these sentences? I forgot to include them before. I really need to check them with you. 1) My family and I have been on holiday in (to?) Greece (he has come back from Greece). We stayed on (not in) Mikonos, a little island... 2) There wasn't (any necessary...
  99. Math (Riemann Sums)

    Measurements of a lake’s width were taken at 15-foot intervals, as shown: x= 0 15 30 45 60 75 90 105 120 f(x)= 0 15 18 20 19 23 24 22 12 Estimate integral (0,120) f(x) dx with n = 4, using Midpoint approximation. For this question, I ended up with 7200 but compared to the ...
  100. (For BobPursely )

    Question: Calculate the frequency of the AA, Aa, and aa genotypes after one generation if the initial population consists of 0.2 AA, 0.6 Aa, and 0.2 aa. What I have done is: P = (0.2)+(0.5)(0.6)= 0.50 q = 1-p = 1 - 0.50 = 0.50 Can someone check my answer plz. http://www.kursus...
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