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Can someone please check my work on this problem? For some reason, I get the feeling that I did it wrong. sqrt=square root (by the way) 3-sqrt10 sqrt5+sqrt2 -------- * ---------- sqrt5-sqrt2 sqrt5+sqrt2 (3-sqrt10)(sqrt5+sqrt2) = ----------------------- 5-2 3sqrt5+3sqrt2-sqrt50...


this homework is due in one hour and i have no idea how to answer these questions. 1. A car is traveling at 50 mi/h when the brakes are fully applied, producing a constant deceleration of 20 ft/s^2. What is the distance covered before the car comes to a stop? 2. A stone is ...

English Check

In the discussion, answer the question: Which of the following characters served as the antagonist in "The Cold Equations"? •Barton •Marilyn •Commander Delhart •Records •Gerry Use evidence from the text in the form of examples and explanations to support your ...

Language Arts (ASAP)

3. In "All Together Now," Jordan uses appeals to emotion and appeals to reason to try to persuade her readers that her views are important. In a paragraph, cite one example of each kind of appeal in her work. Then, explain whether you find Jordan's appeals convincing, ...


A 4400 kg car can acceletare from 0-25 m/s in 4 seconds. What force must the engine created to accomplish this acceleration? 176 N 1100 N 17600 N 27500 N An elevator is moving up with an acceleration of 3.36 m/s squared. What would be the apparent weight of a 64.2 kg man in ...


Could someone check my answer: the question is: The equation y= 12x +5 shows the total cost for ordering tickets on the phone for a certain outdoor concert. Tickets are $12 each, and there is a one-time service fee of $5. Can the slope of this line be thought of as a rate? ...

More Algebra 2

It would be great if, again, someone would check these answers for accuracy. I'd like to know if I'm doing them right. 1) What equation defines an exponential decay function? a) y=x^pi b) y=pi^-x c) y=(1/pi)^-x d) y=pi times x I think the answer is c. 2) Suppose a lake is ...


A density curve like an inverted letter "V" The first segment goes from the point (0, .6) to the point (0.5, 1.4). The second segment goes from (.05, 1.4) to (1, .6) Find the percent of the observations that lie below .3 I have no idea how to do this If you could tell that ...

Chemisty-Freezing Points

The freezing point of benzene is 5.5°C. What is the freezing point of a solution of 8.50 g of naphthalene (C10H8) in 425 g of benzene (Kf of benzene = 4.90°C/m)? delta T = Kf m m = mols/kg solvent. Change 8.5 g naphthalene to mols and 425 g benzene to kg. That will get delta...


CHECK ANSWERS PLEASE ********************************** Paula asked 30 students what they ate for lunch. All the students had at least a sandwich, salad or fruit. ********************************* QUESTION A Draw a Venn Diagram. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * THIS IS THE ...


List the possible rational roots of each equation. Then determine the rational roots. 6x^4+35x^3-x^2-7x-1 The answer in the back of the book is: -1/3 and 1/2 I know that I'm supposed to use Descartes rule of signs. I found that there was 1 positive zero and 3 or 1 negative ...


4. one joule per second is equal to one--- 5. Joules per second is an alternative unit use for expressing---- 6. A typical bicycle is a --- machine 7. When Ma>1 the machine effort force is ---- than the resistance force. 8. A landscaper pushes a lawnmower a distance of 60 m...

math -check

given the equation -3x +2y =4, Write another equation that will form a linear system with: one solution, no solution and infinite solution. Graph the linear using graphing calculator and write your window setting in the format x: Xmin, xmax, Xscl. Y: Ymin, Ymax, Yscl Please ...


Find the acceleration of the specified object. (Hint: Recall that if a variable is changing at a constant rate, its acceleration is zero.) A boat is pulled into a dock by means of a winch 8 feet above the deck of the boat (see figure). The winch pulls in rope at a rate of 5 ...


Thanks for your help! I have questions of subject math. What is 100 divided by 50? So 100 is the dividend and 50 is the divisor And answer is 50 Am I correct? What do you call the answer of the division problem? Your answer of 50 is correct. The answer in a division problem is...


given PCl5(g)+heat <-> PCl3(g)+Cl2(g) a. addition of cl2 answer : would shift to the left b. increase in pressure: answer: ? c. removal of heat answer: ? d. Removal of PCl3 as it forms answer: ? please help! thanks!


When a hammer thrower spins, the hammer generates a circle with a radius of 5 feet. When thrown, the hammer hits a screen that is 50 feet from the center of the throwing area. Let coordinate axes be introduced. If the hammer is released at (-4, -3) and travels in the tangent ...

Paul Martin

Who knows what website I can go to for some baby pictures of Paul Martin? It is for my social studies project. Thankz:P I did an internet check and found only pictures of the Prime Minister as an adult. I suggest you try finding a biography in your library. There is also a ...


Can someone please help me with this one? Solve (5x+4)^1/2-3x=0 Just so you know, it is to the 1/2 power. Add 3x to both sides of the equation, then square both sides. That should enable you to gather terms and factor. Yeah, that's the part I understood. Could you help me with...


Hi I really need this question answer as a check: a helicopter holding a 70 kilogram package suspended from a rope 5.0 meters long accelerates upward at a rate of 5.2 m/s^2. a. Determine tension on the rope. b. When the upward velocity of the helicopter is 30 meters per second...


Which of the following is not an example of an Objective question? Multiple choice Essay True/false Matching•• Why is it important to recognize the key word in an essay question? It will provide the answer to the essay It will show you a friends answer It will provide you ...

Math: Calculus

Can someone help me out here with these two problem? I have know idea where to start. 1)The equation: 10(x-1)(x-2)(x-3)=1, has three real solutions a<b<c where a=____, b=___ , and c=___. Enter your answers with at least six correct digits beyond the decimal point. Hint: ...

Science Check Answer?

1. Name the components of the respiratory system in the order incoming air would encounter them during breathing. A. trachea, pharynx, larynx, alveoli, bronchi B. bronchi, larynx, alveoli, trachea, pharynx C. larynx, trachea, bronchi, pharynx, alveoli D. pharynx, larynx, ...

Math Help Please (I Am New In This Website)

How do you multiply 367 by 72? the answer depends on your grade. Tell us what Grade in School you are in. Multiply 367 by 2; write down the answer. Multiply 367 by 70; add it to the answer above. Let us know what your answer is and someone here will give you feedback.

dog behavior

Please check my answer thanks so much :) During a controlled walking exercise, how can you keep a dog from pulling on the leash? A. Wait until the leash just gets taut and then gently pull the dog back to you. B. Use a shorter leash for this exercise. C. Just before it gets ...


A student answered the following skill-testing question to try and win a prize: (-4)^3-(-2)^4/2^2+5^2*7^0 The students answer was 5. Did the student win the prize? I couldn’t seem to figure out how to answer this question. I got the answer -13, but my answer sheet said -43. ...

Chem Help

For the reaction, XBr2(g) <--------> X(g) + Br2(g), if a container is charged to an initial concentration, [XBr2] = 2.00 mol/L and the system allowed to react and come to equilibrium, if Kc = 4.0 x 10-8, what is the concentration of X(g) at equilibrium? This is what I ...


A cylindrical jar of radius 5 cm contains water to a depth of 8 cm. the water from jar is poured at a constant rate into a hemispherical bowl. After t seconds, the depth of the water in the bowl is x cm and the volume, V of water is given as 1/3πh^2(18-h). Given that all ...

Elementary Satistics

Test the following function to determine whether it is a probability function. If it is not, then make it into a probability function. (Give your answers correct to one decimal place.) R(x) = 0.2, for x = 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 (a) List the distribution of probabilities. R(0) =0 ...

World History Answer Check

1. Explain the signifigance of the Twelve Tables and the Law of Nations to the development of political thought? A: The significance of the Twelve Tables to the development of politcal thought was that they established the idea that all free citizens had a right to the ...


1. Which number is the resolution of m + 90 = 150? a. 50 b. 60 (my answer) c. 140 d. 240 2. Which number is the solution of n/3 = -12? a. -36 b. -4 (my answer) c. 4 d 36 3. Use mental math to find the solution of 19b = 190. a. 10 b. 11 c. 171 (my answer) d. 208 4. Estimate the...

Chemistry. Check my answer please!

A 1.994 g sample of gypsum, a hydrated salt of calcium sulfate, CaSO4, is heated at a temp. above 170 C in a crucible until a constant mass is reached. The mass of anhydrous CaSO4 salt is 1.577 g. Calculate the percent by mass of water in the hydrated calcium sulfate salt. ...


Hi we just relexive verbs and I'm already stuck Please check this answer ¿Cómo te llamas? 1. Me llamas Isabel 2.Te llamas Isabel 3.Te llamo Isabel 4.Me llamo Isabel Would it be "Me llamo Isabel?" because Te llamo Isabel is the usual way Also Te gustan los deportes? Would I ...


(1.) 7 2/7 x 3 7/9 (use benchmark to estimate the sum difference or product A 32 B 28 (My answer) C 24 D 21 (2.) Find the sum 3/9 + 4/9 A 7/9 B 7/18 C 7/81 (my answer) D 2/3 (3.) Find the Sum 14 2/9 + 11 2/3 A 25 8/9 B 25 1/9 C 25 1/6 (my answer) D 25 2/3 (4.) Find the Sum -4/...

math(check answers please)

please check my answers and thanks have a nice day. 2.which of the following ratios is equivalent to 5/20 A.1/4(I PICKED THIS) B.1/5 C.20/100 D.2/5 3.which of the following ratios is ((NOT)) equivalent to 4/8? A.1/2 B.2/4 C.20/45(I PICKED THIS) D.12/24 4.which of the following...

social studies

Which of the following is a true statement? A. the qualifications for governor are less strict than those for a state senator. B. the qualifications for governor are the same as those for a state senator. C. the qualifications for governor are stricter than those for a state ...

trigonometry (MathMate)

MathMate i would really appreciate if you can show me where the logarithms can be used.I know they are unnecessary and I already found the answer without them but i still have to show my work using logarithms and they just confuse me. I also have most trouble woth the anti-...


Hey, everyone! Do you mind helping me check my history questions for accuracy? Thanks! 1. "Living by Faith" by Charles G. Finny is representative of which of the following movements? a. Revivalism b. Transcendentalism c. Nativism d. Deism My Answer: A 2. The "Year of ...

Math 115

Perform the indicated operation. 11-6 /7-7 what the answer my answer is 5/7 is that right. Add-26+(-29). I said 55 is the answer is that right. I am confused.


Please explain your convaluted answer? There is a finite answer. If you care to not give the finite querys answer,Don't reply


How do you solve sqrt(1-(9/x^2))? I know the answer is sqrt x^2 -9/x but I'm not sure how to get the answer on my own. If you could show steps on how to get the answer that would help me a lot!

Chemistry - Answer Check

The two common chlorides of Phosphorus, PCl3 and PCl5, both important in the production of other phosphorous compounds, coexist in equilibrium as shown in the balanced chemical reaction below: PCl3 (g) + Cl2 (g) <-----> PCl5 (g) At 250 C, an equilibrium mixture in a 2.50...

English, check my answers

please check if I have put the apostrophes in the right places or if I have forgot to put them in certain places in these sentences: 1. My dog's been so sick lately. 2. We've been having lots of fun in science classes. 3. Why's the dog eating from the cats' dish? 4. It's time ...


Drbob222, even if you just tell me that there is an answer to the following problem then i know that there is an answer because i've tried many ways and i can't get x alone. -4(2x-3) = -8x +5 Is there an actual answer for this one? No. There is no answer, the question is ...


First of all let me apologize if this is the wrong section; this is a review question from a Calculus III class, but it doesn't involve any actual calculus so I posted it here. If I have a sphere with center (2,-10,4) and radius 10 what is: the intersection with the yz plane? ...


The graph of f'(x) is shown for 0=< x =<10. The areas of the regions between the graph of f' and the x-axis are 20, 6, and 4, respectively. I'm going to describe the graph of f' since I can't post pictures. The first section of the graph goes up (like the sin function) ...


Find the area cut off by x+y=3 from xy=2. I have proceeded as under: y=x/2. Substituting this value we get x+x/2=3 Or x+x/2-3=0 Or x^2-3x+2=0 Or (x-1)(x-2)=0, hence x=1 and x=2 are the points of intersection of the curve xy=2 and the line x+y=3. Area under curve above X axis ...


An ice cube is melting, and the lengths of its sides are decreasing at a rate of 0.4 millimeters per minute. At what rate is the volume of the ice cube decreasing when the lengths of the sides of the cube are equal to 15 millimeters? Give your answer correct to the nearest ...

Business Calculus

As the financial consultant to a classic auto dealership, you estimate that the total value (in dollars) of its collection of 1959 Chevrolets and Fords is given by the formula v = 306,000 + 1,000t2 (t ≥ 5) where t is the number of years from now. You anticipate a ...

Math-- Please check

A package of 16 tea bags costs $2.29. Find the unit price in cents per tea bag. Round to the nearest tenth of a cent. I get 14.3 cent Will you check to make sure I am correct? How do I round it to the nearest tenth? Or is it already rounded to the nearest tenth? Please help! ...

math, correction,plz

Can someone correct these for me..plz... Problem #1 simplify. ((p^5)^4)/(p^6) MY answer: p^14 Problem #2 Write using positive exponents only. b^-6 MY answer: (1)/(b^6) Problem#3 Write 1.81 X 10^-2 in standard notation My answer. 0.0181 Problem #4 Subtract 2x-3x^2+5x^3 from 5x^...

cell biology

The production of cAMP directly regulated by two enzyme, ___________ and_______. This former is ___________ a protein, when latter is a _________ protein. a. phospodiesterase (PED),Adenylyl ccyclase(AC), cytosolic, peripheral. b. PDE, AC, peripheral, cytosolic C.Adenylyl ...


(2x+3)/5 = -(3x-2)/2 - (-3/2)(-3/2) I've done this problem a few times and keep getting -37/38 which seems like a dumb answer to the problem. I know I think the answer should be a whole number so I don't know if that's what's confusing me. Is my answer right?


sums and differences of rational algebraic expression answer the following 2x/x^2-2x-15 - x-2/3x^2+9 another is t/2rs^2 - 2r/3rst + 3s/30r^2t another is 3x/2x-3 - 2x/2x+3 + 3/4x^2-9 please answer this i need it tomorrow morning 3:00 please answer it i will WAIT FOR IT!


The position of a mass on a spring is given by x = (7.6 cm) cos [2 π t / (0.82s)]. Where is the mass at t = 3.1 s? (Answer: 1.45cm) Answer is provided above. Please show all work on how to get the answer. Thank you.


Write his, her, their, or its to should which pronoun you should use. 1. each neice: ______ answer: their 2. Jane, Ann, or Wilma ___ answer: their 3. either Brian or Kevin ____ answer: their


what is the solution to x + 4 = 12? A. X = 16 B. X = 12 C. X = 8 (MY ANSWER) D. X = 4 What is the value of b is 9 + b = -8 A. b = -17 B. b = -1 C. b = 1 D. b = 17(MY ANSWER) What is the solution to q + (-9) = 12? A. q = -21 B. q = -3 C. q = 3 ( MY ANSWER) D. q = 21 Are my ...


Can you please check these sentences? I'm really doubtful about them. Thank you. 1) Look at the timetable on the departure board to see if your flight is delayed or if it is on time. 2) Then go to the check-in desk of the company you are travelling with. 3) I advise you to get...


A mass of 0.630 g of NaCl is dissolved in 525 g of water. CAlculate the molality. mass of NaCl= 0.630g mass of H20= 525g molar mass of NaCl= 58.44 This is what i did it keeps telling me the answer is wrong. Convert grams to moles of NaCl 0.630 * 1 mol NaCl/58.44= 0.01078 ...


I just need a quick check before I hand in my work if you would...Thanks. 1. I am to use the intercepts to graph the equation x+3y=6 I used the formula y=mx+b using 3 and -6 for x I got these as my ordered pairs to graph (3, 1), (-6, 4)…Is this correct? 2. Multiply -2/1*(-6/...


1. What is the equation for the line that passes through the point (-5,2) and has a slope of 0? Answer-2 2. What is the slope of the line that passes through the points (-2, 4, 15) and (1, 1.24)? Answer- -2.91 3. Write a funciton rule for the table shown x 2 3 4 F(x) 8 27 64 ...


2/(2/3)+3/4/(4/5)= The answer key explains it like this: 2/(2/3)+3/(3/4)+4/(4/5)=2x3/2+3x4/3+4x5/4= 3+4+5=12 *I do not understand how the answer is 12. If 2/5 of (2/3)/(5/6) is divided by 3/10, what is the resulting value? The answer key explains it like this: 2/5((2/3)/(5/6...


What is the circumference of the circle if the radius is: 5x-My answer was 57(x)pi. What is the radius if the circumference is: 30x(pi)-My answer was 2x. (x + y)pi -My answer (x+y)/7. What is the length of the arc if: radius=3 degree of measurement of arc=6- My answer was pi/9...

science check plzzzzzzzzzz

if your computer uses 2.5A at 120V, how much will it cost to use the computer for 4 hours a day, seven days a week for two weeks? assume that the cost of electricity is $0.09 for every kWh*h of energy. i solved it like this way could you check of i got it right plzzz?? (C= E* ...

science check plzzzzzzzzzz

if your computer uses 2.5A at 120V, how much will it cost to use the computer for 4 hours a day, seven days a week for two weeks? assume that the cost of electricity is $0.09 for every kWh*h of energy. i solved it like this way could you check of i got it right plzzz?? (C= E* ...

science check plzzzzzzzzzz

if your computer uses 2.5A at 120V, how much will it cost to use the computer for 4 hours a day, seven days a week for two weeks? assume that the cost of electricity is $0.09 for every kWh*h of energy. i solved it like this way could you check of i got it right plzzz?? (C= E* ...


hi, Can you please double check to see if i have got this right? Is the empirical formual for oxide of arsenic As2O5? Cheers ;) Arsenic forms two oxides with oxygen. One is As2O5, the other is As2O3. I'm glad you posted today; please tell your friend you were talking with ...


Find the area of the region between the graphs of f(x)=3x+8 and g(x)=x^2 + 2x+2 over [0,2]. I got 34/3. Calculus - Steve ∫[0,2] (x^2+2x+2) dx = 1/3 x^3 + x^2 + 2x [0,2] = 8/3 + 4 + 4 = 32/3 Why are you taking the antiderivative of x^2 +2x+2 when we are trying to find the...

Pre-Calc P lease check

Please check my answers; 1.Which of the folowing is another representation of (-3,pi)? (3,120degree) (3,0 degree)I think it is this one?? ((-3,0 degree) 2.Which is not a representation of (5,150 degree) (-5,-30 degree)I think it is this one? (-5,330 degree) (5,510 degree) 3....


Multiple Choice   Choose the best answer. For questions 1–3, rewrite the expression using exponents. 4 × 4 × 4 × 4 × 4 A. 54 B. (My choice) 45 C. 44 ====== 3 × 3 × 3 × 3 A. (My choice) 34 B. 43 C. 35 ===== 10 × 10 × 10 A. 310 B. 101 C. 103 (My choice) ====== For ...


how do I solve? 4X -4 = 24 4x - 4 = 24 +4 +4 4x = 28 4x/4 = 28/4 x = 7 to check: 4(7)-4 = 24 28- 4 = 24

Please Check This 2!

p^4-1=(p^2)(p^2+1) Typo? p^4-1=(p^2-1)(p^2+1)

math- check this please

1. 3t<-9=t<-3 2.4m>8=m>2 3.10<-2w 5<w 4.-20>-5c 4>c 5.-27>3z -9>z 6.-7b>42 b>6

Check Work (Math)

1/3 > 6/10

Check my previous post



8x-11 < -27= 8x+11< -27= 8x=ll-27 8x=-16 x=-2 Check this problem.


Please check: 2x-1<9= 2x<10=x<5 Thanks

Please check answers

(-2)7=-2^7 -2^5 = -2*-2 = 4 * -2= -8 * -2 = 16 * -2 = -32


8x^3+125 (2x)^3+(5)^3 (2x+3)(5x^2-6x+25) check this for me


x^2-4/X^2+3x+2=(x-2)(x+2)/x(3x+2)=(x-2)/x3 check this problem


2/3x+1/x=1/6 2x+3x=1/6 5x=1/6 check problem

math check

How does this c(c-2)-c-1(c+3) come to 3-4c?


2 + m < 2 is m < 0 but how would I check it?


multiply and check (a^2+4)(5a^3-3a-1)

Chemistry: Check

1. The amou


Can you check 2z - 3y -8z + y I got : 2z-8z-3y +y = -6z -4y =. -2y

Math 8R - Homework Check

1/8 + 1/2 = 7/10 3/4 + 5/6 = 1 7/12 7/9 + 5/6 = 1 11/18 1/4 + 1/2 = 1 2/6 2/3 + 1/2 = 2

Math 8 - homework qs. check

2x - x = 3 - 1 1x = 2/1 x = 2


sqrt(3x^2)=-18 check:


Check? 1. 15-2 35/99 =12 64/99


Pls check (3×8+4^2)-9 24+16 40-9 31 6×(10+6)-6^2 6×16 96-6^2 96-36 60


Splve and check N =

Math (Check My Steps)

(1)/(2^0) 1/1 = 1


Simplify. ((2-5m)/(m-9))+((4m-5)/(9-m)) Check this: (-9m+7)/(m-9)

Math check

Subtract -28 - (-33)= -61


Please check 15/16 x 2/3 = 5/8


Please check 2/5 + (-7/8) = -6


Please check -27=8x-5x -27/3=3x X=-9


5x - 3 = 7x + 11 x=-4 3w -4 = w+8 w =6 Please check. Thanks


hypothetical syllogisms can have two valid and two invalid structures. The two valid structures are affirming the antecedent or modus ponens and denying the consequent or modus tollens. The two invalid structures or fallacies are denying the antecedent and affirming the ...


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