Calculus (Answer Check)

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Check? What are the three ways that civilization in western Europe declined after the Roman Empire fell? Answer: 1. All government stopped and didn't exist after the fall of Rome. The society fell apart . 2. Because of no government there was no army for protection and there ...


Dear Genius, Good day! The number of apples in a basket is between 60 and 120. If i put these apples into bags of 5, there will be a remainder of 1 apple. If i put these apples into bags of 8, there will be a remainder of 6 apples. Find the total number of apples in the basket...


x^2x-35 x(2x-35) x(x-35) check this for me thank for your help.


3/2y-3/2y+4= 3(y)-2(y+4)= 3y-2y+8= y=1/8 check this


a+4/2=a+4/a= a^+4a+ a+4a a^=-4-4 a^=8 Check this for me


y/4+2y=2y^2/4 check this


2y+1/y^2-Y-6= 2y+1/(y+2)(y-3) check this


What is the check of 40/5=8

math- check me

(-3)/(5)y=-15 Does y=25

math check

2k=14.6 K=29.2

math *check*

x:1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- y:0.8,2.1,3.1,3.8,5.2,8.4,6.9,8.1,9


Check for 2/3(k+8)=52

Check answers?

1. (3x + 4)(x – 2) A)3x^2 – 2x – 8 B)x – 8 C)3x – 2x – 8 *** D)3x^2 + 2x + 8


do you check papers

Math - Problem solving

I used the guess and check method for solving this problem but would like to know how to set up the equation. A camp counselor buys granola bars and juice drinks for the campers. She decides to buy 3 times as many drinks as granola bars. Predict how many of each she can buy on...


*Ms. Sue or Reed, please check my other question as well if you have time, thank you :) 1. Which sentence has proper subject-verb agreement? A) Even my cousin Steve feel sad today. B) Even my cousin Steve look sad today. C) Even my cousin Steve feels sad today. D) Even my ...


Question 12 He wrote a hot check. The word hot is used poorly clearly connotatively denotatively Question 13 Hot flames poured out of the grill. The word hot is used poorly clearly connotatively denotatively my answer 12. poorly because its slang for bad 13connotatively

computer science

I need to write a program that ask the student to enter an answer to a math problem. The user should enter two values, one at a time, and then ask for an answer. The program should display if the entered answer is correct or not and display the correct answer if the user ...

chemestry please check my anwer.

1.How do acid-base reactions differ from oxidation-reduction (or "redox") reactions? Answer Acid-base reactions involve an exchange of protons whereas redox reactions involve an exchange of electrons.<<< Acid-base reactions and redox reactions involve different ...

essay check please

This is the introduction of my essay , please check it !!!!!!!!!!!! It would really help “All men are born equally free”-Salmon P. Chase. A very important character that shapes our society is equality, but many people don’t believe in it. Racism and discrimination are ...

Science Check Please

Which of these is true? The nervous system doesn't react as quickly as the endocrine system. The endocrine system doesn't react as quickly as the nervous system. (My Answer) The nervous system and the endocrine system have similar reaction times. The endocrine system and the ...


Sorry to post this again, but I am still unable to understand it and need help. Please help.1) Using 3(x-3)(x^2-6x+23)^2 as the answer to differentiating f(x)=(x^2-6x+23)^3/2, which I have been able to do, I need to find the general solution of the differential equation dy/dx...

Potential Energy Q

Q A rollercoaster of mass 400 kg is stationary at the highest point on the track. It then drops to the lowest point through a vertical distance of 24 m. Calculate: a) the potential energy of the car at the top of the ride. b) the speed of the car at its lowest point, ignoring ...

Honors Pre-Calculus

It is known that when a car with wheels of radius 14 in. is driven at 35 mph, the wheels turn at an approximate rate of 420 revoulutions for minute. Show how to obtain this rate of turn. If you ride a bicycle a distance of 5 miles in 15 minutes at a constant speed and if the ...


I urgently need you to check these sentences. Thank you. 1) As our students we'll probably have to learn science in English in their last year of high school, we would rather they used English as the lingua franca for their Comenius project. 2) I think either your school or ...

spanish help please

A nosotros se ____perdieron las llaves del auto. answer nos Se me _____ (forgot) hacer la tarea anoche. answer olvida A Rita y a Pedro se _____dano la motocicleta answer les


3.29x=5.5√(x)+10,000 How in the world do I solve for x without using a calculator? I swear I've been on this for hours. I know the answer is 3133 because I estimated the answer and then began plugging in numbers until I got to the actual answer.


Which of the following is a good test-taking strategy for multiple-choice questions? 1.Answer C is almost always the correct answer, so pick C if you don’t know the answer. 2.Read the answers first, and then read the question. 3.When in doubt, provide two answers. 4.After ...


Ian's house is located 20km north of Aida's house. At 9am, one saturday, Ian leaves his house and jogs south at 8km/hour. At the same time Aida leaves her house and jogs east at 6km/h. When are Ian and Aida closest together given that they both run for 2.5 hours? The answer is...


Ok I'm on castle learning and for homework this weekend we have to do #1-4 (assignments) that is due on Saturday @ midnight because that the time it will close and I need help on this question. My assignment is: Math 7 (Q1) Assign #2 - Fractions (i already did the others) Qs. ...

chemistry Damon check my calculation

25g of a sample of ferrous sulphate was dissolved in water containing dilute h2s04 and the volume made up to one litre. 25ml of this solution required 20ml of this solution required 20ml of n/10 kmn04 solution for complete oxidation. Calculate the percentage of f2s047h20 in ...


thanks DrB I got AgCl also Could you check this problem as well? If you start with .500 moles of NaF, how many moles of CaF will form? I got .250 that is correct as far as i know i got the same thing That's correct. Your answer is right. I can only assume you worked it right. ...

English - Check these?

Can someone help me check these? 1. The main purpose of a research paper is ____________. (1 point) to verify information to expand a body of knowledge*** to persuade the reader to commit to a course of action 2. Which of the following is NOT a guideline for choosing a topic ...

Physics - Half Life Question Check!!!

An ancient rock is found to contain 40Ar gas, indicating that 77% of the 40K in the rock has decayed since the rock solidified. Any argon would have boiled out of liquid rock. How long ago did the rock solidify? The half-life of 40K is 1.25 billion years. A) 2.6 billion years ...

chemistry(check my answer)

Which of the following will be affected by the addition of a catalyst to a chemical reaction? a)the value of the reverse rate constant, kr b)the magnitude of the equilibrium constant c)the value of the forward rate d)ΔHo e)the value of the forward rate constant, kf f)&#...


Can you please check the following sentences? I just want to make sure that the tense choice is correct. 1.Enter the airport and look at the departures board to check your flight number and the departure time of your flight. 2.Go to the check-in desk to weigh your luggage. ...


Determine if the following sentences are: a. run-on b. fragment c. correct as is. 1. An appendectomy yesterday. Answer: b. fragment 2. When she felt better, the patient ate. Answer: c. correct as is 3. Her pain was evident on palpation the medication did not help even though ...

math - marginal analyis

A factory's output is Q=600K^1/2L^1/3 units, (read 600 x K to the 1/2 power x L to the 1/3 power). K denotes capital investment and L denotes the size of the labor force. Estimate the percentage increase in output that will result in a 2% increase in the size of the labor ...

Physics SHM

An automobile can be considered to be mounted on four identical springs as far as vertical oscillations are concerned. The springs of a certain car are adjusted so that the oscillations have a frequency of 4 Hz. (a) What is the spring constant of each spring if the mass of the...


Which of the following sentences displays a correct use of punctuation? A.The Dutch master, Rembrandt, is famous for his self-portraits. B.The Dutch master Rembrandt is famous for his self-portraits. C.The Dutch master Rembrandt, is famous for his self-portraits Pretty sure ...


which of the following is a chemical reaction? A) propane forms a flame and emits heat as it burns. B) Acetone feels cold as it evaporates from the skin. C) Bubbling is observed when potassium carbonate and hydrochloric acid solutions are mixed. D) Heat is felt when a warm ...

Math \ Algebra

Hello! Can you check my answers for these questions? Thank you in advance (= 1. The following ordered pairs give the scores on two consecutive 15-point quizzes for a class of 18 students. (7, 13), (9, 7), (14, 14), (15, 15), (10, 15), (9, 7), (14, 11), (14, 15), (8, 10), (9, ...


Hello! Can you check my answers for these 4 worksheet questions? Thank you in advance (: 1. The following ordered pairs give the scores on two consecutive 15-point quizzes for a class of 18 students. (7, 13), (9, 7), (14, 14), (15, 15), (10, 15), (9, 7), (14, 11), (14, 15), (8...

Dogs Hunting Training

Please check my answer thanks :) Which sporting breed was not developed in North America Chesapeake Bay Retriever Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Golden Retriever Ok I am not to sure about this one becase I have been told that the Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, Canada, is ...

Compisiton of Functions

Let f(x) = x + 4 and h(x) = 4x - 1 Find a function "g" such that "g compose of f equals to h" g(f(x) = h g(f) = h g(x + 4) = 4x - 1 g = (4x - 1) / (x + 4) But my answer is wrong, how do I retrieve the right answer? By the way, the right answer is "g(x) = 4x - 17"


Here is the problem I am working on and what I did so far: 4+m-3m First I did this: 4+(m-3m) Then I did this: 4+(-2m) I thought my answer should be: 4-2m The answer key says the answer should be: -2m+4 What did I do wrong?


First estimate answer then divide to find exact answer. Simplify all answers. 2 2/3 divided by 10 2/3 I don't understand how to estimate the answer.


Ok i need a little help. I have the answer to this question but i need to know how the teacher got the answer. How many grams of water are in a 100g of a 30% sugar solution? My answer is 70.


what is the derivative of y=ln (1-x^2)^1/2 so its hard for me to write all of my work on here but i got 1/2(1-x^2) as my answer and that is one of the choices but it is not the correct choice. the correct answer is -x/(1-x^2) how did they get this answer?


Can someone help me answer this question? I need to Combine the like terms. My teacher said I got a portion incorrect. Question~~ – ½ a + ¾ b – (a – 8b) My answer~~ -1/2a+1a 1/2a 3/4b+8b (3/4+8)b 8 3/4b The answer is 1/2a+8 3/4

Algebra 2

Q: What is the value of b in the equation 4^2b-3 = 8^1-b? My Work/Answer: Set each sides base to 2 2^2(2b-3) = 2^3(1-b) cancelled bases out solved for b my answer - 9/7 Is my work and answer correct Thank You


#1) Luis stated that when you are converting meters to centimeters your answer will be larger than your original number. My answer is yes because centimeters are smaller . (Is my answer OK ) #2) 8/9 + 1/3= 33/27= 1(12/27)= (I'm stuck here) #3) 6/8-2/6=2 (18/20) =2 (9/10) is ...

political science

1) Scenario: The President appoints Dan Evans to Senator Adams' seat when Adams resigns due to a personal scandal. This scenario is: a) Constitutional, because it is within the President’s powers to appoint Senators when one dies or resigns in the middle of his/her term. b) ...

teaching in early chldhood programs

A teacher is concerned about monitoring the progress of individual children in the second-grade classroom. What would be the best advice to give the teacher? A. Give a test periodically to see if the children have achieved according to the standards set. B. Use centers only ...

teaching in early childhood programs

A teacher is concerned about monitoring the progress of individual children in the second-grade classroom. What would be the best advice to give the teacher? A. Give a test periodically to see if the children have achieved according to the standards set. B. Use centers only ...

college algebra

A store sells cashews for $5.00 per pound and peanuts for $1.50 per pound. The manager decides to mix 30 pounds of peanuts with some cashews and sell the mixture for $3.00 per pound. How many pounds of cashews should be mixed with the peanuts so that the mixture will produce ...


using the following information in place of that in the book. The machine earns the company revenue at a continuous rate of 50000 t + 35000 dollars per year during the first six months of operation, and at the continuous rate of $60000 per year after the first six months. The ...

Poem: A Voice by Pat Mora

Could you please check my answers thanks 1.What happens when the mother goes to the state capitol to give her speech? Answer: When the mother goes to the state capitol to address her speech she wanted to hide her face. Also she faked hoarseness, and she felt her breath was ...

Design Logic and programming

write a program that ask the student to enter an answer to a math problem. The user should enter two values, one at a time, and then ask for an answer. The program should display if the entered answer is correct or not and display the correct answer if the user entered the ...


Sorry for posting another quesiton..; f(x) = { -7x^2 + 7x for x<=0 { 3x^2 + 7x for x>0 According to the definition of derivative, to compute f'(0), we need to compute the left-hand limit lim x-> 0− = _____ and the right-hand limit lim x->0+ ______ We conclude...


help me solve these problems please 1 1/2 - 3 2/5 + 8/15 - 2 2/3 (-4 7/12) - (-3 2/3)- 1 /24 + 2 5/8 -3 1/2 - (- 1 5/6) + (-1 1/12)+ 2 3/4 8-5*2+6/(-2) this i think i can get the right answer 8-10+(-3) -2+(-3)=-5 is that the rite answer 2 7/9/ (-1 4/81)- 11/17 -1.5 / (-3) + (-...

Algebra II

A math book said that the answer to (1 + 1/n) to the nth power was 2.5 when n=1. It seems like the wrong answer to me and that the answer should be 2. Please let me know if I am right or explain if I am wrong.

Middle school algebra

Please help: Problem: 14 divided by a number is 21. What is the number? my teacher says the answer is 2/3 but I don't get that answer. I set it up: 14/n= 21 Then tried solving as: (n/14)(14/n) = 21/14 My answer = 1 1/2 What am I doing wrong? Thank you


Could you check my answers and if wrong, suggest the right one. 1. In gas chromatography, two measurements are made. Identify the qualitative and quantitaive measurements. dye color and retention time 2. Why are components such as polymers like starch and cellulose unsuited to...

Language Arts ~CHECK MY ANSWERS~

1.) Resilient people usually a. complain when they have bad luck. b. bring good luck to others. c. are able to deal with setbacks. • My Answer: (B- brings good luck to others.) 2.) When the speaker refers to pausing to “enjoy the view / of the trees and the flowers below...

Spanish Check

Hi! Can someone check these for me? Thanks! Directions: Label each sentence with the correct tense they are in. They translate it into full Spanish. 1.) I will study. (Future) (Translation: Estudiare) 2.) Mom made tacos. (Present) (Translation: Mama hizo tacos) 3.) I’m happy...

social studies

Hi, Can you help please? I usually have my answer ready and ask you to check it , but this time I cannot find it? The question is--- What difficulties did the North face from its own people? This is a question from a worksheet of 12 questions and it is from the chapter about ...

SS7R - HW Qs. Check (Q2)

TRUE OR FALSE The North and South were always able to compromise therefore the Civil War should never have occurred answer - false the south was prone to start fights with the north no matter what. They encouraged the war, because not only were they in favor of slavery, they ...

Leadership-Check #2

Please check: I believe the essential qualities a leader must possess are to set a vision and to be able to lead. A leader must be able to set a vision to seek for improvement. Seeking for improvement helps make the idea grow better and better. A leader must be able to lead in...


The wind chill factor represents the equivalent air temperature at a standard wind speed that would produce the same heat loss as the given temperature and wind speed. One formula for computing the equivalent temperature is 𝑡 W(t) = {33 − (10.45+10√𝑣...

language arts(CHECK ANSWERS)

PLEASE CHECK MY ANSWERS /.,. the dependen clause that best completes the sentence below. jeff and his parents went to a nice Italian restaurant________. A.located down town near the river.(I PICK THIS) B.even though his mother prefers Chinese food. C.after his piano ...


Writeacher, I urgently need you to check these sentences. Thank you. I need you to check if the instructions are correct. 1. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets. 2. Turn the sentences into the passive. Mention the agent when necessary. Examples...


Can someone please check my work on this problem? For some reason, I get the feeling that I did it wrong. sqrt=square root (by the way) 3-sqrt10 sqrt5+sqrt2 -------- * ---------- sqrt5-sqrt2 sqrt5+sqrt2 (3-sqrt10)(sqrt5+sqrt2) = ----------------------- 5-2 3sqrt5+3sqrt2-sqrt50...


Can you please tell me if the following expressions are possible? 1) Would it be all right with you if I got my book from the other room? I left it in my backpack. 2) Can you wipe the blackboard off? 3) You should return the book to the library in two week's time. 4) Can you ...

English Check

In the discussion, answer the question: Which of the following characters served as the antagonist in "The Cold Equations"? •Barton •Marilyn •Commander Delhart •Records •Gerry Use evidence from the text in the form of examples and explanations to support your ...

Language Arts (ASAP)

3. In "All Together Now," Jordan uses appeals to emotion and appeals to reason to try to persuade her readers that her views are important. In a paragraph, cite one example of each kind of appeal in her work. Then, explain whether you find Jordan's appeals convincing, ...


If g(x) is continuous for all real numbers and g(3) = -1, g(4) = 2, which of the following are necessarily true? I. g(x) = 1 at least once II. lim g(x) = g(3.5) as x aproaches 3.5. III. lim g(x) as x approaches 3 from the left = lim g(x) as x approaches from the right A. I ...

More Algebra 2

It would be great if, again, someone would check these answers for accuracy. I'd like to know if I'm doing them right. 1) What equation defines an exponential decay function? a) y=x^pi b) y=pi^-x c) y=(1/pi)^-x d) y=pi times x I think the answer is c. 2) Suppose a lake is ...


The fuel efficiency, E, in litres per 100 km, for a car driven at speed v, in km/h is E(v)=1600v/(v^2+6400). a) Determine the legal speed speed that will maximize the fuel efficiency if the speed limit is 50 km/h. The answer is 50 km/h but my teacher said it can't be that. Any...


A 4400 kg car can acceletare from 0-25 m/s in 4 seconds. What force must the engine created to accomplish this acceleration? 176 N 1100 N 17600 N 27500 N An elevator is moving up with an acceleration of 3.36 m/s squared. What would be the apparent weight of a 64.2 kg man in ...


Could someone check my answer: the question is: The equation y= 12x +5 shows the total cost for ordering tickets on the phone for a certain outdoor concert. Tickets are $12 each, and there is a one-time service fee of $5. Can the slope of this line be thought of as a rate? ...


Thanks for your help! I have questions of subject math. What is 100 divided by 50? So 100 is the dividend and 50 is the divisor And answer is 50 Am I correct? What do you call the answer of the division problem? Your answer of 50 is correct. The answer in a division problem is...


given PCl5(g)+heat <-> PCl3(g)+Cl2(g) a. addition of cl2 answer : would shift to the left b. increase in pressure: answer: ? c. removal of heat answer: ? d. Removal of PCl3 as it forms answer: ? please help! thanks!


CHECK ANSWERS PLEASE ********************************** Paula asked 30 students what they ate for lunch. All the students had at least a sandwich, salad or fruit. ********************************* QUESTION A Draw a Venn Diagram. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * THIS IS THE ...


A density curve like an inverted letter "V" The first segment goes from the point (0, .6) to the point (0.5, 1.4). The second segment goes from (.05, 1.4) to (1, .6) Find the percent of the observations that lie below .3 I have no idea how to do this If you could tell that ...

Chemisty-Freezing Points

The freezing point of benzene is 5.5°C. What is the freezing point of a solution of 8.50 g of naphthalene (C10H8) in 425 g of benzene (Kf of benzene = 4.90°C/m)? delta T = Kf m m = mols/kg solvent. Change 8.5 g naphthalene to mols and 425 g benzene to kg. That will get delta...


this homework is due in one hour and i have no idea how to answer these questions. 1. A car is traveling at 50 mi/h when the brakes are fully applied, producing a constant deceleration of 20 ft/s^2. What is the distance covered before the car comes to a stop? 2. A stone is ...


f(x+k,y)-f(x,y)/k when f(x,y)=4x^2y




f(x)=2x^2-x g(x)=3x+2 f*g= g*f= f*f= g*g=


f(x)=x+1/x g(x)=x+1/x+2 f of g? g of f? f of f? g of g?


How do you do it








x^2/3 (x-9)




y = ln(3x+5), then d^2y/dx^2 = a. 3/(3x+5) b. 3/((3x+5)^2) c. 9/((3x+5)^2) d. -9/((3x+5)^2) e. -3/((3x+5)^2)


f'(x) = (x^2-1)/x


Let f(x) = ln(((2x–5) / (7x+4))^(1/2)). f'(x) = ...


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