Calculus (Answer Check)

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  1. Mrs.Sue Math pls check :)

    I have to answer the follwoing question: Jades mother was making curtains for the dining room. She use 37 3/4 yards of fabric for the curtain panels. 13 2/7 yards of fabric for the valance. and 6ft 2in. of cord for the tiebacks. HOW many yards of fabric did she use to make the...
  2. grammar

    Choose the best answer: 1. The L-1, along with the L-3 and L-4, ( show, shows, showing ) some sign of degeneration. Answer: show 2. She did not know (whom, who, whomever) to see about the recurrent congestion. Answer: who 3. The patient's physician contacted the ...
  3. physics

    Vector V represents a displacement of 120 km at 29.0 degrees counterclockwise from the x axis. Write V in unit vector notation. Express your answer using three significant figures. V= _______ km i know the answer should be Vx=120cos29 and Vy=120sin29 but the question requires ...
  4. math

    What formula should i use for this problem.Or how should i solve it stock growth: A stock that sold for $22 at the beginning of the year was selling for $24 at the end of the year. If the stock paid a dividend of $0.50 per share, what is the simple interest rate on an ...
  5. Math

    Which is the best buy? (1 point) a. 16 ounces of hand soap for $2.40 b. 20 ounces of hand soap for $2.80 c. 24 ounces of hand soap for $3.00***??? d. 12 ounces of hand soap for $2.00 Check my answer pls
  6. calculus

    Constant annual percentage growth The function gives the value of a home in dollars in the year 2000 + t. Find the constant annual percentage change in the value of the home. Give appropriate units with your answer. Again, I'm not sure what function is being referred to here ...
  7. Calculus

    Two trucks start from the same point. One truck travels due east at a rate of 50 mph and the other trucks travels due north at a rate of 60 mph. At what rate is the distance between the two vehicles increasing 1 1/2 hours later? I think the answer is 55 mph because I added 60...
  8. calculus

    A car leaves an intersection traveling east. Its position t sec later is given by x = t2 + t ft. At the same time, another car leaves the same intersection heading north, traveling y = t2 + 3t ft in t sec. Find the rate at which the distance between the two cars will be ...
  9. english

    when was the decleration of independence sign Check this site for your answer.
  10. calculus

    A reservoir is in the form og the frustum of a cone with upper base of radius 8ft and lower base radius of 4 ft and altitude of 10ft. The water in the reservoir is xft deep. If the level of the water is increasing at 4ft/min., how fast is the volume of water in the reservoir ...
  11. math

    20.46 * 4 = 81.86 Round the answer to 1 decimal place what is the answer? My answer is 81.8 if not please tell me why and how?
  12. Math

    Find each function value. h(x) = x^2 - 8x + 1 h(-1) plug in My answer is 8. The correct answer is 10 ? I don't how the answer is 10
  13. Math

    The variable d represents the cost of a customer's meal, in dollar. The following expression represents the amount paid, including tax. d + 0.18d F. The cost plus eighteen percent of the cost G. the cost minus eighteen percent of the cost H. the cost plus eight percent of the ...
  14. math

    The two cereal boxes shown have corresponding edges in a ratio of 2:3.If the smaller box sells for $2.50 and the larger box for $4.00, which is the better buy? Why? What assumption(s) do you have to make when solving the problem? Estimate, then check. I think the answer is the...
  15. Science

    During a space shuttle landing, a parachute deploys from the back of the shuttle as it taxis down the runway. In addition to the speed brake, the parachute helps the shuttle come to a complete stop. How does the parachute help during this process? A. It increases the weight of...
  16. Calculus (pleas help!)

    Consider the function f(x)=12x^5+60x^4−100x^3+4. For this function there are four important intervals: (−INF,A], [A,B] ,[B,C] , and [C,INF) where A, B, and C are the critical numbers. Find A, B, and C. At each critical number A, B, and C does f(x) have a local min...
  17. Math: Pre-calculus

    A rancher wants to build a rectangular pen with an area of 180 . Let W be the width of the pen and L be the length of the pen. a) Find an equation for the perimeter P in terms of W and L . b) Use the given area to write an equation that relates W and L . c) Find the pen ...
  18. Calculus check

    The functions f and g are given by f(x)=sqrt(x^3) and g(x)=16-2x. Let R be the region bounded by the x-axis and the graphs of f and g. A. Find the area of R. B. The region R from x=0 to x=4 is rotated about the line x=4. Write, but do not evaluate, an integral expression the ...
  19. Bio + check!!

    The following statement describes, in random order, events during the transmission of a nerve impulse. Use them to answer the next \g question(s). Event 1: Positive ions flow into the neuron. Event 2: The resting potential of the cell membrane is restored. Event 3: The cell ...
  20. check+ please!

    The following statement describes, in random order, events during the transmission of a nerve impulse. Use them to answer the next \g question(s). Event 1: Positive ions flow into the neuron. Event 2: The resting potential of the cell membrane is restored. Event 3: The cell ...
  21. algebra

    There are 50 questions to answer in a triva contest. Each player starts with 100 points. He or she earns ten points for each correct answer but will lose four points for each incorrect answer. Each player must answer all 50 questions. What is the fewest number of questions a ...
  22. Math check please

    2 rectangles have equal areas determine the area of each rectangle then use this info to determine the perimeter. rectangle one: length of 2p + 3 width of 3.8 after my work i got p= 1.5 so the area is 14.4 and the perimeter is 19.6 is it correct? rectangle 2 : length of 6-p ...
  23. social studies

    3. By 1700, the British East India Company had founded A. Madras. B. Madras, Calcutta, and Bombay. C. Calcutta. D. Madras and Calcutta. Student Answer: B Answer: Incorrect Reference: 7. In the 1500s, if you were searching for a sophisticated cosmopolitan urban center of ...
  24. calc check: hooke's law

    A force of 27N is required to maintain a spring stretched from its natural length of 12cm to a length of 15cm. How much work is done in stretching the spring from 15 to 25cm? and this is what i did.. please check to see if i did it correctly.. thanks :) f=27N 12cm to 15cm f(x...
  25. Maths - Differentiation

    A function is defined by y= x^3/48 + 1/x (A) Find dy/dx - my answer: 1/16x^2-x^-2 (B) Find d^2y/dx^2 - my answer: 1/8x+2x^-3 C) use your answer to (A) to find the x coordinate of the two stationary points. D) use your answer to (B) to determine whether each point is a maximum ...
  26. Calculus

    Part of a circuit has two resistors connected in parallel as shown in the figure. R(1) is a constant resistor of 10 ohm, while R(2) is a variable resistor with resistance that varies at a rate of 2 ohms per minute. The total, or effective, resistance, R, provided by this ...
  27. calculus

    Part of a circuit has two resistors connected in parallel as shown in the figure. R(1) is a constant resistor of 10 ohm, while R(2) is a variable resistor with resistance that varies at a rate of 2 ohms per minute. The total, or effective, resistance, R, provided by this ...

    Given the following heats of combustion. CH3OH(l) + 3/2 O2(g) -> CO2(g) + 2 H2O(l) ΔH°rxn = -726.4 kJ C(graphite) + O2(g) ->CO2(g) ΔH°rxn = -393.5 kJ H2(g) + 1/2 O2(g) -> H2O(l) ΔH°rxn = -285.8 kJ Calculate the enthalpy of formation of methanol (...
  29. English

    Write the vocabulary word that goes with each idea. Glared - legendary - muttered - gaped -flinched- fluke - snickering - stunned. 1/.............stared at angrily. Answer: glared 2/..........something so great that stories are told about it. Answer:legendary 3/..........said ...
  30. English

    Writeacher,can you please check if everything is correct? Thank you. 1) Can you give me a hand to finish this exercise, please? 2) The answer to your question is on he tip of my tongue. 3) Behave yourself! Don't shrug your shoulders! 4) I can't see at a distance. I think you ...
  31. Math Please help Ms. Sue

    How can you determine if the given lines are perpendicular? Line 1: (-1,3) and (3,-3) Line 2: (-3,0) and (3,3) A)determine if they have slopes with opposite values*** B)determine if they have the same slope C)determine if the product of their slope is 1 D)determine if the ...
  32. Math....Please help I have a deadline for tonight!

    Use the geometric sequence of numbers 1, 1/3, 1/9 , 1/27… to find the following: b) Using the formula for the sum of the first n terms of a geometric series, what is the sum of the first 10 terms? Carry all calculations to 6 decimals on all assignments. Answer: Show work in ...
  33. spelling

    some people say cats have 9 of these answer: moms, dads, and children make up these answer: they are in-between words in a sentence answer:
  34. literacy

    1Who narrates these poems? The Highwayman answer Robert W.service 2-The cremation of Sam McGee answer cap will 3-How I learned English answer
  35. Math

    Can you please answer me that question in order of operation : 4 to The 3 power Times 2 plus 145 minus 9 . I think the answer is 200. Plz answer
  36. Social Studies

    Question: Explain how members of the Reagan administration acted illegally to sell arms to Iran and aid the contras in Nicaragua. in a paragraph, give reasons for and against these actions, and evaluate their impact. Answer: The members of Reagan administration acted illegally...

    Al3+ is reduced to Al(s) at an electrode. If a current of 2.75 ampere is passed for 36 hours, what mass of aluminum is deposited at the electrode? Assume 100% current efficiency. a. 9.2 x 10–3 g b. 3.3 x 101 g c. 9.9 x 101 g d. 1.0 x 102 g e. 3.0 x 102 g Answer 2.75 A for 36...
  38. World History Answer Check (Ms. Sue)

    What group do Aristotle and Plato agree would make poor rulers? Why? A: Both authors agree that the rich would make poor rulers because, given that most lacked good and happiness in their lives, the wealthy would most likely set about fighting for power, bringing conflict that...
  39. Career Explorations - Please Check My Answer

    Please help me with the following questions: Nichole has been a police dispatcher who answers 911 calls. After working in this position in the police department for a while, she decides that she wants to become a police officer. Nichole would like to change her A. job pathway...
  40. Pre-Calculus

    If you solve the following system of equations by substitution, which statement is true? x = z x - 2y + z = 6 2x + y - 2z = 1 A. You can substitute z for x into the second and third equations. B. You can substitute x for z into the second and third equations. C. Both methods ...
  41. Calculus

    Consider the function f(x)=xlnx. For the following questions, write inf for ∞, -inf for −∞, and None if no such answer exists. a.) The domain of this function is . b.) The x-intercept is . c.) f′(x) = . d.) f(x) is increasing on the interval and ...
  42. Calculus

    A steady wind blows a kite due west. The kite's height above ground from horizontal position x = 0 to x = 80 ft is given by the following. y = 150 - (1/40)(x-50)^2 Find the distance traveled by the kite. y = 150 - (1/40)(x-50)^2 y = 150 - (1/40)(x-50)(x-50) y = 150 - (1/40)x^2...
  43. dog behavior

    Please check my answer thanks so much :) When training a dog in a new command, when should you give the dog its treat? A. As soon as it completes the target behavior B. As you give the release signal C. As you give the target command signal D. When it's just beginning to ...
  44. Personal Finance

    You and your spouse both have good retirement plans through work, and both receive social security checks based on your own incomes. If your goal is to maximize the size of your annuity check everymonth which option should you choose? A. Single Life Annuity B. Annuity for Life...
  45. spanish

    IMPERFECTO o PRETERITO Termina las frases: 1. De nini, yo normalmente.... my answer pasaba el mato con mis amnigos 2. Yo hacias la tarea cuando de repente el telefono my answer sonabamos 3. Mis padres miriban la television cuando yo... my answer havegabamos internet 4. El ...
  46. Algebra

    Hi this question was already asked but there is still no correct answer. I can't seem to solve this for x correctly...I got 128 over 55 as an answer which can't be correct. Please help me find the correct answer! Thanks The equation is: .05x-.6(x+2)=.08 Please show the work as...
  47. International Business: Please Check Answer

    Hi, Please help me! I need to know is these is the correct answer for these questions. Thanks for your help! Some countries try to hold the value of their currency within some range against an important reference currency. This is referred to as what? a. A dirty-float system. ...
  48. Calculus 12th grade (double check my work please)

    1.) which of the following represents dy/dx when y=e^-2x Sec(3x)? A.3e^-2x sec(3x) tan (3x)-2e^-2x Sec(3x)<<<< my choice B.)3e^-2x sec(3x)tan (3x)-2xe^-2x sec(3x) C.)3e^-2x sec(3x)tan (x)-2e^-2x Sec(3x) D.)3e^-2x sec(3x)tan (x)-2xe^-2x sec(3x) 2.)calculate dy/dx if...
  49. Calculus

    fter a foreign substance is introduced into the blood, the rate at which antibodies are made is modeled by f(t) = 27 t/8 t^2 + 3 where f(t) is in thousands of antibodies per minute, and t is measured in minutes with 0 ≤ t ≤ 60. Assuming that there are no antibodies...
  50. Repost- Calculus; someone please help

    Please help out. Thank you. A right triangle has one leg on the x-axis. The vertex at the right end of that leg is at the point (3,0). The other vertex touches the graph os y=e^x. the entire triangle is to lie in the first quadrant. Find the maximum area of this triangle....
  51. Word Problem

    I have a couple of questions. Could you please check one of them and help me with one? 1. You have a 256 feet of fencing to enclose a retangular region. Find the demensions of the rectangle that maximize the enclosed area? This is what I did: a=xy 2x+2y=236 I subtacted 2x from...
  52. cultural diversity

    1. Prejudicial behaviors by young children, particularly in the 3 to 5 year age group, are not rooted in: A. Cognitive inability to fit new information and experiences into an existing belief system B. Observation and emulation of pro-social attitudes and behaviors on the part...
  53. Precalculus(Please check and help)

    Find the Equation. Please check the answers and help. Thanks! 1.) Ellipse with center (0,0), foci on x-axis; x intercepts; major axis of length 12, minor acis of length 8. I got : x^2/144 + y^2/64 = 1 2.) A parabola with vertex (0, 0) and focus (5, 0). I got : y^2 = 20x 3.) ...
  54. English(last one-please check)

    For the book, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, I have to answer this question: Q- 1. SETTING: give the time, place, and lenghth of the story. A- time: from Sunday to Friday; from the 1920s to a little before present-day; it begins at the end (Eddie's death) and continues on...
  55. English - check my answer, please.

    "When they came to our house to visit, although they had never met either of us before, the governor and his wife were nice to my sister and I." This statement: (Points : 1) includes an inappropriate use of a comma. includes a lack of agreement between subject and predicate. ...
  56. Calculus

    Determine the polar form of the complex number 3 - 2i. Express the angle theta in degrees, where 0 < theta < 360°, and round numerical entries in the answer to two decimal places. 326.31(cos 326.31° – isin 326.31°) 3.61(cos 326.31° – isin 326.31°) 326.31(cos ...
  57. Calculus-math

    If g(x) is the inverse of f(x), g(x)=f^-1(x), such that g(3)=5 and f'(5)=4 what is the value of g'(3)????? :O 2. If g(x)is the inverse of f(x), g(x)=f^-1(x), such that f(3)=15,f(6)=3,f'(3)=-8,and f'(6)=-2. What is the value of g'(3)???????? Calculus--
  58. math

    What is the line of thought or sequence of thought for solving simple algebraic expressions? When I'm asked to solve the expression (5k)k^3....first I check with my list of exponent rules, and there are always a few that could be used to solve the expression.I just don't know ...
  59. 7th grade Science

    Can you check my answer below, please? Elizabeth did an experiment to test the effect of salt water on rusting rate of a nail. She put 3 nails in the same bowl of salt for one week. How could she improve her experiment? Ans: 1) place each nail in a separate bowl with different...
  60. Calculus

    Hello. I'm having problems with a couple of Calculus questions that involve maximums of geometric shapes. The first one is: 1. Find the dimensions and minimum volume of a right circular cone which can be circumscribed about a sphere of diameter 8. What I have is used similar ...
  61. French

    We just learned about the pronouns leur and lui. I really don't understand them but I attempted the homework so could you please check these thanks. Part 1 Directions: Rewrite each sentence replacing the italicized words with a pronoun. (the italicized word I will put in ...
  62. Finance Math

    Rhonda Brennan found her first job after graduating from college through the classifieds of the Miami Herald. She was delighted when the offer came through at $22.00 per hour. She completed her W-4 stating that she is married with a child and claims an allowance of 3. Her ...
  63. Macroeconomics* Please check my answers*

    If real GDP per capita grows at a rate of 5% per year consistently over time, how many years would it take for it to double in size? 5 10 My answer 14 70 The purpose of indexing Social Security payments to the CPI is to ______. increase corporate profits justify continued ...
  64. Science 8A Check Answers

    Will someone please check my answers as I need lots of help in science. 1. Which of the following is an example of matter? A. leaves B. shadow C. light from the sun* D. sound 2. Which of the following is an example of a chemical property of matter? A. ability to melt B. ...
  65. Calculus

    A small aircraft starts its descent from an altitude of 1 mile, 4 miles west of the runway. a) Find the cubic f(x) = ax3 + bx2 + cx + d on the interval [-4,0] that describes a smooth glide path for the landing. b) If the glide path of the plane is described by the function in ...
  66. Chemistry

    Can someone just check this one for me? The neutralization reaction between Al(OH)3 and HNO3 produces a salt with the formula Al(NO3)3 + H2O Yes and no. It DOES produce a salt and that salt is Al(NO3)3 with the formula you have. However, the H2O, although a part of the ...
  67. English

    1) If you listen to a normal conversation in English you will realise that large sections fall into (??) perfect iambs. An iamb is the most common stress pattern in English and consists of (is made up of??) an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed one. 2)Do you know where...
  68. question

    Which sentence has a preposition-related error? 1.There was a fight between the two men. 2.The Cerritos Center is near to my office. 3.They gave a party for Mary and me. 4.The report was sent to everyone except her. One of those sentences has TWO prepositions, next to one ...
  69. Math

    Lucia is hoping that Angela will buy her a geometrically interesting piece of land on which he will build a mansion. Lucia has said that she will only buy the land if it costs less than $4.00 per square foot. The plot shown below is listed for $453,175. Is Angela going to be ...
  70. Chemistry

    The Solvay process for the manufacture of sodium carbonate begins by passing ammonia and carbon dioxide through a solution of sodium chloride to make sodium bicarbonate and ammonium chloride. The equation for this reaction is H2O + NaCl + NH3 + CO2 → NH4Cl + NaHCO3. In ...
  71. Science Please Check

    Please Check 1. How does nanotechnology help engineers make products for the future? a. By changing a materials atomic structure, it can be made from elements that are easier to obtain.*** b. By changing a material's atomic structure, its physical properties can also be ...
  72. English

    Can you please check these questions? Thank you very much. 1) Answer the following questions on literature. 2) Answer two of the following questions on the theme "fashion". 3)The Reformation derived (arouse?) from Henry VIII's quarrel with the Pope. 4)As a matter of fact, he ...
  73. math

    solve and writein simplest terms: 3 yards 1 foot 10 inches+ 5 yards 2 feet 4 inches 8 yards 3 feet 14 inches 8 yds 4 feet 2 inches 9 yards 1 foot 2 inches. check that. you need to convert everything into inches 1 yard = 16 inches 1 foot = 12 inches The answer would be: 178 inches
  74. chemistry titration (check my thought process)

    can someone check my answers here for my lab... so i have 3.234*10-4 moles of ca2+ and mg2+ ions and used 0.02450L of edta so my molarity of both ions is 0.01320 M. and now we had to find calcium, i used 0.01655 L of edta, can i use the same # of moles (3.234*10^-4) to find ...
  75. Geog

    In one minute of time how far does the earth rotate in minutes or seconds of longitude? Please use the answer I posted in my last answer to calculate this answer.
  76. Math

    Can someone tell me how they got the answer. Problem: 9^(x+6)=7x My answer was: -52.458 The correct answer is: -51.138 I have checked my input on my calculator, and cannot figure it out.
  77. algebra

    The square that I am supposed to complete is x^2+15x, and the answer is (x+15/2)^2. How does this answer account for the 15 separate from the 15^2? I am confuzzled. Same thing goes for x^2-7x the answer is (x-7/2)^2, but I don't see what happened to the original -7. Thanks for...
  78. Math

    How do you solve this? I have tryed so many times and can not get the right answer. (1.65-1.05)^2/0.4+0.8 The answer is suppose to be 1.7 but everytime I do the problem i don't get anything near that answer. Help would be greatly appreciated.
  79. gr.10 math

    could you please show me the steps to solve this equation?I looked at the answer in the back of our textbook but i keep getting the wrong answer. 5(2y+1)-(5y-2) answer=5y+7. thanks so much!
  80. Math

    Convert this measurement to hundreth of a kilometre. 26 mi 385 yd. Could you please show formula on how you got this answer? I am stuck I keep getting the answer as 16 km but the answer is supposed to be 42.19 km Thank you
  81. Math

    Use distributive property and simplify the expression. 4 + 2(3x - 1) + 9 - 6x + 15 - 5x + 14 - 3x + 14 - 6x + 11 *my answer* I wanna make sure my answer is right. 3.82e+7 (there is no multiple choice) my answer is 38200000
  82. algebra 2

    Subtract the following polynomials, then place the answer in the proper location on the grid. Write the answer in descending powers of x. (-6.7x2power + 2.3x y + 5.2) - (-14.9x 2 - 3.5x y + 7.1) my answer 8.2x2power+5.8xy-1.9
  83. American National Government

    How does the other branches of government "check" the judicial branch in order to keep it from becoming too powerful? My answer is: The President puts forward the nomination for the judges and the Senate confirms them, this is considered to be a part of checks and balances. ...
  84. English

    1. There are some naughty students in class. So you need to discipline them. What will you do if one student makes noisy during the class? - First, I will tell him to be quiet softly. If he continues making noise, I will make him stand at the back. If he doesn't listen to me ...
  85. Pre Calculus

    As x increases from p/4 to 3p/2, the value of sin(x) : A.increases throughout the interval B.decreases at first, then increases C.increases at first, then decreases D.decreases throughout the interval E.none of the above please explain why the answer is as it is, I don't ...
  86. Spanish

    Can someone check my work? English: My cousin came over to play. We were running around the living room. My brother and cousin crashed into each other. And my brother cut the corner of his eye open. Spanish: Mi primo vino a casa jugar. Fuimos correr alrededer de la sala. Mi ...

    The most common ion dissolved in river water is chloride, carbonate, sodium, phosphate, or nitrate. I think the answer is sodium chloride but the answer has these two separated. Is the answer just sodium? No, the answer is not sodium. The answer is chloride ion. Later on in ...
  88. History

    1) As a result of the Spanish American War, the US gained control of what country? A ) Cuba B) Puerto Rico. C) Spain D) Hawaii My Answer ~B 2) "Yellow Journalism" during the late 19th century was marked by A) Sensational headlines B) Exaggeration C) Not relying on facts D) All...
  89. LEA 201

    Conduct an analysis of community policing with regard to the impacts pertaining to law enforcement administration. Thoroughly compare and contrast the aspects of community policing that are significantly influenced by the public interaction and political influence. As a police...
  90. language arts check answers please(5 Qs)

    please check my answers and thanks so much. Choose the best answer for each question. 1. if a person is given fanfare,which is most likely to happen ? A. he gives his friend a hug. B. he is sent tojail C. he receives a letter D. he is greeted by a cheering crowd. (i picked ...
  91. English

    Posted by rfvv on Tuesday, April 15, 2014 at 10:32pm. What will Sonya's family do this weekend? 1. They will plant potatoes. 2. Her family will plant potatoes. (Are both grammatical? Which answer is common?) ----------------- 1. On weekends what do Sonya and her family do? 2. ...
  92. Calculus

    How would you begin this problem? On a standard summer day in upstate New York, the temperature outside can be modeled using the sinusoidal equation O(t) = 11 cos (pi/12 t) + 71, where t represents the number of hours since the peak temperature for the day. For 0 less than or ...
  93. calculus

    Ice cream drips out of the bottom of an ice cream cone on a hot day at a rate of r(t) mL per second, as a child eats it slowly, where t is in seconds. If r(t) = 10 e^{-k t}, complete the definite integral expressing the quantity of ice cream lost in the first 3 minutes(s). (...
  94. Pre-Calculus

    I posted this question about an hour ago, got a response but still confused. Use the Law of Sines to solve for all possible triangles that satisfy the given conditions. (If an answer does not exist, enter DNE. Round your answers to one decimal place. Below, enter your answers ...
  95. Calculus 2

    A spring has a natural length of 25 meters. A force of 12 newtons is required to stretch the spring to a length of 30 meters. How much work is done to stretch the spring from it's natural length to 40 meters? -I forgot to add the 40 meters part to my other question here is ...
  96. Accounting help

    Bank Reconciliation Prepare a bank reconciliation as of October 31 send the following information: a. October 31 cash balance in the general ledger is $1688. b. The October 31 balance Sean thinks statement is $746. c. Checks issued but not returned with the bank statement ...
  97. English-(PLEASE CHECK)

    How does George show he protects Lennie when they meet the boss? My Answer- George answers all of the boss' questions himself to prevent the boss from finding out that Lennie was crazy and not smart and then not giving them jobs. Also, George tells the boss what a good strong ...
  98. Socias Studies

    which of the following is an advantage of a presidential government? A. the president is elected independently of the legislative brach B. The president is part of the legislative branch C. A system of checks and balances increases legislative power D. A system of checks and ...
  99. Calculus (Partial Derivatives)

    Using x hours of skilled labor and y hours of unskilled labor, a manufacturer can produce Q(x,y)=40xy1/5 units each week. Currently 20 hours of skilled labor and 243 hours of unskilled labor are being used. Suppose the manufacturer reduces the skilled labor level by 2 hours ...
  100. Computer Tech.

    Can you help with this question? 5,000 megabytes is equal to how many gigabytes? Check this site and multiply by 5,000. I looked at the site but I am confused. please help! 1,000 megabytes equals 1 gigabyte. Therefore...
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