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  1. calculus

    A man starts walking north at 2ft/s from a point P. Twenty-five seconds later a woman starts walking south at 3ft/s from a point 400ft due east of P. At what rate are the people moving apart 50 seconds after the woman starts walking? Do not include units in your answer.
  2. bio check my answer plz???

    Ideally, sustainable development should ___________. A)put the protection of the environment ahead of human needs B)provide for human needs at the expense of the environment C)use more natural resources to make goods to meet human needs D)preserve ecosystems while providing ...
  3. Civics - Check answer

    After the housing market collapse in the late 2000s, the U.S. economy suffered a downturn. In what ways could the Federal Reserve reduce the size of this downturn? A) It could raise the interest rates to double what they were. B) It could decrease the interest rates on banks ...
  4. calculus

    A common inhabitant of human intestines is the bacterium Escherichia coli. A cell of this bacterium in a nutrient-broth medium divides into two cells every 20 minutes. The initial population of a culture is 51 cells. (a) Find the relative growth rate. (Assume t is measured in ...
  5. Math check answer please

    Trains A and B are traveling in the same direction on parallel tracks. Train A is traveling at 40mph, B is traveling at 44 mph. Train A passes a station at 820am, train B passes the same station at 850. At what time will train B catch up to train A. My estimate is 924am
  6. Math

    A rectangular park has an area of 2_3 square mile. The length of the park is 22_3 the width of the park. What is the width of the park? this is the example of how they want them solving it The width of the room is 5/6 the length of the room. What are the dimensions of Kamal’...
  7. Math

    Simplify: 4^(-1/2) 4-1/2 = 1/41/2 = 1/2. check my work. On exponents, negative means reciprocal. 4(-1/2) means the same as 1/4(1/2) which is the same as 1/squareroot(4) so the answer is 1^4 no, of course not. The square root of 4 is 2 isn't it? so 1/squareroot(4) = 1/2. oh lol...
  8. Elapse time

    3h 40min 10 h 15 min Renaming 11:00 as 10 hours 15 minutes -7h 35 min Subtract the beginning time ------------------ 3h 40 min Subtract So I actually subtract all of it and not add the minutes right? So my answer should be 3h 20min right? How can I check if this is right?
  9. Calculus

    Two math students erect a sun shade on the beach. The shade is 1.5 m tall, 2 m wide, and makes an angle of 60° with the ground. What is the area of shade that the students have to sit in at 12 noon (that is, what is the projection of the shade onto the ground)? (Assume the ...
  10. calculus

    Please help, my live tutor and I could spent 2 hours trying to solve these two: find an equation for tangent line y=-1-8^2@ (-4,-129) find the derivative of the function:----we both kept getting the same answer, but Mathlab kept saying that it was wrong: -4lnl3xl/2+3x we did ...
  11. history

    can some one check my work? i can where is it It's the one with the one that says order the sequence. Hi! brie. My work is on the 2nd page. Count the BLACK dots next to everybody's name until you find the 35th dot. Check that work. You'll see it next to my name: MACK! :') ...
  12. SoCiAl

    1. How were British troops able to surprise the French at Quebec? a- climbing the walls before dawn b- storming the gates c- rowing into the seaport d- climbing a steep cliff is it a or b??? 2. Which statement BEST describes the mood of the Continental Congress in May, 1775? a...
  13. Math (Calculus)

    Hello, Could somebody please help me with the following question? It asks to differentiate the function below according to derivate rules of calculus such as the power rule (if f(x)=x^n, then f'(x)=nx^n-1), the product rule (if F(x)=f(x)g(x) then F'(x)=f(x)g'(x)+f'(x)g(x)) and...
  14. Algebra 1--Please, check my answer!

    Connor and Matt walks a 12-mile course as part of a fitness program. Matt walks 1 mi/h faster than Connor, and it takes him 1 hour less than Connor to complete the course. How long does it take Connor to complete the course? A: It takes Connor 4 hours to complete the course?
  15. Chemistry(Please check answers)

    1)What is the pH of a saturated solution of lead(II) hydroxide? The Ksp= 4.0e-15 Pb(OH)2 4.0e-15 = (x)(2x)^2 = 4x^3 I divided by 4 and took the cube root and got 1.12e-5 but I am not sure I took the cube root correctly. -log(1.12e-5)= 4.95 14-4.95 = 9.05 The answer choices ...
  16. culturally diverse

    An Asian parent may not emulate the early childhood teacher's practice of praising her son for his accomplishments because: A. Praising the child might bring him bad-luck B. The parent believes that absence of criticism is itself an appropriate form of praise C. The child does...
  17. English - check my answer, please.

    "Wondering what to do to avoid punishment and humiliation, now that she was fully alert; Judy took the eggs out of the carton, broke them into the skillet, stirred them with a fork, and cried." This construction: includes a comma splice. includes a lack of agreement between ...
  18. Science check my answer please

    In a famous letter to Robert Hooke, Isaac Newton wrote, "If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants." Which of the following does this quote best demonstrate? (Points : 1) the cumulative nature of modern knowledge of physics how physicists form ...
  19. Algebra II (check)

    Solve: sqrt3x+6 + 4 =< 7 sqrt3x+6 + 4 =< 7 subtract 4 from both sides sqrt3x+6 =< 3 subtract 6 from both sides 3x/3x =< -3x/3x x =< -1 (answer)
  20. Algebra

    Simplify the expressions and solve the equations 1. 2√3 - √12 My answer: 2√3 - 2√3 = 0 2. √(5p + 5)^2 = √(6p + )^2 I got the answer p = 4 3. √(28) + √(63) + √(175) This one seems so simple. I tried multiple times, but I can...
  21. Calculus - Urgent!!!

    In case this looks familiar, yes, it is a repost. I really need help. Find the anti-derivitive of f(x)= x^3(x-2)^2. Multiple choice gives me the options: A: 1/6 x^6 - 4/5 X^5 + x^4 + C B: 1/6 x^6 - 4/5 X^5 + 1/4 x^4 + C C: x^6 - X^5 + x^4 + C D: x^5 - 4x^4 + 4x^3 + C I got as ...

    Help. Am I right or wrong. The use of a plant crop to harness the sun's energy for conversion to energy sources is termed ___________ Bioconversion? Check these sites for your answer. http://www....
  23. #3 Fitness (Check answers)

    1) The first step in the decision-making process is to brainstorm all possibilities (my answer) evaluate the result act realize there is a problem 2) Evidence that you have accomplished a goal is an example of which step in the SMART goal method? specific measurable achievable...
  24. Calculus

    Find the rectangle of largest area that can be inscribed in a semicircle of radius R, assuming that one side of the rectangle lies on the diameter of the semicircle. NOTE: Let L denote the length of the side that lies on the diameter and H denote the height of the rectangle. ...
  25. math

    Could someone please check my History questions? Any help will be greatly appreciated! My answers are under the question... 3) Which of these would have been MOST likely to take the Oregon Trail? A) Native Americans migrating from the east B) Americans trying to settle on the ...
  26. math

    Order of Magnitude (I'm not quite understanding it) 1) trying to 0.0000000734 estimated as the product with a single digit power of 10.*No multiple choice* 2) Trying to find the numbers that a greater than 7 x 10^-4 (Choose more than one answer type question) - 8 x 10^-4 * my ...
  27. Business Check

    1. The majority of CEOs blame unethical employee conduct on: the breakdown of traditional religious institutions. a failure of leadership to establish ethical standards. the increase in lawsuits used to avoid personal responsibility. the nation's business schools that tolerate...
  28. Algebra Zero Product Rule

    I'm working with the zero product rule and I've somehow lost my way on a certain problem pattern. (x+8)(x-3)= -30 Is the pattern and the answer in the book says -2 or -3, but when I do the problem... x²+5x-24= -30 x²+5x+6= 0 (x+6)(x-1) x= -6 x= 1 That is how I factored it. ...
  29. science

    can please someone check my answer. which 2 statements are true A)Morse code, Huffman coding and run-length encoding are all examples of lossy compression. B)Lossless compression uses perceptual compression techniques to ensure that all the data can be recovered during the ...
  30. calculus

    N(t) = 650 1+649 e−0.5 t . (You may wish to sketch a graph of N(t) to help you understand this situation and answer the questions below.) (a) How many people will have heard the rumor after 2 hours? After 12 hours? (b) When will half the people have heard the rumor? t...
  31. Chemistry

    Can you please check my answer? Balance the following equation: Cl2 + KI --> I2 + KCl How many grams of Cl2 are used to form 6.8 g of KCl? So 6.8 grams of KCl divided by 74.55g Kcl x 1molCl2 divided by 2mol KCl multiplied by 70.91 g Cl2/mol.... 3.2 grams of Cl2
  32. Calculus

    Match each polar equation below to the best description. Each answer should be C,F,I,L,M,O,or T. DESCRIPTIONS C. Cardioid, F. Rose with four petals, I. Inwardly spiraling spiral, L. Lemacon, M. Lemniscate, O. Outwardly spiraling spiral, T. Rose with three petals 1. r=10-10sin(...
  33. Calculus

    Match each polar equation below to the best description. Each answer should be C,F,I,L,M,O,or T. DESCRIPTIONS C. Cardioid, F. Rose with four petals, I. Inwardly spiraling spiral, L. Lemacon, M. Lemniscate, O. Outwardly spiraling spiral, T. Rose with three petals 1. r=10-10sin(...
  34. Calculus

    Match each polar equation below to the best description. Each answer should be C,F,I,L,M,O,or T. DESCRIPTIONS C. Cardioid, F. Rose with four petals, I. Inwardly spiraling spiral, L. Lemacon, M. Lemniscate, O. Outwardly spiraling spiral, T. Rose with three petals 1. r=10-10sin(...
  35. Calculus

    Graph of a piecewised function is f(x)=1, x>0 and f(x)=-1, x<0 What is the lim f(x)=? x-->-3 I did the following: My f(x)=1, x>0 graph started from the point (0,1) and extended right infinitely. My (x)=-1, x<0 graph extended from the point (0,-1)infinitely ...
  36. Calculus

    Wouldn't this sequence be neither geometric and neither arithmetic? 0.0005, 0.005, 0.05, 0.5 I can'f find a pattern. And also this sequence, it doesnt look arithmetic or geometric 1/5, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 1,... And also this other question: The first three terms of the sequence ...
  37. Calculus

    The radius of Earth at the equator is approximately 4000 miles. Suppose a jet flies once around Earth at a speed of 5000 miles an hour relative to Earth. If the flight path is a negligible height above the equater, then among the following choices, what is the best estimate of...
  38. Health /Law

    please check my answer :) thanks Patty Smith is in labor, and her husband drives her to the ER of a hospital that parricipates in Medicare Patty has no insurnce The hospital should treat her until she is stable or transfer her to another hospital. I picked that the hospital ...
  39. Algebra 1

    17) Simplify [32/-8]/-1/2 Answer: -8 18) Add -7+(-9) Answer: -16 19)Solve 7(3x -2)=28 Answer:x=2 20)Solve using the addition principle 6.4=x-3.7 Answer:x=10.1
  40. Algebra check plz

    The shipping cost for an on-line company increases exponential based on the number of dollars the consumer has spent. It can be represented by the equation y = 0.003(2)x where x represents every $10 spent. Shipping charges will max out at $20. The company has decided that they...
  41. Chemistry

    When 0.643 g of Ca metal is added to 200.0 mL of 0.500 M HCl(aq), a temperature increase of 105C is observed. Assume the solution's final volume is 200.0 mL, the density is 1.00 g/mL, and the heat capacity is 4.184 J/gC. (Note: Pay attention to significant figures. Do not ...
  42. childcar

    1. The children in your class are working on an art oriojectthat requiresthe children to use a standard hair dryuer . Of the following locations, whioch one woukld be the safest place to put the hair dreyer while the children are working o the project? A. On the countertop B. ...
  43. Calculus help

    A car travels along a straight road for 30 seconds starting at time t = 0. Its acceleration in ft/sec2 is given by the linear graph below for the time interval [0, 30]. At t = 0, the velocity of the car is 0 and its position is 10. What is the total distance the car travels in...
  44. Calculus

    The monthly demand function for a product sold by a monopoly is p = 3750 − 1/3x^2 dollars, and the average cost is C = 1000 + 70x + 3x^2 dollars. Production is limited to 1000 units and x is in hundreds of units. (a) Find the quantity that will give maximum profit. (b) ...
  45. Calculus

    The monthly demand function for a product sold by a monopoly is p = 3750 − 1/3x^2 dollars, and the average cost is C = 1000 + 70x + 3x^2 dollars. Production is limited to 1000 units and x is in hundreds of units. (a) Find the quantity that will give maximum profit. (b) ...
  46. bookkeeping

    to complete tasks quickly and efficiently a operating system has many special components that are known as? (a)routines (b)scripts (c)system files (d)processes my answer is c to start a program from an icon you should? (a)click the left mouse button (b)double click the left ...
  47. calculus

    The voltage V (volts), current I (amperes), and resistence R (ohms) of an electric circuit are related by the equation V=IR. Suppose that V is increasing at a rate of 3 volt/sec while I is decreasing at a rate of 1/8 amp/sec. Let t denote time in seconds. Determine the rate at...
  48. calculus

    I needed help with these FRQ in my APCalc course. Any help or walkthrough would be extremely helpful - thanks in advance. Let f be the function given by f(x)=3ln((x^2)+2)-2x with the domain [-2,4]. (a) Find the coordinate of each relative maximum point and each relative ...
  49. history

    Offer evidence to prove that the Congo Free State violated Articles I,V,and VI of the Berlin Act of 1885. Check this answer.
  50. Grammar Answer Check

    Underline the direct objects in the sentences, or extracts from sentences. 1. The next day I visited a good friend of mine. Underlined: friend of mine. 2. With everything set, I opened the small door of the fly house. Underlined: door of the fly house.
  51. Calculus

    The gravitational force, F, on a rocket at a distance, r, from the center of the earth is given by F=k/r^2 where k = 10^13 newton • km2. When the rocket is 10^4 km from the center of the earth, it is moving away at 0.2 km/sec. How fast is the gravitational force changing at ...
  52. algebra

    i need you to check my answers for the following questions: use the table to answer problems 1 to 4. the table lists the commuting times for 5 people. write each ratio in the form a/b, and then as a decimal. tell whether each decimal is a terminating or a repeating decimal. ...
  53. Eng

    Which one of the following is a complex sentence? A. I would like to visit the Kinshasa, but I understand the city is unsafe for foreigners. B. As Jake was reading the letter from June yet again, the flight attendant t coughed gently to get his attention. C. Check out the ...
  54. Calculus

    The figure below shows a function g(x) and its tangent line at the point B=(2,6.8). If the point A on the tangent line is (1.94,6.87), fill in the blanks below to complete the statements about the function g at the point B. g(2)= _____ g(2)= _____ I found the slope and that ...
  55. Calculus

    Let f be the function defined for x >or= to 0 with f(0)=5 and f', the first derivative of f, give by f'(x)=e^(-x/4)sin(x^2). A) Use the graph of f' to determine whether the graph of f is concave up, concave down, or neither on the interval 1.7<x<1.9. Explain your ...
  56. calculus

    A golf ball is hit off the top of a cliff that is 75 feet tall at an angle of 45° to the horizontal with an initial velocity of 80 feet per second. The quadratic equation shown below models the height, h(x), of the ball when it is x feet from the cliff’s edge. How far will ...
  57. Health Law

    please check my answer thannks :) Dr Bob is on the staff at Patient hospital ,Inc he commits malpractice the plaintiff sues both the hospital and Dr Bob Assuming no fault on the part of the hospital which is the most complete and true.. 1. the hospital is liable 2. both Dr Bob...
  58. Algebra-Please check my calculations

    Could you please check my answers and help with the ones I can't figure out- 1. Solution to the radical function sqrt(1/2x+1) = 1 is x = 0 True or False I think it is true according to my calculations 2.Solve x = sqrt(8x) 8x = x^2 x^2 - 8x = 0 x(x-8) = 0 x = 0 x-8 =0 x=8 the ...
  59. English

    - Honey, what a smell? - The baby pooed. I have to change the diaper. I have only one pack of wet tissue. You have to buy wet tissue. - OK. I will buy wet tissue on the Internet. Check the condition of the diaper of the baby frequently so that he may not have a rash. - I know...
  60. Language Arts

    Join each pair of simple sentences to form a compound sentence. Use the conjunction that makes sense (and, but, or or) Put a comma before the conjunction. Write the compound sentence on the lines. 1. Julia loves sports. She cannot decide which one to try first. Answer: Julia ...
  61. Macroeconomics

    Please check my answers; stuck on a few questions on my homework. 1. In the long run, an increase in the supply of bank loans is matched by a __________ in the price level and the quantity of real loans is __________. A. rise; unchanged B. rise; increased C. fall; unchanged D...
  62. math

    March 1- $550 rent (check) March 2- $286 tuition (check) March 3- $200 paycheck March 4- 275 bookstore check March 5- $60 withdrawn from ATM March 6- $40 food (debit) March 7- $45 date desert March 8- N/A March 9- $40 gas March 10 - $200 paycheck March 11 - N/A March 12- $35 ...
  63. american government

    The Framers' most significant modification of the traditional doctrine of the separation powers? A)include a two-chamber legislature. B)define legislative power precisely, while defining executive and judicial power only in general terms. C)ensure that the powers of the ...
  64. Spanish-Please check SraJMcGin

    Hi, I redid some of the answers as suggested yesterday from someone who responded to my post. Could you please see if I did them correctly-Thank you- I made the corrections-someone yesterday redid a question but the questions shouldn't be redone-that's my homework-the answers ...
  65. Hard Calculus

    The gravitational force, F, on a rocket at a distance, r, from the center of the earth is given by F=k/r^2 where k = 10^13 newton • km2. When the rocket is 10^4 km from the center of the earth, it is moving away at 0.2 km/sec. How fast is the gravitational force changing at ...
  66. calculus

    A rock is thrown upward with a speed of 48 feet per second from the edge of a cliff 400 feet above the ground. What is the speed of the rock when it hits the ground? Use acceleration due to gravity as –32 feet per second squared and approximate your answer to 3 decimal places.
  67. English

    Read the thesis statement that follows. Identify why it is a good thesis statement. Government should provide health insurance because the costs of uninsured people damage the economy. A.It is interesting B.Everyone already knows it’s true. C.It mentions a broad topic, makes...
  68. Physics-Answer Check

    Three cars contain different masses inside them. They all move at a constant speed. What is the net force on each car? I think the net force is 0 on all the cars because there can't be any acceleration when they move at a constant speed.
  69. chemisrty

    which element results if 2 protons and 2 neutrons are ejected from a radium nucleus with atomic num 88 and mass num 226 how do i go about this please can you help If you can add you can do these. 88Ra226 ==>2X4 + zzYww. Now make the numbers add. Protons must be conserved. ...
  70. English - check my answer, please.

    "The study will be conducted with all haste by the Office of Public Mendacity; nevertheless, the Office will fail to blame the culpable." This statement: includes a shift in tense. *** includes a passive construction-one in which the subject receives the action of the ...
  71. Trigonometry

    A clown is juggling at a circus. The path of a ball is given by the parametric equations x=2 cos T + 2 and y = 3 sin T + 3. In what direction is the ball moving? Up and to the right counterclockwise down and to the right clockwise After graphing it and observing its ...
  72. Calculus (Help)

    Also I would like to know how to set this problem up in finding the answer: Find the second derivative. y= sqrt(3x+4) Thanks, P.S. I tried taking 3x+4 and squaring it to the 1/2. I thought that might've been the same, then I took the derivative of that and got 1/2(3x+4)^(-1/2...
  73. Calculus

    The sun is passing directly over an 80ft. tall building. The shadow is 60ft. long when the angle (theta) that the sun makes with level ground is increasing at the rate of .327 radians per minute. At what rate is the shadow decreasing. (express your answer in inches per minute...
  74. CellBiology

    For membrane-associated proteins, the consensus sequence _______ is found on the inchoate (new) polypeptide and ______ to halt. a. pribnow, replication b. signal peptidase, transcription c. stop-transfer peptide, transcription d. stop-transfer sequence, translation e. stop-...
  75. Biochem

    For membrane-associated proteins, the consensus sequence _______ is found on the inchoate (new) polypeptide and ______ to halt. a. pribnow, replication b. signal peptidase, transcription c. stop-transfer peptide, transcription d. stop-transfer sequence, translation e. stop-...
  76. Business Law

    Which of the following statements concerning business law is true? A laws provide a complete protocol of ethical behavior B ethical standards eventually become enacted as laws C Unethical behavior may be permissible by law *** D ethical behavior is agreed upon among the ...
  77. science double check answers

    1. What is the alignment of the Earth, moon, and sun during a lunar eclipse? A)Earth, sun, moon B)Earth, moon, sun C)Sun, Earth, moon** D)Sun, moon, Earth I know that for a lunar eclipse the earth is in the middle, so i just wanted to double check 2.A scientific law A)can have...
  78. history

    The following links provided weren't helpful.. I used them to discover parts of my answer though. Can someone check my answer and help me with questions 2? How does the Euthyphro Problem attack modern cognitive religion? Is there a response that would satisfy the problem? I ...
  79. Brief Calculus

    The position s of a point (in feet) is given as a function of time t (in seconds). s = −10 + t − 15t2;  t = 8 (a) Find the point's acceleration as a function of t. s''(t)= I know this answer, it is -30 (b) Find the point's acceleration at the specified time. ...
  80. Algebra II-Please check

    I'm sorry the computer jammed on an earlier post and I couldn't do anything-so here is the problem I need asistance with Please check and offer advice-I'm NOT SURE IF I USED CORRECT FORMULAS-thank you the problem is List the center, vertices, and foci of hyberbola for ...
  81. math

    A factory can produce two products, x and y, with a profit approximated by P = I think it's b but I'm not really sure. Can someone show me how to do this or let me check my answer? :) 14x + 22y – 900. The production of y can exceed x by no more than 200 units. Moreover, ...
  82. calculus

    Which has more area, the region in the first quadrant enclosed by the line x+y=1 and the circle x^2+y^2=1, or the region in the first quadrant enclosed by the line x+y=1 and the curve sqrt(x)+sqrt(y)=1? Justify your answer.
  83. math

    how manyyards are in a mile? 1760 I think There are 5,280 feet in a mile. There are 3 feet in a yard. 1 mi x (5,280 ft/1 mi) x (1 yd/3 ft) = ?? Note that the first factor cancels miles and changes miles to feet, the second factor cancels feet and converts to yards. The idea ...
  84. Poem: Hanging fire by Audre Lorde

    Could you check these answers thanks. 1. Did you feel more or less sympathy with the girl speaking in "Hanging Fire," than with the one speaking in "Young," explain your answer. Answer: I felt more sympathy with the girl in "Hanging Fire," because she's fourteen, and she has ...
  85. Calculus HARD NEED HELP

    The volume of a cone of radius r and height h is given by V=(1/3)pir^2h. If the radius and the height both increase at a constant rate of 2cm/s at which rate in cubic cm/s is the volume increasing when the height is 8cm and the radius is 6cm. So The answer is 108 pi. Here's ...
  86. calculus

    Evaluating an exponential function The function gives the value of a home in dollars in the year 1980 + t. What was the value of the home in 1988? Round your answer to the nearest whole dollar amount and give units. You would evaluate for t=8. The units should be dollars. Your...
  87. Science-Plz Help (I have a Test)

    I need to check my answers!! Which of these is not in the family a. sound b. light c. infrared radiation (answer) d. radio waves When an electric charge is shaken to and fro in quick succession, the vibrating charge emits a. infrasonic sound b. Ultrasonic sound c. an ...
  88. 6th grade math

    Can you check the following problems? Tell if the problem can be solved by using GCF or LCM and then solve. 1. Joanne is campaigning for class president and plans to distribute 20 flyers and 16 buttons. She wants each classroom to receive an identical set of campaign materials...
  89. Calculus II

    Fed loves polynomials with rational coefficients and only such polynomials.Suppose f(x)=square root of x. Find a polynomial P(x) that Fred will adore so that, for any x in the interval [3,5], the difference between P(x) and f(x) is less than .01 Hint: The interval is [3,5]. ...
  90. Math 7 - HW Question Check (Q3)

    Kevin designs sprinkler system for his yard. One rotation of the sprinkler waters a circle with an area of 225(pi) square feet. What is the radius, r, of the circle the rotating sprinkler waters? a) 15 ft b) 25 ft c) 30 ft d) 47 ft Answer - A Why?: A = (pi) x r(2 to the second...
  91. math

    please check my answers A number cube with the numbers 1 through 6 is rolled. Find the given probability. 1. P(number < 2) (1 point) A. 1/6 *** B. 2/6 C. 4/6 D. 3/6 2. P(number ≥ 3) (1 point) A. 4/6 **** B. 1/6 C. 2/6 D. 5/6 3. P(complement of 4) (1 point) A. 1/6...
  92. geography

    Thank You and I did some more questions. Can you check them? 1. Is the Antarctic Circle north or south of the equator? South of the equator 2. All lines of longitude are measured east and west of what imaginary line? The Prime Meridian. Ms. Sue the 9th grade Algebra question I...
  93. Statistics

    I am trying to double check my answer, I completed a spatter blot of an assignment, 20 student, variables study hours and final exam scores, the two I am suppose to predict would be study hours of 5 and study hours of 11. How would I put that in an equation to predict the exam...
  94. Check Business

    4. Which of the following companies faces the problem of undercapitalization? A large corporation that has been hit with a major lawsuit because one of its products has a design flaw that has led to serious injuries. A small new company struggling because it has insufficient ...
  95. Calculus

    Calculus If V volts are measured across a resistance of R ohms in a circuit carrying a current of I amperes, V=IR. At a certain instant, the voltage is 250 and is increasing at a rate of 4 volts/min, while the current is 0.5 AMP and is increasing at a rate of 0.01 amp/min. ...
  96. Math: please check

    Consider a bowl containing 36 different slips of paper. Ten of the slips of paper each contain one of 16) the digits from the set 0 through 9 and 26 slips each contain one of the 26 letters of the alphabet. If one slip is drawn at random, what is P(odd number or a consonant)? ...
  97. Pre Alg (Check my work?)

    1.) In which Quadrant is the point (x,y) located if x is negative and y is positive? II III IV (MY ANSWER) I 2.) Point A(5,-10) is reflected over the Y axis. Write the coordinates of A'. (-8,-10) (8,10) (8,-10) MY CHOICE (-8,10) 3.) At the half-tame show, a marching band ...
  98. Physics

    A woman driving her car approaches an intersection and begins to accelerate just as the traffic light turns green. Her velocity is the function of time described by the equation: v(t)=2t^2-8t+10 (A) Use calculus to find her instantaneous acceleration at t=8.0seconds (B) Use ...
  99. Calculus

    Find the minimum distance between the curves y=e^x and y=lnx. Hint: Use the fact that e^x and lnx are inverse relationships. I have no idea where to start. Thanks! calculus - Reiny, Monday, January 18, 2016 at 9:02pm to get you going: let P(a , e^a) and Q(b, lnb) be the ...
  100. math

    The area of a rectangle of length l and width w is given by the formula A = lw. Ann's backyard is rectangular with a length of 36.8 yards and a width of 27.9 yards. Find the area of Ann's backyard. 36.8x27.9=1026.72area of ann's backyard can someone please check my answer?
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