Calculus (Answer Check)

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Choose the contraction in parentheses ( ) that correctly completes the sentence . 1/ She (don't, doesn't) know what to expect in the United States . Answer: doesn't 2/ Fortunatley, her aunt and uncle ( haven't, didn't) forgotten to meet her plane. Answer: didn't 3/ ( Didn't, ...


Find the roots of the following quadratic equations by factoring. y=x^2+9x-36 I got (x+12)(x-3) but on the answer key it says that the answer is this, however it renames the x values with opposite values. For example, the answer on the review for it has my answer, but the ...


I am given a table that shows the temperature of the water and the days, which looks like this: t(days) W(t) (in Celcius) 0 20 3 31 6 28 9 24 12 22 15 21 the temperature of the water in a pond is a differentiable function W of time t. The table above shows the water ...


Evaluate the indefinite integral. Please check my work? Not sure if I am doing this correctly. S= integral symbol S x^3*sqrt(x^2 + 1) dx u = x^2+1 x^2= u - 1 du = 2xdx du/2 = xdx 1/2 S x^2 * x sqrt (x^2 + 1) du 1/2 S (u - 1) * sqrt (u) du multiply square root of u and (u - 1) ...


if P(A)=.60, P(A/B)=.50, AND P(B)= .40, answer the following. 1) events A and B are independent =FALSE true or false or cannot determine 2) events A and B are disjoint =TRUE true or false or cannot determine 3) find P(A and B) =??????


Where did classical liberalism start? I know it started in Europe but was it Britain or France or both? I merely want to check my work. Bob Pursley do not answer this since you are so rude by suggesting that I want you to do my homework for me.

US History

PLEASE CHECK! && IF YOU HAVE ANY MORE INFO! What role did television play in the election of 1960? How does television effect elections today? My Answer>> In the election of 1960, the debates between the candidates was presented on the television. The television makes ...

math (please check answer)

Which of the following types of information is NOT suited for display on a scatter plot? 1. relationship between age and number of books read in a year*** 2. relationship between height and shoe size 3. relationship between calories consumed and body weight 4. relationship ...

Child Care Management

I have a questions that I have answered If some one could just check it Thanks. Neuron development and elaboration, which occurs between birth and age 10, is prompted by A.aural prompts from the family,school, and enviroment. B.physical movement on the part of the child. C....


a certain radioactive substance is decaying so that at time t, measured in years, the amount of the substance, in grams, is given by the function f(t)=3e^-3t. What is the rate of decay of the substance after half a year: I first found the derivative of f(t)=3e^-3t which is f'(...


A professional athlete signs a four-year contract in which the earnings can be modeled by c = 300,000 + 750,000t, where t represents the year. (a) Find the actual value of the athlete's contract. (b) Assuming an annual inflation rate of 4%, what is the present value of the ...

U.S. History

please check if my answer is correct Which was a provision of the Missouri Compromise of 1820 a. Missouri and Maine were denied statehood b. Western territories north of Missouri's southern border were closed to slavery c. Slavery could not spread to any western lands d. Free ...

Social Studies 7R - Question Homework Check

What is the Proclamation of 1763???? My Answer: The Royal Proclamation of 1763 was issued October 7, 1763, by King George III following Great Britain's acquisition of French territory in North America after the end of the French and Indian War/Seven Years' War. Is it correct????

algebra 1

select an appropriate unit from the choices below and connect the rate to that unit. answer a - ft /s answer b - mph answer c - mm/s answer d - km/s question : A car traveling at 36 ft/s


I have solved the following questions, let me know if they are correct, thanks. 1. Simplify, and write in the base of 3: (9^x . 3^4x)^2 answer: 3^12x 2. Differentiate and simplify a. y= 3x^4 - 4e^x + 8 answer: 4(3x^3 - e^x) b. y= (3 + 4e^x)^5 answer: 20e^x (3+ 4ex)^4 c. y= (e^...


A. Suppose you had an object that you suspected had a mass of one half of one of the washer+paperclip units. (In the rest of this problem we’ll call that a “washerclip.”) Describe how you could use the balance you used in tutorial and a single washerclip to check this. B...


I worked the problem out, but could you check my work over and see if it's correct? I used the quadratic formula. 2x^2+10x+11 a=2 b=10 c=11 x=-10(plus or minus) sqrt 10^2-4(2)(11) over 2(2) -10(plus or minus) sqrt 100 - 8(11) over 4 -10(plus or minus) sqrt 100-88 over 4 -10(...


A truck gets 377/x mpg when driven at a constant speed of x mph (between 25 and 75 mph). If the price of fuel is $1 per gallon and the driver is paid $8 per hour, at what speed between 25 and 75 mph is it most economical to drive? (Give your answer correct to the nearest full ...


A truck gets 377/x mpg when driven at a constant speed of x mph (between 25 and 75 mph). If the price of fuel is $1 per gallon and the driver is paid $8 per hour, at what speed between 25 and 75 mph is it most economical to drive? (Give your answer correct to the nearest full ...


A truck gets 377/x mpg when driven at a constant speed of x mph (between 25 and 75 mph). If the price of fuel is $1 per gallon and the driver is paid $8 per hour, at what speed between 25 and 75 mph is it most economical to drive? (Give your answer correct to the nearest full ...

Calculus Help

The formula C =5/9(F − 32), where F ≥ −459.67, expresses the Celsius temperature C as a function of the Fahrenheit temperature F. Find a formula for the inverse function. What is the domain of the inverse function? (Enter your answer using interval notation.)

Maths - check please

Fig.1. Shows a signwave on the its horizontal axis "Time in (ms)" means that time is measured in milliseconds. The time taken is 20 ms in total Question asks for frequency of the sinewave ? Cant really draw Fig.. here :-0( But the period is 5 milliseconds, the wave is repeated...


At 3:00 PM a man 144 cm tall casts a shadow 146 cm long. At the same time, a tall building nearby casts a shadow 171 m long. How tall is the building? Give your answer in meters. (You may need the fact that 100 cm = 1 m.)


For each value of h, evaluate the following function. Round your answer to four decimal places. lim h->0 (4+3)^(3)-64/h A) h=0.01 B) h=0.001 C) h=0.0001 D) h=-0.01 E) h=-0.001 F) h=-0.0001 For A I got 48.9 For B I got 48.99 For C I got 48.999 For D I got 47.9 For E I got 47...


For each value of h, evaluate the following function. Round your answer to four decimal places. lim h->0 (4+h)^(3)-64/h A) h=0.01 B) h=0.001 C) h=0.0001 D) h=-0.01 E) h=-0.001 F) h=-0.0001 For A I got 48.9 For B I got 48.99 For C I got 48.999 For D I got 47.9 For E I got 47...


For the ellipse with equation 5x^2+64y^2+30x+128y-211=0, find the cooridinates of the center, foci, and vertices. Then, graph the equation. my answer is: coordinates of center: (-3,1) foci:(-11,-1) and (4.7,-1) vertices: (-11,-1) (5,-1) (-3,-1+-square root of 5) not sure how ...


If it costs $75 to buy 3 video games, how much money will Jordan need if he wants to buy 12 video games? $75.00/3 video games=$25.00 for 1 video game $25.00 x 12 video games=$300.00 for 12 video games Can you please double check my answer to see if I got it correct. Thank you


The total weight of the shape blocks on both sides of Kim's pan balance equals 30 grams. Circles weigh 5 grams, squares weigh 10 grams, and triangles weigh 3 grams. The right side has circle and square. How many triangles are on the left side? A) 5 B) 4 C) 6 D) 10 Answer is 5...


Solve each equation. What am I doing wrong because the answer is suppose to be 11/2 and I don't get the answer. Here's what I'm doing... Problem: 2x+1/4-3x-4/5=1/2 I get: 10x+5-12x-16=10 Which gives me -2x=21 My answer is -21/2 the correct answer is suppose to be 11/2


which of the following elements would have the highest melting point?> a)K b)Mg C)Na D)al e)Ca Calcium would have the highest, follwed by aluminum, magnesium, sodium, lowest melting point-potassium. Please double check thank you i found that you are correct with the melting...

Stats- need someone to check

Doing this assignment and was wondering if i got the right answers According to the Census Bureau publication Current Population Reports, the probability distribution for household size (number of people per household, say X) in the United States is as follows. For the purpose...

algebra 2

A bag contains 7 blue marbles, 5 red marbles, and 9 green marbles. A marble is taken at random from the bag. What is the probability that the marble is blue or red? Please check my answer 12/21

Algebra 2 check

A sinusoidal function whose frequency is 3, maximum value is 12, minimum value is −6 , and y-intercept is (0, 3) . Which function could be the function described? f(x)=9sin(6πx)+3 f(x)=9sin(x3)−3 f(x)=9sin(3x)+3 f(x)=9sin(6πx)−6 <my answer


Lucia is hoping that Angela will buy her a geometrically interesting piece of land on which he will build a mansion. Lucia has said that she will only buy the land if it costs less than $4.00 per square foot. The plot shown below is listed for $453,175. Is Angela going to be ...


a particle starts at time t = 0 and moves along the x axis so that its position at any time t>= 0 is given by x(t) = ((t-1)^3)(2t-3) a.find the velocity of the particle at any time t>= 0 b. for what values of t is the velocity of the particle negative? c. find the value ...


f(x) = sin^2(x/2) defined on the interval [ -5.683185, 1.270796]. Remember that you can enter pi for \pi as part of your answer. a.) f(x) is concave down on the interval . b.) A global minimum for this function occurs at . c.) A local maximum for this function which is not a ...


Hello, could someone check my answers to the following 1.For the function f(x) = x^2 - 2x + 1, (a) find f(0) My Ans: (0) = 0² - 2(0) + 1 = 0 - 0 + 1 = 1 f(0) = 1 (b) solve f(x) = 0 My Ans: 0 = x² - 2x + 1 (x - 1)(x - 1) = 0 (x - 1)² = 0 x = 1 2. (Solve and check) The amount...

Math: Calculus - Vectors

A boat travels at a speed of 5 m/s in still water. The boat moves directly across a river that is 70m wide. The water in the river flows at a speed of 2 m/s. How long does it take the boat to cross the river? In what direction is the boat headed when it starts the crossing. ...

Algebra I

I'm stuck on this problem please help me find the range of this equation y = (x^2 - 4)/(x^2 - x - 12) I know that it is [1/3,-infintiy]U[?,infinity] yes I'm having trouble with that ? At first I was like ok there should be a horizontal asymptote at y=1 there is in calculus ...


MY first answers were wrong, if you could check my second answers that would be lovely!! 13. Positive energy balance is important when A. a child is growing. B. weight loss is desired. C. weight stability is desired. D. you're stressed. I thought it was C , My second guess ...

Math: please check

There are 30 fish in a pond. We know that 13 of these fish are males, 4 of these males are salmon, and there are 8 salmon in the pond. What is the probability that a randomly chosen fish is a salmon, given that it is a male? I think they are just asking about salmon and trying...

Calculus; Limits

The percentage of research articles in a prominent journal written by researchers in the United States can be modeled by A(t) = 26 + (36/1 + 0.8(0.8)^−t'), where t is time in years (t = 0 represents 1983). Numerically estimate lim as t→+infinity A(t). I calculated ...


A) How do you prove that if 0(<or=)x(<or=)10, then 0(<or=)sqrt(x+1)(<or=)10? B) So once that is found, then how can you prove that if 0(<or=)u(<or=)v(<or=)10, then 0(<or=)sqrt(u+1)(<or=)sqrt(v+1)(<or=)10? * calculus - Damon, Saturday, April 3, ...

Algebra 1A

3 with the check mark symbol that goes over 375 divided by 3 that goes over the check mark symbol that goes over 3. Sorry can't remember what that sign is


(a) Find the tangent line approximation for sqrt(9+x) near x=0. (b)Find a formula for the error, E(x),in the tangent line approximation found in part (a). For part A, is the answer y=3. For part b, I don't understand , any help would be greatly appreciated.

check my answer please

A ball of mass 2kg travelling in a straight line at 4ms^-1 is acted on by a force of 3N acting in the direction of motion for 5 seconds. What is the speed of the ball after 5 seconds? vf=vi+at but a=force/mass a = 3÷2= 1.5 vf=4+1.5×5= vf=4+7.5 vf=11.5m/s^-1 Is this correct? ...


The correlation coefficient between X and Y is the same as the correlation coefficient between Y and X. True - If you were to find the correlation coefficient with a given data set for x and y, it would have the same correlation coefficient value as y and x. Can you check if ...


Choose the best answer: 1.The number of spurs ( 'is', 'are', 'am') not identifiable. Answer: are 2. One of the injection sites on the biceps ( seem, seems, seeming) inflamed. ANSWER: seems 3. Digital examination of the lungs ( reveals, reveal, revealing) consistent pink tissue...

Math (please check my answer!!)

openstudy(.)com/updates/attachments/514a5d2ae4b05e69bfac38d2-mimisilly-1363828099165-ikk.png The dashed triangle is a dilation image of the solid triangle with the center at the origin. Is the dilation a enlargement or reduction? Find the scale factor. I know this is a ...


can someone check my answer thank you The following pie chart represents the eye color of students in a certain class.the chart say that 50% of students have brown eyes 17% is other and 33% is blue. If there were 66 students in the class, how many students had brown eyes? 31 ...


While blowing its horn of frequency 477 Hz, a car accelerates at 0.94 m/s2. The car starts from rest by your side and moves away. How many seconds does it take for the frequency you hear to decrease by 5%? Hint: Do not forget to include the time it will take for sound to reach...

Government US

38. Regarding Soviet foreign policy, President Harry Truman believed that the Soviet Union was a. an implacable foe that required direct opposition. b. a regional threat. c. not a threat to its neighbors, Europe, or the United States. d. likely to evolve into a true democracy ...

World History Answer Check (Ms. Sue)

1. What is the principle of minsterial responsibility? A: The chief executive officer, usually called the prime minister, was responsible to the popularly elected legislative body, not to the king or president. This principle is calls ministerial responsibiltiy. 2. What was ...

Check my answers Ms. Sue

A student made an electromagnet using a battery, electrical tape, and metal wire. Which of the following actions will NOT increase the magnetic field that is being produced?  (1 point) • changing the type of wire that has low resistance • making coils in the wire • ...

chemistry check

1. 48 KNO3+ _ C 12 H22O11-„³ ? CO2+ _ N2+ _ K2CO3+ _ H2O a. 12 b. 24 s c. 36 d. 48 The reaction is 48 KNO3 + 5 C12H22O11 --> 24 K2CO3 + 36 CO2 + 55 H2O + 24 N2 So the answer is C =36 2. 6 KNO3+ _ S + ? H2O„³ _ H2SO4+ _ N2+ _ K2SO4 a. 2 b. 4 c. 6 d. 8 The balanced ...

Business law

Would you be able to check my 5 answers: 1. The continued possession by a minor of a good after reaching the age of majority will be treated as an implied ratification of the contract by which the minor acquired that good Answer True 2. If a contract is held to be avoidable ...

cultural diversity

1. Native Americans are ambivalent about early intervention programs for children with disabilities because they: A. Have a high tolerance for human imperfection. B.have their own tribal healing ceremonies and rituals. C. Believe programs of that type result in greater ...

English - check my answer, please. Last one :)

"Dr. Smith had argued that the cure for insomnia could be found in the seeds of apples, and although it was not true, he had made money giving lectures." This statement: *** includes a shift in tense. is a sentence fragment. includes an inappropriate use of a comma. includes a...

math calculus

Find the absolute extrema of the function on the closed interval. Use a graphing utility to verify your results. (Round your answers to two decimal places. If an answer does not exist, enter DNE.) g(x) = (x^2 − 4)^2/3, [−5, 3] find absolute maximum (x, y) = ...


A particle is moving on a straight line in such a way that its velocity v is given by v(t)=2t+1 for 0≤t≤5 where t is measured in seconds and v in meters per second. What is the total distance traveled (in meters) by the particle between times t=0 seconds and t=5 ...


A professional athlete signs a four-year contract in which the earnings can be modeled by c = 300,000 + 750,000t, where t represents the year. (a) Find the actual value of the athlete's contract. =7200000 (b) Assuming an annual inflation rate of 4%, what is the present value ...


A professional athlete signs a four-year contract in which the earnings can be modeled by c = 300,000 + 750,000t, where t represents the year. (a) Find the actual value of the athlete's contract. =7200000 (b) Assuming an annual inflation rate of 4%, what is the present value ...

Calculus 1

A family wants to fence a rectangular play area alongside the wall of their house. The wall of their house bounds one side of the play area. If they want the play area to be exactly 1600ft^2, what is the least amount of fencing needed to make this? Round your answer to the ...

calculus...plz ans urgent

Find the dimensions of the right circular cylinder of greatest volume which can be inscribe in a right circular cone with radius of 5 inches and a hieght of 12 inches(hint:use similar triangle property).also draw a label diagram....plz answer its too urgent


Air is being pumped into a spherical balloon so that its volume increases at a rate of 80 cm^3 per second. How fast is the surface area of the balloon increasing when its radius is 9cm? * ball of radius r has volume V=(4/3)pi r^3 and surface area S=4pir^2 ** I try to do it ...


The volume V, in liters, of air in the lungs during a two-second respiratory cycle is approximated by the model V = 0.1729t + 0.1522t^2 − 0.0374t^3, where t is the time in seconds. Approximate the average volume of air in the lungs during one cycle. (Round your answer to...


i have to write chemical formulas and balance them: nitrogen and oxyen---> nitrogen monoxide N2+02---->2NO nitrogen monoxide and oxygen----> nitrogen dioxide gas. NO2+O---->NO2 (i'm not sure about this, please check) nitrogen dioxide and water----> nitrous and ...


hi im having trouble with this i think the answer is zero! can u guys double check ty if there are three blocks tied together, with a force enacted on the first block, the net force on the middle block is..... a. zero b. F/3 c. F/2 d. 2F/3 e. F This cannot be answered without ...

dog behavior re post

please check my answer thanks so much Which of the following best describes when extinction occurs A When a CS is repeatedly prsented and periodically followed ba a US B When a CS is repeatedly presented without the prsention of a US C CS and US are presented together D CS is ...

Assistance Dogs

Please check my answer thanks:) After a dog learns to perform a specific task, the task must then be generalized to various locations. The task must then be _______, so that the dog is able to perform the response despite any distractions such as crowds, noises, or moving ...

Math(Please check)

During the month of February, a flu epidemic hit the University. The number of people sick at time t (measured in days) is given by the function P(t). The rate at which the epidemic is spreading on February 3 is 110 people per day. How is the information best represented ...


If you could double check my answer that would be awesome :) which of the following is not part of the theory of evolution? Organisms tend to produce more offspring than can survive to reproductive age ** Organisms can acquire changes during their lifetime that can help their ...

biology /check please

(stimulus v. response)? Which of the following is a stimulus, which is a response? Thanks 1)the recess bell ringing in an elementary school 2)your mouth watering at the sight of food on a plate 3)a sudden drop in air temperature 4) a flu virus entering your body 5) getting ...

Math(Please check)

The value of an automobile was $15,780 in 1994 and depreciated to $5400 in 1999. Let y be the value of the automobile in the year x, where x = 0 represents 1994. Write a linear equation in slope-intercept form that models the value y of the automobile, x years after 1994. ...

Calculus II

With Taylor/Maclaurin polynomials Use the Remainder Estimation Theorem to find an interval containing x = 0 over which f(x) can be approximated by p(x) to three decimal-place accuracy throughout the interval. f(x) = sin x p(x) = x - 1/6 * x^3 The book answer is (-.569, +.569...


6. What is the derivative of y = square root of 3x ? a.dy/dx = square root of 3x/6x b.dy/dx = square root of 3x/2x c.dy/dx = 2 times the square root of 3x / 3x d.dy/dx = square root of 3x/2 okay i know the answer might not be there but which one do you think is best. I don't ...

Health/ Basic Clinical Procedures

please check mey answer thanks which of the following patient's need special attention by the medical assisnt while measuring height A 19 year old B 77 year old C 15 year old D 25 year old I think it is C because they are young,however the 77 year old may also need some help


Can someone please check my work? What color and season do you usually associate with.... 1. Valentine's Day? 2. the hot sun? 3. a pumpking? 4. snow? 5. grass? 6. flowers? I don't get how to answer these. Can you please do one as an example? Answer each question with a ...

algebra 2

I am taking an online class, and cant understand why when I calculate ona ti84 plus an answer I get decimal answer and my teachers answer is sq root, is there something I am not doing on my calculator? How do I convert. Example, teachers answer to the following was sin 315deg...

English - check my answer, please.

"Martha, Gates, and Zuggy lifted the piano onto the bed of the truck and Kate tied the legs to the frame with ropes and grounding cable and I watched from the sofa." This statement: includes an inappropriate combination of modifier and noun. includes a subject and predicate ...


1. Identify which description below is untrue of a good thesis A. A thesis mentions a broad topic. B. A thesis narrows the broad topic to a single statement C. A thesis very briefly mentions the factors that contribute to the writer’s position D. A thesis belongs in the ...


A drawbridge is l = 110 feet long when stretched across a river. As shown in the figure below, the two sections of the bridge can be rotated upward through an angle of α = 34°. a)If the water level is 35 feet below the closed bridge, find the distance d between the end ...


The total amount of interest on a loan of $6,000 for 150 days is 210.50.Using the ordinary interest method,what is the rate of interest on this loan?Round answer to the nearest hundredth. I know the ordinary interest method is 360 days. My anwser is 8.42% Could someone check ...


Check my answers please. 1)Which statement is an example of the Identity Property of Multiplication? a)8 • 0 = 0 b)8 • 1 = 8<<<< c)8 • –1 = –8 d)–8 • –1 = 8 2)Whats another way to write -3*(4+7)? a)-3*4+7<<<<< b)-3*4*7 c)-3*4+4*7 d)-3...

Algebra word problem

There are 50 questions to answer in a triva contest. Each player starts with 100 points. He or she earns ten points for each correct answer but will lose four points for each incorrect answer. Each player must answer all 50 questions. What is the fewest number of questions a ...

Calculus Exam

My calculus exam is on friday. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on doing well? I have severe test anxiety and it seems as though no matter how much I prepare I still do poorly. Does anyone have any suggestions for overcoming this?? I cannot afford to fail this exam ...


The Estradas are planning to buy a house 5 years from now. Housing experts in their area have estimated that the cost of a home will increase at a rate of 3%/year during that 5-year period. If this economic prediction holds true, how much can the Estradas expect to pay for a ...

chem can u check answer please

Which is NOT a chareteristic property of acids? A: react with carbonate to yield CO2 gas B: taste sour C: neutralize bases D; turns litmus red to blue E:reacts with metal to yield H2 gas I reckon its D because isnt it the other way around ? Blue to red to blue Any...


Could you please check these thanks. Directions: Answer using the correct form of mettre. 1. Tu mets un survêtement quand tu fais du jogging? Answer: Oui, je mets un survêtement quand je fais du jogging. 2. Tu mets la table pour le dîner? Answer: Oui, je mets la table pour ...


For homework we're supposed to give all the properties of different functions. I was able to do all of it except for this one greatest integer function - f(x) = -1/2 [x-1] These functions always mess me up! Could someone tell me the following properties of this function. ...


can someone correct these for me thanks.. Problem #4 Find the effective rate corresponding to the given nominal 18% compounded quarterly. My answer: 19.2% Problem #7 Find the future value of the ordinary annuity If R= $2500,I=5% interest compounded quarterly for 16 years. My ...


Can someone help me find the derivatives of these questions? For these can you only need to tell me the answer so i can see if i have the same thing. y=cos(-4x) y = sinx^2 y = xcosx I need help with these 6 please. y = xcos(1/x) y = (1+sinx)/(1-sin^(2)x) y = sin^2x/cosx y = ...

Calculus- continuity

Discuss the continuity of f(x)= sin x/x^2 - 9 That is, state where is it continuous/discontinuous and why. Here was my original answer. sinx is cont. because it's a trig function. It's cont. at -2pi, pi, -pi, and 2pi. x^2 is cont. because it's raised to a rational power. -9 is...

math, algebra

can someone correct this for me or help me. 6x^2y^3+ 9x^2y^3 divided by 3x^2y^2 my solving and answer is: 15 x x y y y ---------- = 5y 3 x x y y Looks good to me. I've never thought of showing x^2y^3 as xxyyy. That a neat wrinkle. We see quickly that the Xs cancel and all but ...


Solve the inequality for each solution. -Arnelle's checking account balance is -$49.00. How much money must she deposit to bring her account to a possitive balance? PlZZZ Help me! =( She must deposit $49.01 plus whatever the bank charges for writing a hot check plus any ...


I'm trying to find if potassium nitrate is polar or non-polar by using the electronegativity scale. Can someone check my work? Electronegativity: potassium: 0.82 nitrogen: 3.04 oxygen: 3.44 =3.44-3.04 =0.82-0.4 =0.4 =0.42 So the final answer is 0.42 and by looking at the ...

prealgebra/ check answer please

John who is an amateur golfer spends 3 hours every day practicing golf. What percentage of his waking hours does John spend practicing golf if he sleeps 9 hours a day? 24-9=15 3/15= 0.2 0.2 x 100 = 20% spent practicing


Dino used three pieces of string to make a model of a triangle in art class. the lengths of two of the pieces of string were 3 inches and 7 inches. which could be the length in inches of the third piece of string dino used? A) 2 B) 8 C) 5**** D) 3

Calculus 1

A 10m ladder leans against a wall at an angle theta with the horizontal. The top of the ladder is x metres above the ground. If the bottom of the ladder is pushed towards the wall, find the rate at which x changes with respect to theta when theta equals 60 degrees. Express ...

Answer Check; Math

7. Sea turtles lay about 2,500 and 3,000 nests each year, and lay an average of 200 eggs per nest. Only 1 in 1,000 hatchlings will reach maturity. What percent will reach maturity. a. 10% b. 1% (my guess) c. .1% d. .01% 12. It took Mr. E 25 minutes to drive to St. Augustine, ...


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