Calculus (Answer Check)

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  1. Algebra

    Amy has some money in her checking account. If she writes a check for $40.50, her checking account will be overdrawn by $21.50. Find how much money is Amy’s checking account now. My Answer (please correct if wrong): 40.5 - (-21.50) = x
  2. Chemistry

    50mL of 0.1M HCl is mixed with 50mL of 0.1NaOH. delta T = 3^oC. Calculate the enthalpy of neutralization per mole of HCl. assume the specific heat capcity of the solution is 4.18J/g/C and density=1.0g/mL. I tried it but got the wrong answer. What I did was I calculated the ...
  3. Calculus

    Answer the following questions for the function f(x)=(x^3-9x^2+27x-27)/(x^2-6x+8) defined on the interval [-14, 22]. Enter points, such as inflection points in ascending order. A. The function f(x) has vertical asymptotes at _______ and ________. B. f(x) is concave down on the...
  4. Math/Algebra do u know how to do slope intercept?

    The following problems are in slope,point slope, and slope intercept forms of a line. Could you check these thanks. Find the slope intercept form of a line that passes through these two points (-4,4) and (2,1) Answer: y= -1/2x-2 Find the slope intercept form of a line that is ...
  5. math check please

    1. Find the least common multiple of 4 and 11. Answer: 44 2 Divide. 91.41 divid 6 answer 3.235 3. If a gallon of water weighs 8.34 lbs. how much does 3.75 gal weigh? 8.34 x 3.75= 31.2750 4. find the circumference use 3.14 for pi diameter is 12 ft 3.14 x 12ft = 37.68 ft 5. ...
  6. math

    Each user has a password 6 characters long where each character is an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, or a digit. Each password must contain at least one digit. How long will it take to check every possible character combination, if each check takes one unit of time.
  7. trigonometry, check my answer please?

    A 15 ft. ladder is leaning against the side of a house and forms an angle of 66o with the ground. To the nearest foot how far from the base house is the foot of the ladder? I set it up cos66=15/x 15/cos66 =36.878, rounding to the nearest ft makes it 37
  8. English

    You are going to take a quiz. I'll distribute exam papers. You should write down the answers. Fill in the blanks with suitable expressions. Take one and pass the others to the other students. First write down your number and name on the top of the paper. You have 3 minutes ...
  9. Chem. reply+asap!

    In some industrial processes, sodium chromate is added to water coolants. When the coolant is drained, the chromate ions can be removed through an electrolysis process that uses an iron anode. The products of the electrolysis are aqueous iron(II) ions and solid chromium(III) ...
  10. calculus homework help stuck

    Let s(t) denote the position of a particle at time t, and let v and a be the velocity and acceleration respectively. The particle is moving according to the data a(t)=10sin(t)+3cos(t) s(0)=-4 s(2pi)=1 find a function describing position of particle s(t)=??? I do not know where...
  11. English

    Can you check this question and answer?(I need to shorten the answer: points 2-3) 1) Describe the kind of technique adopted by writers (at the beginning of the 20th century OR by early 20th century writers) to represent the unspoken activity of the mind. 2) At the beginning of...
  12. Biology check my answers

    Please check to see if my answers are right: we need to list the 6 kingdoms with their characteristics and an example each Eubacteria -"true bacteria": bacilli Monera- prokaryote ,: Cyanobacteria Protista- single cell, true nucleus :amoeba Plantae- photosynthetic :roses Fungi...
  13. Help!!

    1. Samuel is 2/3 as old as his brother. In five years, he will be 3/4 as old as his brother will be. Find their present ages. a. If x = the brother’s age now, write an expression for Samuel’s present age in terms of x. b. Write an expression for the brother’s age in five...
  14. check answer

    From a hot air balloon, Sean looks through an angle of depression of 35 degrees to see LeAnn on the on the ground. If Sean and LeAnn are 500 ft. apart by the line of sight distance, to the nearest foot, how far is Sean off the ground? I used 500(cos55)
  15. math

    Just want to double check please... Susie has two children, Mary and Jake. Given that Susie has Alzheimer’s and there’s a 25% chance that she passed the Alzheimer’s gene onto her offspring, what is the probability of BOTH Mary and Jake developing Alzheimer’s, based on ...
  16. electromagnetism

    A series RLC circuit is connected to a a DC battery via a switch. #11A (3 points possible) A long time after the switch is closed, what is the current in the circuit? A long time after the switch is closed, what is the current in the circuit? - unanswered Check your answer ...
  17. how children learn(someone please check)

    What do constructivist educators believe about the learning process? A. Learning is a response to a stimulus. B. Learning is centered on the student and the student’s motivation. C. Learning is a process of building on what the student already knows. D. Learning is the ...
  18. Calculus

    Find each of the following functions. f(x) = x2 − 3, g(x) = 5x + 2 (a) f compose g State the domain of the function. (Enter your answer using interval notation.) (b) g compose f State the domain of the function. (Enter your answer using interval notation.) (c) f compose ...
  19. Physics

    A basketball player, standing near the basket to grab a rebound, jumps 73.6 cm vertically. How much time does the player spend in the bottom 15.4 cm of the jump? I need someone to check my work. I got about 3.797 as the inital velocity. I plugged this into "x = vt + 1/2at^2" ...
  20. Chemistry- Dr. Bob

    Please check the following. 1. What compound is sodium sulfite? My answer:Na2SO3 2. Which element is a noble gas? a. N2 b. Cl2 c. Xe d. I2 My answer: c 3. Which element is most likely to form a cation with a 2+ charge? a. S b. P c. Be d. Al My answer: c 4. Which species ...
  21. Social Studies (please check Ms. Sue)

    Please check this. Thanks! 1. How did World War 1 benefit South Carolina's economy the most? a. The government improved transportation systems.*** b. The government opened military bases for training. c. The people of South Carolina bought Liberty Bonds. d. The people planted ...
  22. English

    Please check my answer. I'm not sure which is right because I'm pretty sure every father feels the need to do all of the below. Read the following sentence from "No Dogs Bark." "I'll get you to Tonaya. There I'll find somebody to take care of you. They say there's a doctor in ...
  23. dog behavior

    Please check my answer thank you very much For optimal appetitive classical conditioning which of the following is not important. A The dog should be hungry B THe training enviorment should be relatively distraction free C. THe dog should be give the chane to "use the bathsoom...
  24. behavior problems (dogs)

    Please check my answer thanks The problem with "quick fix" corrections designed to eliminate one specific behavior is that the A. dog may not respond to the correction. B. dog may be frightened by the correction. C. owner may be unable to utilize the technique at home. D. ...
  25. Chem Check Please!!!

    1) Which of the following statements is/are CORRECT? 1. Naturally occurring isotopes account for only a small fraction of known radioactive isotopes. 2. A few radioactive isotopes with long half-lives, such as U-235 and U-238, are found in nature. 3. Trace quantities of some ...
  26. Applied Calculus

    A truck gets 800/x miles per gallon (mpg) when driven at a constant speed of x mph, where 40 ≤ x ≤ 80. If the price of fuel is $2.80/gal and the driver is paid $19/hr, at what speed is it most economical for the trucker to drive? (Round your answer to two decimal ...
  27. programming

    I had to create a c code that gets a number, returns how many digits it has,the digits sum, the digits product, to check if the digits sum is equal to product if yes return "1" else return 0, and in the end write a program the prints the first 20 numbers that the sum of their ...
  28. math

    Use polynomial long division to find the quotient and the remainder when 2x 3 +x 2 +3x−1 is divided by x+4 . Also, check your answer by showing that 2x 3 +x 2 +3x−1 is equal to x+4 times the quotient, plus the remainder. B. dividend = quotient x divisor + remainder...
  29. English

    Check my answer? Is the Doll's house by Katherine Mansfield considered a modern short story or a traditional short story? I think it is considered a modern short story because it uses dramatic irony, and and is concerned with character development and psychological overtones.
  30. English

    1. Which line from the poem “Wave” best develops its tone? Wave My child (line 1) Born to me by water (line 2) And by water (line 3) Swept away. (line 4) (1 point) a) line one b) line two c) line four d) line three My Answer: B Could someone please check it?
  31. Calculus

    q = f(p) = 10300e^−0.34p a) Find the number of products sold when the price of the product is $5. (Round your answer to the nearest whole number.) Number of products sold: b) Find a formula for the rate of change in the number of products sold when the price is p dollars...
  32. calculus

    Find two unit vectors that make an angle of 60° with v = ‹3, 4›. Give your answers correct to three decimal places. I'm not sure what to do here; I believe that I use to definition of a dot product (or maybe cross product) with relation to the trig function (cos for dot, ...
  33. Math

    Gina's art teacher mixes 9 pints of yellow paint with 6 pints of blue paint create green paint. Gina mixes 4 pints of yellow paint with 3 pints of blue paint. Did Gina use the same ratio of yellow to blue paint instructed by her teacher? Explain. My Answer: 9/6=1 and 3/6= 1 ...
  34. French

    Could you please check any grammar errors thanks. (My answers are based on my thoughts) 1a. Ta soeur, elle est plus petite ou plus grande que toi? 1b.Tu es plus grand(e) ou plus petit(e) qu'elle? Answer 1a: Ma soeur est plus grande que moi. Answer 1b: Je suis plus petitle qu'...
  35. English

    Please check my answer thanks :) IN which of the following sentences is the word run used as an action verb? 1. MArk competed in the five-mile run. 2. Sandy had a runny nose and a cough. 3. Adam runs every day at five o'clock. 4. Erica put Molly in the dog run before she went ...
  36. Check my math question please? Very urgent!

    The commute times during rush hour traffic on a local interstate have a mean of 25 minutes and a standard deviation of 5 minutes. Repeated studies of this section of interstate are considered normally distributed. What percent of commuters drive between 20 - 25 minutes to work...
  37. psychology

    Rind, B., & Strohmetz, D. (1999). Effect on restaurant tipping of a helpful message written on the back of customers’ checks. Journal of Applied Psychology, 29, 139-144. doi:10.1111/j.15591816.1999.tb01378.x This is the article to use to answer these questions 1. What are ...
  38. Physics- check answer please

    Would the answer be b)? diamond into air? A critical angle of 24.4 degrees applies to: a) light travelling from air into diamond b) light travelling from diamond into air c) light travelling from water into diamond d) light travelling from diamond into water
  39. Help!Math...Again!!!PLease Help!

    Two cars leave town going in the same direction. One travels 55 mph and the other travels 65 mph How long will it take before they are 180 miles apart? Hint: We do know that one car is 180 miles ahead of the other, so the slow car's distance can be represented by " d " and the...
  40. Physics

    In an attempt to reduce the extraordinarily long travel times for voyaging to distant stars, some people have suggested traveling at close to the speed of light. Suppose you wish to visit a star which is 410 ly away, and that you want your 24000 kg rocket to move so fast that ...

    1. Explain why the Oreads are surprised by the pool’s reaction to Narcissus’s death in “The Disciple”? Your answer 2. This question has two parts. First, answer Part A. Then, answer Part B. Part A What is the central idea of “The Disciple”? A. When we spend a lot ...
  42. 7th grade math (probability)

    Can you check these, please? Ten cards numbered 1 through 10 are mixed together and then one card is drawn. Find the probability of each event. Write each answer as a fraction, percent, and decimal. 14. P(less than 5) = 4/10 = 2/5 Ans: 2/5, 40%, 0.4 15. P(greater than 3) = 7/...
  43. Calculus please help

    please help I can not understand this. I need an implicit form answer for the general solution of differential equation dy/dx=2(e^x-e^-x)/y^2(e^x+e^-x)^4 with (y>0). I have separated the y^2 to the left hand side to become 1/3y^3 but have no idea how to make the right hand ...
  44. Science

    If obligate aerobes were placed in an environment where there was an abundant supply of oxygen, what most likely would happen? Check this article for your answer.
  45. Science - 1 Question

    A small fish in the pacific ocean watches a shark swim by a large rock a few meters away. Which of the following is a reference point in this scenario? A. shark ** B. large rock C. water D. pacific ocean I think the answer is A, please check!
  46. Physical Science

    A small fish in the pacific ocean watches a shark swim by a large rock a few meters away. Which of the following is a reference point in this scenario? A. shark ** B. large rock C. water D. pacific ocean I think the answer is A, please check!
  47. Science - 1 Question

    A small fish in the pacific ocean watches a shark swim by a large rock a few meters away. Which of the following is a reference point in this scenario? A. shark ** B. large rock C. water D. pacific ocean I think the answer is A, please check!
  48. Science Please Help!!!

    A woman with a genetic disease marries a man who does not carry the disease. It is not possible for their children to carry the disease. The disease must be a) sex - linked b) recessive c) dominant d) cause by an extra chromosome I think the answer is recessive, can someone ...
  49. Calculus

    A medicine is administered to a patient. The amount of medicine M, in milligrams, in 1 mL of the patient’s blood, t hours after the injection, is M(t)=-1/3t^2+t where 0<t<3 a. Find the rate of change in the amount M, 2h after the injection. b. What is the ...
  50. MATH

    In a triangle ABC, angle A is 2 times angles C and angle B is 20 degrees less than angle C find the number of degrees in these angles In a triangle ABC, angle A is 2 times angles C and angle B is 20 degrees less than angle C find the number of degrees in these angles A = 2C B...

    1.Which of these substances has bent molecular geometry around the oxygen atom? Multiple correct answer may apply. a.water b.isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)** c.acetone** d.diethyl ether. 2.Which of these species are polar? Ignore slightly polar C-H bonds. Multiple correct...
  52. Calculus, only two problems.

    If g(x) is the inverse of f(x), g(x)=f^-1(x), such that g(3)=5 and f'(5)=4 what is the value of g'(3)????? :O 2. If g(x)is the inverse of f(x), g(x)=f^-1(x), such that f(3)=15,f(6)=3,f'(3)=-8,and f'(6)=-2. What is the value of g'(3)???????? Calculus--
  53. Health check answer

    5. What does AQI stand for? asthma quality index air quality index analysis query input air query input I think it is b.
  54. chemistry(Please check)

    1)Which thermochemical equation and data does not agree with the other two written? a) 2NO (g)+ O2 (g) ->2 NO2 (g) deltaH=-169.8 b) NO (g) + 1/2 O2 (g) -> NO2 (g) delta H = -56.6 c) 4 NO2 (g) -> 4 NO (g) + 2 O2 (g) delta H = +226.4 d)all three equations are in ...
  55. calculus

    solve the exponential equation. Express the solution in terms of natural logarithms. e^x=9.2 a. whats the solution in terms of natural logarithms? **is the answer e^9.2 or just e^9 b. type a decimal rounded to 3 decimal places.
  56. Macroeconomics

    working on homework & stuck on these three questions. Someone please check if I answered these correctly; Thank you! 1. In the event of excess supply in the coffee market __________. A. the price of coffee will increase B. the price of coffee will decrease C. the supply of ...
  57. algebra

    Could someone check my work; 1. Generate the first five terms in the sequence using the explicit formula. yn = –5n – 5 –30, –25, –20, –15, –10 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 –10, –15, –20, –25, –30(my answer) 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 2. What is the 15th term in the ...
  58. dog behavior

    please check my answer thanks Latent learning becomes evident when A. a puppy grows up B. the animal is motivated to perform C a dog has failed with the trial-and-error method D. a dog experiences social facilitation I picked A because latent learning occurs in the absence of ...
  59. Assistance Dogs

    Please check my answer thanks :) 10. Guide dogs are usually at least medium-sized because they A. need to be able to reach up to counters and table tops. B. are required to pull wheelchairs during training. C. need to be able to see above obstacles. D. need to be strong enough...
  60. calculus HELP

    how do you find the domain of the function:: 14/(x^2 - 361) <-- this is all under a square root.. i have attempted this so many times and have not found the correct answer yet. how do i solve the domain when it is a square root function with a denominator???? please help! ...
  61. Calculus AB

    y=6-x y=x^2 Find the area of the region by integrating with respect to x. Find the area of the region by integrating with respect to y. ------------------------------------ i got the intersection pts to be(-3,9)and (2,4)....i then took the integral and found the answer to be ...
  62. Math: Homework Check!

    Can you check to see if my answers are correct. If wrong please explain why. 1. 3 ft = 36 L - S x (largest to smallest) THINK: 1 ft = 12 in 2. 72 in = 2 yd THINK: 36 in = 1 yd S - L / (/ means divide) 3. 93 ft. = 31 yd THINK: 3 ft = 1 yd S - L / 4. 500 yd = 1500 ft THINK: 1 yd...
  63. Check 2 of my world history answers??

    star* by my answer 2. All of the following are considered causes of the Great Depression EXCEPT Problems in Agriculture** Uneven distribution of wealth Lack of stock available 7. Hoover believed in which of the following strategies to end the Great Depression? Volunteerism and...
  64. Social Studies Please Check Answer

    Why did the US most likely offer economic aid to Russia and Eastern Europe during the 1990s? A) to encourage them to break ways from the Soviet Union B) to politically dominate new governments in the region C) to help stable democratic governments emerge in the region***** D) ...
  65. Chemistry(please check my answer)

    When a radioactive isotope undergoes Beta Decay, which of the following will NOT occur? A. The mass number of the original nucleus changes. B. The atomic number of the original nucleus changes. C. The original nucleus approaches greater stability. D. Energy is released.***
  66. math

    is there a way to do this problem or do i have to just guess and check. because by guessing and checking, i can't find the right answer Name a function with the following characteristics: note: f prime means the first deriviative f is continuous over the reals, f(0)=0, F prime...
  67. math

    is there a way to do this problem or do i have to just guess and check. because by guessing and checking, i can't find the right answer Name a function with the following characteristics: note: f prime means the first deriviative f is continuous over the reals, f(0)=0, F prime...
  68. General Chemistry

    Answer Check Please... A compund contains only hydrogen and nitrogen and is 12.6% hydrogen by mass. A gaseous sample of the compound has desity of 0.925g/L at 690 torr and 110 degrees Celsius. What is the molecular formula of the compound? My Empirical Formula = H2N Molecular ...
  69. the excetional child

    could you check my answer please. a ssecere loss of hearing in a young child: a. is less detrimental to development than loss of vision. b. is more detramental than loss of vision. c. requires education in separate facility for all school years. d. should not require ...
  70. Math

    Check answer PLEASE!! Kevin wants to calculate the value of the expression below. -17 + 3 Which shows an equivalent way kevin could write this expression? (A.) -(17 + 3) B. -(17 - 3) C. (-3 + 17) D. (-3 - 17) Please help as soon as possible!! I have no one to help me and i don...

    Can you please help me with this question on my study guide for my trig final? Thanks! I'd also appreciate if you can check out my other postings and check my work for some other study guide questions. I want to make sure I'm ready for my final. :) 3. The rectangular ...
  72. Math (Calculus)

    Given any Cartesian coordinates, (x,y), there are polar coordinates (r,theta) with –pi/2< theta < pi/2. Find polar coordinates with –pi/2 < theta < pi/2 for the following Cartesian coordinate: If (x,y) = (11,–7) then (r, theta)=( ____, _____ ) I was able to ...
  73. dog behavior

    please check my answer thanks Which of the following is an example of an explanatory fiction? A. worry and sadness are the cause of most serious behavior problems B. Dogs fear some places and things because they are not famillar with them C. Dogs are trained to obey commands ...
  74. American government check my answer

    9. According to this excerpt, President Obama would most likely support which of the following? (1 point) laws that restrict immigration from poor countries mass deportations of all illegal immigrants regardless of age construction of a wall along the border with Mexico ...
  75. Algebra

    I have a few questions that I need help with. Solve the radical equation, and check all proposed solutions. 5. x- square root 3x-2=4 I don't understand this problem. Solve and check the equation. 10. (x^2+14x+49)^3/4-20=7 would I have to multiply each number by 4/3? Solve the ...
  76. calculus

    The population of a culture of bacteria, P(t), where t is time in days, is growing at a rate that is proportional to the population itself and the growth rate is 0.3. The initial population is 40. (1) What is the population after 30 days? (2) How long does it take for the ...
  77. movement and music

    A lesson plan consisting of ______themes might focus on body-part identification, one element of movement, one lcocmotor skill, and one non-locomotor skill. A)classroom B)unit C) weekly D) multiple movement Just to check to make sure my answer is right. I believe its A.
  78. Algebra 1

    1. Simplify the quotient (6.4 x 10^9) / (1.6 x 10^-3). Write the answer in scientific notation. My answer: 4 x 10^6? Simplify. 2. a^16/a^4 My answer: a^12? 3. (4y^6/x^3)^2 My answer: 16^12/x^6? 4. (2/b^5)^-3 My answer: b^15/8?
  79. Pre-Calculus

    A sailboat in a lake travels 4 km due north and then 4 km due west. From there, the boat travels 5 km due north and 4 km due west. How far is the bboat from the starting point? Express your answer as a mixed radical. (How would I use radicals for this??) Thanks!
  80. Calculus ll - Arc Length/Simpson's Rule

    Use Simpson's Rule with n=10 to estimate the arc length of the curve. Compare your answer with the value of the integral produced by your calculator. x = y + y^(1/2), 1 ≤ y ≤2
  81. Calculus

    If G(x)=(x)/(1+2x), find G'(a) and use it to find an equation of the tangent line to the curve y=(x)/(1+2x) at the point (-1/4,-1/2). My answer: G'(a)=1/(1+2x)^2 Equation of tangent line: y= 4x+0.5
  82. Diversity

    Young children are more likely to demonstrate early literacy skills when a. they are read to on a regular basis. b. they watch tv for over an hour c. they see their parents reading or watching tv d. they play video games on computer i chose "c" they see their parents reading ...
  83. Algebra 1

    1. Simplify 49^3/2. My answer: 343? 2. Simplify 5^ãx^25y^125. My answer: x^5y^25? 3. When the polynomial 5x - 2x + 8x^2 - 7 is written in standard form, what is the leading coefficient? My answer: -2? 4. Classify the polynomial 5x^2 + 9x + 1 according to tis degree and ...
  84. calculus-domain

    Hello, I would greatly appreciate your input. I just need some reassurance that I'm going about this question the right way. I am to find out where h(x)=x*(x-1)^(1/3)is increasing and decreasing. so after I did some solving I found my critical points to be x=(3/4) and x=1. I ...
  85. Bio

    Please Check my work and help me to answer the questions i could not get. Measure the cube that you are given. Complete the chart on the next page for your cube, then fill in the spaces for two other cubes, one measuring 1 cm on an edge and the other measuring 0.5 cm on a side...
  86. Bio

    Please Check my work and help me to answer the questions i could not get. Measure the cube that you are given. Complete the chart on the next page for your cube, then fill in the spaces for two other cubes, one measuring 1 cm on an edge and the other measuring 0.5 cm on a side...
  87. Check my CALCULUS answers please!

    Any short explanation for things I got wrong would be great, too, if possible! Thanks in advanced! :) 8. Which of the following functions grows the fastest? ***b(t)=t^4-3t+9 f(t)=2^t-t^3 h(t)=5^t+t^5 c(t)=sqrt(t^2-5t) d(t)=(1.1)^t 9. Which of the following functions grows the ...
  88. ccd

    Did Jesus raise Lathyrus from the dead? i need to know by 2:00p.m. Please check this site for your answer. Note that the original story is told in John 11:1
  89. Pls check if I got it correct

    Which of these situations can you represent with the inequality X < and = 49? 1. You must be no more than 49 inches tall to go on this ride. 2. A loaf of bread must be baked for at least 49 minutes. 3. You have no more than 49 minutes left on a parking meter. 4. The bill at...
  90. Check Answer!! math

    A test was given to a group of students. The grades and gender are summarized below A B C Total Male 7 14 11 32 Female 15 13 16 44 Total 22 27 27 76 If one student is chosen at random from those who took the test, Find the probability that the student was male GIVEN they got a...
  91. Algebra

    terry earns $6.50 per hour babysitting. a. write a rule to describe how the amount of money m earned is a function of the number of hours h spent babysitting. b. how much money does terry earn if she babysits for 4 hours and 15 minutes? A. m(h)= 4h+ 15:$26.15 B. m(h)= h/6.50;$...
  92. Calculus

    Suppose that the region between the x-axis and the curve y=e^-x for x>=0 has been revolved around the x-axis. Find the surface area of the solid. I got 3*pi The book shows an answer of pi * [sqrt(2) + ln(1 + sqrt(2))] Where do I go wrong? For the sides of the surface, I ...
  93. calculus, please help

    A fish is reeled in at a rate of 3.2 feet per second from a point 10 feet above the water (see figure). At what rate is the angle between the line and the water changing when there is a total of 25 feet of line out? (Round your answer to three decimal places.)
  94. Calculus Please Help

    I think I have the right answer, but I am not 100% sure how to do the values at (1,-1) and the one below at (0,-1, 1). Please explain how I need to approach how to do these. Thank You! Calculate the partial derivative @f/@x, @f/@y and @f/@x | (1,-1), and @f/@y | (1,-1) f(x,y...
  95. calculus help

    Is there any good calculus websites out there that teach every possible derivative there is? Such as the basic rules of differentiation, product and quotient rules, chain rule? ((I'm really bad a understanding the square roots. )) My book gives me examples but I just something...
  96. Math: Calculus - Geometric Vectors

    Find the magnitude and the direction of the resultant of each of the following systems of forces using geometric vectors. a) Forces of 3 N and 8 N acting at an angle of 60 degrees to each other. Please help me with this question. I don't understand the wording, so I don't know...
  97. Calculus Help Please!!!

    Verify the given linear approximation at a = 0. Then determine the values of x for which the linear approximation is accurate to within 0.1. (Enter your answer using interval notation. Round your answers to three decimal places.) ln(1 + x) ≈ x Y1= I ln(1+x)-x I Y2= 0.1 ...
  98. Math - Studying for Pre Calc exam!

    Approximate the solutions (to three decimal places) of the given equation in the interval (- pi/2, pi/2) 6 sin 2x − 8 cos x + 9 sin x = 6 Can you help with this please? I am studying for my Pre Calculus 1 exam and am stuck on this question...! The answer options are a. x...
  99. Environmental Science

    A hole that is dug into the ground to obtain fresh water is called a.the recharge zone b.a well aquifer d.a watershed a. right? I don't agree with that... re check Try and look up each term. Then let us know what you think the answer is. =) b.? Yes
  100. math.chem

    Give the answer to the following calculation with the correct number of significant digits. Report your answer in scientific notation. (6.17 x 10-1 + 4.9 x 10-2) x (3.95 x 10-2 + 6.454 x 10-3) i know the answer is 0.0306, but how many sigfigs should the final answer have? ...
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