Calculus (Answer Check)

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Okay, I'm in a calculus class but stuck on some's not crucial that I get the answer to this but I'm wracking my brain because I can't remember how the following is obtained; if you can show me how this is done in steps I'd greatly appreciate it (I highly suspect ...


m-2/m-5*m+5/m-2=-1 If your problem is this: (m - 2)/(m - 5) * (m + 5)/(m - 2) = -1 (m - 2) cancels out in both the numerator and denominator on the left-hand side since you are multiplying. That leaves us with this: (m + 5)/(m - 5) = -1 To solve for m: Multiply both sides by (...

Algebra2(check part 1)

1)Solve the matrix:[2x] [14]for x [3y]=[12] answer=7 2)V[3 1] [0 2] [-4 5].The dimensions of matrix V. answer=3x2 3)The first row of T+U T[4 -5 2] U[-9 6 4] [8 -1 3] [-5 -2 3] answer=[-5 1 6] 4)The first row of V-T. V[3 1] T[4 -5 2] [0 2] [8 -1 3] [-4 5] answer=not possible 1...

ap calculus

How is the ap calculus AB and BC test? Is there any online practice test?


What does y'' mean in calculus? Is there a word for it? Also is there a word for f'(x)? Thanks.


I have 14 questions and I was wondering if someone could check my answers. This is a do or die situation. If I don't get an A, I may not get to graduate. I really appreciate you taking your time to double check theses for me. Thanks if you do. I know its a lot. They are all ...

Science (Chemistry)

2. Perform this operation and report the answer to the correct number of significant figures: What is the mass of a cube of aluminum that is 4.0 cm on each edge? The density of aluminum is 2.7 g/cm^3. Show all calculations leading to an answer. (I think I solved this correctly...


Determine the y-intercept of the exponential function y=6.05(0.83)x. Write your answer as an ordered pair enclosed in parentheses. What is y when x=0? The ordered pair looks like (x,6.05(0.83)x). Evaluate this for x=0. BTW, where is the exponential sign ^ ? Do you mean 6.05(....


how would you do this improper integral 1/(x-1) from 0 to 2 this is improper at one, so I split it up into two integrals ln(x-1) from 0-1 and ln(x-1) from 1-2 I then did for the first one the (lim t->1(-) of ln(t-1))-(ln(0-1)) and then the same thing for the second part I ...


how would you do this improper integral 1/(x-1) from 0 to 2 this is improper at one, so I split it up into two integrals ln(x-1) from 0-1 and ln(x-1) from 1-2 I then did for the first one the (lim t->1(-) of ln(t-1))-(ln(0-1)) and then the same thing for the second part I ...


A particle moves on a line away from its initial position so that after t hours it is s = 6t^2 + 2t miles from its initial position. Find the average velocity of the particle over the interval [1, 4]. Include units in your answer.


The angle of depression from the top of a 75 ft. lighthouse to a ship out in the ocean is 40*. How far out is the ship from the lighthouse? I've been stuck on this problem for an hour, I know the answer but don't know how to set it up/enter it in a calculator.


Find the absolute extrema of the function (if any exist) on each interval. (If an answer does not exist, enter DNE.) f(x) = square root of (25 − x^2) (a) [−5, 5] minimum (x, y) = (smaller x-value) (x, y) = (larger x-value) maximum (x, y) =


Find the derivative of f(x) = (square root of x)(ln x). Using my notes, I came up with f'(x) = (1/2*square root of x)/x The answer in the back of the book says f'(x) = (2+ln x)/(2*square root of x). Can someone please explain how? Thanks.


The base of a solid is the circle x2 + y2 = 9. Cross sections of the solid perpendicular to the x-axis are equilateral triangles. What is the volume, in cubic units, of the solid? 36 sqrt 3 36 18 sqrt 3 18 The answer isn't 18 sqrt 3 for sure.

Math (calculus) (mean values)

A company introduces a new product for which the number of units sold S is given by the equation below, where t is the time in months. s(t)=155(7-9/(2+t)) a) Find the average rate of change of s(t) during the first year. Which my answer was 1395/28 b) During what month of the ...


Find derivative: (write answer as single fraction) y=ln((4x-1)/x^3) So far I have: y'=(4/(4x-1))-3/x How do I write as single fraction duplicate.

Math, Algebra

Need to check answers. Q1. Find the length of the following segment created by these pairs of endpoints: (0, 1), (0, 7) Answer : 0 Q2. Find the length of the following segment created by these pairs of endpoints: (9, 6), (12, 6) Answer : 3 Q3. Find the length of the following ...


24.5 ml of water are added to a 1.20 molar solution of nitric acid. If the concentration decreases to 0.55 molar, what volume of the concentrated solution was used? 1.20 M x mL = (24.5 mL + mL) x 0.55 M Solve for mL. Check my thinking. When you finish the calculation, check it...


A spherical balloon is being inflated at a rate of 10 cubic inches per second. How fast is the radius of the balloon increasing when the surface area of the balloon is square inches? Enter your answer correct to 3 decimal places.

Calculus 1

Find the critical numbers of the function. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list. Use n to denote any arbitrary integer values. If an answer does not exist, enter DNE.) f(θ) = 4 cos θ + 2 sin^2 θ


Can someone please check my answer? 7) When the Articles of the Confederation were written they showed Americans early distrust of: a. The British b. States having too much power c. Strong national government d. The President My Answer~b 14) Starting in the 1870s, Jim Crow ...

Business statistics

Hello, I'm struggling trying to find the answer for b. Do you know the answer and help would greatly be appreciated! A clean air standard required that vehicle exhaust emissions not exceed specified limits for various pollutants. Many states require that cars be tested ...


The curved section can be modelled by the parabola y=3x-3/4x^2 Use calculus to find the maximum height of the curved parabolic section. How do I do this step by step?

Calculus 2

Calculus work problem. John bought the following corner lot. Two sides are bounded by 2 roads the back is bounded by a stream that follows the curve y = -x^3 + 8. He wants to build a house in the center of the lot. Where will that be? Please show all work


Could you please check my answers? Question one: When evolution was first proposed, which of the following was used as evidence as support? A. Observations of nature. B. lab experiments. C. extensive fossil collections, D. genetic sequences. I chose answer C. Second Question: ...


Hi! I had this one last question on my homework that I wasn't sure about, but, I need someone to check this for me and see if this is right. Thanks so much! Question: The study that looked at prevalence of various appliance in homes in 2001 made a comparison to the percentages...

math check

Consider the following table and use the formulas that are given for computing the correlation coefficient. (Give your answer correct to two decimal places.) x 1 1 0 0 0 y 7 3 5 6 6 r = n xy − x y n x2 − x 2 n y2 − y 2 (1) r = SS(xy) SS(x) · SS(y) (2) This ...


How does this art convey a message of time being lost? ( there is clocks everywhere in sand ? A. clocks randomly placed on the ground B numbers missing from the bills C. broken hourglasses D. melting clocks My best answer is A can you please check @Ms.Sue

math (need check answer)

You are buying balloons for a party. A small balloon cost $3. A large balloon cost $4. Write an algebraic expression for the cost of x small balloons and y large balloons. Then find the total cost for 14 small balloons and 8 large balloons. Q1: An algebraic expression for the ...

Language Arts

Hi. I need to check my answers and I would hate to get them wrong because of one little mistake. Thanks! 1. An argumentative essay should present a clear thesis statement, provide strong evidence to support the thesis, and _____. a. Address counterarguments b. Repeat main ...

chemistry check answer

Question: Explain whether using solid NaOH pellets rather than aqueous NaOH would alter the enthalpy. If different, would it be higher or lower My answer: Would the result be different since the aqueous NaOH would be able to quickly dissolve in water unlike solid NaOH which ...

check my work..math grade 8...surface area

A men's basketball is about 24.3 centimeters in diameter, while the diameter of a women's basketball is about 23.4 centimeters. What is the ratio of the surface area of a men's basketball to the surface area of a women's basketball? Round your answer to the nearest hundredth. ...


someone can check my answer for me? and b) Shape and Bond Angle answer would be great too! :) a) NF3 Structure = 26 electrons, Shape = trigonal pyramidal, Bond Angle = 105.5. b) TeCI2 Structure = 30 electrons, Shape = ? Bond Angle = ? c) CCI4 Structure = 32 electrons, Shape = ...


Regarding conductivity: 1. If a solution has a high conductivity, it indicates that there are a lot of __________________ in solution. [Answer: ions] 2. Pure acetic acid does not conduct electricity, nor does pure water, but a mixture of the two does conduct. This is explained...


What is cos (pi/2 - x) secx using the fundamental identities to simplify the expression. I think I have the right answer but I want to check to make sure. Well, cos (pi/2 - x) is something you should've seen already. It's just another name for sin(x). Also, sec(x) is the same ...

Calculus 3

Vectors The thrust of an airplane's engine produces a speed of 400 mph in still air. The wind velocity is given by <-20,30>. In what direction should the plane travel to fly due south? Give your answer as an angle from due south.

Calculus URGENT

Find the number c that satisfies the conclusion of the Mean Value Theorem on the given interval. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list. If an answer does not exist, enter DNE.) f(x) = √x [0, 9] c=? I've tried quite a few different answers


A trough is 15 ft long and 4 ft across the top. Its ends are isosceles triangles with height 3 ft. Water runs into the trough at the rate of 2.5 ft3/min. How fast is the water level rising when it is 0.89 ft deep? Give your answer correct to 3 decimal places.


Please check double check me please. For the decimal 8.57932 What is the place value of 5? Ten Thousandths What is the place value of 2? Ones Write each of the following as a common fraction or mixed number 4.0171 Answer: 4 171/10,000 Arrange in order from smallest to largest ...

Dot product

I cant get the correct answer and I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. If a=(2,2k) and b=(4,k) are perpendicular, find k. I have worked it out, and I got -2 but it doesn't work when I check it in the original equation. It should be a.b=0 and then plug in the numbers and ...

dog behavior

please check my answer thanks for your help :) During extinction, an instrumenatl behavior may initially increase as the result of what ? A failure of the dog to obey the new instruction B. an extinction burst C. temorary defiance D. punishment resistance I said A

Math156-check answer

find missing parts: percent fraction decimal ?? 1/200 ??? I think the percent is 0.5% I think the decimal should be .005 Am I right or wrong ? I am giving these my best shot, math is my worst subject.

Math, please check answer

Consider the experiment of selecting a card from an ordinary deck of 52 playing cards and determine the probability of the stated event. A face card or a 5 is drawn. So there are 12 face cards. Plus 5. So that is 13 options out of 52?

Chemistry (check formula please)

how much energy (in kJ) is required to change the temp of 1.00 kg of Fe from 25.0 degrees celsius to 1515 degrees celsius? the specific heat capacity of iron is 0.449 J/g*K. this is the answer i got. q=(.449)(1.00)(1490)= 669.01 kJ


Can someone please check my work? Question~ Find the point-slope form of the equation that goes through these two points. (1, 20) and (8, 4.5) My Answer~ Y= y2-y1/x2-x1 (4.5-20)/(8-1) = -15.5/7 Rewrite -15.5/7 as (-15.5)/7 Rewrite -15.5 as -31/2 = (-31/2) (7/1) Divide: (-31/2...

Answer Check Please

Andy and William work together to build a toy house. It will take William 5 hours and Andy 4 hours, or William 10 hours and Andy 2 hours to finish their work. If William works alone, how many hours will it take to finish his work? I say 15 is the answer.

English (Please check Ms. Sue)

Please check this. Thanks! Imagine you are writing are research paper on Margaret Atwood's feminist ideas. Which of the following sources would you consider a secondary source? a. an interview with the author b. Margaret Atwood's The Penelopiad c. an essay about feminism in ...


which of the following are reasonable answer for the product of two negatives and a positive a. 20** b. 10 c. -20 d. -10 Which statement about the product is true 5.5⋅√5 a. The product is rational b. The product is irrational**** c. The product is neither rational ...

dr bob science

Thanks can you check one more If it takes 105 calories to warm 100g of aluminium from 20oC to 25oC, what is the specific heat of aluminium? Q = MxdeltaTxC 105cal = 100gx (5oC) x C C = .21 cal/gCo we get points off if we do not show our work and just give the answer

Applied Dog Behavior

please check my answer thanks Instinctive drift may manifest itself in a A. Poodle chasing a rabbit. B. Border Collie who misses an agility obstacle. C. Beagle who knows how to heel but sniffs instead. D. Terrier that barks at another dog. I think that it is A however C looks ...

social studies(CHECK 1 ANSWER)

6. what could farmers do to address the problems created by deforestation? A. return to the system where the land belongs only to the wealthy. B.bring in animals that are disappearing from the ecosystem. C.Irrigate the land more often . D.develope new ways to fertilize ...

History Check My Answer!

Hey I just have 1 question. What event caused four additional Southern states to secede from the Union? The U.S. accepted West Virginia as a state. The South fired on Fort Sumter. Lincoln declared the Emancipation Proclamation. ****** Lincoln raised an army.


1- writing to explain- why might you need to measure a perimeter with a measuring tape instead of a ruler? 2- how are a ruler, a yardstick, and a measuring tape the same? how are they different? i don't 1 answer and i try 2 answer please check is it right or not 2) a ruler a ...


It looks like a double ski ramp...going down, min, then up, then way down to the bottom of the hill, then up slightly, then down. The first minimum is greater than the small rise at the bottom Sketch the graph of a differentiable function y = f(x) with this property: A local ...


Which of Newtons laws would best explain what causes a basketball to bounce? first second third fourth which of Newtons laws would explain the whiplash caused by being rear ended in a car accident? first second third fourth I believe the answer to number one is the second law ...

Precalculus - check answer

The rate of U.S. per capita sales of bottled water for the period 2000-2010 could be approximated by s(t) = −0.18t2 + 3t + 15 gallons per year (0 ≤ t ≤ 10), where t is time in years since the start of 2000. Use a Riemann sum with n = 5 to estimate the total U.S. per ...


Help with an integration question with the substitution given? Please help, i tried to to answer it but the working is too complicated can anyone help out there, the question says: Using substitution 5x=4cosØ to show ∫ √ (16-25x^2) dx = 4 π + 6√ 3 / 15

Calculus 1

Sketch the graph of f by hand and use your sketch to find the absolute and local maximum and minimum values of f. (If an answer does not exist, enter DNE.) f(t) = 6 cos t, −3π/2 ≤ t ≤ 3π/2


Mary Palm's checking account had a starting balance of $785.63. She wrote a check for $57.00 for groceries and a check for $125.00 for a car payment. Yesterday she deposited $57.25 in her checking account. What is Mary's current balance

Spanish-Please check my answer

If I say my mom is younger than my dad do I say it this way? Mi madre es menor de mi padre? or do I say Mi madre es menor? Thank you I'm really confused on this one.


Please check: 1.Find polar equation of x^2 + y^2 = 10y r^2 for x^2 + y^2 and sin(theta sin for y =r^2=10sin(theta) 2.Find polar equation: y=5 r=5/sin 3.Polar equation is r=2costheta + 3 sin theta Find rectangular equation x^2+y^2 =x^2 + y^2 =2x+3y

help on a question

I needed help on a physical science question. When the molecules in a body move with increased speed, it's possible that the body will change from a... A) gas to a liquid B) gas to a solid C) liquid to a solid D) liquid to a gas PLEASE HELP ME!! If the molecules are increasing...


Evaluate the definite integral from [0,4] 4x^2 dx, by using its definition as a limit of approximating sums. First, I solve analytically so I know the answer I am trying to reach: 4/3 * x^3 over [0,4] = 4/3 * 4^3 = 256/3 Now, by approximating sums, I can get: 256 * lim(n ->...


find the surface area and volume of the right circular cylinder. The radius is 3 and height 6. This is what I put for volume: v=pir^2h pi(3cm)^2 6 cm= 54pi cm cubed can you please check this and show work on how to do the surface area? Thanks.

Pre-Calc-please check

Please check this for me expand (3z-2b)^5 using Binomial Theorem (a+b)^n = n on top sigma in middle k=0 to right (n/k)a^(n-k)b^k (3a-2b)^5 = 5 on top sigma in middle k=0 on bottom(5/k)(3a)^5-k(-2b)^k (5/0)(3a)^5(-2b)^0+(5/1)(3a)^4(-2b)^1 +(5/2)(3a)^3(-2b)^2 +(5/3)(3a)^2(-2b)^3...

Health Law

please check my answer thanks :) Sue says that her claim is based on the fundamental law of nation what does that mean(what source is Sue relying on) I think Sue is relying on the constiution

True or False health insurance

please check my answer thanks True or False A type of insurance that was designed to meet the needs of senior citizes is called medicare I say it's true

math check answer

1. Which line models the data points better and why? blue, because the data points are all close to the line red, because it goes through one of the points i think that is A


In one hour, Ed used 2/5 of time to complete his homework and 1/4 of the time to check his email. How much time did he spend completing homework and checking email? Write answer as a fraction


You went to lunch with your friend and the bill is $19.00 your lunch is $3.00 more than your friends. How much was your friends lunch? f + 3 = 19; $8.00 3f + 2 = 19; $8.00 2f + 3 = 19; $8.00 2f - 3 = 19; $8.00 Mark weighs 74 pounds. together he and his sister weigh 6 pounds ...


A.CALCULATE THE CRYOSCOPIC CONSTANT OF H2O. USE IT TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING: a WEAK ACID HX is dissolved in water. A 0.250 molal solution has a freezing point of 0.5 C. calculate the value of ka for the acid, where Ka is the equilibrium constant for HX<--=-->H+ + X- Ka...

Science 8th grade

Please check my answer thanks Which of the folowing process is achieved through osmosis ? A. A cube of sugar didilving in coffee B. Particles of oxygen filling the lungs C. Water moving across thr cell membranne D. Transport of proteins from the endoplasmic reticulum to the ...


An adequate supply of fuelwood helps to pevent disease by allowing water to be boiled to ______________ it. Please check your assigned reading and post your answer. We'll be glad to help you when we see your thoughts about this subject. help? Come on, Mack. How does boiling ...

Health info

please check my answer :) Dr Bob treats Tommy who's DOB is 8/1/97 on June 1,2000 The statue of limitions for medical malpractice in the state is question is three years The age of adulthood is 18 in this state When can Tommy;s records be destroyed I said August 1, 2015

Chemistry check Please

The question is: Find the following quantities the volume, in liters, of 835 g SO3 at STP My answer is: 1 mol of SO3=80g 835g/80g = 10.44 mols v = (10.44 x 8.314 x 273)/100 = 236 L Can someone tell me if I did it correct. Thanks very much.


Which one of these categories would most likely be found in the operating budget of a day care center? A. Tables and chairs for classroom B.Desks and chairs for the office C. Deposits for utility services D. Loan payments I chose the letter C. Can someone check my answer.

S.S. Check answer!

Due to, among other things, political violence, unemployment at 70%, and the ratio of 1 doctor to 5,000 people, _________ Hatians have emigrated. 1. one in two 2. one in three 3. one in seven 4. one in ten Ms. Sue, Writeacher, Damon, Reed

language arts

Could you check my answer please..thank you Which of the following sentences contain a linking verb? A. Teresa wore her favorite shoes today. B. Her shoes look really C. She put them on with striped socks. Teresa walked for hours without a complaint! thank you

Language. Check answer

Revising sentences for agreement. There is either an error in subject-verb agreement or an error in pronoun-antecedent agreement 1. Many a girl has taken Shirley Chisholm as their model of success. My answer: Many girls has took Shirley Chisholm as their model of success. 2. ...


1. What column do you put the deposits in when you are balancing your checkbook a=date b=transaction c=debit d=credit 2. when creating a formula for balancing in a checkbook, what do you subtract from the credits? a=debits b=check numbers c=transaction d=dates 3. Why is it ...

Chemistry check

Can someone check my answers? Thanks. 1.) If you were involved in an acid rain monitoring project with several other samplers, why would it be important that all of you collect your samples on the same day and do the alkalinity tests within 24 hours? Acid rain on another day ...


Could you please check these thanks. Directions: Donnez des réponses personnelles. 1. Tu pars pour l'école à quelle heure le matin? Answer: Je pars pour l'école à sept heure. 2. Tu sors de la maison à quelle heure le matin? Answer: Je sors de la maison à sept heure. 3. ...

Ap Calculus

Ok, I've been doing BC review tests to prepare for the AP exam. I came across this free response problem and I have no idea how to do it, can someone please help me with this? It gives the differential equations: dP/dt = .03P(30-P) and it asks "Find the general solution to the...

Calculus (math)

Using your knowledge of trigonometric identities, find the exact value of sin(x+y) knowing that x and y are between 0 and π2, that sin(x)=725 and that sec(y)=1312. Your answer must be a rational number, written in the form of an irreducible fraction p/q (such as 2/3...

math(check my answers)

SOLVE THE FOLLOWING EQAUTION BY COMPLETING THE SQUARE: 3. xsquared - 8x - 10 = 0 xsqaured -8x=10 xsquared-8x+(8/2)sqaured=10+(8/2)sqaured xsquared-8x+16=26 Answer: xsqaured-8x+16=26 WHAT DID I DO WRONG?

Setting up a chem problem

Magnesium reacts with water in the equation, Mg+2H²O-->Mg(OH)²+H². You have 8.1 g of magnesium available. This means you will need ___ g of water to use all the magnesium. This seems sorta simple, but how can i set it up? These are stoichiometry problems. They can be ...

Math(Please help)

1) An expression that occurs in calculus in given. Reduce the expression to lowest terms. (2x + 5) 4x - 2x^2(2) / (2x+5)^2 I have no idea what to do for this. 2) Simplify the expression. Express the answer so that only positive exponents occur. Assume that all variables are ...

Math(Please help)

1) An expression that occurs in calculus in given. Reduce the expression to lowest terms. (2x + 5) 4x - 2x^2(2) / (2x+5)^2 I have no idea what to do for this. 2) Simplify the expression. Express the answer so that only positive exponents occur. Assume that all variables are ...


A spherical balloon is being inflated at a rate of 10 cubic inches per second. How fast is the radius of the balloon increasing when the surface area of the balloon is 2pi square inches? Enter your answer correct to 3 decimal places.


Use integration by parts to find the integral. Round the answer to two decimal places if necessary. (x+4) ln x dx between 3 and 0. I tried this problem two different ways and got two different answers 1.63 and 3.89. which one is correct? Please.


I'm having problems with this one. Can't get the right answer. Differentiate the following using the chain rule. f(x) = squareroot(x^2+1)/(3x+1) I know that I can take the whole thing and put it to the (1/2) and differentiate that then use the quotient rule to differentiate ...


A plane flying horizontally at an altitude of 1 mi and a speed of 560 mi/h passes directly over a radar station. Find the rate at which the distance from the plane to the station is increasing when it is 2 mi away from the station. (Round your answer to the nearest whole number.)


I need your help to check these sentences on air travel. I really hope you can help me. 1) Enter the airport and look at the departures board to check your flight number and the departure time of your flight. 2)Go to the check-in desk to weigh your luggage. Make sure your ...


A manufacturer has determined that the weekly profit from the sale of x items is given by the function below. It is estimated that after t days in an week, x items will have been produced. Find the rate of change of profit with respect to time at the end of 7 days. P9x) = -x^2...

math: and i really need help

3x(a-5)=6 What is the value of a ? 3x(a-5)=6 is x multiplication or variable multiplication Multiplication=* Division=/ 3x(a-5)=6 3*(a-5)=6 (3*a)+(3*5)=6 3a+15-15=6-15 3a=-9 3a/3=-9/3 a=-3 I hope this helps. I am not 100% sure this is right. Or it can be expressed as: 3 x (a-5...

Cacluluc CHECK

A survey of one thousand people found that 70% of the people have a CD player, 85% have a telephone, and 45.2% have a computer. At least how many people have all three objects? Is the answer 152?

Law and Ethics in Med

Please check my answer thanks :) Breach of confidentiality could have which of the following consequences ? 1. Ethical only 2. Legal only 3. Ethical or legal 4. Licensure revocation only I think # 3

Law and Ethics in Med

Please check my answer thanks :) Breach of confidentiality could have which of the following consequences ? 1. Ethical only 2. Legal only 3. Ethical or legal 4. Licensure revocation only I think # 3

Check my answer?

An indorser's implied contract to pay a subsequent holder in the event that an instrument is dishonored is known as an indorser's? A. duty B. accommodation C. primary liability D. secondary liability I chose Secondary liability


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