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Chemistry - check answer

A 20.0 L reaction vessel contains 0.016 moles CO2, 1.05 moles of CO, and 2.00 moles of C. The mixture is approaching the following equilibrium: CO2(g) + C(s) <--> 2CO(g) a) Calculate the reaction quotient Q. b) If value of K is 1.17, predict which direction the reaction ...

calculus help

find the producer's surplus at a price level of p=$150 for the price-supply equation p=S(x)=100-0.25x is received p=200 the final answer is 5000 is this correct and can you do the steps so i can see if i did i correct You have not defined x. Is S supposed to be Supply or ...


Can you check my answers? 1.Use the Binomial Theorem to expand and simplify the expression. (2 - 3x)3 -27x3 + 104x2 - 36x + 8 -27x3 + 54x2 - 36x + 8 -27x3 + 8 -27x3 + 54x2 - 18x + 8 answer:b 2.Find the 5th term in the expansion of the binomial. (2x - 4)8 -458,752x3 286,720x4 ...


Calculus Limit Problem: Evaluate the function at the given numbers (correct to six decimal places). Use the results to guess the value of the limit, or explain why it does not exist. f(x)=cosx-1/sinx x=1, .5, .4, .3, .2, .1, .05, .01 What should I do? A table of values??

Social Studies

Why was inflation a problem after World War II? A)Many people went into debt buying on credit without the income to pay in cash. B)Many men came home from the war without being able to get a job. C)Government controls ended,and prices of goods rose without workers getting ...

Algebra: x and y intercept, someone check please

1. Find the x-intercept and the y-intercept of 8x - 2y = -24. a. x = -7, y = 2 b. x = -4, y = 14 c. x = -3, y = 12 d. x = 7, y = -2 answer: d 2. Find the x- and y- intercept of the line 2x + 3y = -18. a. x-intercept is 18, y-intercept is 18. b. x-intercept is -6, y-intercept ...


Another problem: determine whether the series is convergent if so find sum it is the sum from k=1 to infinity of ((-1)^k)/(3^(k+1)) i found this series to be geometric where a=-1/9 and r=1/3 my answer was converges to 1/6


log(subscript2)*4 = log(subscript8)*8 + .5log(subscript4)*16 True or False. I do not know how to do this if anyone could show me the steps not the answer, but the steps that would be nice.


How do i find the derivative of f(t)= 20- 30/rooot 9 + t^2 heres how i did it f'(x)= 20' - 30/root(9+t^2) ' = 0 - 30/root(9+t^2) ' (Quotient rule) f'(x)= 30' (root(9+t^2) - 30(root(9+t^2) ' f'(x)= -30(0.5(9+t^2)^-0.5) (2t) the answer at the back of the book is 30t/(9+t^2)^1/2...


Use the graph to estimate the limit: lim x->0 sin(3x)/x When x is in degrees lim x->0 sin(3x)/x = ________ I thought the the answer was (3*180)/pi but it's not... please help... Thanks

calculus help

consider lim -->0^+ 1)sin(4x)/sin(3x) find the limit using a table of values 2)based on your answer what should the limit equal?


Test for convergence or divergence. Indicate the test that was used and justify your answer. Sigma (lower index n = 4; upper index infinity) 1/(3n^2-2n-15)


Test for convergence or divergence. Indicate the test that was used and justify your answer. Sigma (lower index n = 2; upper index infinity) [ln(n)]/n


Use a linear approximation of f(x)=log(x) at x=1 to approximate log(3/4). Express your answer as an exact fraction; remember that log denotes the natural log.


Find the area of the shaded region below. x=(y^2)-2 x=e^y y=1 y=-1 I was doing a horizontal split so I had the integral from -1 to 1 (y^2-2)-e^y dy and had the answer -5.683... and it's wrong. What am I doing wrong?


Find the reference angle for the given angle. Show your work. -404° my answer is 44 degree , But i don't know how to put my work together..


can someone check my answers subtract 7/9-(-13/19)=3/2 multiply (4)(-3/2)=-6f find the first and third quaritles q1 and q3 of the following set of numbers 13,4,12,16,8,14,8,3,10,8, my answer 4:12 find the first and third quaritles q1 and q3 of the following set of numbers .16...

Math: Calculus

Answer the following questions for the function f(x)=sin(x/4)^2 defined on the interval [-12.266371, 2.241593]. Rememer that you can enter pi for as part of your answer. a.)f(x) is concave down on the interval ____. b.) A global minimum for this function occurs at ____. c.) A ...


A plane flying along a straight path loses altitude at the rate of 1000 ft for each 5200 ft covered horizontally. What is the angle of descent of the plane? (Round your answer to one decimal place.)

Pre Calculus

Determine all discontinuities that exist on the graph of y = f(x) shown below. Please show your reasoning by justifying your answer with the conditions of continuity. If there is a discontinuity, identify it as removable or non-removable.


It requires 8 inch pounds of work to stretch a certain spring 2 inches from its rest position. Assuming that the spring follows hooke's law, what is k? Please answer this question. Thanks for your answers in advance.

calculus 1

lim x---> 2 4x+1/3x-4 illustrate definition 2 by finding values of delta that correspond to epsilon=0.5 and epsilon= 0.1 I having trouble setting this up. do i set up two different functions then divide? 0.2898 that's the answer i got....

calculus 2

Use Euler's method with a step size of 0.2 to estimate y(1), where y(x) is the solution of the initial value problem y' = 6x+y^2, y(0)=0. Round your final answer to 4 places, but keep more places on the intermediate steps for accuracy.


A variable force of 7x−2 pounds moves an object along a straight line when it is x feet from the origin. Calculate the work done in moving the object from x = 1 ft to x = 19 ft. (Round your answer to two decimal places.)


How would I evaluate the following integral by using integration by parts? Integral of: (t^3)(e^x)? You mean (x^3)(e^x)? x^3 exp(x) dx = x^3 d[exp(x)] = d[x^3 exp(x)] - exp(x) d[x^3] = d[x^3 exp(x)] - 3 x^2 exp(x) dx So, if you integrate this you get x^3 exp(x) - 3 Integral of...


Could you please check my answers thanks. Directions: Give my own answers. 1. Tu fais quelquefois la cuisine chez toi? Answer: Oui, je fais quelquefois la cuisine chez moi. 2. Tu fais études dans un lycée français ou dans une école secondaire américaine? Answer: Je ne ...

Calculus Rate of Change

Find the average rate of change h(x)=2x^2-4 from x=2 to x=6 Simplify your answer as much as possible

calculus- min value of function

The answer is -1/2 but how? Which of the following is the minimum value of the function f(x)= sinxcosx? a) 0 b) -1/2 c) -1 d) does not exist

Pre-Calculus 11

What is the entire radial form of -3* cube root of 2? I go cube root of 54 as my answer but it is wrong

Calculus Finals Review sheet!! Explanation needed

Here is a graph of the derivative y' of a continuous, differentiable function. For approximately what values of x between −5 and 5 does the original function y have inflection points? Find limit as x approaches 3.5 [[x-2]]/x (Remember that [[x]] is the greatest...

medical insurance forms

please check my answer thanks True or False The information for Blocks 1-9 on the CMS-1500 can be obtained from the medical treatment record I said True


My professor asked to take the derivative of profit for fun so I just wanted to check if my answer was right. profit=PQ(p,a)-c(q(a))-a dΠ/dQ = -2bQ + (a-c) ≡ 0. Thus, -2bQ = -(a-c) and Q = (a-c)/2b.


if the exchange rate between venezuelan and american currencies is 2144.6 bolivars per u.s dollar, about how many u.s dollar can you get for 500 bolivars i think the answer is $4.28

Pre-Calc-Please check my answer

Please help-I'm stuck really bad Thank you for any help you can provide What are the roots of the equation x^2 -4x + 3 = 0 x^2 - 4x = 3 x^2 +2(-2)x + -2^2 = -3 = -2^2 x^2 + -4x + 4 = 1 (x + -2)^2 = 1 qrt (x+-2)^2 = sqrt 1 x+-2 = plus or minus 1 therefore x=1 x=3 roots are 1 and 3

Check Fib. Number problem please

For any prime number p except 2 and 5, either Fp-1 or fp+1 is divisible by p. If I showed that this is true for p=7, the answer should be F8---is this correct because f8 is 21. P=11 would be divisible by 55 which is F10.

Language(asap answers please!!!)

Which section of a personal narrative requires the most development? a. introduction b. conclusion c. character introduction d. plot My answer: D. Please check!

Math Answer Check

csc^2 x = 5 over the interval 0 <= x < 2pi 1. 26.57 degs 2. 153.43 degs I think the solutions in the third and fourth quadrants don't work because they don't fall in the interval.

Chemistry(please check my answer)

Which of the following is an oxidation reaction? A. AuCl4- → AuCl 2- **** B. Mn7+ → Mn2+ C. Cl2 → ClO3- D. Co3+ → Co2+


In a research-based paper it is sometimes OK to quote directly from a research source without any attribution. True False I say False. Please check my answer.


Please check this for me: the lenght l, width w, & height h of a box change with time. At a certain instant the dimensions are l=1m & w=h=2m. L and W are increasing at a rate of 2m/sec while H is decreasing at a rate of 2m/sec. At that instant, find the rate at which the ...

my math

True or false? Intentionally writing a check on an account with insufficient funds is allowed under certain conditions. I say false? Ben Spender writes a $50 check which is returned by his bank with additional charges. The company he wrote the check to, Art Supply Inc., also ...

calculus 1

The point P(2,-1) lies on the curve y=1/(1-x) If Q is the point (x, 1/(1-x) find slope of secant line. these are the points 2, -1 1.5,2 1.9,1.111111 1.99,1.010101 1.999,001001 2.5,0.666667 2.1,0.909091 2.01,0.990099 2.001,0.999001 using the results from the points guess the ...


the second number is the reciprocal of the fist and the sm is a minimum. this is my my work and i got stuck x=first number y=second number so y=1/x then what. i know the answer is 1 and 1. also can you explain why the answer is 1 and 1 and not just one. it kind oes that to ...

Physics Please check my answer

How much work is done by the centripetal force (in this case, the friction between the tires and the road) on a 1200 kg car moving on a circular track of radius 50 meters at a constant speed of 31.4 m/s? A. 7.4 • 10^6 J B. 19.7 J <--- C. 2136.7 J D. 117,600 J E. 0 J

Social Studies

What agreement set the official border of the Louisiana Territory between Canada and the United States? A. Rush-Bagot B. Monroe Doctrine C. Adams-Onis Treaty D. Convention of 1818 Can you please check this, my answer is C. Am I right?


All of the following reasons cause a variance in divorce rates among segments of the population in the United States, except: (Points : 3) 1. Age at first marriage 2. Education 3. Race and ethnicity 4. Social class <-------- Please check my answer.

Social Studies

what was the purpose of the constitutional convention held in philadelphia in 1787? A.To sign the treaty of paris B.To select the nation's new president. C. to revise the Articles of Confederation draft a declaration of independence My answer is c @Ms.Sue can you please ...


Find the limits: lim {[1/(2+x)]-(1/2)}/x as x->0 lim (e^-x)cos x as x->infinity ...First off, I'm having trouble getting rid of complex fractions. I tried multiplying the whole numerator by [(2+x)/2], but you'd still get 0/undefined answer (the answer in the back of my ...


I had an assignment containing 45 problems, and I am unsure of 4, can you check and see if the answers are correct? 1. Write an equation of the line containing the given point and parallel line (5,-1), 3x-7y=9 My answer was: y=3/7x-22/7 2. Find the equation of the line having ...


I had an assignment containing 45 problems, and I am unsure of 4, can you check and see if the answers are correct? 1. Write an equation of the line containing the given point and parallel line (5,-1), 3x-7y=9 My answer was: y=3/7x-22/7 2. Find the equation of the line having ...


I had an assignment containing 45 problems, and I am unsure of 4, can you check and see if the answers are correct? 1. Write an equation of the line containing the given point and parallel line (5,-1), 3x-7y=9 My answer was: y=3/7x-22/7 2. Find the equation of the line having ...

calc check

<<y=(1/A)*integral from a to b of: (1/2)[f(x)]^2 dx >> If that is the y value of the center of mass, I don't know why the factor (1/2) is there I also don't agree with your calculation of the x value, which should be 1/(ln 2). I agree with you that the area is ln 2...

pre calculus

A projectile is fired straight upward from ground level with an initial velocity of 320 feet per second. (Assume t = 0 seconds corresponds to the time the object is fired. Use 32 feet/second2 as acceleration due to gravity.) (a) At what instant will it be back at ground level...

pre-ap pre calculus

To solve an equation by finding x-intercepts, Cynthia graphed the function y=x^3-5x+|2x-3| Give several possibilities for the original equation. How do I do it and what's the answer? Thanks


f(x,y)=x^2+2y^2 use the gradient vector Þf(5, 1) to find the tangent line to the level curve f(x, y) = 27 at the point (5, 1). answer choices: 1. 10x + 4y = 27 2. 2x + 4y = 27 3. 5x + 2y = 27 4. 10x − 4y = 27 5. 5x − 2y = 27


Consider the function below. f(x) = 4x2 - 5x (a) Find f '(2). (b) Use the answer in part (a) to find an equation of the tangent line to the parabola y = 4x2 - 5x at the point (2, 6). y =


Determine an appropriate linear approximation of the function f(x)= the square root of x and use it to approximate the square root of 24.2. Write your answer in decimal form


I don't know what to write for question b and c. 1 a)Determine the values of x for which the function f(x) = 3/(√x^2+3x-4) is continuous. Values of x are -4 and 1. -------------------------------------- b) What does your answer in part a. represent? c) Why is it ...


Consider the ellipse plotted by x^2+9y^2=9. Find the y-coordinate of the point on the ellipse that is farthest from the point (0,1). Your answer should be expressed as a fraction of whole numbers.

pre calculus

Find all of the solutions of the equation x4-625i=0 and represent the solutions graphically. what is the next step to answer the question? (x^2-25√i)(x^2+25√i) (x-5∜i)(x+5∜i)(x-5∜i i)(x+5∜i i) i = 1 cis π/2 ∜i = ∜1 cis π/8

Calculus 12th grade.

1. A body is moving along a straight line with a velocity which varies according to the equation v=9t^2+2t, where v is in feet per second and t is in seconds. Find the expression for the distance as a function of time. A. 3t^3+t^2+C B. 3t^3+2t^2+C C. 18t+C D. 20t+C My answer ...


A 12,000 liter tank filled to capacity at t=0 drains at rate r(t), measured in liters per hour, where r is defined as piece-wise function: r(t)={ (600t)/(t+3), [0,5] {1000e^(-0.2t), (5,infinity) Is r continuous at t=5? Show work that lead to you answer.


Complete the table by computing f(x) at the given values of x. (Round your answers to three decimal places.) f(x) = 2x^2 - 7 x 6.9 6.99 6.999 7.001 7.01 7.1 Use these results to estimate the indicated limit (if it exists). (If an answer does not exist, enter DNE.) lim_(x->7...


A company needs to make a cylindrical can that can hold precisely 2.1 liters of liquid. If the entire can is to be made out of the same material, find the dimensions of the can that will minimize the cost. Round your answer to the nearest four decimal places.


Solve the equations below exactly. Give your answers in radians, and find all possible values for t in the interval 0≤t≤2π. If there is more than one answer, enter your solutions in a comma separated list. (a) sin(t)=2/√2 when t= (b) cos(t)=1/2 when t= (c) tan(t)=−1 ...


An airplane flies at an altitude of 5 miles toward a point directly over an observer. The speed of the plane is 600 mi/hr. Find the rate at which the angle of elevation is changing when the angle is 30 degrees. I found the answer to be 60 radians/hr by taking the derivative of...


d/dx integral from o to x of function cos(2*pi*x) du is first i do the integral and i find the derivative right. by the fundamental theorem of calculus, if there is an integral from o to x, don't i just plug the x in the function. the integral of the problem is cos*2*pi*) is ...


I'm not too sure about the answer to these questions, just want to double check. 3. What mood is conveyed by the words, “I am all longing,” in line 29 of “The Wife’s Lament”? angry frantic (my answer) hopeless 5. Which sentence BEST combines the ideas shown below? ...


find the points at which the graph of 4x^2 - 4x + 12y^2 -6y = 10 has a vertical and horizontal tangent line. For the vertical only solve for y and for the horizontal only solve for x. I got the deriviative to be: (8x-4)/(-24y + 6). For the horizontal, x = 1/2 For the vertical ...


Give an estimate for each expression in Exercises, Then state whether you believe that the exact answer is greater than or less than the estimate. Explain how you decided. Use a calculator to check the accuracy of your estimate. 978 X 66


Hi! I’m practicing for the SHSAT, and I am doing some math problems. I don’t want to take advantage of this website, so I decided to ask you guys first. Am I allowed to ask lots of math questions? But I will answer them(at least the ones I know) could you help me check it...

Claculate engine thrust

Calculate the engine thrust required to produce an acceleration of 4 m/s^-2 in a jet of mass 800 kg as it takes off along the runway. The air resistance is 500 N. I used F - R = ma F - R = 800 x 4 F - 500 = 3200 Thrust = 3700 Appreciate if anyone can check my answer, if wrong...


Which of these numbers is irrational? check mark sign 3 0.25 1/5 check mark sign 9 I think it is the first one

Maths Calculus Derivative Integral - Urgent Please

Use 2nd Fundamental Theorem of Calculus to find derivative of f(x) = integral of 2x^2 (at the top) to x-5 (at the bottom) of square root of Sin(x)dx

check geo

russian coasts lie along the pacific and artic oceans, as well as the: A)caspian sea, black sea, and baltic sea. B)atlantic ocean,black sea,and baltic sea. c)capian sea,north sea,and black sea D)North sea,black sea,and baltic sea. .The answer is A. The volge river connects ...


I urgently need to know if the word choice and tenses are correct. Thank you. 1) Enter the airport and check your flight number and the boarding time of your flight on the departures board. 2) Before going to the check-in desk make sure your baggage doesn't exceed 20 kilos. ...

"le Chat. Principle" #2

Hi, there are 5 questions and I was wondering if you could check them for me. Thanks! 3. The hypothetical equilibrium reaction represented by the equation that follows. QA(s) + 2 X(g)>>>Q(l) + X2A(g) + energy This reaction can be shifted to increase the yield of ...


Could you please check these and help me with #s 10, 14, 15, 17, and 18. I'm sorry but I just don't understand these. I read the textbook but still nothing. Thanks for all the help:))) Directions: Use the clues to help you figure out the missing word. 1. Tu vas où pour faire ...


Could you check these thanks. Directions: Répondez en utilisant un pronom (en). 1. Il y a combien de chambres dans cet hôtel? (cent) Answer: Il y en a cent. 2. Il y a combien de lits dans chaque chambre? (deux) Answer: Il y en a deux 3. Il y a combien de placards dans chaque...


1. Calculate the population within a 7-mile radius of the city center if the radial population density is ρ(r) = 5(5 + r2)1/3 (in thousands per square mile). (Round your answer to two decimal places.) 2. A population of insects increases at a rate 280 + 8t + 1.5t2 insects...

calc: avg value

Find the average value of the function "f(x) = x^2 sqrt(1+x^3)" on the interval [0,2]. and this is what i did.. please check for mistakes. thanks :D f(x) = x^2 sqrt(1+x^3), [0,2] f ave = (1/(b-a))*inegral of a to b for: f(x) dx f ave = (1/(2-0))*integral of 0 to 2 for: x^2 ...


Please check to see if I got these right and specifically for #2, I am not sure if I have this balanced correctly. Write the complete balanced equations for the following: 1) Potassium metal reacts with oxygen gas to form solid potassium oxide. My answer: 4K(s)+O2(g)=4KO2(s) 2...


1. what trig function has an amplitue of 1 and negative values for angles between π/2 and π? 2. what trig function never crosses the x-axis and has a value of 2 at π/6? are these correct? 3. what trig function has a period of π and is undefined for -π/...

physics (please check)

Four 20-ohm resistors are connected in series and the combination is connected to a 20 V emf device. The current in any one of the resistors is: A) .25 A B) 1.0 A c) 4.0 A D) 5.0 A E) 100 A My answer: A R= 20 + 20 + 20 + 20 =80 V= IR 20/80=I I=.25 A battery with an emf of 24 V...


Calculate the interval of convergence. Sigma from n=1 to infinity of (n!*x^n)/n^n. Calculus - Steve, Friday, July 29, 2016 at 11:52pm try using the ratio test. You should be able to show that the series converges for |x| < e I tried and I got |x|lim n-infinity of |(n/n+1)^n...


I have answers for these problems, but I wanted to check if I had them right because I wasn't sure on some of them....Thanks. Solve the triangle: 1. a=4, b=8, alpha=30 deg. answer- beta=90 deg., gamma=60 deg., c=7 2. a=5, b=7, alpha=30 deg. answer- beta=44 deg., gamma=106 deg...


Please check my answer thanks :) A Dr is treating a pt for schizophrenia he tell the dr that he plans to kill Sally when he is relased from the hospital the believes that but he does not contact Sally. Sallty then sues the doctor the basis of her cliam is what.. I said Failure...

History of health care

Please check my answer thanks :) If you need to talk to someone about getting additional coverage to Medicare Parts A and B what organization should you contact ? I am not to sure is it Blue cross and Blue Shield

medical info mangement

Morris Wesley Hospital is a multi-facility, for-profit hospital. What type of owneship is this ? 1.Church affiliated 2. Federal 3. State 4. Non-governmet proprietary I picked 4 please check my answer thanks

Health/Specialty Exams and Advance Techniques

please check my answer thanks The level on decline in a 66- year old patient is most likley affected by A. gender B. race C. social factors D. age I picked D. (age)

office practices/ medical

please check my answer thanks True or False A company that provides comprehensive health care services on a prepayment basis to voluntarily enrolled participants is called HMO I said True


Please check my answer thanks :) An individual SAR team's mission is to A. clear the area and search for clues. B. camp out in the woods. C. help other teams. D. find the missing person. I said C


Can you check my answers. I actually have been researching this for a couple of days! Which African countries does the equator pass through? My answer-Gabon, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, Uganda, and Kenya.


Can you check my answers. I actually have been researching this for a couple of days! Which African countries does the equator pass through? My answer-Gabon, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, Uganda, and Kenya.


Can you check my answers. I actually have been researching this for a couple of days! Which African countries does the equator pass through? My answer-Gabon, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, Uganda, and Kenya.

information literacy

Use one of the sources available in the Almanacs and Yearbooks section to identify the approximate time of sunrise in Anchorage, Alaska, on December 25, 2015. (Hint: Check the source's Astronomy section.) A. 8:10 A.M. B. 9:45 A.M. C. 11:30 A.M. D. 10:15 A.M. answer is c

math check

Assume that z is the test statistic. (Give your answers correct to two decimal places.) (d) Calculate the value of z for Ho: ì = 81, ó = 13.3, n = 51, x = 79.7. -1.16 is my answer and it is wrong, can someone tell me how I missed this one, done several and got them right but...

Algebra 1 Check My Answer Please.

2.Find the slope of a line that passes through (–2, –3) and (1, 1). The fraction one third.< 1 2 The fraction four thirds. 3.For the equation –4y = 8x, what is the constant of variation. –4 –2 1 < 2 4.Suppose y varies directly with x, and y = 24 when x = 8. ...


Please do not post an entire test ... with not a thought of your own. Go through your questions and post ONLY those that you have serious doubts about ... AND include what YOU THINK each answer is. Then someone here will check your thinking.

physics (please check work)

A force of 10N holds an ideals spring with 20-N/m spring constant in compression. The potential energy stored in the spring is: I obtained the answer of 10J. I got thatk= -F/x --> the potential energy of the spring = 1/2kx^2. 10J= 1/2(20N/m)(X)^2. Is that right, i'm not ...


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