Calculus (Answer Check)

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  1. Algebra

    Can someone check my answers? 1. Write the equation of the line that passes through point (–2, 3) with a slope of –4. Answer: y = -4x - 5 2. Find the slope and y-intercept. x = –8 Answer: Slope: undefined; y-intercept: none 3. Write the equation of the line which has y-...
  2. sociology

    The general trend of American's attitudes toward the unmarried has been from an attitude of _____ in the 1950s to an attitude of ______ in the 2000s A.) Non-acceptance; acceptance B.) Neutrality; non-acceptance C.) Non-acceptance; neutrality D.) Neutrality; tolerance I think ...
  3. sociology

    The general trend of American's attitudes toward the unmarried has been from an attitude of _____ in the 1950s to an attitude of ______ in the 2000s A.) Non-acceptance; acceptance B.) Neutrality; non-acceptance C.) Non-acceptance; neutrality D.) Neutrality; tolerance I think ...
  4. Poetry (metaphors)

    What's the metaphor? --------------------------------------- The Toaster A silver-scaled dragon with jaws flaming red sits at my elbow and toasts my bread. I hand him fat slices, and then, one by one, He hands them back when he sees they are done...
  5. Calculus

    Evaluate the limit as h -> 0 of: [tan (pi/6 + h) - tan(pi/6)]/h I thought the answer was √3/3, or tan(pi/6, but apparently that is wrong, any tips here?
  6. Calculus

    More questions on - finding dy/dx 1) y = sqrt 4 + sin 10 x - I am lost again 2) y = 10/sin x answer: - 10 csc x cot x 3) y = sin x/ 8x
  7. Calculus

    For the question "Determine the equation of the tangent to the curve y = xtanx at the point with x-coordinate π." how is the answer -πx + y + π2 = 0?
  8. Math (Check Answers Please)

    (Please tell me if I did a good job!) Write an equation with a variable on both sides of the equal sign that has infinitely many solutions. Solve the equation and explain why it has an infinite number of solutions. (My answer:) 3x + 5 = 3x + 5 This equation is equal to its ...
  9. Chemistry

    Can someone please check my answer...thank you! According to Raoult's law, as the mole fraction of dissolved nonvolatile solute in a given amount of solvent increases, the solution vapor pressure: VARIES AT RANDOM?
  10. Health/ Basic Clinical Procedures

    Please check my answer thanks Which one of the following elements is necessary for bacterial microorganism to grow ? A. light B. body temperature C. acid environment D carbon dioxide I pick B
  11. Health/Specialty Exams and Advance Techniques

    Please check my answer to this question thank you Early detection of testicular cancer relies on A a cystoscopy B self-exam by the patient C good nutrition D exercise I picked B
  12. Applied Dog Behavior

    Please check my answer thanks 7. _______ reported using a "cricket" to train animals as early as 1951. A. B. F. Skinner B. Ivan Pavlov C. Gary Wilkes D. Sigmund Freud I picked A
  13. health

    which of the following structures are regions of the lungs? a. frontal, maxillary, sphenoidal, ethmoidal b.eustachian, pharynx, bronchi c. cilia, adenoids, mucous, epigilottis d.apex, base, hilum d could someone check my answer
  14. Technology

    i'm not really sure about this answer, because i didn't find it in my book. i think i'm correct. please check: 10. A wrench uses the principle of a(n)__________ in its operation. a. lever b. inclined plane c. pulley d. wheel and axle B?
  15. health/please check

    The first offense for federal trafficking penalties that is not less than 10 years and not more than life applies to wich drugs: a) cocaine b) Heroin c)Methamphetamine d)LSD e)none of the above My answer is E.
  16. health/check please

    The first offense for federal trafficking penalties that is not less than 10 years and not more than life applies to wich drugs: a) cocaine b) Heroin c)Methamphetamine d)LSD e)none of the above My answer is A
  17. Algebra

    1.How do you factor (-5t^2+50t+5) ? I keep getting (-5)(t-1)(t+1), but when I check it by foiling and multiplying, it doesn't equal the original trinomial. 2. Can I multiply (-3x-2x+8) by (-1) to get rid of the negative coefficient? If I don't, it will be differently factored...
  18. Science (check please)

    3. Which of the following pairs of terms could be used to describe a bullfrog that is active at night and enters a state of complete inactivity during colds months? . . . My answer: Circadian rhythm and hibernation.
  19. english

    1. "Similarly", "on the other hand", and "however" are signals that the author of a source is using which of the following text structures? (1 point) sequencing comparison and contrast cause and effect problem and solution check my work my answer is C
  20. Language Arts

    Which of the following sentences uses a pronoun in the possessive case? A. Ask Sarah to pass the chips to me. B. Check for my signature on the front page. C. He went to the park to find the dog. D. The winner of the contest was she. Is the answer B? Thank you
  21. S.S

    1)Which geographic feature marks the last natural obstacle for Georgia’s rivers on their way to the Atlantic Ocean? A)the Floridian Aquifer B)the Valley and Ridge region C)the Fall Line D)the Marshes of Glynn<<?? Check my answer please.
  22. Social Studies 7th Grade

    Check my work please! Although India ahs only 16 official languages, people there speak more than ________ language. 1.30 2.50 3.100 4.800 I belive the answer is 1.
  23. Science - Please check my answer

    This is my problem: When Christy takes her pet dog for a walk, the dog walks at a very consistent pace of 0.45 m/s. There are 20.1 m between the front of Christy’s house to the nearest dog park. How far will Christy’s dog have walked toward the park after 25s? This is my ...
  24. Physics

    A student of mass m is at a swimming pool. She climbs the steps to the diving board 4.0 m above the water. She jumps off the board, which enables her to rise a further 0.7 m before she begins her descent into the pool. At what speed does she enter the water? You may assume ...
  25. math-check my work

    I have a bag of m&m's with 52 in it and on the pkg it states it weighs 47.9g. If I divide by 52 it gives me .92g per m&m. To find out what the mass is of a mole of m&m's do I Multiply 6.02 x 10^23 x .92g for my answer?
  26. English

    please check my answer thanks :) In addition to the information you include in a document, the_________ of your writing sends a message to the reader tone method length phase I picked tone
  27. History of health care

    Please check my answer tahnks :) Capitation is the least type of medical service reimbursement used today True or False I said True
  28. Anatomy and Physiology

    Please check my answer thanks True or False The process of breaking a complex substance down into smaller components is called metabolism I said true
  29. Health/ Basic Clinical Procedures

    please check my answer thanks True or False the review of systems is a history of the patient's previous diseases, injuries and operation . I said False
  30. Health/ Basic Clinical Procedures

    pelase check my answer thanks true or false Continuous is a type of fever which the temp fluctuates but always remains elevated I said True
  31. check geo

    in the 1800s ___________ opened up the western united states to immagration and buisness. A. The transcontinental railroad B. The underground railroad C.Route 66 D.Cattle farming .The answer I chose was B .
  32. math

    Which should be used a permutation or combination? Determine the number of different ways in which a committee of four can be chosen from a group of twelve members? please check my answer = combination
  33. Medical

    When a physician is billing under the RBRVS system, he or she is using A. APCs. B. HCPCS/CPT codes. C. MS-DRGs. D. ICD-9 procedure codes My answer is (B) check this one for me please
  34. Can you check my Math answer please?

    According to the first derivative test, a differentiable function must have a relative minimum between any two relative maxima. True.
  35. English Check

    The advice was meant for ____ A)you and i B)she and i C) you and me Hello i need help. My original answer was A)you and I. But then I started reading a book on English grammar and it says it should be C)she and I since they are subject pronouns.
  36. calculus

    I have posted this question earlier and had the answer given to me this way. But my teacher needs to know what type of factorization I used and I have tried to figure it out but have NO clue!! This is the question. Solve the following inequality. write your answer in interval ...
  37. French

    Could you please check these thanks. Directions: Récrivez les phrases d'après le modèle. modèle: Il est parti? Oui, il vient de partir. 1. Ils sont partis? Answer: Oui, il viennent de partir. 2. Vous avez tous fini? Answer: Oui, vous venez de finir. 3. Elle est descendue? ...
  38. Science - Please Check This Answer

    My problem is: When Christy takes her pet dog for a walk, the dog walks at a very consistent pace of 0.45 m/s. There are 20.1 m between the front of Christy’s house to the nearest dog park. How far will Christy’s dog have walked toward the park after 25 s? My answer is: ...
  39. Chem answer check

    Does this look correct? Thx! Write the balanced equation for the reaction between solid copper and silver nitrate, that produces solid silver and copper(II) nitrate in solution. Include your experimentally determined mole ratios for the copper and silver atoms as coefficients...
  40. Math ( Can You check my Work?) = 3n - 1 2. an = 2(2n - 3) = 4^n = (2/3)^n 5. an = (-1)^n(n + 5) 6. an = (-1)^n + 1(n + 6) 7. an= n+3/2n-1 8. a1 = -5 and an = an-1 - 3 for n ≥ 2 9. a1 = -6 and an = -2an-1 for n ≥ 2 10.a1 = 4 and an = 3an-1 + 2 for n ≥ 2 11. Find a8 when a1...
  41. Science

    If you start a project at 5:45pm and you check on the project every 30 minutes for 3 hours, what times will you check on the project
  42. English

    Can someone please check my answers? Which of the following settings are evident in Unit 4's stories of Twain, Jewett, and Chesnutt? Check all that apply. American West* pos-Civil War South* New England* Gold Coast
  43. Calculus

    A rectangle is bounded by the x axis and the semicircle = square root 25-x^2. What length and width should the rectangle have so that its area is a maximum? When I worked the problem out(which is a bit detailed). I started with y = square root 25-x^2 then A = 2x square root 25...
  44. Math

    Would someone please check my answers to this problem: The license fee for a car varies directly with the value of the car. The fee for a car that is valued at $19,500 is $292.50. What is the constant of proportionality? My answer is: .105 cents per every one dollar of car ...
  45. Calculus

    Tried this problem severeal ways. Get a different answer every time, but it is in the same ballpark. Any help would be much appreciated. How many zeros are at the end of the product of the first fifty positive integers?
  46. Math: Calculus

    Find the smallest positive value of which satisfies -- x=4.100cos(2.800x) Give the answer to four places of accuracy._________ Remember to calculate the trig functions in radian mode.
  47. calculus

    This problem has two parts but I can only see this so far. I probably over thinking..what is this asking for? How do I answer it? To evaluate lim x→ infinity sqrt(x^2 + 4) *first consider that as x becomes infinitely large x^2+4 -> __?__
  48. calculus

    Use left endpoints and 9 rectangles to find the approximation of the area of the region between the graph of the function cos2x and the x-axis over the interval [0, pi/2] . Round your answer to four decimal places.
  49. Calculus

    Use Euler's method with step size 0.2 to estimate y(1), where y(x) is the solution of the initial-value problem given below. (Round your answer to four decimal places.) y' = 1 − xy y(0) = 0 I don't even know how to start!
  50. Calculus

    For what values of x does the series 1 + 2^x + 3^x + 4^x + ... + n^x + ... converge? A. No values of x B. x >= -1 C. x > -1 D. x < -1 E. All values of x I think the answer is C, because n^(-1) = 1/n, which diverges.
  51. Spanish 3

    Hello! I need someone to check over my Spanish answers and see if I have them right. And if I don't, can someone please help me? Thanks a bunch! :) Directions: Re-write using Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns when needed. 1.) I read the book to Helena. My answer: Leí el ...
  52. calculus

    Find the exact value of the given expression. (tan17pi/12 - tan pi/4) / (1+tan 17pi/12 tan pi/4) can you help with this? i got the answer 1/ squareroot 3
  53. Solved-Calculus-Please check?

    the equatorial radius of the earth is approximately 3960 miles. suppose a wire is wrapped tightly around the earth at the equator. how much must this wire be lengthened if it is to be strung on 10 feet poles above the ground? (1 mile=5280 feet) delta y= dy/dx (2pir) * deltax ...
  54. Calculus

    Hi, I have a calculus question that I just cannot figure out, it is about volume of cross sections. I would very much appreciate it if someone could figure out the answer and show me all the steps. A solid has as its base the region bounded by the curves y = -2x^2 +2 and y = -...
  55. Calculus

    Hi, I have a calculus question that I just cannot figure out, it is about volume of cross sections. I would very much appreciate it if someone could figure out the answer and show me all the steps. A solid has as its base the region bounded by the curves y = -2x^2 +2 and y = -...
  56. Calculus. Limits. Check my answers, please! :)

    4. lim (tanx)= x->pi/3 -(sqrt3) 1 (sqrt3) ***-1 The limit does not exist. 5. lim |x|= x->-2 -2 ***2 0 -1 The limit does not exist. 6. lim [[x]]= x->9/2 (Remember that [[x]] represents the greatest integer function of x.) 4 5 ***4.5 -4 The limit does not exist. 7. lim...
  57. English-Macbeth (Please check)

    1. The witches told Macbeth he would first become: a) king b)Thane of Glamis c)Thane of Cawdor d)a father answer c. 2. Lady Macbeth asks the spirts to "unsex" her so she will be: a) compassionate b) more like a man, agressive and unmoved by pity c)physically strong d)able to ...
  58. Math! Please Check My Awnser!

    Hello! I need some help with math! I have tried to do this but I am unsure about my answers. My I will identify my answers with a "<--". Also, if I have missed one, please tell me the right answer! Also, Thanks for your help in advance! Have a nice day! 1. Which of the ...
  59. college calculus

    find a and b so that f(x)=x^2+ax+b has a local min at (6,-5) i found the derivative: f'=2x+a then i found a 0=2x+a 0=2(6)+a 0=12+a a=-12 but i can't seem to get the correct value for b. i plugged -5 into the original function, but my book says the answer is b=31. how do i get ...
  60. calculus

    x^2 + y^2 = 25 3x + y = 15 Find the two points of intersection. I don't just want the answer, if you could tell me how to find it, it would save my life. The sqaure root is making it really hard for me to understand.
  61. ap calculus

    Find the volume if the region enclosing y=1+ sqrerootof x, x=0, y=0, and x=9 is rotated about the x axis. I used the disk method and came up with the integral: pi integral (from 0-9) of (1+sqrerootx)^2 dx, but my answer was wrong.
  62. calculus

    Find two unit vectors that make an angle of 60° with v = 3, 4 (Enter your answer as a comma-separated list of vectors. Round your answers to four decimal places.)
  63. calculus 2

    Consider the solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by the given curves about the line x = -3. y = x^2 , x = y^2 Find the volume V of this solid. I keep finding the wrong answer.
  64. Calculus

    Solve : sec^2(x)= ã3*tanx + 1 on [0,radian-180 degrees) - couldn't find the symbol for radian on computer please try and explain how you got your answer best as yu can thanks so much :)
  65. calculus

    Specify the region over which the following function f(x) is increasing and the region where it is decreasing. f(x)= √-x Your answer should be either open intervals or the empty set ϕ.
  66. Calculus

    I need help creating an equation for a piecewise defined function with two different rules, that is continuous but not differentiable at the point where the rules change, x=3. Please help to justify the answer.
  67. calculus

    Find the average rate of change of the function over the given interval. You must reduce and simplify your answer, if possible. a. f(x)=cot x, [pi/6, pi/2] b. f(theta)= -2 + cos (theta), [-pi, 0]
  68. calculus

    A freshly brewed cup of coffee has temperature 95°C in a 20°C room. When its temperature is 68°C, it is cooling at a rate of 1°C per minute. When does this occur? (Round your answer to two decimal places.)
  69. calculus

    A freshly brewed cup of coffee has temperature 95°C in a 20°C room. When its temperature is 68°C, it is cooling at a rate of 1°C per minute. When does this occur? (Round your answer to two decimal places.)
  70. Calculus

    A spherical ball is being filled with air. When the radius r=9cm, the radius is increasing at a rate 4 cm/s. How fast is the volume changing at this time (leave your answer approximate)?
  71. Calculus Help Please!!!

    If x^3 - y^3 =3 , use only implicit diff. to find d^2y/dx^2 . Express your answer in terms of x and y only and write is as a proper fraction that is completely simplified as much as possible.
  72. Calculus-limits

    I'm studying for the AP exam and I can't figure this problem out. I thought the answer was negative infinity but that isn't an option. Thank you in advance! What is the limit as x approaches infinity of (9x-x^2-7x^4)/(x^3+12x)? a. 9 b. 7 c. -7/12 d. -7 e. Does not exist
  73. Calculus

    The function defined below satisfies Rolle's Theorem on the given interval. Find the value of c in the interval (0,1) where f'(c)=0. f(x) = x3 - 2x2 + x, [0, 1] Round your answer to two decimal places.
  74. Calculus

    Find all solutions to the equation with 0≤α≤2π. Give an exact answer if possible, otherwise give value(s) of α accurate to at least four decimal places. 4tan(α)+5=2a=
  75. Language Arts

    What is the pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables and how many metric feet are their in the following line? "Under a spreading chestnut tree" My answer is that the pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables is unstressed, stressed and there are 4 metric feet, is this ...
  76. Calculus

    You are expecting a tax refund of $4,000 in 4 weeks. A tax preparer offers you an "interest-free" loan of $4,000 for a fee of $50 to be repaid by your refund check when it arrives in 4 weeks. Thinking of the fee as interest, what simple interest rate would you be paying on ...
  77. math check

    Simplify each rational expression. 3a(a-4)^2 over a^2(a-4) I don't understand how the answer would be 3(a-4) over a because the a-4 would cancel out??? 4-y^2 over y^2-2y once I simplify I get (2-y)(2+y) over (y-2)(y+2) I don't understand how the answer is -(y+2) over y 9-r^2 ...
  78. French

    Can you please check these also Directions: Rewrite each sentence in the negative. 1. Il dit quelque chose à son copain. Answer: Non, il ne dit rien à son copain. 2. Et son copain écrit quelque chose. Answer: Et son copain n'écrit rien. 3. Il voit quelqu'un. Answer: Il ne ...
  79. science

    The nonmetals in Groups 6A and 7A ____. a. lose electrons when they form ions b. have a numerical charge that is found by subtracting 8 from the group number c. all have ions with a –1 charge d. end in -ate Check my thinking but I don't think the correct answer is listed. I ...
  80. Math 8R - HW Qs. Check

    Write the product of (1.7 x 10 to the 9th power) x (1.4 x 10 to the 2nd power) in scientific notation My Answer - 2.38 x 10 to the 11th power am i correct and please reply this post
  81. english

    Which sentence uses who correctly? a. Who did you call? b.Who is the person that I should call? c.To who are you speaking? d. From who did you receive the call? i think the answer is A but i just want someone to check and see
  82. Physics

    Three identical balls, with masses M, 2M, and 3M are fastened to a massless rod of length L as shown. The rotational inertia about the left end of the rod is: That's the layout below. Would calculus be needed in this problem (intergration) because then Im in trouble. I know ...
  83. French

    Could you please check these Thanks you!!! Directions: Complétez Part 1 1. Au bord de la mer, on va à la ----------------. Answer: plage 2. Il faut mettre de la ---------- quand on prend un bain de soleil. Answer: créme solaire 3. Laure apprend à nager. Elle a un très bon...
  84. Microeconomics

    A couple of assignment questions: Assume that the market for annual physical check-ups is in equilibrium, and not everyone gets an annual physical check-up. What is the effect on price and quantity if a government regulation fixes prices at the current level and requires ...
  85. Calculus Part 2

    y = tan(sqrtx) Find dy/dx. So I found it and I got the answer as sec^2(sqrtx) but the answer is (sec^2(sqrtx))/2(sqrtx)...why? ---------------------------------- 2) Find the line which passes through the point (0, 1/4) and is tangent to the curve y=x^3 at some point. So I ...
  86. math

    Please double check me. A community service organization has 19 men and 7 women in its memebership. Write the ratio of women to men. a 19/7 b 7/19 c 19/26 d 7/26 answer: b Write a proportion that is equivalent top the statement: If 3 gallons of gasoline cost $5.37, then 8 ...
  87. Math Algebra

    A quick question to check my answer. Trains A & B are travelling in the same direction on parallel tracks. Train A is travelling at 100 miles per hour and train B is travelling at 110 miles per hour. Train A passes a station at 2:10 A.M. If train B passes the same station at 2...
  88. French check my answers

    I had to write 20 sentences , 2 sentences for each answer with 10 verbs in the present form and reprise. Please check my answers and help me to correct them, thanks 1. Je chante. Je peux chanter. 2. Tu dessine. Tu peux dessiner. 3. Il danse. Il peut danser. 4. Elle marche. ...
  89. One more Chem

    One more A helium balloon has a volume of 2.30 L at 23.5 deg C and a pressure of 1.00 atm at sea level. the ballon is released and floats upward. At a certain height the atmospheric pressure is 0.810 atm and the temp is 12. C. What is the volume of the balloon? ????? ??? (P1V1...
  90. Calculus

    Find the derivative of y with the respect to x: y=sin‾²(x³) y'=cos‾²(x³)(3x²) y'=3x²cos‾²(x³) How come my answer is incorrect? Thanks in advance.
  91. Calculus

    This is the question: i[dot]imgur[dot]com/EHneTuB[dot]jpg Am i correct in simply adding 1 + (-3), and equates to (-2) being the answer.
  92. Algebra :/

    A bank offers two checking plans anywhere charge .15 cents a check; accucheck cost .77cents a month plus 8 cents per check. For what number of checks will the accucheck plan cost less than anywhere check? Less than 11 checks? More than 11 checks? 11 checks? 11 or more checks?
  93. math check please

    1 four buttons have diameters of 5/8 , 3/4, 9/16, and 7/8 which buttons is smallest? answer 9/16 2. I spent 1/3 of my time doing math homework and 2/7 preparing for a history test . what fraction of study time remain? answer: 13/21 3. least common multiple of 3, 6, 9 answer 18...
  94. Calculus (pleas help I really need to check this)

    Assume that each of the follwing functions gives the position of an object at time t. Find the velocities indicated by setting up and evaluating a limt algebraically. (a) s(t) = 3t^2, Find v(-1). (b) s(t) = 1/t , Find v(2). (c) s(t) = square root of t, Find v(1). The answers ...
  95. Calculus 12th grade (double check my work please)

    2- given the curve is described by the equation r=3cos ¥è, find the angle that the tangent line makes with the radius vector when ¥è=120¨¬. A. 30¨¬ B. 45¨¬ C. 60¨¬ D. 90¨¬ not sure A or D 2.) which of the following represents dy/dx when y=e^-2x Sec(3x)? A.3e^-2x ...
  96. Health of young children

    A teacher is in a prime position to observe children because A.the teacher sees children in relation to other children of the same age. B. the teacher sees each child for fewer hours than the parent and can, therefore be objective. C.he or she is often involved in children's ...
  97. Language Arts

    Please check my answers to these questions: Which of the following is best defined for drama? story with props, story written be performed by actors, and story with a happy ending. My answer is A. Second question What term describes construction onstage that suggest time and ...
  98. Pre-Calculus

    I am in Honors Pre-Calculus and am having a hard time understanding my teacher. I feel so stupid. Does anyone have any suggestions on a website that might give me some insight into what I am doing wrong? Thanks!
  99. CALCULUS 2

    Use calculus to find the volume of the following solid S: The base of S is an elliptical region with boundary curve 9x^2+4y^2=36. Cross-sections perpendicular to the x-axis are isosceles right triangles with hypotenuse in the base.
  100. Calculus

    Set up, but do not evaluate, the integral which gives the volume when the region bounded by the curves y = Ln(x), y = 1, and x = 1 is revolved around the line y = -3 I got the integral from 1 to 2.718 of pi(1)^2-pi(ln(x))^2 Is this correct or is there a trick I'm missing ...
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