Calculus (Answer Check)

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Differentiate e^cos (x^2+1). My answer: -2xe^cos(x^2 +1) • sin(x^2+1)


If lim x->4 f(x)-5/x-2 =1, find lim x->4 f(x). I know the answer is 7, I need help on solving it. Thanks


Marco drew 20 pictures. He drew 3/4 of them in art class. How many pictures did Marco draw in art class? Answer: 15 pictures Caroline has 10 marbles. One half of them are blue. How many of Caroline's marbles are blue? Answer: 5 marbles What is the value of the underlined digit...


f is a continuous function with a domain [−3, 9] such that f of x equals 3 for x between negative 3 and 0 including negative 3, equals negative 1 times x plus 3 for x between 0 and 6 inclusive, and equals negative 3 for x greater than 6 and less than or equal to 9 and let g ...


I have 4 questions, I got the answer for three of them and just want you to check and see if they are right and i do not know the answer to the fourth one. 1)4HCl(g)+O2(g)<=>2H2O(g)+2Cl2(g)+114.4 kJ Which side of the reaction will be favoured by an decrease in pressure...

Math 8R - HW Qs. Check

1) One hundred forty-eight swimmers started a race. Nineteen stopped the race because of cramps. Twelve dropped out because of sunburn. Seventeen did not finish due to fatigue. How many finish the race? 148 - 19 = 129 129 - 12 = 117 117 - 17 = 100 My Answer - 100 Is my answer ...


The Victoria Falls is the tallest waterfall on Earth measuring 108 meters at its highest point. How long will it take for a single drop of water to fall over its edge into the chasm below? Please check answer, if I am doing it incorrectly help me set it up. the last person who...


Please check my answer thank you:) Does the following sentence demostrate correct subject-verb agreement. Robert's friend Steve, as well as his wife, are going to the fair. In said yes


Please check my answer Does the following sentence contain three prepositions ? James crept down the stairs, through the hall, and into the kitchen I said yes


please check my answer thanks :) A health care information manager, receives a subponea the legality of which she questions. She should... 1 ignore it 2. seek advice of counsel I said #2


please check my answer thanks According to OSHA standards, physicians must offer medical office personnel vaccinations against what diease ? I think it is Hepatitis B

Teaching dogs Tricks

Please check my answer thanks Turning off a light switch requires use of the dog's A. paws. B. nose. C. balance. D. height. I say B

Check my american gov. work

The group that has the sole power to begin impeachment hearings is----- A. Senate B. Supreme Court C. House of Representatives D. The president's Cabinet Answer: A

math grade 11

Determine the value of k for which the function f(x)= 4x^2- 3x+2kx+1 has two zeros. check these values in the original equation? i cant figure out the answer to it. It says in the book that it is k<-0.5 or k> 3.5,but i don't know how they got it.

Chemistry(Urgent, please check!!!)

The equation A + 2 B = C + D describes an elementary reaction, which takes place in a single step. Thus, the rate law must be? My answer is k(A)(B)^2 Is this correct?

SS7R - HW Qs. Check (Q2)

The principle of ________________ _________________ gave the right to new states to choose if it's labor would be free or slave answer - popular sovereignty am i correct????


Can someone check my work? the problem is: x=2+3/y and I have to solve for y I get rid of the denominator y and multiply it with it looks like xy=5 then just divide by x on both sides for a final answer of y=5/x

English check answer !

i think its C. Which of the following show the correct use of a colon? A. my tennis lesson begins exactly at 40:0 p.m. B. Dear: Ms.Hershel C.I have a doctor's appointment at 12:30 p.m.

science check answer

i think its B. Adding a _____________ to an electric circuit would increase the magnetic field around a wire. A. insulator B. solenoid C. resistor D. conductor

social studies check

In which period of Native American history did permanent settlements develop for the first time? A. Paelo-Indian B. Archaic C. Woodland D. Mississipian Is the answer B?


(a) A truck of mass 1870 kg travelling at 80 km/h braked to 55 km/h then continued at that speed. How much work was done by the brakes during that period? I just wanted to check my answer... 243334 J ??


(a) A truck of mass 1870 kg travelling at 80 km/h braked to 55 km/h then continued at that speed. How much work was done by the brakes during that period? I just wanted to check my answer... 243334 J ??

check my answer

A shortage of what would have devastating consequences for the South during the Civil War? Acanals brivers crailroads*** droads i thinks its railroads am i right???


In the △PQR, PQ = 39 in, PR = 17 in, and the altitude PN = 15 in. Find QR. can u guys show how to solve the problem(plz include answer) i got 42 by using the pythagorean theorem i am not sure if i am correct but can u check it

American government check my answer

5. Which of the following are examples of discriminatory laws passed by the U.S. government that impacted those depicted in the photo? Select all that apply. (2 points) Chinese Exclusion Act Civil Rights Act of 1965 Immigration Quota Act DREAM Act my answer would be ...

Economics - PLEASE HELP

Homework Help: Economics PLEASE CHECK MY ANSWERS! 1. The MAIN advantage to a corporation is.. A. Ease of entry B. Limited liability for the owners C. Dividends all go to one person D. Owners share managerial duty E. All of the above (My answer: E) 2. The MAIN advantage to a ...

check math

Here are my answers. Can you check if I got the right answers? Thank you! (x+y)^3= x^3+3x^2y+3xy^2+y^3 [x^(3/2)][x+x^(5/2)-x^2] = x^(5/2)+x^4-x^(3/2) the last term in the second question should be - x^(7/2), (you were adding 5/2 and 2 in the exponents)

Language Check

Choosing verbs that agree in Number with Their Subjects: 1. Almost everybody (has,have) played games that originated in faraway places. MY ANSWER: HAVE 2. Few of these games (is,are) difficult to play. MY ANSWER: ARE 3. Pictures on ancient Greek pottery (show,shows) people ...


Given the function y=(x^2-5/x+3), answer the following questions. a) Find dy/dx. Simplify your answer b) Find the coordinates of any points on the graph of y where the tangent line is horizontal. Show your work. c) Are there any points on the graph of y where the tangent line ...


will someone just double check my answers, please. Identify which types of sampling is used:random,stratified, systematic,convenience. 1. a sample consists of every 20th student who leaves the bookstore. answer:systematic 2. a pollster uses a computer to generate 500 random ...


q 0 125 250 375 500 625 750 C'(q) 26 24 30 26 23 25 29 a) If the fixed cost is $8500, use the average of left- and right-hand sums to determine the total cost of producing 500 units. Answer: $ b) How much would the total cost increase if production were increased one unit, to ...

Agility training

Please check my answer thanks :) Why is time-plus-faults scoring used for a Steeplechase event? A. It's the only method that penalizes for mistakes. B. Both emphasize the speed of the dogs. C. The other two scoring methods are for Standard Classes only. D. It's easier to break...

Child Development

When preparing an environment for school- aged children the caregiver should ensure that the A. outdoor area allows them to continually challenge their physical ability B. Children are continually intermixed with the younger children C. Environment resembles their school ...


I had this on a test: Use the half-angle formula to find the exact value of the expresseion: sin 22.5 degrees my answer - 1/2 sqrt2 - sqrt 2 was wrong


Verify using an example that a + ( b• c) = (a •b ) +c ? Explain your reasoning. I have been over this a thousand times and I don't understand (the notes I was given online are incorrect so I don't know how to answer this). THANKS!


This is a tough one :( The region between the graphs of x=y^2 and x=6y is rotated around the line y=6. Find the volume of the resulting solid please... i am unable to get the correct answer :(


Find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by the curves about the line x=-3, y=x^2, x=y^2. I keep getting the wrong answer!! Please hellpp!! =(

Pre Calculus

Find the measure of the central angle, in radians, given the area of the sector as 22.6 cm2 and a radius equal to 3.7 cm. Round your answer to the nearest tenth.

Pre- calculus

Find A, given that a = 18.2, B = 62, and C = 48. Round answers to the nearest whole degree. Do not use a decimal point or extra spaces in the answer or it will be marked incorrect.


Given that f is a differentiable function with f(2,5) = 6, fx(2,5) = 1, and fy(2,5) = -1, use a linear approximation to estimate f(2.2,4.9). The answer is supposed to be 6.3. Here's what I've done so far: L(x,y) = f(2,5) + fx(2,5)(x) + fy(2,5)(y) L(x,y) = 6 + x - y L(2.2,4.9...


Find the positive value of x which satisfies x = 4.3cos(x). Give the answer to six places of accuracy. Remember to calculate the trig functions in radian mode


Find the value of the limit. lim ã(x+4) - 2 divided by x x->0 The 2 is outside of the square root. The answer is supposed to be 1/4 but I keep getting 0/0 no matter how many times I redo the algebra.

Pre-Calculus (Trigonometry)

An angle in standard position such that sinÈ = 5/13. Determine the possible values of È, to the nearest degree. Answer: I got 23°. (How do I get the second one?)

Calculus Linearizations

Use this observation and the linear approximation to estimate (15.9)^1/2 I know the answer is 3.9875, I just need someone to explain the steps so I can do problems similar to this one.


Rewrite each equation into slope intercept or special case form. 1) 4x+3=8x 2) 9y-(7+3y)=0 I have no idea how to do these two. Can someone please help me? 3)x/2+y/7=1 My answer is y=-7x+14. Is this correct?


Approximate the area under the curve y=2/x from 1 to 2 using ten approximating rectangles of equal widths and right endpoints. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth


please check my answers 1.Use Gaussian elimination to write the system of equations given below in row-echelon form. 2x+4y+z=-4 2x-4y+6z=13 4x-2y+z=6 answer:2x+4y+z=-4 8y-5z=-17 z=1 2.Find the solution to the system of equations given below. x+y+z=2 -x+3y+2z=8 4x+y=4 answer: 0...


If the integral from a to b of f(x)dx=a+2b then integral from a to b of (f(x)+3)dx= ? The answer: 5b-2a How do I get to that answer??

PLease Check My Work

3. T^2-25/t^2+t-20= (t-5) (t+5)/ (t-10) (t+2) 4. 2x^2+6x+4/4x^2-12x-16= 2(x+2) (x+1)/4 (x-4) (x+1) 5. 6-y/y^2-2y-24= 1/(y+4) *Please check them.- 3. (t-5)(t+5) / (t+4)(t-5) 4. 2((x-1)(x+2)) / 4((x+4)(x-1)) 5. (6-y) / (y+6)(y-4) i don't really understand what this is... but lol...

Math 116 algebra please check

Solve for the indicated letter. e=9f, for f The solution is f = 1/9e Please check this


Could someone please check my answers. Thank you! 1. Patient Stevens has been prescribed Vascotec for hypertension. The purpose of this medication is A. curative; B. palliative; C. diagnostic; D. substitutive Answer D 2. Patient Brown said that she noticed the aching in her ...


Formative Test Now, let's check how well you can use the expressions you've learned. I will distribute handouts. You have to solve the problems. You will have 5 minutes. Are you finished? Then, I'll write down the answers. Look at the answers on the blackboard. Check your ...


I've been working on this problem for while, and I keep getting the answer wrong every time I do it. The volume of the solid obtained by rotating the region enclosed by y=e^(5x+1) y=0 x=0 x=0.8 about the x-axis can be computed using the method of disks or washers via an ...


Find the equation of the tangent plane at the given point. 1)x^2+y^2-z=1 at the point (1,3,9) 2)x^2*y^2+z-40=0 at x=2, y=3 3) x^2+ln(xy)+z=6 at point (4,0.25,2) For the first one I got the partial fraction in terms of x, y and z and my final answer was -2x+6y-z+2. I don't know...

Calculus (Global Max)

Explain the global optimization process for a continuous function over a closed interval. Be sure to identify all steps involved and clearly explain how the derivative is utilized in this process. Does this have to do with the first derivative rule or second derivative rule ...


Here are the instructions: Ce Soir! Donnez des rèsponses personnelles. (Give my own answers) Please check these thanks 1. Ce soir, tu vas regarder la tèlè. Answer: Oui, ce soir je vais regarder la tèlè. 2. Tu vas tèlèphoner à un copain ou une copaine? Answer: Je vais t...

math(check answers)

please check my math!! THANKS SO MUCH 1. Identify the decimal And simplified fractional form of 80%. A. 0.8 and 3/5 B. 0.8 and 4/5(I PICK THIS) C. 0.08 and 3/5 D. 0.08 and 4/5 2.A baseball team wins 45% of its games. What fraction of games does it win? A. 8/20 B. 9/25 C. 9/20(...


The consumer demand equation for tissues is given by q = (97 − p)2, where p is the price per case of tissues and q is the demand in weekly sales. (a) Determine the price elasticity of demand E when the price is set at $26. (Round your answer to three decimal places.) E =...

Calculus II

y = *The Integral Of sin(4e^t)dt* a = 0 b = ln(2x) I'm supposed to find the derivative of y with respect to x. Except I just can't find the right answer.


How do you find the derivative of (-2(x^2+1))/((x^2-1)^2) ? I have the answer which is: (4x(3+x^2))/(x^2-1)^3) I can't figure out my mistake when I'm doing it though. Could you solve it step by step?


Find the derivative of the function. Simplify and express the answer using only positive exponents only. y = (x - 4)^2 (x + 3)


(SIN^8X-5 SIN^5X+SINX)COSX DX I need the answer to this, because I have tried so many times and cannot figure it out.


can someone please explain why the answer to this is negative infinity? I keep getting positive. lim x--> - infinity x^3-2/x^2+x


Find a solution to the equation if possible. Give the answer in exact form and in decimal form. 8=4sin(5x)


Find a solution to the equation if possible. Give the answer in exact form and in decimal form. 8=4sin(5x)


Find a solution to the equation if possible. Give the answer in exact form and in decimal form. 8=4sin(5x)


the foci of an ellipse are (0,2) (0,-2) and the eccentricity is 1/2. determine the equation of the ellipse. write your answer in standard form.


Find the slope of the graph of the function at the given point. (If an answer is undefined, enter UNDEFINED.) x^3 + y^3 = 14xy, (7, 7)


f(x) = 4/5x i need to find the derivitave but i don't know how to start this one. I know the derivitave of 4 is just zero, and i know the derivative of 5x is 5. But the answer isn't 0/5. Help please.


Determine the equation of the inverse function if f(x) = 2x^2+3, and x≥0. The answer is supposed to be f^-1(x)=[√(2x-6)]/2. This is what I did: x=2y^2+3 2y^2=x-3 y^2=(x-3)/2 y=√[(x-3)/2] Did I do something wrong? Thanks!

Math-- Please Check

1 2/5 divided by 21 Which example is correct 7/5 * 1/21 = 7/105 = 1/15 or is it? 5/7 * 21/1 = 105/7 =15 You asked this question yesterday. The answer is still the same.

The US constitution

Please check my answer thanks :) The constitutional basis of the right to privacy is in the First admentment true or false I said True

Anatomy and Physiology

Please check my answer thanks True or False An example of an organic molecule is table salt I said False

Science 8th grade check answer

The cellular process involves mitosis is fertilization ? True or False I picked True

dog behavior

please check my answer thank you for your help :) True or False Systematic desensitization can be used to reduce fear I said True

Hunting Training for Dogs

Please check my answer thanks :) True or False field trials are noncompetitive events I say that it is True


_2__ = ____2___ x-9 x^2-6x-27 Solve the equations Check solutions to the equations (plug the answer back into the original equation.)

algebra 2

check my answer please find the number of zeros(x-intercepts) y=3k^3-6k^2-45k=k(3k+9)(k-5)= k(3k^2-15k+9k-45)=k(3k^2-6k-45) or should i do it 3k(k-5) (k+3)=3k(k^2+3k-5k-15)=3k(k^2-2k-15) which on is the right one please let me know.thanks

check and see if correct

Which organ is NOT a part of the digestive system? A. Esophagus B. Gallbladder C. Kidneys D. Mouth My answer would be mouth

Math help/check

Suppose the functions f and g and their derivatives have the following values at x = 1 and x = 2. Let h(x) = f(g(x)). Evaluate h′(1). X | f(x) G(x) f'(x) g'(x) ____________________________ 1 | 8 2 1/3 -3 2 | 3 -4 2π 5 My answer: -6π


Which section of a personal narrative requires the most development? a. introduction b. conclusion c. character introduction d. plot my answer is a can you check it for me

Chemistry(please check my answer)

When the equation HCl + MnO2 → MnCl2 + H2O + Cl2 is balanced, what is the coefficient for HCl? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4***


In calculus, the sum of an infinite geometric series whose first term is 1/20 is given by the complex fraction 1/20 _____ 1-r where r is the common ratio between the terms. Simplify this expression.


The Martin family's truck gets an average o 25 miles per gallon. Predict how many miles they can drive using 7 gallons of gas? Answer: 25 miles per gallon x 7 gallons used=175 miles driven 175/7=25 Can you please check the above answer? Thank you

Check Answers: Web Browser

IMG SRC =imaginaryurls/images/page2/photo.gif What file is being called by this IMG tag? My Answer: /images/page2/photo.gif What type of link is used to call this file? My Answer: HTML????

Geometric series - Check my answer

What is the first term in a geometric series with ten terms, a common ratio of 0.5 and a sum of 511.5? I got 256 as my answer. 511.5=a1[1-(.5)^10]/1-1/2 511.5=a1(1023/1024)/1/2 511.5=a1(1023/512) ----> divide by both sides 256=a1


I need to find the slope of the graph of the function at the given point. Function: f(theta)=4sin(theta)-(theta) Point: (0,0) I tried finding the derivative of the function at theta=0, but I got 0 for an answer. I checked the answer in the back of my book and it is 3. I just ...

Algebra I-

(solving for x) 3(x+5)=6x-4+7(-7x-1) Each time I try this i plug the numbers in and i find out that i am worng. Please help! I get -13/23 but I didn't check it. Post your work if you want me to check it and find your error.

Math[PLease Check]

Problem: 25-x^2 6 ------ * --- 12 5-x What I got: 5-x --- 2 *PLease Check My Work. No. Factor the 25-x^2 into two factors. Then the 5-x in the denominator divides out. So then is it: 5+x --- 2 yes. 12x12

check math

Here are my answers. Can you check if I got the right answers? Thank you! 1/(x+h) - 1/x= -h/(x^2+xh) (2/x^2)/(10/x^5)= (x^3)/5 [1/(3+x) - 1/3]/x= -1/(9+3x) 2x/(x^2-6x+9) - 1/(x+1)- 8/(x^2-2x-3)= (x^2+15)/(x^3-5x^2+3x+9) first 3 look ok In the last one I would not have expanded...

AP Calculus..again

A balloon is composed of a right circular cone joined at its base to a hemisphere. The diameter of the base is equal to the height of the cone. If the balloon is inflated, at what rate is the volume, V, changing with respect to the height, h. Volume=1/3 area base * height = 1/...

Physics waves- check answers please

1. If a bat emits 10 sounds in 5 seconds, what is the frequency of the bat's vocal outbursts (rounded to first decimal place) My answer: 2.0 Hz 2.If one crest has a 3 cm amplitude and interacts with another pulse to produce a crest 8 cm high this demonstration" a) constructive...

Logical Fallacies

SECTION A Please respond to ALL FOUR questions in this section. Be sure to include a 1-2 sentence explanation of your answer (i.e., why is that the correct answer), not just the letter of your choice. 1.) I should get an ‘A’ in this class because I really need one. (a)ad ...

res ipsa loquitur

please check my answer thank you What is res ipsa loquitur and what does it do ? My answer : Res ispa loquitur is a latin tern meaning the thing speaks for itself. This theroy is not often used. Res ispa loquitur is a rule of evidence that creates a presumtion that the ...


Hello, can someone please check my answer? Which sentence best expresses the meaning of the following aphorism? Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread. - Alexander Pope A. Angels and fools are never seen together. B. When angels know to stay clear, fools come rushing in. C. ...


Can someone check if these are right: Tell the reaction rate 1.)Question: one antacid tablet is placed in a glass of cold water, while another table is placed in a glass of hot water. Answer:TEMPERATURE 2.) Question: a mixture of baking powder, flour, sugar, and eggs is placed...

one english question answer check

15. A Works Cited list is a list of (1 point) sources you quoted in your research paper. sources you consulted while doing research. texts written by experts in your research subject. texts recommended by other writers on the subject. It's either A or B my answer would be A ...

Chemistry- HWK CHECK

1. A solution in which no more solid can be dissoved is referred to as ____. Answer: saturated 2.At constant pressure, heat can be referred to as (entropy, enthalpy, or free energy). Answer: enthalpy The measure of disorder or randomness of a system is(entropy, enthalpy, or ...


Please double check my answer. On three consecutive passes, a football team gains 7 yards, loses 22 yards, and gains 49 yards. What number represents the total net yardage? My answer: The total net yardage is 34 yards.


Could you please check this Directions: Match each item with the correct statement. Here are the words: supply elasticity law of supply price system technology price ceiling supply inelastic supply curve shortage market supply taxes 1. principle that suppliers will normally ...


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