Calculus (Answer Check)

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  1. Improving vocabulary

    Chapter 11 sentence check 1 and 2 and final check "a cruel tear"?
  2. math133

    ) Solve algebraically and check your potential solutions: sqrtx+2+0 Answer: Show your work here: 3) The volume of a cube is given by V = s3, where s is the length of a side. Find the length of a side of a cube if the volume is 800 cm3. Round the answer to three decimal places...
  3. 8th grade math

    Can you please check my answer? Marcia wants to make muffins and needs 3/4 cup of a cup of sugar. She discovers, however,that she has only 2/3 of a cup of sugar. How much more sugar does she need? my answer: 1/12 of a cup
  4. Nutrition of the young child

    Jamie loves all vegetables, all fresh and dried fruits, and milk. However,he refuses to eat dairy products and meats. Which of the following nutrients is he probably lacking? A.Iron B.Calcium C.Vitamin A D. Vitamin C I pick A as my answer Can someone check my answer.
  5. Derivatives

    Can you help me find the derivative of these problems...Every time I try doing these I don't get the right answer. All of these are fractions; (x)/(2+x)= (x^2+3)/(x^3-2)= (2π)/(x^2-x)= These are not fractions; (3x^3/2 tanx)= (3x^1/2 sinx)= (4secx tanx)= (x^2 cotx)= (x^1/2...
  6. Algebra

    solve x+21/x+3<2 x+21/x+3 - 2(x+3)/x+3 <0 x+21-2(x-3)/x+3<0 x+21-2x-6/x+3<0 answer 15-x/x-3<0(is this right?) For Further Reading Algebra - Anonymous, Thursday, April 3, 2008 at 5:07pm You are close. They want you to find the values of x so that the equation the...
  7. Math

    How to check 4=-2(4.5p+25) so the answers both check out and equal each other?
  8. math

    There are 160 patients. 3 of 4 patient gets BP check, how many of them need check?
  9. French

    Can you check this to make sure it sounds right. Directions: Your own responses (check if they sound right) Part 1 1. Tu fais un voyage en train? Tu vas où? Answer: Oui, je vais en voyage à Saint Augustin en Florida. 2. Tu arrives à la gare en avance? Answer: J'arrive à la...
  10. French

    Could you check these thanks Directions: Answer as indicated, using the pronoun en. Part 1 1. Tu as de l'aspirine? Answer: Oui, j'en ai. 2. Tu as du sirop? Answer: Non, je n'en ai pas. 3. Tu as des médicatments? Answer: Non, je n'en ai pas. 4. Tu as de la pénicilline? Answer...
  11. Physics - Please Check Answers ASAP

    Please check these over and see if any are incorrect? 1. The units of speed are: a) m/s ---> my answer b) m/s^2 and direction c) N d) m/s and direction 2. Which of Newton's Laws says you cannot touch anything without being touched? a) 4th b) 2nd c) 1st d) 3rd ---> my ...
  12. Please Check My Math Work

    a^2 - 2ab - 15b^2 This is what I got: (a-5b)(a+3b) Correct! x^4+2x^3-4x^2-5x-6 DIVIDED BY x^2+x-2 My answer: x^2+x-3 remainder of -12\x^2+x-2
  13. Algebra II

    Could you please check my answer? Given the functions f and g, perform the indicated operations. 3. f(x)=4x - 9 g(x)7x-3 Find f-g I got -3x-12
  14. College Algebra

    Can someone check my answer please? Find the corresponding y values for x= -2,-1,0,1,2,3 if y= x^-x-2. My answers are under Y. X Y -2 -4 -1 -2 0 -2 1 0 2 4 3 10
  15. Math Algebra check

    Which of the following quadratic equations has -4 and 3/4 as the solutions? a.)x^2+(13/4x)-3 b.)x^2+(30/7x)-(25/7) c.)x^2+(30/7x)+(25/7) d.)x^2-(13/4x)+3 I substituted the values and I have the answer as (a.)
  16. math

    Can someone please check my answers? Thank you! 1. is (-8,-9) a solution of 2x+4y=12 No 2. Solve using the multiplication principle. -1/2x=-9/10 answer: 9/5
  17. MATH

  18. math

  19. For MathMate

    Hi! So i posted a question yesterday and I worked on but before i submit my answer do you think you can check my answers? 1. 7x+3y= pi 4x-6y= pi^2 2. 2x+3y= 0 4x+6y= 0 2 3. x+3y=1 4x+ 6y= 1 4. x+y=5 x+2y=10 5. 2x-3y=5 4x-6y=10 1.U 2.N 3.N 4.U 5.I
  20. algebra

    can someone please check my answer to this problem? solve for indicated letter. n=m+d, for m the solution is m= (n+d)/m is this correct?
  21. Math, please check answer

    Find the midpoint of the line segment having the given endpoints. ( 2, 6) and ( 7, 3) M 9/2,9/2
  22. Algebra

    Could someone check this for me please? The equation is 2/x+3 = 4/x+7, and I think the answer is x=1, I just need help showing the steps of how to get there if anyone knows? Many thanks for any help
  23. math

    can someone check my answer on this one? rewrite with rational exponents: (sqrt5mn)^9 i got: 5^9/2m^9/2n^9/2 is this correct?
  24. Algebra

    Evaluate log36(1/6) I believe the answer is -.5 but I just wanted to check to make sure I was doing this correctly. Thank you!
  25. Science 7R - Hw Qs. Check Q3 (plzzzz read!!!!)

    3. Most of our blood vessels are Answer - capillaries? am i correct?
  26. algebra

    Can someone please check my answer? Rearrange (cp-yd)/(pd)=p+y to make d the subject OK, I did cp-yd=pd(p+y) cp=pd(p+y)+yd cp=p^d+pdy+yd factoring out the d cp=d(p^2+py+y) cp/(p^2+py+y)=d
  27. Geometry

    Check please? The path of the launching of a space shuttle can be described best as a Answer: Ray?
  28. Math

    Use the method of elimination to solve the following system of equations. You must check your answer: 1)x/2 + y/5 = 1/2 2) 3x - y = -8
  29. Science 8R - HW Qs. Check

    How long does it take the earth to rotate on its axis? my answer - 365 days right????
  30. Math - Please check answer :)

    What is the slope of the line that passes through the points (–2, 5) and (1, 11)? A. -6 B. -2 C. 2 D. 1/2 ----I think its this one...
  31. Math (check answer)

    2.B 2.The sum of two integers is ____ positive. A.always B.sometimes C.never
  32. geometry

    Find the missing value to the nearest hundredth sin ___=18/27 56.31 48.19**** 41.81 33.69 Please check my answer
  33. Algebra 2 Answer Check

    Write an equation in slope-intercept form for the line. 1. Perpendicular to 5x + 2y = 8 and through (5,3). A: y = -1/5x + 4?
  34. Math

    which of the following can represent the measure of the three angle in an acute triangle? A. 59, 61,62 B. 30, 25, 125 C. 56,72,52** D. 90, 45, 45 Check my answer
  35. Mathematics

    The slope of the line that goes through(-3,-5) and (-3,-6) is? Positive •• Negative Zero Undefind Check my answer
  36. dressmaking

    EXAMINATION 04202500 ALTERATIONS AND FITTING I NEED TO CHECK 5 ANSWER, (1) The shoulder seam of the garment with a set-in sleeve is usually located so that it is (A) easily seen in a straight back view, (b) clearly visible in a straight front view.(C)in line with the underarm ...
  37. 6th grade math

    1/3p + 7 = 12 - 2/3p what does P equal first check how Avril did it on her question then check mine
  38. business

    can you please check my answers to the questions i realy need to check them if they right or wrong
  39. Math

    Hi there! How would I check if I got the area of a trapezoid correct? Is there a way to check my work? Thank you.
  40. Calculus

    Find the value or values of c that satisfy (f(b)-f(a))/(b-a) =f'(c)for the function f(x)=x^2+3x+3 on the interval [-2,1]. I can't seem to get -1/2, the answer given. [((1)^2+3(1)+3)-((-2)^2+3(-2)+3)]/[1+2] =2
  41. pre-calculus

    find the cube roots of -216 answer in polar form and complex
  42. Calculus

    Use algebraic manipulations to evaluate lim x->infinity for the function. f(x)=x^2+4/x+3 Is the answer 1 or interdemediate?
  43. Pre-calculus

    Find the first three iterates of the function f(x)=x^2-2, if the intial value is -2. z(0)=-2 z(1)=(-2)^2-2 or 4-2=2 z(2)=(2)^2-2 or 4-2=2 z(3)=(2)^2-2 or 4-2=2 Answer: z(1)=2, z(2)=2, z(3)=2
  44. calculus

    sin(tan^-1(-7/3)) How do i evaluate this? answer has to be exact with no decimals.. calculators not allowed either..
  45. calculus

    For the function f(x) = 1 + sin(x) find f(2). Leave your answer rounded to tenths. Assume x is in radians
  46. Calculus

    Solve for x: lnx^3 - 2lnx = 1 Please try and show how you got the answer best as you can thank you :)
  47. calculus

    is the answer to find an equation of the curve that passes through the point (1,1) and whose slope at (x,y) is y^2/x^3 is y=2x^2-1
  48. Calculus

    Find the equation of the tangent to the curve x^2+y^2=25 at (-3,4). I'm really confused on how to get the answer, someone please help
  49. calculus(differentian)

    x=(6-2y²)/(1+y) differentiate with respect to y I saw this in a question here but..I don't get how the person go that answer.
  50. math-calculus

    value of |7|-|-6|+|-cubicroot-64| i got 25 after doing whole thing but real answer be 5, i not get how to get that.
  51. math-calculus

    value of |7|-|-6|+|-cubicroot-64| i got 25 after doing whole thing but real answer be 5, i not get how to get that.
  52. calculus test corrections. 1 question

    Which is true for the graph of x^2-9/x^2-4 the answer is vertical asymptotes at x = ±2 but i don't understand why.
  53. Calculus

    Find the absolute maximum & minimum of the function f (x)=e^x for any closed interval [a,b] Justify your answer.
  54. Calculus

    Find the first and second derivative for f(x) = x^2 - 9 / X^2 -4 please show me how you got the answer for both
  55. Calculus Help

    Find the derivative of the following function showing your work and fully simplifying your answer. f(x)=(8x-3)^5/(6x+7)^12 Thank you!!!
  56. Calculus

    1.a)Determine dy/dx if y= sqrt[(3x^2+2)^3] For this question, I got 9/2x(3x^2+2)^1/2 as my answer. b)State any values of x for which the function is not differentiable
  57. calculus

    Find the interval [a, b] on which the function f(x) = 2 x3+3 x2−12 x+3 is decreasing. Enter your answer as: [a, b] for some constants a, b.
  58. calculus, help!

    Evaluate the definite integral: int_{1}^{e^9} \frac{dx}{x \sqrt{\ln x}} = i gt my answer as 1^(e^9) but it's saying it's wrong
  59. Calculus Chain rule

    y = (6x^2-6)^4/x I would appreciate it more if work was shown. Thank you (I have the answer but want to know how to do it)
  60. Calculus

    Use implicit differentiation to differentiate y=x^(8/37), by writing it as y^37=x^8. Express your answer only in terms of x.
  61. Calculus

    Which of the following is the general solution of the differential equation dy/dx = 2x/y? y2 = x2 + C y2 = 2x2 + C <- my answer y2 = 4x2 + C x2 − y2 = C
  62. Calculus

    Find the specific solution of the differential equation dy/dx = 4y/x^2 with condition y(−4) = e. y= -1 - 4/x <- my answer y=-1*e^(1/x) y=e^(-4/x) None of these
  63. Please Help!!!!!!

    Decide whether the following problem can be solved using precalculus, or whether calculus is required. If the problem can be solved using precalculus, solve it. If the problem seems to require calculus, explain your reasoning and use a graphical or numerical approach to ...
  64. Alegrba

    Please check my answers. Also, can I see some graphs of y-axis symmetry, orgin of symmetry, or neither? Determine whether the graph of the polynomial has y-axis symmetry, origin symmetry, or neither. f(x) = 4x^2 - x^3 -My answer: orgin of symmetry f(x) = 5 - x^4 -My answer: ...
  65. Science 8R - Homework Qs. Check

    If an object has mass of 70.5g and a volume of 64 cm(3), what is its Density? Will it sink or float and why? Answer - The Density of this object is 4512g/cm(3). It will sink because the amount of grams is a lot. Is the answer correct and good???? I multiplied 70.5 and 64 in ...
  66. Math - Check My Answers, Please

    Please help me by checking the following answers for me. 3. A student is attempting to solve the equation below for the variable x. Which of the statements below best applies to the mathematical work shown? Given √(4x-6)=12, I square both sides, so (√4x)^2-6=&#...
  67. EnglishCheck

    CHECK PLEASE 1. (Points: 2) The bank will not (lend, loan) money for home repairs. b. loan Save Answer 2. (Points: 2) My allergies sometimes cause me to (loose, lose) my voice. b. lose Save Answer 3. (Points: 2) Please leave the report on the desk, and either John or (myself, ...
  68. algebra

    Solve the given equations: 1. |2x-5|= 29 Answer: x=17 or is it........ x=-12 2. 5(x+3)-2x = -21 Answer: x=-12 3. 3x+3(1-x)= x-17 Answer: x=20 4. 2[1-3(x+2)] = -x Answer: x= -2 Factor Completely: 1. x^2-12x+20 Answer: (x-2)(x-10) 2. x^2-x-20 Answer: (x-5)(x+4) 3. x^2-49 Answer...
  69. psy

    <22{3[2(08)]}> Surveys show that people who use calorie information to decide which foods to eat consume on average 100 calories less than they would if they didn’t check calorie information before eating. Strangely though, people who use calorie information in this ...
  70. Math

    40,50,60,70,80,90,100,110,120,130 according to the box and whisker plot shows above what are the following: 1.the median? 2.the 25th percentile? 3.the value of the third quartile? 4.the minimum value? 5.the maximum value? My answer 1.85 2.40 3.112.5 4.40 5.130 Can you check my...
  71. Algebra 2 check my answer please?

    The population of a bacteria in a Petri dish doubles every 16 hours. The population of the bacteria is initially 500 organisms. How long will it take for the population of the bacteria to reach 800? Round your answer to the nearest tenth of an hour. 8.7 h 10.8 h 11.1 h 12.6 h...
  72. Algrebra II-please check my answer

    Determine the zeros of the function 7x^2 + 9x = 0 answers were: {-9/7} {-9/7,0} {o,9/7} {9/7} I think the answer is {-9/7,0} but I'm not positive when I worked it-If this is wrong please steer me into the correct calcs because then I don't what I'm doing wrong 2.Solution to ...
  73. Calculus (Help)

    Can you please help me with this problem? I asked earlier, but nobody was able to help me... I've been working on it for about an hour now. A widget factory has fixed costs of 35 billion dollars and variable costs of 781 million dollars per widget. The revenue (in $ billions) ...
  74. math,correction

    can you check if how i solved it to show that my answer is no is correct. Is -4 a solution to the equation 7x-5+3x=6+x-10 This is what i did: 7(-4)-5+3(-4)=6+(-4)-10 -28-5-12=2-10 -45=-8 so the answer is no -4 is not the solution to the equation. Yes this is fine yes this is fine
  75. Math check and question

    x is a binomial random variable. (Give your answers correct to three decimal places.) (a) Calculate the probability of x for: n = 1, x = 0, p = 0.15 P(x) = Correct: Your answer is correct. . (0.85) (b) Calculate the probability of x for: n = 3, x = 3, p = 0.15 P(x) = Incorrect...
  76. Math (Calculus AB)

    If y=cos^2x-sin^2x, then y'= a) -1 b) 0 c) -2(cosx+sinx) d) 2(cosx+sinx) e) -4(cosx)(sinx) I thought the answer was C but the answer key says it is E. Please help. Thanks in advance.
  77. calculus

    is average rate of change and average value the same or will you get a different answer for each this is calculus so it's the mean average. it's using the formula and integrating. I don't understand your question, but I can assure you that average rate of change and average ...
  78. French part 3

    Could you please check these thanks Directions: Indicate whether each of the following statments is true or false. 1. Il faut passer par le controle de sécurité avant le vol. Answer: vrai 2. On peut laisser ses bagages à main dans le couloir pendant le vol. Answer: faux 3. ...
  79. Calculus

    How do you simplify vectors? 1)AB + BC + CD 2) BC - FE - BA + DE - DC Calculus - Steve, Tuesday, September 22, 2015 at 11:39pm AB+BC = AC so, AB+BC+CD = AD BC-DC = BC+CD = BD See if you can use that idea to rearrange +/- terms so the ends line up in order Calculus - Anonymous...
  80. Agility Training

    please check my answer thanks :) A run-out occurs when a dog A. runs off the course. B. jumps off an obstacle. C. must turn back to complete the next obstacle. D. takes an obstacle out of sequence My answer is D
  81. math

    please check my answer. each test is worth 100 points. the following test have been taken and earned 91, 90, 93. for a total of 360 points to earn an A, what grade should be made on the final test to earn an A my answer is 91.5
  82. Child Development

    Which of the following groups requires more irregular scheduling than the other three groups? A. 12-to 18 months-old B. 3-t0 5 years old C. school age children D. 18 - to 36 months old My answer is C can someone check my answer please
  83. vocab

    improving vocabulary skills textbook chapter 7 sentence check 2 and final check answers
  84. advancing vocabulary skills third edition

    i need help on sentence check 2 and final check chapter 1
  85. Science 8th grade

    please check my answer thanks I need to write at least one paragraph regaurding this Urinalysis is a very commo diagnostic test. Describe and name the poddible abnormal results related to the test.. indicate the disorders tha these abnormal test results may sugguest. My answer...
  86. physics

    A swimmer is capable of swimming 0.45 m/s in still water. (a) If she aims her body directly across a 75 m-wide river whose current is 0.30 m/s, how far downstream (from a point opposite her starting point) will she land? (b) How long will it take her to reach the other side? ...
  87. English

    Hi! ____ 13. Which of the following statements would best state the main theme of The Call of the Wild? (1 point) a) Perseverance pays off. b) Only the strong survive. c) If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. d) Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. My...
  88. French(easy question)

    Translate all this french into english. I did all of it at the bottom. Please do it as well so I can check my answers. Check my answers as well. Thanks. On passe un bon film au Gaumont. On y va? Pas possible. J'etudie pour l'interro, demain. D'accord. Alors, a demain. My ...
  89. Please Check My Math Work

    Hi. - I solved this problem,but I am not sure if it is correct.If you can please tell me if it is right or if it is wrong what is wrong with it.: 6y^2-54= (3y-6)(2y+9) *Many of you may be are wondering why my title is,"[C]razy Baby. - [Iloveyou]"it is becuase of the boy that i...
  90. Foreign Language (Spanish)

    Can someone please check my answers? These are Direct and Indirect object pronouns practice problems I'm doing and I wanted to make sure I'm doing them right. Thanks a bunch!:) 1.) We want to buy a house for you. My answer: Queremos comprar una casa para usted. 2.) She bought ...
  91. 7th Grade Science Regents - Homework Check!

    15. Which type of reproduction leads to daugther cells that are identical to the parent cell? Cloning? My Answer: Asexual Reporduction 16. Is this process called mitosis or meiosis? My Answer (that I think): Mitosis 17. Which type leads to a mix of genetic information in the ...
  92. Calculus

    Determine whether the integral is divergent or convergent. If it is convergent, evaluate it and enter that value as your answer. If it diverges to infinity, state your answer as "INF" (without the quotation marks). If it diverges to negative infinity, state your answer as "...
  93. Caring for School-Age Children

    Child care staff are most effective during science activities when they A.encourage convergent thinking B. answer questions as soon as they're asked C. guide children through structured activities D. limit experimentation to ensure safety I chose A can someone check my answer.
  94. education

    1.Transition planning for children with special needs should focus primarily on: a.maintaining continuity of services b.getting the child ready for school c.the family's needs d.the child's needs. My answer is d.the child's needs. Will someone please check my answer
  95. Math ~CHECK MY WORK~

    You have $60 in your wallet and want to buy some new CDs. If the CDs are $11 each, what number of CDs, x, can you buy? Write and solve an inequality. Then explain your answer. My Answer: 11x <= 60 divde by 11 x <= 60/11 or 55/11 x is an integer x<=5 5 CD's, which will...
  96. Economics

    Can you check my answer Consider an individual with a utility function of the form: U(x,y)=xy , and where m=1, px=2, and py=3 , where m is the individual's income or wealth, pi is the price of good i. Calculate the individual's optimal consumption bundle, (x,y) = (Blank 1,...
  97. Math

    Hello, could someone check my answers please? The Equation; $4.50h = 20.00 shows the cost to play h hours of miniature golf how many hours of golf were played? Answer choices: A: 3 HOURS B:4 HOURS C: 4.8 HOURS D: 6.4 HOURS My answer: 4.8 hours
  98. Safety of the young child

    Which of the following statements encourages appropriate use of playground equipment? A. "I told you not to go down the slide head first'. b."You can't ride your bike in the grass because you're ruining it." c."Jumping off the monkey bars is against the rules!" D.Throw the ...
  99. Math

    I need someone to check my answer, can someone please help me? Here is the problem: Business and finance. In a bottling company, a machine can fill a 2-liter (L)bottle in 0.5 second (s) and move the next bottle into place in 0.1 s. How many2-L bottles can be filled by the ...
  100. calculus help work

    a force of 1250 pounds compresses a spring 5 inches from its natural length. find the work done in compressing the spring 8 additional inches. f=kd 1250=k5 k=250 then what do i do. i have to do this the calculus way, not the physics way. by using integrals the answer choices ...
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